Is learning how to draw worth it?

Is learning how to draw worth it?

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>>137644774>>>/ic/Also yes, especially traditional.

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>>137644785I like this artstyle, where is this from? Also, this looks digital, not traditional made.

>>137644815Usagi Yojimbo by Stan Sakai.Stan is just that good.

>>137644774Besides making toons, you can use it for other needs like presentations so yeah drawing is a good skill


>>137644774Yes but only for self-edification

>>137644774i've never seen a drawing tablet with a double screen from the computer its hooked up to in real life beforeall i have is an old wacom bamboo tablet thing i got maybe over 10 years ago and somehow it still works


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>>137644774It's fun

>>137644774>can make money off commissions>can draw your waifu whenever you feel like itI'd say yes.



>>137646016>>137646348Good morning sirs

>>137644774Ask /ic/

>>137644774If you’re coming here to ask that question, then no. You’ll give up after a day. Just fucking do it if you want to do it. Why the fuck are you crowdsourcing an opinion?

>>137644774For me, yes it's worth it. I could learn 3D and make models but drawing traditional is so fun and therapeutic.

>>137644774Only if you're 100% certain that you will enjoy it if you do it for yourself and only for yourself. AI is going to completely replace art for the general public, I'm afraid. People don't give an absolute fuck if you can draw - and that's the best case scenario, because people now actively look down on you if you are creative and not a woman or an industry professional. It's something you have to do if you actually enjoy drawing and making drawings for yourself and only for yourself.

>>137644774For fun, yes. For profit, no (unless youre really talented).

>>137646919Do a little bit of both as a hobby, I find 3d is pretty soothing for just having something you can add detail to and work on for longer than a drawing, while drawing is quicker to throw out some concepts or ideas, but both are cool.

>>137647557Absolutely. Currently I have a dogshit computer at the moment and Blender lags on it really bad, but I will definitely keep this in mind once I get a new one.

>>137644774sure. and you can post your results onto /ic/ and /hyw/........ run. run far away. never pick up a pen.

>>137644774If you seriously never drew as a child you shouldn't even start

>>137647324Yep, this. AI will change the art landscape dramatically in the next 3-5 years. “Prompters” and other new jobs are gonna kill or change old jobs. Pretty sure most shows/comics will have signature AI software.

>>137647666>prompters>ever a joblmao

>>137647609I need to actually learn Blender at some point, I'm still stuck with my Sketchup stuff. Not that it matters too much for my purposes, but I could never quite get the hang of starting/doing things properly in Blender over just using it for say texturing or converting into other formats.

>>137647675Prompters that can also use reference images and scribbles and segmentation maps to fine tune their AI images even more.

>>137644774Why?A.I is making art obsolete

>>137644774If you have to ask then no. It's not something for someone that isn't driven by it. You can still learn but don't expect it to pay off.

>>137647675You’re in for a rude awakening kek>>137647702People don’t seem to grasp how technical prompting can get with all the fucking nodes and other scripts that are gonna be used for propriety software. You’ll be able to churn a script based of streaming statistics and social media engagement in seconds, then get just on artist to polish it another AI. The storyboarding process will be dozen of times faster.I might go back to school to learn something else. It’s worrying.

>>137647765Wow, you'll be able to make literal garbage at the speed of light!

>>137647675In any case it will cut working artists by 95%. The job of the human "artist" will be that of masking all the copyrighted shit that the AI will have used to bake the picture. It's not like they actually need creative people anymore in these industries. You're not gonna make new characters, you will just "redesign" the roster of shit that's already there over and over ad infinitum, so AI can probably introduce variance based on aggregate data (including the public's tastes in pictures, etc.) and the human "designer" will fix it up. Voilà have your new iteration of the 80 year old franchise.Copyright laws won't do shit anyway. They only matter between large companies and nobody cares if a company steals your work, nor a company cares about 90% of published art being "fan" shit and porn.

>>137647775Most people already prefer AI art to anything traditional or man-made in general. People have shit taste and AI is built to match the kind of art that is already popular which is plasticky blurry shit, mostly porn. Litreally nobody cares about art in the first place, not even artists. The amount of people who want art to be about human expression is infinitesimally small, for everyone else it's just a service industry. You type big booba and AI gives you big booba, that's what the vast majority of people want.

>>137647702>>137647765>c-companies are totally gonna hire a person that has to be paid, the very thing they are trying to avoid by using AI, to do a job that AI can do itselfwew lad

>>137647775You’re deluded if you don’t think AI hasn’t made quantum leaps in improvement in the last couple of months. And it’s only going to get better and better. And you say that it will be shit, but that’s why artists will have to adapt and fine tune the output.Still, learn art for fun. Cause like others have said: it’s therapeutic and fun.

Anyone who thinks AI will replace art completely or "everyone will use it" might actually be retarded but it will absolutely be used in the production of corporate trash. So if your motivation for learning to draw is to get a job making corporate trash, such as Disney movies or Marvel comics, then yeah maybe AI should cause you to reconsider.If you just want to create cool shit then AI is completely irrelevant.

Oh, of course, it's an AI shill threadI'm still going to draw, die mad about if

>>137647775thats the whole point, yes

>>137647816Yes. Why pay four board artist when one will do? Alternatively, you’ll produce far more content with less employees. It sucks, but it’s coming to that point. Wew lad indeed.

>>137647812>Most people already prefer AI art to anything traditional or man-made in generallmao

>>137647871AI got used to win art competitions. It knows what people (normie) like. But you can go back to lmaoing nervously.

>>137644785Why traditional specifically?

>>137647821>that’s why artists will have to adaptArtists will drop out. They've already dropped out for the most part. Art will be a thing that people will do no more. Someone who fine-tunes AI output is a factory worker who does quality check, there's nothing human in it. There is almost no amount of human decision-making in that process.Art as communication was already on life support and AI has killed it completely. Frankly I had dropped out of even trying to run a social media account for my work long before AI, because as I said, art is just a service industry now. You're nothing but a burger flipper packing together some fat fuck's order off a menu that is always the same. Unless you're some kind of screeching SJW grifter who leverages on being a minority or has friends in elite circles, the only two paths for art even before AI have been porn, which even professionals do on the side all the time, and being a mindless executor for an industry that doesn't value any expression or creativity. The general public doesn't value expression or creativity either, they're for the most part just porn addicts and franchise slaves. It's not even about money, your shit won't even get looked at unless you pander. AI will just automate the pandering and that's satisfying for 99.999% of people. In the end if you never get exposed to the kind of art that really influences you on a deep level, it's something that you will never wish for. The new generations won't feel what I feel right now because they will never get exposed to expression and communication to begin with.

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>>137647908I'm sorry you didn't get anywhere with your shitty art

>>137647926My work gets reposted all over this site all the time.

>>137647850No, retard. You pay no one at that level because the position is entirely redundant. You don't need a mook to type the same fucking words higher ups already told him. "Muh heckin node engineering scripterinosssss it's real work please believe me!" will just be baked in by the hypothetical time a companies switches over to purely AI generation, so why would they hire some retard to do what the computer can already do and repeat the instructions to some minimum wage fag when the creative director can just give those same instructions to the AI?>Director -> AI retard -> AI>Director -> AIGuess which of these two is more cost effective? There's no such thing as prompting jobs, it's an unnecessary step in the process.


>>137647926But you know, when I rant about this someone always says something like this. And I will oblige, I will leave more room for AI. I still draw because I am genuinely passionate about drawing and I am happy making things for myself. I have quit posting art on this site or anywhere else, and I'm happy with it. People want AI porn, I'll let them have AI porn. But I won't publish my "shitty art" anymore. Why would I? I let people have what they want.

>>137647812>Most people already prefer AI art to anything traditional or man-made in general.Gonna need a source on that one, buddy.

>>137647990Go on Reddit or whatever. Go where normies gather, they love AI.

it is but it takes at least 5 years to get good

>>137647934Yes, retard you do. The fact that you believe it is redundant means you know jackshit about storyboarding and how it’s integrated into the pipeline.

>>137647962Fucking loser

>>137648006>prompters are storyboarders!!!lollmao even

>>137644774Not really with how rapidly the AIs are advancing.Maybe as a personal hobby.

>>137647931So does guy's work, it's still shit

>>137648027Directors and writers are basically prompters.The AI is the art team, the director prompts them, then demands redos and adjustments to the output until it fits the vision.

>>137647934The big think about AI will be hooking it up with user data. Since everyone is wired into data-gathering spyware 24/7 you will be able to completely phase out any guesswork inherent to hiring an artist. The very groundwork of AI will be that of removing the human element specifically. You will have statistics gathered from the population and AI will serve you something compatible with the majority. You won't even need suits to make guesses on what might not work or what might be needed, AI work will embody the statistics. Death of creativity and ingenuity and on top of all, death of anything human, death of communication. People will grow up without any of this dumb guesswork to influence them and they will never pine for the dissonance. It's perfectly fitting to a society that is becoming unbearable to live in without being stuffed with SSRIs.

>>137648027Who are quoting?

>>137648045OK my work is shit. Enjoy your AI porn. Are you happy? I am leaving more room for what you like best, what do you want me to do?

All the no-skill “idea guys” who used to beg artists and writers to create their dream project for them turned into AI evangelists. But even in their fantasy world where “prompter” is a real job it’s gonna be the actual skilled people managing the robots to make sure they get it right. They will continue to be superfluous.

>>137648074>Directors and writers are basically prompters.Yes, you absolute retard. Holy shit the lack of reading comprehension. There are never going to be "prompter" jobs because AI hypothetically replaces the art side and there's no for a fucking monkey to sit in between and tell the computer exactly what the directing side tells him to say to it, the directing side can just tell the computer what they would have said to the pointless fucking prompter.

>>137648074Leave him. He clearly got into art and is coping that AI will replace him.

>>137647934>>137648006>>137648027There's 100% going to be a professional managing the AI, but it's going to be an an engineer responsible for the dataset AND the prompting as an afterthought. No fucking way they're going to hire "professional prompters," they're just going to replace the artists with an engineer.

>>137648122Yeah the whole "prompters will replace artists" is retarded. Right now we're in a transitional phase but the way I see it, the director won't need to tell the AI what he wants. In the future the AI will directly cook shit up based on aggregate statistics and user data. The new jobs will be about data gathering, marketing, etc. the entire artistic process will be automated. There will be no prompters, no "directors", only data brokers and marketers.

>>137648099Stop being a little babyI still draw, I don't care about AI

>>137648122Go back to just typing “lmao”, cause you sound far more retarded than the people you argue with. It’s no wonder you kept quiet.

>>137648171Actually you might not even need the marketers anymore. Who the fuck knows. Why wouldn't marketing campaigns not be affected by this in turn? They can be run by AI. It's easy if you have an individual's entire logbook at hand, you feed it to a bot and it's gonna make something ad-hoc. In 5 years people might already get used to socially interacting with chatbots and having a chatbot therapist.>>137648179I still draw too, I said it. I just won't post it. Somehow people get salty when I say I've quit posting art. If my art is so shitty and AI is so great, why do they get salty if I think it's not worth it to post my work around?

>>137648234I still post my work, why not?No one ever told me to stop just because AI exists

At this point I'm just annoyed at AI because every talk about art has to somehow be about it even when the original question had nothing to do with it.

>>137648281>I still post my work, why not?If you find it worthwhile, sure. I don't. The question for me is, why would I? I find that the general public has grown increasingly unpleasant and I don't want to have a net negative enjoyment of this plus feeding my shitty art into AI's collected data and ruin those precious prompts.

Reminder that all AIfags deserve death

>>137648321You're just an AI shill

>>137648322You’re not wrong, but it’s the future.

>>137648340Why do you call me an AI shill? AI prompters would still want artists to feed their work to public platforms so AI can "improve". If artists stopped publishing their work, AI would dry up and become useless very quickly.

>>137648358Yeah right, there's millions of artworks out there already

>>137648417AI right now is still "learning" and what it needs to build on is newer art made by competent - most of them living - artists. If everyone on ArtStation took down his art it be a huge hit on AI. RIght now it's not capable of engineering a modern style out of dead people's work and DeviantArt sonic OCs.But of course, artists will keep publishing so that's a non-issue. I was just questioning the whole reasoning by which my rant on how human communication will die in the coming decade is somehow supportive of a technology I hate with every fiber of my being.

>there are people graduating Cal arts right now that won’t get work and will be in debt.It’s nice that I didn’t fuck up my life that badly

>>137648530So you want everyone else to stop drawing because nobody cares about your shit art and AI is nothing but so.e kind of BoogeymanOkay, schizo

>user asks if learning how to draw is worth it>AI shills come to shit it upWhy?

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>>137644774AI is very good at creating concept art and I can see being used to create a lot of skins for game characters but for the most part I see if you are just working in the industry top guys like it is now and there's not going to be any starting artists it's mainly going to be programmers. And I don't see a AI specific prompter coming up because most of the prompers are used in games right now are people are self-taught so it's an artist self-taught themselves how to prompt with the AI. I think the AI community kind of doesn't understand how art is not valued and there's always a guy in China or somewhere can draw better than anybody else and cheap. Anytime AI art is brought up usually it turns into these conversations that it's going to create all these jobs for AI prompters and it has not for the most part it just means less artist making money. And artists aren't really that valuable to begin with so it's like devaluing nothing into more nothing. That's what the AI art guys don't understand they're now trying to copyright each other's prompts and fighting all the time with new get rich quick schemes. It's like nfts but without any thing behind it in any way anyone can do prompt so I don't understand why the AI community thinks they're going to get something from a system that basically does it for free. Basically they're competing against artists with $300 tablets and poor kids with watercolors sets from the Dollar tree. They're fighting for the market share of nothing.

>>137648594>So you want everyone else to stop drawingNo I have brought up that man-made art is still necessary to AI at this point because someone called me an AI shill for saying I am no longer publishing art. I don't care what other people do, art is dead anyway and it's been dead long before AI. I have simply said that I don't personally find it worth it to publish art any longer. Maybe you should ask ChatGPT to rephrase my posts in simpler language so you actually manage to comprehend what I am saying. Fucking idiot.

>>137648646Why? Cause we’re being truthful, that’s why. If you wanna draw for fun: yes. If you want to make art for money and job security: nooo.

>>137648651I had a chat with a guy who was working with ChatGPT shit. Without going on a rant, I told him I thought this tech was gonna make humanity's future worse, and his attitude in response was "fuck ethics, money is everything".

>>137648651Continuing artists are a dime a dozen there's a very few top guys and everyone else is sort of mediocre. So far the only jobs I've seen AI take are $10 commissions and those mainly come from these kids who have basic pencils a watercolor set from the Dollar tree and a few guys who scrape together a couple hundred bucks for a cheap tablet. It's been a few indie games that have used AI art and I think for the most part a I r is going to be used as a way to create assets very cheaply very fast I see that with a lot of the 3D models but there's still going to have to be people clean them up. That includes Photoshop and 3D artists who can fix the models. But in AI specific non-programmer I don't see happening. Again everyone knows that our kid from school and there are so many of them there are so many unemployed artists right now that can create good art. it's it's like someone taking the jobs that don't exist artists and are in general has no value it's like writers there's a few really good writers but that's few and far in between. The AI community thinks that they're going to prompt their way into the next Harry Potter and use ai art to generate the illustrations and that this was going to make them millionaires. It's been funny watching them fail at it because it's now become a scheme to get rich for the people who create tutorials about how to be the next AI millionaire. Basically guys competing in an area that has no value to begin with

>>137648718NTA, but AI has little to do with that, that's always been true.

>>137648701You're the fucking idiot who gave up on sharing his art for no reasonI'm sure it's crap anyway

>>137648746Not really. Before the internet if you were skilled, worked hard and had a vision you could carve a niche for yourself.

>>137648753>You're the fucking idiot who gave up on sharing his art for no reasonI gave plenty of reasons, but you haven't given me a reason to keep sharing it. I am perfectly happy keeping it for myself. It's shit anyway, right? Do you want to convince me to share my shit art? Go ahead.

>>137648646OP isn't gonna make anything just like the countless other "I wanna draw/which tablet should I get" wankers.

>>137648764You're not as interesting as you think you are, I willl stop replying to you now because you've been repeating yourself

>>137648775You don't know that. You're just assuming things.

>>137648786>You're not as interesting as you think you areGuess that's one more reason to not share my shitty art. AI is indeed far more interesting. Enjoy it

>>137648722That's the thing I see them all the time begging for patreon money. And trying to sell products because they prompted a good image . I mean again AI is going to be used and is being used within the process but in general the quote unquote creative field is not very valued to be in with the only people that I have seen making money off ai are the people selling tutorials. It's become a get rich scam and it's sort of like all the other schemes out there. If we're talking about ai art it can make very good art and for free so the whole idea that you're going to get rich off of it is crazy there's very few successful artists. Most artists work at Taco Bell. So you're competing against a field that has no jobs that you may be able to make a few bucks off but that's about it. You're not going to be the next Stephen King because you prompted an AI to write something or draw something you're just another want to be artist using to a tool like all the other failed artists the big guys are still going to be rich because either through connections or they're so skilled they're still going to be making money and you're still going to be trying this AI art and how is going to make you rich. Love the joke that artists are going around saying AI took our jobs but for the most part they didn't have jobs to begin with it's like watching pigs in mud fighting over mud

>>137648809AI isn't such a crying baby so yes I prefer it to you

>>137648005At the.risk of sounding like a tool,Only 5 years? Sounds too short

>>137644774Good way to pick up chicks, just learn how to make a basic portrait and how to shade it

>This whole thread

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>>137648853>explain future outlook>explain own decision-making>implications are negative>CRYBABY!! REEEEEYou are the one who is asshurt. You are like the trannies, you don't just want people to coexist with your cancer, you want them to like it and beg for more.Enjoy your AI porn

>>137648883It depends on your study routine and the time you put into it. 5 years is on the short end.

>>137648932>6 fingerstop kek

>>137649208>Others don't like my art? Just blame the trannies for it

I feel like the whole AI thing is already starting to fall off. A few months ago it felt like everyone was doing something with it but now I only see a video made using it every once in a while. I think even content addicts are bored of seeing the same video of trippy visuals or a *hilarious* video where buff characters from some property tell you they're lifting weights.It honestly reminds me a lot of stuff like Siri/Alexa. Like it seems like this is some big game changing technology and everyone uses it a few times but they get bored with it and stop using it.I think if the technology gets better we'll see more of it but it feels like we've kind of hit bedrock for now.

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>>137645670people want you to draw the waifu you see in a vanilla way, in a diaper squatting over mount everest

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>>137644774It's got the lowest requirement out of all creative pursuits; anybody can draw, but you still need to work on it to do it well, but all you need to start is a pencil and paper.You might never reach the level of drawing gods out there, but I tell you, being able to draw shit you like feels so damn good, especially if you want to just want to play aroundMaybe you like to draw a character you like in another clothing? Maybe you want to try showing a world you thought of? (Maybe you like lewds of a character? T u T)But yeah, its just great. Different story if you want to earn from it though.

>>137644774As a hobby yes. Don't expect a future with art for a career.

>>137649492The novelty factor wore off but a ton of people are still prompting stuff. The thing is, this shit is now a cargo cult and speaking in tongues at the silicium elder gods until they draw your waifu with her tits out in the exact way that'll please your autism takes too many attempts for the average user. if you try to latest models and just input "dog riding a skateboard", "clown juggling chainsaws" or something similar, the results will most likely still suck ass.A few months ago AI fags had this minor debate about sharing prompts, some arguing your prayers to the Machine Spirit were personal and took hard work you should be compensated for.

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>>137649677I do think that's interesting that the potential for AI generation is held back by people who want to be perceived as creating something of higher quality than their competition.It shows that these people do have a desire and dedication for a craft that is kind of just getting gobbled up by this AI art shit. If you want to be an artist just be a fucking artist, you know?

>>137649673What's Vivziepop

>>137649575>Maybe you like to draw a character you like in another clothing?like a wedding dress haha

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>>137644774If you already sketch and doodle random stuff all the time then yes keep going for it.>>137644785>/ic/ Ew

>>137650055What’s the lotto ?

>>137644785>>137650483/ic/ today is literally all lolicons who don't even draw

>>137644774If you know how to become efficient with it, yes.

>>137650565Become efficient?


>>137650489She won the lotto?

>>137650220Like pregnant with my kid T u T

art threads on 4chan turning into AI arguments is more annoying to me as an artist than the actual AI art

>>137644774If you have art skills you could done every idea in your head come true imho

>>137644774i can draw my waifu whenever i want. its sublime

Today I will remind them

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>>137652636Can you sum up your sperg screed in fewer than six hundred words?

>>137652636Who the fuck are you quoting? I hate AI and I've never said any of those things. I've always been anti-tech even for blue collar work and I've never pirated shit because I'm not a hypocrite. Please ask your favorite bot to stick this strawman up your fat ass.

>>137644774I think it would make your parents proud seeing you doing some productive stuff

>>137644774Yes, because I can fetishize my favourite characters.

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>>137647324>AI is going to completely replace art for the general publicIt never will. AI will become too expensive to maintain once the blackouts and brownouts start once EV drivers suck up all the power.Analog and manual labor will come back and never truly go away.

>>137653446we're all gonna be dead

>>137647907You really want to spend 10 minutes drawing the same line over and over?

>>137647894>win art competitionslol

There is no room for AI generation in the creative businesses. The whole point of selling art based entertainment is to do something different from your competitors, AI is fundamentally reheating the leftovers of things done to death.Whoever uses it is already killing itself out of the industry competition.

>>137648651> Jobs for promptersThis is ridiculous, the AI will do all the prompting by itself.The legal costs and risks (can't own copyright out of it) for using AI vastly overweight any possible gain you could get from firing your art staff.Just for the fact that you can copyright human made art but can't own AI art is enough for companies to not even consider it.

>>137647907Trad is more fun because there's something in your monkey-brain that feels good when you rub clay on paper. People still have to paste scanned watercolor textures to get a look similar to watercolor but not quite. The textures are way better, finishing a physical piece feels a lot better than a digital file. There is also 0 input lag so your brain-hand connection is more direct. I don't get lines exactly how I want in digital, it's always a bit off.But it's mostly about it being more enjoyable if you wanna do it for fun. Drawing on a tablet feels always the same (like rubbing a piece of plastic on another piece of plastic) no matter what tool you use.

>>137653728There's plenty of use for AI tools in art. Just as there is plenty of use for taking pictures and putting them in art. It's all just tools. But if you do something low-effort, eventually people will associate it with low-effort. The only reason people "liked" stable diffusion art is because it tended to create images that LOOKED like a high-effort over-wrought hyper-gradient CGI image. But eventually non-coomers said "bored now" because what used to look impressive not just looks like what it is: piles and piles of low-effort garbage.

>>137653728>The whole point of selling art based entertainment is to do something different from your competitors*laughs in anime*


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>>137654261Between giving my money to someone doing impressive high effort stuff without using AI, and giving my money to someone doing high effort stuff using AI, the choice will always be against AI.If I ever get any AI generated entertainment, I am not paying for it.

>>137654391just get the line right on the sketch layer first, dumbass


>>137649530Foreverly tied up waifu, delitited

>>137644815It looks and is traditional, dumbo

>>137644774No, AI will completely destroy it in 2 or so years.

>>137656965Sometimes i wonder if the people behind ai secretly wanted to gate keep jobs away from those who arent academically gifted

>>137650483I doodle random stuff and it looks ok and I want to advance but there are so many damn ways of learning structure of art that I don't know where to start. I just wanna draw hot cartoon babes and monsters.

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>>137644774you never have to comission anything when you can just draw it


>>137644878You sound reddit

>>137644774No. If you need to ask other people whether or not you should spend hours of your time on a hobby, then that hobby is already meaningless for you.People that draw do it because they can't stand the 'itch' of not doing it. They have the initiative to go do it. But I'm sure you already knew that, you're probably fishing for (You)s.

>>137648932based, can't wait for the machine to dominate us by giving waifus and husbandos for everyone and inherit the earth, I, for once, praise our new merciful masters

>>137658023Machines dont have humanity, it'll be like terminator with skynet

>>137658066wouldn't controlling us by appealing to our hedonistic nature the most efficient way? it's what social media does, but without any ethical or legal limitation to hold it

>>137644774>for comics and cartoonsNo.>for architecture and advertisementYes.

>>137658177>our hedonistic natureIs this the burgerland mindset now?

There will always be comic artists. Its already a cursed profession so only the ones that can survive it do them. There will always be webcomics and published graphic novels. Publishing is a gatekeeped business as it is, curated by agents and editors and ai cant be copyrighted in the US and Eur, so ar least the big ones will keep publishing human-made art.But there might be less people drawing because less will pass through the initial learning curve and fall into prompting.

Nothing is worth it once you're dead.

>>137658023Have you been in pixv lately? Ia ruined that site.

>>137658476For that to feel existentialist you have to add a "but..."Otherwise is cheap edgyness.

>>137657912And This.

>>137645665Nice rack.

>>137653728I feel so sorry for the people who used the style. Ai banalized their style completely.

AI shitposting aside, what's a good way to start to learn to draw? Is drawabox a decent course?

>>137658696This book is still the best to start. search tutorials on youtube or twitter. Lots of japanese have great tutorials of the human body.Then you need to sit a couple of years, at least 100 comic pages to start gaining some control of setting a scene. Clip studio is the best to try drawing with perspective.The difficult part is to find someone who is willing to correct your stuff, thats's how you learn faster.

>>137658696>drawaboxDon't mention that shit again

>>137659250y tho

>>137644774I draw and my answer is no. Learn a music instrument instead.

>>137654391Is this typical with tablet drawing? I mean it is for me because I'm bad and I don't know how to use gimp well, but what about good art, do they do this?

>>137659530Its the same on paper, you do it in blue, red or other ref color. Cleanup is the final draft.

No. Look at the credits of a cartoon, a lot of them are being outsourced to Asian countries.

>>137647907Unironically, I think working on paper makes you smarter. I've started writing and doodling with a note pad for journaling and class notes. I'm remembering way more and solving problems way faster. I'd imagine the same applies to drawing.

>>137644774>Is learning how to draw worth it?if you have to ask, no

>>137648757You're deluded and clearly unable to take in any factual information that you didn't dream up in your mentally addled state.

>>137649575>anybody can drawclearly not since ai art had to become a thing, but hey, you're an idiot so i'm talking for no reason

>>137652636No one's gonna read that verbal spew sorry you had to type all that and screenshot it for nothing

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>>137660508Anybody draw, but not well. Read my shit so you dont sperg out like an insecure retardEven traced wojacks are a drawing, so are troll-y shit>but muh exceptions like the amputated--Yeah you're a retard

>>137644774If you don't actively enjoy the process of drawing itself, no don't bother. I used to as a kid, but not so much anymore, so it's very hard to improve when I'm constantly wanting to make things beyond my skill level

>>137660508It's a skill anyone can learn, it just takes time and most people don't wanna put the time in.Most people are monolingual, but nobody thinks learning a second language is an impossible task only talented people can pull off. They're just too lazy to do it.

>>137649575Art is something with a really low skill floor and an absurdly high skill ceilingNo artist, no matter how talented, dedicated and learned they were ever was able to make their work "perfect"That's true of anything but especially art, I don't think any creative projects demand the time and dedication that drawing and sculpting do

>>137661346Yeah, it can torture you for life. But also keep your mind agile. So I thinks is a good habit. Almost like learning a language, but it requires more muscular and visual memory than the usual one.

>>137657156Well if you draw decently then just the drawthreads as a way to slowly build your skillsCause if you can keep up a regiment that'll at least get you going

>>137644878If you're going to spread the word of Sakai I suggest you do so with a touch more grace user-sama.

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>>137660951>It's a skill anyone can learn, it just takes time and most people don't wanna put the time in.Perfectly sums up an AI fag.

>>137652994what the fuck are those legs

>>137644774It will change your life. Whether it's for the better or the worse all depends on how much effort you put into improving.

>>137658696"how to draw" and "how to render" by Scott Robertson