How would you fix The Summoning?

>age up Claire into an adult>ditch the quirky Adventure Time style humor>make it an adult comedy>>not extremely obscene like Family Guy or South Park>>think of something like Regular Show or Close Enough>give it a feel similar to the voodoo parody but without the porn

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>>137643808>but without the porn

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>>137643845unfortunately they won't pick up a porn showbut they still should show her in underwear every time they can

>age up Claire into an adultdropped

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>>137643897Unfortunately we don't live in a cute and funny world

>>137643808So a completely different show

>>137643808>age up Claire into an adultNever.

>>137643988yeahthe pilot is shit

>>137643808>>age up Claire into an adultWhy not just make her age ambiguous? I think the pilot and comics shows her being self reliant and living alone, that her being an adult wouldn't change much.

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>>137643808don't try to fix what isn't broken.

>>137644197My proposal was an adult show, so she needs to be an adult in order to do adult things without it being weird.

>>137643808shorter skirt for clairechange animation studios, preferably french make her blush whenever a tentacle is in the scenefinally clarify whether claire is a catgirl or a wood elf. Doesn't matter. What matters is her skirt is shorter

What is this cat up to? Anything good?

>>137643808>How would you fix The Summoning?By having more than one episode.

>>137645048no good...

>>137643808>age her upHell No.>ditch the adventure time humorGood.>make it not extremely obscene like family guy or south parkGoo...>make it like regular showFuck that shit.>like the voodoo parodyHehhe, No.Just make it like kid shows were 25 years ago when they were allowed to have action and horror, other than that have some Asian studio handle animation so it doesn't look like adventure shit.


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>>137646003Yes, funny too.

>>137646003she's cameltoeing the hell out of that leotard

>>137645872OTGW, AT, GF, all have more horror elements then most of your precious nostalgia cartoons, (don’t get me wrong, shows like Sumari jack had the hunted house episode but still)Ontop of that we still have action animation in terms indivisible, Puss n boots, and so onThe bit about not “looking like adventure time shit” is so dismissive and in bad faith that I don’t even know what you mean, just reads like a generic “new bad” thing

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>>137643808Have it so it was never made.

>>137643808Regular show wasn’t an adult comedy

>>137646188I think the leotard is cameltoeing the hell out of her, actually

>>137646202And yet none of those were scary, save for that shapeshifter in gf.As for action, a few movies every few years isn't enough, we need something on tv that airs weekly.

>>137643808give her big titties

>>137646777No. flat chest, big ass. this is the way

>>137646801Is that a body type that actually exists?

>>137643808Claire becomes a slut and her ass and tits progressively become bigger as the show goes on

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>>137646817No, she becomes a slut in the presence of human men and it results in her belly getting bigger over the course of 9 months.


>>137647009I've never seen an example of it existing before.

>>137646817I like this idea. Too bad most of 71er's work is untranslated

>>137644097I liked it


>>137646768Yes but your brought up older shows, I’m making a comparison to older shoes and movies, old cartoons were STILL mostly dominated by comedy, animation in general mostly was

>>137646817I wish cham22 drew porn that wasn’t just shited over and over, I swear hentai artist nowadays would rather literally eat shit then draw a light skinned dom

>>137648248They are just adapting with the times.

>>137643808parody needs a sequel

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>>137643808>> with ou the pornYou r fucking kidding, right

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>>137650009Why are koreans so into this character anyway?

>>137651108She's cute

>>137646687I know but it gets close to being one at times

>>137651108They know what cats taste like.

>>137648644What it should be about? I like the tentacle portal one but it just isn't as funny

>>137651596Edgar trying to score properly and Claire reciprocating. Freaky occult boosted sexcapades ensue

What if it was sitting like that on your d1ck.

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>>137643808>give it a feel similar to the voodoo porn parody but without the pornI’m sorry, the voodoo what?

I'd turn the /x/-related shit up to eleven.We are eternal, all this pain is an illusion

>>137652102Voodoo porn parody

>>137646817Sex making tits and ass bigger is my extremely specific fetish that no one caters to.

>>137652051wish I had a gf like this

>>137643808Is there anything to fix?

>>137654114the pilot is absurdly unfunny and annoying for instance

>>137643808Where can I watch this cute cartoon?

>>'s just a pilot

>>137643808as cute as the character designs are i don't think "witch does witch things" is strong enough to carry a show

>>137646202>OTGW, AT, GF, all have more horror elements then most of your precious nostalgia cartoonsnothing animated in those styles will ever be scary

>>137643808None of these ideas are that good and lose what anybody liked about The Summoning. Besides Claires' cute design of course

>>137646202>in bad faithPost dismissed.

>>137643897I've never watched the show I just like the design so I'v ealways seen her as adult unless it's explicitly otherwise

So, uh..Is she ever in heat?


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>>137658106retired claire in an old folks home

>>137646817Stop! I can only get so hard.

>>137646202>all have more horror elementsthey have pseudohorror, which is for faggots

>>137658106claire in comfy pajamas and messy hair waking up/watching tv/drinking coffeeif you do nsfw make her show her panties or be bottomless

>>137651492no it doesn't, you're just painfully autistic

>>137658106Claire happy

>>137658106claire falling in love with a cute human guy

>>137644978this post made me laugh and smile ty :)

>>137646817Mmf need more bottom heavy Claire

>>137643808Have Claire being a nudist

a 2nd Claire

>>137643808I'd settle for a second episode then work from there.