Are single adult men allowed to do meet-and-greets with the Disney princesses...

Are single adult men allowed to do meet-and-greets with the Disney princesses? I'd be interested in meeting Ariel or Tinkerbell.

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>>137649346>I'd be interested in meeting Ariel or Tinkerbell.Nigga take shrooms or pay a hooker to dress up as one you ain't meeting anyone

>>137649346They can but the girls playing them will think your autistic

>>137649359Why are you like this

>>137649346Pay a whore and dont disturb a wagie bitch that already has to deal with retarded kids all day

>>137649346Yes.>>137649411This sounds like it comes from experience. Does it?

>>137649346I swore that if I ever, by any chance, saw someone in a Vetra cosplay I'd ask her if I could give her a kiss.

>>137649470Less than a waggie, the princesses and anyone else dress up in disney land are labeled as actors. So they don't get paid employee salary.

>>137649682But they are employees too. What kind of retarded thinking is that?

>>137649346Remember the Alice stalker guy one user posted about?

>>137650039I realized how stupid that sounds. I'm sorry

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>>137649346I live down here so i do it, 9/10 times thier cool but just don't try to connect with them on a personal level or ask em what thier doing when they get off work or anything, they get real weird and clam up.

>>137650233>they get real weirdYou got weird.

>>137650233You are a creep to try and even ask that.

>>137650233How weird?

>>137650296Mommy can I take a picture>Sure Honey. Right after the sweaty fat man alone is done talking to her.

>>137650346With Cinderella*Fuck I hate that I forgot to type that

>>137650343They might cut it short

>>137649412Why is he right? More lived experience I suppose.

I thought I was on Holla Forums for a sec

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>>137650844>hurr durr only kids should get to do it>the kids: don't care

>>137650901I mean, maybe the kid had a long day. Walking through the park waiting in long lines. Sleepy just want to go to bed, then this princess shows up.


>>137650844Nothing worse than realizing that you like Disney more than your kids. I took them and they did not care. at. all.

>>137649346>The lipstick markYJK

>>137650844why blacks are racist?

>>137651346Blacks being blacks.

>>137649346Straight Shota

>>137650844Not gonna lie, the look on that little girls face is hilarious. She looks fed up

>>137649411>thinkThey'll KNOW he's autistic

>>137649346Yes they are

>>137652152its not really. shes being bratty

>>137650844One thing is that snow white is known for snow white very pale and beautiful skin.

>>137650844I love how delicate and sweet the princess's movements are.

>>137651229Why are millennials so obsessed with Disney?

>>137652752Nostalgia and extensive pandering I suppose

>>137652752They were kids during the Disney Renaissance.

>>137649346What are you, fucking Mad Hatter from DC? Grow up and install Tinder or sum shit you Americans are so into.I am autistic but even I am not THAT autistic to approach real people in costumes and asking for a hug/photo. Jesus

>>137653186May I also add that ai chatbots (, or others, ask /g/) may suffice as well, with creating your own and such, while not being an autist in an expensive public space

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>>137650233>they get real weird and clam upkek, this got me.

>>137652665Honestly if we're talking Disney princesses I would Coal Black over Snow White in a heartbeat.

>>137649411Sounds better than a degenerate pervert who can only get it up to animated princesses.

>>137650257>>137650296>>137650346NTA but recently someone tried doing a "we're all residents in Gotham" thread and it failed because newfags kept angrily interpreting posts about Bruce as a failure to understand the motivations of some unrelated bat-themed serial vigilante. Is this the level Holla Forums has fallen to? It's not even a trolling, he made a joke.

>>137649359>nigga take shroomsdoes this really work? i want to feel closer to waifu but i'm terrified he'll tell me to shoot up city hall or some shit. i'm scared of inducing dissociation or something as well.

>>137654087Hallucinogenics will not bring you closer to waifu (husbando? typo?) and will also not cause them to force you to shoot up city hall.

>>137653242God Bless Chris-chan, sucks one of the boys in the picture died from aids.


>>137654135>>137654191i call him waifu because he is babygirl and it sounds cuter than "husbando" which objectively sounds retarded

>>137649346>Couple weeks ago>Dad had business trip in Florida, asked if I wanted to go to Disney World>Meeting is canceled, says fuck it, buys ticket for himself too>Later at Epcot>Disabled aunt fucking loves Frozen, Dad wants to get a picture of the princesses for her>Wait outside in the shadiest spot I can find and keep checking if our number for Cosmic Rewind is readyDidn't ask him how it went, but I just hope he didn't get any weird looks, being an older man that didn't even have a kid with him.

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>>137654087i've done shrooms dozens of times, they've never given me a desire to hurt anyone or anything.

>>137654252There must be a lot of hookers dressing up as Elsa around Disney World.

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>>137654269ok i trust you

>>137653186>they offer good or service>you purchase good or service>N-Noo not like that!

>>137654269>>137654472I'm more interested in where you'd get good shrooms.

>>137654243Well hallucinogens are worthless for that, and you sound like the sort of person who shouldn't be taking them anyway. You can't control a trip to ensure a desired hallucination. If you are so hung up on your "waifu" that you are considering drug use for the sole purpose of interacting with him, I would also never use or advocate hallucinogens in your presence, because I consider you at risk.

>>137654442Not THAT kind of shady. Florida, man. Hot as balls.

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>>137654504You have never worked a customer facing job in your life.

>>137654603I wasn't implying anything. Just asking if you may have seen some "Elsas" outside of Disney World.

>>137655184Ah. Not that I was on the hunt for them, but didn't notice any while I was down there. Plenty of tourist bait shops with bootleg Disney crap, though. Closest thing I've seen to a whore dressed as a cartoon character was a Harley Quinn on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Was almost tempted to ask if she only took pictures before I noticed she was carrying a bat.

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>>137655499I'd imagine the whores in Las Vegas might dress up if you pay extra.


>>137649346Yes, it's fine. Just tip them well.


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>>137649346If you pretend to propose, they sometimes think it's cute. Some guys have tried it, check yt.