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We back, two pages.>THE DEATH CUT>YISUN held audience one in their fifth anti-spiral clockwise palace. White faced Pravi, who was a wise disciple, said:>“Lord, bestow upon us the armor that will resist ending. The days grow short and the nights cold. The quavering strands of our life grow thin and worn in these final days since we have come to know death. I bid thee Lord make us to know a companion of this feeling.”>And YISUN smiled in the fifth way and said in reply:>“As the stone is in the fruit, your death is already in you. There is no armor that will resist the contents of your own heart. You were cut down the moment you existed.”>-Spasms

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>>137633413>very controversial i know to kill my protagonist 700+ pages into the comic

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>>137633434I can't believe Allison is fucking dead.neither can she

>>137633434>Allison is deadFinally we can get to the good part.

>>137633413I suspect Maya never intended for Allison to learn the maybe sword. Which is great since we know it wasn't going to work anyways.

>>137633496Which is?

>>137633517Everything other than Allison


>>137633413>if the world rewards violence, are we forever doomed to be ruled by the brutal and the cruel?So is this THE question? The one that Meti asked Maya?


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>Reach Heaven Through Violence >Diemfw these are and always have been the exact same thing

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>>137633413>>137633434So is this how Allison is going to become "immortal"? Just say no to death?

>>137633664If it was THE question, it would have way more presence on the page.


>>137633434So we finally have it. The answer. This is the start of how Allison breaks the wheel and counters Jagganoth. Allison, mortally wounded, uses her power to undo the damage. She is stupid, so she won't realize until later that this is the solution to her greater problems, because it offers an alternative answer to Meti's lesson of the rat.Meti instructed two students to slay the rat. One refused on principal, the other struck it down instantly. Meti's advice was that if the first student wanted to protect the rat, they should have struck down the other student first. The only way to stop an act of violence is pre-emptively, be violent first. Be violent better. This is true, but it only remains true so long as there is no other way to save the rat. If you can use the power of keys to perform actions of creation, to reshape and repair, then they you don't NEED to kill the other student to save the rat. You can simply put the rat back together after the fact. This is how Allison counters Jagg. Not by beating him in a fight, but by being something that he is just as unable to kill as she is unable to kill him, and who can rebuild, heal, bring back to life everything and everyone that Jagg would seek to destroy. To rip the teeth out of violence and remove all of violence's power by making its consequences inconsequential. An act that she can demonstrate by *bringing Cio back to life* as her thesis statement.

>>137633922damn is abbadon a secret Christian after all this? based if true

>>137633922Would this lead to healing the whole wheel though? That would mean reuniting all the divisions and reverting back to Yisun, but a better Yisun.

>>137633759Valid point, but Maya saying it is the fundamental core of her master's obsession leads me to believe otherwise.

>>137633751You mean this is how she is going to become Royal. Just say no to death until she's done and feels like dying.

>>137633413Her path to becoming Zoss' heir may require her to exist in a state of living death as he currently does. In the liturgy it is shown that no one can avoid their death, but Royalty can exist outside causality and the wheel turning king's grasp.

>>137633922Somehow I don't think that "Honey, it's 5pm, time for armageddon and resurrection." is a good ending for this story.

>>137633922It's like how Izanagi reacted to Izanami's promise that she would kill a thousand people every day.

>>137633413>Even those who seek to liberate the wheel perpetuate its turning Maya has Jagg figured out better than any of his peers.

>>137633922>This is how Allison counters Jagg. Not by beating him in a fight, but by being something that he is just as unable to kill as she is unable to kill him, and who can rebuild, heal, bring back to life everything and everyone that Jagg would seek to destroy. To rip the teeth out of violence and remove all of violence's power by making its consequences inconsequential.but that's already Zoss's solution lol

>>137633922Allison will become the YIS to counter Jagganoth becoming UN.Violence shall always exist, but Allison hard countering Jag will force them both to compromise and create something new.

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>>137634244Ideally, what you do is you prove to Jagg that armageddon is totally pointless because everything he destroys will just rebuild itself. Once he accepts this truth, he throws down his weapons because if armageddon is impossible there is no point in a futile exercise. You don't actually need to go through the whole cycle of armageddon and resurrection, just provide the proof of it such that Jagg gives up.

>>137634244No I want this end in metaphysical mythological way like the way it began. True nonsensical shit that you see in ancient myth.

Anons are forgetting that undoing everything has already been happening, the wheel already keeps resetting itself. This is not the solution.

>if the world rewards violence, are we forever doomed to be ruled by the brutal and the cruel?Well not. Obviously you can be violent without being brutal and cruel. Of course you gotta break some eggs to make an omelette, but as long as you’re not getting off on torching cities for no military gain you’re fine in my book.

>>137634265It is not. Zoss is ultimately just another destroyer. Zoss and Meti both accept that violence is bullshit, but they didn't come up with a better solution. They just set up things to hopefully enable a successor to one day have the tools they need to come up with that better solution for them.

>>137634363If everyone should just learn to love the violence.

>>137634262Well it makes sense, out of all the demiurges she seems to be the one closest to Royalty. It figures that she understands the flaws in Jaggs plan when the others were to busy focusing on their own survival to figure it out.

>>137633434>Are you certain?>Have you nothing to say for yourself?>Can you answer now?>Can you really choose?>Are you alive? Or are you dead?Maybe

>>137633688>Live Allison reaction

>>137634360I think the solution is to change the mold in the long term. Small, progressive changes in Metatron's cycle with each turn of the wheel until the world is free of his monomyth. Trying to "Defeat" Jagganoth is playing straight into it. He's like a natural disaster, a constant that can't be killed or stopped permanently, but with time the people of the wheel can find methods to reduce the damage.

>>137633434Well i hope the comics answer to all this "sword poison" stuff is in any way satisfying. These days i really have a low tolerance for people deriding power so it's gonna be interesting to see what the final answer the comic pushes ends up being.

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>>137634499Oh dios mio does that mean Allisons going to turn into the greatest beast of all, A LIBERAL

>>137634363Except if violence is the only mark of kingship then remaining a ruler requires you to optimize towards violence. Anything else is just a trap option.A king is the person who is the better at violence than everyone else; if you aren't the best at violence, then you aren't a king. And a violent ruler can only be overthrown by more violence, which poisons the usurper. Kind and merciful are rarely words used to describe a revolution or a coup.

>>137633413>Are you alive? Or are you dead?...maybe?

>>137634537>Allison has to choose the Moralist endingThis ain't Disco.

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>>137634510I love this comic but have zero faith that it will actually adress the question of power and tyranny without a copout - the best it could do is provide an ending that feels satisfying for Allison as a character.I just hope it's not an infantile ending where Jagganoth is defeated with the power of friendship or a hug, but something with a bit of pathos to it.

To better understand Royalty let us examine the terminology used to describe it. To be "Royalty" is to "Cut". Why these terms? Yisun's first act was to "cut" themself, the divine act of division/suicide that created "others". Others that sought to further "cut", to further divide and make more "others".These "others" seek to be "Royalty". Royalty is the state of being better than "others", to lord over "others" and is the state all "others" seek and they do so by "cutting" creating more "others". But is there an end state or is the action itself the goal despite being depicted by all close to "Royalty" as being wrong.The reason for this is that despite the constant production of "others" all "others" are still Yisun. None can be Royalty because none can be better than Yisun, they are Yisun. There is no "other" to be "Royalty" over Yisun, there is only Yisun.Yisun is a sub devoid of dommeYisun is a bottom but there is no topYisun is lonely but is truly aloneYisun seeks an "other" that is not YisunThere is none other than YisunThe true act of "cutting" is to be "other" than YisunTo be "Royalty" is lord over Yisun, to let Yisun not be all there is.Yisun is a liar, though.

I just don't like KSBD no more

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>>137633413>Allison, you have spent this entire adventure being taught lessons about the nature of violence and other philosophical mumbo jumbo>do you understand what I'm trying to teach you?>SHUT UP YOU FAT OLD BITCH AND TEACH ME HOW TO KILL!I feel like that could have been sold better, but at least she's finally dead and free of the endless cycle of violence.... Right?

>>137634725since when

>>137634291>Allison will become the YIS to counter Jagganoth becoming UN.So in other words, Allison and Jag are gonna have sex?

>>137633922I don't think that's how it'll work. The story has been very clear about how death and ending is an inherent part of existence and accepting that is an important part of being Royalty, even Abby's comment under this page emphasizes that fact. To live is to die, and that fate is thrust upon you from the minute you're born. I don't think he's going to suddenly reverse that now and say that the real solution is to figure out how to bring things back and grant eternal life.I think that maybe Maya was telling the truth in the last page, and the Maybe sword might not actually kill you, now she's forcing Allison to figure out how. How do you live when faced with death?

>Reach heaven through violence>Not "Use violence to reach heaven">but rather "Get past violence to reach heaven"

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>>137634733Shes not dead. According to Jadis shes gonna die in 35 years.

>>137634661>I love this comic but have zero faith that it will actually adress the question of power and tyranny without a copoutWebcomics royalty is dropping all expectations of any ending--satisfying or not--and enjoying the comic page by page.

>>137634751Jadis was also a liar who told her that nihilism and reading poetry was cool.

>>137634733Allison is an impatient idiot. What else is new?

>>137634360But that's time manipulation, not healing.

>>137634761Ends are for losers. I haven't finished anything in over a decade and am in a constant state of pleasant contentment, other than when I have to deal with people mad that I'm not finishing anything.

>>137634552Close, this isn't the maybe blade this is the certainly blade.Can it kill a god? Certainly.Can it kill Jagganoth? Certainly.Are you alive or dead? Certainly.

>>137634751>listening to JadisPeople who listen to Jadis are the same people who drive themselves into a swamp while blindly following gps.

>>137634733Allison’s greatest power is being a dumbass

>>137634751Jadis, failing to mention that Alison spends 33 years as a one armed vegetable after being bisected before succumbing to her bowel infection.

>>137634537Nah Abbadon is a leftie. But he has enough of a brain to realize that breaking shit up as your sole plan to improve the social situation only causes more suffering because any atrocity becomes justified to rush in the utopia and in the end you dont' get there anyways.

>>137633434Allison is about to CHIM

>>137633434>yfw Allison just dies next page

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>>137633413Mhh, not sure how much i vibe with the whole "going against your oppressors makes you just as bad" thing.

>>137633922So the ending to SSSS GRIDMAN then

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>>137634749>Get past violence to reach Heaven>“Of course,” said Kassardis, “Violence is inescapable. The Very Wise Frog was right.”>And to Vastoki, something had changed in Kassardis. He was more relaxed, and more tense at the same time, like flexible steel. A great truth had settled into his flesh, and his calm was a terrible thing to behold.>“I came to find the land of Samura, where peace is eternal,” said Kassardis, “But instead, I find that I must carry Samura with me.” And he grasped the hilt of his sword and stood, and Vastoki finally realized how tall he was.>“You will never rest!” she spat, and her missing nose wept blood, “You will flee for all eternity!”>“Such is the cost of peace,” said Kassardis, “Even if I should care for ten thousand maimed wives.”>Then he tightened his wives’ bandages, and soothed the struggling Vastoki, and left them ample supplies. And though his wives spat and cursed at him, they could do little but let him leave, his countenance calm and resolute as he said one last thing:>“I will see you in Samura.”The Very Wise Frog continues to be the smartest damn character in the entire comic.

>>137634917It's not a matter of "makes you as bad", It simply perpetuates the cycle.

>>137634813>Maybe Sword>Certainly BladeWhat I wanna know is, who's on first!

>>137634917No one said that. Maya just said the tools of revolution are the same as the tools of oppression, violence and death. Which is correct. Tyranny is a bloody business, and so is revolt. The world's set up so that blood and death will happen no matter which you choose, which is the whole point of Maya's question. Jagg wants everything to die, and Metatron wants the fighting to go on forever. If every path ends in violence, what other options are there?

>>137635231>what other options are there?>The series ends with Allison and Jagganoth spending eternity getting high and ordering Taco Bell

>>137634917Abby is a bigtime lefty so no way that's going to be his big thesis statement. Like Maya was just acknowledging the paradox between the necessity of fighting to protect others with the truth that violence is always soul poisoning. We haven't seen the resolution to this paradox yet. To even dream of doing so requires an imagination that is revolutionary on an ontological scale.

It seems to me that this boils down to the question about protecting the rat.Protecting the rat is about stopping the rat from dying. But you don’t have to kill the other person to protect the rat, if you can either shield the rat or heal it before it dies.If Jagganoth tries to destroy the world but simply can’t because the world keeps regenerating faster than he can destroy it… what would Jagganoth do? His destruction is pointless if the rat can’t die.

>>137635586Or he just doubles down and keeps trying until he ceases to exist, kinda like what he's been doing already.

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>>137635586Jagganoth doesn't really strike me as the kind of guy who quits. He knows everytime he destroys the universe everything is going to reset and keeps doing it over and over again forever. If Alison comes in with "i'll just heal whatever you destroy" then he'll keep destroying and she'll keep healing for the rest of time.

>>137635670I need punished Dave to return.

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>>137635586>I know if we make the guy who is repetitively destroying things repetitively destroy things maybe he'll stop!


>>137635429That's a realization I had a while ago that kind of soured me on this comic. Abby is tackling a problem that the real world doesn't have a satisfying answer to.

>>137635726he doesn't have to stop. Allison just has to be so good at healing that Jagganoth's immense destructive power is equivalent to a little girl punching your leg.

>Jaggs can't be killed>instead of trying to kill him, just make the entire universe unkillable just like himlol

The equivalent of stuffing him in a padded cell

>>137635962>>137635991Ok and when the next one comes along?

>>137636009not your problem

>>137636015The wheel keeps turning

>>137635670Somewhere out there one user still has all the collected names of Succulent Dennis we did.

maybe this is a Dormammu situation and Allison will continuously survive getting killed by Jaggs in Solomon's weird bubble for this long before he gives up. Then Allison can just die for real.

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>>137635911Funny, because it's a realization that made me love this comic. We can either accept that we're doomed as a species or we can try to tackle these seemingly intractable problems and figure out a better way to be human. Fiction has always been one of the greatest tools we have for calling each other up to become more than we currently are.

>>137636087While I do not share your optimism I appreciate it.

>>137633413I'm starting to wonder if Maya will even survive to the end of this training sequence. A few of us assumed she would die after Incubus dies but maybe the extend of her hold in this world will be to train the one that will bring him down.

>>137636215We are happy to be down here in the existentialism trenches fighting for you, user

>>137635713You think Salami Dave ever experimented with men?

>>137636238considering he spent hundreds of years willing himself to have only sons, it's likely he did but only in the most literal sense of the word

>>137636238Probably, millennia is a long time to try out stuff. He can't hate it too much with legal gay marriage

>>137635670This isn't even the first time he's acknowledged it.

>>137633434Allison expressions in the last panels reminds me of this gif

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>>137636238Given his variety of outfits he's been seen wearing, he's probably experimented with all sorts of interests as he hammered out his perfect society, if one of those involved having dancing-boys be considered attractive who'd tell him that it'd be a bad idea?

>>137636662Imagine some femboy twink dancing for the god-king of his universe, quietly panicking that he seems not that into it

>>137636662He mastered all the fetishes like he mastered the martial arts>I see. Foot Fetish>A good gambit, an aggressive style

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what if Maya just tried the maybe cut on Jags and itworked, just worked immediately

>>137633413>If the world rewards violence are we forever doomed to be ruled by the brutal and cruel?No, because not all violence is bad. A storm is violent, a birth is violent, a star going supernova is violent.

>>137636957all of these are bad too

>>137637012From a certain point of view.

>>137636957All of these can kill a person


>>137637086A storm can nourish the land, a birth brings a person into the world, a star going supernova releases more complex elements into the cosmos.

>>137637086Anything can kill a person.There is nothing in the world that could not kill a person in some way.

>>137637146Thinking nice thoughts about an individual quietly in your own head


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>>137633744If I knew how to Photoshop I'd make a LowTierGod meme from this

>>137637182*physical thingsMy bad

>>137636009Doesn't he need to destroy everything for the next cycle to begin? So if he can't destroy anymore, no more cycles will occur.

>>137634314So you are saying that Jaggs can succeed at Armageddon if he convinces Alison that all she resurrects will just be destroyed again?

Jagganoth will be stopped when he welcomes Christ in his heart.

>>137637530I was referring to the next super powerful nihilistic turbo edgelord. They aren't just going to stop popping up.

>>137636238experimented? he's mastered men.

>>137633434>>137633413FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ALLISON JUST PAY ATTENTION IT'S NOT THAT HARD. I've seen shonen protags less dense than this, Jesus.

>>137637677Just make everything indestructible forever and delete the keys and metatron. It's ogre for destroyers.

>>137637220Many non-physical things can kill too. How many have died for some ideology or other?

>>137637863anon, that's how you create the cancer-verse

>>137633922Am I retardred or is the solution not to counter Jagganoth's destruction but instead to counter his own suffering? He does have a "good" motive beneath horrendous methods that he has made known. Like all the demiurges he's become static, stuck in a rut. A change in perspective is needed and

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>>137637621god imagine if Abby pulled a SSSS and the comic ends with Jesus showing up and everyone getting saved

>>137637734It's probably unreasonable to hold her to a standard the majority of living, complex, worthwhile people fail to meet, especially given her circumstances. There are plenty of other better reasons to call her a retard.

>>137637962he just needs to smoke some weed man

Well pack it up everyone, she's dead

>>137633922Reminds me of pic related from BLAME! Higher level murderbots get bigger and bigger guns that make bigger holes. Then suddenly the highest level murderbot is the reverse who can just build stuff out of thin air.

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>>137634510"Sword poison" ain't power. I originally thought this comic was pretty basic straightforward myth & kung-fu inspired fun, only from some people's reaction to it did I realise anybody felt it challenged their viewpoints with such phenomenally hot takes as "violence sucks, we can do better".

Ultrakill crossover when

>>137633922What you are saying is that the ending is going to go like pic related.

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>>137637734>ready for sword lesson>suddenly have to solve philosophycome on man she's just a barista

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>>137638829Didn't she major in philosophy?

>>137638829It's no fucking koan>get your shit together at once or it will literally spill out your bellybutton

Everyone is saying Alison needs to undo the damage or endure it somehow but my first impression of the page was that the maybe sword did some Schrodinger's cat bullshit where Maya can decide she did not injure Alison at all if she answers correctly

>>137638907maybe(hah) that will be a thing. Even if Allison fails to heal herself Maya can just cancel the technique.

>>137636957Also, the "world" doesn't reward violence, people do.

>>137638958Someone just rewarded me their wallet after I bashed their head in with a crowbar.

Alison just needs to take the Jaggahog.

>>137638958People make the world, without people, the world is just a spinning ball of mud

>>137638989And you'll be rewarded with buttrape in prison I guess.

>>137638907That's not on brand. Allison will decide whether she's dead or not.

>>137639023The world's been doing shit for a long time. People just fucking got here.

>>137638907That's fucking dumb and bad.

>>137638858that doesn't make her a philosopher

>>137639053If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?


>>137639096Yeah but you'd think she'd be less of a bimbo about this subject in particular.

>>137639123..but does it matter?

>>137639025anon will reward that guy with his bussy

>>137639158That's a different question.

>apprentice just immediately shrugs off the unstoppable legendary sword technique before even learning itI'm not sure Maya is going to react well to finding out the culmination of her life and philosophy is just more pointless sword wank bullshit. The remaining demiurges are all either invincible, omniscient or capable of regeneration so cutting things in half isn't much of a trick.Now that blood alchemy stuff Incubus knows? THAT would be a technique actually worth learning!

>>137639378>Meti's ultimate truth really is that being a swordsman is fucking gay and lame and time spent doing literally anything else is better than training with a sword

>>137639378Incubus fuck off, you waste of a key

>>137639366Literally>To train with the sword, first master sweeping. When you have mastered sweeping, you must master the way of drawing water. Once you have learned how to draw water, you must split wood. Once you have split wood, you must learn the arts of finding the fine herbs in the forest, the arts of writing, the arts of paper making, and poetry writing. You must become familiar with the awl and the pen in equal measure. When you have mastered all these things you must master building a house. Once your house is built, you have no further need for a sword, since it is an ugly piece of metal and its adherents idiots.’ - Meti’s Sword Manual: Mastering the Sword

>>137639465Woops, this was meant for >>137639412

>>137639163Fuck it really is an endless cycle.

>>137639465Yeah until the dead men burn your village and give you a sword anyway

>>137633751>I reject your reality and substitute my own!Zoss did it so I don't see why not.>>137633922So Gog wins? Because she's immortal and indestructible.

>>137633413>okay, so you gotta slash Jagganoth with the Maybe Sword and then convince him he's dead

>>137639465Yeah this sounds like the sort of thing only someone who never actually has to defend themselves can follow with a straight face. Just reinforces my belief that Meti is full of horseshit.

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>>137639503Statistically you can probably get away with it.

>>137639529Gog is a worm, worms have to eat, what will happen when she'll have devoured everything else?an animal that eats itself doesn't last very long

>>137639625i think that Meti would probably tell you that dying as a farmer is more honorable than living as a swordsman

>>137639437At least he diversified a little from the sword thing into blood immortality and manipulating people! This twist where Maya was actually an awful student that misinterpreted every single thing Meti tried to tell her is hilarious.

>>137639652>when bandits come through to steal everything you own, rape your wife and slaughter your children at least you'll still have the most important thing of all... your dignity

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>>137639635But she is many animals, a whole ecosystem

>>137639727Maya has spent the last thousand years being miserable and hating herself and wishing she had lived a relatively long and happy life as a noodle vendor before being slaughtered with the rest of the yellow city. I mean even with all her power she was gutted by Incubus and was raped for 6 years by an ogre. No wonder she thinks she would have been better off not picking the sword.

>>137639727That sounds dumb

>>137639660>Meti: pic related>Maya: throws out all her swords and then tries to start a familyholy shit she's so fucking dumb

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>>137639727granted, i don't think that Meti would be against all violence, she is no pacifistIt's one thing to defend your family from raiders when they come to burn your house and plunder your fields, it's another to dedicate your whole life to the art of killing people goodand you can't have both, you either have a nice family or your learn to cut good

>>137638261Nta but I would respect the take if the webcomic did a good job of presenting better alternatives. So far, it really hasn’t. All allegorical instances of Royalty have been more about personal catharsis than large scale societal change, and in the main story Team Allison has consistently failed, failed and failed some more when put up against superior violence.

>>137636957This was the lesson of the story of Aesma and the three masters. The universal art is violence. It's not a matter of good and bad, everyone exercises it.

>>137639854Belive you me, she KNOWS that

>>137639907It's also why it's better to be a farmer; a farmer has all manner of tools he uses to ply a honorable trade that can be used to brutalize a person. A swordsman can only use a sword for killing and do a poor job of using it for anything else.

>YISUN takes a shit>In those days, Aesma would crash into the 14th spire of the Star Palace of the Third Court in a foolish attempt to vex and annoy YISUN and his guests who dined there.>Once, she rode a bull through the great crystal window that was 80 cubits tall and wide and took ten times ten-thousand years to build in 5 seconds.>As the idiot god impacted the table in front of YISUN, YISUN smiled in the 4th way and asked if Aesma brought the bull to add to the feast.>Aesma, being a fool, answered YISUN slowly in a sudden fashion, "You're a piece of shit YISUN!">Pondering this, YISUN asked, "Am I?" And stood. YISUN walked to the center of the chamber, where he then squatted.>Quickly and without motion YISUN strained with such force that the entire spire shook, and a third of half the guests ran for their lives.>Beads of sweat emerged from YISUN's brow, which remained motionless, and became waterfalls that are now all that remain of the 3rd Star Court's 14th Spire. >A mighty obsidian defecation that was the 12th color of midnight emerged from YISUN's anus and when it fell free from him and collided with the floor, the earth became as a bowl beneath its weight. >As the turmoil ceased, Aesma stared quite stupidly and exclaimed, "Holy shit.">YISUN turned to Aesma and smiled in the 2nd way and said gesturing to the crater of his efforts, "Quite so. Come and behold the YISUN you sought">Aesma being an idiot and lacking sense, approached and beheld. And lo, it was YISUN in the crater, who smiled at her in the 7th fashion, and laughed in a manner reminiscent of Moh't Ha'am (which is to say quietly in the loudest way possible). >Thus did YISUN teach Aesma her 92nd lesson which she forgot instantly.>-92nd Scroll of YISUN.

>>137640099Dumb faggot there are only five canon ways of smiling, my FUCKING gosh

>>137640099>what if George R. R. Martin wrote K6BD

was jesus a demiurge?

>>137640385Yeah, but he got offed pretty quick.

>>137640099This is literally every liturgy

>>137640385No, and frankly I think you need to work on your understanding of obscure 1st century Judeo-Christian heresies.

>>137640436but he came backwas he royalty?

>>137640385>>137640452>user discovers Gnosticism

>>137640099appreciate you dropping by abaddon it's been a while

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>>137640099Fuckin hell

>>137640226Damn. I guess I'll kill myself then.

>>137634510I think it is that violence is merely an aspect of power that requires little thought, the crudest use of it. That there are uses for strength beyond it, if you aren't just so seeped in violence it becomes all you can think of as a response to things.

>>137638858>I have to post it again.

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>>137634917It's not that it makes you as bad, it is saying that ultimately, the cycle of violence continues. They oppress you with violence, you use it to overthrow them, it is seen as oppression or oppressed another, they strike back with violence, and so on. That it just keeps going in a loop, because everyone has their own take on the same actions and uses it to justify continued violence.

>>137641152>business major>minor in philosophy yeah she was never gonna make it unless her parents had connections

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>>137640099Good work user.

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>>137636238Yes, but his ass is so fuckin tight that no mortal man could please him. Lesser men have snapped their spears off at the hilt trying. Truly, his taint is 3/57 of the law.

>>137642133Solomon David's tournament, but instead of drawing a drop of blood you have to make him bust. No one has ever been successful.

>>137640476Yes, unironically, because he knew that this world is temporary.Self-sacrifice is the hallmark of true nobility.

>>137642289Canonically conquers death by throwing the match then just deciding to win anyway. Absolutely royal.

>>137641152I miss this Dragon Quest looking outfit


anyone else kinda hoping Allison has some kinda massive freak-out on the next page

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>>137634265Zoss already became shackled to the wheel by trying to break it, his solution was to simply drop that shit on someone else's lap and hope for the best.

>>137634629Joke's on you, Moralists are based

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>>137642605dear lord am i ready for that guy to show up again

>>137636957Just because something is naturally occurring doesn't mean it can't be bad for us.

>>137642605>Maya expects Allison to achieve a philosophical breakthrough and survive the cut with royalty>she just summons satan

>>137642931>Maya expects Allison to achieve a philosophical breakthrough and survive the cut with royalty>she just summons satanAesma would be impressed. Right before she'd turn jealous as fuck at Allison and summon something greater to oneup her.

>>137638012I mean sure but she literally just spent the last few days getting not-so-subtlety told that violence isn't the answer only to go pull this shit.

>>137643062>And upon seeing the Wheel-Smashing Lord, Aesma at once marveled in awe and recoiled in jealousy >Stamping the dirt and gnashing her teeth, she cried out>"MODS! MODDDDDDDDDDS!!!

>>137638007Kek, I'd like to see that

>>137639813Those things didn't happen because she picked up the sword. It happened after she dropped it.

>>137640476He was a terninator. Ask Holla Forums and they will vouch for Jesus being Germanic woth blue eyes.

>>137634499reach kingdom of consciousness through incremental change, baby

>>137634725you liked it yesterday


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>>137644251Did I?

>>137633413>If the world rewards violence, are we forever doomed to be ruled by the brutal and cruel?>The tools of liberation are the same as those of oppression. Therefore, even those who seek to break the wheel perpetuate its turning.

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>>137639625god I wanna eat her out.

>>137644367Yeah this. Allison doesn't need to solve the problem "violence" just the problem "Jagganoth".

>>137633434Cute tummy

>>137633413>>137633434>Maya is a sword>literally the sword of maybeOh, that's neat. It's both exactly what I expected and not what I expected at all.

>>137633664Seems too wordy for no reason. Not Meti's style.>>137633751>Zoss>Maya>JaggIt's worked for everybody else who's succeeded at it.

>>137634917It's more like breaking into a prison to get revenge on your foe and then the prison bars lock behind you.

>>137633922This is just the Animorphs. The Ellimist vs Crayak.

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>>137640385Mottom never heard of him>>137640476Yes; in a meta sense, given how certain names and terminology used in the setting correlates heavily with what people on Earth believe, Earth as a whole has presumably had decent outstanding past contact with various multiuniversal entities that presumably inspired or influenced earth culture, to the extent that Zoss is correlated with the PIE sky deity (Deus Pater), so a weirder question would be who got the true nature of the universe more 'right', the Buddha or Jesus.

Attached: jesusksbd.png (257x444, 184.92K)

>>137642605Himself probably is aware of the time loops, right? Just for the sake of narrative convenance, being imprisoned while also knowing that the time that passes is meaningless because you'll be released to fight Metatron or something at some point will eventually happen sounds like a nasty fate

>>137645620Yes but he did it to Himself. It sucks, but he likes the way it sucks.

>>137637182>Sublty changes the bloodflow in your brain triggering an aneurysm.

>>137642204>wait then how do you have so many sons>Because I decide when I bust, and no one else.

>>137633434Alison just need to be certain she can always choose to be dead or alive. Just like Maya did when Incubus tried to cut her head off.

>>137633496Bah. If only.>>137633751Pull a Hal Jordan and just will herself to live using the Key I guess.>>137633922That's a boring, stupid and meaningless gesture when that doesn't stop Jag from smashing everything else, and I hope Abby comes up with something cleverer.

>>137636238>all these gay niggas thinking about the SalamiGuys, this is a man who can't get over his dead wife after centuries if not millennia. I genuinely think he only engages in missionary sex for the purposes of reproduction.

>>137639727>>137639652Vinland Saga sucks.>>137640015If that were true, soldiers would get brutalised by farmers instead of the other way around.

>>137643062>Aesma is jealous not because Allison did something she couldn't, but because Allison is stealing her ex the Red-Eyed King

>>137645620Abby said Himself is roughly on 1 Metatron's level, and 1 Metatron is depicted as the thing looming behind Zoss straddling the Wheel. Yeah, he's probably aware of the loops.

>>137633517Kill Six Billion Demons:Book Seven: The True Heir

>>137645825Even beyond that, dude's entire thing is being a paragon of perfection and discipline. Can't show any weakness, frivolity or attachment.

>>137640099This is golden.

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>>137645808>That's a boring, stupid and meaningless gesture when that doesn't stop Jag from smashing everything elseI believe the point of that other user's post was to say she would fix everything he breaks."Smashing everything else" will have no purpose if it gets fixed the second after.

>>137645952I'd accept that as a solution if we actually had guidelines for what the Keys can do. Even Lantern Rings and Spiral Energy have guidelines if not exactly rules. I've seen Allison struggle in life and death situations with no time to think and asspull things after what appears to be some quite deliberate intent, being able to whip out Crazy Diamond seems like an asspull. I mean, so far the best things we've seen Allison do with her key are teleport and summon bits of gods like Stands. Is the more advanced stuff the Demiurges do like create suns or Gog's multiversal portals/presumably her hivemind as a whole the result of training, confidence or both? We don't know. Which makes it kind of hard to have reasonable expectations for what Allison can do apart from what Allison HAS done.And yes, Abby always has the "it's divine names, I don't to explain shit" copout but as presented by the narrative it would be for me the same problem as the Solomon arc. Too much tell, not enough show.

>>137646284Fuck, meant for >>137646158

>>137645825Can you blame us?Solomon might just donate sperm, with even missionary too much of a hassle.

>>137646522Not at all, better that than an Incubus simpAnyway I recall Abby said Solomon actually controls his children's gender (presumably because new daughters hit too close to home, his being long dead) with breathing techniques so unless Ki Rata can go full Hamon (something I'm not ruling out given it can fucking stop time) I assumed that it was probably still the skin on skin contact kind of sex. Although it would be pretty funny if Solomon donated sperm then controlled the child's gender with breathing techniques from afar just as a flex on some random woman.

>>137641361I dunno. The people at the top of business and society are some of the dumbest motherfuckers on earth. However, when everyone at the top is the dumbest motherfucker; no one is.And that's the meta of the game being played.

>>137640099>"Shit yourself through violence baby">it was never about the violent shitting of yourself>but rather shitting a selfHoly shit


>>137646579>Some random chick goes to a sperm bank to get impregnated.>All goes normal.>Before the doctors even diagnose the gender she gets a letter with "Congratulations, its a boy."

Attached: 1651937671395.png (421x309, 164.28K)

>>137633434HoleeeThat is one intense return from hiatus.>>137633413Also is this the question that broke her?

>>137633434is this how maya survived incubus repeatedly slicing her neck?

>>137640226Are you sure? I vaguely remember YISUN smiling in the 7th way in one of the early liturgies.

>>137640099This reads like those Dumbledore shitposts>PREE AESMA HAVE YOU THROWN YOUR NAME IN THE WHEEL OF EXISTENCE asked YISUN quietly

>>137647444Incubus is such a poor swordsman. He could never do this.

>>137645864>>137645620Himself if not the answer is at least hint below the question. A demon with no name isn't a demon, its the hot black flame willing itself into sentience, and what are the black and white flame but the last rotting bones of Yis and Un that life grows out of.

>>137642901Can also be good, see >>137637124

>>137635911Lol, we already have a solution to this, if we didn’t your fat ass would be going to war instead of sitting on 4chan. We build systems to contain, direct, and restrain the violence, and then gradually tweak them until they reach the desired end state. This is the basis of all states and most of political science.Problem is, that’s not a satisfying solution for lefties, who’s ideal world is impossible without a continuous orgy of violence and coercion. Hence the fundamental tension in the comic. How do you make people do what you want without making them do what you want?

>>137645606I can't believe they cut out Allison's dialogue in this part of the french translation (i've read french paper version before the webcomic, our translators are retarded).

>>137648458I think they cut it out in the original physical release too

>>137646158It's already pointless and he knows it. He is still going to keep doing it.

>>137634725Maybe you were never nice, user

I'm very very curious how this will get resolved. It's so anchored in human nature that I can't imagine any "real" solution beyond something very philosophical.

>>137641152>Business Major, remain a business major! Live a long and boring life and have many fat children with business majors!

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>>137649382Why would nice people be in this place?


>>137652085They think they can save you.

>>137651858is this loss?

>>137652085anon >>137634725 understood me

>>137634883Allison, (Dead) Awake (Dreaming)

>>137633508I'm sure only Maya can use the Maybe Sword. Allison will need her own "weapon".

>How do you kill someone that can't be killed

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I would like for Maya and Salami to meet up, talk about their Farm and daughters becoming ashes, then go fishing.

>>137648424>right never calls for violence

>>137646579I always thought the breathing technique lets him produce exclusively Y-Chromosome sperm (seems like the explanation with the least magic), which would allow him to "fire and forget" if he's Forever Committed to his wife.Regardless of mechanism, not sure why the fuck an ascetic Ki Rata order would produce such a technique. Maybe Solomon invented it, maybe multiple fighting schools have nut control?

Attached: consider.png (860x520, 222.5K)

>>137640099>You must live, eat, and swing swords as a person who has their pants down. It doesn't matter whether your trousers, in actuality, are always around your ankles, though you will look like an idiot if they are.

Attached: Meti cig.png (428x273, 138.74K)

>>137655444Don't know about Ki Rata in particular, but the multiverse has enough sexism around for people to want to ensure male heirs I guess.

>>137655444Solomon out here inventing the KSBD equivalent of the Kama Sutra.

Haven't checked in in a while, have their been any fishing edits since she started training with Maya?


Attached: The Question.png (501x169, 71.74K)

>>137655444>not sure why the fuck an ascetic Ki Rata order would produce such a technique.Doesn't have to be Ki Rata when Solomon knows all of the martial arts

>>137657959>Doesn't have to be Ki Rata when Solomon knows all of the martial artsEven the ones that only exist for gay sex. He *had* to complete the list.

>>137657959Man I totally forgot that Solomon learned a whole bunch of other martial arts specifically to flex on their users by beating them with their own style instead of using his super broken OP Ki Rata moves.God what an asshole. I love him.

>>137658885It's his philosophy.In his mind, the only way to ensure peace is to demonstrate absolute dominance over everyone else.He's not even the only demiurge to seek peace. Heck, the only one that really wants war is Incubus and that's because he's a degenerate.

>>137659975But you don't understand, user, he's badwrong because he wants to be an absolute ruler who rules through dominance in a world of violence and power. And that's bad because... uh... it's not modern american lefty anarchism.

>>137660017I think he has a far kinder characterisation than Mottom. But you've also quite literally spelled out his issue, he's a perpetuation of the problems that persist in this world, and as Jagganoth showed, when he stops being the most powerful person in the room, everything he has built can easily be destroyed. All that is sustained througth violence, can be destroyed through violence.

>>137659975>Heck, the only one that really wants war is Incubus and that's because he's a degenerate.You mean besides Jagganoth, the guy obsessed with starting a literal universe spanning war?

>>137660017it's miserable and doesn't work. the comic doesn't particularly go over that but it's not hidden.>>137660197he wants peace through omnicide.

>>137660017>And that's bad becauseIn addition to what>>137660089 says it's also bad because he uses and abuses people to prop up his ego/image since he thinks he needs to constantly be seen as this paternalistic image of perfection. Which leads to things like having hundreds of laborers toil for weeks to build an arena he could have easily made in like 30 seconds by stomping the ground super hard. Or hosting a tournament that is essentially an excuse for him to flex on all the challengers so he can prove how far above everyone he is.Solomon is probably the least worst of his peers, but that doesn't mean all that much.

>>137660197He literally starts the big final battle by offering Allison a chance to surrender, though?I don't think he enjoys war, it's just the only thing he still knows, since life has beaten everything else out o fhim.

>>137660312>he wants peace through omnicide.Which he is planning to accomplish through a universe spanning war. It's not like Inky wants a forever war either. He just wants to be the winner, but you can't have a winner if there's no war.

>>137660505It's not about whether he enjoys war, it's that it's literally the only method he can think of to solve his problem. Jagg is incapable of coming up with a solution that doesn't involve killing or violence, so he wants war because he thinks war is the only way to fix things.

>>137660505>He literally starts the big final battle by offering Allison a chance to surrender, though?user he offered Allison a chance to surrender so he could take her key and use it to wage more war. He wasn't offering her a peaceful end to the fighting, he was offering her a position in his army or a quick and painless death.

>>137660505>Those who taste little death shall find it a bitter drought, but those who drink deep shall taste only sweetest nectar He might like war a little bit

>>137639625Meti was teaching that swords are instruments of power, and that seeking power for its own sake creates necessitates a never-ceasing cycle of seeking to maintain that power, otherwise you risk become a victim by the very thing you sought to achieve, albeit the hands of someone else. The greater lesson is that each person is born with their own death inside them. No matter what we do, death comes for us all. This makes the pursuit of physical wealth a fool's game because it will ultimately be lost. But by accepting as much, we become powerful through the ability to act decisively, freely and without hesitation. This is why Meti was free despite living in a pot, and Maya fled in a panic knowing that her power had provided her with nothing."Reach heaven through violence" can be interpreted as both a curse and a blessing for these reasons. The pursuit of physical power drags you down, but freeing yourself from worldly desires is what grants you nobility.

>>137633413Ok...big girl mastered Bishamon's Iai Giri.

>>137661929What Jagg should do is stop raging at creation and timebreak things so he can throttle YISUN into not putting death into reality.

>>137663077YISUN only made Death real by way of having made Aesma, who really made death real. So he'd have to go throttle Aesma, and Jag would lose that fight, even with the nails.

>>137663348He's a pussy for not trying.

>>137633434This "maybe" thing is reminding me of the original forum adventure this story was based on where the main character went through a space with schrodinger and tons of cats before reaching demon world.That would be a massive callback if he's actually referencing that concept.

>>137654484Make it believe it's dead, yes.

>>137635231I mean, Jagganoth claimed he would remake it free of suffering and then off himself. He seems trustworthy to me.

>>137663463I wish he would touch on some of that early stuff.

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>>137638858Philosophy is stupid and philosophers exist only to jack of their own egos

>>137651065Ripping off Diogenes so directly just made the story shitty and the character involved lamer.