Would you trust therapist Sasha with your kids?

I don't think I would trust a women with a history of manipulating people near my children. It sounds like a huge red flag.

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>>137640860I mean aside from her close friends how many people are aware of Sasha's manipulative behavior?

>>137640860>What is character growth?

>>137640897Anyone who talks to her for about an hour. Manipulative people can't turn it off.

>>137640860So you wouldn't trust a woman?

>>137640860>I don't think I would trust a womenbased

>>137640860All therapists have a history of manipulating people; it's literally the job description. Sasha is unique in that she has a very specific way of manipulating people.

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>>137640860>therapist>the rapistno thanks

>>137640860Isn't psychological therapy just manipulation with consent ?

>>137640860Anon, she's a grown adult. If you're seriously judging a person based on who they were as teens, you're an idiot

I'd trust her to have my kids. if you know what I mean.

I would trust her to cure any sexual hang-ups they may have

>>137640860If i had a 12 or so son i would definitely take him to her. I'll just make him wear a Marcy cosplay to make sure everything went according to keikaku

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>>137641032>tfw your child, who was previously threatening to run away if you tried to take them to a therapist, is now desperately begging you to take them back to Sasha's psychology clinic after an intense 6 hour session.

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>>137640860Sasha should have gone to the military instead of getting close to kids

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Shes has experience with younger males alright

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>>137640860made for corruption

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>>137640860As long as you don't have an impressionable Asian girl I think you'll be fine.

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>>137640860In a plot twist she assults the parents instead, getting to the root of their iinability to manage their emotions and how they have raised their child.

>>137644064That or she just kills them.

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>>137640860Sasha went home after a long day at work and then had sex with her sexy Asian wife, Anne Boonchuy.

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>>137643400Grimsha is life

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>>137643977The true endgame

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>>137640860The smug pedophile

>>137640860She wasn't a woman yet when she was acting manipulative. When I was her pre-epilogue age I had a terrible temper, as an adult I have literally never been angry with anyone other than close family members. People change dramatically from their tweens.

>>137644365The cursed crossover.

>>137646608Don't feed the schizo

What kind of therapy could she provide my kids?

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>>137644365Sasha would hate Luz and Amity so much it's not even funny

>>137646991Sasha would hate Amity but she try to make Luz part of her brown girl harem

>>137646991Don't feed the schizo newfag

>>137646608Do you mean cute crossover? yes, they are.

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>>137646991But Sasha would love Anne, that's all that matters.

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>>137643977That ending was surprisingly comfy


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>>137648051What happened to him?

>>137648263currently busy with life, and working on another project...but don't worry, more olivias will be drawn at some point!

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>>137645207This would be so hilarious I kind of what it.

Dead show

>>137648350Neat, i always liked your other vids too

>>137648618thank you!

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>>137644029I wish an older woman had coerced me into smoking weed and then molested me. What a wasted life I've lived.

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>>137640860What kind of therapist is Sasha anyway?

>>137640860>would you trust the rapist Sasha with kidsGo on...

>>137640860First off: she was twelve. But more importantly: How do you even have a therapist with no “history of manipulation”? Benevolent manipulation is pretty much the whole job. Fuck, it’s most of the entire science of psychology.

>>137651136Child therapist.

Sasha with a huge cock. Yey or nay?


She takes the huge warty toad cock

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>>137648604>Braly confirmed new BookNope

Sasha's biggest psychological influences would probably be Albert Ellis and Timothy Leary


>>137648604Owl thread is at /trash/

>>137653998>Owls out of nowhere

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>Page 9Yep, dead show.

>>137640860I certainly would ensure the rapist Sasha with user Jr ahaha*Puts on my rainbow shirt, blue overalls, propeller cap and licks my swirly lollipop*

>Sasha's resume>Lots of experience with children

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Terri is kinda cute

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>>137653578Did Matt announce when the new Amphibia book is coming out? Has he even teased us about what the book will be about?

>>137659025Probably next year IIRC

>>137659025It will be a 18+ doujin drawn by Matt himself

>>137640860Nah, pretty sure that this woman believes in physical retaliation, which is good, but im not comfortable with other people beating the shit out of my kids if they misbehave, i'll prefer to do it myself.

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Sasha looking sexy as always

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>>137659848Sex with Sasha

>>137659155Somewhat related, any good Holla Forums related Thai content?

>>137660242Sorry, user, you'll have to book an appointment with her.And she's not an ADULT therapist.

>>137640860I wish she would rape me.


>>137661177Sasha is only interested in fucking girls

>>137640860What do you think she's gonna do? Groom them.She's a manipulative cunt, not a child rapist.If anything her expertise could be of great benefit to the children she cares for.

>>137646956Motivational therapy. Sasha could gaslight a chihuahua into fighting 6 pitbulls and believing that it has an overwhelming chance of winning.

Target locked

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>137663470And sasha gets cucked when a pink frog has Anne in Amplexus that for days is unbroken

>>137663470Lucky Sasha

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>>137663505How could Humans even compete?

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>>137663542I can't wait for matt to release the new amphibia journal detailing their marriage life as a lesbian couple.

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>>137646956I'm not sure how this threrapy works

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>>137663665i thought she was hugging a giant bumpy penis

>>137663767So rude! That's her wife, Anne Boonchuy.

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>>137663505>>137663554Was the Amplexus the reason this artist git cancelled?

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