I know you people have nothing better to do, so this is a Susie McAllister thread.Post Susie McAllister images

I know you people have nothing better to do, so this is a Susie McAllister thread.Post Susie McAllister images.

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>>137640224Mock Susie and her dumb face

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>>137640470I love her stupid ass eyebrows though.

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>>137640524Hers are but a puny reflection of the family's mightiest browJust like her feeble magic OHHHHH

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Last time I did that I got banned for three days

>>137640917I don't care. Post images of Susie or leave.

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where do I watch s6 ?

>>137641748In one of the other threads there were download links posted on vk.comSearch the archives for vk.com and the links should be easy to findEpisode 13, which is an important one about Mildred my waifu, is still only available in French

She only thinks about pussy

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Does she need correction?


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>>137643591only her own, specifically

>>137643591>>137643937Well, she is a cat

Remember Anons! You're great!

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I love her

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After learning more about Jim-Jams from that one season 6 episode I understand why he drowns his sorrows with alcohol

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>>137644566It was one of several plot strands in season 6 that didn't really come to anything or matter. Time just showed up anyway. Nice as a bit of unexpected development for a fairly random character, though

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>>137645502couple of besties!


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>>137644636Not everything's a plot strand, user. It's just backstory.


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>>137646496It's set up so that he can do something actively to call Time because of their shared history so it comes over as a bit more anticlimactic than just a character's backstory getting filled inAnd it's very close to the whole quest with Ramona to get a potion from the moon rabbit, risking their lives and barely getting out only for the potion to just get spilt at the start of the next episode whoopsie so perhaps I was more sensitive to plot points ending up in an anticlimaxDon't want to come across like I'm shitting on season 6, though. It was a great season overall. Probably my favorite in fact

>>137645511>>137646499My butt is full to the max, also from the same episode>>137646575I'm glad season 6 gave SCI the conclusion it needed

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>>137646737He just loves gettin that thing out

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>>137646737I haven't watched sci in ages. Didn't know season 6 was even out. Worth the binge?


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>>137646892I'd say so. It's much more focused and coherent than other seasons and brings all the backstory stuff to a very satisfying conclusion. Some minor characters (like Max and Lucy) are sidelined but if you liked any of it before now it's well worth the watch

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>>137646818I like it when he shows his butt too

>>137646893What a cutie

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>>137645502they should kiss


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>>137647015They should kiss me

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Susie the Brap Queen.

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>>137640224Why isn't her earpiece in her ear?Why is her hat on her ears?Why are her ears on her forehead?Why are her ears on top of her hair?

>>137649379It's her first day at McDonalds, be nice

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Sex with Susie.

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Be lesbian with lesbian Hedgehog

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I love this daft cunt like you pikeys wouldn't fathom, straight up macking and snogging in the lorry, roit, like givin' her the what for while maxing with Prince Albert, roit, giving her a ruddy complexion as I ruddy her meat wallet, roit, yeah I'll give you some milk for that tea but only if I chomp on that crumpet, roit

I wish to sexualize hedgehog.

>>137650750Who doesn't

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>>137650750>>137651286God imagine just sitting in a corner, watching her autistically go through her morning routine over the course of two hours... Like hearing her count how many times she combs a brush through her hair, or looking at her fixated on a two-minute toothbrush timer, or seeing her take her morning pills one at a time in alphabetical order... Fuck, men, I've got a fat chub growin'...

>>137651373That would be weird

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>>137651984>1984Shut the fuck up, Orwell.

>>137652255Susie survived the Salem witch trials, you don't get to yell 1984 at me

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>>137652854They sure are hot... and bothered

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art stye is hard but taking susie and hedgehog(preferably hedglehoggle) requests


>>137652299She basically CAUSED the global witch-hunt>>137655270I request Susie and Hedgehog spying on Oscar and Max holding hands and being scandalized/excited>>137655349It was drawn by a drawfag right here in these threads

>>137646818Why is Oscar such a slut?

>>137646950I think I must have a thing for humiliation because this still really presses my buttons lol>>137657740He's such a sweet good boy he doesn't even realize when his actions look slutty

Any nice, pretty fanart?

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>>137652299what is happening in this pic?

>>137652299Ya think Susie tried gettin some witches she didn't like caught?I think she would

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>>137659782They're arguing, probably about a wand

>>137659483This is one of my favorites and would make a good poster.

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>>137660259I appreciate the effort that went into this

>>137660259comfy color palette

He was alive all along.

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It's just a phase, Susie.

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>>137660813Who's that?


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>>137661943Ew a dota playing monkey appeared


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>>137660813I noticed. Nice of them to remember

>>137664375Who is it?