Name a bigger moggig than this

Name a bigger moggig than this

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>>137632083Why is women getting keked so kino?

>>137632083Tarantula. She didn't even need to be in a relationship with dick to get his dick

>>137632083>Name a bigger moggig than thisAnon, this pic is from a story where Dick cucks Starfire before their wedding,>b-but it was pity fuckdoesn't matter

>>137632230>no pubes>sex before marriageCringe

>>137632083Dick having sex with Babs before his wedding with Starfire>>137632246Dick had sex before marriage

>>137632246>>no pubesShe has hair there, user. Jannies doesn't like them though

>>137632289Dick is Cringe for that>>137632326Barely any even if the uncensored version were posted

>>137632083Anytime Supergirl has to stand next to Power Girl it is the worst mogging of all time, because she knows that they are technically the same person and yet she has to stuff her bra to fill out a B cup


>>137632230That's a good pic

>>137632339>smaller titsInherently superior

>>137632083I geerally hate turning capeshit into soap opera but this scene is gold.

>>137632083I don’t find Starfire hot anymore thanks to the live action

>>137632083Nah let's cut the shit, Barbara looks way hotter than Starfire in this panel. Star being naked doesn't automatically make her superior.

>>137632443This. Pasty redhead > orange redhead

>>137632443>>137632471>t.sickly redheads

>>137632230God I love bottomless girls in tanktops

>>137632483Pasty redheads who have fiery red bushes that grow out of control and pale freckled bottoms >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> LE HECCIN ORANGE ALIEN FROM TT 2003

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>>137632555I agree. But comic Starfire blows that shitty Teen Titans wannabe anime out of the water.

>>137632555And she's got an ass that won't quit

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>>137632555>stylized pubesGross. Just trim the bitches.

>>137632230Reminds me of Amber Dawn / Spank Amber

>>137632555Nah, I'd rather see a toned orange ass bouncing on my beaner cock

>>137632083You. cuz you weight mog the shit out of both of them, fatso.

>>137632612She’s Nightwing’s owner brah

>>137632083Why tf girls buy flowers for guys? My ex did it and I asked her "bro what am I gonna do with it? Fucking eat them?"At least chocolate I can get. I love chocolate l. But flowers and balloons... Some gay bs brother.

>>137632788Women don't typically buy men anything outside of holidays. Sounds like she was simping for you

>>137632788Can't eat flowers bitch, go buy me a burger

>>137632788>>137632815Make a man a burger and it's a wrap. Marriage is practically obligatory. That's how my grandma snagged my grandpa.

>>137632788What is a girl gonna do with your flowers?

>>137632833It's a wrap? Ain't it a sandwich?

>>137632788Dick is the woman of the relationship

>>137632856All sandwiches are wraps.


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>>137632230Why? You wont feel anything.

>>137632230She imagined it all

>>137632083Honestly though Barbara looks more attractive to me in that image. Maybe it's because you can see her boob shape better plus sleeveless shirt + jeans combo is always hot.

>>137632083Starfire is an alien freak with no pupils and nine stomachs.

>>137633030Nine stomachs to hold 9 loads worth of spunk

>>137632230imagine if she kidnapped the one who put her in the chair and forced herself on him while big gordon watched.Would batman lecture her on rape?

>>137633063>Would batman lecture her on rape?Yes, because he didn't watch with Jim

she gets off it

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>>137633305What are they doing?

>>137633324Yeah I don't get it either.

>>137633353Obviously something sexual, but I don’t get it

>>137633324>>137633353Doing something fun, I guess. Barbara is clearly a bottom

>>137633372For Raven and Power Girl?

>>137633305What? proofread your coomer shitposts.

>wheelie Babs could be taking it up the ass and be none the wiser about it Dick never suffered.

>>137632083Her mouth is not as magical

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>>137633536Forever what?

>>137633396Me am coom. Me am not read

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>>137633559Her lips will be on Dick's dick. Forever

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>>137633639Did she get punched in the face?

Dick fakes his orgasm when having sex with Babs

>>137633720Babs is easy to fool

what hero/villain should rape and impregnate babs?

>>137633720then big ol Bane jumps from out of the shadows and fucks em both in the butt. Injecting them with his venom cum.

>>137633720You can cum without being satisfied.Nice picture though, I always like the vanilla stuff more.

>>137633842There is nothing better than vanilla when it's drawn with "soul"

Womanlets deserve mogging.

>>137634027Babs won

>>137633720>heterosexual sex on Holla Forums Like seeing an unicorn


>>137632587Correct. I wish people tagged them separately.

>>137633839Then Doomsday shows up then fucks them all in their assholes and mouths, tearing them up with his diamond cutter cock. killing them but then Supergirl swoops in and rips his cock clean off. but it isn't regular super girl. it turns out it's Ultra Girl and she takes Doomsday's cut off forever hard prick drenched in the blood of bane, babs, and dick and shoves it up her own wet cunt as she's been aroused watching the entire spectacle.

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>>137634027Compared to Starfire not only every woman is a womanlet, but almost every man is a manlet

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>>137634027Womanlets are gross.

>>137634158Short king/tall queen is based.

>>137634173whatever you say, manlet

>>137633827the joker

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>>137634200Who the fuck comes uo with this shit?

>>137634200Dafuq I'm afraid to ask for sauce but I'm kinda aroused to tbqh

>>137634321the fall of batgirl

>>137634200Somehow less disturbing than her having a miscarriage

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>>137634200I'd enjoy this porn parody unironically as an actual comic.


Never forget that Kory’s life was a Legal Porno but with aliens before she joined the Titans.

>>137634512So like Barbara's on earth, except not voluntary?

>>137634200The only kind of twist ending I'll accept for nsfw comics is when ntr'ed guys catch the woman cheating and kill the other guy(s). I've seen it thrice now and I loled every time. And for two of those times it wasn't even for fucking the wife/gf/mom whoever, but because of something absurd like making the kitchen dirty.

>>137634512>>137634531>your waifu is a slut>no, YOUR waifu is a slutcringe

>>137634557subhuman cope is subhuman.

>>137634557They're both sluts

>>137634531Sorry Korykek, but your waifu canonically got gaped by xenos.

>>137634512I don’t get it. She was legal?

>>137634512As long as it's not the piss version, I can live with it.

>>137634592No not really

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>>137634556For me, it's when the ntrd guy kills the cheating woman

>>137634609Claim could mean a lot of things

>>137632833I bought mine does that still count?


>>137632399Just watch Teen Titans Go until that's fixed.

>>137632083Wow, a lot of you guys seem to think a woman's body count matters, let's unpack this

>>137634656I’m not going to put my dick inside the same hole a slug monster put his in.

>>137634656Most women have double digit body counts, so it does matter

>>137634679>sticks his dick in a female slug monster and thinks he's "based">loses it if a woman does it>>137634690Touch grass


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"muh body count" was literally invented by the fathers of ugly daughters no one wanted to fuck.

>>137634731>Touch grassNo, shan't.I think I'll stay here and coompost on 4chan's Holla Forums.

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>>137634802Based fathers getting their daughters husbands.

>>137634773Awfully specific >>137634835God damn, I love brown women

>>137632083>Heightmogged>Breastmogged>Superpowermogged>Hairmogged>DickmoggedHow does Barbara sleep at night, knowing that she's as interesting as a mote of dust?

>>137634835I want to sniff her farts

>>137634858>How does Barbara sleep at night, knowing that she's as interesting as a mote of dust?Pretty well with Dick using her as a pillow.

>>137634858She has insomnia

>>137634892because her legs are fat and pillowy?

>>137634943Yes. Babs is kinda chonky. Probably because she eats greasy street food and sits in her ass for days on end.

>>137632083You guys are sad, they're both shit

>>137632083What's a moggig?

>>137635483Outclassing by a wide margin.

>>137632339>Anytime Supergirl has to stand next to Power Girl it is the worst mogging of all time, because she knows that they are technically the same person and yet she has to stuff her bra to fill out a B cuplmao.


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>>137632083Human>XenoThat is a brutal mogging.

>>137632443Nah, you're just afraid of being with women taller than you are. Starfire is hotter

>She goes to the beach with them as friends and has to listen to them fuck on the other side of her wall.>Quietly cries and schlicks to the noise picturing Dick balls deep in Kori.

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>>137635818Would gladly titfuck supergirl, it would make my dick look like a club.

>>137632230Starfire is fine with Dick fucking Barbara. Barbara is not okay with Dick fucking Starfire. Or is she?


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>>137636861She will be once Starfire dominates her. She'll have Barbara eating Dick's load out of her holes in no time.

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>>137637277I want peegee to watch us too

>>137636998what a giga chad

>>137637875She loves watching Kara get tittyfucked

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>>137637898Fuck, I hope so.

>>137637911She’s not as big as PG, but she’ll do her hardest

>>137637933It's the enthusiasm and effort that make it special

>>137634200Wtf is this 4 realz?!

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>>137637963That and she got some lessons from Power Girl

>>137637976Are you telling me kara is inexperienced?

>>137634200This doesn't make any sense. how is she already this pregnant if she just got raped?

>>137632083Jackie and Star

>>137634200I paid money for this comic and it was honestly fine until the last few pages where he decided to edgelord it up by having Babs kill herself. Just typing that out I realized how ridiculous it sounds since the comic is about Babs getting raped and impregnated, but that ending was still tonally much edgier imo

>>137637976So she tends to the balls, nice


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>>137632374Ok pedo

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>>137632607>Hank hill ass

>>137632083They are friends now though.

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>>137639062That's cause Babs has accepted that even when he's fucking her, Dick is thinking of Kori. She's forever cucked.

>>137639209Dick is happy with Babs.

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>>137632083Kori is a whoreBarbara doesn't deserve dick after the way she treated him when he was still robin

Can't they all just get along? Why does it have to be so antagonistic?

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>>137640131Because Barbara. Kori and Dick would be down.

>>137634200People are not water balloons. They bounce 7 feet into the air and then just land dead. No splash.

>>137640527>average saudi expert on human aerodynamics


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>>137634835God I love me some Gina Torres.

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Poor Babs. She's just a constant loser.

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>>137640737Imagine the super suction

>>137632083Babs just continues to get mogged because Harley has for a third time taken Birds of Prey from her, leaving Babs as nothing more than Dick’s secretary and cum receptacle.

>>137632083>over 33k likes on OP's twitter post>everybody saying how hot Starfire is and how Babs is a loserBabsbros... how could this happen

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>>137641571Women love self-inserting as cucks

>>137641026>written by Captain Marvel's writerBabs lucked this one out.

>>137641610She's still being written by Tom Taylor tho.>b-but Taylor is writing TitansAnd judging by TT on twitter and the issues he's written of them so far, Starfire is going to be shoved in the back with Cyborg while Beast Boy and Raven are pushed to the forefront and written shittily.

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>>137641659>Starfire is going to be shoved in the back with Cyborg while Beast Boy and Raven are pushed to the forefront and written shittily.Blame the fans of Teen Titans 2003 for wanting that shitty ship.

>>137641725He called Gar the heart of the team so he probably just self inserts as Gar.

>>137641722Starfire has 9 stomachs, Babs only has one. How can she compete?

>>137641738He called Gar the Nightcrawler of the team in the same tweet. He really does not know the dynamics of the team to realize that the real heart of the team is Donna.

>>137641722Why does Batgirl look like she's ripped from the cover of a porno mag?

>>137641761I think it is from a porn artist.

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>>137642514Starfire's bush isn't big enough

>>1376428110 x 2 = 0

>>137632939That's why it's hot.She derives no physical pleasure, she just gets off on the degradation.

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>Kori and Babs snowballing the load Dick just gave them.

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>>137643056Jubliee looks the least retarded of the three, so she wins.

>>137641590Any more examples?


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>>137632083You literally downloaded this off of twitter.


>>137642036explains the huge dick ass

>>137633660You got a better way to get a woman to cum?


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Barbara claimed Dick way before Starfire even showed up.

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>>137632083As someone who only watched Teen Titans are there actually people who ship Dick with Batgirl?

>>137645878>As someone who only watched Teen TitansAs someone who isn't a pedophile are there actually people who think TT Starfire is in any way representative of comic book Starfire?

>>137645893I don't know, every comic I read of DC was kinda awful. Are you pedophile? Weird thing to bring that up out of nowhere.

>>137645893As someone who has watched TT and read dogshit DC comics are there actually people who think animated Starfire isn't the definitive version of her?

Whats a moggig

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>>137645878They were dating in Batman: the Animated SeriesIt was continued into the Adventures of Batman and RobinThey were love interests in Batman & Robin the movieThey've been each other's primary love interests in the comics since the late 90s.

Barbara can't compare

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>>137646569>They were dating in Batman: the Animated Series>It was continued into the Adventures of Batman and RobinShe fucked his dad and literally loved his dad more than him, calling her relationship with Dick puppy love in Batman BeyondThere is no coming back from that

>>137647055Anon is just a shipperfag. Babs was also all over Batman even in the old cartoons. Beyond made it explicit.>BTAS> Babs is in for 2 episodes max. She dreams of Batman falling in love ith her. >TNBA>Dick is there for two cameos. He gives her the cold shoulder when she flirts with him at Bruce's wedding.

>>137640752I was expecting this pic.

>>137646569>They were love interests in Batman & Robin the movieAh yes. Who could forget the beloved Batman & Robin movie lol

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>>137646895Orange ass cheeks

>>137643056That little pout after checking her own chest just in case is too good. God, X-Men used to be such a great book.

>>137647166Someone never had the Sub-Zero movie and it shows.

>>137647726> But that movie that isn't part of the TV show, written by completely different peopleDon't be that, user. Babs in Beyond absolutely nuke all kind of interpretation or arguments anyway.

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Kory won the battle, but Babs won the war.

>>137648057Holy shit, look how salty Mirage is. It shouldn't have been a surprise when she raped Dick.

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>>137648090>winning a manslutThese girls need to rethink their lives.


>>137648524Who cares how many people hes slept with?

>>137648636Anyone stupid enough to fall in love with him? There's a reason why DC is going with the childhood sweetheart angle for Dickbabs nowaday.

>>137648918You sound like a loser..>"NOOOO, you have to be a heckin virginerino or your marriage will fail"Have sex

>>137648936>Have sexI will, bitch. With my hand.

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>>137648936>virginityfagYou sound triggered. There's a gap between having a few relationships and being an absolute dog or a dumb slut who think with their pussy.

>>137649066There isn't

>>137649070There is but these girls still need to rethink their lives if they're dumb enough to want to be romantically involved or settle down with a manslut. Especially Babs. Kory has at least the excuse of cultural differences or something.

>>137649184Nah, there isnt.

>>137648028The guy asked who liked DickBabs and why, I pointed to the 5-6 years of media from my childhood that normalized it for me. I never watched Batman Beyond. Don't care about it.

>>137649184Starfire fucked and dated Roy, who is the biggest manslut in DC.

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Are we posting moggings ITT?

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>>137646569>They were dating in Batman: the Animated Series>It was continued into the Adventures of Batman and RobinNo, rewatch it again. They can be taken as flirty, but Dick has dates with other girls. The only time they're actually a couple is in Sub-Zero.

>>137645916TT Starfire is the best because the creators realized how similar she is to Lum and leaned into it.

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>>137638027They raped a pregnant woman.

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Attached: 26dbc402a5fd00349ea2fd85708a16ca.jpg (734x1028, 121.85K)

>>137632339a lot of women don't actually want large breasts. especially power girl's, which would probably just give you back pain.

>>137632083wuttt lol

>>137634212sick freaks

>>137634609Reminds me of Sampson meets Jabba the Hut and Princess Leia

Remember when Dick was like, way younger than Babs? Like a freshman trying to fuck a grad student.

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>>137652303They're Kryptonians, does that matter?

Attached: 22343.png (740x1137, 1.45M)

>>137652303Power Girl has a Kryptonian spine, such considerations don't apply to her

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>>137639476His ass easily mogs hers.

>>137632083Never forget that that one "I'm not starfire comic" is about how much her tumblr daughter feels her mom is mogging her.


Attached: 25632.png (1121x1280, 2.13M)

>>137655301To be fair, she was.

Attached: 1685415032836816.jpg (1633x2048, 927.65K)

>>137655301What's worse is that with some changes I would embrace a Chubby Goth Starfire daughter GF, not this Self-insert.

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Attached: 2dc62edc87b297eca140a22cb3103357-sample.jpg (812x1000, 326.03K)

Attached: 8556F96A-25E0-4C1A-865F-DE1EBE1D810D.jpg (400x161, 52.37K)

>>137660610Easily what the og cartoon and Go was missing most, even moreso than Donna TroyStar lounging around naked

>>137658495>>137660610>Starfire will never dance on your dick

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Has any other ass mogged Dick's?

>>137661119Has any other dick mogged Ass's?

Starfire is a disgusting alien. Stick to your own species Dick

>>137663168>t. Val-Yor

Dick belongs to Donna.

Attached: 1681650416757016.jpg (1440x1440, 196.91K)

>>137661119There hasn't been a direct comparison but Hal's been consistently shown with a cake.

Attached: hal ass.jpg (1900x1516, 1.54M)

Real life women don't have breast envy. That's just men projecting their own penis envy.

>>137664245Yeah before Dick's ass became a thing Hal was ass of DC. There are blogs devoted to it from way back.