Why are people so against the idea of fictional worlds, kids franchises and fantasy stories, etc...

Why are people so against the idea of fictional worlds, kids franchises and fantasy stories, etc, dealing with real world issues, events, and problems? Isn't that what fiction is about? Why do people make fun of fiction when it tries things like this?

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>>137649901Because "real consequences" are just what current writers think will get themselves attention. Especially when it comes from writers who just write for other creations not their own.

Ah yes, Zack Snyder's Mega Man

>>137649901Cuz it's dumb and written by dumb people who think they're smarter than the subject matter and then it's read by dumb people who think they're smarter than the subject matter.

>>137649901I applaud you for trying to switch it up from the same panel over and over about sonic understanding war, but it doesn't really work with megaman because there aren't real consequences when the robots can and do just get repaired and rebuilt.Plus the X series exists for all that shit anyway.

>>137649978>but it doesn't really work with megaman because there aren't real consequences when the robots can and do just get repaired and rebuilt.But is it really the same robot?

Dr. Wily is not real.

>>137649995Yes. Because of backup files.

>>137649947Ah yes, character = Zack Snyder writing.

>>137650024But will it be the same robot with all the personality traits, memories, thoughts and feelings of the original? Or just an identical copy?

>>137649901Take the whole cancer cure thing. If you have a character who is smart enough to cure cancer, you have to explain why they don't do exactly that. If the character is a villain, there's plenty of good reasons for them to not cure cancer. Because they make more money treating cancer instead, because they'd rather turn people into dinosaurs, or just because they're a dick, et cetera. But if the character is a hero, it becomes a lot harder to justify the character not curing cancer, while still remaining heroic. And if you don't even acknowledge the matter, that just won't satisfy some people. You can't really win.

>>137649901because 80% of the time it's so ham fisted, written poorly, and having much of the cast act nothing like themselves or do such stupid shit and/or make such massive leaps of logic for the sake of the "plot" that it ruins the message, characters and setting


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>>137650027No, just taking something light hearted, carefree and goofy like Classic Mega Man and do stuff like THE ULTIMATE BETRAYAL with Mega Man crying his heart out in the middle of flames and stuffCourtesy of some Christ imagery, could be nearly indistinguishable

>>137649901because modern writers cannot write a good story to save their lives anonnobody is against good storiesbut those hacks ARE INCAPABLE OF DOING GOOD STORIESthey have penis hands, everything they touch gets fucked

Seriously this spamming faggot has to be a mod, fucker posts with impunity both on Holla Forums and /a/ and they just let him

>>137650126>No, just taking something light hearted, carefree and goofy like Classic Mega Man and do stuff like THE ULTIMATE BETRAYAL with Mega Man crying his heart out in the middle of flames and stuffAh yeah, the original Megaman totally wasn't dark at all, no. Especially given the direction the series took after X.Do you think that literally any degree of harshness or dire tonality with cutesy designs is Zack Snyder tier?

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>>137650155>Especially given the direction the series took after X.It's a shame we're discussing Classic, not X

>>137650179That's a literal US rewrite while in the Japanese version Wily just says "Actually, you can't do that" and Rock just goes silent and does nothing at all. The follow up is also Wily getting comically trapped in falling rubble.

>>137650193>Discussing Classic Oh okay. Here's two things from the classic era. >>137650179

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>>137650179Wasn't "Die Wily" a western thing only? Doesn't he actually back down in the original text?

>>137650221The comic page posted here certainly wasn't. >>137650209

>>137650221He doesn't back down, he just goes silent and does nothing at all.>>137650209Wow, the fake Wilybot fumbling around comically and then clearly being shown as a fake just for shock value (in the exact same page) is the same as the heavy handed stuff Flynn does

>death to all Wily robots

>>137650249Literally nothing about this scene is for shock value or heavy handed.

>>137650042>all the personality traits, memories, thoughts and feelings of the originalYes

>>137649901So are we just pretending Mega Man fans don't love Megamix for this thread?

>>137650502>ImplyingIan's got a bad habit of melodramatic speeches that explain the point over and over.

>>137649901>Mega man takes place is in 200X>No mention of 9/11

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>>137650707Rush Jet can't melt steel beams

>>137649901Because the "real issues" you people want to talk about are usually either complete non-issues, or they're very complex issues and you have a naive, one-sided child's understand of them. Or they're just damned boring issues that have no place being in anything that's supposed to be entertainment in the first place.Or maybe you really do have something valid to say, but maybe you just shouldn't be co-opting characters meant to entertain kids as a vehicle to tell us your hot take on racism, 9/11, the Holocaust, the death penalty, or whatever other issue it is you really want to talk about.

>>137649901Because inevitably when they bring up climate change the question isn't "how do we prevent this from happening", it's "why the fuck doesn't superman or iceman just refreeze the ice caps"

>>137651047I think that you're looking too hard at making something "on brand" rather than making a good story.

>>137651047I think you can talk about stuff like that in kids' media. It just needs to not supercede it being entertainment.Amazing Spider-Man took ok drugs, racism, organized crime, poverty, etc in its prime.

>>137651104How long are you gonna do this on repeat? Do you use a bot or do you actually type the same shit out every thread?

>>137651047So what now, never talk about real issues in fiction ever?

>>137651104I think that Goofy, Donald, and Mickey stopping their hi-jinks to talk about the deaths of 6 million Shrews at the hands of the 3rd reich is a total juxtaposition and not only ruins the message but also ruins the characters trying to convey said message

>>137651181Intentionally avoiding actual discussion while asking empty questions makes you a faggot.

>>137651301.... because you say so?

>>137651301That's why instead you animate Donald as the workhorse of a Nazi factory. You get to have comedy AND make a statement.

>>137651302How is it empty? This wasn't a question. It was a statement. I'm saying that what doesn't constitute legitimate criticism is you arguing in your head over whether or not it's on brand.

>>137649901We might as well read non fiction at that point.

>>137651112This. Children's stories have had mature themes for centuries.

>>137651380Yeah like that, don't make shitty bait posts like this, have an actual discussion.

>>137651829I'm having an actual discussion. I'm telling you're thinking about it the wrong way.

>>137651856You don't even know my stance, dipshit. This what I mean. This post only serves to provoke a response, it doesn't progress a conversation.Say something of substance or piss off. No more free (You)s.

>>137651881Are you not the user here>>137651047


>>137651963Then what was even your position? Did you just insult me for the sake of it? In that case then you're the one who's not looking for a conversation.

>>137650092Plenty of smart people tried making airplanes too.

>>137650221He goes quiet, implying he's thinking about doing it anyway. This is the whole reason Bass has a murderboner for him for the rest of the series, because Rock almost broke his programming.

Comic Writers insert real world politics in the most ham fisted way imaginable. They explicitly shove their own opinion down your throat and expect you to agree with it. It fails 99% of the time. Comics are an escapist medium, they should be used as an escape. Not a reminder of things going on currently

>>137653281All of fiction is connected to real life through allegory.

>>137653281>Comics are escapist And that's why they're currently dead.

>>137649937Quite. If they insist to make fantasy as "real life" as possible, there's no fantasy at all.

>>137650126>light hearted, carefree, and goofyMost endings for the games imply that having to destroy his fellow robots for the sake of peace weighs heavily on Rock. There's nothing he'd like more than to never have to do it again, but he chose that responsibility for himself during Wily's first attack.

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>>137650707Why would they cover something Megaman probably stopped?

>>137653977Okay yeah, this is a bot

>>137650122>Protoman’s story will never be concluded

>>137649901Have no idea but I guess some people think fiction=funny so when people see in cartoon some serious topic people can piss off real quick

>>137655539This. Meanwhile Japan has no issue with this.

>>137653877What the fuck is this take? Fantasy can have stakes and internal consistency.

>>137656115Japan from the rise of their animation already bring up heavy topics into their shows For example Osamu Tezuka works or Tatsunoko had that depressive and realistic tone to them despite them being about a cartoony character


>>137656381Why can't you do the same with American stuff?

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>>137651314Yes, you dicksucking retard. You're talking to him, it's gonna be his opinion.

>>137651104Unintentionally humorous melodrama isn't telling a good story. It's awkward and manipulative.

>>137649901why do they keep calling rock a kid when he was made much earlier than them?

>>137656500American cartoons mostly was made as an fun entertainment to relax and have some laughs Looking at the Japan history... well you know what I meanThey really got through a lot of stuff And wanted to show the reality the way it is and that it can't be that bright and colorful like in disney fairytales

>>137656575When you make a claim, I expect you to provide more proof than just your opinion.

>>137656824Except that wasn't their inception. People like Don Bluth, MGM, the Fleischers etc were all trying to make cartoons with more adult content and inevitably got steam rolled by the Disney empire.

>>137656646Does something like this strike you as unintentionally humorous melodrama? It's cutesy designs in dark situations.

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>>137649901I don't care what you write, as long as you write it well.That last part is the fucking key part but everyone acts like it's secondary at best and irrelevant at worst.Moral grandstanding doesn't elevate your story. Your ability to write elevates your story.

>>137656927That's true Most of the american cartoon market is was mostly Disney and everything that could possibly be serious and new would be just pushed off

>>137649901Cause they wrote it terribly. That’s why. It legit doesn’t matter the medium, if you suck at getting your message across, people make fun of you for it. People assume that just because comics and cartoons are often made for younger people in mind it means they can skimp on making a convincing argument since kids are dumb and believe anything, so they halfass it. That’s all this boils down to. Shitty writing begets eye rolls from everyone, regardless of politics

>>137656894You complaining about Disney and that one Grant Morrison quote is just your opinion, so why should anyone listen to you?

>>137656964Eh, with anime there's more wiggle room, since it all mostly looks the same anyway. Also there's that cultural gap between us and the nips.

>>137657251Its only YOUR cultural bias that keeps you from thinking that the setting and/or the aesthetic does not support mature and violent themes.

>>137657216Except that has actual evidence behind it.

>>137656646There's an entire war show from Japan starring a cast of penguins.

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>>137649901Because he’s shooting the cartoonishly looking robot while expecting me to take it seriously. How about designing a serious character I can have emotion with and not something I’d see in a saturday morning cartoon.

>>137656964I’m more concerned with the child character having big boobs

>>137658632Hey dude, there's this genre of animation called anime. I think it'd blow your fucking mind.There is no inherent tone from an art style, there are only biases you've accumulated about art that you apparently are incapable of acknowledging because you struggle to think outside your own experience. This is also probably why encountering something strange upsets you rather than intrigues you. Classic sign of a sub-80 IQ.

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>>137658034No, it's just you whining that you disagree with Grant Morrison or think that Disney movies are "soulless" or whatever. All subjective.

>>137658572>>137657360>>137658900Anime is mostly just melodrama and regurgitated cliches from decades-old shonen. Who wants to hear some overdone shit about "I CARE ONLY FOR BATTLE!" when you could watch something interesting instead?

>>137659041Except I have an actual reason and show how Disney has that soulless artstyle.

>>137649901youtube.com/watch?v=G8HiGDdlVXMFuck you, no one posted this yet so I will. Probably the wrong master but I dont give a shit.

>>137659077These anime are plenty interesting.

Man this thread reminded me I lost all those old Protomen memes with him holding his hands up with "THERE ARE NO HEROS LEFT IN MAN" on it

>>137658900the mangaka was masturbating to this btw

>>137659077What's interesting to you is apparently gentrified shows full of dumb jokes that don't challenge the audience. I'll take anime over your western crap any day.

>>137656720Archie Mega Man was stupid in many ways.

>>137658649She's supposed to be 16.

They're for children

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>>137656720Rock and Roll were explicitly made to be childlike. It's an Astro Boy thing. Hold true with the Japanese stuff too, Rock is usually written as more of a "kid" than the masters.

>>137649947Nah, this isn't shit.

>>137661145And now this shit is mainstream with people walking around in hentai shirts. what happened>>137649901This tone only works for Zero and X not classic megaman

>>137650042If you identically copy everything you listed then what's the difference?>Type any letter on your keyboard>backspace it>press the same key againIt's the same character that appears both times. It looks, sounds, and functions the same.

>>137649947Friendly reminder Mark Millar actually wrote for the british Sonic comic in the 90s and yes it's exactly what you expect.

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>>137653885There is something just so fucking comfy about oldschool NES cutscenes like this. I want to live in one of those houses for some reason.

>>137661145>Selling adult comics in a comic store is illegal but you can buy tittymags in a convenience store that sells kids magazines.America is fucking retarded.

>>137663689>Mark Millar's SonicWhen are we going to get Warren Ellis' Transformers or better yet Garth Ennis' TMNT?

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>>137653801They're dead because they're political retard