Dog Thread

Wherein we discuss who our favorite drawn dog friends are.

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>>137633461That pup on the left is extra cute.

Puppy Power

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>two of the first three replies are blueyfags and PAWpedos

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>>137633702We can change that.

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>>137633702Oh well bugger off then

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>>137633702>Two if the first three replies are for the most popular dog shows, both of which are still currently airingWow, who would have fucking thought?

What did they mean by this?

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>>137633847That you need to log off of discord for a while


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>>137633952Are hyenas just hideous and disabled dogs

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>>137634035Hyenas aren't technically dogs at all.

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>>137634228did they know...

>>137634412Reconciled their differences and had a healthier relationship? Yes.

>>137634684good to hear

Actually enjoyed this show.

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underrated girls

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Why is Chief so cute?

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>>137636366These dogs all look mangy.

>>137636408Don't come back.


>>137633667It's a shame the next movie will be worse than the first just by virtue of the theme.

Cats are better.

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>>137637580Yeah in the threads everyone always says it's disappointing they jumped right to the cape shit. Should have done at least a couple more relatively normal movies before that. Ah well

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Ok bros, which dogs should I recruit for my basketball team?

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>>137639010Assuming they can even make "a couple more" theatrical movies is awfully optimistic. I'm shocked it's getting even a second one.


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>>137639084You're shocked a movie that more than quintupled its budget at the box office during the pandemic and gets streamed on loop by millions of kids is getting a sequel, huh?Like it or not, there will be plenty more

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>>137639246I know how successful it is, but most actual kids movies still go straight to home release after the first one. The second is only slightly surprising, but expecting more after that is too much I think.

>>137639287We shall see lol

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>>137633335I once saw a flash animation similar to Hamsterdance called “El baile del perrito” and it was similar to OP’s pic. Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

>>137639287Which ones? Do they have comparable box office returns?

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>>137639348Yes, and I'm not going to list them all out for you. I wasn't actually arguing, but since you seem unnaturally defensive over a fucking dog show you can "win" this one.

>>137639379That was my first reply to you my friend

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Sausage dogs are the best dogs in any show.

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>>137639509Snickers isn't even best boy in his own show

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>>137639055The Rap dog from The Titanic movies

>>137639786>The Rap dog from The Titanic movies

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>>137639055Ella naturally

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>>137639428Delete this.

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Yay, dog thread is finally back

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>>137642428Don't be afraid to make one if you're jonesing for one, go dog bro.

>no Baltowhy post cringe?

>>137639858>he doesn’t

>>137638752Better at being useless, yes.

>>137639336I’m talking about it used to have a 5-second loop of this

>>137643279Most dogs are useless too.

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>>137638752I hate this image more and more every time I see it

>>137643787I like it. Cooper and Muffin would be a wild combo.

>>137643787Try this one lol

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>>137633335No Dukey?

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>>137643819I fucking love how cursed everything else is when you put it in Bluey's style

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>>137643859Here Here

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Let's get a little more back to normal.

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>>137633335Wheres Sam?

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>>137633335Who's the gayest dog of all and why is it Bandit?

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>>137647005I chuckled.

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>>137646553A shame his cartoon didn't do better.

Why do puppies need military grade equipment? #DefundPawPatrol

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>>137636366Saint Bernards are very kissable

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>>137648891You shouldn't want to kiss dogs.

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>>137649214Who let the dog eat magic mushrooms

>>137649267Be nice, Bingo is special.

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>>137648955but I do

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>>137634228One on left is built for human men

>>137650073She canonically does not like them.

>>137650083The law of rule 34 overrides any content creators "canon"


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>>137649700>>137648891Ozzy is one these movies that are pain to watch.Use it to discipline your offspring


Attached: 1683397025173958.png (805x637, 495.83K)'re not really going to ostracize the new kid on the block, are you?

>>137648891I liked this movie and he was one the cutest characters in it.

>>137650555Seems a little cliche, but I'll give it a chance.

>>137650292>>137650558>duality of man

>>137650555>bridge connected to a school suddenly collapsesjust another example of Petsville's failing infrastructure

>>137650555Absolutely detest the white dog

>>137650558>>137650590Shawsank's redemption with dogs. Except made with the worst ideas ever. >What happened to our dog?>It died>Okay.

>>137638752>literal bird genociding, brain parasite spreading worthless vermin>better than mens best friendIn your dreams, toxobrain. Id tell you to kys but your beloved parasite will make you do it anyway

>>137650794Nice internet meme.

>>137633335No Snowy? No Dogmatix? No Paw Patrol?

>>137651532I know one of those things.

>>137643597Cool. Doesn't change the fact that cats are still useless. The only useful thing they can do is kill rodents. But hey, some dog breeds can too.

>>137652282Imagine thinking everything in the world has to be useful.


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>>137643250>PARTY TIME!

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Well hello there.

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>>137654648Hello indeed.

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>>137650414Why was 101 Dalmatian Street so poorly treated, bros?

>>137655392No idea. One season, not even shown in the US till after it was cancelled? Bunch of bullshit.


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"Oh Bandit... Do you ever think about what things would be like if it wasn't illegal to marry outside of your breed?"

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>>137655650The hell are you talking about?

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>>137655650You said marriage, but something a bit more casual won't hurt no one...

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>>137655392It just want very good. If you didn't want to coom to the dogs out was pretty hard to watch and their personalities were pretty annoying

>>137656463You're pretty annoying.

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>>137656330The first time i heard this song was on the radio when i was driving in australia. There have only been two times where i stayed in my car after parking to listen to a song I've never heard before, trying to remember enough of the lyrics to google it. The other time was 'Against the Wind' by Bob Seeger. Funnily enough, they're fairly similar thematically. I guess the whole aimlessness and regrets thing really strikes a chord with me.

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>>137656538It's a classic song because it has timeless themes while also being set in a specific setting/period. It's a favorite of mine because I love historical/war music, and it's personal because of the fact that my Dad is named after my Great Uncle that died in Vietnam. I was circlejerking the shitpost that Grandad fought in Vietnam, because that song is the Australian equivalent of Fortunate Son, btw.

Alright Bluey boomers, don't derail the thread with your dad rock

>>137657145I'm probably the youngest guy on this board lol, it's one of the most popular/iconic Aussie songs ever.

>>137657145Bluey is dogs, calm your tits.

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>>137657226Bluey isn't the problem. Music discussion was gonna derail us. It's all good though

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>>137658224Dalmatians are best.

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>>137654597>Remember the time a dog did a New York gangsta rap on the Titanic?

>>, just the thought of that video makes me want to go back and binge JonTron.

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>>137662406Fuck me wrong link, I was on /int/ a second ago

>>137635161this show is the reason they never went through with hellbenders


>>137648656#BLM #BlackLabsMatter

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>>137663875Yeah I remember that joke when they made it 5 years ago