Post anything related or news of Spider-Man here anons. Starting this thread with posting the previews fot the ASM #27.

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>>137630740The audacity of this fucker of writing about how Spider-man should be fun.

Blessing the thread.

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hmm I don't see Otto appearing in this could it be the cover is fish and bait and Marvel lied about the Solicit Synopsis again? Or maybe Otto simply shows up on the final page if this turns to be the case then Wells can go fuck himself.

>>137630821Their preview pics user. You only get 4.>>137630760Why would Felicia tip off the shocker like this to commit a crime just so peter can calm down? The fuck is this writing?

>>137630854Or that Peter witnessed someone died and she's not happy with his toan? I get trying to cheer him up, but there are better ways

>>137630854>The fuck is this writing?Mechanical because now Wells wants upbeat fun Spider-man. Kamala Khan just died in Peter's arm but that was last issue, this is now where Peter has to get over it and get back to being your friendly neighborhood spider-man.

Remember when they made Peter a racist?

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>>137630900I get that but tipping off someone to commit a robbery so your boyfriend can vent? The logic is asinine.

>>137630917He just knows basic crime statistics.

So whatever happened to Hydra-ock? The one with the green costume, infinity symbol and a body cloned from Peter? New Ock is just fat again or something

>>137630943Seriously just suck his dick Felicia. That's a smile guaranteed right there.

>>137630917Man, comic writers aren’t even aware of the world outside

>>137630917There's nothing racist about thinking that the hooded, face-obscured guy walking up to the retarded woman counting a large wad of cash in the open on a street at night when every business is closed has non-legal ambitions.She literally can only live like this because of people like Spiderman and her fatfuck boyfriend are watching over her and able to intimidate evil doers, without either of them she'd be easy pickings for even a random teen, fucking retarded bitch counting large wads of cash in the open on the street in the middle of the night in one of the most economically disparate places in the country.

>>137631004>in the middle of the night in one of the most economically disparate places in the country. Didn't you read the text? It's an alternate universe without Peter running around in his tights. In that universe it's safer than when he's swinging around.

>>137630981The way the summary describes it, feels like norman is gonna get peter out of his funk rendering Felicia’s attempt to nothing but an afterthought. This Peter and Felicia relationship has only been somewhat good in issues outside of the main story. Fucking hell

>>137631004>he doesn't count large wads of cash at nightWhat the fuck do you do all evening, huh?

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>>137631017>less obstacles for criminals result in fewer criminalswhat the fuck

>>137631035Wells can't write a good relationship

Bless Peter's romance with Felicia and may that whore MJ forever be cursed with Paul for cheating o Peter for all time fuck her.

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>>137631058Can’t write a good spider-man period

>>137631138You are gonna have a fun time when that black cat and mary jane continuation happens later this year iirc

>>137631049We're talking about a sci-fi city universe here. Without Peter running around causing a bunch of super-villains to pop up for him to hunt and fight with, while taking up tons of police time, the cops just become super-efficient at dealing with normal crime. They obviously have all sorts of improvements to their policing techniques because otherwise NYC would be overflooded with crime in the Marvel universe, with all the time the cops spend just keeping people out of the way while Rhino or Shocker gets webbed up, or just plain hunting Spider-Man all over the place. Hell, even if they did get supervillains they'd probably deal with them more efficiently. Just let the Vulture rob the bank and then follow his geriatric ass back to the old folk's home using helicopters kept at a long enough distance that he can't hear them. Less of a mess downtown while people are at work.

>>137631163I hope it happens. Keep both of them away from Wells for as long as possible

>>137631163Expect it won't happen I have no desire to see MJ perioid after what she did to Peter.

>>137630980Otto became Superior Spider-Man again in late 2018. A year later, he resorted to making a deal with Mephisto so he could save a child's life at the cost of turning back into regular Doc Ock.

>>137631218man Mephisto just really doesn't want anyone to be Spider-Man that bad, huh?

>>137631197She didn't do anything to Peter, the writing is just shitty.

>>137630772Stop mocking Shocker, goddammit!

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>>137631238>She didn't do anything to Peter, the writing is just shitty.Expect for the fact that she did have a romance with Paul keep on seething now user.

>>137631301Here's the thing that you seem to miss entirely. When the writing is bad, like it is here, I am pulled out of the story and sop viewing the characters as characters and more as what the writer is trying to do. Because of this I don't feel like Mary Jane is Mary Jane.

>>137631290The thumbnail looks like a certain dragon all meme.


>>137631189I think it has been mentioned as exploring the friendship between them with the knowledge felicia is dating peter during interviews with marvel staff

>>137631401that was way early one. It seems they have soured on that idea

>>137631290He needs a fun girlfriend too

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>>137631443Yeah I guess MJ is gonna be all serious and shit about losing her playhouse family.

>>137630760So why Felicia is jerking him off here?

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>>137630772>>137630740The funeral already happened?

>>137631833She's already resurrected.

Why are marywh0fags still foaming at the mouth?

>>137631890it's like men's one a day pills lmao

>>137631890Can you go one thread without mentioning them? Otherwise it seems like they live rent free.

>>137631555He vibrates. If you know what I'm talking about

>>137630917if that hooded man was white in the first panel, most people would still thinks he's mugging the person

>>137630900>Wells wants upbeat fun Spider-mani think Well is starting to write him serious now, peter's been more uptight, even telling mj she doesnt have a choice after how she treated him in the last issue. I'm guessing all this outrage of peter being a cuck has shifted him to write him more seriouslycompare to how much of a wimp he was in the beggining. but black cat teasing shocker makes me feel like his cuck fetish is still subtly there.

>>137633221He never said that tho? Wells is just a bad writer. That simple.

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>>137633243i agree he's a bad writer but peter did put his foot on the ground at mj saying "you didnt give me a choice when the shoes was on the other foot"

>>137633439He never said that tho?

>>137633221>even telling mj she doesnt have a choice after how she treated him in the last issue>>137633439What happened? What did peter say exactly

>>137633966Anon is just making up something. Peter doesn't say anything like that to mj at all.

Where comm

This thread is already full schizo

>>137634118It's the two usual ones.

>>137634118The entirety of the franchise is schitzo honestly, I don’t understand why the writers of every medium hate peter and I don’t understand why anyone buys this. There’s nothing interesting about the writing or action and the morality of most of it is horrifying when you actually think about it

Did slott just say he's coming back to ASM?

>>137633966Literally what that user said.

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>>137634241But then what did Peter do? Nothing and then Kamala dies saving the day because wells doesn’t know how to give Peter a win

>>137634241Thats him trying to save her? Just like she did. It's not what you said about him having a backbone or anything like that.

>>137634233No? He just said he's going to do something after superior.

>>137634448wouldn't him working on ASM be the obvious thing as he said?

>>137633400kys cumbrain

>>137634457Would it? Hes said like 5 times how he doesn't want to do asm again. I guess something tied to something else he's done could be it.

>>137634426>It's not what you said about him having a backboneThat's exactly what it is. What do you want? Peter punching her in the teeth?

>>137634515what's the pretty obvious thing that he mentioned?

>>137634527No? I don't want that all. I. Just saying the other user described it as him doing to her something she did. But all he's doing here is saving her.

>>137634545He just said an obvious thing not what it is.

>>137634614that's all do you know?

>>137630892>I get trying to cheer him up, but there are better waysSoapy titwank?

>>137634644It's all he said. If I'm guessing maybe tied to superior more.

At least Shocker feels like a genuine threat for once.

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>>137631448Cute and canon?

>>137631336I don't care how much out of character such a thing may have been for MJ what matters is that it happened and that it remains canon. Heck Harry making his father falsely believe he had a affair with Gwen and making Peter think his parents were alive can also be argued that they were out of character. for him. Although I suppose Harry's actions could be seen as justified, Since we do know Norman sold his soul to Mephisto therfore he was cursed all his life so his actions are not really his fault but his father.

>>137634992I'm glad you're finally admitting to liking trans women, schizo :)

>>137634876He's being treated as an utter joke. In the same book where peter had to beg for help against vulture.

The writer that makes Gwen trans will have my eternal gratitude

>>137635061>Peter never fucked her>Norman never fucked hermy boys are safe and that's all that matters

venom lethal protector II #2 post release variant

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>>137635092Oh but Norman is far from safe me not be a longshot I can't wait to make him truly gay once and for all. Yes my fun is just getting started with Norman here at Marvel.

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>>137635092>Peter never fucked herPeter and Gwen did fuck

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>>137634876>>137630772>Shocker>a threatLMAO

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>>137635251Still if it makes you feel better then you wil be happy to know that MJ fucked Gwen long ago.

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end of preview

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>>137635274>Edna Brockhas there been a female version of Eddie before or is this the first time? I ask because now we have the full set of Peter's most known villains having female alts.

>>137635286In fact it turns out MJ and Gwen both fucked Peter together.

>>137635251(Un)fortunately that story isn’t canon and it’s explicitly stated, by peter IN amazing Spider-Man, that they never went further than kiss. Mutually assured destruction nigger, besides as you faggots like to point out, spider gwen ISN’T THAT gwen

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>>137635310they both topped him? Ouch, RIP Peter's asshole

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>>137635041>>137635252Peter is treating him seriously, and his powers aren't being displayed as trivial. I'll take what I can get with Herman

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>>137635323616 Gwen is cis gender and dead, the other Gwens are trans though, specifically the one dating Miles Morales, she's super trans

Divorcing Venom from Spider-Man books was a mistake

end of preview

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>>137635323Maybe it is canon user maybe MJ and Gwen both did fuck Peter but the story simply hasn't been told yet. If i ever get a job at Marvel someday then I think I will try to find a way to make it canon.

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>>137635405on the bright side symbiote books are free from nick lowe (though lewis have his own caveats)

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end of preview

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It's unrealistic for Spider Gwen to not be interested in 616 Peter

Marvel’s Voices: Pride 2023EVERYTHING’S COMING UP ACES / WHAT MAY BLOOM / PURIM SPIEL / EVERYWHERE / BE GAY, DO CRIME / NO TRESPASSING: BEWARE OF DOG / JUMBO CARNATION’S ULTIMATE CREATIONS / TODAY’S LESSONCELEBRATING PRIDE 2023 WITH NEW AND ESTABLISHED CREATORS! Get the scoop on an unannounced X-Men title with an action-packed story by Steve Foxe! Then Stephanie Williams introduces a brand-new character in Pride tradition! The 2021 and 2022 character debuts of Somnus and Escapade sent shock waves through Krakoa – you will not want to miss the opening gamut here. And there are many more announcements to come. Fans from every arc of the rainbow will love this anthology, and True Believers everywhere know if they want to see the future of Marvel Comics…they better be reading Marvel’s Voices. The groundbreaking anthology series continues with more panache than ever!Written by: Steve Foxe, Shad Petosky, Sarah Gailey, Marieke Nijkamp, Stephanie Williams, H.E. Edgmon, Katherine Locke, Stephen ByrneArt by: Stephen Byrne, Joanna Estep, Roberta Ingranata, Rosi Kämpe, Pablo M. Collar, Lorenzo Susi, Bailie Rosenlund, Hector Barros, Oren Junior, Rachelle Rosenberg, Andrew Dalhouse, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Michael Wiggam, Ceci de la Cruz, Manuel PuppoCover by: Amy ReederPage Count: 92 PagesRelease Date: June 14, 2023

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>>137635576So is gwen pool admitting that she’s claiming to be a fag for relevance and protection from editorial here?

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>>137635562I was convinced this had already happened, but I mixed it up with DC's pride issue. Actually interested to see if this will be better or worse. DC had at least two decent stories this year.

>>137635621Gwen pool is "asexual" and Spider-Gwen is trans, potery

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>>137635608why are you posting this please stop

>>137635628That is gay as fuck, boi

end of preview>>137635665it has three spider-man stories

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>>137635576I refuse to believe this level of parody is unintentional.

>>137635557I don't care for it myself but many fans seem them as a couple for some reason,

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>>137635651>ClearlyIs this just them fucking with people?>>137635704Every old man wants a young girl.

>>137635628Wiccan, you big ol' fag, you married a fucking alien king and have the most terrifyingly powerful family in Marvel - in what world(s) would you ever give a shit about some hillbillies calling you a faggot?

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>>137635722>Every old man wants a young girl.Spider-Gwen was taken by Miles long ago user.

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>>137630917JMS was subtly redpilled.>Man my high school was great back when I went there, but now it's a disaster. What changed? Guess we'll never know.

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>>137635787I may be remembering wrong, but i could have sword peter not meeting gwen until college.

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>>137634241Yeah but thats talking about the start of this whole cluaterfuck when MJ pushed him into a portal back to earth rather than any treatment of him after that>>137635640>Spider-Gwen is transWait, what?Seriously, doc ock becoming superior loliman is way less convoluted and weird than all of this

>>137635793Hey Norman here us the perfect man for you.

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>>137635841Nope, you’re right but I think a lot of writers have kind pushed Harry and gwen back to being high school friends of peter so they can have more time together before the bridging

>>137635866Or do you prefer to fuck Otto instead

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>>137635841That's correct, JRjr just had brain worms and kept thinking Harry and Gwen existed back then.

>>137635858>>Spider-Gwen is transIt's a twitter schizo meme.


twitter.com/aeonfluxcx/status/1667204931802083336well this is hilarious

>>137635908Stop denying reality bigot, spider-gwen js trans and Miles Morales loves her white tranny dick

>>137636005>a mutant takes Carol's powers and relevancy>Kamala takes a mutant's powers and relevancyPottery

>>137635777What a lovely queer couple, Gwen being trans is simple incredible, Miles coming out as Queer is very brave and stunning!

>>137635557Sounds like self insert copeHope its true that they replace peter with miles

>>137636005It's fake, in the mini they didn't collect mutant blood, they collected blood from people with healing factors

>>137636074she does heal.

>>137635323>(Un)fortunately that story isn’t canon and it’s explicitly stated, by peter IN amazing Spider-Man, that they never went further than kiss. Mutually assured destruction nigger, besides as you faggots like to point out, spider gwen ISN’T THAT gwenYou do now that Spider-Man blue was written BEFORE Sins Past therfore that makes blue canon, especially since they made Sins Past non-canon later and MJ did hint at the end of blue that Peter and Gwen did fuck.

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>>137635225>Daniel Earlsthe footballer?


>MJ did hint at the end of blue that Peter and Gwen did fuck.is he mixing up his own fanfic with the non-canon story?

>>137636372You didn't reak the book did you?>>137635323


>>137636143No wonder they had to retcon Sins Past by making the whole thing Mysterio's shenanigans.

I think fans have the right idea “Sins Past” should have been Peter and Gwen remembering their naughty college days with Gwen and MJ alas the their sexual adventures with each other.

>>137636616Sure Tracy


Reminder to respect Spider-Gwen's pronouns.

>>137636074She can technically heal after she turns back from shapeshifting. Something not brought up in the Spider-man after she got stabbed but oh well.

>>137637448They did bring it up. She was surprised she wasn't healing (because it was a magic wound).

>>137638098Oh apparently she didn't heal cause she was hungry/tired? my mistake.

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>>137638098Still so out there.

>>137630772First, I don't see how Shocker is a joke, in general. I mean, the very first time I saw the character was in the 90s animated series, and he didn't look like a laughing stock. Second, remember the beating Ben gave to the debt collector for mistaking him with Peter? Something tells me Peter is about to give the Shocker the same "treatment".

>>137638132Should have eaten that infidel meat.

I love Shocker. The new edits to the costume are neat.

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>>137631174That's not what happens if Spidey isn't around. One of the only good things to come out of the Byrne/Mackie run is the establishment that if Peter went MIA, that crime would SKYROCKET and groups like the Fantastic Four/Avengers would be over-extended beyond belief picking up the slack, due to the fact that that Peter deals with so many super-villains all by himself.So that if Peter went MIA, those villains won't go away and would be unchecked rampaging about. Meaning that the Avengers and Fantastic Four would have to pick up the slack, since without Peter doing it, SOMEONE has to stop Dr Octopus, Carnage, Kingpin, etc.

>>137638563There are enough spider-people in New York now that he's unnecessary. He spent five months stalking MJ and Paul and it looks like Miles, Silk and the rest picked up the slack.

>>137630740>ywn have a Felicia gf to help you blow off steamPeter is a lucky man

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>>137638187He wasn't. Dude's supposed to be more of a career criminal. No grand schemes or ambitions. Just a guy doing crime. But some writers started treating him like a joke, even though he's actually decently powerful, and it stuck.

>>137638690>helps you blow steam off by flirting with criminals in your face and belittling your mourningFeels good.

From the preview it looks like Spider-Man is gonna tell Felicia to fuck off. Hopefully he Superiors her too.

>>137639164>>137639233inceldom fuck yeah!

>>137639408Hope she sees this bro

>>137639233Well lcs I went to I asked about the issue because I was curious on how Felicia would be done after seeing the preview and Peter tells her they're through basically and she's not happy. Rest of the issue is sad Norman and Otto shows up

>>137639675Holy based

>>137639675I know, right? My dad works at Disney too

>>137639745You're dad owns a comic book shop?

>>137639770I want ESLcucks out of my board

>>137631448ah this couple is so great, shame these two didn't get any designs or variants in Across the Spider-Verse.

>>137639820So anyone who claps back at a shit poster?So basically a Slott wannabe

>>137639745I don't know. He was right the last time, wasn't he?

>>137639897dude, rumorfags are never right.specially "my buddy/bf/dad works at ****"fags

>>137639917He said he went to his local comic shop. Which do have the book at the momentAre you mad because the Black Cat thing?

>>137639987Pure bullshit every week month and year.Post pics or go home.

>>137639897He said Felicia was acting sexy and then Doc Ock arms would make her jealous, now he says then break up? Yeah sure

>>137640033And now includes sad Norman because the preview mention that, how pathetic

>>137640033Who? I think 4 chan is starting to get to you You should go outside and read a book

>>137640033>Doc Ock arms would make her jealousKind of want to see that.

>>137640052The fact that you're getting angry about this is the pathetic part honestly

>>137640052maryshitfags are crazy because their delusion is gone and they have no other reason for existing

>>137640091You having a stroke?

>>137640078That retard is SpyrotDog from Crawlspace of Mec from cbr, there’s never leaks this soon, beside ASM 25

Anyone who thinks the first few pages are leading towards a good end with Felicia are brain damaged. You don't need a leaker to know that. This run is just endless Peter suffering and it won't get any better.

>>137640109exactly what's happening to maryshitfags

>>137631448>>137631555The shocker is a hit with the ladies

>>137640167I’m just saying that they are not going to break up this issue lol

>>137640176Wells using Ed McGinnis to do a robot chicken script over the course of 4 arc. Similar to dark web

>>137640167B-but soulmates!

>>137635562Why is black cat there? Is black cat bi? What did I miss?

>>137640159I'm sorry who. I thought that was the incel puta matt ratt

>>137640242She was made bi in the 2000s but no one cared so it didn't stick, but now that being a fag is all the rage they're using it again. MacKay was having her get with some half shaved dyke before Wells said fuck that and got her with Peter again

>>137640176>>137640052The comic is ruined in their retarded minds and under that self-justification they try to ruin it for everyone else

>>137640278Isn't she in marvel voices next week ro represented as bi?

>>137640242Has been for years

>>137640303Yes. If I'm not mistaken this isn't even the first pride thing they've shoved her into

>>137640176To be fair, is there anyone having a good time with this run except maybe Osbornfags?

>>137640242Because she's a great character to read, and bisexual

I call bullshit on it being in 27 but it will happen in this arc. Screencap it. The ock arms will be back too.

>>137640410I miss Chat. She was a fun character better than Felicia

>>137640278>>137640318Huh. I don't remember any.>>137640437True. I would have black cat come over to my crappy pool party.

Michelinie & Bagley Omnibus is very much on my radar. The Spider-Slayer story was one of the first Spidey books I ever bought.

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desuarchive.org/co/thread/137302632/#137333558>Ctrl F Thievish RacoonOh no, leakfags…when do they announce that Wells will write Fallen Friend…btw he’s the one who “leak” about the tentacles and Felicia acting sexy

>>137640467I never cared for Chat and always find it strange how many people like her.

>>137640495>Huh. I don't remember any.Kevin Smith had her offhand mention past girlfriends in that one mini then MacKay shacked her up with a dyke semi-recently

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>>137631163no way that still happens, unless Jed drops Moon Knight/

>>137640628Why? She's cute. She's fun. She has good chemistry with Spidey. Sometimes that's enough.

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desuarchive.org/co/thread/136525835/#q136594631>Sly Cooper and the Thievius RacoonKek they are the same and now he’s contradicting

>>137640719Just never really did anything for me. Didn't grab me.

>>137640618>about the tentacles and Felicia acting sexy

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>>137640931Didn't Emma frost also want to bang Peter of something?

>>137640931Look man I don't know what to tell you. Sometimes people just want a nice cute whole romance with zero bullshit drama. It just worked.>>137640943Yeah. Chat kicked her ass.

Attached: chat vs emma.jpg (1280x1963, 577.25K)

>>137640959Follow up. After Emma used her powers to try and erase their relationship, Pete and Chat actually said FUCK DRAMA and started fresh rather quite immediately.

Attached: chat first date.jpg (1280x1965, 579.93K)

Those were good days.

Attached: chat 3.jpg (1000x1567, 644.02K)

>>137640943Yeah. She saw his mind and really liked how good he was. 616 Emma apparently also liked what she saw.

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Miles uses anal beads to prepare his black asshole for Gwen's white tranny cock.

Attached: Milespreparinghimselfforgwen.jpg (913x1500, 541.49K)

>>137640410They aren't either, all their fun is coming from adjacent books.

>>137641051Modern writers can try to spin shit however they want. But sooner rather than later, at the end of the day, one universal truth remains. Bitches love Spider-man.

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>>137640410Obsborne fags are like SpOCK fags. They don't actually exist. They just think they're trolling. They're the kind of "fan" who just post memes, look for reactions and don't really care about the franchise proper.

>Wells? Paul? Deal with the devil? That hit on your head got you pretty bad, huh? Well, the nightmare's over now. MJ and I had a rough period but we got over it and Aunt May died but it's ok. We gotta go fight Venom now.

Attached: spider-verse_trailer-1_jpg.jpg (1400x700, 933.04K)

>>137641307fuck wrong pic

Attached: marvels-spider-man-2-ps5.large_jpg.jpg (1280x720, 727.19K)

>>137641307>Aunt May died Why can't the comics let her pass away?

>>137641327You tried user!

>>137641307W-what's that on your pocket, Gwen?

>>137641387It's a heat ray

>>137641355I don't know, manI'm still livid ASM 400 was walked back on

>>137641446Were you there when issue 400 was released?

>>137641462I was in my father's ballsack

>>137641482Thanks you, Anti Vemon

>>137641307Look is transsexual icon Gwen Stacy!

>>137640437Tranny Gwen Stacy is better than some dyke whore, faggot

>>137640719I wonder how many times in the comics someone has done a forked version of the lyrics to the 60s cartoon's theme.


>>137641195At least spell the surname right when you spread libel against us.

>>137641462Let's see that was what 95? I would have been 12. But yeah, they really blew it on that one. I like Aunt May but that was just...

>>137642256…gay. It was just really gay that the writers couldn't commit to letting Aunt May rest in peace and making Peter a dad. The writers just can't let the fucker grow up.

>>137642412The biggest problem is they didn’t either just let Ben take over permanently without calling peter the clone OR didn’t just let pete have the kid then have MJ get a divorce so he can have a family but still be a bachelor

>>137640410There's not much to enjoy>>The scenes with the kids was funny>>Wells...kinda mentioned how he got his money back>damn decent of him to explain something if he's going to use Oscorp to inspire drama but.........>>Romita >slenderized Norman's build.>can't draw the waves anymore>I was rooting for you, beloved box man! We were all rooting for you>>Norman is getting the pass from Peter too easily.>I want him to work for acceptence!>I want DRAMA and Peter treating him like he deserves>Their mutual animosity requires it dammit.>there was no real justification >there are very few moments between them they feel about as forced as Felicia>>Peter Parker is one of the pillars of his bloody existence>>do you have any idea how much it pains me to know >>if I wasn't obsessed with this man >>I'd find his relationship with Peter as interesting as watching paint dry?>Genuinely distressing man>>Little to no talk about Harry in the main book>I don't expect too much talk of the twins but c'mon>Harry is another pillar of Norman's existence>Where's the family time in the main book?>>Every Cool Thing Is Associated With Symbiotes>I don't know shit about symbiotes>I don't know if I'm being trolled by the venomfags or not>I'm sure they're exaggerating at least>But man. >they describe some weird shit.>>Mephisto plotline has not been addressed>like at all>not a peep>Marvel is just torturing me at this pointEtc...

>>137642468>they didn’t either just let Ben take over permanently without calling peter the cloneWho the fuck at marvel thought it was a good idea to make Peter seem like the clone? Literally it's like telling the readers the dude they been reading for years was a fake.>didn’t just let pete have the kid then have MJ get a divorce so he can have a family but still be a bachelorYeah but the whoever was in charged would think would think that would make Spiderman "too old". How old is Peter in brand new day and the current run?

You think Spot will get a push in ASM now?


>>137642778noin Miles' book

>>137642412Time passes slower the longer you go from the initial point. If he did get married, MJ would spend 5 of our years pregnant and the first birthday would happen after the timeskip from Secret Wars.

>>137642468>>137642563I really want to know why they thought they had to get rid of Pete at all. There's no reason you can't have Spectacular Spider-dad. Reed and Sue have a kid. Hell I wish more Superheroes had kids running around. Who else even is there? Quicksilver and Crystal have Luna but she doesn't show up in any real regular book that I'm aware of these days.

Attached: crystal pietro luna.jpg (400x498, 64.86K)

>>137642836I believe it when I see it

>>137642886It’s because with pete starting at 15 him being old enough to be a father ages the WHOLE marvel universe to being at the very least 15 years old and for some reason editorial is cagey about having the marvel U being older than 10. You’d think this would be where miles can be useful right? Getting that whole cope of “If he’s around peter can age” bullshit? Well since he’s in the universe due to magic bullshit without bothering to give him an origin that connects him to pete means that both characters clash with each other metacontextually. They can’t coexist because they’re never meant to, hence why you have no good stories with the two together, and you CAN’T just reboot your way out of this

Sex with Jessica

Attached: RCO010.jpg (1988x3056, 1.6M)

>>137642945I call bullshit. He was an adult already for far longer than he was ever in school. In fact very movie marvel characters were actual teenagers for very long. You look at the most iconic version of any of the characters and they're maybe 20 somethings at their youngest. Continuity was always a bitch and time line always full of fuck but most of the heroes were generally adults. The aforementioned Fantastic Four having Franklin and then Valeria already do the same exact thing and it's not an issue. Because it's not an issue.

>>137642979Johnny can engage in that forbidden desire of fucking Pete. And it not being gay.

>>137635777Have her titties always been that small?

>>137642979Why did Ben Reilly do this?

Attached: IMG_9864.jpg (400x400, 61.64K)

>>137638132I'm pretty sure she would typically get super tired and hungry after healing a lot. I'm 100% certain she's literally going into a healing sleep.

Attached: -006.jpg (1000x1537, 492.17K)

>>137643004Fantastic Four are a team book and even then.... how's human torch's marriage going?

>>137641051It will always be interesting to me that the X-Men are typically the only other people outside of Daredevil and the FF who understand Peter. Everyone else fluctuates on if they even fucking LIKE the guy, but the early Silver Age characters love the guy.

>>137642468We'd honestly have been better off if Ben had taken over while Peter and MJ raised Mayday as supporting characters, having Peter suit up for big deal threats to help Ben on occasion

>>137643126>Fantastic Four are a team book and even thenWhat difference does that make? They're still part of the same shared universe.

>>137643126>how's human torch's marriage goingHe was going well with Lyja before they got Heroes Reborn'd

>>137643126Peter is bopping around as Spider-Man before Reed and Sue get married. So he's been Spidey for at least 2 years + however old Franklin is.

>>137643188Some X-Men more than others. Captain America and Thor get him too though

>>137643124Are muslim zombies haram?

>>137643226I still kind of want him to get back together with Crystal somehow.

Attached: FF Crys.jpg (1057x1600, 587.22K)

>>137643264I like her with Pietro more, that and I'm still seething that Slott brought back Lyja just to shit on her character for no reason


Attached: DONT_MOCK_THE_SHOCKER.gif (512x415, 570.8K)

>>137643280She was actually pretty good with all her love interests weirdly enough. They just need to let her actually STICK with one.

Attached: crystal ronan 2.jpg (900x1366, 240.98K)

>>137643245On the opposite side, Wasp.

>>137643240Franklin went to another universe to age up.

>>137643219Team book helps the writing team split up roles. There's the relatable characters and then there's the adults. Pre-Miles Spider editorial decided ther wouldn't be any sharing and offed Ben Reilly. Now we have the worst of both worlds with two Spider-Man characters that both are relatable characters and no adults.

>>137643280Wasn’t lyja a defalco character? What is slotts beef with Defalco?

>>137643681I dunno but he seems to enjoy shitting on everything Tom ever did

>>137643681I honestly have no idea. As far as I've ever read DeFalco is the only reason Slott ever got the job in the first place. He should by all accounts worshiping hte guy.

I wanted them to be the antagonists of the Spiderverse films

Attached: 1686373090819.jpg (1200x898, 214.05K)

>>137643783Sequel trilogy. Drip into the Venomverse.

>>137630735Who's winning?

Attached: deathblurtle.jpg (960x540, 163.09K)

>>137643264That mustache on Johnny is awful. He looks like a porn actor.

>>137636172Yeah, really

>>137644735You know what they say. Dress for the job you want.


Attached: venom moon.jpg (660x704, 104.8K)

Attached: spider-nam.png (1194x500, 63.6K)


Attached: I ain't no fortunate son.jpg (1500x1156, 2.29M)

>>137645895shame that never got made into mini or whatever

>>137642778i'd love for that, especially since even Carnage couldn't kill the guy when he tried to recently. Let Spot be a big arc villain since people are finally realising he's fucking awesome.

Attached: Into the Loli-verse.jpg (786x1200, 165.43K)


>>137645929Yeah. I wanted the trees to speak spidey

Attached: IMG_9875.jpg (750x1168, 444.55K)

>>137630735I thought he was Superior, not Amazing

>>137646609You've never thought a day in your life.

>>137641195literally Rent free

Attached: 1660078744201.jpg (410x512, 30.25K)

>>137640628two people on 4chan isn't that many. Ask anyone on twitter and they wouldn't know chat existed

>>137646907Oh yeah because everyone else loved bobbi. At least she's back with Clint

>>137635480>Doom mum in hellAre those issues taking place in the past, or is the writer ignoring the kickass graphic novel with Dr Doom and Dr Strange?

>>137647006>Are those issues taking place in the pastyes

>>137647006They take place in the past yes, though the early 90s so the timeline is still off given that book was out in 1989.

>>137647110Doom. could just be giving Eddie duff gen and needs eddie for a different reason

>>137640410Any true Osborn enjoyer is having the worst time. I don't come to Stormin Norman for a mopey sad sack, where's the plotting? The murder? The massive amount of unethical human experimentation? The petty dickery?

Attached: RCO005_1475780126.jpg (1013x1600, 342.29K)

>>137647157You gotta wonder what his victims would think if they saw Spidey palling around with the man who ruined their lives. Luckily for Peter, half of them are dead.

Attached: RCO006_1475780126.jpg (1018x1600, 277.61K)

How come people act like Superior Spider-Man was some amazing original concept by Slott when he was just rehashing Kraven's Last Hunt with a different villain and dragging it out forever

>>137647192I'm all for shitting on Slott but I honestly don't see the KLH comparison. Like sure Kraven runs around as Spider-Man for a while but it's for a completely different reason and only one person even sees him

>>137647260Why does that matter. The whole thing is that the villain "kills" Spider-Man, takes his identity to show his superiority, and ultimately accepts the hero for who he is at the end. Kraven even blatantly says he is Superior(tm) multiple times throughout. It's blatantly clear that this is where Slott ripped the idea from. Wake up.

>>137647266Feels like a stretch

>>137647302Yeah, all Slott did was stretch out the concept.

>>137647266Kraven impersonated Spider-Man. Otto impersonated Peter Parker. Different concept.

>>137642979>suddenly wake up as a woman>be fine with staying as a womanSo... was Ultimate Peter Parker closeted or something?

Attached: 1200x630.png (1200x630, 314.83K)

>>137647498No, Slott just made everyone take stupid pills.

>>137646744Reminder that Norman is quite literally gay with Mysterio.

Attached: sddefault.jpg (640x480, 39.27K)

>>137647814Then again he could be gay with Mephisto himself

Attached: 594d690b64c6a387e3d70b326dacdc32d473bd23r1-360-450v2_uhq.jpg (360x450, 41.75K)

>>137647192>>137647260KLH was almost certainly an influence on the idea for Superior but I agree that it's execution differs it enough to make it it's own take.They both highlight the way in which Peter's human connections and care for others makes Spider-man, but Kraven never realises it and still kills himself at the end having never realised something to live for, while Otto is about how realising the gap makes him an ever so slightly better person. KLH is six issues while Superior was 1 year and 9 months long.I really miss when Spider-man stories could stay that small.

>>137647596>body pumped full of female hormones>changes mental processes


Attached: nazi spiderman.jpg (596x331, 39.2K)

I didn't believe Slott actually posted in these threads until I saw this cope over Superior. His entire thing is rehashing other people's ideas and bulldozing through all of the nuance that they originally had.

>>137648208There were 70 years of comics before Superior, of course all stories now are just variations on a theme.

>>137635576Oh she's asexual?

>>137635557Give it a couple of years & she'll be the right age for him

>>137635777You know they made Gwen a pedophile because of this

I'm curious. Has anyone attempted to do a sexy & successful Peter Parker?

Attached: marvel_union_universe__supermodel_peter_parker_by_silentmanx_dfd0vhn-fullview.jpg (1280x1982, 221.04K)

>>137649021Yeah in some digital comic. It was a whole arc about Gwen looking for love and the final issue was literally a PSA about asexuals

>>137649164done by the same guy who wrote the Unstoppable Wasp comic who is another character he made asexual

>>137649151Spider-man TAS had a version of Peter that never lost anyone and was posted billion times alreadyArachknight, but he inherited success from his Moon Knight half

>>137649151Honestly pete in the early 90s was fairly successful, they owned their own massive brown stone, he was a respected photo journalist and just got a good job at a lab. Obviously the status quo reigns supreme but to say the pete never built his life is a reaction to modern writers

>>137649912>>137649977Honestly we are lacking in some sexy Peter artwork. Even the 90’s version deserves some

Attached: 55181019_p0.jpg (600x1250, 271.63K)

>>137638410Vulture, Shocker, Slyde, Speed Demon, Spot, Beetle... All those guys were actually pretty smart. Enough to built thei own tech (with some help, for Speed Demon)They were never Richards level, but do you think they were suppsoed to be as smart as Peter, back then?

>>137649151>>137650069Is this supposed to be Ultimate Peter? Also with the new Ultimate comics relaunch will Ultimate Peter return?

>>137650607It looks like they’re ignoring him completely

>>137648208There was some guy in a previous thread who was angrily arguing with people over the Spider-Marriage who aggressively claimed he wasn't working for Marvel, but talked like someone who works for MarvelI think it's definitely Slott

>>137640410I'm fine with this. Basically reverse Dark Reign. He's written much better in Gold Goblin and Red Goblin. ASM is largely miss. Wells

>>137650668They're using Miles for it, aren't they.>>137650758>There was some guy in a previous thread who was angrily arguing with people over the Spider-Marriage who aggressively claimed he wasn't working for MarvelHa Slott does it for free :)

Met Jed McKay todayHe said if he ever took the job he'd stay off the internet lol Which I kind of don't blame him forBut I did say I can imagine it must be hard with editorial(not exact words but I phrased it nicely)Told me it's all part of the business. Talked about the Spencer run and Superior Foes. He also told me that any current writer of Spider-Man is the worst one(this was all in the talk about him writing Spider-Man)

>>137650838I don’t know they made it a point to show that maker knows that miles is still from the ultimate universe but this concept is pretty stupid in general

>>137650872I'll bite. How does he feel about Slott's run? How is he liking Moon knight?

>>137650872Did you ask him what he thought of the screen writers of the current movie dedicating that movie to shitting on the fans?

>>137650872>He also told me that any current writer of Spider-Man is the worst onePeople liked Spencer until the non-ending of the first Kindred arc.

>>137651149MarySlotfags are unable to see reality, they only live for their whims

>>137650872That's...not really true? The only times people did call them so was during the clone saga, the Mackie reboot, bnd, slott and the current run. A bunch of runs were divisive sure but not held as the worst because the bar was so much lower.

You will eat the radioactive spider

>>137651149Pretty much. People in general had few problems with Spencer's run (outside Robertson running that one story about Peter being a fraud in the first issue) until Kindred just started dragging on and on.Same with Slott's early stuff, really. People liked that Peter was working a lab and stuff. The only thing they didn't Carlie, but even then, the main problems didn't appear until Ock and the whole Superior business. Then when Peter came back and the whole downfall of Parker industries was so telegraphed there was no fun in it, and the whole thing was kind of stupid.

>>137651369It’s hard to say because Slott held the book hostage for a decade and dedicated the latter half of his run to ruining as much as he could, so I can see how other writers would be wary to handle the book, especially considering how the internet has broken down any sort of barrier between the reader and the writer, while keeping editorial itself as distant as it ever was


>>137651451But again slott wasn't considered the worst up to superior, and the only time Spencer got that label was the final couple of arcs. Seems dysengous to say it happens every time, more like an excuse by writers to jsuitfy their own writing than anything.I do believe they get treated badly regardless but that's a different thing.

>>137651598They’re caught between a rock and a hard place right now, I genuinely believe that Disney is sabotaging peter in either an attempt to hurt Sony OR have miles replace him. I doubt any writer has a willingness to discuss that or even understands that really

what corner of the Marvel fandom is the easiest to please? Spider-fags are the worst, we all know that, but ofc the writers and editorial constantly dig their own graves on that end. But who has it okay whenever they get a series?

>>137651598The only time I'd seen Slott considered the worst before Superior was on the Something Awful comics forums

>>137651631If you have to ask, you'll never know.

The problem with people like Slott and most other hack writers today is that they want to be seen as the next rockstar Stan Lee type. They want the fame but they don't have the charisma for it. So instead of getting out there and hyping their books, saying Excelsior and calling people True Believers! They get into twitter drama and pick fights with the people they want to buy their comics. Fanboys are always going to bitch but any professional should know better than throw rocks at a beehive and let their work speak for itself.

Attached: 28238759.jpg (1600x1200, 1.21M)

Evagoblion user here, now accepting sexy Peter requests. I won't do them today tho, because I slept for 4 hours, then had too much coffee.

Attached: 1661545039462.png (308x620, 22.07K)

>>137634992Fuck man, the next writer's just going to retcon everything Wells did and everyone will be radically different.

>>137635061Since Spider-Gwen is trans does that mean he's buck breaking Miles?

>>137651890Magic made Peter and mj act weird. Done. That is if it even gets mentioned and not forgotten like Peter hitting MJ

>>137651438>Then when Peter came back and the whole downfall of Parker industries was so telegraphed there was no fun in it, and the whole thing was kind of stupid.I can't believe there were stupid morons out there that legitimately believe Parker Industries was going to be a permanent thing and attacked the fans for not accepting itDid they never see Slott argue that Spider-Man needed to remain in his status quo for years?

>>137651876Peter but his Spider-Man outfit broke and he had to make one in a hurry out of a pair of booty shorts and a crop top

>>137640535>dragon quest being shilled in a spiderman comicThe closest we'll get to goku in marvel.

>>137651945I really don't get why people feel they need to make Pete either an absolute miserable ponce or just go the opposite extreme because they think they're breaking the status quo. Status quo can be good. You don't have to completely address how unhirable he is. There's nothing wrong about just letting him be a moderately successful freelance shutterbug. Stuff like this only becomes a problem when retards think they have to show how self aware they are with their bullshit meta knowledge. It's a comic book. People are happy and willing to go for the ride.

Attached: camera.jpg (1250x899, 75.35K)

>>137651998Underage b&

Attached: dragon quest board game.jpg (1280x720, 230.25K)

>>137642979>>137647596>>137648106Didn't Jessica have identity issues to a degree or another? Like it messed her up that she had a cloned male mind in a female body?Also, what could she even do about it? It's not like there's an official rule34 pill or something.

>>137652701be a lesbian

>>137640618This place already knows not to believe spoilers aside from the last issue but that was done by a youtuber.

>>137652254I grew up with Peter as a freelance photographer because that's the work he enjoyed and could do while also being Spider-Man, while MJ was bringing in most of their money as a fashion model. I thought it was fucking perfect since it also meant she had to go away for work to pay the bills sometimes, just like he had to be absent to fight crime. It introduced friction on BOTH sides of the equation while also letting MJ be superior to Peter in a way that he's superior to her in the superhero angle. But then Marvel decided that kids like me just couldn't connect with an adult like that and so ruined all of it. Just have him meet up with Reed and Stark to do some superscience once a month or something to show he's smart and then let him be a photographer who sometimes get well-paying gigs and sometimes goes months without any gigs beyond wedding photos. He does not need to become a Stark Industries rival.

>>137653339I mean that's kind of the issue. They're constantly trying to fix a problem that doesn't exist and are just making everything worse because of it. I have never once had an issue with relating to anyone and by the time I started reading the book he had been married for a good bit of time.

Attached: do your job.jpg (438x470, 38.89K)

>>137651890Even if does get undone then it will hardly matter since OMD will stay remain canon and that is something which will most likely never get undone. Since Marvel does not wish to see MJ and Peter married.

>>137653219i think it's even more hilarious to watch idols who believe these leaks and then go off and give them false hope so they don't have to pay for therapy because they have no life outside of being absolute bitches, What a sad bunch of people that exist

>>137652254Because they have a view of how Spider-Man comics work that is very flanderized

>>137652701Yes, she had issues with it. she has peter's memories

Attached: RCO015.jpg (1920x2951, 905.4K)

has peter ever actually been in a romance with a superheroine? black cat doesn't count

>>137654081Mockingbird in slott's run

>>137654081Kitty in Ultimate

>>137650872why are maryshitfags still like this?

>>137635576I hate this. I hate this so goddamn much

>>137654081Firestar in Bitches Love

Attached: Fire Star tonight you.png (859x642, 961.5K)

>>137648208he's right here >>137654314

>>137630735I’ve been watching some 60’s Spider-Man, it’s actually really fun

Attached: 7531EA2D-4BFB-488B-9D31-DFE5F7E3F81C.jpg (1920x1080, 213.66K)

You guys want to collab and create a new spidey bad guy? I mean seriously, not a joke/meme one

>>137654314Why would they not be?Marvel just sniffed out their long-standing delusions.It's gonna take them years to move on.

>>137654588I dunno will I be credited in the issue, Dan?

>>137654633Funny, I just want to have fun and some constructive conversation

>>137654588ok do you want to have an elemental, animal, or mythological creature as the base for this villain?

>>137654511Very fun, with the most comic accurate looking Peter Parker.

Attached: 60s Spider-Man.png (1253x940, 1.23M)

>>137654919How about a tick? They're arachnids like scorpions, disgusting, disliked, and associated with blood and diseases

>>137655291You trying to imply something there, chum?

Attached: tick.jpg (350x197, 12.96K)

>>137652701She decided to accept being a woman but would not surrender Khazar coochie.

Attached: JessiCHAD Drew.png (961x763, 1.27M)

Bit of a mini rant here but Spider-Gwen is a terrible character in comic canon. They want to have their cake and eat it too, hold her up with 616 Gwen's history yet say she's nothing like her. What really bothers me is the elephant in the room between her and Peter. They ignore the emotional baggage both must feel towards each other given what happened to their counterparts

Attached: Ghost Spider Gwen Stacy Spider-Man.jpg (1920x2943, 1.07M)

>>137656546In today's episode of shit everyone else has been saying for years. Spider-Gwen has never been a good character in any medium whatsoever.

>>137656546Wells will drop Black Cat for Spider Gwen, redeeming both the character and his run

>>137656656stop coping dude

>>137656699He told me, I'm Dan Slott

>>137656005Well they're rebooting the Ultimate Universe. Why not just have Peter & Jessica just do it?

Attached: a_spidercest_deep_kiss_by_silentmanx_detyd5u.jpg (1752x2048, 269.89K)

>>137656604I feel it is worth repeating because casuals and coomers won't shut the fuck about her.>>137656656There's a weird age difference there. You ever get the feeling 616 will just come back and they'll make her Spider-Gwen?

>>137656751Does that mean Miles is going back to his own shithole?

>>137656751>rebooting ultimateThat sounds so funny>>137656948Now that she is trans miles can have her.

>>137657123>That sounds so funnyThere's a really bizarre... well I'm not sure irony is the right word, but the fact that they made, only to tear it down, now bring it back...

>>137657376>the fact that they made, only to tear it downIt was weird even back then since their logic was "something big eventually happens to shake things up irrevocably, so we're doing it on purpose this time!" You have to wonder how bad the sales of not Spider-Man titles were doing to justify it

>>137656751So how screwed is the clone incest baby?

>>137630821>Or maybe Otto simply shows up on the final page if this turns to be the case then Wells can go fuck himself.You just know that's what's gonna happen>>137631218>deal with MephistoIs "A deal with Mephisto" a canon event to all spider-men? Peter, Miles and SpOck did it

>>137658022Mephisto will be in Spiderverse 3 and trade all of Peters' children for his dad and universe's life.

Attached: ben dab.jpg (2048x1152, 144.76K)

>>137643341Jan eventually likes him. Nadia still hasn't yet

>>137656950Nope, they are going to shove him for eternity or unitl Marvel and Disney go broke.

>>137658022He tried to do it with Ben too but Ben told him to fuck off

>>137659610Nadia did towards the end of Waid’s Avengers but it was just ignored so they could have a moment where they say Peter is more annoying than Miles

I don't like that Spider Gwen has stolen any and all attention from Spiderwoman and Spidergirl.

Brand new comm here!

Attached: 623.jpg (1439x1266, 1.3M)

>>137660372blessed, thanks for sharing

Attached: happy ending.jpg (306x359, 60.64K)


>>137659953Never will have more issues than may.

>>137659953I'm annoyed that Julia has been pigeonholed into this Madam Web bullshit. She was always more interesting than Jessica

>>137661338I imagine they'll eventually pile up, but the key factor is her inability to do it on her own and straight through.

Attached: sg100.jpg (550x830, 452.46K)

>>137661397Gwen can only do gimmick minis now

>>137661379To be fair, it isn't like Marvel was doing anything with her. Madam Web gives her something, at least.Then again, it's not like they're doing anything with Jessica either for all that they essentially cleaned up the stage for her by killing one spider-woman and turning the other into Madam Web. At best, she's a supporting Ms. Marvel (Carol) character by now, and Carol can't even keep an ongoing.Marvel has made some really shitty decisions as to who to push is what I'm saying.

Just started the 70s manga today

Attached: 1686461567834.jpg (728x1159, 73.02K)

>>137659953Well, what can you do?

>>137661832Spider-verse made Spider-Gwen more mainstream than ever. She and miles will probably always be more popular than mayday, which sucks but is probably the truth

Attached: E2A95622-22DC-49CD-AC30-3833C3A0C383.png (780x438, 187.37K)

I agree that Spider-Gwen is a pretty shit character that's been over-exposed since her debut, and that's not even getting into train-wrecks like the Gwen-verse, but I'm genuinely curious what steps you guys would take to actually make her a compelling character.

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>>137662595Nothing really.

>>137662595Much like Miles, she is a creatively bankrupt idea. There is no salvaging her

>>137662736More bankrupt id say

>>137661832>Gwen can only do gimmick minis nowI read that as Gwen can only do gimmick penis now.

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>>137660372The perfect future.