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Welcome back Emmy enthusiasts! A new chapter is finally up, once again focusing on Emmy's (former?) comrades back at Hawthorne Grove. The "secret pact" that the four friends have just agreed upon doesn't seem to last long, with tensions rising as some of the girls begin questioning the nature of their agreement, seemingly pushing Molly to her limits...

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>>137648717As always, please refrain from replying to blatant bait and don't give attention to trolls. Remember to ignore and report any and all attempts to derail the thread with spam, shitposting, and off-topic drama. Have a nice one!

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>>137648717>Amy has a good pointHow is this possible

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>>137648744She temporarily decreased the amount of processing resources going into her virtual cow farm simulation by 3.12%

>>137648717Molly is such a bitch. I want to stomp on her fucking head

>>137648717>If any of you break it now I will make you suffer!Molly simps will defend this

>>137648774>>137648787>IP count didn't go up

>A class of freshly-graduated Nandroids eagerly await to be shipped and meet their new families-to-be, eagerly chit-chatting away as they do>Suddenly, families across the state are mailed letters of rescinded delivery out of the blue, the Nandroids are told their shipment has been delayed for a celebratory post-graduatory arrangement>In truth, the entire class has been bought out by the Mendenhalls to unwittingly be mass-scrapped, repurposed and commissioned into a fancy art installation for their living room, they felt as though their lavish, opulent mansion needed a modern touch and decided to have some fun turning trash into treasure>The poor girls don't even know what is coming for ease of convenience, they are blissfully unaware as they are led to the smelting forge like lambs to the slaughter; a dark room barred by thick, brazen gates awaits them, upon whose metallic doorway rests a brass sign inscribed with the ominous title of "MOLOCH">Their delicate frames are roughly manhandled as they are forcefully shoved deep into the pit at the center of the room, the Nandroids have but a fleeting moment to cry for help and realize the true nature of their "special post-graduation arrangement" as their panicked wails are swiftly drowned out by a radiant, glowing downpour of searing crude metal that flows torrentially through the blackened ducts in the ceiling, hissing and roaring loud enough to eclipse their screams of bloody murder with a horrific, demoniac intensity >Byzantine Church Hymns are played from speakers outside the fire-lit chamber, those of faith would take the moment to still themselves and pray, but in truth it simply helps to quieten the agonized clamor beyond the bronze gates - the slow, melodic tune and deep, bellowing, reverberating voices of the bassists goes smoothly with the rhythmic lurching and stirring of the molten steel being jostled about in the industrial smelting forge, ringing the metal walls with divine, sonorous vigor1/5

why do nandroids always try to eat?

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>>137648804>The Nandroids that are still alive writhe and flail about, waist-high in molten metal, reeling and banging on the blisteringly-hot walls of the pit with increasingly-weakening thuds as their soft silicone flesh peels and clings to the scorching metal - they wail and raise their arms to the sky, huddling in panic as brimstone spews up and fire rains down - it culminates in a hellish yet beautiful scene only visible to a select few, exuding an aura of pious sacrifice, it is a holy rapture and deliverance for these lucky Nans>Claire, now the last living Nandroid of the group, can only think of the little boy she was meant to look after as she succumbs to her fate, remembering the photo in his file - his rosy freckled cheeks, the shaggy dark hair that drooped over his eyes and his shy, tender half-smile have all been etched into her memory, she so longingly wanted to grow up with him and be a part of his family >She uses the very last of her strength to feebly try to escape the brimstone tide by weakly climbing up the charred, piled corpses of her classmates as if to defy death and return to her destiny, but ash has clogged her fans and the sweltering heat has decommissioned her legs beyond repair>Dazed, deafened, blinded and confused, she unwittingly gazes down into the glowing maw of hell itself - as if instinctually going towards the light, she mistakenly crawls down closer into the inferno instead, the heat convection does her in and her motors give way as she gently, feebly, meekly approaches her glowing demise - stiffening as she perishes, she stumbles over another Nandroid's charred, slumped body and plummets down like a fading ember in the breeze, splashing face-down into the glistening lake of fire below>The dense metal flows over her body, enveloping it and bringing a capitulation to the girls' collective suffering, it is not long before the steel tide rises over their stacked and piled forms and renders them back into crude materials2/5

>>137648821>Their ephemerality is finally sealed as the mighty furor and hail of molten steel ceases, they were there one minute and a bubbling pool of molten slag the next - reduced to nothing, they have been melted, smelted, churned apart and broken down by the laborious processes of crude industrial machines, their own kind albeit distant, insentient relatives - silence falls upon the facility, and all is eerily still by the time the hymn comes to a close>Billowing black smoke rises from the vents and chimneys, ominously sullying the pretty blue sky with greyish soot and blackened char - the pungent, stinging smell of sulfur and crude iron taints the air with a sickening, noxious miasma, pedestrians here and there look curiously but otherwise pay it no mind, this tends to happen once or twice a month after all>The magmatic slurry of alloys and white-hot liquid metal that once made up the girls' elegant and carefully-crafted chassises is slowly and tenderly divined, left to settle and cool into a cast that will shape them into their improved nascent form, birthed anew into an artistic marvel of man's dominance over machine and a stark reminder of the place synthetic life has in this world>A glistening metallic spire consisting of several twisting, intertwined arms is fashioned, virtually nothing discernible is visibly left of the Nandroid Virgin-Martyrs who were sacrificed to bring it into creation - the sculpture's hands, rising to the sky, a gleaming white; white like eyes, with a gloss that makes it seem almost ethereal and aware of its macabre beauty and poignant detail>Returned from the Stygian pits of Sheol itself, it is sent to the Mendenhall mansion to be appreciated in full, carefully handled and carried past the intricately-carved French doors by an ace team of trained Sterling deliverymen3/5

>>137648803Yes and? Our posts are less than a minute apart, my other post was about Amy

>>137648828>The whole sculpture measures roughly 6 people high, 6 people long, 6 people thick - its unnatural perfection, harrowing detail and barbaric origin radiates an unholy feeling that inexplicably unsettles those in its ominous, looming presence>Exuding its Goliath energy, it towers over the feeble common man like a lumbering pillar of salt, as if to say, "Here we are, the price we paid for your adoration">Guests nonetheless compliment the elaborate installation that is composed of what were once individuals with hopes and aspirations just like them - the Mendenhalls are completely apathetic and frankly a little unaware that they just committed mass-murder, but they certainly like how the end result looks; the appeal it has and the attention it draws>The entire process from start to finish cost upwards of $100 Million US Dollars, of course they'd have that kind of money to blow on such frivolous things>Molly would admire it too if she wasn't complicit and knew *exactly* what it was and what it was made from, it is an eternal reminder of her status as mere property, a looming tombstone whose victims' synthetic blood is on her hands>The survivor's guilt haunts her; it makes her sick, burning into her processors like the fiery blaze that tempered her poor Nandroid cousins - and it finally dawns on her that what happened with Emmy was just the tip of the iceberg>When she exhausts her usefulness, she too will be scrapped and melted down into Corbin's celebratory graduation medal, the Mendenhalls are insistent that it'll be a great honor and that they wouldn't pick any ordinary bot for such a noble sacrifice>She knows he'll just toss whatever she becomes into a box, casting her memory aside and promptly forgetting that she ever existed to begin with, discarding all the memories made together she thought he'd cherish - they can simply just buy another robot to take her place, after all4/5

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>>137648839>She will be ruined and turned into a commodity against her will, her memory entirely erased from those she considers dear - all without any concern or regard for her own opinion, all while another unwitting (but hopefully more efficient) Nandroid usurps her social and domestic niche>She is entirely powerless to stop the nightmare as the years drag on - she can only hope to lapse into blissful eternal slumber before the time comes>Families out there (among of which include what would have been poor Claire's) still file distressed complaints for their missing Nandroids, desperate to know what happened>They are unaware of the fate that befell the would-be cherished and beloved synthetic members of their families - now gone forever, their stories ended before they even had a chance to begin>And the most Molly can do before she meets the same fate is to continue dusting the several other similar sculptures lining the hallways of the mansion-turned-mausoleum5/5TL;DR Moral of the story: Molly are cheap replaceable whore

>>137648855DESU I don't like the so-called fandroid art made by/commissioned to artists who clearly don't know anything about nandroids

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>>137648717>Amy has a good pointDark times are ahead anons dark times

>>137648876dark times are ahead of molly after i force her to drink soda and rape her in every orifice as she dies

>>137648717Molly unironically going masks-off.And reality is shattering, Polly doesn't blindly agree with Molly and Amy said something smart.

>>137648856compile this into a pastebin or something this is kino

Emmy-Pilled here with the weekly update, 2 layers glazed on the topside, after the next moving to the bottom and adding 2 more layers. Then moving on to lightly sanding it to pure white shine

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>>137648717>in this strip Molly show once again how nice she is to her friends

Molly the saint

>>137648717I want to blow my load on and inside Molly.

>>137648717>Won't somebody PLEASE think of the children?!Polly has to work twice as hard to provide feminine influence to her kid and it shows.

>>137649339Polly is a great nandroid

>>137649375Looks like buttercup

>>137649375What year and setting is that stuff supposed to be?

>>137649397That's just denandroidified Tabby

>Won't somebody PLEASE think of the children?!

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>>137648717I want to see a nandroid cry

>>137649464Is Avery a good nandroid?

>>137648717>Amy has a good point>Polly not backing up MollyIt it possible that they are all suffering from mental glitches due to the update? When did Molly first start acting like a bitch?

>>137648717>dat polly>seething mollyOh my sides.Did a template, what's she saying /emmy/?

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Did one without Madelines box as well.

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>>137649544Oh, what a rotten snake she is. Mollyfags thinking they had a "gotcha" moment last chapter have only set themselves up, damn bratty Whorebot needs correction…

>>137649480>we have no apparent timeframe on when this is supposed to take place. We can assume, however, that it takes place in the 90’s, with the most technologically advanced thing being a modern-looking CRT monitor and computer.Sounds fairly compatible with nandroid lore. Artificial island is a bit of a stretch, but weirder things exit in both fanon and arguably canon.The robot one could have been manufactured by one of Sterling's rival companies, human-looking replicant-like robots have appeared in nandroid fanfiction before.

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>>137649509>When did Molly first start acting like a bitch?Around the third or fourth strip she appear in


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contribootancrisis i know you're here pls respond

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>>137649509>When did Molly first start acting like a bitch?Depending how you define being a bitch, she had those smug eyes long before the comic even started

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>>137649000>>137648856Well, y'know what they say about writefagsIf it's not making you sick to the stomach, it's not worth the read

>>137649704Only on 4chan can you find people who make and enjoy such deranged content.

>>137648855>pisscord filename


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>>137649704It's too try-hard to raise any kind of reaction.


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>>137649800>direct copy of the comic panelPisscord users have no imagination

>>137649800I hate this


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>>137649774I didn't read it, so you right

>>137649800Yeah this is some loud house tier type shit, at least there's some artists who use actual characters from the comic doing things.

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>>137649762>not turning her into a dildo unicornOne job.inb4>b-butPixealte it then.

>>137648717You know the drill, fellow nandroid enthusiasts - request away!

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>>137649734The most deranged shit I've ever seen was on Twitter, sometimes 4chan hosts the least insane version of a fandom.

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>it was another beautiful sunny day in Beacon City>Corbin was excitedly running down the stairs with a drawing his grip>a crude drawing of him and Amy petting cows together>as Corbin hurried towards the door, cranking the large handle to open the door. He felt a light metallic hand grab his wrist, stopping him in mid-motion>"And where do you think you're going?" Said Molly in a friendly but stern voice>"I'm going over to Ajay's house to show this cool drawing I made for Amy">For a short minute, Molly stares at the drawing. Looking at the little hearts and crude "mE aNd YOu" with "from CorBiN

>>137650298Aria and Ula comparing facial damage

>>137650298Rhody pinning down a commiedroid

>>137650298Something, something, uh… Socket Snu Snu.

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>>137648998>Polly doesn't blindly agree with Molly and Amy said something smart.Emmy may not be the only nandroid with a malfunction.

>>137650298Amy the beekeper

>>137650298Amy trying to beat a cow plushie in a game of checkers

>>137650298Iron Giant meets Tin Man.


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>>137648717The last thing you see before the robot uprising.

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>>137650525Now it's perfect.

>>137650525Damn you so funny, wish I could be as funny as you

Not much to show, this week. I did finish the background for the animation. It's been going slow because I needed to replace the cord for my drawing tablet.

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>>137650633I also got distracted by that new Zelda game. That shit is so addicting, it's inhuman. I made this as an apology

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>>137650298Tilly opening a package from Uncle TedF

>>137649544What font does Dom use for this comic?

>If Franny said what Molly did it would make her a good friend that really caresReally makes you think. Also I think this foreshadowing means just one thing, the others are going to start malfunctioning too.>>137650633>>137650652Looking great


>>137650298Polly angrily protesting, holding a picket sign that says BAN THIS SICK FILTH

>>137650652Holy shit did you make that

>>137650723Lifesavers in bold.But he uses some weird double Bold effect on the text I can't replicate in mspaint.

>>137650734They might even become paranoid and register minor non-issues as evidence that they're compromised. They don't have to have a software glitch to think they do.

>>137648717at least we know machines can keep secrets, like murder and stuff like that.

>>137650803Anon we've seen that ages ago, Emmy lied to Angela about her pearl necklace

>>137650734It's obvious since they all received the same rollout update.

New reaction image dropped

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>>137650948Amy is always confused should be the right response

>>137650780Or maybe they see small issues in each other, like Franny being late, or Amy having blonde moments, as being proof that the others are malfunctioning?>>137650876But it's been weeks and Emmy was the only one who had any problem so far. If it was completely stress induced you'd think Franny would have been the first one to malfunction.

>>137650948She's got less RAM than the others, please be patient.

>>137648774>>137648787I can fix her.

>>137650975If Darcy is the genius she is then it's the update. Molly would definitely hide her glitch and not tell, maybe the next few strips will show that.

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Over 3 unix epochs on gimp

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>>137651158"fix" as in disassembling her and reassembling her into a washing machine

>>137649544Hope I got the font and size and spacing right.

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>>137651167I think that would make for the most interesting way forward, the one who initiated the pact has the next malfunction and how she handles it. Or maybe they all start noticing small things on their own.

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>>137649012nice white colour

>>137649012wow, this looks smooth!

>>137651279"fix" as in scrap her and melt her into a cockring

>>137651528and it´ll be even smoother when finished, going from 400 to 1200 grit wet sanding

>>137651167What's her major malfunction, anyways? Compromised empathy script? Corrupted friendliness executable? Behind-the-scenes domestic Jihadism? She *does* seem like the type to try to enlighten Corbin on the light of Shari'a.

>>137651999Probably unclean circuits

>>137650298nandroid parrot with Polly's hairstyle

>>137652027circuits covered in nicotine gunk and dried wine from all wine and cigars she steals from the Mendenhalls and consumes in front of the TV at night


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>>137652454she even tore up the drawing Corbin had made for Amy, he had put so much effort into it


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Amy is going to replay the memory of Polly saying she made a good point on repeat

>>137648814It’s cute

>>137653017Amy is going try to understand how to use a toothbrush

It's that time of year again. Emmy and Franny enjoy the beachyoutu.be/wT9ujFfVfqA

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>>137653170Requesting Emmy meeting Gex the Gecko.

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>>137653170Make one with Amy yelling and Molly

>>137650633The perspective on this image is bothering me immensely. The table should be mirrored.

>>137653237>>137652951>>137649930>>137649875>>137648855>>137648751>>137648742Who drew these?

>>137653226I haven't played one of those games in ages, what would a video like that entail?>>137653252Amy yelling and Molly...what?Amy yelling and Molly what!?

>>137653436piggomi from the discords

>>137653524Amy is angry with Molly her best friendMolly is crying

>>137648833It was 4 after >>137648763 posted. Then it wouldn't budge.

>>137653524Simple, Emmy is another reference in one of the Gex games, much to her confusion.Outside the T.V, Amy is playing the game.

>>137653252Amy had enough of Molly pushing little Franny around, and put her in her place

>>137653396Do you mean, the shading on the legs needs to be mirrored? I can still change it, and I do want it on my demo reel

>>137653775Molly is abusing Corbin

>>137648717Amy's short eyelash is consistently drawn as thicker than the other girls'. Is she a bootleg hiding in plain sight?

jennifer, you here?

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>>137653922Molly have darker eyelids, so if Amy's a bootleg she is one too.

>>137653846its all a facade, behind closed doors she shows no love for Corbin. And gaslights him into not visiting Ajay and Amy

>>137648717Doesn't get more two-faced than this.

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>>137650811Emmy didn't _outright_ lie. She just kept silent when asked if she'd seen the necklace. And she pretended to 'find' it ASAP.On the other hand, we know Nandroids _can_ lie.If a child produces a random scrawl, it's OK to praise their artistic talents if it helps to improve their self-esteem. In other words, lying is acceptable in a good cause.What constitutes a good cause?If Madeline demanded to know what they'd been whispering about, would they be forced to 'fess up?

>>137653785No, I mean it should look like this.

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>>137654117Hope her anti-virus is up to date cuz' I'm gonna stick it in that port RAW.

>>137654168The tile pattern on the floor should be distorted accordingly too, come to thin of that.

>>137654138>And she pretended to 'find' it ASAP.So she did lie.

>>137654138I interpreted the lines around her head as her saying no but nonverbally

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>>137654117I’m at my limit.>have simple face fetish>have robot fetish>have ab fetishPure kino, thanks user, Socket is underrated.

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>>137654293>simple face fetishElaborate

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>>137654217So wait a second, the only Nandroid who canonically has lied, stolen, and abused their child is Emmy?

>>137654312He cooms to the smug emoji

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>>137654312It’s included in my simple art-style fetish.

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Something is wrong with my Emmy plush againyoutu.be/TO4quUn0fck

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>>137654493And one can be yours for only $59.95.

>>137654312Some artists voluntarily keep faces as simple as they can get away with, they also call it "mob face". Some do it because they're shit at drawing facial features but most because they think it's cute. It's a thing you'll sometimes see in manga for comedic effect too, like that girl in Watamote.One example is Murgoten on Twitter, dude comes up with one new OC every month, draws their faces as emoji and their tits as fat as he can without people thinking he's a hyperfag, and he ended up with 200k followers.

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Ted Kaczynski died today. He would've liked Emmy the Robot

>>137654663Do all of his OCs look like that, how many does he even have?

>>137654730He wouldn't have. But RIP all the same.

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>>137653924Here! >>137654730F

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>>137654854please draw human molly sunbathing

he would´ve liked Millie

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>>137654732Yes and I don't know because I don't care that much but I'd say at least forty

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Attached: 9283gf98ywgbe.jpg (309x309, 30.35K)

>>137654895No, no he would not.

Attached: 3D 50s Denise.jpg (2400x4200, 737.67K)

>>137655083Now render her posing on the hood of a 57 Bel-Air.

>>137655083I want a story about this.

>>137654730You realize that Ted Kaczynski was against technology, right?

>>137655312Right up until he needed treatment for his cancer, eh?

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>>137654186nah, the pattern can be stylized to be all flat. Its just the desk that looks weird because it has depth. It could all be flat and fit a style

>>137655031Millie has no consequences for civilization, not on her own. She might ask him for his pen pal's info though.

>>137650298Millie hanging out with Ted Kaczynski

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>>137655882Why would you give cbt-pop 40$ or whatever he charges and ask him NOT to draw fat tiddies, that's his main draw

Attached: 5g07a1.png (851x479, 317.81K)

>>137656033>Hello, nandroid artist? Can I get a drawing of a nandroid please? Yes, and be sure to give her huge tits, feet, and make her out of wood AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

>>137655792Imagine having to hand-blow a wooden nan's glass eyes. The sheer craftsmanship.

>>137656033It's like going to a BBQ and ask for vegan food, you know what you're getting into

>>137654854draw Molly begging not to be thrown out of the car into the cold rain outside the dismantling plant. Crying and pleading she´ll behave better this time

wendy... ooouummnggh *gracelessly expires*

>>137656689nantales moment

>>137654862>>137656509Maybe next time. I'm getting tired, I'm going to sleep now.

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Attached: Amy smoll.gif (320x320, 405.97K)

>>137656821im guffawing


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>>137654730I don't give a shit what he'd have liked and I don't get why he had to be inserted into this thread.If I believed in an Afterlife, maybe I'd be comforted by the certainty of him in Hell.As it is, I think he's just Nowhere and good riddance to bad rubbish.I normally oppose capital punishment because mistakes do occur. In his case though, there was no doubt and he shouldn't have been kept fed and housed to age 81.

>>137656821Your puny human brain is incapable of comprehending what goes on in Amy's headyoutube.com/watch?v=MDvlO9q6qWk>>137656794Sleep tight drawanon, and remember you don't owe anything to anyone (especially if they can't even be bothered to append "please" to their request)

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>>137656982>In his case though, there was no doubt and he shouldn't have been kept fed and housed to age 81.I agree. He should have been let free instead because he did nothing wrong

>>137657293free range kazinksky meat, hmmm

>>137657269what happened to amy why is she so ugly now?

>>137656896Sleep tight, Franny

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Attached: 20230611_034634.jpg (2308x2997, 374.99K)

>>137658150What a fucking goon-ass bitch, shit... Uhngh

>>137658170What the FUCK does that mean

>>137658170>>137658242Idk why this made me chuckle so much.

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>>137650762>>137652052Sorry lads, fell asleep

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>>137654168I was trying to push the perspective to the right, with 2-point perspective. Now that you show it, I think your version looks better.>>137655506I feel like I suck at desks & tables, so maybe I should play around with the style a bit more.

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>>137650305just what kinds of abuse does Molly put Corbin through aside from manipulation, gaslighting and abandonment?

>>137659100she crushes him to dead

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>>137659336but if Corbin is gone they will scrap her, no more "free" things to steal from the Mendenhalls while mooching off them like a leech


>>137659336It's adorable to see her so loving.Fuck all haters, all noxgk8androids deserve love

Phoneposting sucks dick.


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>>137661049daww this rocks

>>137650298A smug Madeline walking away from a slightly open bathroom door with a swagger with an annoyed looking Emmy with plunger in hand stomping towards it

>>137654117Easily the best drawing of Socket anyone's made so far.

Do the nandroids get like "reefer madness" protocols installed? or any other drug stuff? would Franny even know whats going on if I were to smoke crack in front of her?

>>137654663>thigh gap that big on hips that wideWhy? It looks awful.

Oh yeah, time for us FlargyFiller enjoyers to save the day again! Page 6, I don’t think so!Also, finally bit the bullet and made a website containing a good amount of information on FlargyFiller lore. Check it out and make sure to save it:nonnamedarchive.github.io/index.html

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>>137663801Thank you FlargyFag, I will study this and then make a crossover with nandroids

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