WoW Babbies

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WoW was a shitty game for casuals when it came out compared to other MMOs and is still casual shit today.

Back then there was plenty of offerings like UO, RO, Lineage 2.
But they have been ruined by the WoW babies.

UO added Trammel baby safe worlds, Added Magic Item Affixes making crafting useless until they added Enchanting in the last few years.

RO Ruined by adding character level to the game mechanics formulas, vertical instead of horizontal progression, crafting now useless because of this. Quests everywhere, exp penalties forcing you to move to higher level areas rather then areas your character is designed for. So many Stat points you don't have to think about your build anymore.

Lineage 2, added quests everywhere. You have to keep doing quest till you reach level 70+ before you're allowed the classic comfy grind gameplay.

WoW Ruined the Entire MMO market. They destroyed older games and destroyed newer games because they just all clone WoW. Every time a marginally unique MMO is in development WoW babies hop on and whine its not WoW enough and force the developers to change it.


The only acceptable MMO you listed is UO. Nothing out of korea is good. Old WoW is fun.

Killing the same mobs over and over again is not comfy, it's fucking retarded. It's not even a 'gameplay' as it doesn't require any skill.
Even mentioning shitty korean grindfest like LIneage II shows how retarded you are.

WoW was inferior to all of them.

RO your character operated however you built it to .Actual Open World where your ability to survive in an area was your ability to design it appropriately. The item system resulted in almost no gear being worthless, in fact a lot of the lower level weapons were the best for boss hunting granted you upgrade them well enough.

L2. Great class diversity, simple character progression, siege warfare, actual territorial conquest.

UO, absolute freedom.

The combat system was great and fast paced. You could kill whatever whenever granted your character or party was appropriate, not like WoW where you had to fetch or hunt things arbitrarily coz quests told you to. If you want to quest play a fucking single player game and stop ruining MMOs

Your opinions are not facts. Korean grinding simulators are not fun for most people.

Go play EVE if you want a skinner box under guise of video game.

Listen gramps, just because your idea of fun is using speadsheets and grinding non-stop on Korean Skinner Boxes, doesn't mean you're right.

As expected of WoWbabies using your brain at all is too hard.

What did he mean by these dubs

Resident Lineage 2 shill here to invite any anons who enjoyed this back in the day to come back for the Classic rerelease. It's free of all the bullshit later editions which turned it into the shitheap retail is today, and has active updates still rolling out. It's been up for almost a couple years now and has a healthy population, and I'm more than willing to help out any fresh start bros who would be interested in playing.

EVE is the Desert Bus of MMORPGs.
It's nothing but countless hours spent shuttling back and forth or floating in front of a rock while you smack it with a laser for minerals, with the player absolutely having to sit there and watch it because you will get killed even in the "safe" zones if you so much as alt-tab out to do something less mind numbing like filing your goddamn taxes.
At least, that was the experience I had playing it during a free trial period because a friend wanted me to.

How, are you so retarded that grinding is hard?

Building and raising your character to fit the areas or tasks you're doing. As oppossed to WoW's oh I leveled up, time to go the designated level 30 area.

This is absolutely true, everytime a PvP centric game comes out the WoW fags come out in droves asking for PvE Servers.

Everytime an Open World game comes out, WoW babies come out in droves to ask for Instances.


I am sure that is all fun in your head but koreans mmo are just grind.


tfw GW2 could've been great if it weren't for all the WoW shitters. Theres even raiding in GW2 now. Fuck this world.

lmao your favorite games are dead and never coming back faggot

Pretty much this.

Fun fact. PvE shitters aren't just WoW originating. Most people who want PvE only tend to be massive shitters who got shat on hard in PvP be it an MMO or a simple Multiplayer game.

great fucking logic

remember how they made Dragon's Dogma into a trinity game? And released a horrible lobby based MMO?
Pro-tip, that wasn't WoW's fault


Noooice. Check mine!

Any MMO that doesn't have catsluts and a JP community to escape the shitters is automatically terrible.


Reverse psychology won't get you the kitty titties. You have to ask nicely.


Eh, when it comes to Korean MMOs, Mabinogi will wear on you when it becomes fullblown super grindsim and the P2W shit is cancer, but the combat was still leagues ahead of WoW. God damn, I could solo kill a level 30 dungeon boss at level 5 with trash gear because I used my abilities flawlessly but level 40 players would whine and bitch that game is too hard because they'd regularly die to lvl20 mobs because they kept spamming the same attack like retards and dying.

It's a beautiful thing when a game's combat has a retard filter. WoW does not have that, at all.

Worst thing about it is that they're the same exact faggots on the Overcuck threads, they defend Blizzard taking down fan servers and paying for this garbage and are so oversensisitive that if you shit on their godawful game they'll be PMing voks who also play this garbage to ban you for wrongthink.

Not only that but their own Holla Forums gaming group is full of redditors which are attracted by the circlejerk that are the threads and just the cancer that is WoW itself.

Fanbases like Minecraft, Sonic, Bethesda, Valve, Sony which have garnered a legion of cocksucking apologist cuckholds are nothing compared to Blizzcucks, at this point I think even Nintentoddlers are better than these delusioned cunts, they've existed even before the PS1 was a thing and they will defend and buy from this shitty company to the grave.


Why is OP always such a faggot?

Its either FFXIV or PSO2 and they're bot hshit

No, it's webm related.


Did anyone ever make a tldr cap of the goonswarm obliteration?

I understand your frustration, but it would have been better to just report the duplicate threads.

Is goonswarm even around anymore? I thought they were pretty much wiped out awhile ago.

They are still a thing and they are still not as relevant as they used to be.

GW2 has always been a fucking Joke thanks to the devs rather partly cloning WoW than making a actual second installment of Guild Wars.

This guy gets it. Just not the desired digits.

Laughable that the same retards shitposting to defend vanilla, shitpost to oppose classic.

Private server shills are actually real.

Catboys are love, catboys are life.


Wrestle with me baby.

Old wow was halfway decent because it had sandbox elements.
You had racial abilities, languages, and small bonuses based on race.
PvP areas evolved naturally instead of forcing it.
Wiping capitals was a thing that happened consistently.
You had to complete quests and find quest givers to get key skills for some classes.

Korean MMO's are notoriously shit.

Are you that sperg that kept shitting up the thread instead of discussing things?

You'd fit right in with the 8ch guild since you behave like a nigger

This just in, Holla Forums hates anything that involves social interaction. Next up is a thread about how much you hate voice communication in video games.

The people who hate social interaction are either from /r9k/ or at one point browsed there and still carry their habits. you don't have to be a social butterfly but when you see half the people here claim to hate interacting with others you have to wonder where that coldsteel level of angst comes from

Fuck off faggot, you are the reason XIV is full of faggots and faggot enablers. I make it a duty to blacklist any catboi faggots and potatos I come across.

It comes from dealing with the modern MMO playerbase. Dealing with those subhumans will make anyone second guess if humanity is worth it.

XI even did catboys better. They left it as nonplayable lorefaggotry with only one example (done well) in side missions for the nation only fags played for anyways.


I still say allowing catboys and femroes to be
playable were a mistake.
As much as I love femroes I can understand why they were not in XI and it kills me that the lore means jack shit now as far as the vidya mechanics are concerned.

WoW is being shilled hard and it's no coincidence that as soon as they announced (((legacy))) many popular MMOs started getting ddos'd. Blizzkike and their fucking shills need to be gassed pronto.

You want to know how someone played vanilla wow don't worry, they'll tell you :^)

You cheeky cunt. I'm using that joke today.

Fucking casuals.

Galka being a literal slave race will never stop being funny.

At least they help Bastok Bestok. Windork babbies and san'dorkians can fight for 2nd and 3rd in conquest. Galkas will always be honorary Bastokians in my eyes.

you chose to play like that, because you're a retarded fuck.
what I do is I track down fucks like you and kill you using cheap ships and worst case scenario I don't make any profit, best case I get expensive ship parts from the wrecks and the bonus is the retarded faggot miners cry their asses off on local chat/in-game mail.