There are this many people who think that Venom is just a repeat of Raiden

Was it not abundantly clear that Venom is deliberately the antithesis of Raiden?

Venom accepted Big Boss's identity, and it resulted in the loss of his own identity, and ultimately his own death. Raiden stopped trying to be others and rejected the identities laid out for him, and he survived to have the best end of any character in the series. MGSV's makes the "I'm Big Boss and you are too," scene out to seem badass with music and cinematography, but everything about the scenario makes it abundantly clear that he's a pawn marching to his death because he chose to blindly follow his idol rather than try to make something of himself, even though by that point he's actually surpassed his idol and hasn't realized it, just like Raiden almost did.

I'm not defending MGSV's story as a whole, but holy fuck, I thought that particular theme was pretty clear and concise, at the very least.

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I'm still amazed Raiden managed to grow on me so much.

Shame MGSV wasn't finished, but that's both Konami and Kojima's fault.

I can't think of another character who's managed to go from being so universally hated to being overall well-liked by nearly everyone. It's actually quite impressive.


I went the other way. I liked Raiden in 2 because he felt like an actual person, but then really disliked him in 4 because he's basically a boring ninja man. He lost all personality. Thankfully, he gained it back with Revengeance.

Venom is the player, because he is incomplete

Is Phantom Pain worth playing, gameplay wise? I enjoyed 100%ing ground zero and truth be told MGO3 and the FOBs are kind of appealing to me assuming they actually function well and have people playing it.
Can I do co-op in TPP or did they forget about that too?

he became obsessed with only being that. A big part of his character in 4 was him shutting out his humanity to just be a killing machine. You see this when he begs Snake to go with them even when he was in horrible shape.

fuck I love 4 so much. I wish you could actually play the damn thing.

I don't think Raiden was too bad in MGS4 but that line with I AM LIGHTNING, THE RAIN TRANSFORMED was pretty fucking stupid.

no co-op, and you can get some fun out of it if you turn off ALL the help.

I suppose that's just something that didn't translate to well. Japanese writers love their silly lines.

So I take it neither MGO3 nor the FoBs are worth waiting for a really big sale or finding some way to play multiplayer pirated?

multiplayer is dead as dead can be, and the always online gimmick will hurt you more than anything else. I remember going back to it after a month of not playing to find all my rankings were down because the game punishes you for taking a break by letting other players steal all your shit. It might be better to just pirate it unless you want to invade other people's bases. I haven't done that personally but some anons back in the day were saying it was okay.

I hated Raiden in 2 and in 4. Revengeance is the only reason I like the character. In fact MGS4 is such a garbage game, I don't understand why idiots like it. MGS1 & MGS3 is the dope. Also people often forget GZ is apart of MGSV and GZ was dope. This unfinished meme is literally people not willing to accept their Phantom Pain. Kojima Explicitly said he was inspired by Cancelled Sitcoms for the 70's and 80's. Stuff like Gilligan's Island where they never get off the Island and it left the viewer feeling unfulfilled without closer. This was why every mission starts like a TV show with Credits. People honestly believe this "unfinished" bullshit because they are not willing to accept the truth, that it was designed to leave you feeling unfulfilled to intentionally leave the player without closure. Even the illusive "cut content" and Chapter 3 was apart of this ruse.

waiting for Game over
Eli was the avatar for the spoiled "entitled" player, the taboo was to neglect to give the player his satisfaction. Like Lord Bullingdon from Barry Lyndon, you can't get no satisfaction. Eli is the quintessential Redditor who can't understand the esoteric clues spelling out the truth, all in the tapes. All pointing to the fact that it was Kojimas final FUCK YOU, his final and greatest ruse cruse.

The gameplay, mechanics, and tech behind it were amazing, the big issue is that it never let you play it longer than five minutes without ripping the controls away from you for a cutscene or some gimmick level that also only let you play it for 5 minutes.

I guess in a way it is garbage, but it's garbage because it won't let you play it. It just gives you a taste of what you could be playing and how fun it can be. Hell, it gives you that cool camo mechanic and you fight regular enemies so little that you only use it maybe once or twice.

I didn't mind Raiden at all when I played. He was a dork, sure, but honestly how they used him and his more emotive nature probably helped. He wasn't some badass, he was human.

Who ended up being fucking Grey Fox by the end of the game, so I never got why people hated him. I genuinely think people jumped on the bandwagon for hating him for whatever reason.


Death Stranding is a Hitman clone.
Also your post sounds like bull. Not everything is this super deep metaphor for something and it's hard to believe the same writer of Hot Coldman and the entirity of peace walker is capable enough to making that sort of metaphor. and even if it's a metaphor it's bullshit. Gameplay should always take priority over story.

as in the fan who keeps demanding he makes another MGS game even though he was done with the series after MGS2. He has been wanting to make another game for 24 years and the fan boy was Eli mad at his father (Kojima) for not living up to his expectations.

Yes that was a huge issue.

yes Eli, stop being such a silly cunt.

it not bullshit though. There was a Japaneses interview translated into English where he talks about these themes of canceled Sitcoms and lacking closer.

So he intentionally made his game feel unfinished.
That doesn't change a thing about the game feeling unfinished.


Is that actually a standalone thing?
If it is, I need movies and books that capture that feeling.


It's bullshit because it fucks with the gameplay.

only games that really do it are Deus Ex, and maybe Spec Op's:the Line.

It's a fairly ignored genre.

If I intentionally make a shit game, no matter how you look at it, all I have archived is making a shit game.
Ironically, you're the one posting like a redditard here faggot

You know it's still shit whether it was intentionally unfinished or not, right?
Go suck Kojima's dick somewhere else, faggot.

I think my biggest issue with MGSV is that we never truly got to see Venom fall from grace… hell, BB became more of a villain in PW than he did in MGSV.

but its not a shit game you fucking retard. Its a great game but you are just too emotionally disgruntled by the story to reconcile that your beloved Metal Gear series is OVER. As in foreverever.

story's in video games are insignificant, everyone who puts value in story in video game is bound to be disappointed. What is important is game play and MGSV is damn good in that department. Not as good as Peace Walker or MGS3 but still a fun entry with tons of optional task for the Never Be Game Over type.



I had some fun with it after I turned off everything. It really does become a totally different game.

I liked the game he was in but the katana shit really made me cringe for a while when I started.

I'm still waiting for an actual sequel to MGS2
No Raiden, i don't, i wish i did, but i don't.

you'll never get it unless you start a fan project that Konami will inevitably shut down.

1984, Animal Farm and Brave New World are the most popular

I can't think of another character that somehow got popular by being turned into a fucking retarded looking cyborg meme ninja. They made him as retarded as possible, as "lolXD anime action flippyshit!!!!!!!!" as possible, and somehow he gets popular from that.

You have already been proven wrong.

he is
it didn't. glad we sorted out the confusion

Metal Gear Survive is a thing. Konami will continue resurrecting it and shitting on it. Nothing is over, user. Don't forget: the ride never ends.

Even disregarding the retardo story, the gameplay is a downgrade from MGS3 and even fucking 4 in every single aspect.

How can Venom be an exact repeat of Raiden if MGSV rejects MGS2's themes? MGS2's themes are at the core of Raiden's character. Venom fills a similar role as Raiden, but is different in the ways that he is specifically to show the same themes from a different perspective, and with a different outcome. They're the protagonists of two identical cautionary tales, but Raiden is the person who learns the lesson, while Venom is the person who refuses to and doesn't.

*doesn't reject. Actually, it doesn't make sense either way.

kojima is a hack and all mgs games are shit

now you're just moving the goalposts. MGS2's theme was that memes could be just as potent as genes at creating super soldiers like Snake. MGSV pretty much had the same theme - if you follow the behavior, you emulate the person (aka, meme). They had different outcomes, sure, but the memetic conditioning was pretty much the same message because they were both following the super soldier conditioning. It seems you might be the one not understanding things and everyone else is fine.

also this



stories in video games are for women and faggots.

What's great about it?
MGSV is a bad game even if you don't compare it to any of its predecessors. In terms of gameplay, 3 and especially 4 do everything better. Fucking Far Cry 3 does most things better than MGSV, at least in that game you can actually interact with the open world environment and enemy encampments in meaningful ways.
The only thing V does well is its controls.

I've played MGS V for more than 400 hours back when it was released and I'm having trouble to remember anything substancial from the game. Is that normal?

Remember when mgs was good?

You say that, but every post from you thus far has been

only MGS3 was good

Tsk tsk


OP, your thoughts are very similar to mine, but I took a different tack. What the person in the OP's picture doesn't get is that Venom isn't the antithesis of Raiden just for the sake of sending a message about how to be (or not to be) like your idol. In fact, Venom and Raiden are both meant to be player inserts, but they represent very different demographics. Raiden, being from a game that came out in 2001, represents the core gaming audience that was into videogames at that time, while Venom, being from a game released well into the post-2006 era of pozzed vidya, represents the newfag retards fucking up the videogame industry. Raiden eventually became a badass through a lot of training and growing into his own man, whereas Venom just kind of bumbled his way into everything, hardly ever talks because he has no real personality and none of his own opinions, and eventually loses to a rookie Solid Snake despite having had 11 years of practice at being Big Boss. The themes of MGSV also support this: MGSV heavily features the parasites, which have the capability to transform people into monsters and to stop someone from speaking their native language. Every MGS game has subtext dealing with the game's place in the videogame industry as a whole, and on a subtextual level, MGSV is essentially about the co-opting of the videogame industry by legions of normalfag morons. MGS2's idea that memes can turn someone into a soldier on par with Solid Snake was borne out by Raiden's ascent into a total badass, but MGSV shows us the downside of that meme, which is that for everyone who genuinely absorbs the memes and gets stronger and more capable because of it, you also have idiots who think they're as good as Big Boss without actually having the skills to back it up, and those idiots will inevitably become pawns who accomplish nothing worthwhile. Venom Snake accomplished nothing in the grand scheme of things; the plot of MGSV was very forgettable, and not only because it wasn't up to par with the other games. It was forgettable because it adds virtually nothing to the overall progression of the storyline. The series could easily exist without it, and would arguably be better off that way. The Metal Gear series doesn't need The Phantom Pain, just as the videogame community doesn't need the people its protagonist represents.

The true path to understanding MGS2 is realizing that the Patriots did nothing wrong and the access and spread of trivial information is incredibly harmful to humanity, with twitter being the ultimate example where everyone is "informed" on every political topic merely because they read headlines that confirm the beliefs they already hold.

The Patriots are the only solution to this problem since due to not being human they would not have this bias. Of course it could go terribly wrong in reality depending on what it would want the world to turn into but as they are presented in the context of MGS2, they are the true heroes.

Jews tend to shut it down if it's not fantastic enough.
But replace jews with ayyliens or evil AI and they pass it through, because goyim can't into metaphor.

Get out of here Cipher, you crippled faggot. Go suckle from the teat of your dead globalist whore The Boss some more.

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I don't disagree with you but
is just the fucking codec.

MGS2 was a mess writing wise, and so is 5.

raiden is edgmaster McBishounen personified
hes actually a pretty conventional character in Japanese media

I think Snake would have been better off dead. MGS 3 he does that mission. But the rest of them 1,2,4 You literally fight for nothing it'd be better if the 'badguys' achieved their goals.

And we all know what happens to BB and Venom all that suffering to die to a clone it is sad.

I hate MGS.

That's what he wants you to think. Raiden's just some dork acting out a persona he thinks is cool, and also using it to cover his extreme PTSD.

Best part of the Japanese version is ocelot running from injured snake after the Mg battle while laughing and pointing.
Ocelot is a character who is motivated by being funny

Ocelot is new protagonist of the main series starting with him being resuscitated and escaping from a PMC prison. while raiden is fighting the badguy PMCs he is going around trying to uncover the conspiracy of a legacy shadow government, much of them real people originally based in Russia and China that have infiltrated the US and corrupted people like Senator Armstrong.
He gets a mechanical arm similar to venom and most of the gunplay is focused on pistols. Other weapons are available but generally you'll have multiple pistols and like one or two long guns.


That was about yuppies though.

Holy fucking autism

Hyde yourselves my dudes

Venom = Nero, a cloned main character that's different in name only. And some personality changes, because shit it's the least you can do.

But notice this, newfag: the idea for Venom was actually thrown around for years. After the disaster with MGS2, people had correctly calculated that the passing of the torch would have only worked with a character almost identical to Snake.

Flash forward to 8ch on Phantom Pain release day, with every attention starved kojimadrone up in arms because they were trolled. "And you totally aren't playing as Beeg Bawss!!!", as if a cloned character with a secret identity was any different.

Metal Gear Solid 5 reached peak meme status about two years before release. Ultimately suffering less from hype backlash, than from overexposure to spoilery trailers.

So in a way, you could say that the Phantom Pain was the one meme to surpass Metal Gear.

This might be a controversial opinion, but I like all the MGS game equally. They all appeal to me for differing reasons.
Initially I disliked MGS4, but the more I replayed it the more I loved what gameplay there was. I understand people's frustration with MGSV's story, but what story there was I loved and I felt like the open world gameplay was a lot of fun. I think it's perhaps the most re-playable MGS game. Doing the entire game OSP is fun as hell. MGR is fun as well. I wish there was a sequel.

Venom is THE Big Boss the end boss of the original Metal Gear.
Naked Snake is the guy everyone called Big Boss but hated that name.
Raiden is a little girl faggot.

what clues

Don’t listen to him. He’s a committed member of the Cult of Kojima.

I think 1 and 3 were pretty much perfect, so I place them above the rest, but 2 and 4 weren't that bad. They both had things going for them. Personally, I felt 2's movement and general gameplay was really good for the character, plus the story was nice. 4 has a pretty good overall story, plus the bosses were pretty good, even more so the final fistfight, that shit was up there with 1 and 3 for last bosses.
Also, bodysuits.

Once games enter "really good" territory in my mind I don't see much point in ranking them.

It's not as much as ranking, it's just that 1 and 3 surpass "really good" territory for me.


You ended up here because of bigger hipsters than you, but learned nothing

Twitter and facebook are exactly what the Patriots wanted, it just uses useful idiots instead of AI.

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Including Peacewalker, the "let's treat it like a low budget piece of shit with newgrounds-tier flash animation and no facial animation" game?

Fucking Carpenter. I can't tell if he was pressured to do that or if he legitimately thought yuppies comprised of the media, police, military, wealthy (non bankers).
Still waiting for my Dead Space film, John. I need someone to reinject life into the franchise to get a conclusion.

Of course it was about yuppies, are you so brainwashed by imageboards to believe that Hollywood used to make anti-semitic movies in the 70s? Made by a commie like Carpenter, no less.

That's all I need to know tbh.



>Campbell's other Kid


That's not why people were up in arms. That was a fun concept even. People were up in arms because the game had no ending.