This show will be an interesting experiment...

This show will be an interesting experiment. CAN horniness alone maintain interest in a show after 5 years of inactivity?

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Let me get this straight. You're telling me that 4chan, deviantart, and fanfiction dot net are obsessed with a cartoon that's not only evil, but never made it pass the pilot phase?

>>137634495it is barely being finished as a "show". Is it even a show? We were told to be ready by 2023. Nothing more. No other information given.Who the fuck is behind PR on this thing? It is even more perplexing that this is an A24 project and there is no build up for it other than youtube videos promoting playmats for adults and Helluva Boss filler.

>>137634566I'm betting Viv and A24 are fighting over Charalastor. Viv having autistic meltdowns over it and A24 trying to convince her people want it and she should play along.

>>137634201i thought they reworked it and made the IMP show insteador are they still doing the princess rehabilitation clinic shit?

>>137634649Oh god this actually makes too much sense.>A24 sees the potential of giving people what they want.>Viv doesn't want it and is having pissing matches during meetings over control.>A24 gives ultimatum that they do it or it doesn't happen.>Viv proceeds to take control of advertising releases and downplays it outside of making money on merch. Meanwhile rebuilding Alastor as Striker>Approves shitty designs and recasting knowing people will hate itExcept she has built an army of praisers and hype fans who will just promote the show for A24. Then again it is just a theory. Like how Millie is actually a great written character.

>>137634649I hope this is a joke. People never give a damn about shipping on these shows like the fans do. Even the Steven Universe autism about Lapis, Peridot, and that boarder was really about some stupid interpersonal work drama with Rebecca Sugar, fandoms just find real people boring and only care about fucking shipping not the office politics shit that us always what's really happening. It's way more likely two or more real people working on the show fucked each other and drama from that is causing delays then imaginary people shipping shit yes even with fujobait tumblrtrash fandom pandering shows like these ones.

>>137634793I dunno. The industry's seen that fans are volatile and really care about that kind of thing. Voltron crashed and burned over their handling over the romance stuff. What does Hazbin Hotel have apart from a rabid fanbase that gets in pissing fights with its creator, who is known for having meltdowns when told she needs to change things and take criticism?Of course other bullshit could be taking place too, furries are known for drama. But why would we be hearing Viv is so rage-filled about Charalastor if it wasn't somehow a big deal?

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>>1376342014 years, actually.

>>137634649>>137634873As funny as that would be, I highly doubt that’s the issue, especially since making the canon lesbian couple (Vaggie and Charlie) no longer canon would cause an absolute shitstorm.

>>137636198At the very least, when the show arrives I hope Charlie and Vaggie's relationship has ups and downs, and Alastor is there to insert himself into the drama and take advantage of them.

>>137634716Concerning that the latest merch drop had all Charlie X Vaggie, but no solo Charlie merch, as far as I saw. She would make more money if she gave people what they wanted and made subtle Charlie X Alastor merch. The Hazbin pilot artist who brought up Alastor's asexuality in the first place is no longer affiliated with the project.

>>137636374Why did Vivzie make Alastor ace anyway? He was clearly designed to be a tumblr Sexyman, he was designed to be thirst bait to sell merch, and she even clearly leaned into the Charlastor shippers. Why did she suddenly try to make one of the most sexual characters Ace when half the fandom ships him with Charlie? It’s such a poor move. And just because one artist suggested it? Why did vivzie listen to one artist? Why did they even suggest it?

A24's complete silence regarding Hazbin is really worrying. They've never once responded to anything Viv has tagged them in on social media. The marketing is pretty much nonexistent. I remember reading somewhere, can't remember if it was here on Tumblr, that someone theorized A24 was absolutely done with Viv because of how difficult she was to work with, and I remember a rumor of her getting fired over Zoom? Does anyone else remember this?Even if that's all incorrect, the writing is still on the wall. A24 seems reluctant to do anything with HH right now. Either Viv was a nightmare to work with as is rumored, or the final product is so embarrassingly bad they want to pretend it never happened.>>137636427To prevent shipping wars that happened anyways. It gives a few more LGBT credit points to the show to have an aroace character as well.

>>137634566it just gets me there not even a new trailer for it just nothing but gifs

>>137636480I think that's because for a trailer they have to use the voices and they are trying to extend the backlash from recasting everyone for as long as possible.

>>137636506I actually forgot about that who deal this show gonna be a hoot when it finally comes out threads wise

>>137636427Viv seems to just nod along to whatever the artists want. The artists wanted Charlie/Vaggie too and she's now upset people think Vaggie is boring.

>>137636458Didn’t Vivzie totally sperg out on twitter awhile back about “I’m difficult to work with?”

>>137636601She’s exactly like Dana Terrace. A weak willed white woman creator who just meekly goes along with whatever is suggested to her then gets passive aggressively bitchy about it later

>>137636623Which is really funny, because in Erin Frost's post about how toxic VivziePop was, she said the following:>She would also speak poorly of other creators, indie or otherwise. I distinctly remember her mentioning that it was *supposedly* utter hell to work with Dana Terrace of The Owl House.

Blame Faustisse for saying Alastor is asexual, causing a dilemma, and then leaving the project.

>>137636458I'm just curious about where exactly the show's gonna premiere. Everything about Hazbin Hotel seems kinda challenging to sell to any TV channel.

>>137636506Yeah, they have to tread carefully with the reveal of the new cast, because it could easily blow up in their faces. They probably thought they had the chance to get "bigger names" and went for it.

>>137636458>Does anyone else remember this?Yes, I remember. There was an industry user here sometime last year who talked about it. He didn't name the show or creator, but everyone assumed it was HH and Vivzie. She had even made some vague tweets within the timeframe about some behind the scenes issue that was upsetting her. It took a little snooping, but this was the original post: recall sending a drama blog a message about it once on tumblr because I'm an asshole, so you very well could have read it there or here.

>>137636427The dumbest parts of Vivzie's shows seem to come from her taking random suggestions people on staff have made and turning them canon to appease them. The same happened with the childhood friend Stolitz backstory that premiered in HB S2, which not only completely ruins the relationship but makes all Stolas-related lore retarded.>Ars Goetia demons have existed as a concept for hundreds of years>in S1 Stolas sings a song with the lyrics "now all my stories have been told except for one", reinforcing the idea he's an ancient entity that's experienced all life has to offer except fatherhood>S2 rolls around and now he's fucking ~35 which is young even by human standards>all because he has to be the same age as Blitzo so that the wattpad fujo fanfic can work

Will Jill Harris and Ed Bosco still be on

>>137636789What’s even funnier is I saw names like Sabrina, Noelle, and Dana too. Why is every single female showrunner completely retarded? Even Rebecca sugar was more professional then this

>>137636789Sounds exactly like Vivzie which would be hilarious, but I thought she was also in photos for the Hazbin wrap party which were posted online somewhat-recently. Would she be allowed to attend if she was fired?

>>137636374Really now, who ships or cares about Chaggie aside from Vivz, her yesmen, virtue signaling woke cunts, ledditors and a couple of coomers? I've never seen someone being geniunely dedicated to this ship.

I hope hazbin hotel flops so hard A24 never does animation ever again

>>137637028Imagine the shitstorm if people learned she hadn't attended. I don't imagine A24 wants Vivzie's name removed from the project at all because of her fans.

>>137636813>>all because he has to be the same age as Blitzo so that the wattpad fujo fanfic can workThis one is so dumb because both Blitzø and Stolas are adults anyway, so it’s hardly even “problematic”. No one gave a shit when the protagonist of Highlander was dating a girl centuries younger than him.

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Is it wrong that I'm actually really hoping Hazbin Hotel ends up being bad? If only because the resulting blowout would be really fucking funny? I want Holla Forums to be so increasingly volatile and turbulent with each new episode that the mods have to try relegating discussion of it to a /trash/ general just to try to keep order.

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>>137634201>maintain interest in a show after 5 years of inactivity?Most of the HH fandom moved to HB and at this point we should get ad like>Watch this cartoon it's from the same creator of Helluva Boss>The Loona show>Watch this shit you furry faggots

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>>137637477I was hoping against all warning signs the show would be decent since it's always great to have more quality animated programming in the world. But then Vivzie blocked me on twitter for some reason I can't discern since I've never interacted with her so I want it to fail now

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>>137637477I honestly dont understand why its not already "banned" here considering it pretty much checks off all the boxes of things the mods have a hate boner for.

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>>137637477The threads will be interesting if a new Hazbin episode is released on a weekly basis.

>>137634649>>137634716>>137636374Has this ever happened before? Has any show ever had its production upended not just by shippers, but by the mere prospect of them? And the creators are scrambling to get everything in order to preemptively undo those shippers?

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Why does Octavia in the debut episode feel to be the character we need for Helluva Boss as a part of IMP? I got into this show because of her and no not because of coomerism but I thought she would have been a more interesting foil to Blitzo and not willing to put up with his shit.

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>>137636374>>137634649>it was a few years ago IIRC when Vivzie tweeted "you can ship whatever you want regardless of canon let's all be kind to each other uwu">cut to a few months ago and when someone made an innocuous Charlastor comment on the wrap party post she replied "lmao no"

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>>137637816Korra and Voltron.

>>137637816Oh and Steven Universe had a boarder ragequit because Rebecca Sugar wouldn't make her ship canon.

>>137634201only if she can flanderize the characters enough to compete with stolitz mania in time


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How does this show STILL not have a network so close to release

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>>137636198>no longer canon would cause an absolute shitstorm.I could see the show crashing and burning after that, Vivienne would have no redemption afterwards, not even in death.>>137634201Wasn't really horniness, it's just that the animation was pretty fucking good and the fact the pilot left everyone wanting more. What do you mean by inactivity? Vivienne still talked about it from time to time on twitter, and talked about working on it.

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>>137634495Helluva Boss has kept some amount of momentum going

Remember when Vivzie "ship what you want" Pop got upset Charlastor fans made Charlastor Day on the one year anniversary of the show's premiere because it was also her birthday.

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>>137634201Yes. See a fox in space for an example

>>137636913Same reason there’s so much drama with indie devs and YouTubers, they’re socially awkward or volitile nobodies who got a lucky break rather than well adjusted professionals.

>>137637816Star Vs


>>137636427I actually don’t think there’s an ulterior motive to making him ace. Tumblrite OCs are just the alphabet soup of sexualities that they are because those creators are obsessed with collecting a diverse cast like Pokémon. If they were just creating this show on marketability alone there’d be a lot of changes in the show.

>>137638203>>137638222>>137639321Those are all funny, but all those really went down after their respective shows got going. I guess what I'm trying to ask is: has preemptively curtailing shippers factored into a show's pre-production before? To the point where the show is (allegedly) having trouble getting off the ground because of the creators' attitude towards eventual shippers?

>>13763642775% of tumblr identifies as Ace so them backing out of that would cause at least as much anger as retarded Charlie/Alastor shippers from here on Holla Forums mad that their shitty ship isn't canon. Ship fandoms also sometimes crash and burn when a noncanon ship goes canon because it doesn't fit their dumbshit "fanon" or whatever.They'd be smartest to keep things as they are and just do teases for various ships including yours, people here also forget that once this becomes an actual show and not just a short clip the fujos will flood in like the Red Sea for this piece of fujo pandering trash. The fujos will want to ship tumblr sexyman Alastor with other twinks. Keeping him "unattached" in canon lets fangirls put him with anyone they want you dumbfuck shippers.

>>137640146>75%I don't know if that sounds right, they're pretty horny over there.

>>137640168That doesn't change what they identify as, but I'm not touching that debate (which happens all the fucking time for the very reason you mentioned) with a ten foot fucking pole.

>>137639433Not that I know of, unless you are talking about how certain characters are given opposite-sex love interests because an executive didn't want soccer moms thinking a pair of best friends were Gay.

>>137640264Fair enough.

Is Tumblr even a meaningful demographic now. It's fucking dead, Jim. Everything I've seen on this thread seems to point towards appealing to Twitterfags instead, there's a bunch of Twitter screenshots but dead silent on Tumblr.Now that I think of it, Tumblr really got hit with the same fate of 4chan, people even make video compilations of Tumblr posts just like they do with greentexts. Memes come from there with people making creative OC (like the Goncharov thing even having actual themes composed) and then Reddit milks it to death with unfunny and repetitive "content," and Twitterfags argue about it for no reason with ship wars and people calling the meme "gaslighting," and so on. It's really annoying to see what the internet has become. I fucking hate it.

>>137640146Tumblr's kinda dead these days, innit?We're a long couple years past the old days of Tumblr's heyday with MSPA and various other web media.

>>137636789i mean that was so vague there’s little he can be held too

>>137634649>>137634716I don't see it. In this say an age, forcing her to turn Charlie straight in the current climate would be a PR move on A24's part. And besides, for better or worse I prefer a show creator's vision for their characters not have to be compromised for anyone.

>>137642005>Day and age*>A Bad PR move*Fuck, I should browse when I'm drunk.

>>137636789>I recall sending a drama blog a message about it once on tumblr because I'm an assholeWhich one

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>>137639225A Fox in Space also has established property fans that know how it feels to have to wait for years, so they are patient.

>>137638237Tumblr folks are really bullying her to do their preferred ship over what she plans?

>>137641581Not sure; maybe some of its population will come back because they're allowing nude photos again but not straight porn. However, Twitter is basically a replacement for tumblr... fuck, those fuckers don't know how to run a website.

>>137642522Part of me is Glad that Musk is running the site to the ground.

>>137642005She's already compromised her own original vision for the show multiple times because artists suggested that certain characters would be "cute" together, and she let an artist from the pilot make comments and cause a stir about Al's sexuality.

Unironically I prefer Rebeca Sugar than fucking this cunt here - even though I never got into SU.

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>>137642735Rebecca looks cute and her sketches are comfy.

>>137642496If anything, Viv's predominant audience on Twitter absolutely hates Charlastor. Her yes-men hate charlastor.

>Hazbin came out almost four years ago>episode 2 never>burned bridges with former voice actors just to suck up to SAG-AFTRA>burned bridges with former animators just to suck up to the Bob's Burgers faggotsAnd I never even actively followed this shit so I'm sure there's a bunch of other drama I never osmosised

>>137642744Yeah but she gets overshadowed by Viv and Loona.

>>137642723Fair enough I guess, I just figure all shows go through some tuning when they are picked up by a studio Pilots are not often the exact same as the live show. So long as the show maintains its core point at the end of the day. But still if she wants Charlie to stay with Vaggie then what of it?

>>137642765So why does it seems she fighting to avoid Charlastor then?

>>137642768We don't know the full situation regarding the voice actors, we only know that the VA's for Angel Dust and Nifty are not returning, and the singing voice for Charlie/Alastor (technically also Sir Pentious but his VA went insane so that's a given). Everything else is speculation. Considering some of the original VA's continue to work in Helluva Boss for minor characters (Alastor and Vaggie's VA off the top of my head) I'd say that suggests either they are staying or they are still on good terms with Viv

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>>137642005Charlie is not really the problem, she's bisexual and has been with a guy before as indicated by the pictures she keeps in the hotel. It was a crew member claiming Alastor was ace; which is just one piece of info on the characters that should be left on the cutting-room floor for the actual show.

>>137642842So that's the primary cause of the current Drama then? Someone said something they shouldn't have and people freaked out?

>>137642871It caused something of a stir for a little while, but it was eventually presumed to be canon. But this goes further back with people generally criticizing her writing, and her and crew members talking about lore on social media instead of having it in the actual shows.

>>137642807Vivzie is a white woman with a shitty ex (because she has bad taste and bad choices). She sees Alastor as her ex. Vivzie only likes men who are gay she can safely fetishize: Stolas, Blitzo, Angel Dust, ect. She’s opposed to women being with men - the only actual straight woman in the series is Stella, who is a hate sink bitch meant to be hated. Alastor was for a long time the ultimate straight character used by audiences to ship with her pure innocent waifu self insert Charlie. She was fine with it at first cause it gave her attention, but Vivzie became more and more woke (as liberal women do) and become completely divorced from heterosexuality. She wants to make Alastor ace to make him “safe”, the way she views Charlie and veggie’s lesbianism as “safe” and her toxic fujo slash shit as “safe”. She’s still seething about people wanting Alastor to be into women because she hasn’t gotten over her ex, her hatred/fear of men, and her inability to handle her own sexuality and womanhood - this is also why all the women…don’t do anything. At best, they’re “pure” like Charlie and veggie, total bitches meant to be hated like Stella (common trope in Fujoshit writers) or just…nonexistent characters like Loona who are carried by design but don’t have any actual personality or depth and are carried by the whims of men. I also think this is why she’s making Lucifer more nicer and Alastor more evil - she wants Charlie (herself) to be removed from all dangerous men

>make pilot with the help of various artists>fans are already shipping everyone with anyone>tell them it's all good>develop inner circle of "friends">they all like Charlie and Vaggie because lesbians>Charlie and Alastor are more popular with the fans>inner circle starts pressuring you into making Chaggie canon>have to indirectly do this as to not piss off supporters>fail>inner circle starts talking behind your back>take more direct approach>fans ignore your messaging, want Chalastor to be canon>studio making the show wants Chalastor to be canon>inner circle has become passive aggressive towards you about it>have meltdownHow far off do you think this is?

>>137642973Probably accurate

>>137642973Extremely accurate Vivzie is a white woman so she can’t write. She gets bullied by her fans/studio/inner circle for retarded writing so she doubles down and makes it more retarded. She’s going to push Charlie/veggie and crush charlie/Alastor at the cost of all their characters and I absolutely believe the studio is fed up with their behavior. Little to no marketing, little to no interaction with her. They’re leaving the show to die and it’s 100% her fault

>>137642907So really it's a case of Viv didn't tell people to shut the fuck up when it wasn't their place to talk about these details.

>>137642789My problem with it then is that Charlie and Vaggie's relationship being endgame from the very start of the show, up to 4+ seasons or whatever the vision is, is not very interesting.

>>137642958I mean, does it matter? It seems based on the pilot anyway, she was setting Alastor up to be a backstabbing villain later so why does it matter? He'll get his comeuppance.

>>137643173Only if the relationship is the main focus. To make it interesting you need to give it ups and downs.

>>137643200Yes. It needs to have complications. But I fear she's going to make them an unstoppable couple for the entire series.

>>137642835>his VA went insaneNeed qrd

>>137643389Stamper got with some crazy Hispanic lady (I don't think she even had a visa), fried his brain and heart on hard drugs and now looks like a 50 year old man.Remembering this shit off the top of my head, so I could be dead wrong on some of this.

>>137643389You don't know the tale of Stamper?

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>>137634495Shocker, I know

every new piece of content Viv releases gets worse while every new piece of Glitch content gets bettercan't wait for this shit to be knocked off the "symbol of 2020's indie animation" throne

>hardly anyone enjoys Helluva Boss anymore>hype/expectations for Hazbin Hotel dwindling>people getting increasingly tired of Viv's shitOur long national nightmare will be over soon.

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>>137643982How's Murder Drones doing, anyway? I haven't really watched since the pilot.

>>137644214every episode is better than the last, as I said

>>137634201Obviously yes. There's been plenty of shows that still have a sizeable fandom despite being cancelled early or not having a lot of content. Invader Zim comes to mind.

Cash Buckzo should come back and it's revealed he's into doing "demon trafficking" crimes now.

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>>137644533WRONG THREAD.

Charlastor is incredibly uninteresting.

>>137644786Hazbin Hotel itself is incredibly uninteresting.

>>137643351>>137643200I'm betting on perfect adorable sparkle girlfriends like Lumity. No conflict, they just gush about each other.

All I want from this show now is good gifs and screencaps and hopefully songs I can listen to from time to time. It'll be ok at best, and I've accepted that.

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>>137645429considering the only negative to Helluva has been the writing, I think its safe to assume that there will be good songs from the show proper

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>>137634495>evilThis is ironic right? You've got to be.

>>137644214they released episode 5 yesterday, its certified kino

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Do we need it after the other thing?

>>137634201Convince me that Vivzie is not just Noelle Stevenson 2.0 and she won't be just an irreelvant tumblr tranny

>>137642958>but Vivzie became more and more woke (as liberal women do)She just needs the right to fuck it out of her like Chris Raygun did to Lacey Greene.

>>137642807She wanted to do Charlie and Vaggie from the start basically. Charlastor shippers are retards who tried to bully her into making Charlastor happen.

>>137642842Do you think they wanted Al to be asexual because they figured it'd be "quirky" (instead of being easy to write bisexual) he just has no interest in sex? Or do you think they claimed he was asexual because they were hoping that would deter shippers from making porn of him?Yes. We all know it doesn't work but some people will never understand that.

>>137646726>Ship whoever you want>NO NOT THEM!This is what happens when you make retarded twitter posts to other retarded horny autistmos. If you think they listen with the top head and not the fem penis then you are really not paying attention.

>>137637816Ben 10

>>137634495Why would evil bother a bunch of fags and trannies?

>>137646865>ship whoever you wantDoes not mean>fill my tumblr page with omophobic essays on why there shouldn't be any lgbt characters, and Vaggie and Charlie should be broken up in favor of CharlastorCharlastorfags did that. They kept homophobia on her page. Charlestonfags will lecture Viv on why she's wrong about her own show. And they somehow don't see that as condescending or annoying.

>>137647035>Yes it does. Cry about it more faggot. Leave the door open and you're surprised there are flies and roaches?Sounds like a major you and Vivz problem.

>>137647097>bother the fuck out of the creator with your ship and your homophobia>surprise pikachu when the creator hates your ship

>>137647112>NO! I CAN'T HIT THE BLOCK BUTTONAgain. Sounds like a skill issue fag.

>>137643982Probably because Luke and Kevin are objectively better creators anywaysThe funny thing is that they made Meta Runner S1 with literal ZERO professional animation experience, and not only did MR turn out to be surprisingly decent, but keep getting bette with each project they put outCompare to Vivzie, who unironically thought making two different shows with two different premises and two different means of funding (and selling the rights of the first shows to a Hollywood mini-major) was a good idea And also, BOY did her desire to have Hazbin air on a major network age poorly in hindsight

>>137647119Well it's your ship getting sunk thanks to the stupidity of your own shippers. Charlastorfags keep annoying Viv I guess.

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>>137647151It's not even my ship. I don't care who the hell fucks who. The fact people get so bent out of shape of saying do what you like and being surprised that shit heads suddenly show up.Are you also one of those people who says "love who you want to love and never judge" then get surprised when the NAMBLA crowd suddenly says "YEAH! WHAT THEY SAID!" ? You guys do this to yourselves every single time.

>>137647112Viv is a lurker who’s been here before, you’re arguing with her. I can tell due to the “VIV IS AN INNOCENT FLOWER” and “SHIPPING A BI WOMAN WITH A MAN IS HOMOPHOBIC” shit.

Okay, heres an idea I've been toying with for a while:A doom overhaul mod where you play as Angel Dust which combines visual novel elements with a Pizza Tower/WarioLand 4 style of gameplay (get to the end of the level, flip a switch, run back to the beginning and GTFO before it blows up).Plot Summary: you play as angel dust, a stripper/hooker/porn star in hell who sold away his soul to the evil overlord pimp Valentino in exchange for safety and a life of superficial glamour and vice. After deciding enough is enough and he isn't gonna live like this anymore, he sets about on a journey to destroy Valentino's empire of nightclubs, porn studios, and brothels, and emancipate himself in the process.Himself a turf-warring italian gangster, Angel Dust already has a knack for high-mobility gunplay and a taste for brutal, bloody violence, the former only helped by his being a demonically mutated jumping spider with long legs that kick like a cannonball (his default melee) and spring into the air with a charged up jump.As such platforming and verticality would also be a key feature of the gameplay a la Golden Souls 2.The good ending is unlocked by freeing Valentino's whores and collecting the ingredients for a Succubus Potion that will then allow those whores to gang-bang him to near-death and leave him shriveled up like a skinny prune before he eventually stumbles off the roof and falls into high-speed traffic in his leopard print boxers.

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>>137647252>A romance between these two [Charlie and Vaggie] would feel forced to me, and completely out of place in the context of the story. And I don’t want Vivzie to pair them just for the sake of having LGBT representation. We really don’t need another Gay-Ra and the Lesbians of Color.>We really don’t need another Gay-Ra and the Lesbians of Color.A charlastor shipper wrote this. >"durr hurr they're not homophobic"Yeah they are. And the funniest part is that they think they can make Charlastor canon, by lecturing Viv on her own show and bitching about why there should be no gays in it.

>>137647318>No gays in itAnd suddenly the show would improve ten fold.

>>137647318Viv, I don’t even ship Charlastor, I just think you go about it in a retarded way. Jhonen V, one of your idols, is also annoyed with shippers, but he doesn’t throw tantrums over it like you do. Just learn to ignore those people and quit claiming they’re “bullying you”. Let people ship what they want, I though you were “Anti anti”, and if they try and piss you off, block them, pretend they don’t exist. YOU are the show runner, not them. No need to hate all shippers for stuff they’ve done. Also, Charlie is bisexual, bisexual people are attracted to all genders. It’s fandom, you know what canon is, just stick with that.Also I’m bisexual myself, so I doubt I’m homophobic.

>>137647248Ship who you want does not mean you get to go onto other people's social media and demand they stop shipping what they ship, which is what Charlastorfags do.They will literally go onto Viv's Twitter and Tumblr pages and demand she stop shipping Vaggie/Charlie in favor of Charlie/Alastor. It's the most asinine thing and runs completely counter to the idea of letting people ship what they want. How the fuck are you "letting peopleship who they ship" when you lambast them for shipping something different? Charlastor fans are a different breed of retarded on top of being hypocritical as fuck.

>>137647366Vivzie, we know it’s you. Only you yourself would defend yourself as saintly and innocent like this. Let it go. Most shippers are retarded, not just het shippers. Look at Steven fucking Universe. Like I said, you know canon, the retarded shippers are only fanon, don’t let them get to you.

>>137647359>Let people ship what they wantIt's literally the Charlastor shipping retards who can't respect this when they keep demanding Viv stop shipping Vaggie and Charlie and start shipping Charlastor.

Attached: images.jpg (647x474, 34.84K)

>>137647389You know what it's whatever idc anymore you're just a troll I don't know what you have against Vivienne but I'm excited for Hazbin and charlastor salty tears

Attached: finger.gif (220x135, 575.16K)

>>137647392Which is why you need to learn to ignore them, Vivzie. You’re literally a big time animator, now. It’s your canon, who gives a fuck if they don’t like it. Doesn’t mean you have to bully those who ship it who DONT act that way or sabotage your own show. Stop acting like a teenager, you and I are around the same age. You’re a grown woman.

>>137647366Then let them? You aren't Vivzi and if it doesn't matter because it is canon then why are you letting it get to you?

>>137647416Lmfao, definitely Vivzie. This going on Twitter as a rant?

>>137647416>I'm excited for Hazbin and charlastor salty tearsBut it will still bother you when they continue despite this?Bro you got fucking issues if you are letting the ignorance of strangers you never met affect your emotional state of mind. That is fucking peak retarded insanity.

I just think this ship is neat, personally

Attached: 20200805_121946.jpg (1742x2048, 375.07K)

>>137647416Charlastor will be around until the end of human history. Even if Hazbin ends with Charlie marrying Vaggie and her stabbing Alastor in the heart with some holy dagger, there will still be charlastor shippers, in fact I can guarantee the first piece of art made after Alastor gets stabbed by Charlie will be a drawing of the two fucking afterwards. Its the nature of the best. The trick is to just ignore it and carry on. Why fight something that can't be changed.

Attached: Alastor x Charlie 33.jpg (1302x2048, 230.95K)

>>137647465This. Does this user honestly think the fanaticism retardation stops because the "creators make another ship canon"? Are they willfully ignorant of the Zutara crowd that still lingers today? The god damn Narukara shippers still haven't off themselves. Think the point everyone makes is when you allow shipping you shouldn't be surprised by the crazies who suddenly appear, linger, and squat forever in your fandom.

>>137634495>Guys, don't gatekeep Christians from your website! nothing will happen!

>>137647149how high the chances that Viv spergs out on twitter, when MD starts inevitably getting move views that HB?

Attached: friendship_ended_with_HB.jpg (1200x900, 220.35K)

>>137638165Good, that ship (and it's fans) is completely retarded.

Attached: CringeMolly.png (1920x1080, 2.55M)

>>137647933She’d want to, but she wouldn’t be able to in order to keep up the illusion that she actually cares about the indie animation scene

>>137648054Charlastor fans are bullies and homophobes. Viv deserves respect, and I think she’s based af for hating the ship. It makes me happy I have an anti Charlastor blog. This is now a Viv appreciation thread.

>>137648128>Charlastor fans are so pathetic>Has a blog dedicated to something they hateRent free in your head.

>>137648128Your one retard crusade of trying to get these threads banned off the board is something.

>>137638165Was this >>137638237 the post you were talking about because I can't find this tweet.

Does A24 think Hazbin will taint their reputation?

>>137649381Who the fuck knows? If they drop Hazbin with no fan fare then yeah, sure, but otherwise its just retarded speculation

Attached: FtZ3BCcaMAEZlvh.jpg (750x1181, 146.81K)

>>137634201>CAN horniness alone maintain interest in a show after 5 years of inactivity?It's that their pitching sale? People would make porn of anything already, no need for a western cartoon sinking to the level of anime.

Attached: MV5BMmMxMzBkOGMtNWMyNS00NTZmLWFlOWEtYzhmODk3MDZhMTVlXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTM0NDkxNDIz._V1_.jpg (2048x3072, 1.36M)

>>137649381No one knows, all we know is that they've been radio silent for a show that is supposedly supposed to come out sometime soon, which is remarkably strange considering building up hype is something they do for just about everything these days.

So when is it coming out? Has to be soonish right?


>>137649976It comes out in 2023.How is this not clear enough for you? Are you going to ask where you can watch it as well? CAUSE YOU CAN'T. WE WON'T TELL YOU

What if this was God in HH?

Attached: image_2023-06-10_190249255.png (716x464, 354.94K)

>>137650304Then the real best ship would be canon.

Attached: 1683903257555315.gif (2110x1746, 2.81M)

>>137649863Good morning sir.

>>137644857That's my fear. The show(s) have a crisis of identity, not knowing if they want to be driven by character and relationship drama or deep lore, since both have been hinted at during various points.

>>137647416Hello Viv. It doesn't matter if you make Alastor betray Charlie. It doesn't matter if you make them enemies, and it doesn't matter if Charlie and Vaggie are perfect adorable gfs. I will still ship Charlastor.

>>137646271Satanic garbage

>>137647035You're retarded. You can't fill up someone elses Tumblr page. That's not how it works. Using Hazbin tags and filling the tag and showing up on the dash is different

I wonder if vivz is aware that most of the asian fans were into her pilot because of Charlastor. We will no longer have god tier fanart if she goes out of her way to destroy this ship.

Attached: 1630602639204.gif (532x506, 317.39K)

>>137646902>I know! If we make Ben and Gwen cousins that'll keep people from making lewd art and fan fiction of them! Brilliant!>ends up contributing to an entire generation being obsessed with incest-themed pornography

Attached: 1686324595299869.png (934x898, 407.28K)

>>137650970But just think of all the beautiful fanart western artists will make of Chaggie. Don't you want to see obese Vaggie's vitiligo and transmasc!Charlie?

>>137651048Ew, I'd rather see more Hazbin Hotel x Big Mouth crossover fanart than that

>>137643982>can't wait for this shit to be knocked off the "symbol of 2020's indie animation" throneThat's pure copium user. Viv won this shit already. Not even the furry cats cartoon surpassed her, let alone Murder Drones that no one gives a shit.

>>137638237It's funny how even women prefer Charlie with a guy over yet another lesbian shipping.

>>137650970This is the part I'm saddest about. I'm not even super into Charlastor but literally all the good fanart is from the Asians.

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Attached: FyQn4nNaQAAJcPI.jpg (2048x1922, 744.23K)


Attached: FyQn4nTaYAA5exg.jpg (1536x2048, 520.28K)

>>137649976I think they've said this summer, but that sounds like bullshit since we've gotten total silence about it.Even Helluva Boss got a real trailer before it released and it wasn't even pitched to anybody.

Attached: 1649908344386.jpg (5343x2032, 1.77M)

>>137651197Hazbin and Helluva may have more views, but MD and Lackidaisy has the most impact

>>137651705I dislike Vivz as much as the next person but you gotta be very delusional to genuinely believe that.

>>137634495>Let me get this straight.>straightI see what you did there.

Attached: 20230610_145920.jpg (2048x2048, 524.67K)

>>137652527I fucking LOVE Lute

>>137652527Adam and Lute are cute together

>>137634201Hazbin Homotel is propaganda made by satan.(This message brought to you by r/antihazbinhotel)

>>137653082Nah, hail anti hazbollah.

>>137650727Good for you but that's literally not what user was talking about. He's saying charlastor shippers are the ones getting mad at people for shipping chaggie, which is true.

that loona character makes my dick diamonds

>all the angels have female anatomy names, exterminators have an x eye>Vaggie has an angel spear and an x eyeShe's some kind of angel isn't she?


>>137653260So? Chaggie shippers get mad at people for shipping Charlastor too. The account that joked about Charlastor being canon from the wrap-up party felt pressured into taking it back and denounced the ship. It's not one-sided. Chaggie shippers have talked shit about Charlastor before. Attempts have been made to block out Charlastor from discourse about the show and how it will play out.

>>137652527Lute is so cute

>>137634201That OP pic.Remember when Charlie used to have that cute catlike side profile?now she has a jaw like a dog, which distresses me

Attached: sideviewscompare.jpg (640x714, 89.81K)

>>137636506It might even be that some of the Season 1 voice actors are no longer available (like Erica Lindbeck) and now Vivzie is realizing that she'd rather have a replacement VA go in and redo all the S1 voicelines so that they'll still be a consistent voice for S2.

>>137652527i wanna fuck her.and by that i mean fuck her like we're, just full on rough, cervix breaking sex. i'm talking the most longest, sloppiest, dirtiest, animalistic sex you've ever seen. i'm speaking like, she won't even be able to walk or fly or whatever for a couple of days. i'm talking sex like Adam's gonna be asking her why she can't focus on her job properly, because her mind's too busy thinking about me stuffing her like fucking thanksgiving.i'm talking sex that we try our best to keep quiet but can't due to how much plapping and sucking's going on. i'm talking sex that's very nearly waking up the entirety of heaven. i'm talking sex that's gonna leave people popping boners and getting wet whenever they pass through me and Lute's room door. i'm talking sex that's gonna make Adam and all the other heaven niggas put pillows on their ears because of how fucking loud we are.i'm talking sex that's juggling her tits up in the air up and down like they're simultaneously going to heaven AND hell at the same time. i'm talking sex that leaves us with 8 half human half angel kids or whatever the fuck. i'm talking sex that leaves us both a drooling, heavily breathing mess.basically, i just wanna fuck Lute.

Attached: FqVvwrGXgAAvB6e.jpg (1021x1024, 137.59K)

>>137655854The added height difference is pretty hot though.

>>137638917the eternal butthurtness of her activity is just so unprofessional let alone annoying

>>137644786Uninteresting is fine. Sometimes, the goodness of something is in itself what makes it compelling.Like warm freshly baked cookies. That was Charlastor.Some people do not want gayowlanalpoopdick in their cereal bowl just for the 'drama' of it.

>>137656383Viv reminds me of Zuke except instead of being an envelope pushing storyboarder she's the fucking show runner who just rubber stamps all the dumb ideas her crew has.

>>137651224Can confirm, I'm female and simp over Charlastor.Actually, the majority of females have to feel the same way. Because the majority of females are straight. Heck I'm pretty sure even Viv is 99% into men. I don't get the brainworms that make someone prefer fujo over a self-insert straightship though.

>>137656704>I'm female and-Post tits of gtfo

>>137656553>hates gays but watches gay show>mad gay show does in fact have gaysI will never understand you people.

>>137656187The masculinization of Charlie by the cowardly showcreators:-Make round bottom jaw Rectangular instead-Traded blouse&suspenders for pointyshoulder girlboss suit-Turned puppydoll eyes into neurotic demonred pupils-Increased height so she's taller than the lesbian-Converted flowing loose hair into multiponytail thing

>>137656819your reply screams someone who interacts so little with people who have different opinions that you reflexively just cast people into incorrect boxes because otherwise you struggle to process another person's existenceWhich is sorta the problem with the show desu! Notice how everyone is so stereotyped. It really gives me the feeling that whoever is writing it sees people as stereotypes and cannot help but just Flanderize everyone they couldn't personally empathize with as a result.

>>137636458>>137636789>A24 fired Viv over zoom and took all the Hazbin Hotel characters away from herI NEED this to be real. It would be SO much fun.

Attached: 1408027451723.gif (320x200, 1.9M)

>>137653260Yo Viv.What if you were surrounded by yesmen who were masking their true desires to go with the politicallycorrect narrative, or even to go with YOUR narrative in fear they be fired otherwise?What if the people who you were catering and kowtowing to themselves didn't want the things their mouths claimed or their Tweets read? People like KenDraws who you confided in dearly who helped construct your ideas closely, but in reality are themselves mentally ill and constantly changing their own identity because there's that continual unhappiness inside.What if you yourself don't like the Chaggie ship, and were simply a straight female who is into straight males deep down? What if all your fujofantasizing was built from trauma rather than genuine desire? What if you were scribbling over your OWN heart's ship?Charlastor is the best ship. No one actually likes the daddyissues borne dysfunction longterm. In reality these things implode 99% of the time, because the people who seek them out have such a large ego that they lie to themselves before settling to accept happiness.

>>137636789>>137657033I don't know if this is real. If it was, Vivziepop would have alot more vague tweeting about it.Would be hilarious if it was, though.

>>137657033wasn't there a Helluva Boss episode that never aired because it featured a Hazbin character, or something?

>>137657033She was literally in some wrap party for Hazbin Hotel though, so this is unlikely.

>>137652527LUTE MY BELOVED

Attached: v921oiyd830b1.jpg (2480x4919, 257.74K)

Convince me why Chaggie is interesting and how it pushes boundaries. Because thus far I prefer Charlastor.

>>137636458Its quite suprising considering that Helluva boss gets frequently like10 Million views per episode


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>>137657206Ship what you want dipshit.

>>137656876Did you seriously write heck to sound more feminine?

Attached: not buying it.gif (400x170, 47.55K)

>>137636374The only people who care about Alastor and Charlie are people who are sole shippers, Alastor makes more money being the token Tumblr Sexyman and the whole reason he’s asexual is to forever keep him single so thirsty, lonely Tumblr hoes can stay humping his leg and buying merch. Women buy more than men, they’re the target audience not you.

>>137636427Alastor was always Asexual, none of you faggots knew this?!?! I half expect Vivz is horny for her own character and prolly imagines herself as his lover.

>>137642958>white womanIn what world is the name Vivienne Medrano white? She isn’t white just because her skin is pale you dense retard. >>137644786True but so is Charlie and Vaggie. Charlie would be more interesting if she were single but being pursued by Vaggie and a male Character.>>137647252I’m sure she’s probably a 4Chan and Tumblr native desu, her pedo woman character from back in the day had 4Chan written all over it. Same with Rebecca Sugar’s shota shipping of edd ed n eddy.>>137647350Wouldn’t be hell without the gays you dumbass.

>>, that's just how people normally structure sentences like that, so I picked that upMaybe this will insult people, but this board's actually one of the most feminine places since they will discuss in-depth shows that are otherwise too 'girly' for most males to watch or maybe admit interest in. Like I'm big on TomStar and between r/starvs and Holla Forums I felt that the latter had way better and interesting dialogue about it. Reddit cartoon discussions are usually too fan-y and you also risk getting banned by the overly show-defensive mods.

>>137657719kek that'd be a funny twist like she's been simping for him since her middle school doodles and doesn't think charlie or anybody is worthy of him

>>137657996>her pedo woman characterplease describe or point me to this drama? googling that is impossible to get relevant results and will piss off my FBI agent

>>137636458We should lynch vivi

>>137637275They should still kick her she deserves nothing.

Ace female here. Some aces can have crushes and desires for romantic relationships. Physical, appearance or sensual attractions. Not sexual. I don't like charlastor and if all this shit about the fans is right on i hope the show kills it off or spits in their faces somehow. I fucking hate radiodust or alastor x Valentino. A x v is unacceptable, so is making alastor as slutty or kinky as angel dust. Yes the asexual spectrum includes ones that have sex but hes not fucking one of them and not to gatekeep but those people have never felt like actual asexuals to me. Yes theres a load of fake asexuals on tumblr and twitter. This is because it is the rarest sexuality, the hardest to call out a fake, it does not have a lot of haters and it is the new popular thing plus retards wanting another buzzword for their bios. I've identified as an sexual for like 13 years and I want to behead all the fake ones. Alastor is very ace coded and a rare icon of ours. Asexuals irl are usually not abrasive, very bitchy or loud. But if they pair him with a non asexual character, expect a fucking war, and expect me to have a piece of that cake. To avoid all of the minefields and risks without rewards he should be keep single.

>>137658249you have no authority to speak on sexual matters you 'ace' so stop policing others' functioning sexuality

>>137658316Lmao this is why we have shit like people who call themselves lesbian and are obsessed with dicks and fucking men. I also have no real problem with sex positive asexuals using the label. The ones i take issue with is when its your 4th, 5th or 6th sexuality or gender word in your bio, they call themselves some shit like quirky asexual, half asexual or evil asexual and run 4 different fandom porn art accounts and commission, draw or write lots of porn.

>>137658449Your entire post is "I don't experience sexual attraction ha ha no idea what that's like ha ha BUT I'm going to police sexual attraction ships now."

>>137658449Btw what's wrong with a Charlastor ship if they simply don't have sex but instead pair for their sensuality and compatible romantic feelings?

>>137646606But user what is a dumb bitch, but a miserable pile of Tumblr tranny.

>>137646726Good, I wish we were the old 4chan where we bullied dumb bitches of the internet. God what happened to us we used to do shit, fuck vivzie and fuck y'all for not doing anything about it.

>>137647281That's really bad the doom engine shouldn't be used for that shit, though even though your idea is absolutely shit you should use the srb2 mod of the doom engine. But again kill yourself

>>137658576you've been sounding like a drunk vivzie or an agent provacateur or both for like the past 5 posts calm down with your insincere rallying

>>137647350I agree

>>137647359Imagine begging for forgiveness like a little bitch. You matter so little that if you go full gay you wouldn't even get a tax break, good luck adopting kids you fuck wit punk bitch.

>>137647366Fuck you vivzie you are pathetic imagine making a show that isn't even yours anymore, imagine all the time and effort going into HH and just take a deep breath. Turn around and see it no longer being yours, a24 owns hazbin now and I think that them counting it as a loss on taxes (meaning no hazbin related media can be made again) is what's gonna end up happening. I have never seen such an inept and stupid bitch who got this far and still finding a way to fuck it up. How in the hell are you going to have the audacity to be that hard to work with that they have to delay a show damn near 5yrs. Nobody likes you viv they only want what you make and if it's not what they want then they will move on and forget you. I hate you, you holier than thou elitist, jealous, and seething bitch; the world will join me in hating you one day just know that.

>>137658657I'm going to say no and ignore because I don't respect you.

>>137650727BasedI'm going to make a bit to post hazbin ai porn and ping her socials since y'know she is a bitch(the porn will be charlester and vagcrust)

>>137658981post literally any proof that you are NOT vivzie larping as a hater for screenshot farming

>>137642958>She’s opposed to women being with men - the only actual straight woman in the series is Stella,What about Millie? Isn't she straight and in a relationship with Moxie? Or was she confirmed as some other sexuality?

>>137658013You should post a video of you cutting your arms bitch

>>137659043Well for one im a black guy eating peanut butter

Attached: b2b79c7e-97e6-4f3f-8bb5-81ae82b05a61.jpg (4000x3000, 3M)

>>137659152Oh okay then stop talking like a LARPer. "I'm going to ping Viv's socials with AI of her OCs!" Like, that is just parody level.

>>137659272Damn wouldn't want to give cunty mcdry cunt any ammo

>>137659152Dude, straight from the jar?

>>137659300Straight to the head blud peanut butterr is soooo fucking good I ate 9 jars today!

>>137657719>>137658028>Viv tries to push Chaggie and punish Chalastor, purpotedly for woke reasons (Charlie is lesbian, Alastor is ace, etc)>real reason is that she is actually in love with Alastor herself and doesn't want to see him with anyone else, including her own main characterExceptionally humorous if true.

Attached: 1425939817222.jpg (500x386, 62.4K)

>>137658249Try anything and people will match you and fight back. A lot of people have wanted to pair him with someone non-asexual for 5+ years. If it's not Charlie, he'll be paired with Rosie or Mimzy or something.

>>137659981Speaking of Mimzy, wasn't she originally supposed to be Alastor's girlfriend or something?

>>137657719This has already been discussed. An artist from Hazbin ruined discourse around Alastor's character and then left the project.

>>137659316Hey could you ask her why Loona doesn't talk anymore? It's weird

>>137659880Charlie is bi

>>137657696Not true. I would be interested in merch that just has Charlie and Alastor on it together, no one else. No romantic implications required.

>>137660107Bi is glorified lesbian in entertainment because Kami forbid a bisexual dating someone of the opposite Sex.

>>137660083I was going for harassment in general but I'll see

>>137646726>She wanted to do Charlie and Vaggie from the start basicallyNo she didn't. Originally Vaggie and Angel Dust were supposed to be a couple but one of the storyboard artists thought Vaggie and Charlie looked cuter together so Vizie just rolled with it

>>137660232>Originally Vaggie and Angel Dust were supposed to be a coupleSo what was their dynamix then considering Angel Dust's only personality traits are being overly Gay and Vaggie Hating men?

Attached: dfydsux-eb8feab6-906f-48ac-98ec-e4cbc2cf25d9.png (1079x800, 735.55K)

>>137658249Go find a different "icon."

>>137660434That was a really old concept and back then concept Angel Dust had an entirely personality. He originally some kind of edgy cowboy or gangster. Vaggie was more or less the same but she was blue My guess is that they would've had a Peter and Lois/Cosmo and Wanda sort of dynamic as dumb reckless husband and bitchy nagging wife

>>137660628Cherri was also Angel’s daughter

>>137660628I wish they stuck with it and it is fine if they broke up and became gay afterwards. Because the pilot gives way too much of a strong impression they fucked and then broke up from being too hard headed in their own ways.

>>137637477Same, it’s always funny to see people fail to learn the lessons they should have from Homestuck and RWBY

>>137660543Yeah this would've been better.Better than what you ask?Pretty much any other ship.

Posting rare CharlieDust

Attached: charliedust.jpg (734x1089, 110.54K)

>>137660205It's hilarious to me that all the bisexual women are shown to be full lesbians when in real life they are always in a relationship with a guy. Why are they afraid to show that type of relationship?


Attached: x.png (472x471, 84.49K)


Attached: 1557492869266.gif (450x600, 2.33M)

>>137659300I do that, too.t. Russian

>>137634201Horniness? Who's getting horny over this?

Can I see proof that Viv is against Charlastor? I keep hearing people say that, but I haven't seen any screenshots showing it.