The brutal unfairness of W.I.T.C.H

>There's a cartoon that does just about everything ATLA does except significantly better>It languishes in obscurity while ATLA may now be the most popular cartoon of all time

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>>137647900I would kiss you so hard while watching a w.i.t.c.h episode

Bruh I love the show but you're overselling it to everyone else

>>137647927I'm not overselling anything, that is literally my own experience from the very first time I watched this show after years of being a huge ATLA fan.

I'd agree since I hate ATLA and I hate people who think their weebs for liking it when it's the same type of diarrhea crust ADHD content as everything else on Nick, BUT frog faux anime isn't much better since they literally think they're re-creating it with europoor budgets and it shows.

>>137647983>how many 4channel buzzwords can I cram into one shitpost

>>137647983Angry that Ladybug is sweeping the floor with your acronymia?

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>>137647927WITCHfag has been at it for years

>>137647900does it have sexy waifus?

>>137648721YES, is the OP pic not enough for you? Then hereMuch better than ATLA in this area too

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winx made my pp hard so winx is better

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>>137648817Excellent taste, but you could've chosen a better picture (and not an upscale).

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>>137647900>all these girls were like 13 the entire timeJesus, shit really looks different when you're 9 years old.

And why shouldn't we talk about how W.I.T.C.H. is brilliant on Holla Forums? At least we're honest here.

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>>137647900There is absolutely no advantage to being male in the developed world in this day and age. By making shows like this with female protagonists, they are mocking us for not being women

>>137648721Yes. Objectively so.>>137648815Did your mother molest you while you were learning shapes or something? Rhomboids and Trapezoids aren't a fetish for most people

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>>137649835>Rhomboids and Trapezoids aren't a fetish for most peopleYou never saw tile-user, I take it.

>>137649892I fucking love tiles, I put tiles in all of my rooms

>>137649892Nope. Another day online and another sin of humanity that will be forever scared in my mind.

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Just do everyone a huge favor and off yourself, witchcuck.

>>137648801Who's your favorite?

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>>137647900>There's a cartoon that does just about everything ATLA does except significantly betterThere's no Zuko and Toph in B.I.T.C.H so you can fuck off back to obscurity.Even Winx is more popular than your show.

>>137651526>Zuko and TophToph is such a flat character that the fact she's held up as some example of great writing is insane. Zuko at least has a genuinely good arc, even if it's overrated (especially in Book 3)>Even Winx is more popularAll the more reason for this thread... what does popularity have to do with quality again?

>>137649834>There is absolutely no advantage to being male in the developed world in this day and age. By making shows like this with female protagonists, they are mocking us for not being womenI know EXACTLY what you mean user. But this show is an extremely rare counterexample, there is zero special treatment for the girls being girls.The lead male character is openly sexist and hardly ever shown as useless despite not having powers, while the girls get that repeatedly.Even more importantly, the girls have European rather than American personalities which (at least back in the 2000s) may be the real "third gender" considering how different that is from US females.

>>137647927not him but WITCH was really good, a shame the third season never entered productionalso the cartoon was WAY better than the original Italian comic

>>137648721all the girls in it played a role in my sexual awakening when I watched it on Fox Kids when I was 10

>>137648864earthrealm Elyon > queen Elyon

>>137648902I remember they aged as the series went on, 13 in the beginning of S1, 14 in the beginning of S2, if they didnt stop I wonder if we got to them going to college and having to deal with the double life of guardian with college chores and shit like getting engaged

>>137649793shit I remember I started growing out my hair at 12 because I thought Cedric look badass with the ponytail, too bad my hair was curly af and I ended up looking like Brian May

>>137652400>also the cartoon was WAY better than the original Italian comic100%Thank you for saying this, FINALLY someone else gets it!>a shame the third season never entered productionIt's a shame because the show could really use the extra popularity, but it's extremely unlikely a season 3 would be anywhere near as good as 2. Especially with how weak the third comic arc is(Plus it's already bad enough that people think Weisman made the show when he did half of it...)

Post W.I.T.C.H. crossover art

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>>137652352pretty much this, every character had different personalities and those changed as well>Willshy girl trying to find her place>Emmatomboy>Taraneesmart girl who hates being the smart girl while being objectively smart>Corneliacliché teen girl who actually had the most character development>Hay Linloveable autistic azn retardalso yeah, during the whole first season Caleb was the most useful character in the rebellion against Phobos, the girls felt like losers who always had luck, until the middle of the season when they started to get control over their powers

>>137652501>unlikely a season 3 would be anywhere near as good as 2Idk the ending of 2 kinda felt like a downhill already, they got so ridiculously overpowered in the last two episodes

>>137652352I don't think anyone knows exactly what he means. It seems like a straightforward statement at first, but after the fiftieth iteration you start to suspect there's some context you're not getting. Occasionally he posts it in a thread about a show with a male protagonist.

I always wondered why there was no episode where their kids appear from the future, actually older than them (late teen or early 20s) and Cornelia loses her shit when she finds out Elyon is the mother of Caleb's daughter (they broke up in the comic and Caleb started dating Elyon) and some shit like Will's daughter's father is Phobos, who had a redemption arc or Idk

>>137652574>about a show with a male protagonistwho? Caleb?

>>137647900A bloo bloo bloo, fag.

witchfag tell me:>your favorite color>your favorite W.I.T.C.H. girl>your favorite dessert>your favorite fruit>when did you join 4chan

>>137650719>Who's your favorite?1. Will obviously, the cartoon version is one of the best-written female characters of all media period2. Cornelia, because the cartoon version may be the only "blonde valley girl" ever with such depth3~4~5. The others, no wonder the first half of the show is so W vs. C focused. But they're great too

>>137652531>Emmayou mean Irma

>>137652748Ir mah balls.

I watched it when I was young and liked it but god did I absolutely hate that goblin character. He was the most annoying character ever. And he wasn't even in the comics, so why include him? He really made this show go from 9/10 to 6/10 for me.

>>137652758i wanted her to drain mah balls when I was 10

OP why are you shilling this so hard?

>>137652791always had the feeling the writer who came up with him was that one kid who really liked Gollum for some unknown reason

>see the comic spammed spammed during ad breaks on TV>looks like the lamest girliest shit on the planet>eventually gets animated TV show, catch a bit of it>it's fucking goodFrogs and italians were just build different back then, I guess.

>>137652556>Idk the ending of 2 kinda felt like a downhill already, they got so ridiculously overpowered in the last two episodesFirst of all what do you mean by "last two episodes"? They got their only new power-up in the middle of the last episodeSecond the final arc is absolutely fucking brilliant, the best cartoon writing I've ever had the pleasure of watching unfold. I unironically find that people who think otherwise aren't high IQ enough to get how it ties up basically every plot AND character thread just about perfectly.Plus it's so much better than Sozin's Comet

ATLA isn't even as good as reboot.

>>137652531>shy girl trying to find her placeFor the first two episodes only. I think this was done as a nod to the comic, but the girls are so cliched there the writers wisely didn't continue with that. Instead they gave her one of the most fascinating personalities of any female character>tomboyIn S1, to a large extent yes. In S2 she's literally wearing a pink shirt with hearts on it... and is very clearly into a guy instead of just tolerating him>hates being the smart girlNot exactly that, she likes being smart but doesn't like the stereotypes that come with it.>who actually had the most character developmentThis is an observation mostly from not paying enough attention. In the very premiere of the show she already goes along with the group to save Will and is hugely helpful in that. In ep 4 she's the one who notices Will likes frogs, etc.If it were actual character development she would be an awful character at the start... which is what many people casually watching the show think>loveable autistic azn retardMildly autistic maybe, but in no way retarded. She makes about as many accurately snarky observations as the others, in between being spaced-out. Which is again fascinatingly unique

>>137652815>Frogs and italians were just build different back then, I guess.The show is written by Americans though. Unless you mean the art, yeah that was French

>>137652804>OP why are you shilling this so hard?Because I really, really (unironically) want people to watch it. And discuss it (preferably with me) after that.ATLA is from 2005 but has an active community talking about it, this show is from 04 yet has almost nothing.It's pretty depressing when the show you consider one of the greatest of all time is all but unknown, so there's almost nobody to talk about it with.You start to wonder if you're the crazy one...

>>137647900>Same schizo makes every witch thread everI don’t need to read your thread again. Unless you commissioned some Irma smut there’s literally no point in anyone being here

>>137653181Talk about brutal unfairness... I put a lot of thought into my threads to make them as original as possible while still getting the message across

>>137650719>Who's your favorite?irma.

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>>137653273>>137653153Unironically you are pretty cute. Are you single?

>>137653063I thought the OG comic was italian? Looked pretty italian to me.

>>137653333>I thought the OG comic was italian? Looked pretty italian to me.Comic: 100% Italian (except for Disney influence)Cartoon art & music: FrenchCartoon writing: AmericanTwo heads are better than one?

>>137652815the original comic books were girly shit actually

>>137653333All I know about the comics is that theres a lot of underwear shots like this

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>>137653391>>137653390I see. So it was more of a loose adaption, I suppose?

>>137652864the plot was really good, like some shit written by Tolkien himself, the problem is they get a huge power-up, then became partly elementals to stop Cedric, that's some power boost characters normally get during a whole arc, not in one episodemaybe it left a bitter taste in my mouth because it reminded me of Charmed, they started as witches who had no idea how to use magic, then when they learnt new skills and realizing new potentials of their powers they were able to kick demon ass, but in the end writing was so shit they got ridiculously overpowered, there were episodes were they legit decided to erase a demon from existence by simply saying "in the name of the three, you shall not exist"so I feared if they continued like this WITCH would end up a trainwreck where the protagonists are so ridiculously overpowered they could shatter planets or some shit

>>137653394>left is supposed to be 14>looks up to half a decade younger than the show counterpart>who starts out at 12>most of the fandom thinks the comic art is so much betterYes, sometimes you definitely start to wonder if you're the crazy one.

>>137653015>For the first two episodes onlyWill fitting in took more than two episodes, but yes it wasnt dragged out for too long, which why it worked

>that episode where Will's magic clone becomes sentient and just wants to enjoy simple things in life, then dies while protecting Willshit unironically made me cry, for a children cartoon it had surprisingly deep moments

>>137653302>lust provoking image

>>137653408pretty much, also the backstory of lot of the characters were changed in the cartoon

>>137653408>I see. So it was more of a loose adaption, I suppose?Yes and no. It tries REALLY hard to put as much from the comics as possible while still doing its own thing. The biggest changes are when (not if) things happen, and the emphasis things get. The vast majority of the plot (from the first two arcs plus a bit more) is there, as with the characters.Compare this to something like Teen Titans, which is named after an entire franchise of comics but hardly follows any of them.It's actually fascinating to read the comics AFTER watching the show, it's like reading a gigantic pilot script with a lot of potential but lacking polish.

>>137653551Huh, alright. I did not know this, I always just assumed the comics were secretly way cooler than I gave them credit for.Neat fun fact. Very mildly disappointing too, though.

>>137653623>>137653614Oh okay. So it DOES follow the general outline, but it basically just gets another writing pass which probably isn't that invasive, but just makes things fit a bit better.I guess this is it then. Thanks fellas.

>>137653461>the problem is they get a huge power-up, then became partly elementals to stop Cedric, that's some power boost characters normally get during a whole arc, not in one episodeYeah normally this could be a pretty big problem... IF it wasn't foreshadowed. But it not only was, it was specifically mentioned in the episode (about when they fought in their dreams) so you know it was carefully thought out and not an asspull.And it wasn't just to defeat Cedric, but also for that twist ending with Nerissa's vision which was so brilliant but wouldn't have worked at all without the power-up and its consequences.

>>137653623Idk some of the backstories was kinda retarded. Like Caleb is a dandelion in the comic turned into a guy with magicin the cartoon he is just a normal dudeI always saw the simple backstory of his in the cartoon as an example of "simpler is sometimes better"

>>137653688it's been 10 years I watched the show, maybe you are right, as I said it left a bitter taste for me mostly because of my experience with Charmed and my fears spawned from its writingregardless I was waiting for season 3 as a teen, especially with the new teacher foreshadowed as a key character, and the driving instructor being the only one to see them in their elemental form, but then season 3 never happened

>>137653687>which probably isn't that invasive, but just makes things fit a bit better.I'd say a lot better. It's pretty "invasive" in terms of how many small things are changed, but keeping almost everything major is a huge feat in itself.>>137653551>the backstory of lot of the characters were changed in the cartoonWhose backstory was changed other than Caleb?

>>137653391It's why I loved them as a kid, was hard to find many people to talk about them since it was mainly girls who read them. Sailor Moon was thankfully easy enough to blab about with whomstever. >>137653695Eh, to each their own. Loved the book and comics more, but the cartoons was just "fine" for me.

>>137647900Can someone tell me why these two get shipped together so much?

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>>137653537I like when her friends got her tarted up.

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>>137653743I'm not so bummed about season 3 partly because those characters are from the comics, so it's not hard to imagine how their story would likely have gone. (In fact Riddle's name isn't even spoken, we only know it from the comics.)Compare that to the Mage at the end of season 1, who isn't in the comics at all. If the show had ended then (as it nearly did - apparently the only reason season 2 exists is that it was ordered long before the first season ended by which time Disney wasn't interested in it anymore), that would have been a really terrible cliffhanger.Ofc nowadays we should all know how a revival is likely to go, so what I really want is for it to be on Disney+ and released physically in the US (not just Europe). Sadly neither is likely any time soon

>>137647900Comics/books were better.

>>137653408>>137653551>>137653614The comics were written and released as a weekly or monthly serial, half the time even the writers didn't know which way the plot would go in the next issue.The TV-show staff took the opportunity to setup plot-threads earlier and clean up characterization more.But some stuff was didn't make the cut. I haven't read them. Is it true that for a few issues, Elyons motivation for her face-heel turn was that she was changeling, born to be evil?It seems so unreal from the series pov.

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>>137653784I have no idea.Whomever came up with it are geniuses.

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>>137653784Because her mom looks like she gave birth at 15, and she smells like teen spirit

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>>137654159Want to see them kiss

>>137647900>DIVERSITY female cast>no cute boys>ugly dykes

>>137654159Do you think she realized she was giving birth to her future girlfriend?

>>137653784>>137654159Bullshit Will's mom looks like her stepmother, she looks like a disgusting gypsy who'd stab Quassimodo in the back like in the original book.

>>137654333This is her actual stepmother

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>>137654351Now THIS this I can see someone calling her a 15 year old and wanting to ship her with Will. She also looks more mixbred than pure gypso.

>>137654351>>137654159>Redhead genes being more dominant than latina/middle eastern genesThat's not how genes work, goddamnit.Will's father is such a fucking coal burner.

Wanna see pics of my niece playing with witch dolls?

>>137654523Anon... do you have something to share with us?

>>137654537Yes. Old pictures.

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>>137654609>>137654571Were these two her favorite, or simply only ones she happen to get?

>>137654571>>137654609>this pictures>againMan I could not even care.I am here for CARTOONS

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iTunes and Spotify should have the w.i.t.c.h soundtrack

>>137654708You are here for witch. The whole franchise.

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>>137654351why am I so attracted to women with darker skin, I'm white as hell

>>137654757Attractive women are attractive. Your skin color is immaterial.

MmmI bet she likes W.I.T.C.H.

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>>137654462Wills mom changes from brown to white depending on the episode

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I want to summon my old friend from the good ol days.

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>>137653904>Compare that to the Mage at the end of season 1, who isn't in the comics at allwasnt it Melissa in disguise?

>>137654757white women are trash-tier, you have good taste, user

>>137655007But white GIRLS are the best. For sex!

>>137648801>>137652420Only fan service but in show suprisigly. Irma has her pants drop as a joke though

I like the comic more. Much more ero situations with young teens. It was even the second most published magazine in the world for a short time behind cosmopolitan. Airbender never had that.

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>>137653489Acceptance of your illness is the first step on the path to healing

There is just something inherently erotic about middle school girls. I want to be a part of Irmas monster period.

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>>137652290anyone who uses the term "overrated" in any capacity should be shot

>>137655348LeBron James is overrated and washed

>>137648801>>137652420Only fan service but in show suprisigly. Irma has her pants drop as a joke though

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Contrarians crying about good popular things and trying to shill their mediocre/bad things is always hilarious.

>>137655557Kind of obvious with the upside down one though

Looking at a 13 year old girls cunny is "fanservice"?

>>137652290ATLA is far from perfect but if there's one thing about it that's top notch, it's the characters.

>>137655900Characters, and that it out animates the shit out of most other western cartoons. The motion in bending, especially fights is very high quality.To find something comparable, especially in terms of those action scenes, you really have to go into more stylized stuff like Samurai Jack or PPG.

>>137655557The goo behind her though

the comic's better

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>>137650719IS IRMA!

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>>137657751But how would the sex compare with a another middle schooler?

>>137650719>>137653302mermaid irma

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>>137657955>But how would the sex compare with a another middle schooler?I do not understand the question.

>>137657982mermaids in the legends dont have shell-bras, drawing needs to be fixed

>>137653901why is she dressed like a cheap escort?

>>137658067How would the sex compare to an average middle school girl? Better or worse?

>>137647900Do people think it’s better then A:TLA because it might have more babes

>>137647900>go to anime con>everyone sells ATLA merch and pretends its an anime>no other western cartoons in sight not even SpongeBob or Golden Age stuffWhy do they do this?

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>>137655554anyone who uses the term "overrated" in any capacity should be shot i know nothing of basketball by the way

>>137659945The Beatles are overrated.

>>137655557That was Cornelia

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>>137652290Toph isn't a flat character you retard...christ.

>>137661070No, she's pretty flat. Have you seen her?


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>>137658739No, people think it's better because it is a genuinely good show from an earlier era.Is it objectively better then A:tlA? I'd say no, but that still puts it leagues above the current loads of trash.

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>>137647900It was a standard 00s action cartoon, witch fags seethe at WINXs popularity but the reality is that WINXs dedication to just being a striaght magical girl show helped it succeed. WITCH wants to be a magical girl show yet at the same time wants to be your typical 00s action show with an anime artstyle (every 00s show was like this) so that it can appeal to boys too and thus pleasing neither crowd. Every 00s show trope you can imagine is in this that i died laughing when the boyfriend got mind controlled like it came straight out of a retarded "ANIMAL I HAVE BECOME AMV" from 2009

>>137647900>WITCHposter is at it againSorry, it needed a third season for people to care.

>>137647900>There's a cartoon that does just about everything ATLA does except significantly betterReally? What cartoon because it certainly wasn't W.I.T.C.H.

>>137663297w.i.t.c.h. fans are getting tired of winx being their punching bag so now they are going after the other hyper successful 00s cartoon with an anime aesthetic

Camic was better, Orube best girl

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>>137663369The first few parts of the comic are better then the show cause the opening of the show sucks but at the same time the comic got retarded while the show got better and better

>>137663384>Show got better and better>only had 2 seasons to compare

>>13766340452 episodes is still pretty good for an episodic series, that's about the length of a lot of anime for the time and only 9 episodes shorter then atla. Its not like say The Batman 2004 where each season was only 13 episodes >>137647900The only way witch is ever going to escape "literal who" tier is if it magically blows up on tiktok or twitter due to the show getting an official rerelease in some way shape or form whether it be a new bluray set or getting onto disney plus but we all know thats never happening since the show is in copyright limbo. ffs super monkey team hyperforce go got onto disney plus before they ever acknowledged w.i.t.c.h. again