Why didn't bellwether just shoot them right there.No drug gun, no howler, no bullshit...

Why didn't bellwether just shoot them right there.No drug gun, no howler, no bullshit. Two pulls of a 9mm and her problem is solved.

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>>137649884Woman moment

Because she's a bitch who can't handle a gun

fireguns don't exist in zootopia

>>137649884bullets can be traced back, especially those of cops(which would have been her only way to get a gun at that moment). Sure, SOME part of the government is under her control, but not all of it. If an ex-cop and a witness suddenly died, there would have been a huge investigation.

>>137649943Honestly, if you can't win with a city-wide brainwashing plague, you're not going to win with a dinky little pistol.Besides, there are many instances of people surviving gunshot wounds, and both their species are incredibly fast.

>>137649884Because she was born prey, not predator. Can't handle the direct violence that are innate in predators.

>>137649884I don’t recall there being actual firearms in the movie. So that’s probably why.

>>137649884it's a kids movieI wanna fuck the bunny

>>137649943She can't. But she had two sheep fall guys literally right there. No fucking way they didn't have some form of weapon to protect the crack house.

>>137649964Just chop up their bodies and have crazed preds chew on their bones to make em unrecognizable.

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>>137650153Yes, the weapon was being two full grown sheep.

>>137650224That actually means FAR less than what you think it does. The only reason they were even remotely threatening is because they were after a fox and a rabbit. If literally any other species besides a mouse came by they would've been fucked beyond compare.

>>137649964This mixed with >>137649970+ >>137649997 >>137650130

>>137649884Why is there so much cuck shit of these two?

>>137649970>Because she was born prey, not predator. Can't handle the direct violence that are innate in predators.This.

>>137650417The mentally ill get off on corrupting something wholesome.

>>137650417The setting really lends itself to it.

>>137649884Did she have a 9mm on her?

>>137649964>bullets can be traced back, especially those of cops(which would have been her only way to get a gun at that moment)Only a retard that has never owned a gun could be this fucking stupid. What are they gonna do? Trace the bullet back to the guns which they'll take with themselves and destroy anyways? Because 9mm rounds are so fucking unique right? Because Cops don't use some of the most common models of guns like Glocks and Sigs right?

She wants Nick to murder Judy so that she can go to the media about a prey-predator race incident.

>>137649964>her only way to get a gun at that momentWhat's stopping her from having a gun beforehand? And if not her the sheep dudes.

>>137650817Pretty good pr plan but after it failed why not just shoot em.

>>137650874I remember the cops immediately showing up after Nick fakes attacking Judy. Nick and Judy already planned the entire thing out (replacing the bullets with blueberries, calling the cops before hand to their location, Nick faking being feral).

>>137649884It's a shitty Disney movie. Not only this but remember how in the teaser Judy had a tranquilizer gun? Those were mysteriously erased from the actual movie. Every single officer carried NO weapon of any kind. They were offers in uniform only but used NO tools or anything. So why would Bellwether carry a weapon? Especially when not even the mobsters and other criminals carry weapons? Zootopia is a SHIT movie.

>>137650957The wolf guards carried tasers. It seems they removed lethal equipment like guns because I guess a shootout action scene would be inevitable if characters carried guns and they didn't want that in a Disney movie.

>>137649884Why didn't Bellwether turn them into prey?

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>>137650987Of course not. Disney is a Faggot Family Friendly company for stupid losers. You can't have guns because remember animation is ONLY for kids. Speaking of which that's why in Bad Guys, another animal movie, cops were not allowed to have guns. You have to realize that western animation is SHIT for kids now shut up and buy The Retarded Minions merchandise.

>>137651018Because Zootopia is not Ninja Turtles where you can mutate characters with mutagen.

>>137650417Animals have no sense of loyalty.

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>>137649964>bullets can be traced backCSI has mindbroken people into actually believing this crap.At best a bullet can have it's caliber identified (assuming it hasn't fragmented too much), a casing can have fingerprints or rifling patterns on it but no you can't identify a specific gun from a bullet or casing.

>>137651261Even so shooting Nick and especially Judy goes completely against the narrative she's trying to build of predators going savage.

>>137651207Funny thing about this is that river otters don't mate for life. Generally, the male knocks her up, then leaves her to raise the kids. Rinse and repeat.

>>137651328Them revealing her plans goes against her narrative

>>137651379Well it goes against common sense but she's a megalomaniac who wants to boast about how smart she is.

>>137651018why didn't she just make a serum to turn all predators into prey?

>>137650130that picture doesn't help

>>137651018What's the point of darting Judy? She's already a prey animal.

>>137649884Having Judy mauled by Nick would've cemented Bellwether's plans.

>>137649964This is plausible if you're a retard shoplifter who got to excited. But not for a experienced black market operations.

>>137651046Guns are the thing that is shit. I hate fucking faggot ass guns because they removed all the actual interesting points of combat in exchange for pulling a trigger. Anything set in a setting with fucking guns is so boring unless it's nonsense like John Wick where everyone with a gun suddenly gets retarded the moment they see the protag and basically just melees him anyway.Swordfights, fistfights, really any melee combat or even fucking archery have so much more finesse and variety in terms of how characters can fight with them than gunshit. Everything from the physical fitness of the combatants, to their dexterity and durability, to their training in martial arts can lead to vastly different scenarios. A huge hulking beasts of a man with a large sword fighting a nimble, well-trained guy with a knife is far more interesting to watch than the same situation except with guns, in which case they would just shoot each other.I DESPISE guns. The only way to make them interesting in action scenes is to make them useless, at which point they may as well not even be in the setting. Even Star Wars with its fucking sci-fi blasters had to give everyone laughably bad aim just to keep the movie going because if the stormtroopers could aim it would be over in 15 mins.

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>>137649884>Why didn't bellwether just shoot them right there.Because its a movie for children holy shit.

>>137649961FireARMS. They never invented gunpowder, probably don't even have fireworks due to being barely-evolved animals who are probably still panicky around open flames.

>>137654829This is such a stupid fucking post it almost made me reply seriously.

>>137654744You know I could believe that Vergil actually typed this

>>137649884This is a children’s movie

>>137654978He couldn't have. He used one to kill Arkham in DMC3.

>>137654744t.seething sword fag who spent thousnads of dollars on cheaply manufactured replicas

The trajectory of the bullet and caliber would point towards a sheep doing it in close quarters. Judy not reporting for work the next day would have been suspicious as fuck.

You're always gonna have problems lifting a body in one piece. Apparently the best thing to do is cut up a corpse into six pieces and pile it all together. And when you got your six pieces, you gotta get rid of them, because it's no good leaving it in the deep freeze for your mum to discover, now is it? Then I hear the best thing to do is feed them to pigs. You got to starve the pigs for a few days, then the sight of a chopped-up body will look like curry to a pisshead. You gotta shave the heads of your victims, and pull the teeth out for the sake of the piggies' digestion. You could do this afterwards, of course, but you don't want to go sievin' through pig shit, now do you? They will go through bone like butter. You need at least sixteen pigs to finish the job in one sitting, so be wary of any man who keeps a pig farm. They will go through a body that weighs 200 pounds in about eight minutes. That means that a single pig can consume two pounds of uncooked flesh every minute. Hence the expression, "as greedy as a pig".

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>>137655035>The trajectory of the bullet and caliber would point towards a sheep doing it in close quarters.That's fucking stupid because any moderately size animal could do the same not specifically a sheep. That doesn't even take into account you can just crouch down to achieve the same thing or.... Just not leave the body's in the hole and instead dump them somewhere. Of hell just get a predator to eat them.>Judy not reporting for work the next day would have been suspicious as fuck.She wasn't a cop at that point.

>>137649970My headcanon is that prey animals in Zootopia are better speakers and manipulators than predators. And they rely on rallying the group against their enemies.

>>137654744t. Mall ninja who’s never felt the thrill of assaulting through a flanked objective

>>137655236Yeah, woo. Crouch walking around is so epic and cool and fun to watch bro I agree.I have no problem with guns in vidya or even in real life because they are relatively fun to use in a strategic situation, but they are shit to watch.

>>137655570Dudes stabbing each other is boring.

>>137655611With melee, you can deflect, you can flee, you can outright take more damage, you can try to disarm them, improvise a weapon from the environment, etc.With guns, you just shoot the fucking guy and all he can really do is shoot back or take cover and shoot back. If you hit him or he hits you even once, the fight is basically over if it's 1v1

>>137655008Yeah but that was really a one time thing. It even says something about him not viewing guns as weapons of a real warrior in the boss files for dmc 3

>>137649884Man that bunny has some cute feet.

>>137649997How come I’ve never seen a kid wearing a Zootopia shirt but there are literal millions of lewds about it

>>137654744t. Vergil

>>137649884Typical psycho bad guy character weakness. Scumbags like to watch people suffer. Monologuing is irresistable to them. I can relate. For example, One time I was young and I was a pretty bad kid. I was at the annual fall fair, it was hot, I was thirsty, and the place was crowded with rabbits and sheep. I was getting pretty annoyed with them being happy and having fun. This one time a buddy and I roughed up a couple of younger kids and stole their tickets. Almost got away with it until some do-gooder nosy Nancy came along and started shooting off at the mouth. I tought her a lesson. Somehow my dad found out about it when I got home. Boy was he mad! He told me stay there while he went to the garage and returned with a set of jumper cables. He beat me with until I was on the ground crying and begging for it to stop. Years later I became good friends with that do-gooding rabbit. I find baking pies to be therapeutic and it helped me overcome the trauma & become a better person when I got older. But i've always wondered what happened to those tickets. It haunts me that I lost them somehow.

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>>137649970All wrong. You see, you have to understand the ewe mindset.


She was in love with Judy and wanted her to be so impressed by the monologue she became a lesbian sex slave

>>137650957They were making fun of all the liberals who ask "Why don't the police just tranquilize people?" I bet there are also little children who ask the same question and that trailer probably set them straight.youtube.com/watch?v=g9lmhBYB11U

>>137651018Grodd did it first

>>137654744Not true guns made aerial combat fun. Then missiles had to ruin it

>>137661883But bullets are even more dangerous. At least with tranquilizer darts, the suspect would have a chance of survival.

>>137655119Good reference