The Powerpuff Girls

What do you think about The Powerpuff Girls?

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I think they're cute and funny!

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I think if they tried they could rehabilitate the boys.

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>>137629565Pretty much one of the only reasons I ever bother looking at this board anymore.

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>>137629565Made for the boys.

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>>137629887Adult PPG designs are always so fucking cursed.

>>137629565Their rogues gallery was really good. I still think of HIM sometimes. Probably the best example of using LGBT and Satanic themes to unsettle the average wine mom along with their kids

When is that live action reboot coming out, anyway?

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>>137629932It's not happening.

>>137630182I wouldn't call threatening to bomb a school and then not doing it "saving the day" but whatever you say user

>>137629604>>137629652Ew fetuses.>inb4 it's le personality dat le countsKek. I'll never understand you creatures.

>>137630265It's emotions that count.

>>137629604>>137629652Do I have to call Chris Hansen already?

>>137629932It got cancelled

>>137629565I haven't seen much of The Powerpuff Girls to be honest, I always brushed it off as a girls show when I was younger. But I did however managed to find these for a good price though.

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I really liked it when I was a kid. I kinda wanna rewatch it again but I feel like my rose tinted glasses would shatter if I attempted to.

Aw sweet! A PowerPuff Girls thread>Captcha:SRPDST

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>>137631273Now tribute them.

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>>137629652>That ButtercupWhy did I have to love the color green?

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>>137631119Thank the Great Father for being so merciful to his children in this age of spiritual warfare.

>>137629891Not always, there a couple teen and adult puffs that are tolerable.


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>>137629887How can Buttercuplets even compete

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>>137632025Is she holding a beyblade and wearing a green lantern ring? Fucking based.


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>>137632126bratty buttercup is always at her best when moody.

>>137632036She's a bratty tomboy and green, so I would say she wins by default.

>>137632336The spirit of a warrior unleashed. Buttercup approves.

vs Princess Morbucks and vs RowdyRuff Boys were the best fights>ACROBATTACK!>BALLISTIC BARRAGE!

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>>137632469remove the lipstick as well as add spikey teeth for adult buttercup and it's a 10/10

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Sex with a bubbles

>>137632501But user, that's BAD__

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>>137632036Her name is quite literally B-Cup


>>137632561Shut up bubbles

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>>137632723Son, we post wholesome here. If you want to push this kind of stuff, go to Holla Forums and pretend to be Jewish.

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>>137629565Great guilty pleasure when I was a young chap.

>>137632564>B-CupYou rang?

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aku x blossomnow

>>137633000It's not 2004 anymore. Aku is dead and Blossom is in love with some lame animator.

>>137632926that's B-ko right? only learn about Project A-ko a couple months backRoku is surprisingly good for slightly non-popular anime


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I think they're cute and funny!No, really. I like loli but they don't make me hard. I think it's a funny cartoon.

>>137632025Why would she wear boy's underwear? There's no advantage.

>>137631757Your pic isn’t like the thumbnail, but it’s too small to see what’s different

>>137632780You did I vited for Fuzzy! He keeps things lewd

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>>137629604God that’s hot >>137630265>>137630839It’s a drawing of cute girls getting embarrassed, get over your selfs

>>137629652I thought that was a busty blossom and I got excited

>>137633219It is all the rage since Lycoris Recoil.

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>>137631273>I always brushed it off as a girls show when I was youngerI remember thinking that too until I saw the movie when it came out, which had some pretty cool action and wasn't overtly girly at all.That's when I realized I can like cute things as a boy, and that not all stuff with girls in it is automatically lame.Been a big fan ever since.

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>>137629604dude they're five year olds

>>137634169That's okay, user.

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>>137634553Most of these are pretty good, though what’s bottom right

>>137634588I'm pretty sure that's either Braceface or the animated Sabrina the teenage witch show.

>>137634619>>137634588it's Sabrina

>>137634695Okay thanks. I barely remember either show and what little I do remember basically combined into each other.

>>137634695Thanks user

>>137634588>>137634619>>137634695Sabrina is CUTE

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>>137632723Is this from MAD?

For me, it's Blossom.


Taking drawing requests.

>>137635823Powerpuff Girls in hip hop clothes.

>>137635823Blossom making out with miss bellum or her teacher

>>137635920Sure got any references?>>137635937It'll be aged up


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>>137635988Thank you, user

>>137634940I think it's Drawn Together.

>>137635823The Teen Powerpuff Girls dressed in their super zeroes costumes

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>>137629565>What do you think about The Powerpuff Girls?Rowdyruff boys should have gotten more screentime.

>>137632723I miss Drawn Together so much, the movie was shit, it was hot shit on a plate, I hate it so fucking much.

>>137635823The Powerpuff Boys.

I apologize

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>>137635823Some lewds

>>137635972>It'll be aged upThat’s alright I guess

>>137635937based /LL/ bro

>>137629604That exact scene made me feel funny when I was 6. The I discovered Zone when I was 9 and have had a porn addiction for 16 years straight.

>>137635823Buttercup dressed like this

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>>137638842>had a porn addiction for 16 years straight.Does this year mark the 17 year of that addiction?

>>137635823Powerpuff girls showing their feet. Yes ik there just nubs, and no I don't care.

>>137638924No, I turned 25 couple months ago.

>>137634547...who are played by thirty-something year olds

>>137634547Technically, they were created before most posters here were even born.

>>137634547They don’t act 5

>>137634169Well for me it wasn't until a certain show that shall not be named came along many years later that I finally embraced shows with female main leads and in some ways it was more feminine than the Powerpuff Girls!

>>137633246Naked girls from the rain that destroyed their clothes.

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>>137635823Powerpuff Girls splitting off to fight their respective Rowdyruff Boy, secretly going on a date with them, instead.

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Pls don't die

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>>137635823Buttercup with sharp teeth.

>>137642072Cute Bubbles.

>>137642117Thanks, user

>>137634547So? If they can take hits from giant monsters they sure as hell can take a Holla Forumsck.

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>>137636392I second this

>>137640907Do you have the pic in better quality?

>>137642072Adorable.>>137642420I think that’s what they’re working on


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>>137643898Excellent work, user.

>>137643898Drawfag delivers

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>>137643898Damn nice

>>137643898OR here, thanks amigo

>>137643954>>137643980>>137644012>>137644016Thank you guys. I'm glad you like it! I'll do more requests when it's morning.

>>137643898Awesome. Honestly the puffs only really ran into issues due to not being able to maintain a balance between personal heroic brand and practicality

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>>137634547Technically, they're 1. Jenny is kinda like them the sense that she is 5 years old, but made to be a teenager.

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>>137635823The Righteous Rescue Boys. Good guy versions of the Power Punk Girls from the comics. Have them wear white shirts with a single colored stripe across and pants of the corresponding colors.

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>>137644647Correction, the Powerpunk Girls equivalent to the Powerpuff Girls' Rowdyruff Boys.

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>>137635823how about something with the Bellum Puffs, definitely could use more art of them

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>>137644832>Bosum, Booba, and Buttocks

Attached: Mojo face.png (400x400, 256.84K) is Craig's original sketch on a greeting card, bottom was done on paper a little later

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Model sheets for the What A CartoonsBottom was a redesign made after the kid focus group didn't like them and Craig panicked, but CN execs preferred the old designs

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>>137644876We had a good bit of discussion happen during a back in April about expanding that pic out into a full episode; tentative name for the concept is "Being Sarah Bellum"

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>>137631942it's primal. our eyes and brains are very biased to that color. even chimpanzees would rather eat fruit from a guy wearing a green shirt than from a guy wearing any other color

Shit fanbase

>>137643898This reminds me of a head canon I had involving the girls growing up.Blossom took over the role of Major Glory. Bubbles became a teacher for kindergarten and Buttercup is living as an idol.

>>137635823Maybe something with these designs?

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>>137644991The bottom designs were reused in the show as a gag, right?


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I noticed that Blossom just like Double D, their evil gender counterpart Brick/Marie is just a bully that don't share their high intellegence


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What did Mojo sniff the shitty prison toilet?


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>>137649601To smell the chemical X in his shit so he can make the RRBs

>>137649601I just realized that the toilet would just be his and that he is shitting traces of Chemical X.

>>137649625It was his shit?I thought it just the result of many different people taking a dump in it

the og run is greatthe reboots and spinoffs not so much.

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>>137649641Me tooFor a while I thought chemical X was pure evil. A prison full of rapist and murders would surely contain pure evil in the form of shit But no Mojo Jojo, and the girls have Chem X in their bodies. They shit chemical X. That's why the monster come out of the ocean, the girls flush X in the toilets which end up in the ocean makes fishes or whatever become giant monsters.

>>137644050Requesting Buttercup getting thrown out of a penthouse window ala The Comedian of Watchmen.No reference, but it's okay, the scene is unforgettable

>>137644479Did they ever explain why she looked so similar to them?

>>137631963FusionFall suggested the idea that the girls are in their larval forms and will evolve into looking like regular girls as they get older. Makes sense as they’re canonically fingerless bug eyed freaks in the show.

>>137651870I hate how 90% of PPG OCs use the girls template.

>>137633046Yeah Retrocrush is pretty cool

I wanna make babies with Blossom

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>>137635937Here's the sketch version of it. After I'm done with the hip hop drawing I'll draw them digitally

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>>137651870>that body swap episode where Buttercup (in Professor Utonium's body) tries to answer the phone>"PROFESSOR, YOUR HAND'S NOT WORKING"

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>>137629565probably one of the most egregious examples of sequel/remakes being monumentally shittier then the source material.


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>>137647920yeap, the savino seasons


>>137658354>>137658832I'VE GOT IT BAD, SO BAD!


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>>137635823I’d like to see a future Princess Morbucks looking to a future Blossom for approval in being a hero


>>137643898Wonderblossom is your standard Boyscout type, albeit in female form, and will probably just clock you and bring you into jail.Butterspawn may drag you straight to hell but might just pull some Scared Straight shit so long as you aren't a truly depraved criminal.But If I encounter Bubble Bunny in the midst of my crimes I am surrendering immediately because either I'm about to meet a fate worse than death in her kid-friendly no death allowed story or she's one of those joke characters who can solo Galactus