Is this real?

What in the fuck?

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>>137644521Don't worry OP. It's a work of fiction.


>>137644521It's fucking Jason Aaron with a mandate to take Punisher away from the chudskis.


>>137644521Oh God, don't let them do this to you FrankThey're doing him they way they did Danny Rand

>>137644521It's enough to say the entire run is shit.

>>137644521>everything you've done is ABOSLUTELY DISGUSTING Frank>I am, however, going to profit off it immensely


>>137644521Imagine reading modern comics

>>137644521Don't worry, he's gay

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>>137644521Yeah, wtf. Maria should have been all “ OMG Frank I love how you exploited my and our children’s death to justify turning into one of the world’s most prolific mass murderers of all time! I’m so proud of you and how you basically do nothing but want to fuck me and kill people every day!

>>137644521What are you pretending to be mad about now

So what is Maria suppose to do?

>>137647247They have no response for this one.

>>137647247Hug him and say:>"Frank, I understand why you did it. I can't imagine what I would've done, in your place.">"But - Please, I'm begging you. For both our sakes: Your war has to end. It has to end now, or it never will.">"I'll always love you, Frank. You made me the happiest woman in the world."

>>137644521To be honest, all this was unnecessary. A more satisfying conclusion to this whole stupid 'ninja Punisher' arc would be to have Frank fly back and reveal that his ACTUAL plan was to lure the Avengers to this place so they could distract the Hand and the Beast long enough to free Maria. The couple shares a quiet embrace, then Frank gives Maria his god-killing gun and tells her "You know what to do". She nods, and shoots him to exorcise him. After that the Avengers catch up and everything else unfolds as usual.Just have Frank running a deep game.

>>137647226This but unironically. Women love killers. Just look at Bundy.

>>137647308>>137647352So much of this is apparently the inability of people to understand that Ennis was flatout saying in his Punisher MAX series was that Frank Castle is a fucking monster.

>>137647352>The Punisher has actually been leaving messages for the Avengers>Every crime scene has been laying out his plan

>>137647308Why would that be better though? Why does Maria need to be unconditionally forgiving of him?

>>137647363Except that's wrong, because Frank Castle was a normal kid. He only became a monster after his family was murdered. We see an alternate future where they didn't go to the park, and everyone lives happily ever after (with a looming cloud of his daughter's boyfriend talking about being a soldier, and Frank giving him fairly good advice.)

>>137647375What did he even do wrong in the first place? Kill tons of bad people? We know the Punisher doesn't kill innocents, he would eat a literal bullet if he did.

>>137647375It would define their relationship as a more mature one, because couples understand and forgive the flaws of their partner.

>>137647308Maria is a normie that fell for a bad boy when she was younger, not a mass murderer and even then, the cracks in the marriage were starting to show before that day in the park. Most normies don't really feel happy when someone racks up a body count to the point that they have the single most highest kill count in the history of the world done in their name

>>137647378>He only became a monster after his family was murderedTell me you didn't even read the quintessential Punisher run without saying you didn't read the quintessential Punisher.

>>137647387Well what gives him the right to murder?

>>137647410>It would define their relationship as a more mature oneIt's actually pretty immature to assume this is just a flaw in Frank and proof that he's utterly broken.

>>137647410>because couples understand and forgive the flaws of their partner A partner isn't your personal cheerleader that's suppose to automatically forgive you and hype you up. There's a limit to the support you can give to someone and I'm pretty sure mass murder is a pretty acceptable one

>>137647410>So you murdered thousands of people. It happens, everyone makes a mistake.

Regardless, Maria has a huge target on her back now. As soon as word gets out that the Punishers wife is alive, your going to have all sorts of people gunning after her.

>>137647489Why would it get out?

>>137647494Because it somehow always does.

>>137647410It would define their relationship as being totally insane. It's not like he's leaving the toilet seat up, he's been killing thousands of people over decades.You're unbelievably immature and naive, bro.

No fault divorce ruined society

>>137647308Ehhh, I dunno, I feel like this is too perfect, there has to be some kind of middle ground, I think she's at least somewhat right to be pissed that Hank used their deaths as an excuse to kill.

>>137647904Don't project your parent's divorce on everyone else.

>>137647904I didn’t know Steven Crowder posts here

>>137647247be dead because this whole situation is inherently stupid and contrived

>Frank Castle is a monster because he kills rapists and murderers, the true innocents.>Why shouldn’t Maria utterly betray him? He killed bad guys. Your significant other is supposed to turn on you when you do something the hive mind doesn’t agree with.Frank Castle is the only sensible character in comic books. You people have been morally crippled by comic book conventions. Do you know why most superheroes don’t kill people in comic books? Because of the Hay’s Code and because the retarded nerds who write this tripe simply do not have the creativity to come up with the sorts of characters the OG comic book writers plagiarized from the Pulps.

>>137648197Let me guess you want to be able to kill homeless people without getting introuble

>>137648197Heroes don't kill people because it's still against the law to kill people you dumbfuck. If a hero kills someone, then the police has to arrest him instead.

>>137648197Frank Castle is a monster because he murders people, which is illegal, on a gigantic scale.

This feels like a nothing burger of a complaint that only seems to be made to push culture war bullshit then actually engaging with the work itself

>>137644561>>137647226>>137647246>>137647247>must defend billion dollar company >must defend hack fraud writer

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>>137648465Spoken like a true Holla Forums tranny. The fact there are still some posters on Holla Forums that can see this for the bullshit it is surprises me, it must have the fags that spam this board shaking in their mobility scooters.

>>137648490It's pretty easy to defend seeing how this is a perfectly human response that Maria is having.

>>137648490There's a lot to criticize this book for like Frank's almost unceremonious send off and the fact that this and daredevil set up a clash for months that fizzled out. The fact that it's made clear that Frank's path was predetermined by the fist instead of him just being broken etc etc.Maria not wanting to gush her panties because frank kills people is not one of them

>>137648515>perfectly human response that Maria is having(you) for trying.

>>137648041>>137648047He's right, though. Women give up on marriages too easily, and it's had an effect on the family unit. This mindset started by the last two generations just tells everyone to give up on each other on the first sign of trouble.Men are more likely to stay with a marriage for the good of the family while women tend to leave on a whim now

>>137648515White women aren't human

>>137648557>killing is le bad>but I'm going to profit off it anyway teehee If you have to resort to paragraphs to explain why this is somehow good then it just solidifies how blatantly terrible it is.

>>137648603>Men feel entitled to a marriage without doing anything to make it a good one and also think women shouldn’t be allowed to leave them because the man’s feelings matter more and it doesn’t matter how miserable they are making their spouse

>>137648862>paragraphs >post is 4 sentences most of which is saying what's bad about the book

>>137648197>Do you know why most superheroes don’t kill people in comic books?Merchandising!

>>137648877That's a disingenuous response that completely ignores what he was saying. If you care about someone enough to do something as serious as getting married, you shouldn't bail at the first sign of trouble, nobody's going to have a perfect relationship where you always agree 100% on everything and never ever argue. But we live in a society were people are encouraged to just give up on each other if you're anything less than perfect all the time.If you've both actually sincerely tried and it's just not working and you're just making each other miserable, that's an entirely different situation than what he was talking about.

>>137646317>>137648862Genuine question, but like.... what else is Maria supposed to do? She was a housewife with no job or education because she got pregnant young. She's legally dead and overturning that basically puts out an advertisement to Frank's enemies. Staying with Frank isn't any better because Frank isn't going to give up his war no matter what he says, and even if he did, they'll constantly be on the run. She isn't like Mary Jane/Lois Lane etc. She didn't sign up for this and taking the money and hiding and raising her new child seems perfectly reasonable

>>137644561Is it? A woman taking 50% of a man's assets and fucking him out of his 50% after divorcing him?Seems all too real to me.

>>137648961A paragraph is 3+ sentences you fucking baba booey

>>137649194Yeah but he said ParagraphS as in multiple

>>137649084She can either take the money or moralfag about her husband. She can't do both.

>>137649154Frank should just be lucky that she showed mercy, because he doesn't owe her another 50%.

>>137648970That and trying to hold the moral high ground obviously.The only reason why in a society of super-science and heroes who can magically pull their punches the villains would be killed and not captured is because the prisons somehow never work.When's the last time someone got the chair in DC?Aw, what the hell do I know, I only watch cartoons and indie comics.

>>137649211She can though

>>137649266If she does she's hypocritical

>>137648464criminals aren't human. they don't have any rights. fuck em.

>>137649039Really because the post seems to blame women for divorces and making men seem like innocent victims not at all what your saying

>>137648238>homeless people are the same as rapist and murderers

>>137648970>WolverineKills people all the time and people love him for it.>Captain MarvelSame thing and gets to be big brother government spook about it too.>DeadpoolEven more of a Joke but people still like the wacky murderous hijinks.>Insert any X-Book Character Here bonus round.And that's not getting into stuff like Marauders or X-Force. Anyone hating on Punisher mercing rapists, pedos, and other creeps while jerking themselves to any of the above doing the same thing are just fake moralfags sucking mousedick.

>>137648197Frank doesn't even kill anyone important. How has he not put a bullet in the Purple Man or something? If he wants to kill bad guys so much why the fuck is he even in New York? Go to the Congo or something. He isn't a monster cause he kills his enemies. He's a monster cause he uses in enemies doing bad things as an excuse to indulge in his fetish for murder.

>>137649643I think his biggest kill so far has been mandarin

Hilarious seeing the marveldrones defending this slop, then again, defending terrible writing is only natural for a marvel fan.

>>137649715>I have no argument that doesn't make me sound like a misogynist>So I'll just make fun of them for liking Marvel insteadThis is why you don't have a girlfriend dude.

>>137649211Yes she can, because both are morally correct.

>>137647247Am guessing they want her to drop to her knees and suck him off literally and figuratively

>>1376445213.5% of the population (black males aged 13 - 34). Over 60% of non-familial violent assaults nationwide.

>>137650060Took longer then usual for the Holla Forums stuff to pop up

>>137650060Made up statistics.But you know what isnt made up? Black and brown skin and hair are more dominant than white skin, blonde hair and blue eyes.Blue eye white skin genes bow their head when a black domminant gene comes

>>137650400Fbi statistics. They also rape tons and tons of white women. 'Poverty' tho.

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>>137650400Yellow hands posted this

>>137649731You argue like a white woman

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>>137648058This. Literally, none of these other explanations matter because she should be here at all.

>>137650400I wish retards would stop talking about alleles. Whether a trait is dominant or recessive has nothing to do with frequency in a population. The ratios remain constant.

>>137649643Frank should stay in the US and kill actually criminals. White-collar fat cats who order death squads and the destruction of entire ecosystems for a check

>>137650736Also all the rapists, even if the vast majority are the wrong color and target white women.

>>137647477They are unironically supposed to do just that. You sound like an inherently selfish person if you don't understand that. Also who has Frank murdered exactly? I would say most of his kills are self defense.

>>137647489Oh no! the character that should have never been resurrected in the first place is now in danger? Hope she doesn't get killed by a bunch of criminal filth. Sure wish someone would clean up these streets!

>>137649154Why exactly is she entitled to half of his shit anyway? All of that was acquired after she was "dead".

>>137649865You are a worse person than Frank. You'll take blood money and pat yourself on the back for doing it. Scumbag.

>>137650918Frank's been doing this since his first appearance and nothings changed on the streets. But yeah killing off Maria again would be a good way to bring back frank from retirement

>>137650400Hey rabbi!

>>137647413>Most normies don't really feel happy when someone racks up a body count to the point that they have the single most highest kill count in the history of the world done in their nameFrank is jesus?

>>137650886Sounds like you're the selfish one if you don't realize partners have limits and boundaries that you should do your best to not cross and vice versa

>>137649224actually she took his 50% too, gave Widow all the locations to his various safe houses, used his money to buy herself a nice and expensive car and gave the leftovers to charity

>>137651052If you killed 1000 criminals, it would definitely "change" the streets and Frank has probably killed at least 5000. Don't know where you're spouting this nonsense from.

>>137650997yeah. thats basically way more than she needs, and she knows its blood money, so i would say she doesn't really have a right to be so self-righteous about everything.

I already forgot why Frank was cool with the Hand dicking around with his family, seems like something he would go ballistic over.

>>137647363Then he fucked up because Frank's concrete code of not blowing away innocents makes him better than 90% of the world's standing armies. Unless you wish to say that all humans are monsters, but that's a different kettle of fish.

>>137644521>Maria is just Skylar WhiteOh god.

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>>137651098isn't the fact that Frank is never out of work a sign that the system isn't working?

>>137651126No I think Garth Ennis understood perfectly well that even if Frank is killing objectively evil people he's still an disturbed and troubled man that shouldn't be treated as a hero for his violent tendencies.

>>137647152That's rich coming from Wolverine, an ACTUAL faggot for Cyclops


>>137651077Show me the comic panel where she said "Frank, if I'm ever murdered in the park, please, never become a vigilante who kills criminals."Also marriage is a serious commitment. If you're still fucking around with this "partner" mentality then you're not made for marriage. If you're taking someone into your family you extend unconditional love. You can disagree vehemently but that should do nothing to sway the bond you build with your husband or wife. Marriage isn't a fucking joke. It is a soberingly serious commitment and people are far too frivolously entering into that commitment.

>>137651169Being disturbed and troubled doesn't make you a monster, it's when you let those things drive you to monstrous actions. Word of God says that Punisher (magically, I know) has not killed any innocents, so it doesn't matter how messed up in the head he is. He's no monster.Captcha: PRAYYOminous.

>>137651101not to mention she completely burned him and his operations, which is not something you do to a dangerous psychopath. she was counting on him having a conscious and not seeking retribution, which speaks to her character and the nature of what she is doing and why.

>>137650997>Why exactly is she entitled to half of his shit anyway?Why is Frank entitled to that money?

>>137651156yeah the court system isn't working, but Frank's does

>>137651218because he acquired it.

>>137651199>Being disturbed and troubled doesn't make you a monsterYou're right, being an unrepentant murderer makes Frank a monster.

>NOOOOO! YOU CAN'T KILL CIOLENT CRIMINALS! THEY JUST NEEDED MO MONEY FO DEY PROGRAMS!This is why every single Democrat-run city is such a hellhole.

>>137651193>Show me the comic panel where she said "Frank, if I'm ever murdered in the park, please, never become a vigilante who kills criminals."Show me where she says that he should become a vigilante who kills criminals if she was murdered in the park.

>>137651230Well then that logic the maria is entitled to her share that she acquired.

>>137650886>I would say most of his kills are self defenseIt’s not self defence when you intentionally go to murder people

>>137651098So how come Philippines didn’t change anything after killing thousands of people in their drug war under Duterte?

>>137651126Frank is still a psychopathic killer no matter how much you want to whitewash and make justifications for being a cold blooded serial killer.

>>137651193Big divorced dad vibes in this post.

>>137651230Theft doesn’t mean he’s entitled to it.

>>137651193Let me guess women who are physically abused should stay with there husband's too?

>>137651139Ahhh now I get it. This is an incel thread

>>137644521Didn’t we literally have a what if where it shows she would have done literally the exact same things he did, arguably worse?

>>137651443What if doesn't mean always will.

>>137651443What ifs shouldn't be taken as actual hard fact. Also that same one also had the kids be punishers too

>>137651429Kinda but not really? It's more self righteous bullshit where I already know Frank is a monster, you don't need to overly explain it and beat my head in with it. Literally rezzing Frank's wife to tell him that his crusade was a bullshit ego trip and he really just wants to kill people but be justified. Like Ennis already made that clear lol.

>>137651554That's the problem with these modern comic book writers, they don't know anything about subtlety

>>137651413no, they shouldn't have married those men in the first place.

>>137647375Because superhero comics are character focused escapist power fantasies. If you're not writing your comic from an>I'm writing character x. Here's what's cool about x and that's how I'll celebrate itstandpoint, you shouldn't be writing a comic about character x, period.And I say that as someone who loathes Castle.

>>137649084I'm not against using dirty money, but it feels like the story doesn't acknowledge that she wouldn't be able to donate a vast amount of money to charity without it.

>>137647247kill herself

>>137651993>the story doesn't acknowledgeShe literally says she took the dirty money and split it out, it doesn't need further explanationsare you retarded or something?

>>137651931>my characters need to be Mary sues that everyone loves no matter what

>>137652035Nah, lone wolf power fantasies can still exist. They don't have to be loved by everyone. Like, Batman, for example. He's not loved by everyone. Lots of people will disagree with him at times, even good guys, like Gordon, or Barbara or Dick, or Alfred. But there's a difference between>character isn't universally lovedand>story is about punishing the character and schooling the audience about why they shouldn't root for the character.The second comes across as cheap and sad, as if the writer is somehow upset his lot in life is to write about a character with morals disagreeing with their own. It's not about universal love. It's about maintaining the escapist power fantasy premise.

I love Punisher threads. So many fuckers crying about him being a "murderer" but deep down, you wish there were people like him in the real world.An unrepentant killer, wasting every scumbag drug pusher, gangbanger, pedo, crooked cop and politician he could get his hands on.The only reason Punisher gets more attention than other spandex clad, superjocks(even more so than those who outright kill) is because he uses guns and guns are "skawwyy".Frank Castle IS a monster.He is one we deserve. And you should love him for it.

>>137652116> people like him in the real world.People like him in the real world wouldn't go past their first hitPunisher has so much plot armor it's unreal

>>137652116Hell, I'd take a copycat killing three politicians before finally getting domed and martyred. Can't be too stingy nowadays.

>>137648862>noooo I refuse to take blood moneycuck morality

>>137652252>letting a woman take your shitCuck company.

>>137650651And you argue like a bitch. Go figure.

>>137651232Killing bad guys doesn’t make you a monster. Fuck off with this Batman shit.

>>137645120>Jason AaronHoly fuck I cannot believe that. His MAX was such a good ending.

>>137651311He kills the bad guys, not the innocent. Serial killers, rapists, pedophiles, terrorists. These are a few of the types that Frank kills. Not one innocent among them.

>>137652224Who cares? It’s fiction, dude. Have fun.

>Frank wants a divorce Based >Maria wants a divorce REEEEE ROASTIE DOESNT RESPECT THE SANCITY OF MARRIAGE!!

>>137652443I think both options are good, but Aaron's new run executes the latter in the shittiest way possible.His MAX run was better, anyways.

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>>137652405How can anyone have fun when modern media is just about protecting the status quo over logic or morality?

>>137652405Can't tolerate when retards go out saying "dude if comics were like real life..."


>>137648197>You people have been morally crippled by comic book conventions

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>>137652472If Frank responds by splattering Maria's brains into the pavement it would immediately elevate this to a 10/10

>>137649643>thinking the all of the problems in the world aren’t directly tied to the financial capital of the worldNGMI

>>137651569Comics have never been subtle. You just used to be too young and dumb to pay attention to it due to your limited experience

>>137651931>Frank needs to be a Gary Stu to make my wiener feel big

>>137651993…what? That’s your complaint? JFC, the story literally says she donated half of it to charity. I.e. it’s used to redeem some of the violence Frank has wrought on the world.

>>137652876>reading comprehension

>>137652116>but deep down, you wish there were people like him in the real world.No, that’s you. Vigilante serial killers are not a good thing and in the real world they would kill innocent people instead of having plot armour against it like Frank does.What these threads prove is how insecure and thin skinned a lot of Punisher fanboys are and how it’s not escapism but actual self-insert violence fantasy wish fulfilment by people with unhealthy views of the world.

>>137652371He is a mass murderer. He is a criminal. He is a human monster who only cares about killing people.

>>137652897What about all the violence that genuinely evil people have brought on? Literal psychopaths running around harming innocents. Frank’s out there killing the bad guys. He ain’t hurting the good people.

>>137652958Except all the kids who has their parents murdered.

>>137652954"...But DAMN IT, he gets results!"

>>137652971Except he doesn’t. His war is pointless and doesn’t change anything.

>>137652937Kill yourself.

>>137652970Those kids are better off not having their psychopathic parents in their life.

>>137651260so in other words, nothing

>>137652980Because plot. You could write a story where he killed politicians and have it end for the better. Like that one timeline where Doom takes over the world that the Black Panther God loves so much.

>>137653018Yes, because plot. Same way because of plot he has never accidentally killed innocent people which he absolutely would if he wasn’t made to be a heroic protagonist that Marvel wants to keep marketable.

>>137652954Vigilantism is a crime too. If your complaint is that he's a criminal then you must hate the vast majority of heroes>>137652980Once again, not a single Marvel or DC hero has eliminated crime. Spider-Man must be a monster too.

>>137644521Lmao they have to make the guy's dead wife, his whole reason for being, come back from the dead to trash talk him, divorce him, and presumably cuck him (I'm sure an undead Paul or Miles stand-in is just around the corner). Wow the hatred for this character is real.

>>137652937Anon you only proved your a redditor that doesn't read comics.>What these threads prove is how insecure and thin skinned a lot of X-Men/Hulk/Captain Marvel/Wonder Woman/Harley Quinn/etc fanboys are and how it’s not escapism but actual self-insert violence fantasy wish fulfilment by people with unhealthy views of the world.There FTFY so you can go tell your twittershitters/redditors the same thing and see how they react.

>>137653046Spider-man doesn’t just set out to kill people every single day so no. He actually has morals.

>>137653105A lot of fans are very insecure, easily triggered immature shitheads about their hobby, yes. Finally we can agree on something, how wonderful.

>>137653127Yet he achieves nothing. He goes out every day to beat the shit out of people and has yet to stop crime and he does it as a vigilante so he's a criminal. But Spider-Man has morals because he lets Carnage and Osborn go on killing.

>>137653182No one accomplishes anything. No matter how many mobs he takes on new york still had a mob problem. Neither frank or spider-man achieve results because the universe dictates there most always be a big level of crime for them to take on.

>>137653308If there were no blacks in NY, there'd be no need for half of Marvel's heroes.

>>137653308>No one accomplishes anything.That's exactly my fucking POINT. I'm not the one who said the Punisher was a monster because his killing hasn't eliminated crime. I'm saying that if you claim that The Punisher is evil because he's a criminal who's actions haven't stopped crime then nearly EVERY hero is evil by the exact same standards.

>>137644521>Frank's wife is aliveWait what

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>>137653462Frank was recruited as the leader of the hand recently and they brought back his wife as a reward.

>>137653462Frank is a political football so only expect to see him when writers are coming up with ever increasingly ridiculous ploys to undermine the character.

>>137653498This would be hilarious if it weren't for the fact it's so pathetically sad>>137653502No shit. We will never be able to have fun Punisher: War Journal anymore.

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>>137653458That's ficking stupid though because other heroes actually do bring a net positive by saving people. Frank doesn't save, he just punishes.

I think Punisher Kill Krew was one of best recent punisher books and with Frank on weirdworld now you can definitely repeat that same experience. Highly doubt any sjws are gonna care if he kills some guntrolls or whatever

>>137653677How is Frank not saving anyone? You're saying that when Spider-Man punches a mugger and ties him to a lamp post he saved someone from being mugged but if Frank shoots the mugger somehow nobody was saved?

>>137653745Frank doesn't shoot muggers, he shoots murderers and he doesn't shoot them before they murder someone.

>>137649418You dumb motherfucker: neither Frank nor Maria are good people. They’re both dicks. Frank is a mass murderer and Maria is a weirdo who fell in love with a psycho. The fact she screwed him over and he didn’t give a single shit should tell you that. None of these characters are good people.

>>137649643>why hasn’t Punisher killed any named character that can be used multiple times cause they still kinda sell and make money?Come on. This is like asking why Batman doesn’t just kill The Joker or Penguin. They make money. No shit they’re not gonna have him kill anyone above C list.

>>137647247She's supposed to be eye candy and a sex doll for me, the protagonist of life, just like all women. Is that so fucking hard to understand???

>>137647378>Except that's wrong, because Frank Castle was a normal kid.Not according to Aaron's new retcon.

>>137646317>>137649084>>137651191She looks selfish for this, but consider that Frank himself doesn't work and lives off of whatever he steals from the criminals. Which they stole from the common people. So technically he himself has been a thief profiting off those he condemns for decades.

>>137654123how do you steal from dead people?

>>137653907Pretty sure the narrative wants us to see Maria as good.>>137654137You kill them and take their belongings.

>>137654123two wrongs don't make a right. shes not stealing it to give back to the relatives of the criminals he killed.

>>137652937are punisher fans insecure, or is this just childish virtue signaling and victim blaming, using comics as a medium for some sort of feminist agenda because your obnoxious rhetoric got you kicked out of every respectable forums so now you have to ruin this juvenile fantasy for teenage delinquent's because you pretend to find it offensive?

>>137654123>She looks selfish for this,Does she though? She has a kid on the way and it's not like she can legally get a job since she's technically dead. On top of that she's the wife of the Punisher. How many people are gonna be after her to get to frank? Seems like it's safer for her and her kid to take the money and just hide in peace

>>137653907>>137654160Do people not know what comes immediately after OP's panels? Maria is absolutely supposed to be seen as a good person.

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>>137651101>>137651204yup, cherry pick the worse arguments to respond to and don't respond to the ones that are valid, typical modus operandi.

>>137647375Why does she need to be a girlboss telling him off? She can be disgusted by his actions but portraying selling all his stuff as empowering is pretty sleazy. When you're in a position like this to begin with >>137649084>a housewife with no job or education because she got pregnant youngyou don't get to be a fucking girlboss, you're a retard who made bad life decisions. You won't see dumb junkie thugs being portrayed as male role models.>>137648017>Hank used their deaths as an excuse to kill.Poor Pym can't catch a break.

>>137654286taking your husband to the cleaners after he saved your life and using his blood money to make yourself wealthy isn't good, its bad.she does not have the moral high ground here.

>>137651204>not to mention she completely burned him and his operations, which is not something you do to a dangerous psychopath. she was counting on him having a conscious and not seeking retribution, which speaks to her character and the nature of what she is doing and why.this. if she really believed Frank was a bad person, there is no way she would have stolen from him and told him off to his face, because he would have killed her.its a cheap shot any way you look at it.

>>137654327>saved your lifeshe has been dead for years, he didn't save anythingAnd don't get me started on Frank trying to resurrect his kids only to end up with abominations and having to kill them, MULTIPLE TIMES

>>137654283except she took HALF.she didn't just take what she needed to live comfortably, she literally stole from him, shut down his operation and pissed the remaining money away just to spite him.

>>137654283Don't portray it as empowering, at least acknowledge the hypocrisy. Or better yet, you could just have her do what Frank does and take the money of some criminals he killed. That would've been morally dubious as well but at least she wouldn't be simultaneously condemning him while also profiting off of him.

I don't people actually care about the blood money thing as much as it's just a convenient excuse

>>137654385so i suppose she'd have rather stayed dead? bull. he brought her back from the fucking DEAD, that counts for something.

>>137654310>>137654403>>137654404I think you guys are just incels that see >woman do anything= feminism girlpower!!This isn't empowering, nor does it come out as empowering girl moment. It's just Maria telling Frank she's done with him and that's it


Attached: adf.jpg (320x258, 27.83K)

>>137654415>>137654446I wouldn't have minded if she got a new identity, acquired a skill and got a job, or even simply got the money through literally any other means. But this just sends a message to all the potential women reading that it's okay to try to have your cake and eat it, to cynically profit from the things you condemn. The only saving grace is that women don't actually read Punisher comics.

>>137654385She is not a good person and she isn't doing the right thing. Everything she has done has been about her pride and her own ego. Its not about Frank, its about her, her fragility, her lack of moral character, her hypocrisy.Everything she does is petty and egotistical, she feels nothing for Frank, no commitment, no compassion, she is judging him for a sickness he has no control over, showing zero sympathy for his trauma or his suffering.She is more interested in punishing Frank than she is trying to stop him or help him.

>>137647410This run retcons their relationship to be a teenage fling based entirely on a lie.

>>137654488Even when she steals from him its not about stopping him, its about her wants and her needs. She knows taking the money won't stop him, and she has no more right to it than Frank does.Refusing to do what someone bribes you to do after you take the money isn't a moral statement, its a swindle.

>>137647413>Most normies don't really feel happy when someone racks up a body count to the point that they have the single most highest kill count in the history of the world done in their nameYeah I hate when that happens.

>>137654487No it doesn't you fucking weirdo

>>137654565she doesn't really care about the people frank has hurt, she cares about how it has damaged her reputation through association and how it has affected her lifestyle. Shes not mad cause Frank kills people, shes mad because it reflects poorly on her and her deceased children. She probably doesn't even care that Frank is a murderer, she only cares that it makes her look bad. Deep down she blames Frank for not being able to protect their children and is angry that she had her life taken away by circumstances outside of their control.

>>137648603You are not a hero for staying in a marriage that makes you miserable. Also a lot of people who choose to do that just have secret affairs, which is arguably morally worse.

>>137654631Its about one thing and one thing only, her pride.

I knew the punisher fanbase has a big collection of incels just didn't know it was this bad and this is coming from someone that likes Frank

>>137654631basically she sees frank as having committed blood libel against the names of her children, its as much about her 'honor' as it is about his.She is being just as hypocritical as Frank without being trapped in the same cycle of trauma and guilt.Frank is mentally ill, his wife is just a bitch.

>>137654622It does. It portrays her in a completely positive light where you're supposed to side with her. >>137654689I'm actually in favor of strong admirable women in media. But profiting from something you condemn is neither particularly strong nor admirable. It's just making excuses for the cynical reality of capitalism.

>>137654689yeah, ad homonim. cherry picking which arguments to respond to, deflection.. do you have an actual argument or do you just want to feel morally justified in your morally indefensible position?

>>137654715>Argument boils down to It's okay when Frank does it!lol

If only irony could kill

>>137654755a balanced portrayal of a character and their character flaws requires the author to remain objective and distance themselves from the character. The author clearly didn't do that and this is a very one sided portrayal of a woman who is very clearly not in the right.

>>137654796>>137654804that has nothing to do with it. your trying to evoke special moral privileges for her because she is a woman, that do not apply to frank because he is a man.

>>137654653But most of them aren’t miserable. They just don’t like how the marriage isn’t perfect and Disney-like, as if her and the husband aren’t flawed individuals themselves. Too many expect so much from a relationship with many of them being women who expect their man to do no wrong or to be Mr. Perfect and flawless 100% of the time. Any sign of weakness, they bail. Putting their “happiness” over the family is how you get shitty wives and mothers who’ll abandon their family at a drop of a hat.

>>137654807She isn't trying to do the right thing here. The situation is more nuanced than she is making it out to be and acting on her own selfish desires and not the best interest of anyone else.She doesn't have the right to judge him so harshly in light of her own behavior.

>>137654838would you shutup? everything you say undermines your own god damn argument, your a walking fallacy dispenser. Let me be your advocate and shut yer damn yap.

>>137654859I mean yeah she's a civilian and normal human being. I don't know why we're trying to hold her up to the moral standards of someone like Peter Parker

>>137654838Why do right-wing ideologies deny the value of individual happiness and want to force everyone to sacrifice it for the sake of the greater good?

If this wasn't the shittiest era to be a fan of something I would say this is just setting up an arc where she does this pompous, self-righteous shit, goes out in the world and gets totally brutalized by the actual monsters that Frank puts in the ground then gets saved by him and then becomes his partner in heroism.

>>137654893Why do left-wing ideologies deny the value of individual liberty and property rights and want to force everyone to make sacrifices for the greater good?

>>137654878I wasn’t even the user you were talking to, dude.

>>137654884Because the book portrays her as strong and righteous for this.>>137654898I'm not the kind of person who usually screeches about muh feminism, but when a series does an epic girlboss speech like that, it's a pretty clear indicator that the character is not going to be portrayed as in the wrong. At best, maybe, compared to other female characters, but every other girl in this comic has been a villain.>>137654921>property rightsYour partner is not your property dude.

>>137654807she is in the wrong because she kept the money, do at least understand that? She didn't just take a little, or even half, she took half for herself and gave the other half away to spite Frank. It wasn't her money any more than it was Franks, and she didn't use it to make amends, she did it to hurt him.

>>137654951>Your partner is not your property dude.Nobody said they were, you presumptuous idiot.

>>137654893Individual happiness shouldn’t equal selfishness. Shit like that is how you get trashy single mothers who neglect their children and send them away because it’s “too hard” to take care of them, when the truth is that she just wanted to get with some dude and didn’t want the “burden” of a single mother cramping her style.

Who cares? Frank will eventually go back to Frankin' and she and her little speech will just be a memory. She may have caused his sickness, but she doesn't need to be dead for it to continue.

>>137648197There's more to this question than just censorship. Most superheroes don't kill people because it's the one thing that keeps them at least somewhat accountable: the people and the authorities know that at least this bunch of violent vigilantes isn't committing homicide. This makes them somewhat predictable and easier for the system to make room for them, considering all the supervillains they're needed to dispatch.

>>137655011Because this woke bullshit book shits on Frank's character and white culture overall. We can't have anything without these writers telling us how we're evil for enjoying it. Frank's sole reason for doing this hates him now because it needs to push a girlboss agenda.Fuck marvel Fuck Aaron I fucking wish desantis takes over permentantly and puts these leftists to the wall

>>137654972You can't claim frank is some sort of psychopath with no morals or respect for life when you are literally stealing from him, confronting him, and relying on his restraint to keep you alive.She stole all his money, taunted him, insulted him, then dared him to do something about it, and was somehow surprised when he did.

>>137655070>I fucking wish desantis takes over permentantly and puts these leftists to the wallnice astroturf, shill bitch

>>137654972Women don’t like to just walk away. They like to hurt the guy bad on their way out. Whether it be slashing his tires or turning his kids away from him. They’re very petty like that.

>>137655089Oh noes!I'm not wearing any underwear!Look how wet and turned on and embarressed I am! I hope nobody tries to have sex with me while I display my bare ass in such a tantalizing and sexy manner!

>>137649039Yes, being an impulsive young retard and falling for someone without knowing them well is pretty stupid. But it's also stupid and infantile to insist that they should be made to bear this miserable burden for the rest of their life just for the sake of some principle.

>>137655131I just stole all your money, trashed your business, then had the nerve to call you a bad person to your face afterwards, please don't put a hit on me Frank-San, I will be a good girl I promise!

>>137655156if you don't want to get spanked, don't show your bare ass in public, i say.

>>137655070This post glows so bright it would guide Santa's Sleigh

>>137654972I don't think she's in the wrong for taking the money because It's not at all comparable to what Frank's done. She's a housewife who was thrust into this and wanted out. She has no property, money, or anything to her name, and on top of that, she's pregnant. She's perfectly reasonable for taking the money and starting a new life somewhere away from frank and the superhuman community. Also it isn't her job to make amends

>>137655188>I don't think she's in the wrong for taking the money because It's not at all comparable to what Frank's done.facile reasoning.It doesn't matter what Franks done, that doesn't make her right. And again, she didn't just take SOME of the money, she took ALL of the money, you see how there is a difference?

>>137654992Then what do property rights have to do with this?>>137655006It's always about the slippery slope isn't it? People who are irresponsible like this would still be irresponsible under any ideology. That doesn't mean everyone should be forced to sacrifice their desires.

>>137655188She knows that stealing the money won't make Frank stop, it won't shut down the Hand, it won't do anything but make him angry, but she did it anyway. She knows burning his safehouses will put him at risk but she does it anyway. Most importantly she knows the money doesn't belong to her and that it is blood money and still she takes half for herself, making her rich beyond her wildest dreams.That isn't morally justified behavior, its just as vindictive and vengeful as anything the punisher might have done. He'll maybe that's why they fell for each other in the first place, they both have a penchant for holding grudges.

When Frank kills despite no longer having a "reason", he will have achieved his final form. The Punisher in its purist sense, not needing an excuse to dole out what he has in store.

>>137649590Killing nazis is okay.

>>137655272I mean why give HIS half to charity? Why not hers? Why does she need that much money to live? She isn't entitled to any of it.

>>137655210So? That money was just going to be used to kill more people she's perfectly right in taking all of it and crippling his operation when she's disgusted by it.>>137655272>its just as vindictive and vengeful as anything the punisher might have doneIt is not, and you just desperately need a reason to be angry. You can say she's not morally correct in taking the money, but to say she's just as bad as frank is a bad faith argument

>>137655311Right. Because all punishment is undeserved punishment serves no purpose. Is that about the size of it?

Trying to think of stories where 'unpowered civilian family member returns from the dead' turned out to be good and not just retarded drama bait shitshows.

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>>137655382Has Uncle Ben ever returned from the dead? If so, how did it go?

>>137655342>That money was just going to be used to kill more people she's perfectly right in taking all of itNo she isn't, if she wanted to shut down his operation she would have given all or most of it to charity, not kept half for herself. She is using it as an excuse to make herself wealthy while simultaneously condemning him for the very crimes used in its Aquisition.How much did she take, like fifty million? Even 10 million would have been plenty. She is specifically taking half because she feels as though she somehow deserves it despite knowing where it came from and how he got it, that makes her complicit.

>>137650651It always strikes me as extremely hypocritical when you guys say calling an opponent a virgin is fallacious, but think calling them a woman or a tranny is a great argument.

>>137655352unless of course its a woman who is doing the punishing. then it is alright :)

>>137653502>>137653556>we'll never get fun Frank againShameful. JRJR drew the best Frank btw

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>>137655446deflection, deflection you have an actual argument or are you just here to waste every bodies time?

>>137655406She is using it to escape Frank's bullshit and the city where she and her children died and to raise her new child in peace. She isn't going to the fucking Bahamas to fuck random men. She's using the money to start a new life and give her child opportunities and happiness her dead kids never got. She isn't explicit in anything Frank's done no matter what mental gymnastics you keep jumping through and she isn't some greedy gold digger you seem to be making her out to be

>>137655449more to the point, regardless of who is doing the punishment, if they stand to benefit from it they cannot remain impartial or claim to have the moral high ground.That is why it comes across as so obnoxious. Not because its undeserved, but because she stands to benefit from it.

>>137652970Their parents are sociopathic murderers and would gladly torture (You) for fun. Just because their kids may be innocent doesn’t exonerate them for being bottom of the barrel degenerates.

>>137655467Why is his post a deflection but not the one he's responding to?

>>137652344>His MAX was such a good

Attached: punisher jason aaron.jpg (1280x1953, 540.73K)

>>137655479you keep using that same argument. you don't need 50 million dollars to start over, there are people who have went into hiding with far less.She may even be justified in taking some of the money, but she didn't take SOME of the money, she took Half. Is this distinction too nuanced for you to understand?

>>137655401Doctor strange let pete have a conversation with Ben in issue 500, it was nice

>>137655507why is yours?answer your own stupid questions.

>>137655515Why does the woman look like Frank in drag?

>>137655401Not that comes to mind. I vaguely remember Peter's parents - Mary and Richard - being 'brought back' but they turned out to be robots. I can't remember fuck-all about that story, though.

>>137644521Who did you sell all of the weaponry to?

>>137655532Because why not? She's been dead for like 10+ years and found out that thousands have been killed in her name why shouldn't she feel like she can have some of that money? We don't even know what's she's going to do with it she can easily just saabe the rest for her child. This is like being mad at Mr.Beast for using his money for charity but not using ALL of it. It's a petty argument that comes off as being more jealous if anything also.She isn't a paragon of moral justice so not sure why everyone's expecting her to act like Peter Parker and give up everything and be destitute

>>137655401Every time Peter saves a life an angel let's Uncle Ben fuck her ass.

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>>137655569Delighful little fellow with a tiny cap and a long beard. Said it would go to a good cause.

>>137653705Kill Krew makes me really want Duggan to write an ongoing Frank book.

Attached: punisher rules of frankture.jpg (1200x923, 228.44K)

>>137655618What part of "its not her fucking money' do you not understand? How can you not acknowledge that condemning someone for killing others is wrong is hypocritical when you line your pockets with the same money he got from killing people?

>>137655679you say hes wrong for killing murderers, but its okay for her to steal from her husband because hes a murderer. Its like a fucking gymnasium in your skull.

>>137655560arr rook same

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Punisher is just like Mr. Beast :^)He takes the earnings made from doing good, to continue in helping the world.

>>137655679>What part of "its not her fucking money' do you not understand?It is now lol.But seriously she earned the money as much as Frank did.

>>137645120I don't doubt this for a second, but why even bother? The kinds of people slapping bootleg Punisher patches on their vests before they go on a shooting spree don't even read comics. Hell, I doubt many of them have actually even taken it from the films considering the Lundgren one doesn't even use it, the Tom Jane one is a boring slog and like ten people saw Warzone. Plus the Netflix version is a sanitized cleaned-up version that has virtually nothing in common with classic comics Frank. On the flipside, weenies like Joss Whedon who this is aiming to satiate have always disliked Frank just on the basis of what he is.It all seems a bit pointless.

>>137655260Holy shit, go and read what I was replying to. Almost everything said about one "wing" ideology is entirely applicable to each side.

>>137655569Governments have gun buyback programs.

>>137655618You understand that Mr. Beast only gives to charity to promote himself right? His ostentatious displays are offensive to people who live in poverty and have to work for a living. Its like saying their sacrifices don't matter. Large, public displays of charity are self serving and cynical, they create resentment and contribute to a culture of duplicious, self serving displays of compassion that are completely inauthentic.

>>137655728Frank didn't earn it either, that's my point.Shes not entitled to it, and she definitely isn't entitled to some self righteous hissy fit after she does it.

>>137655467Please, this is all a giant waste of time. Try not to get too full of yourself.

>>137655777Your point is faulty because you're assuming you know how much money it takes to go into hiding which sounds like a load of bullshit to me.

>>137655755Governments have killed more innocent people in a day than frank could’ve in a lifetime

>>137655777If you stole money from the mob, put half of it in an offshore bank account and set the other half on fire, then wrote a nasty letter calling them greedy pigs with your name and address written on it, would you be surprised if they found your body floating in the river?

>>137655777Yes she is because she's not a mass murderer

>read Peter David hulk it's the best >3 issues in Bruce Banner is cucked Wtf bros

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>>137655880I love that argument seems to be that Maria is a horrible person because she doesn't respect the fact that Frank is a violent piece of shit.

>>137647378did you even read Born? his family getting killed was pretty much just the excuse he was unconsciously looking for to be let loose because he actually is a monster that thrives in could say barracuda is the other side of the coin for him. a guy that thrives at conflict but he actually is honest about it.

Attached: born.png (635x1000, 731.25K)

>>137655843that is, by far, the weakest argument so far. the truth is she didn't need ANY money to go into hiding, but given her circumstances she might be forgiven for taking some of it out of desperation, but to take HALF, and somehow claim you need it to start a new life?C'mon now, stop arguing in bad faith.

>>137655901I'm not a mass murderer either, that doesn't mean i get to hang out on death row eating ice cream going 'nyah nyah, your gunna die, lol!'the accused have rights, as do the condemned.

>>137655916Imagine fucking some dweeb doctor's wife and you find out he's the fucking Hulk.

>>137655953>the truth is she didn't need ANY money to go into hidingI want people to see this and understand how disconnected you are from Reality.

>>137655479She didn't do anything besides make Frank vulnerable to the vast amount of enemies he's collected over the years. Removing his infrastructure does nothing to stop his behavior. Frank will go out and murder criminals with a broken bottle if needs be. All she did was spite the worst version of the man she claimed to love. She did nothing to try to understand him or the trauma he went through. If she wanted to get Frank to stop them she should have taken all that money, taken Frank and commit him to a mental health facility. Instead what we got is some wokescold wearing the face of the person Frank loved most in the world and using her to kick Frank in the dick because the writer has problems with how this character has been received.

>>137655975Yeah it's a good thing Maria didn't do that.

>>137652443>frank wants a divorce because he can't handle the world as it is and will not only ruin his marriage eventually but actively work towards destroying it himself.>maria wants a divorce even though she already died and thus would make frank a widower because "killing murderers is like totally wrong guys"

>>137655925you know that is a dishonest argument, you are appealing to emotion by creating imagined solidarity to justify your own feelings of persecution. Further, no one said she was a horrible person, just that she was not in the right and that the author was far too sympathetic to her actions when they were obviously immoral. (and more than a bit irrational and stupid)

>>137656018>She didn't do anything besides make Frank vulnerable to the vast amount of enemies he's collected over the yearsWhat enemies? Isn't the whole point of the punisher is that he doesn't have a rogues gallery because he kills them.

>>137655994people do it all the time.they pack up their shit into a garbage bag, with whatever money they have in their pocket, and they just leave.You act like frank was going to hunt her down and murder her from the start when you know that's not the case, or she wouldn't have confronted him expecting him not to do her harm.

>>137656056Continue to be obtuse. I am sure that will work out well for you.

>>137655172At least around blacks or arabs.

>>137651569>modernThis is written by the guy who wrote comics for decades and took the mantle on MAX from Ennis back in the day. At least know who you're feigning outrage about.

>>137656024no, but she stole from him, betrayed him with the express purpose of hurting him, then threw it all in his face expecting him to do nothing about don't see how people might find that maaaaybe just a tad hypocritical?

>>137655479Fucking die.

>>137656102>arabsno, they just cut off your clitoris.

>>137656041This was never an honest argument because basically Maria is entirely in the right and these past couple threads have been nothing but trolls hoping to use these threads to restablish a safe space for right wing shill to congregate. I'm not in any ways debating you gere, I'm just doing a public service announcement by undercutting your narrative that modern comics hate straight white man because that's what this actually about.

People realize that people die everyday right? And that the reason that super hero comics push this whole “no killing” rule is less about aiming these stories towards children and more about pushing the narrative that fighting for what you believe in is wrong? Superman Spider-Man Batman, none of these people exist, if you actually want to make a tangible difference in the world you have to accept thatWe didn’t “punch Nazis”. we didn’t make fun of them, or give them wedgies or do any of the childish shit you’d see in a home alone movie. We murdered them, we murdered them with weapons, we murdered them by starving them, we murdered them by setting their children on fire alive in their beds. We went to war to make the world better, and if you’re shirking from the IDEA that a FICTIONAL MAN would kill PEDOPHILES and HUMAN TRAFFICKERS then what the fuck are you doing here? Non-violence was a psiop designed to make you think it’s wrong to defend yourself. Punisher is nothing more than a pulp character, and the idea of the people he fights DO deserve to die, no matter how much propagandists like Jason Aaron tell you they don’t

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>>137656134Unless you're showing too much white skin and hair in Sweden. Or Germany. Or France.

>>137651931On one hand, no, deconstruction had been what allowed this genre to develop to tell more serious stories. On the other, this particular instance isn't saying anything that hasn't been already been said before.

>>137656110He betrayed her first by using her death as a sympathetic ploy whenever somebody tries to stop him from killing people.

>>137656146"Germany will have war, whether it wants it or not!" - Winston Churchill, after turning down yet another plea for peace."My only goal now is keeping Britain white..." -Churchill, years later.

>>137656073>people do it all the time.And that doesn't mean anything.

>>137656203Yup, the bad guys won WWII and we’re living in a hell they designed

Attached: IMG_4895.jpg (960x1024, 207.94K)

>>137656141why are "right wing shill"(s) not allowed to congregate here? Do you own 4chan? Do you get to decide what people from different political schools of thought get to discuss and where they get to discuss things?

>>137656110frank didn't beat her, didn't rape her, he never hurt her or even laid a hand on her. Frank has a strict code of ethics that he adheres to regardless of the circumstances he finds himself in, whether that code is right or wrong, he abides by it. Can Maria say the same? Or was she just doing what was morally expedient because she felt like it?

>>137656218>he's still mentally childish enough to think real life has good guys

>>137652116Nobody cries about him. You won't find serous opposition to Punisher on Holla Forums. Go on twitter and argue there if you want to.

>>137656220>why are "right wing shill"(s) not allowed to congregate here? Because you're boring.

>>137656247mm yes. Please tell me all the scintillating details about your unique gender expression that you copied from a Reddit post.

>>137656240No, there aren’t it’s true, it’s a terminology designed to make us attack each other easier right. But it’s REALLY hard to imagine a greater evil than our government right now

>>137656269You're proving my point here.

>>137656146Kid should have obeyed the "don't fucking go outside, Allied aircraft have been strafing the shit out of everything" order.

>>137656216yes it does, because it proves she did not need money to run away from him. In all likelihood, he probably wouldn't have even tried to stop her, if she'd just left and not stolen from him.Why do you think that just because a woman does something it is somehow morally justified simply because she is a woman? Has no woman ever committed murder? Has no woman ever broken the law or done something bad? Has no woman ever beaten or abused her children? What gives women the moral right to do what men are not permitted to do?

>>137656303I'm sure those cooked kraut brats from the 40's are grateful for your insight, Captain Hindsight.

>>137656322>brats>not brautsone job

>>137656316>because it proves she did not need money to run away from himNo it doesn't. Saying some people go into hiding without any money doesn't mean the same as you don't need money to go into hiding.

>>137655738When talking about family and work institutes, left-wing ideology prioritizes individual freedom, while right-wing ideology prioritizes control for the sake of the greater good. It's only the opposite when talking about healthcare and guns.

>>137656316A woman has done all of those things. But to the faggots that now run society she did all of those things because she was abused by a man at some point, so she's blameless.

>>137656316>Its okay to murder a murderer who only murders other murderers because he committed murderjust parse that sentence in your mind for a second

>>137656303>>137656322London got blitzkrieged but apparently Nazi Germany was off limits.

>>137656293We all know you find kids more interesting. Especially here. Go to another loli Gwen hread.

>>137656358no, it prioritizes hedonistic destruction.

>>137655467I'm not part of your argument, just pointing out your hypocrisy. You don't get to accuse others of ad hominems while using one yourself.

>>137656415>if we don't regulate everyone in an authoritarian fashion, it's gonna lead to le destructionSo like I said, all about the slippery slope.

>>137656316>Why do you think that just because a woman does something it is somehow morally justified simply because she is a woman?Well it's more about the fact that Frank is a serial killer then it is about Maria being a woman. I mean in my argument it doesn't even matter that Maria is a woman then it does that Maria just isn't culpable to any murders.

>>137656380Germany only had an issue with Poland and for good reason. Poland wanted to surrender soon after the German invasion because Blitzkrieg was too powerful. Britain had them hold out and then Poland refused to evacuate Warsaw so rather than send in German soldiers into a partisan nest they bombarded it. They asked multie times for surrender and then evacuation of the Women and Children at least. Britain and France then decided they had a casus belli to bring the entire world against Germany. World War 2 was desired by Rothschilds in 'The City of London' and people who had no skin in the game and would only benefit by death and destruction in Europe. >FDR and Churchill

>>137656380London also pushed for the creation of isreal after promising the Palestinians wouldn’t be pushed out of their own lands, I don’t feel much sympathy for people who turned down peace for horrific war then proceeded to JUSTIFY the horrific actions that the Germans were accused of with that creation

>>137656389And now we see how you're at your wit's end and will now just call people pedos because you're a lazy and boring person.

>>137656491So, you ever actually planning on answering those questions or are you simply going to throw out your own lazy, contrived response?

>>137656461>>137656471Ahh Nazi apologism, very much proof that this is a concentrated right wing effort here.Probably because of trump's indictment that they got the marching orders to try and cause some ruckus in the usual spaces.

>>137656440Anon we’ve gone from being told that a predilection is fine(homosexuality) to the narcissistic delusions of the mentally ill are taught in schools to indoctrinate children (Transexuality) if you don’t believe in the slippery slope than you’re an idiot whose ABSOLUTELY bragged about its outcomes

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>>137656525I do enjoy how you're trying to keep up the pretense that this is some kind of debate.Like no user at the point I am talking over you and merely addressing the crowd.

>>137656548Eli WieseI (one of the most famous 'survivors' of all time) lied about everything in the camps, especially the "geysers of blood" that "flowed for months" at Babi Yar. He also claimed victims were disposed of in massive "burning pits," often alive, rather than crematoriums; in fact he makes no mention of crematoriums at all. Today there is no longer a single historian who believes they were burned alive... Yet Wiesel reported there was one flaming ditch for adults and another for babies. "Not far from us, flames were leaping from a ditch, gigantic flames. They were burning something. A lorry drew up at the pit and delivered its load... little children. Babies! Yes, I saw it, saw it with my own eyes... Those children in the flames. Is it surprising that I could not sleep after that? Sleep has fled from my eyes." Also refuses to show his tattoo, to this day. This is the bullshit I was forced to read and believe in school.

>>137656548It’s not about apologizing for them, it’s about acknowledging that 80 year old war time propaganda has been used to levy untold destruction across the world, culminating in the Jewish president of Ukrainian exempting his people from a war that there country can’t win.

Attached: IMG_4199.jpg (957x1024, 221.79K)

>>137644521>I've gained that property after our separation. You are not entitled to none of it you sanctimonious bitch. Anyway it came from criminals and I know how you are with "blood" money

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>>137656593No you're just being a faggot and trying to get attention because right wing politics offend you.Go fuck yourself

>>137656565>>137656597Just keep spamming random far right talking points as a distraction user, you are not at all giving up the game here. This is entirely relevant to the fact that Maria is completely in her right to leave Frank and telling him how she's disgusted with him using her memory as a justification for being a serial killer.

How the fuck did this thread turn to hating Maria Castle to Nazi shit?

>>137656634Real easily because the people who wanted everyone angry at Maria for leaving Frank are right wing shills.

>>137656633I'm talking over the dumbass bitch in the shitty story.

>>137656633It’s a stupid story user that’s designed to apologize for a fictional characters war on crime. It’s not my fault that you think it’s wrong to kill pedophiles, also thanks for ignoring me here >>137656601 who needs to understand the reality of violence when we discuss fictional violence right?

>>137656634Because propaganda exists to get you to understand that ONLY the state is allowed to kill.

>>137656703>It’s a stupid story user that’s designed to apologize for a fictional characters war on crimeIt's actually not that at all.

>>137656565Oh for fuck's sake. Why do you people always talk about muh grooming kids in school as if this is a widespread phenomena? How many schools have actually been affected by this? 10 in the entire US, at best?We've also gone from the majority of the population having no idea what depression is and thinking the only cure for mental weakness is to scold and ostracize the person for being lazy and unproductive, to it being an experience much more people are comfortable talking about and trying to solve, out of trying to prioritize individual happiness rather than being secretly miserable your entire life.

>>137656769"We're CUMMING for your children!" ;DD

>>137656804You base your entire position around a bunch of isolated incidents you read about in clickbait articles.

>>137656846I base my opinion on dealing with unbearable narcissistic faggots. All the boy-fucking priests and other mongrels just make it easier.

>>137644521In ennis run he was the one whp wpuld ask for a divorce

Attached: images (28).jpg (625x491, 71.77K)

>>137656769Anon California is passing a bill where parents can be arrested for CHILD ABUSE for not consenting to “gender affirming care”. Fathers have lost access to their children in fucking TEXAS for fighting this. And we already know that hospitals were putting children as young as 3 on hormone blockers. You’re not a “fringe movement” anymore, you’re an active weapon by the powers that be on the working class and big pharma is using their sway over government media and education to indoctrinate children easier. Only because it hurts the working class AND it was estimated to be an industry worth 200 BILLION, only ten years ago. Imagine how much more there is to be made now that an entire generation is growing up being told by SPIDER-MAN that if you feel uncertain about who you are, stop puberty!

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>>137656901That was also written by Jason Aaron, genius.

>>137656901This makes frank so fucking boring, the idea of a good man gone to far can be fascinating, especially when you count the actual delusions frank has had throughout the decades. Now he was just nothing but an asshole who was just looking for an excuse? Fuck man why do the people working on comics HATE them so much?

>>137656936Of course the guy who thinks Maria was in the wrong for leaving frank is also the guy who thinks being a dad means you can do whatever you want to your kids.

>>137657002Don't even fucking try to pretend you're comic book fan m8, you don't even know who writes what.

>>137657035You gonna engage those questions or stick to your fallacious thinking?

>>137657015No I think the writer is in the wrong for ever bringing her back. If they couldn’t come up with a way to tell this to frank WITHOUT doing this than it’s meaningless, it’s just another retcon on a retconBut of course someone who thinks that only the state is allowed to commit violence is fine with the idea of a child being told that puberty will hurt them

>>137657015Putting your kids on hormone blockers IS child abuse. The fathers are being good dads by trying to stop that shit.

>>137657062Well there's just no good reason to engage with your distraction attempts.

>>137657079>No I think the writer is in the wrong for ever bringing her backWell she is and she's entirely in the right for being disgusted with him

>>137656882Hmm.So people who just want to be happy and make their own choices without hurting others are narcissistic faggots. But people who want to enforce their way of thinking, living and dealing with specific groups of people on everybody else because they think their beliefs are some kind of objective universal truth aren't?>>137656936>>137656936>user California is passing a bill where parents can be arrested for CHILD ABUSE for not consenting to “gender affirming care”.>>137656936>on California is passing a bill where parents can be arrested for CHILD ABUSE for not consenting to “gender affirming care”.Tried to google it and found"The bill does not authorize any gender-affirming surgeries without parental consent">Fathers have lost access to their children in fucking TEXAS for fighting this. And we already know that hospitals were putting children as young as 3 on hormone blockers. How many fathers and how many hospitals? Again with the fridge cases.>an entire generation is growing up being told by SPIDER-MAN that if you feel uncertain about who you are, stop puberty!Are you seriously trying to make a case based on some Youtube video that simply talks about alphabet people's flags?

>>137657131Distraction from what? That user was asking why anyone in a creative space would work on a property they hate. Now, I'll actually provide my own opinion to attempt to answer that question. The answer is: money. There. Simple and no "no true Scotsman" fallacy to be seen.

>>137657194>That user was asking why anyone in a creative space would work on a property they hateNo they werent.

>>137651361it does.

>>137657173Than you deserve the shitty stories that propagandists get paid to write. Jason Aaron used to be good to, scalped was that perfect balance of pulpy and nuanced you’d think he could take into a character like frank. But he’s just another faggot taking real world morality into banal fiction>>137657179>are you seriously trying to make this case based on alphabet peoples flagsSo you’re just glossing over the fact that blues clues supports pedophilia?

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>>137657243Hi that user is me, yes I did ask why writers choose to write for properties they clearly hate and >>137657194 is right, it’s just money. That’s all it ever is

>>137657285Oh no propaganda what a scary word I am losing my fucking mind because proganda is such a scary and it must mean I'm such a weak assed individual that I'm getting mindfucked by jaspn aaron oh god oh god oh god.That's what you fucking sound like you loser.

>>137657333No, that is just your ridiculous over simplification.

>>137657351Yeah it's a simplification so people can understand what you're all about.

>>137657285It supports pedophilia because a single video has a combination of colors that sort of look like a flag. They're not even openly talking about MAPs. At worst this could be some pedo animator injecting the MAP flag into the animation, which while fucked up, does not imply systemically supporting anything. Unless you're gonna start going on about subliminal messaging. Not to mention that this could just be a coincidence.

the rage at this is so funny I wish I could figure out why

>>137657299But Jason Aaron doesn't hate the Punisher because he's been writing the character for a decade now and you seem to only came into the conversation today?

>>137657333No user don’t consider what these multi media conglomerates are doing, why do you think reading banal pulp stories about bad guys dying is fun chud? Do you want to kill people for REAL!? How dare you think that it’s ok to tell a confused child that everyone has gone through this confusion, and to trust themselves to become a person who can make a decision about their own bodies when they understand what their own bodies had to say!!

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>>137657392Because you've been trained to take pleasure in the schadenfreude of others. It's not supernatural.

>>137647247>>137647299>>137649988>>137653980You just know that a vagina typed this bullshit.

>>137657367I think that they support pedophilia because satanic pedophiles run the world? Can you think of ANY major arrests to come out of Epstein and Maxwells ring getting got?

Attached: IMG_2619.png (559x698, 798.1K)

>>137657351You see >>137657412? I guess it wasn't a ridiculous oversimplification, some paranoid keyboard warrior thinks Jason Aaron's Punisher is part of project mockingbird.

>>137657438See >>137655446

>>137657448>Can you think of ANY major arrests to come out of Epstein and Maxwells ring getting got?President Donald Trump.

>>137657458Actually, that user seemed to be making more level-headed and salient points than you are. All you seem to be interested in is displaying how lazy you've become in your thinking.

>>137657448What does people in power abusing their privilege have to do with a random Youtube video?

>>137657403Turning frank from a good father let down by the system then losing his family to a sociopath who was just looking for ah excuse to kill is loving a character? An user a long while back laid out an interesting idea that frank doesn’t work WITHOUT Vietnam, the death and destruction that happened to American soldiers both home and abroad can’t really be comprehended by modern veterans. Losing that means we lost a simple concept IN frank that’s fundamentally lost, which I get and it’s in part why I understand the desire for Disney to retire the character. But don’t pretend that ANY of this is done out of anything other than a writers spite and at BEST a writer just doing what editorial wants

>>137657487>Actually, that user seemed to be making more level-headed and salient points than you areNo they're just trying to foster an enviroment of paranoid delusions to justify being a right wing shill by spamming shit hoping people will reply to it instead of just pointing out the fact they're shills.But you already understand that.

>>137657479Trump was one of the few who actually HELPED Epstein get arrested, whose presidency did the arrest happen under user?>>137657493I don’t know user what does a video funded by paramount and Viacom have to do with understanding what the powers that he want you to think and say?

Attached: IMG_2374.jpg (997x1024, 226.82K)

>>137654310>Poor Pym can't catch a break.10/10

Attached: 258ff9d741b4ffa5a73aec8f090acc3f.gif (540x541, 1.95M)

>>137657550>Trump was one of the few who actually HELPED Epstein get arrestedHe hired Bill Barr. Don't pretend you don't know about the history there.

>>137657544I didn’t know that wanting a child to understand that it’s ok to feel confused and anxious about themselves and fear about the consequences of exploiting that confusion for profit is paranoia user

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>>137657550>I don’t know user what does a video funded by paramount and Viacom have to do with understanding what the powers that he want you to think and say?I am pretty sure imagery vaguely resembling a flag that less than 5% of population knows the meaning of will not get anyone to think that pedophilia is good.

>>137655446Not really, both of those beings are irrational.

>>137657602The faggot also hired John Bolton as a foreign policy advisor, I’m not unaware of his idiocy user. Doesn’t mean that the amount of blood on his hands is anywhere NEAR the amount on Bolton hands or any other president franklyHe has delusions of taking in a system bigger than him and did, but had no ability to choose anyone of honor to help. Though of course trump being a LEGITIMATE leader of this country just really should just show how far this country has fallen, can you really say you trust Biden MORE?

>this entire fucking threadPunisher is not bad because he kills terrible people.He's bad because he has no accountability and everyone else has only his word to rely on when he says he's not gonna kill any innocents.

>>137657479He wasn't in the 'Black Book' plane (never went to the island) and the indictment has nothing to do with Epstein, freak.

>>137657666He should kill you too.

>>137657695it's funny how you're going to bat for the one guy who definitely raped kids with epstein.

>>137657621It’s about pushing it subtly user, not about going hog wild at first. Do you really think that they’re just going to TELL YOU what they want and why they hate you?>>137657666True, but then again he’s not a president who can just declare EVERYONE EVER who was droned is automatically an enemy combatant thus the drone program has NEVER killed a civilian under Obama

>>137657711I am not expressing my personal sentiment. This is just the crux of the issue with vigilantism. This is how people see real life domestic terrorists.

>>137657750Trump is an asshole and a braggart, but do you really think we don’t know his type? Nigga was into full figured bimbos, does that mean he NEVER did something bad or illegal? Of course not, but you’d think after 7 years of EVERY aspect of the powers that be coming down on him would come up with SOMETHING better than him having some papers that most presidents take


>>137657752>Do you really think that they’re just going to TELL YOU what they want and why they hate you?why wouldn't they?

>>137657752>It’s about pushing it subtly user, not about going hog wild at first. Do you really think that they’re just going to TELL YOU what they want and why they hate you?You'd be better off trying to use something like Cuties as an argument than something as ridiculous as the cake in the video that I guess subliminally hypnotizes children to like pedos or whatever.

>>137646317>blood money isn't an issue when frank uses it You people tell on yourselves at every step.

>>137657862Finally this thread has a good post>>137657826>>137657825Because they haven’t won just yet, but it’s close. But you’re right that Cuties is a better in your face example

>>137657764Unless they kill someone they hate. Like any politician you might care to name. People want blood. People need blood.

>>137657938>pajeetDisgusting subhuman smut.

>>137657942Nobody wants to be forced into a revolution.

>>137657985That doesn’t mean a revolution isn’t necessary, hell the American revolution was won with only the support of half the population. Revolutions are bloody and can lead to horrific things, and people will NEVER rise up in the comfort they feel now. But do you really agree with the war with China the powers that be are pushing soon?

>>137658018People were fearmongering about the war with Russia just a short while ago. I guess that's not relevant anymore?

>>137658047They still want war with Russia but they’re pushing war with China over Taiwan for some reason. It’s really as if we just did Ukraine to kill as many Ukrainians as possible and are now moving on out of boredom. Though seeing Canada's PM there giving them ANOTHER 500 million while his country burns is pretty funny

Is Frank really inherently political? Seems forced sometimes. You'd think more people would lean into the Rich guy beating up poor people dressed as a Bat. Frank's at least Bluecollar. Frank being retired because the world is getting "safer," and he's an outdated concept is at least more palatable than what's being implied to be happening in the background.

>>137658218He never really was, he only got political because idiot cops used the logo because they have no understanding of their job or his story

>>137658218Frank uses guns and is known more for targeting realistic criminals than over-the-top supervillains, that's literally it

>>137658172First world problems. The people dying on Ukraine probably aren't sharing your laughter.

>>137658423No they’re not, they’re dying for a literal actor whose already been proven to be embezzling money from the “foreign aid” they’re being sent. I don’t have any ill will towards any ukranian OR Russian for that matter. But this war is only happening because the US government wants it to happen

Attached: IMG_4866.png (666x746, 251.86K)

>>137644521most misogonist character to ever exist I can now know what people who hate woman mean why they say woman bad

>>137658554Russia invaded Ukraine though.And you're a right wing shill spamming a thread that you got humiliated in probably in the hopes this will get the thread deleted so you can start all over again.

I thought punishers wife is dead? How is she alive

>>1376585541) How does it benefit from the war2) How did it allegedly start the war

>>137658584And Ukraine were killing the ethnic Russians living in the Donbas region after the CIA coup in 2014 pushed there civil war. Putin isn’t a good guy but to say he had NO reason to invade Ukraine outside of not being able to lose the port Russia built there is only showcasing half of the story.I love my country, but love comes with being able to see something for ALL it is. You’re just a bitch hiding from the truth underneath the lies of corporations

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>>137658604How much do you know about Daredevil? Basically there is the ninja cult called the fist who knows how to raise people back from the dead and for some dumb ninja cult prophesy bullshit they think Frank is their murder messiah and brought Maria back because they're a dumb weird ninja cult that wants Frank to lead them.

>>137658631Putin doesn't give a flying fuck about Donbass. If he did he'd just send 500,000 people there and end it all in 3 days.t. Russian

>>137658619It’s money laundering user, we’re literally supporting the genocide of Ukraine to make money. Same as it ever was, there are certainly MORE machinations under it some of which I think we have proof of and others than I’m just inferring.

Attached: IMG_1676.jpg (680x643, 104.17K)

I refuse to believe the people claiming this is good and makes sense are genuine and not trollingYou can’t think>hurrrr all this money punisher has is evil blood money>so it’s good that Maria is using it for her own purposes! She gave HALF to charity! How generous! She only kept half of the tens of millions she didn’t do anything to get!Yeah, she sure hates franks activities so much she’s happy to take the money they generated to drive a fancy car and not workAnd that one dude saying she wouldn’t be able to get a job because she’s legally dead… dead people come back to life every day in marvel. You really think captain America wouldn’t be able to get her basic credentials for work? Lmao

>>137658697>so it’s good that Maria is using it for her own purposes! Can you explain why it's bad outside the circular argument that it's blood money?

>>137653308Every murderer taken off the streets saves lives. Punisher has saved probably 10s of 1000s of lives.

>>137658682By 'supporting' you're implying that the US somehow started it, which you're still not clarifying how.

>>137658661Putin is an asshole and a despot, and you’re right that he could’ve ended it if he wanted to when it started NINE YEARS AGO. But I don’t think he wanted to take the bait the CIA set out that lead to what’s happening now, which is ironic because if he did it then I think he would’be received the welcome he thought he was going to getPropaganda is a hell of a drug

>>137658682>We’re literally supporting the genocide of Ukraine to make moneyHow the hell does that work if we are giving ukraine Billions to fund their efforts?

>>137658722>Propaganda is a hell of a drugYeah I guess so if you're over here spamming Kremlin disinfo.

>>137658721By pushing NATO membership on them, crossing a line that Russia has drawn for DECADES. Also we’ve prevented peace talks that came to an agreement to cease hostilities twice>>137658746They can’t win the war regardless of the amount of weapons they have user. Russia is to big and CAN’T lose that port>>137658763I’m just stating that we have as much invested in Ukraine as we do in Colombia or any South American country that we destroyed for our benefit. Why do you believe that the US has ANY positive intentions in Ukraine after what THIS administration just did to afghanistan?

>>137658631Ironically another reason for the invasion. Russia is in a population death spiral and they desperately need to replenish their numbers.

>>137658722Every Ukrainian I've talked to online has been in favor of distancing themselves from Putin's and his agents' corrupt way of running things. So even if the conspiracy theories about your pindos intervention are true, it's not like the people are against it. Especially in the last 1.5 years.>>137658809Ukraine has only known Russia and its other former USSR neighbors example for the last decades so it's still a corrupt shithole that isn't going to be accepted into NATO for decades.

>>137658827Yeah, Russia has gone through THREE genocidal events in the last century alone. They’re just being dismantled out of a combination of incompetence and genuine malevolence.Though you do understand they don’t WANT Ukraine to be a part of Russia right? They wanted it to remain autonomous to give a buffer between them and NATO. This is a fuvking multilateral problem for EVERYONE, and simply stating the the US proxies are the good guys because you want that to be true shows that there isn’t anything for you to learn because you’re not strong enough

Attached: IMG_4440.png (600x1055, 454.57K)

>>137658640Now, let's consider for a moment if Maria wasn't a turbobitch and Aaron's sock puppet to punish the character he hates. Is it really in the hand's interest to take the entire reason your supposed murder messiah kills and unmake it? Like what if she was like "Frank, this is nuts. Let's take off." What're they gonna do? Kill her? This entire plot doesn't make any sense.

>>137647247Even a dead woman, with the proper motivation, can make a sandwich

>>137646112>They're doing him they way they did Danny RandWhat did they do to Danny Rand?

>>137658697Seriously, death is such a revolving door in comics in general that I wouldn't be surprised if they had a question about that on their tax forms.

>>137658871NOBODY wants to be a part of Russia, it’s ducking Russia and it’s standard of living is insanely low compared to the US proxy states. But right now the question should’ve been “what’s the best way to reduce the loss of the life?” And that’s suing for peace and both sides giving concessions, they CAME to to those concessions last year and boris fucking Johnson went over to put the kibosh on that. I’m just a fat guy on a comics board bitching about the world, but why do I have to be the adult when talking about this when my leaders say shit like this?

Attached: IMG_1933.jpg (1024x623, 136.88K)

>>137658965Because it's probably not as simple. If I went to ask those Ukrainians about this they'd probably say the concessions were forced and humiliating and that it's best to keep fighting.

>>137658941Got rid of his girlfriend by giving her to EVERY black guy then had him give up his Tibetan super powers to a Chinese national

>>137659002You do understand that negotiation like that has to come from a position of strength, both Russia and Ukraine would’ve given things up. But peace would’ve been started, right now the Ukrainians are fighting a war they don’t want to fight against a technologically superior opponent. Are YOU willing to go war for Ukraine? Because as of this point they’ve tried to drag the world into this war. Though the US was TOTALLY the one to destroy the pipeline, and it’s HILARIOUS that we’re trying to pin it on the Ukrainians and I don’t think you actually have ANY empathy about this situation

Attached: IMG_3980.jpg (604x660, 78.32K)

>>137659075I mean, I've contributed by fleeing the country before Putin could draft me against Ukraine. Though it was more out of self-interest and before the war even began, but nonetheless. I also regularly see the fruits of anti-Ukrainian propaganda on the Russian web where seemingly civilized people who were taught about how propaganda works are ignoring all that and are willing to dehumanize the neighboring country. So my empathy regarding this has probably been tested quite a bit more than yours.

>>137655916This proves that while Betty was the worst, Jarella was the fucking best.

Attached: IMG_1521.jpg (426x600, 62.27K)

>>137652116>but deep down, you wish there were people like him in the real world.>An unrepentant killer, wasting every scumbag drug pusher, gangbanger, pedo, crooked cop and politician he could get his hands on.No they don't. Because with every thug, pedo and rapist he kills, they think - that could've been me!

>>137659170This shit is more complicated than anyone can understand, and there are problems both real and imagined abs I don’t know the full solution. Right now Ukrainian is at an estimated 350k casualties and they’ve destroyed their OWN infrastructure in this war. Nothing here makes sense and to simply say that Putin is the “bad guy” and Zelenskyy is the “good guy” reduces the real lives being lost over NOTHING. I congratulate you on being able to escape but what about those who couldn’t? Shouldn’t those ukranian men who were FORCED to a front line where the survival rate was 5% get that sort of a say? I just watched my country destroy the Middle East and I’m tired of supporting what we support because of what my TV saysEmpathy is a wonderful thing, but it’s also a HELL of an EXPLOIT in a world of screens. My empathy begins and ends with Ukraine being a responsible government and suing for peace, if they can’t do that than there actually gonna have to WIN and do YOU have any bright ideas in how they can do that Vlad?

Attached: IMG_2628.png (713x589, 41.79K)

>>137659259>they think - that could've been me!Why would they think that? They have something to hide?

>>137659328Because they're user's strawman. "Anyone who treat my violent power fantasy as anything less than completely righteous must be a rapist".

>>137659302>This shit is more complicated than anyone can understandI think it's as simple as understanding that Russia invaded Ukraine for land.

>>137659370Anon WWIII was almost started because Russia tried to put missiles in Cuba, a tiny island nation we don’t share a border with. Right now Russia is grappling with potentially losing a MASSIVE PORT to the Black Sea the ONLY sea the United States didn’t have navel superiority in. Hence why I said this shit is more complicated than good guys or bad guys

>>137659425You know how WII started? Nazi Germany invading Poland for land.Just like how Russia invaded Ukraine for land

>>137659302I mean, considering it's been 1.5 years with little results on our side aside from a terrible economic collapse within the country and nearly a million young men leaving, even some propaganda-guzzling Putin supporters are starting to lose faith in our army's capability and "technical superiority". I have also seen photos of the devastation wrecked upon peaceful infrastructure by our forces. I can't exactly blame a country for trying to defend itself from a violent invasion. Yes, I imagine a lot of people on either side don't enjoy risking their lives and didn't want to be forced into this, and there's probably some sort of a financial interest in play from their leaders and yours as well involved. But in a situation where our guy started the invasion, it seems silly to focus on blaming the other side for not giving up.

>>137655735>I don't doubt this for a second, but why even bother?Aaron explicitly goes out and says it in the recap/notes of the book. They hate the fans that much.

>>137658893>Though you do understand they don’t WANT Ukraine to be a part of Russia right?putin tried to legally annex 15% of the country and gives speeches every other week about how ukraine rightfully belongs to mother russia but i'm sure you know his real intentions

>>137659444So you WANT WWIII?>>137659536I don’t what to say man, I don’t really trust Russia but I’ve also seen the evidence that Ukraine hides it’s military in civilian areas in an effort to mitigate their losses and Russia doesn’t give a shit beyond destroying the military hardware THROUGH the civilian infrastructure. I don’t know how your people will react as this goes, all I know is this is another empty brother war designed to kill as many as possible>>137659621Yes I’ve heard Putin wants to rebuild the Soviet Union, and I’ve heard senator Lindsey graham say that all those Russians our weapons have killed have justified our over 100 billion dollar investment in this war. The people at the top DON’T care about anything other than profit

>>137659749>So you WANT WWIII?Russia lacks any meaningful geopolitical to turn this into a world war.

>>137659328Shoot three random leftists and see who you hit.

>>137659893No but China seeing how much we’ve depleted our reserves for this could make a bid for Taiwan, that or the US could just drag us into that war anyway since we seem so hell bent on war in general.

>>137659924>What are a wife beater, a pedophile and a petty thief?

Attached: IMG_4940.png (250x189, 65.66K)

>>137655735>It all seems a bit pointless.>>137659559>Aaron explicitly goes out and says it in the recap/notes of the book. They hate the fans that much.It's this kind of attitude that shows us why comics are in the shape they are in today. The wankers at the top are spiteful and don't care about anything but what they want to do.


>>137659559>>137660155You're not fans, you're parasites who latched onto the Punisher.


>>137653182Spider-man saves people every single day, that is his goal. Not eradicate crime. He achieves his goal all the time too. All Frank does is kill people after they’ve already committed crimes and he himself admits it’s a pointless mission that he can’t finish and the war can’t be won.

>>137654273Yes they are insecure. Just look at how much they’re upset about Maria not being an obedient wife who 100% supports Frank for being a serial killer and using his family as a moral justification for his murder crusade


>>137654487Oh, there are a ton of resurrected women readers of Punisher out there who are married to serial killer vigilantes?

>>137662906Spider-Man sold his soul to the devil to give his 80 year old aunt a few more years, he doesn’t know what he wants. Frank is a character that doesn’t fit into a wider super hero narrative and he has never meant to be anything other than a cheap action character waffling back and forth between being caught on a mission taking out human traffickers or cartel bosses or having mental break downs and shooting up gang bangers.

>>137654715>Fucking bitch, why don’t you support Frank being a psycho mass murderer?!?

>>137654715Why did he bother to bring her back in the story? I feel like he’s been given this opportunity before and either turned it down or killed them again himself

>>137654951Maria is morally correct in condemning Frank as a serial killer who uses his dead family as a moral justification for killing people.

>>137654972>and she didn't use it to make amendsShe spent half the money on charity to make a positive impact that wasn’t just murder. She can’t make amends for something she had no active part in considering SHE WAS FUCKING DEAD AT THE TIME. All she can do is hope the donations help people and do something to wash away the blood from the legacy of her dead children who are forever tainted by their father being a famous serial killer.

>>137655006Why can’t men take personal responsibility and not fuck without a condom? Or if they insist on just fucking outside of marriage why don’t they get their dick tubes tied up?

>>137663076Yeah, but why? What does this add to anything? We live in the real world, we know killing is wrong but sometimes it’s fun to read an 18 page story where a pedophile gets burned alive or some murderer gets shot to death. What’s the point in applying real world morality in such surface level cathartic fiction?

>>137655070>I want a politician to take over and start executing people And we’re still supposed to think angry Punisher fanboys aren’t unhinged and just want le escapism when they flip out and start asking for mass murders of everyone they don’t like over a comic book story?

>>137663103The Clinton foundation has been caught human trafficking multiple times, doctors without boarders has shown some evidence in organ trafficking, Black Lives Matter (that auto corrected to be capitalized, I don’t know why) stole MILLIONS and the leaders of that cult bought real estate, charity is a nice idea but at least frank did something he researched himself and dealt with. He didn’t just spend money and hope the system knew what to do with it.

>>137663126Men do for the most part, why can’t women show self control and not blame men for their role in our mutual biological imperative?

>>137655272>She knows burning his safehouses will put him at risk but she does it anywayFrank has no use for safehouses when he’s been captured by Cap and co. and they’re going to make a stop to Frank’s activities for good.

>>137655505>EVERY SINGLE PERSON FRANK KILLED IS AN IRREDEEMABLE SOCIOPATHIC MONSTER Talk about doing absurd level of mental gymnastics to justify killing someone’s parents and pretend it will not damage their innocent children

>>137663176yeah I'm sure that'll stick

>>137655532>you don't need 50 million dollars to start overMaybe she does when she’s legally dead, has no resources, is pregnant, has to build a fake identity and hide for the rest of her life due to being the wife of history’s most prolific serial killer with thousands of people with an axe to grind due to what Frank did to their relatives, friends, spouses, etc.

>>137663216It’s fiction, what mental gymnastics needs to go into thinking that this fictional hero killed fictional bad guys? It’s less absurd than the hulk NEVER causing civilian casualties in all of his rampages. Besides spidey letting carnage stay alive has probably lead to more deaths in general than franks body count

>>137655700It wasn’t his money. And it will actually go do some good in the world instead of murdering people. So it is actually better.

>>137649084She should be death then.She is a fucking zombie and even strange said it

>>137647410Being a prolific serial killer is not some minor personality flaw, user.

>>137655735>THEY ARE NOT REAL FANSDoesn’t matter. Those people still have turned the Punisher into a toxic brand. Whining about gatekeeping and how you should ignore it doesn’t make it stop or go away. You just want to bury your butthurt ass in the sand and pretend it doesn’t matter when it actually does. The character does not work in the modern day due to how heavily he is associated with negative things.

>>137663298>negative thingsFucking pussy.

>>137663266says fucking who? What if those charities are just fronts for the myriad of criminal organizations that permeate 616? Shiiit The Hand could be one of them and then that cash is coming right back to Frankie! Wow I love this book now.

>>137656018At this point Frank was already defeated and kept under lock and key. He was done. His stuff being taken away doesn’t endanger him at all. And even when he inevitably comes back, him starting from scratch is nothing new. He’s done it countless times. You’re just grasping at straws to make Frank the real victim here, which is hilarious.>B-b-but what about the serial killer and how this negatively impacts him in theory? I bet you didn’t think of that libtards!!

>>137663266She donated it all to oxfam right? That’s a charity you support isn’t it?Hell you could’ve turned this shit into a spin off where she goes around the country investigating like frank to find places that need funding! But no she just gives it to the system because ONLY the system can do anything in the authors view

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You know I used to think it was just an exaggeration that Leftist think thag criminals should have more rights than law abiding citizens.Used to.

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>>137656041>Further, no one said she was a horrible personThis very thread is calling her everything from a bitch to a girlboss because she doesn’t wholeheartedly live and support Frank being a serial killer and saying she’s horrible for taking his money and guns and safehouses

>>137656073She is a recently resurrected from the dead woman who’s pregnant who has NO STUFF because she was kept in a ninja castle

>>137663377We honestly have hit a point where there isn’t any positive discussion to be had on this. A writer was given a job to shit on a character, he did the conversation about why is more interesting than the stories these comics shit out these days

>>137656239>Frank has a code!>And that code calls for exploiting his dead children and wife’s memory to justify murdering people!Oh wow you sure showed us.

>>137656634Because the people angry about the ending of Aaron’s current Punisher like Nazi stuff

>>137663416Murdering murderers is technically better than letting them go loose or wasting money enslaving them

>>137657079The entire story was about Frank willingly joining the hand and becoming their messiah in flesh channeling their demon killer God’s powers in exchange for bringing his wife and kids back. Where every murder he did as a member of Hand made the Beast more powerful and brought the world closer to apocalypse as the Beast’s influence on the material world grew stronger and began affecting it.

>>137657264I guess Maria is entitled to it then too

>>137663501So this is just another secret empire thing but even stupider and more permanent?Actually isn’t frank now ultimate frank? Didn’t they make that switch in secret wars or is that not canon?

>>137655382i vaguely remember the Castles being ressurected before.I think during dark reign The Hood thought that the only way to get rid of punisher is to stop his crusade by ressurecting his family, and frank kills them with a flamethrower, to which Hood is terrified because he admits it wasn't a trick, or demons in their bodies, it was genuinly them and he just killed them with firei might be misremembering tho

>>137658218No, but he was made inherently political when the military and police irl started wearing his skull on their service uniforms and vehicles and then Blue Lives Matter crowd put his skull on their flag and logo. And considering how those are all conservative leaning groups, Punisher has become inherently a political character thanks to how strongly the aforementioned people have associated themselves to him and his brand.

>>137663501Does the beast look like frank as it gets close to its ascension? Does frank get to see what he’s actually doing or is he just written as a trigger happy monster oblivious to the world?

>>137658697Maria using the blood money to support her baby and donating the rest to charity is better outcome than what Frank was using it for

>>137663416"I never killed people. I only ever killed communists."

>>137663008Frank was selling his soul to a devil too in this story.

>>137663157>Well what about this charity doing bad things?! At least Frank did research before murdering people so that makes his blood money usage better than charity!Just listen to yourself

>>137663345>Charity bad because… well it could be!

>>137663365Everyone has the same rights and criminals do not lose their rights just because you have murder fantasies about them

>>137663520No, it wasn’t stupid.

>>137663697>Charity good because....duh they call themselves a charity why would bad people do dat?????

>>137663677Yeah user, it’s better to do your own research and find places that need help than it is just giving money to some corporation that never tells you where the money goes. But I’m also focusing on the FICTIONAL part of this whole stupid conversation. But you apparently can’t handle the idea of the REAL system committing REAL atrocities you’re just satisfied that a fictional mad man has finally been stopped

>>137663709>criminals do not lose their rightsThat's exactly how we punish criminals you moron.

>>137663787It’s a fictional charity so it can be trusted to be perfect and only use the money in a good way without any fraud or mishandling and always making a highly positive impact on the world ;^)

>>137663819But it’s a comic book so that charity can be wiped out by a murderous villain at a moments notice then what does THAT change?

>>137663860Don't worry Frank can bring them all back by doing a few more demon murders. Who's the serial killer now huh?

>>137663900Well no one, they’re all fictional, you just seem so concerned about the well being of fictional criminals it’s almost concerning. But I do agree that we should try to think of better things so I’m going to head canon that franks wife donated all of that money to Oxfam!>>137663363 all of those fictional white women are going to learn that their rapes were just racial justice! That’s a better comic book story right?

>>137663216>frank castle stalks criminals the same way soldiers to their targets>find out their location, habits, hours, and lay out>title was always sold as a 'soldier fighting a war against the mafia'>NOOOOOO HE HAS TO BE IN THE STREETS SHOOTING AT OLD LADIES CROSSING THE STREET!!!if punisher is shooting innocents like you claim, then why hasn't nick fury done the same? or shield agents? what about the SWAT? do they recklessly shoot into crowds too? are US soldiers gunning down people en masse by accident (in the marvel world)? why is frank castle supposed to be worse than the Hulk, Nick Fury, Shield, Para-Military forces and the like?

>>137663860It can but until it actually happens the charity is doing perfect job of making the world better with Frank’s stolen blood money

>>137655311>The Punisher in its purist sense, not needing an excuse to dole out what he has in store.his name is 'Punisher.' he literally is named after the act of making someone who did wrong pay. all of this bad faith horseshit about him being a bad guy is lame and it makes it clear that people who hate the Punisher don't even know about him, they don't read his books (the good ones), and they love to feign ignorance to make bad arguments.

>>137663972Well until they name a charity we can just assume it’s a front for the hand or hydra getting that money to do what frank was trying to stop!

>>137663957War crimes happen in Marvel. SHIELD is compromised all the time and do bad things. Cops are still corrupt in 616. I said nothing about shooting innocents, maybe you should work on your reading comprehension skills.

>>137663991Oh so you didn’t even read the comic and are just another idiot grasping at straws and outright making things up to find things to bitch about.

>>137663986And he’s also a serial killer and unrepentant murderer that is regularly depicted as being in the wrong by superheroes.

>>137663994so how many innocents HAS nick fury and shield slaughtered? and where is your crying for their heads on a pike? how many has the hulk smashed into paste? how many cops have killed someone by mistake, and you want them to face justice?the answer is zero. youre full of shit and you know it. you have all the hypotheticals in place but no proof to back up your claims. >durr, they killin peepoh, dey bad! I need spaceshit and capeshit only! face it, plenty of modern writers hate the punisher and have a distaste for superheroes who push a hard line on criminals, ie 'if comics arent how I like it, it cant exist.'I take it you hate pulp comics as well? basically the more serious comics have no place in todays civilized, milquetoast society, because that's all Im seeing here. imagine how badly they'd shun the horrors of dick tracy, the shadow, doc savage, maybe zorro too? oh the horror, imagine all the hypothetical innocents!

>>137664018>And he’s also a serial killer and unrepentant murdererhe's an anti-hero. in fact, wolverine has admittedly killed more innocents when drunk than castle has in his entire life. makes your argument pretty stupid, considering the 'serial killer' schtick is only pulled out for guys you don't like.

>>137664003I’m just here to piss people off who pearl clutch about fictional violence while being unable to discuss actual violence in the world

>>137664065>What about sniktbub!!?LOL

>>137664056>Baaaawwwwww you hate everything I likeIt’s like talking to a child.

>>137664180>greentexts a nonpoint to avoid the actual pointsI see through you. go cry about your bullshit somewhere else, pussy. you reek of feminism and cope>>137664159he's literally cap's good friend and everybody loves the little murder midget. he can do no wrong. except he has the blood of doctors, innocent guards, people who happened to be in a bar, people at a rich gala, some jedi padawans, guys who approach him asking him if he needs help while he's naked in the snow, and plenty of other times. but but ... that's different!

>>137664056The ironic thing is The Punisher is just one of many lone-wolf anti-heroes that populated the fiction of the 70-80's when high crime was rampant. People wanted a cathartic release from that oppressive miasma and they often got what they wanted. We're now in another lawless era where character's like Frank will be in demand.

>>137664209Wolverine has killed children before too. There is no limit to what Logan can do and get away with. Let's not forget that Deadpool was a literal psychopathic serial killer villain at the start, but since he does le quirky chimichanga shit and gets cosplayers to dress as him his atrocities are buried. Punisher is hated because the guys who grew up playing sports, did ROTC and joined the military or the police force (you know, to make actual change in the real world) are repelled from the fandom because it's just a bunch of unrealistic geeks who hate something that doesn't resemble Saturday morning cartoons.

>>137664241>We're now in another lawless era where character's like Frank will be in demand.Just how coddled are you?

>>137664247Not just children. his OWN children.

>>137664279just how disingenuous are you? because everything you've said is bullocks

>>137664209Wolverine is a more complex character than Frank, yes.

>>137664338>berserker rage!it's not very deep, he's a convoluted anti-hero who slaughters people left and right and never answers for it. the serial killer moniker fits him better than anybody else. frank? I guess the trauma from war, losing his family, the justice system failing him and the mafia still trying to kill him when he tried to do the right thing is no biggie. not complex at all. without a brain wave scanner and apocalypse using a plot device the story should be falsely accused of being bad for comics and has no place in our comic community (we'll ignore that frank has been manipulated by ninja, angles, demons, shield, red hulk and the like because you're a wolvie fanboy)