Death Battle

What are your dream matchups?

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>>137644120Samus vs HaloguyDo it already you cowards

>>137644120Goku lost

>>137644120Give it a break, lad. We'll be back on Sunday.

>>137644146Her name is Metroidgal, you swine

>>137644120What is happening with Death Battle threads?

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>>137644171janitorial staff's favorite verse got BTFO a little too many times

>>137644180You for real?

>>137644208'Fraid so.

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>>137644162You right, I kneel

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>>137644180Gee, I didn't know they were Dragon Ball fans. But it makes sense, jannies and anime fans both tend to be transsexual.

Shit thread. Janny, clean it up

>>137644180I always knew that jannies were capeshit fags. Capeshit is THE place for trannies.

>>137644269i can smell your zesty ass


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>>137644283How much do they get paid to do this?

>How much do they get paid to do thisGuess.

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>>137644386500 bucks per deleted post if i had to guess. why else would they spend so much time deleting posts and threads and cleaning up after shitposters?

>>137644536>500 bucksgeez no wonder Jannies do it for free, they're fucking loaded already

>>137644171>>137644180>>137644208SEND THE THREADS TO /trash/ ALREADY FFS

>>137644120Maybe next Saturday the jannies will leave us alone

>Darkseid vs Thanos is over four years old nowWhere the fuck did the time go

Did ANYONE want next time? Even the subreddit can’t gaslight themselves enough to like it

>>137644581someone shot the ultimate nullifier into the time stream and got rid of 4 entire years from our timeline

>>137644584There's probably a group of hardcore smooth brains that loudly demanded it, like how Noel vs Aegisfag champions his shit match.

>>137644604I could understand if it had good connections or the potential to be really interesting, but it’s just “lol electricity” with hiatus x hiatus and an anime no one gives a fuck about. It’s impressive how a small group of people can convince the staff that this matchup is popular enough to be a season finale

>>137644581God i hope they remaster the episode, who the fuck thought it was a good idea to have niggerrap and deadpool's corny 4th wall breaks in the fight??? This should've been doomsday vs hulk but with extra powers like uni-beams and spatial warpping, i also hate how janky the fight looks when it gets to space and how the planets don't have any real impact, they might as well be throwing planet shaped rocks at each other, give us some exploding black holes or space warp shenanigans Darkseid still wins but I'd like them to use stuff other then the infinity gauntlet, at least with jim starling HotU wank its less of a stomp against trueseid which was fucking terrible as he was literally just a shitty jpeg, missed opportunity to have a hand drawn animationThe death was also fucking lame as hell, i get its supposed to be humiliating but com'n, you could've done much more better with torturing Thanos, i feel like that just a generic gory stomp would've been better, fuck you can even make a callback to the cancerverse where no one fucking dies, considering he literally loves deathFuck you even have him thank darkseid for killing him, because that's what he wantsThis episode was such a fucking disappointment, its sad

>>137644723Death battle's "humor" has been stuck in the early 2010's AND THEN DEADPOOL SHOWED UP AND WAS WHACKEY and hasn't changed since.

>>137644120Captain Marvel vs Thor would be a perfect matchup that becomes sheer nonsense.

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Cringe matchups

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>>137644961this one's based if walter wins

>>137644961Anything Danganronpa related.

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>>137644967Those characters are so copy paste, only a tier or two above beloved isekai protagonist Watanabe Generico


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>>137644982The thing is the games actually do have some neat themes and gameplay, but it's drowned beneath the crowd of people who want to self insert as hope's peak students even when the 3rd game spoke out against that. Sad


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>>137644120Me against OP's mom

>>137644961>It should be a heccin death TRIAL!!!I admit some of these ideas are neat, but I want to specifically call out 3 mus>MakotoDumbass. Literally only talent is being lucky. Lol>Saul GoodmanHave they ever watched the show? Even bcs devolved into the mike and gus show. He gets stomped badly. Even with courtroom shenanigans, wright still wins. He's dealt with that since the first game. >LHe takes an L.

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Now this is kino. >But muh heccin lighterino! No. They're in two completely different continents. They would never interact. I want to see matches with real legacy behind them instead of something "unique" or "interesting." That's how you get killua vs misaka. >>137644965Realistically he should. Light has no skills at all in h2h. His "martial arts" are worthless in a gun fight which Walt has actually experience with. The moment he tries to disarm Walt he gets shot through the head. Anyone saying otherwise has not watched any of the shows and is just a casual.

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>>137644961Mostly anything Jojo.

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>>137644961Apparently someone on the team was advocating for this? I wouldn't be surprised if it's the star one. Lmao

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>>137644961Light would never find out that Walter White the chemistry teacher became the ultimate meth artist.

>>137645002The artstyle feels like one of those online games where everyone is a “anime character”. They all just feel like variations of one another. Not as bad as the vast majority of isekai protags being so copy paste that huge collages look like they’re all from the same series

>>137645082And its a legacy matchup too

>>137644180I support the extermination of these threads if roleplayers cannot be purged for some reason.>>137644257

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>>137644961Frieza vs PyronAtrocitus vs Red HulkMighty No. 9 vs MegamanYooka-Laylee vs Banjo KazooiePeter vs HomerAnnoying Orange vs SpongebobRidley vs VileDemi-Fiend vs SpawnSuperman vs Optimus PrimeGodzilla vs EVA UnitPvZ vs BTDSenator Armstrong vs Any character that is associated with being "le evil nazi" or "toxic violent father figure" (Omni-Man, Mecha Hitler, The guy from persona 5)Pyramid Head vs NemesisThe Maxx vs Denji (that is unless the maxx wins, but as a death battle its gonna be fucking aids)

>>137645385>Peter vs homer>super man vs Optimus prime>Godzilla vs EvaThose are good fuck you

>>137645153Ugh, it better fucking not be, shit's as shallow as you can get.

>>137645020>KirbyNot bad, either way i win because you either get kirbyfags trooning out or gokuspics going apeshit>SaitamaId rather just see a OPM and DB crossover, its more interesting narrative wise then as a Death BattleOMM did it and i doubt NU-Death Battle will surpass it>Optimus PrimeDoesn't fit at all, he's more suitable for something like superman in a DBX>Jin MoriIdc about anime, just do sun wukong vs goku desu>PoKino as an exhibition/non-researched fight>SupermanThey should go all out if they do it for the third time, every goku and every superman battling it all out at once with the strongest version coming on top>Ultramankamehameha vs ultra beam sounds sick animation wise>Sailor MoonSame as kirby but lamer because there are less troons who wank sailor moon then there are with kirby who go "OOOOOH BUT THE LORE MY HECKIN' PAUSE MENU DESCRIPTION">SonicSame as kirby, throw in shadow and vegeta to make things more interestingAnd use the archie versions against DBH ones>LuffyGood as an exhibition/one minute melee>Saint SeiyaIts okay, its just a debate thats the main focus of the fight, nobody really cares for how a fight between the two would look like>GT vs SuperDidn't we already get that with vegito vs gogeta

>>137645402Peter vs Homer os unnecessary af, we all know Peter stomps, they can't surpass the official fight we got, give them other fights or put every cartoon dad against each otherAlso feeding eva is a fucking insult to godzilla, godzilla should fight someone stronger on a cosmic scale

>>137644120never gonna happen, but it'd be fun.>both decrepit looking, hooded old men>both prefer manipulation over direct combat, but both deceptively powerful>both founded empires to further their own personal pursuits of power>both masters of corruptive, dark, forbidden powers>both tempt others to into using it>both killed off in their original run>both unceremoniously brought back to be antagonists again in their respective franchises through the magic of bad writingWarcraft just doesn't have the pull for this, though. They'd put Voldemort or someone against Palpatine.

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>>137645434Yeah and we will miss out on VSBW Troons meltdown over Persona getting GER'd and getting into a war with swan

>>137645499Nah they will sack palp to xenorth because let's be honest if they are autistic enough to drop the ball on Spongebob, Deku and Magical Idex MUs then they will certainly go with the uncanny option to shut off complaints about capeshit

>>137645506>troons vs swan Please I need this

>>137644961Giornio vs Joker but the main focus is Swan vs VSBW

>>137645474>nobody really cares for how a fight between the two would look likeTell that to Latin America

>>137645535He gets it, shit will be more kino then otto vs listtroon

>>137644301>weeb>fantasizing about user's assholesChecks out

>>137645579oh you got a thong up your bussy huh?

>>137645681Would that get you off, tourist-kun?

>>137645474Goku vs Jin Mori is SOVL as fuck tho. Too bad that Death Battle basically retired Goku.

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>>137645954you'd love that wouldn't you? moist hoe

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>>137644120I am still coping hard that the BEAST message means Gohan and that we get a good fight.

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>>137645493>he doesn’t want to see Godzilla ducking mindbreak Shinji or Asuka>what, no AT field? This should be ea->*horrible agonized screaming*

>>137646066You think Dragonball automatically means a good fight and that anything else isn’t. Fuck off

>>137645493>>137646310Godzilla is for Ultraman

>>137645499man, I wish warcraft was good.hasn't been since 3.

>>137646322To be honest, most Dragon Ball matchups had pretty good animations and soundtracks.

>>137646526They also introduced universe and dimensional scaling to death battle.

>>137644120>Better connections than Orochimaru vs Meduza and Orochimaru vs Voldemort>Their powers and fighting styles fits better than Orochimaru vs Meduza and Orochimaru vs Voldemort>Closest Orochimaru matchup>Great banter potential>If Mayuri wins, it would be very poetic: Orochimaru's dream is to become a Soul Reaper, and he would die at the hands of a Soul Reaper.10/10 match up. But giga autists from vs battles hate it because muh Naruto vs Bleach againLiterally the only reason, why they want Orochimaru vs Meduza or Orochimaru vs Voldemort over this, because they hate idea of having another Naruto vs Bleach matchup, despite the fact, Oro vs Mayuri is objectively better matchup.

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>>137644120Imagine what Chad Vader can do to a pedobito brain

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>>137644586I fully believe this. Literally nothing has happened since 2020.

>>137644841It's been done.

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>>137645474>"OOOOOH BUT THE LORE MY HECKIN' PAUSE MENU DESCRIPTION"Kirby literally fought a Tetsuo in his latest game. It wasn't even the final boss.

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>>137644120Another battle royal similiar to all the megaman duking it out. Maybe all the belmonts fighting each other?

>>137645385>Annoying Orange vs SpongebobWhat the fuck would that even be? just them laughing at each other till one of them explodes?

>>137647400don't forget he talked about time travel with saul and LAUGHED at the mere notion of wormholes. heisenberg is a herald tier

>>137644723they use rap because darkseid and thanos have a darker pigment. Just like miles vs static had rap because they were black. or how tj, and balrog had rap because they're black.

>>137645082Tony has precog. He once ate some bad food and had a premonition of who was the rat in his gang. The day before the fight he'd just dream of a talking fish that tells him how walter is going to attack him.

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>>137647975i still think rap is the worst genre used to represent the whitest characters aliveseriously one guy is so fucking edgy they simp for death and the other is inspired by nixon and hitler, they are nowhere near close as to being niggersi get it if it was some matchup like Gorilla Grodd vs Mojo Jojo or Hancock vs Homelander but these character are too WHITE for that shit

>>137645082>Light has no skills at all in h2h.

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>>137644961What the fuck is even the link between these?

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>>137647975How in God's name are Thanos and Darkseid black? Explain this dumbass logic.And I don't see people complaining about using TJ's theme since it fit.

>>137645153>Someone ranked at 9 universes on pity vs a DCOUCH

>>137648177Rap has long replaced metal and rock as the edgy genre. I'm sure some zoomers have made nazi edits to the tune of NWA or xxxtentacion.

>>137647471that shit was mild af, kids media can get way more intense then this (see Mary and Max, Watership Down, Majora's Mask and Mother 3) and nintendotroons gassed themselves up into taking a meme in the small kirby community as legit

>>137648236I don't know, user. That's death battle for you.

>>137648291Tendies are so up their own ass about everything. Pic semi related, it’s what they act like

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>>137644961Propped up by a pack of lies, lol

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>>137648265>I'm sure some zoomers have made nazi edits to the tune of NWA or xxxtentacion.That's why I hate zoomers so much. They are complete ignorants. Many black metal bands have literal nazi lyrics

>>137648265these characters have way more class to be represented by NIGGER music, niggers can't be fucking royalshould've used some orchestra shit too

>>137648013Meta Knight is for BRC (Big Riku Cock)

>>137648349Agreed, which is why Meta Knight vs Zero is cringe

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>>137644961Fucking awful, which makes it a pity that it's so popular and likely to happen.

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>>137648380honestly this is the only way im willing to accept Kingdom Hearts' 3-0, if some twink shit idgaf wins at least have it BTFO some kirbtroons, genuinely some of the most insufferable people on earth

Vergil vs Kazuya. Devil Fathers dipping on child support.

>>137648305yeah i can see it being scary for kids but outright calling tame ass shit like that cyan sludge pile "Dark" really makes me think zoomers are mentally bubble babies

>>137648523Vergil vs Sesshoumaru is a bit tighter, they also have the "wants relic from brother" and "embracing dad's demon side for the pursuit of power" angle

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>>137648548Vergil and Sesshomaru have the best connections, but I mainly posted that as a joke, and because it was a Kazuya match up that wasn't fucking Wesker.

>>137648548brutal stomp

>>137648548Personally I'm still on Sesshomaru vs Itachi

>>137644961anything with FNaF, Undertale, SCP, Creepypasta, DDLC, Cartoons that aren't focused on action (Gumball, Chowder, Spongebob, EEnE, Billy and Mandy), Youtubers, Real Life People and horse show

>>137648575Is it, now that Swan no longer buys universe level DMC?>>137648629You do you then, but but pull of "arrogant asshole blue oni brother that pursues power and embraces his demonic heritage from his dad but ends up hypocritically fathering a part human mutt" is too good for me

>>137648562Kazuya vs Yujiro actually kind of works since Akuma's not going to be on the table for a bit

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>>137648682That about covers it

>>137648890what other non-action cartoons should be excluded

>>137647314why do you spell medusa like that? is it a meme or a translation thing i’m unaware of?

>>137648265maybe with xxx, definitely not with fucking NWA though

>>137648326*Neo-Nazi lyricsThe Nazis would have murdered most Black Metal bands

>>137645342a martian tripod can shrug off a nuclear bomb, AT-STs get curbstomped by fuzzy midgets and a couple logs.

I wonder how long till this thread gets axed, the jannies have been on a roll this past few days

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>God Hand has nothing on the Hulk's hand brother

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>>137648256My guy you are literally the only person still bringing that up, for someone who's confident in DC you sure like to do this a lot.

>>137644961Capeshit matches

>>137649645Let them try. Dragon CHADS are protecting this thread.

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>>137648193He only got lucky considering he was chained to L and was still clowned on.

Who should be the next Batman's executioner?

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>>137647314It would be Bleach's first ever win

>>137648220What a shit match up. Rayquaza is for Bahamut to kill

>>137644146Unironically yes, but it's an absolute stomp after Metroid Dread.

>>137644120>What are your dream matchups?Death Battle fixing the rigged Tifa vs Yang and Bayonetta vs Dante MUs, I guess.

>>137648772yujiro rapes if they give him that AoE fear aura hax that paralyizes people

>>137644961This fight is apparently uneven as shit and the themes the supporters bring up are all lies. But it has a cult-like following, which is kind of creepy.

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>>137648193what's light gonna do when walt throws fulminated mercury at his forehead?

the only thing the chosen undead can break are wooden doors. He only kills big dragoons by chirping away their health. I could kill an elephant just as easy if I could avoid getting killed too.

>>137650562Fug is for bug

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>>137651989no connections just feed fug to goji

>>137649645Aku vs The Lich

>>137652649I like this one

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>>137652859It's a nice match, good themes. Primordial evil from space with an inconstant form that crashed onto earth and killed the dinosaurs.

>>137651588As a fan of the MU, apparently Akuma Homura is non standard and connections are… up to debate, but animation potential is good

>>137652649They should have used him more...

>>137653041How the fuck is Akuma Homura non-standard? It's her most powerful and recent form. It would be like them not using the newest transformation for Goku, or the most recent powerups for Deku or Naruto. As far as my memory goes, Death Battle has rarely if ever held back on an anime character's max power, even when that max power state requires a lot of prep time or some outside help. They gave Esdeath that absorbed storm nonsense and Madara the Juubi. Why would Akuma Homura be "non standard"? That point reeks of desperation, and you know this because all of Homura's other matchups have her in Akuma Homura form and at that level of power except for this horrific stomp with the match's cultists trying to convince people they wouldn't use the form where universal-multiversal Homura stomps city level Kurumi. Ask the Zoom people if they think Zoom vs Kurumi is a fair match, and you will know. The connections are all lies too, and you know it. Plus "Animation potential" doesn't mean shit, most if not all matches have animation potential. It's whether or not the crew lives up to it. Look at this writeup for Shadow vs Mewtwo and compare it to the actual vs Kurumi is a shitty match pushed by a pedophile that just wants to jack off to Homura murdering another teenage girl, that's all there is to it man.

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>>137651989>pokeniggers get BTFO by jobbermothBased>>137653003>Genndy>dinosaursNever ever. Btw could Moro communicate with Fang?

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>>137653374probably, at least to some extent. Spear didn't even use words for the majority of the show when communicating to Fang, just meaningful looks and gestures, and occasional grunts/screams that are more animalistic than human. Fang would likely understand Moro as well as Spear and Mira (or even her mate). Plus Moro herself is extremely intelligent (a lot more so than even humans in PM), she could easily communicate in some fashion to Fang

>>137651989>JOBthraFug should fight her son Mothra Leo instead since it's fairer and a more entertaining fight since he's got more stupid shit that can compliment Fug's moves

>2023>10 years of death battle>season 10>only two of the Toho big 5 have been used, with maybe a third happening sometime in the future

>>137644672I feel this one that proposed a lot when Raildex was the hot new thing, since HiatusxHiatus was still well known in anime circles, but Raildex finished and Railgun is a lot stronger. It's sort of like Colex, a fight that's been pushed for for ages, but is finally now coming out when neither is relevant.

>>137650427Yamcha. Let him lose to the second weakest of the DBZ crew.

Never read or watched Hunter x Hunter, but does Killua even have a chance against Misaka (or vice sera)?

>>137654253I mean, people have pushed raildex in a vsbattles context a lot. Like, this or that has a cool ability, etc. And hiatusxhiatus.........I think there are fans of it out there.

>>137653003I love how Aku's over the top and comedic personality clashes with the Lich's lifeless and nonchalant approachThere would be something satisfying about seeing Aku being scared

>>137652649>>137652859>>137653003this one might actually end in a tie, they can't really kill each otherLich is the embodiment of entropy, decay, deconstruction, death, and most importantly, inevitability. As long as all lights in the universe are destined to fade, the lich will always be, and will always eventually win.Meanwhile Aku can only be killed by “The strength of the human spirit and the virtue of human righteousness” which is something the Lich definitely does not have

There's been a lot more Prototype threads on Holla Forums this year; I suspect the upcoming Deathbattle is at least partially responsible. Imagine if they announced a new Prototype tomorrow.

Post matchups that might actually be unironic stalemates


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>>137654735Depends, Aku (most notably his primordial self) can be destroyed by gods, so its possible if you consider the Lich's magics as being on a deific level (which is debatable since he needed to posses Death's son to do real work) then you can say maybe he could kill Aku. However, it definitely seems likely the Lich can be outright defeated since Sweetpea has done it (in only their universe however), but otherwise you can still "defeat" the Lich through sealing or giving him flesh, and Aku could theoretically do this like with Demongo, or just bfr him to another dimension or time

>>137648177Darkseid was black when he incarnated as Boss Dark SideThanos is a nigger


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>>137654735>>137654947Aku can still feel pain by conventional means like the giant samurai robot wailing on him in the finaleThe whole "magic god sword" might just be an NLF ala Ganondorf and the Master Sword

>>137649298>goosesteps and Roman salutes to 'Gangsta gangsta' and 'Fuck da police'Problem?

>>137650427Batman gets 'preptime' and solos

>>137654586The general consensus is that Misaka's electric powers are superior to his, however Killua's wincon would rely on his assassination arts for she's merely humanNot sure what Killua's response to her going level 6 would be,though

>>137655285The Robo-Samurai is strange cause it also seems to be of a mystical sort, like how it drew in Jack's energy to activate and let him pilot it, as opposed to the robots using a cockpit. So it'd be a safer bet to say that Aku is more vulnerable to magic (with Jack's sword being the ultimate "fuck you" option since it was forged by the literal head gods of several pantheons). And ai mean, the Lich also got his head ripped apart by Finn with a sweater

>>137655371The funny thing is the reason Batman gets dumpstered so hard in DB is specifically because he's not allowed any preptimeWhich makes his W against Steve even funnier

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>>137654586Killua is dead meat. He's a melee dude going up against an opponent that can fly and zap him to death and outstats him in all aspects. He's outranged, can't hide because unless Nen Concealment makes him intangible he still has a physical body that Misaka's radar can detect, and he's going up an opponent that can kill in a dozen different ways. He's fucked.

>>137648220Nintendo dragons I guess, rayquaza should fight fatalis though

>>137645020Archie Sonic so they can finally kill the archie use and give us Fleetway Super Sonic

>>137655836Who's Fatalis

>>137655868>another easy Archiekino win against a gigawanked opponentBased. Though of course you're also forgetting Enerjak vs Juggernaut

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>>137653710>Mothra Leo vs fugHoly shit do you want fug to die?>literally passes through Fug’s body with transcending fate, causing him to crystallize and then explode


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>>137654586Not really, she outstats him hard and has many wincons. Killua's only win con is to try to assassinate her. He could theoretically succeed at this, but she has a passive radar and incredibly fast reaction times so it's much more likely she would just dodge it and kill him or stop him before he could ever even get close. His only real hope is getting wanked really hard while she got downplayed, something that isn't impossible considering he's the more well known and popular of the two.

>>137655881Fatalis the Black Dragon, was the first Elder Dragon (final boss) of the Monster Hunter series. It's notoriously difficult, and it's main lore is that it's fire is so hot it destroyed an entire kingdom/country in a single night

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>>137656145Oh, Jap CoD boss, okayThat lore sounds like it should fight one of the new ruin mons from gen 8, though obviously they're way too new to get a booking. Their lore also states they destroyed the kingdom of a greedy ruler in a single night after he bought them from a traveling merchant.

>>137656097Wank is easy for him, using Jump Force scaling puts him well beyond, it's a question on if they'd do it though. Misaka doesn't really get anything near that good allowing her crossovers.

>>137655956>crystallizeGood news, Delta Stream reduces the damage of Rock type attacks

>>137656201Yeah that sounds pretty good, tho honestly it's hard to pin down exactly how high the Elder Dragons go since the are several that are explicitly continental like Shara Ishvalda that makes continent-spanning earthquakes, and then there's ones like Nergigante that exclusively hunt and feed on Elder Dragons

>>137656253Why on earth would they scale him to Jump Force?

>>137656314Because they could. Same reason you have shit like Jonathan scales to Part 3 Dio, because Swan felt like he could sneak it in, and let his favorite win. Though since I don't know which one Swan likes more this time, I have no clue what sort of wank he'll do.

>> they use this as a durability feat for Walter? that'd be hilarious

>>137656395I'm gonna say they wouldn't. Swan didn't do it for Dio (even with his cock down his throat), so I doubt they'd use it for a why matchup

>>137656395But they've ever scaled anyone to Jump Force. Why would they do it now?

>>137656550People keep asking why they would, the original question was, could they come up with some wank, which yes, there is Crossover Killua. And the would is because Swan feels like it, like most other nonsense like multiftl Chosen Undead.

>>137656625The original question was "but does Killua even have a chance against Misaka" and the answer is quite honestly no.

>>137656625but they've never used obvious non-canon crossovers for stats before

>>137656697It's a troll.

>>137656395I doubt swan has much to do with this matchup, he's fairly casual as far as anime is concerned so toaru is likely beyond his weeb levels. The wank could go either way since Killua is the more popular from a bigger franchise so he's more likely to have a fanboy but at the same time the only reason someone would suggest Mikoto in the first place is if they were familiar with and a fan of toaru.

>>137654779I think it's cause there were so many remake announcements, and none of them were about Prototype. Then again could just be Cole vs Alex getting people excited.

>>137645082Walter and Tony live in separate states 1,951 miles apart while their criminal organizations are based locally. It has the same problem as Light.

>>137655956So a literal NLF

>>137656920Goku is beyond the concept of NLF

>>137657036this. i have seen shall we say brown skinned battleboarders acknowledge nlf's and STILL say goku wins

>>137651989>>137652066How far you can wank the speed of godzillaverse kaijus?I'm asking this because 99% of the time the faster nigger wins in death battle (the exceptions being if the speed gap isn't too big or if the slow one has higher defense than the opponent attack potency) and at first sight one would say that fug is faster.

>>137648193The argument was that H2H is irrelevant in a gun battle, but>getting kicked by a guy who's sitting and handcuffedis not great evidence for being a skilled H2H combatant

>>137657329if you go with marvel i guess he'd get planck scaling in death battle. fastest calcs i've seen on the movie verse are in the thousands of times FTL

>>137657422I’ve seen a lot faster, trillions of ftl

>>137656866But they're both Americans and have a more likely chance of meeting because of the nature of their business plus the contrast with light is too much. He would just consider him a thug and kill him while on the other side of the planet. At least tony would be more grounded than light's magic notebook

>looks like mega fug beat lightspeed Mothra>armor Mothra emerges while a remix of the Mothra song plays Also lightspeed Mothra can travel time, so he could pull a “time, huh?”

This entire conversation gave me an insight

>>137648317least noel won this animation. based aquila.wonder what she's doing now. she did some of the best early one minute melees, notably sakuya vs dio. then the only fight she animated for db proper was friggin lucario vs renamon. after that, nada

>>137658051What is it?

>>137644120after reading both this entire thread and the last one, it seems to me like most of you guys are under the impression that a character is only as powerful as the biggest thing they have destroyed and to anyone who thinks like this, i have a question for you think that orange piccolo is only a moon buster?the largest thing piccolo has destroyed in his life is the moon and that was before he fought nappa so if a character is only as powerful as the biggest thing they have destroyed then current 2023 orange piccolo would only be moon level.does that really seem logical to you?

Attached: PiccoloMoon.jpg (1200x675, 43.43K)


>>137657839>The chunky big monsters who are constantly hitted by human military stuff are somehow MFTL+Ok I would like to hear the logic behind this, this sounds like Swank 1500 ftl Dio

>>137658136>heYes, Mothra Leo is a boy, he’s Mothras son>>137658161Lightspeed Mothra is literally the name of the form and it uses time travel abilities in the rebirth of Mothra movies

>>137658107I'm gay

did swan ever comment on cu vs ldb? as in why he put tjem at uni/multi, why he doesn't think mehrunes razor would work on the undead curse, why he legit made the dragonborn a villain, etcetera

>>137658204He’s just letting his simps do the work for him

>>137658197we know superman

>>137658299>he talks to everyone living rent free in his head

>>137649627when did they shrug off nuclear bombs? and if they're not hit point blank then even cars can survive nukes

>>137658194Why would you use a successor rather than the real Mothra for probably the only fight she'd ever getEspecially in a fight where she's already got the wank advantage>>137658299>tranimes have moved from being obsessed with the man who dominated their "hero" and the little island they worship, to simple homoerotic lust and fantasizingInevitable

Attached: Slap+a+jap_244341_5773183.jpg (373x231, 44.24K)

>>137654935I like this one. I'm interested particularly because IMO the Fury can tear the Shrike apart with physicals since it was pretty powerful even relative to Captain Britain who is a brick and would most likely get FTL scaling in a Death Battle episode. And if it can do that, then it should be able to absorb the Shrike it mauled no?


Attached: Prideman.jpg (650x1000, 127.92K)

>>137658525my HERO is so COSMOPOLITAN god i hope my wife is having sex with another man right nowI LOVE SUPERMAN

If you can no-sell vibration bullshit can you mog the Flash?

>>137658129has been discussed before>everyone in db uses pretty much the same ability (ki) in a strict powerlevel setting>therefore he destroys as much as the strongest foe he SCALES to/is stronger thanPiccolo is at least stronger than cell, who destroyed a galaxy, and used ki, so for example you could say he's galaxy buster too.

>>137658592Yeah, DB scaling is pretty cut and dry

>>137644723Trueside ended up being exhausted as a trump card in the comics anyways, he got bested by DC's Monkey King, he isn't some ethereal formless elder god like that fight made it seem.

If there was any hero who inspired me to come out this Pride Month it has to be Superman from DC comics! He has no limits!

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If they were going to do a match out of left field, it should have been this one.

Attached: What-if_Death_Battle_Samurai_Jack_vs._Guts.jpg (250x141, 11.93K)

>>137658129This is an unfortunate side effect of having to set up rules so people can't bullshit and exponentially extrapolate nonsense.

>>137658129It's all about consistency. If you power scales everyone in marvel then you get some pretty wacky shit like universal level spiderman or batman. Death battle makes everyone universal now because of that shit. Look at cu vs db. I wouldn't be surprised if they made spiderman or batman ftl the next time they appear on the show.

>>137658525>>137658574>>137658620Writing more yaoi slashfic isn't isn't going to erase Goku's 0-2 record, tranime-kun.

>>137658624Jack not only destroys Guts, but he also shatters Dragonslayer.

Attached: ce17577fb96b316d78aa501e8d53d408--samurai-jack-jack-oconnell.jpg (451x315, 20.12K)

>>137658601The only people I've seen who get filtered by dragon ball scaling are vsbattles babies. It's apparently "too complicated" for them. Either that or it's just too simple for them without any deep lore.

>>137658624It would be so cool, but the audience wouldn't appreciate it.

Attached: 1676250598085300.png (960x540, 935.5K)

>Writing more yaoi slashfic isn't isn't going to erase Goku's 0-2 record, tranime-kun.

Attached: Supercry.jpg (400x400, 48.58K)

After watching Shin Kamen Rider, I'm pretty sure Kamen Rider 1 literally turns Spiderman into a red stain. Holy shit.

>>137658592bro what? when did cell destroy a galaxy? his absolute strongest attack was like a supernova at best, and it was also strong enough to completely disintegrate cell himself at the cellular level so his basic bitch punches, blasts and kicks do not scale to it

>>137658620>Go! Gohan! Go out and blast to the extreme!I will! Thank you, father!

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>>137658575Can you stop him vibrating shit around you? Or coming at you at 100googleftl from five dimensions and four universes away?

>>137658732And Cap. His best match might actually just be the Red Power Ranger.

>>137658664they already made spider-man a light timer, batman a lightning timer and black canary a light timer

>>137658575No, the only way to beat someone like flash is to be someone above the concepts of time and space or something like that, I believe that because Reverse Flash shitted his pants when he saw Dr Manhattan (but I wouldn't be surprised if DC hack writers gave him a forgotten giga hack feat that would make him the winner in that)

>>137658732>watching the worst kamen riderShinfags are the worst, and I mean that for all the shin movies. These tards invade the three respective fanbases to preach about how that particular movie is the definitive take on the character, and then it turns out they’ve only seen that one movie.Fucking annofags man

>Goku will never be cu- *Wake up to reality*

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>>137658575if you perceive reality in such a way that going from a to b is something you see before it actually happens then you mog him

>>137658798Eh, Punishers wife came back from the dead just to divorce rape him and call him a loser faggot incel so he literally an herosSo just remember: it's going to be worse when it's your turn, actual cuck

>>137658620Unironically could Gohan Blanco defeat Jon?


Attached: yamcha_milk_familia_by_slendercat01_ddw8gwx-pre.png (800x999, 638.17K)

>>137644961>>137644965>>137645082>>137656866>>137657820>"My name is Walter White-">"Thanks for the tip" >Fight over, Light Yagami wins!

>>137658849No, but his best match-up is neither Connor nor Jon. Why go for Bronze and Silver when you GOLD?>Enter Super7D Prime

Attached: Gohan BEAST vs Superboy Prime.png (1000x563, 906.98K)

>>137658819I thought it was good. I never try to see it as superior or inferior to the original, just a new take on it

I can't wait until Canada Day. Who'd make the GOAT leaf vs leaf matchup?

>>137658862>poor reading comprehension(You) are the cuck, retard. Go on, shill some more jewish trash and tell us how much it means to you, dumb faggot

>>137658846Holy fuck. Are all modern DC/ Marvel comics like this? Wtf are the writters smoking?

>>137658849spic blanco is several digits stronger than zeno

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>>137658906Prime is still for English.

>>137658925Not leaf vs leaf, but probably the best matchup out there involving a leaf

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>>137658822Yamcha isn't a pedophile unlike faggots like Listroon

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Attached: Superman sweltering rape.png (576x518, 626.98K)

>>137658937>jewish trashthat'd be DC and its posterboy SuperFAG LMFAO

Attached: (You).jpg (1000x1000, 124.29K)

Man, listroon is obsessed with Superman's sexuality. It's weird. It reeks of projection.

>>137659265>afraid to reply to ListCHAD

I'm Leatherwing.

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>>137658466>she's already got the wank advantageDidn't they outright say in the Ray VS Bahamut DBC that they thought it was a dragon match with "much higher power levels" than Ghidorah VS Deathwing? Surely that would mean they have Fug leagues ahead of Mothra

>>137658864>Um actually I'm le Heisenberg

>>137658819I don't really think that's true for Shin Ultraman. Unlike Godzilla and Kamen Rider there isn't really a schism between what people liked about that movie and what people liked about the OG.

>>137658732The fuck are you talking about? He essentially got no exceptional feats in that movie, except for the cyclone self destruct looking like a mini black hole. Regular Rider 1 has better speed feats, strength feats and durability, especially with crossovers.

>>137659623I'm more talking about how he casually eviscerates people and can also keep up with dudes who have actual super speed

Reminder Yamcha beats Sauron. Planet level+ vs continent. Yamcha has way better ranged options + training. He can fly out of range of anything Sauron can do and just one shot him.>"B-but Morgoth.."No! Sauron does not scale to Morgoth in any way. Not only did Tolkien explicitly mention the Valar to be superior to Sauron multiple times, but the only time he claimed Sauron to be "greater than Morgoth" (which he most likely meant in terms of influence, as Sauron had Numenor + some of Middle-Earth under his control), he noted that it was Sauron at his peak vs Morgoth at the end of the 1st Age. Aka when Morgoth was at his weakest, due to a variety of factors.

>>137644965The only way Walter would win is if he was his Felina self and attacked before Light could write his nameBut Light managed to write his name and Walt dies from a Heart attack caused by blood loss.

>>137659982But can he beat Jabu?

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>>137660299Jabu's overkill. TatsumiCHADS... it's our turn now.

Attached: Tatsumi-SS.jpg (640x480, 33.54K)

>>137659262>daily obsessed over said jewish trashThat would be (You), cuck

>>137660724Now say it without crying

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>>137660795>massive projectionWe all know how you curled up and cried like the BITCH you are when Goku got super-lobotomized by SuperCHAD, pedofaggot. You're the running joke of these threads with your blatant mental illness.

>>137659138Lord English will always be for Lord British

>>137659138My man

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>>137658129There are people here who unironically think Dragonball is mountain level.

>>137659982>ContinentBeing mighty generous to Sauron there. He’s at best small house level.

>>137661116>>massive projectionThanks for announcing what you were about to do LOSER LMAO!

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>listBITCH is hiding behind Dragon Ball againFucking hell, why is he like that?

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>>137661805what's got gohan so upset?

>>137661176how strong is Lord British anyways?

>>137654947Aku for the love of him could not figure out Lich's flesh weakness, he'd beg Lich to finish him off and Lich could do so by absorbing him, as he has been shown to absorb unholy energy>>137655514>Anti-featsLich is planet level, Aku is at his best meteor levelAnd the BFR is not doing shit, there are infinite Liches who all scale to stronger forces then some featless headgod versions, Aku would kneel in the presence of LichGOD

>>137644292CapeSTACIES (MtF) have always been staunch allies of the trans community.

Attached: wondertrans.jpg (1400x761, 375.23K)

Kill listtroonKill dbspicsKill gohaniggersKill DCucks

>>137662401>Kill gohaniggersThe hell did Gohan do to you?

I'm still confused why Knull isn't an overarching Spider-Man villain and just became a Venom villain

>>137662538cates is one of em 90s kids with the venom drawings in his notebook

>>137662538It will happen. Especially when Ewing confirmed that Peter was supossed to be a King in Black instead of Eddie.

>>137654735>>137662204>Lichsub-chaos level

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Name one good mecha matchup thats not hyoer autism

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>>137648291>>137648305>>137648539Being contrarian does not make you cool or interesting.

>>137663657Metal Gear Rex vs Liberty Prime

>>137663657Is there such a thing as a good Armored Core MU?

>>137663657No such thing

>>137663773>if you don’t think stupid shit you’re a contrarianHave people been forgetting what contrarian means? I’ve been seeing lots of people with insanely unpopular opinions calling others contrarians for disagreeing with them.

>>137648291You have a shallow reference pool. Shit like Devilman and Violence Jack was shonen back in the day

Can Killua dodge a railgun? Does it matter? Can't he just rip biribiri's head off without her even knowing he's there?