Golden Girl

What's next for Holla Forums's daughter?

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500 posts of bickering.

>>137647270Tit freckles are god tier

>>137647270For legal reasons how old is this character?

>>137647270Sucking small cock.


>>137647270To only be relevant in threads asking why she isn't more relevant

>>137647313Old enough to drive as Golden Girl, college age as Bullion, mid-20s as Golden Guardian.

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>>137647270don’t get the obsession with this character.her threads go nowhere and she barely gets any new content these’d figure after all these years Holla Forums would have made a better big titty oc.

>>137647370>Old enough to drive as Golden GirlPretty sure Robin was driving the batmobile at 13... just saying.

>>137647480>her threads go nowhere and she barely gets any new content these days.That's because she's a /coc/ character and everything gets done in those threads. She just got one of her scripts finally turned into a comic this week.

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>>137647321>>137647370I did my research and the wiki says she's a teen, so I'll assume she's 18-19 years old. Carry on.

>>137647270>Bro what if we draw a girl, but her boobs were huge! Isn’t that funny? Holla Forums really trying to prove that they aren’t flaming homosexuals with this shit pornbait character

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>>137647708>You're gayTypical female insult.

>>137647708I am fairly convinced all the people into hyper tits like this are closeted overcompensating homosexuals. No regular straight man actually finds unrealistic, unflattering balloon tits unnaturally stapled onto a thin body. They love big tits sure, but when they actually still look like tits on a frame that appropriately matches the size and looks aesthetically pleasing. Hyper tit fetish shit is like fags who can't comprehend what actually makes women's body attractive so they think "big tits are attractive, right? So if we just keep making them bigger that means they are even more attractive therefore meaning I am convincingly straight if I claim to like it?" There's no actual understanding of female attractiveness, it's all performative and ingenuine.

>>137647270nothing, jack shit has been done with this character besides porn so quit pretending

>>137647773Most of Holla Forums are into shotas, it’s a gay board in denial and stuff like Golden Girl proves it. Men like tits but they don’t like big overflated balloon ones.

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>>137647773It's called a fetish

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>>137647708The funny thing is it was already done before, it's not even that original.

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>>137647806GoldenGirlbros... are we unoriginal hacks?

>>137647278We never bicker

>>137647817It's 4chan. There's no such thing as originality here.Look at the memes we do. A thousand variations of wojak Stealing a guy's frog and turning it into a depressed neo nazi? Anyone that claims that boards have a culture is just huffing copium.

>>137647847Fuck you we don't bicker

>>137647270I'm new to these threads, do the trolls always spam these threads?

>>137647869They're the ones making them. What do you think?

>>137647817While she certainly isn't the first girl with huge breasts, she's likely the first 1950s Robin-style sidekick to struggle with head-sized breasts.>>137647869Constantly. They think they're clever.

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>>137647869Nearly non stop

>>137647879>>137647883>>137647929Sad lives.

>>137647313The based answer is 14, but nothing has ever been canonized so whatever

>>137647480>don’t get the obsession with this character.What obsession? The only people that actually care are either1. in the /coc/ threads writing and/or making comics (albeit at a snails pace)or 2. in the /aco/ general posting the porn they commissioned.Her standalone threads aren't made by either group, because they already have a place to go. They're made by people specifically trying to bait these replies.

>hurr durr Holla Forums only makes coomer OCYou know, this complaint might've had some merit if people who say this kind of shit actually shown interest in non-coomer OC, let alone contributed.

>>137647270Awakening in a slimy tentacle pit, her nipples being suckled greedily and her pussy and asshole being ravaged while a thick white liquid is pumped down her throat.

Would you date Audrey?

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>>137647270>What's next for Holla Forums's daughter?Breast reduction surgery, I hope.

>>137648283I was going to point out the collaboration thread that's putting together that animation about ducks but it 404ed so I guess you have a point.

She should lactate and it should be canon. Everything is made better with big fat tits, and big fat tits are made better with lactation. I know I'm right and you know I'm right and I know you know I'm right.

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>>137648307Low quality coompost aside does Golden Girl have any tentacle-based villains?

>>137648373No. Specifically to avoid posters like that. Closest you'll get is one panel of her fighting an octopus in the A-Z comic.

>>137648323What's her personality like?

>>137648351Oh yeah, I saw those duck show threads. Personally I love joining in on collaborative projects but I couldn't really get into that one. The duck gimmick didn't interest me much. If anything it just felt too limiting of a concept. I think some of the other ideas suggested in the initial thread had more potential but I guess the duck one just got art first. Shame it 404'd though, what was the reason for it?

>>137648471I said 404'ed but I meant to say it fell off of page 10 overnight. Which is functionally the same thing.

Mal is the better underage coombait.

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>>137648450A dainty wallflower gal from the 50s with the appropriate lexicon and a hidden tomboyish side.Gets bashful easily.

>>137648373>>137648418maybe if she had a tentacle themed villain she'd be more popular

>>137648543That's...pretty accurate. I'd have probably thrown in something about her hero worship as well but good job user.

>>137648543Then yes

>>137648360This frog knows what's up

>>137648323>AI slop

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>>137647270does anyone have a myhentaicomics for volume 2

>>137648766just check desuarchive. It's been storytimed multiple times.

>>137648758Pyw, meatbag

>>137648784You don't need to be a chef to know that being served shit on a plate is gonna taste awful.

>>137648323This style is so beautiful holy shit.And I don't just mean because there's tits. The thick outlines and shading are really nice.

>>137648796Post. It.

>>137648589Granted, some artists deviate from that in their interpretations (hagfish's Audrey leans way more into the "tomboy" aspect, for example), but this seems like a solid baseline.>>137648654Good choice.Giant tits aside, she's portrayed as a genuinely sweet girl in most works.

>>137648837>The thick outlines and shading are really nicelmao are you joking? The shitty, inconsistent line weights are probably the worst part of this automated slop. The shading also suffers from the same problem of being haphazard because it lacks a fundamental understanding of any of those concepts. Same reason why same of them have absurdly long torsos.>>137648858I never claimed to be an artist proompter


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>>137647806What the fuck is that mouth

Audrey is cute and not for lewds.Cute!CUTE!!

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Um, sweetie, honey dumpling, THIS is Holla Forums's daughter.

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>>137648784>Pywyou first?? lol

>>137648892it is good enough for a quicky, not like we are getting a constant stream of gg fan art anymore.

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Audrey should learn to Skate

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What else does /coc/ have besides her?

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I have an idea for a prime joke, Audrey winning 3rd place in a Golden Girl lookalike contest a la Dolly Parton

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>>137650056A Forumsnservatory_Wiki

>>137650056Lovely Ladybug. It even has more comics.

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she look young as fuckI wonder how she would be as a milf, her tits would double in size, hope she also lactates too.

>>137647270Any chance to build up on her cast members? Because I mentioned previously about introducing a Mis Cosmos. Possibly a little sister to Connie Cosmos, or someone being trained to be part of her royal guardWhy not make her an actual child, which Audrey tries her best to mentor as a kind of older sister figure to her, which will involve her messing up but tries her best for her if she wants to live up to Silver Queen standard

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>>137650191The joke is that as she grows older she gets alot bigger and the rest of her body now matches her big boobs. Shes becomes a huge amazon hero known as the Golden Guardian.

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>>137650191She's supposed to grow into her tits, so as a kid/teen they're extremely overdeveloped but she has a growth spurt and they're still massive but proportionally more normal looking.

>>137650211>>137650225that's cool tooI am just a big fan of comically huge tits.

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>>137647708>porn addict troons are uncreative hacksNews at 10

>>137649114That just the way he draws womenThat said, she is canonically not pretty

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>>137647708Wanting to have sex with girls with huge tits is gay. I somehow knew we would get here someday.

>>137650379OyAudrey is not for sexual!

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>>137650379People have become mind fucked by the culture warI've seen in a past thread about big tits that big breasts are psyop to turn people trans

>>137650428What about when she becomes Golden Guardian? Even superheroes need a lover.

>>137647773You have to be gay not to understand the appeal of giant tits.

>>137650482>What about when she becomes Golden Guardian?Audrey is in a long-term commitment to Justice.

>>137650522So in other words, GG is going to die alone because Holla Forums can't handle seeing their waifu with another man.

>>137650809Nah, just because she's not actively seeking Mr. Right doesn't mean she'd say no if she actually met him. Also, we're not even sure what her type actually is.

>>137650809Also Silver Queen is married to Justice.And any other female in the series I find attractive.Also in my headcanon, I am Justice

>>137650809It's mostly because once you introduce a romantic pairing in capeshit then all that happens is that it gets played for cheap drama. There's also the added fact that people are really just asking so that have a canon dick for her to spin on (or more likely given the state of the board these days, a fictional character to cuck)

>>137647509art is good but making the story always revolve around her humongous tits gets boring as fuck.

>>137647687You found her attractive enough to look for her age. The thought crime has already been commited.


Someone post Iron Girl


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She should hang out with her "sister" more.

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When you make fun of huge 2D boobs for being to obig, you make real girls with big boobs feel bad.

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Here she is to save the day!

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>>137650809>GG is going to dieMammaries don't live like people do.

>>137647773>unrealistic, unflattering balloon tits unnaturally stapled onto a thin body>unrealistic>on Holla Forums

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>>137647773>unflattering balloon tits unnaturally stapled onto a thin bodyuironically sex


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>>137647270Hear me out, what if we make a reverse audrey with a massive backside and thicc thighs but the rest of her is thin and flat

>>137655976I thought being half a cup unbalanced was bad

>>137655976This is what happens when you play house a little too long, the mommy milkers emerge prematurely... the krakens are unleashed

>>137651533Thank you, user!Now post more!

>>137647294upper ass and shoulder freckles are existence tier

Audrey must have the strongest back in existence if she's had those things since the start of puberty. Makes sense how she becomes a bruiser when she gets older.


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>>137648323>>137647270>>137647370Tell me what comic this character is from. Right now.

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>>137658207The Developing adventures of golden girlA /coc/ creation

>>137647773I've busted a ludicrous amount of loads to tits way bigger than these. Methinks you might be gay?

>>137647370Bullion is the most retarded shoehorned era imaginableIt's GOLDEN GIRL to GOLDEN GUARDIANNO IN BETWEEN

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>>137658594Ya'll deserve all this ridicule.

>>137658270Or a zoomerApparently big boob appreciation is down in that generation

>>137658594Are you actually retarded or just one of the trolls?

I like some of the alternate costumes people come up with.

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>>137658594Whats wrong with Bullion?

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wish she had smaller boobs


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>>137658975Alright I can stand to not lewd most Audrey's but this one is just built for the most absolute degenerate shit.

>>137659010Not reallyLooks more like she's got a futuristic helmet on


Remember Platinum Pojke?

>>137659076looks better

>>137659076Because he's a degenerate pervert

>>137658994Just imagine... this is barely a month before puberty hit her like an isekai truck... ya know... CAUSE THOSE TITS ARE OUTTA THIS WOOOOOOOORLD!

>>137658985>SILVER queen>sidekick is GOLDEN girl (GG)>grows to be GOLDEN guardian (GG)Yes, Bullion also = Gold but the naming convention is LOSTAudrey would never use Bullion as a namesake, look at that face

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>>137659107The entire point of the character is mammoth mammaries.

>>137658095First time seeing this one. How is Katya so freaking cute?

>>137659330100% pure compensating copium

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>>137659330Because mother russia raised her right

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>>137659055I dunno man it may just be my coomer mind loving bodysuits and shit but I think it's probably the mask obscuring her cute face.She looks like Haydee.

>>137659457Well her ass isn't hanging out so she can't be Haydee or 2b

I really really really like IrisI think she probably has a really interesting story to tell, being the only person besides Audrey herself that's aware of her comically sized gigatits

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>>137655976>she’s in tears most of the videocoomers don’t realize girls don’t want humongous tits

>>137659572So?Audrey doesn't want them either most of the time, dumbass.

>>137659592>Audrey doesn't want them either most of the timethe pornbait comics show otherwise>>137659478retard

>>137659212It's just a phase GG goes through as she grows up and furthers into solo heroing territory. Also it's to signal a change in Capeshit irl

>>137659741Fuck you cocksucker!!!!!

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>>137659478I think Billy also sees them as well but is too embarrassed to say anything

>>137659741>the pornbait comics show otherwiseAnon, her being constantly inconvenienced by her breasts is literally the focal point of her character.

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>>137659572Girls who have huge tits dont want huge tits. Girls who dont have huge tits want huge tits.

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>>137656000You gotta man up and accept Bounce.

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Audrey if she real

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>>137659572>implying it doesn't make it better

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>>137660530>no sports braIm sure with all the other heros around they'd have something for her to use as a super bra.

>>137660552Even without the Comics Code filtering it from everyone's perception, superhero tech wasn't that crazy yet in the 50s.

>>137647488>>137648062I don't think a 14 year old should dress like this...

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>>137660104I really like Bounce as a character design and concept from the few original threads before things got inundated with bullshit.>>137660255I feel like that'd be a great sight gag, maybe something about Audrey getting her picture taken with some newfangled camera and that's the result.

Is there any copper characters in the GG stories?

>>137660644You're right, we need to start giving them their revealing outfits younger, that way they'll be used to being stared at before hand! Good thinking user!

>>137659378>Iron Assailant's pecs are so huge, they allow her to chear her way to the middle despite being the same bust size as Iron GirlBeautiful.

>>137659391>>137658594Why it seems only /aco/ actually cares about IG?

>>137663393Easier to draw

>>137663393Hagfish never finished the introductory IG comic and what exists has a panel error in it.

>>137648360cant argue with that

>>137659934Bro what girl want tits that huge at 8 it's actively harming her quality of her life and her health what the fuck

>>137660644I miss MDF

>>137647708I’ve always found porn of characters like this to be lacking, like Uzaki or Jucika they EXIST to be cheeky so when you actually push porn it just ends up lacking all of the charm and attractiveness of the character

>>137663477That's really a pity. Wonder if he will ever fix it.

>>137664251Did they just get bored of 4chan or something? I know they're still active.