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Post quality autism

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>>137648719based. I love being racist and sexist too! I am glad I learned this from Peter Griffin of Family Guy, an animated tv show owned by Fox who is owned also in part majority by Disney!

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>>137648825>"mammaries, son"

>>137648719Would You?

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Posting the obvious classic

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>>137649068>The tiny Uncle Grandpa kicking his balls

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A classic.

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>>137648719Do your worst

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There is more, but I've lost it.

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>>137649954this made me piss my pants

>>137649778Me on the right


I know the chance that anyone have that saved, or even seen that is small, but i'll tryI remember that when i was a kid and i first discovered deviantart i was a huge eminem fan and i searched for anything with himi remember stumbling upon a account that did shit load of art of Slim Shady persona being friends with quaqmire from FG and killing people together, crying together, and they were almost always shirtless and very skinnyanyone ever seen this or am i the only one?I didn't knew anything about FG at the time and i belived it was an actual plot point in the show for a while

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>>137649822>glory_hole_stories___p_15It took fifteen pages to get here?

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Anyone have that autist from danger mouse threads here that had an entire detective investigation board of some character?

>>137649954made me audibly kek

>>137648719i'm not brave enough to post it, but i can give you this much>>137628120

>>137649954Got damn

>>137649778Me on the left

Not really Holla Forums related but I thought it might fit here

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>>137650336Yes. 15 pages of building up to a pikachu becoming a sex worker.

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>>137650513Is there more of this?

>>137652998I should've listened.


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No autism, just talent.

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>>137652998Holy kino

>>137649068>>137653850please don't let this turn into a mippytrippy thread

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>>137654515also not mippytrippy

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>>137654039This is honestly pretty good despite the batshit crossover premise.

Peter is right though.

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>>137654039There’s a certain beauty to 90s furry art. A lot of it is weird shit like this, but the stuff that got published in niche magazines and shared on newsgroups clearly had a firm grasp on the character designs you don’t see anymore. That’s because they’re either drawn by 9 years olds in MS paint or given more human proportions to appeal to coomers. When I stumble upon Lola Bunny or Minerva Mink pin-ups from 1996, they look way more true to the source material than what you see on FurAffinity these days.

>>137649068mippytrippy is too easy. his stuff's hilarious but its too obvious to share in these threads.

>>137652998>Nudist version>only the children are nude

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>>137649529what fetish even is this, is it like the typical dA mask shit but with sneakers?

>>137654039>we now live in a world where this crossover could feasibly happenshit like this always fucks me up man. its like that jack kirby drawing of mickey mouse, it all just comes off as weirdly ominous and prophetic now.

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>>137654551>the annoying orange with a mechanical bodyits the little things

>>137656066the same is true of oldfag comic book nerds. there's fanzines from the 70's that put modern comics to utter shame. I guess the extra dedication just shows in their work. the big caveat of the internet and modern tech in general is how easy everything's become. Communication, image sharing, etc all feed into the problem somewhat.

>>137654039>Simba sees Nala's balls

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>>137649037>little master shake

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>>137649822this isn't even autism, it's just a porn comic from a pokemon artist. There's already a lot of those


>>137652998What the fuck I was expecting everyone to be nude

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>>137652998Anon won the thread

>>137650513Do you think Death congratulated Puss for accepting his Death with dignity?

>>137656344i’m assuming it turns into bondage

>>137648719Puff Puff Ami Yumi actually did really well on CN Latam. Plus, it's not an autist series.'m not sure if this guy's videos count but they are absolutely amazing

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Without autism there are no webcomics

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>>137657301I'd classify pokemon porn as autism.Kinda hard not to.

>>137656066Vgh. I also wish it was the 1990s.

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>>137658556>youtube autismoverlooked far too often

>>137658361>plus, its not an autist seriesidk user it attracts alot of the same autism shows like mlaatr and el tigre do

>>137648849This makes me feel slightly comfortable for some reason. Weird.


>>137650513Pure Fucking Kino


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>>137658947>God EmperorI lost.

>>137652998by the replies i guess ill jut not even bother lmao