Is he?

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Miles Morales has performed the miraculous feat of being such a gary stu that he actually is LESS deserving of the title of Spiderman than other previous forgotten Spiderman clones.


>>137647380Miles was bitten by a Spider which makes him a genuine Spider-totem. He is unironically more 'Spider-man' than Miguel

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>>137647380I am Spartacus!

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>>137647380There's no 'a', there's only ONE Spider-Man. Singular. Its not a title, its not a badge of honor, a multiverse spanning organization of them, or anything fucking special. it is one, single guy's alter ego as personal penitence over his inaction leading to the death of someone he loved. That's it.

Man Spider-Man really jumped the shark with all this multiverse nonsense, is there hope of ever going back?

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>>137647525In the context of the Multiverse, there's multiple Spider-Men.

>>137647562Shut the fuck up about the multiverse, the multiverse does not fucking exist.

>>137647525>>137647570Sure grandpa, let's get you to bed.

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>>137647570Well, neither does Spider-Man, so what's your point?


>Spider-Man isn't just one hero you can root for and look up to. Spider-Man can be everyone, all of us, anywhere, in multiple universes!So why should I care anymore?

>>137647622Because you love Peter.

>>137647525This wasn't even true BEFORE the multiverse became a thing.

>>137647504Shut the fuck up about the spider-totem.

>>137647504>Spider-totemMore like Tider-Scrotum


>>137647548No, the only way to get the sales of a multiverse-hyping event twice is to literally wait 20-30 years and reboot the universe again for a new generation of people who are only fans through some shitty made for kids cartoon and pay your conglomerate news to say it's hype.

>>137647380I feel bad for Miles fans knowing they call him Miles in even their own heads further cementing that Miles is not and never will be Spider-Man

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>>137647637Oh so what so a few limited series like Mayday Parker and Miguel and Spider-Noir happened on occasion, so what, its not on nearly the same scale as the literal conveyor belt of mass produced borderline literal counterfeit Spider-man to fulfil some stupid quota, gimmick, or whatever but have no fucking meat to them. They and the multiverse nonsense is just a cheap copout made by marketing to maximize profits. used by shitty writers who can just fall back on it when people call them out for their poor writing, and consumed by shit eating lemmings.

>>137647669You're right, people should finally accept his real name: Spider-boy, side-kick of Spider-man.

>>137647669Superman is an alien

>>137647669Miles' fans deserve the fucking rope.

>>137647669Who the hell calls him Wolvie

>>137647692Funny thing is that people call him Logan more often than not. I guess the "gotcha" there is that it isn't James?

>>137647676No, the unforgettable Bailey that everyone loves and remembers has that monikerMiles? He's Kid Arachnid.

>>137647692You need to be over 18 to post on 4chan

If there is a billion infinite Spiderman why did Miles Morales have the be the same universe as the Toby McGuire Spiderman if they're all able to survive in their own timeliness? It's almost like they really wanted to make Miles the Canon Spiderman the same way they were planning on erasing Indiana Jones and replacing him with Phoebe Waller in the timeline

>>137647504Miles should've been a mutant or had some other origin.Copying the origin of the original hero is lazy, hackneyed writing.

>>137647699Honestly, even Arachnid isn't a terrible hero name.

>>137647562In the context of Spider-Man, multiverse is a dumb fucking idea. It's like making a LotR movie about spaceships and aliens.

>>137647695They call him sniktbub


>>137647380Any man who must say "I am a Spider-Man" is no true Spider-Man.

>>137647380Yes, for fucks sake. How long till you get it through your thick skull Holla Forums?


>>137647583Being a passive aggressive faggot doesn't make you interesting.

>>137647669I never heard supes in my life. Reminds me of those that shit people use to do in YTP.>sups

>>137647781Archane(male) doesn't sound good either.

I just realized, like Kitty Pryde and Jean Grey, or even Misty Knight or Colleen Wing, Miles is one of those characters who is more widely regarded by his actual name than a superhero moniker.

>>137649414Emma Frost too.

>>137649343I'm pretty sure they used Supes in the DCAU


>>137647504>He is unironically more 'Spider-man' than MiguelI think that's the point. Miguel is like the only mainstream spider person who doesn't have the spidey sense which means he's ironically not part of the web of fate he's so afraid of

>>137647380Yes. He is A "spider-man." He is not THE Spider-Man

>>137647669i call every single one by their name but the cap because he is actually more the cap character than steve.

>>137647380In his reality where Peter is dead? Yes, there he is Spider-Man. However he's not if Peter is alive or didn't retire. Hence why in the comics people shouldn't call him Spider-Man.>>137647504Nope. Miguel literally spliced himself with a mutagen with spider DNA to cure himself from his drugged state that was induced into him by his boss/father to keep him in Alchemax.Miles also has electric powers. Something spiders DON'T have while Miguel has a venomous bite that paralyzes people and actual hook claws like spiders have. This on top of having actual organic webbing.Miguel is far more spider than Miles will ever be.>>137647676Street-Spider sounds better. Add to this his hoodie jacket and he'd stand out more already.

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>>137647504>spider totemfuck off

>>137647676Nah, that's Bailey.

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>>137647669>wolvie>wondieI’ve heard bats call WW “Diana” but never wondie. Wolvie sounds super retarded

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>>137647669These are their in-universe nicknames tho, who the fuck calls Wolverine "Wolvie" unironically irl? I'd call him logan before I call him Wolvie

>all those fags claiming this movie would be the next No Way Home

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>>137647380Why do they look like character portraits from Disco Elysium?

>>137652364Wasn't everyone calling NWH the Life-Action Into the Spider-verse?


>>137649607>Miguel is like the only mainstream spider person who doesn't have the spidey senseKaine. Don't tell the hacks behind this movie though.

>>137652832Kaine has or at least had spider sense for the vast majority of his existence. Jessica Drew on the other hand should have pheromone powers and the ability to fly but no spider sense.Also did anyone else think that was spider-b!tch when Jessica showed up in the movie.

>>137653717He lost his spider-sense permanently after becoming a perfect clone.

There is only one spider man, Peter Parker.

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>>137647380You know, the whole spider cult goes against what Stan Lee said about his philosophy about heroes being the right one for the situation, not a hero that can handle every situation.The spider cult says that everyone must be beaten into a mold and, somehow, the spiderman model handles all these different universes' situations.

>>137647669I call Superman "Clark".

>>137647411I wish we could ban the words “Gary Stu” and “Mary Sue” from all discussion forever.

So, since we saw the live action prowler and Gambino already played a criminal in the 1st Movie. Do you think he'll come back as the Prowler in the 4th one, or was that just a random cameo of a celeb?

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>>137652364NWH was fucking dog shit, who would want this to be like that

>>137655092Well since ATSV ended up putrid donkey shit, it being NWH would've been preferable


>>137655305>Sony Bendis Slott kidslopDisneyslop is preferable

>>137647669they can just call him Nig, Niggie, Niggs or Nigger

>>137655092I, too, hate multiverse stories with substance. Give me at least 50 different NFTs with no story or personality per minute, half of them fat and crippled, the other half black, or I'm walking out.

>>137655403I disagree

>>137647380>Is he?Yes, just not a very popular one, but they keep pushing him for some reason


>>137647380Its crazy how it turned out that Johnny Gat's look was basically a slightly lighter looking version of his VA's actual look.

>>137647622If they can be anyone and anywhere, why is it always some someone in some variation of New York and is a genius that can invent a web-shooter plus material?

>>137656273I wonder how a saints row comic book series would have turned out

My favorite super hero by far is the blue-eyed THING

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>>137647669is this an age thing? i've always called wolverine wolvie and wonder woman wondie. wonder woman especially was always called that by fans in my experience

>>137649741The electric powers are in his dna.

>>137647380I feel like movie was the opposite if this given how angry Miguel got.

>>137656498>is this an age thing? i've always called wolverine wolvie and wonder woman wondieYeah it is, you need to be atleast 18+ to post here.



>>137656660i been calling them wolvie and wondie since the 90s

>>137656582True, did we forget how Miguel went on a rant instead of just offing Miles and jailing him?

>Spiderman but black>Spiderman but a woman>Batman but a womanIt's nice to see that literally nothing has changed and they're still pandering in the exact same way as half a century ago

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>>137658637>ongezellig opinion discarded

>>137647380Wasn't Miguel always a colossal asshole in 2099?

>>137656349The new york thing always feels hilariously dated. Like movies set in california. Who moves there anymore, besides techslaves and illegals?

>>137659059Kind of, but he was an asshole that would turn around and help when his conscience quickly caught up with him.A nice guy who tries to be an asshole, I guess.

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>>137647525Heretic! There are three. The man, the spider, and his shadow.

>>137647515 >I know this artist

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>>137647669Replace wolvie with sniktbub and it's accurate

>>137649741No bite, not a totem. Miguel is literally on the level of Kaine, Ben, Otto, and Jessica Drew. Inheritors didn't eat him after they jacked him up for that exact reason. He's gene spliced, no spider sense, vampiric.

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>>137647380No. Spider-man is not something that ANYONE can be and trying to insist that ANYONE CAN WEAR THE MASK missed the point of heroism entirely.

>>137660382Kaine was the avatar of the Other though. That is like the totemiest a totem can get.

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99 label suffered from marvel censorship for some reason they employed English writers and wouldn't let them do their thing. 99 should be like the 2000 AD universe. And the best book was Punisher

>>137660382The Inheritors eating Ben is one of the very few things that happened in Spider-Geddon. Read a book, chaser.

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>>137660441Not everyone can become a Spider-Man, but a Spider-Man can come from anywhere in the greater NYC area or equivalent.

>>137654908It's not inaccurate to describe Miles that way though

>>137660452A host, that lost The other to MC2 Peter. Without it, his relevance totem-wise ended.>>137660441A hero can come from any location. Anyone can possess a heroic spirit. Why do schizos never understand such a simple concept?

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>>137660574Ben was used as bait. Fake cheese to poison some rats. How does that disprove the 'not a real totem' idea?

>>137660700You speedread that wrong, /gif/ user. Ben's a totem, hence Jennix being able to eat him. That also means Kaine is a totem whether he's hosting The Other or not.

>>137660700The whole plot of the Scarlet Spiders mini during the first Spider-Verse event was that Jennix wanted to discover why Ben, Kaine, and Jess were all totems while his clones were not

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>>137660830The inheritors can eat ANYONE, not just totems. They just prefer totems to everyone else, specifically spider-totems, because they fill them up.

>>137647781>Honestly, even Arachnid isn't a terrible hero name.Too close to Arachnigga

>>137647380So... why was Miles glitching in the world he was sent back too?Shouldn't he be completely stable in 2 universes since he was bitten by that Universes spider BUT exists in his universe as well?

>>137655689>Mulitverse stories>Capable of substance

>>137660870Otto is from the same stock, a Perfect Jackal clone and he's deemed a fake because of his clone status. Clones aren't totems. I don't know what to tell you.

>>137647380I am Groot.

>>137661158Otto's not because that clone is half-Otto whereas Ben, Kaine, and Jess are all Peter. Now of course totems are stupid but I do relish in putting you down, Milesfag

>>137661089Miles in his universe + Spider DNA from another means no matter what he's gonna be glitching.

>>137661200Otto used the OG Parker body and still got rejected. His clones are replicas of the Jackal formula. They're all perfect Parker clones, which is why he retains his spider-powers after Peter gets his old body back. Clones aren't totems.

>>137661278No he didn't. In Spider-Verse when he was in fact just in Peter's body he was as much a totem as anyone else. The clone he used in Spider-Geddon was the "proto-clone" and combined Peter's DNA with Otto's to stabilise it, it's why Elliot doesn't even look like Peter>They're all perfect Parker clones, which is why he retains his spider-powers after Peter gets his old body backCome on at least pretend to know what you're talking about

>>137661351Elliot looks exactly like Parker, and he has/had multiple back ups. Just because he dyed his hair and cut it different doesn't make him not a jackal clone.

>>137661245So why isn't he glitching in HIS universe too?


>>137660627Shut up, Ratatouille. Spider-man is an identity not a position. A superhero can come from anywhere but Spider-man is specific. >>137660647Because he's not becoming his own hero. If he just called himself Arachno-lad or Crawler-Boy we might not be having this discussion but he is trying to take over someone else's established identity for the brand appeal. The writer is incapable of creating a character who can stand on his own so he just stole someone else's note.

>>137661519Literally the central conflict of the movie is the spider-society trying to prevent Miles from changing his canon event

>>137661570But they don't know that. Notice how changing a "Canon" event only caused the warbly whenever it was changed by someone outside their verse.

The only people that can truly be Spiderman are those who are willing to take the mantle with every difficulty it brings.

>>137647380Just watched it, If you hate Miles you won't like this movie at all.

>>137647380Miles Morales is a Spider-man but he will never be the Spider-man. Sort of like how Barry Allen is a Flash but will never be the Flash despite DC's relentless effort.

>>137660870You know you’d think that lord and Miller would’ve hired a clone high actor for Ben for the reference, or at least had Jackle appear for a second voiced by scudsworth. But these movies aren’t fun, they’re just race baiting propaganda designed to demonize and divide

>>137661694If you like Spider-Man you also won't like this movie at all

>>137661389Wrong again

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>>137647515keyed and snootpilled

>>137661728>The cast Abe as Ben to justify shitting on him

Would I be considered Spiderman even if I didn't go by the name but fit all other basic criteria?

>>137647380How about the Static-Spider? You know, for his venom blasts and as a tribute/middle finger to DC's Static Shock.

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>>137647380If the third Sony movie is as good as the last two, he'll be the unironic real Spider-Man. No one reads comics, so it doesn't matter that he's never had a good comics run. Blame Disney, not wokeness, they have the license for Peter. If you want Peter to be more beloved, lobby for better movies, don't fault people for enjoying a superior product.

>>137661749Clones still aren't totems. If they were, they could just hand over Jackal tech and their problems would be over. No spider bite means not chosen.

>>137661857Obsidian Spider.

>>137661916That's stupid

>>137655170This isn't a real opinion. This visuals alone put it over almost every MCU project to date

>>137661414Maybe it's a consciousness or presence thing?

>>137661916Otto-Peter hybrid clone body was considered a half-baked Totem. There was some other Spider-lady during the event that was also considered a half-baked Totem despite having spider powers and not being a clone.

>>137661916They are though, hence >>137660870 which you cannot refute. Accept the loss and read some more comics next time before you embarrass yourself like this

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>>137661916Ben, Kaine, and Ultimate Jessica Drew were spider totems despite being clones/modified clones.

>>137647380All the people who whine about miles and say only peter is spider-man never had a problem with miguel before

>>137661916>If they were, they could just hand over Jackal tech and their problems would be over.Never mind your ignorance on the stories, are your retarded?

>>137662026Miguel had the benefit of being from an alternate reality and away from the main universe.

I still think it'd be hilarious if there was another dimension that was off-limits not because of any sort of anomaly thing but because the villains in it are so stupidly dangerous and juiced that they can butcher tens of Spidermen on their own.

>>137647504That’s either a plothole or the entire point. >Miguel was not bitten by a spider >Miguel did not have an Uncle Ben>Miguel did not have a Gwen>Miguel did not have a Cpt. Stacy>Miguel’s powers in the movie are less spider-like than his comic counterpart >Miguel’s “tragedy” is him doing exactly what Kingpin tried to do and what Wanda tried to do in the MCU>He can be seen injecting himself but comic Miguel was not a drug addict after becoming Spider-Man Something is up here. Miguel is usually one of the better off-shoot Spiders because he is so fundamentally different from all the others, but in this case the entire plot revolves around their similarities. Similarities Miguel lacks by nature.

>>137661903ATSV is the worst Spider-Man movie yet

>>137647548Not so long as Sony are riding on it for their hopes of having their own Cinematic Universe.

>>137661963Nah if visuals counted for anything Avatar would be the best movie ever made, and we know that's not true

>>137662878>comic Miguel was not a drug addict after becoming Spider-ManYeah about that...


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>>137647669What if Miles Morales was Spider-Man?

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Post Miguel lewds

>>137647380i'm getting sick of meme culture even more because people keep using memes past their expiration date

Somebody is putting an ungodly amount of resources into making sure Across is considered the best movie of the year. I get that it just came out but I haven't seen anything less than glowing praise wherever I look