Why was there no Clone Wars episode where Ahsoka was freezing and Anakin must warm her up

why was there no Clone Wars episode where Ahsoka was freezing and Anakin must warm her up

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tulip.paheal.net/_images/afb7c26ab105653a60893a663f4ab7d5/5062652 - Ahsoka_Tano Anakin_Skywalker Clone_Wars Natalie_Portman Padme_Amidala Star_Wars porcupine togruta.pnghttps://tulip.paheal.net/_images/12dd844d253da58daeaa392856692702/2135844 - Ahsoka_Tano Anakin_Skywalker Clone_Wars Liquidmark Padme_Amidala Star_Wars edit togruta.png

>>137623777Because that's retarded. Don't be retarded.

>>137623876what's retarded about it? it's literally how Empire Strikes Back starts

>>137623777Ahsoka was made for warm environments

>>137623876>Get in the animal guts, Shinji.The cgi was too clean for Ahsoka. Twileks were made for belly dancing and squishy oil wrestling. Even C3po had a heated oil bath once.

>>137624176Ahsoka was sexually harassed by a woman once

>>137623777Because they're both trained in the tapas technique of the force and can warm their bodies in cold environments, duh.

>>137624252>tapasmore like tapdatass

>>137623777man, i want to kiss those lips!

>>137623777But Ahsoka is hotHow can she be hot and cold at the same time?

>>137624812She pretends to be cold so Anakin will spoon her in their tent.

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>>137624883she got some cakes

>>137624907And she wants Anakin to smash them.

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>>137624176Ahsoka's a togruta, not a twilek, it's a different type of sexy species

>>137625036Oh. I'm wrong then. I thought she just had larger tendrils and kept them like hair instead of pigtails.

>>137623922Ahsoka was made to get fucked by her master.

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>>137623777I despise how popular Ashoka got because that meant she would get older with the canon and people would draw and make content of her aged up with premier Ashoka was peak Padawan cunny.

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>>137625367Older Ahsoka just can't compare.

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>>137625726We didn't even get clone teen Ahsoka team.Technician: "Due to the sample damage, your body thinks it's finished it growth cycle. That means that you'll never get taller."Ashy #2- pouts.Ashy #3 continues to try stretching upwards.

>>137624216It's okay, they became friends later and probably made out

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>>137623777Why hasn't there been a beach episode where Anakin has to rub lotion on Ahsoka's back.

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>>137623777because she was a good friend

>>137623777>>137624883why was there no episode where Anakin and Ahsoka are on a mission on some random planet and she eats a fruit which turns out causes your libido to go crazy and she starts acting "weird" around Anakin

>>137627481go on


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>>137627481>>137630359Order 69

>>137625010why is she wearing panties?doesn't she know there are no panties on space?

>>137627481The more fem Clone art I see, the more I hate Omega for being the only actual genderbent Clone and being so unbearably shit.

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>>137630359>>137631650Why aren't they brown?

>>137631596Based George.

>>137623777Being horny 24/7 isn't a personality trait

>>137631674The bigger crime is being an obnoxious Ahsoka fan.


>>137623777How tight is she?

>>137632206Adult Omega is hot.

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>>137632217They're clearly from different hosts. The Kaminoans just had a penchant for using Space Kiwis as templates

>>137632206You say that like it's an irrational complaint. I want Omega to look like a hot woman, what's wrong witht hat?

>>137632392Because the art you're comparing her with don't look like clones either, they're just random women with the armor like cosplayAlso making the comparison in the first place when Amiga is still just a kid

>>137632354They are literally sisters. You don't call someone from different genetic host your sister. They are from the same host, they are all fem! Jangos.

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>>137631650>anime poster has shit opinionsurprising nobody

>>137632505Emerie feeling an emotional connection with the Jango clones out of hidden longing for family in the cold Tantiss environments and projecting that onto Omega and Crosshair at bestEmotional manipulation also likely at worst


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>>137633732French kissable

>>137628506>D-Day episode

>>137631650thinking about it, isnt it kinda retarded how they used only one genetic donor for the clones? wouldnt it potentially enhance the clone army's effectiveness if they had legions made from different genetic donors (mandalorians, bounty hunters, etc.) ok the whole clone army was a secret but they kept making clones during the 3+ years long clone wars, why not start making clones of the top elite Naboo soldiers?

>>137635081It always bothered me because of how easy it would be for a virus to sweep through the ranks and kill them all since they are all genetically identical.

>>137629273Why was there no episode where Ahsoka enters one of those Force trees but it shows you your desires isntead of your fears, and she sees herself getting proneboned by Anakin?

>>137635081>be jedi knight>clone wars start>you are appointed general>you have to lead a splatoon of clones of a hot twi'lek assassinwyd

>>137624883>>137628506>>137629273You guys have potential as anime writers.

>>137624799guy draws very kissable lips ngl

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>>137635495Idk I always imagined myself as a doujin writer

>>137629273>She becomes super lewd whenever they're alone.>Gets excited when they have to share a cot.>Asks him to correct her forms by hand and grinds against his cock with her ass.

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>>137636742you forgot>constantly looks for an excuse to bend over in front of Anakin

>>137629273>>137636742>>137637039Padmé can finally have her threesome

>>137637663>Anakin tries to resist Ahsoka's advances but it's getting harder by the day.>Eventually he confesses to Padme that he's attracted to Ahsoka.>Instead of being upset, Padme starts pushing Anakin towards giving in a fucking in teenage padawan.

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>>137623777Who drew that?

>>137638026Omar Dogan, he draws a lot of vidya and Holla Forums girls


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>>137637039>She stops wearing panties and Anakin can see her inner thighs are shiny and wet.Truly the ultimate test of restraint for someone who's not very good at it.

>>137638102I want to rub those lekku while kissing her full lips

>>137638000>padme's only condition is he's only allowed to fuck ahsoka in front of her in her home or on a joint mission so she can watch

>>137638379I think she would settle for a live holovid if they couldn't be there in person.

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>>137638102>lust provoking image

>>137638837I want to make her mascara run

>>137638837>Ahsoka waiting on Anakin's bed for hin to come fuck her

>>137636125>Idk I always imagined myself as a doujin writerMy bad. I'm not a weeb and I meant hentai instead of anime.Your stuff is hot, maybe team up with an artist?

Im pretty sure the republic ships didnt have private bathrooms. Do you think Ahsoka showered when the clone troopers and Anakin did

>>137639885>implying she showered

>>137639885I'm pretty sure Masters and padawans shared quarters, so I bet Ahsoka has seen Anakin's cock as he came out the shower.A young girl spending time alone with a chad like Anakin, no wonder she wants him to plow her red cheeks.

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Master and padawans fucking is a time honored tradition.

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>>137639911yea, she seems more of a person who takes baths..are there bathtubs on republic ships?

>>137640786Just my tongue, commander.

>>137640312>masters and padawans sharing quartersimagine being Aayla’s padawan, she canonically sleeps naked, and twi’leks have a different temperature tolerance (that’s why she dresses like a slut, if she was rocking the jedi robes she would be sweating all the time) so she more than likely dont use blankets, just lies on the bed naked

>>137623777why was there no beach episode

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>>137640878So being Aayla’s padawan is basically the shota episode of Stand Alone Complex on repeat ?

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>>137640878Do you think she minds the sounds of her padawan beating off to her five feet away?

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>>137641363probably lends a helping hand/mouth when she can’t sleep due to her padawan fapping furiously next to her

>>137627481>that hologram of Sidious with her giant granny titties bulging out of her baggy robelol

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>>137637663>Padme standing in the doorway watching Anakin rail Ahsoka in their marital bed.

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>>137624216Should have happened more, in a pool full of baby oil, while both of them were wearing bikinis.


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>>137633732I loved how everyone on that show made her go pouty-lipped.

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>>137642113Shaak Ti needs more stuffShe's legit ten times hotter than Ahsoka yet barely has half the amount of stuff she does


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>>137642334>>137642372post the one where they run their thumb over her lips


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>>137642339My favorite is OG Clone Wars Shaak ti.

>>137642339Why not both? Togruta sluts are made for cock.

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>>137642676my favorite is The Force Unleashed Shaak Ti

>>137631650>for being the only actual genderbent CloneWe meet her "little" sister at the end of season 2.

>>137632706No show would drop a bombshell like that at the end of the season just to walk it back unless the writers are complete hacks. I see no reason to doubt Emri is a clone.


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>>137645094no, Solid

If she'd been with him Ahsoka would have turned to the darkside to get Anakin's cock.

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>>137623777Cute lips

Who cares about this bitch

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>>137645364Or bitch slapped some sense into him before he became a selfish child killing brat.


>>137645364whats wrong with her arm

>>137645364Sith girls are just different.It was a missed opportunity not to let the player recruit alora as your rule of two waifu after you defeat her during an evil playthrough.

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>>137646529Powerful alien pheromones that can force any man into rut

>>137646914>haha, my eyes are up here, Skyguy >:3

>>137646529I wanna lick the sweat of her red body

>>137647073>redorangeShaak Ti is the red one, sheesh

>>137646529I want to make her cry(with joy)

>>137647307i want to make her addicted to my dick to the point she has a mental meltdown when Im away for more than 2 hours

>>137647467>have to wake up every 2 hours to drop a load in herExhausting

>>137647475you underestimate my power

>>137623777Daily reminder: canonically she has sharp fangs (like all togruta)



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>>137623777I though she was cutting Anakin up and roll up in his guts?

>>137647529that's hot

>>137647554reminds me of the Family Guy gag where Peter is in place of the tauntaun when Han saves Luke>you sure you dont mind it?>nah, that's mostly just fat

>>137647529>playfully threatens to bite your dickUuuuuugggh

>>137647584>take her to a restaurant>she animalistically devours her lamb chops>awkwardly says "s-sorry, hope that wasn't too disgusting, sheesh >.

>>137642339Why is there no shore leave episode with Shaak Ti, Aayla and Luminara?

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>>137647749>Shaak Ti goes topless>Aayla goes full nude>Luminara feeling insecure in her bikinitoo bad I dont know how to code, I would make it as a short freeware game

>>137647778>freeware>in 2023nigga, there are people earning $500k with their barely 1 hour long games they worked on for less than three months, the guy who made A Short Hike and the dude who made The First Tree have a net worth of $1+ million these days

>>137647643Skinny girls that can pack it away are great

>>137628506>>137640968>>137647749why was there no episode where they visit a sea planet with exotic islands and Ahsoka goes full nude with only a towel around her waist

>>137647793the guy who are making 40-50 minutes long boring ""horror"" games with assets in Unreal Engine is probably rich by now, Emika's Games or whatever his solo studio is called

>>137645068his comics never fail to make me tent like a champ

>>137640772have the drawing of shota Anakin and Onee-Wan at the end of TPM?

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>>137647922This one?

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>>137648036How many holes do they have?

>>137648079>Onee-wan grooming goes wrong and turns him into a crazy school shooter obsessed with an older woman>just not her>ends up trying the same with his kid, only to die before getting very farTruly the Jedi are just as evil as the Sith

Thoughts on Luke becoming Ahsoka's padawan boytoy?

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>>137648284>ditch the stalker get with the skywalker

>>137648284Pretty hot. I'd love an au where Anakin doesn't fall and Ahsoka becomes Luke's gentle-dom master.

>>137648284>last line nigga nigga fried chicken ebonicsEvery time


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>>137641363Imagine being the padawan of this sexy twi'lek slut. Think she would let you fuck her big, blue tits?

>>137648036Ahsoka does seem like a girl that would like it in the ass.

>>137645068>>137642113Who's the artist

>>137648947Flick the thief

Was Shaak Ti wearing a bodysuit in Clone Wars 2003 or does she wear nothing bjt a cloak when she's out?

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>>137648180Kek, that’s one way to retell the story

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>>137648079no, the one where she is wearing a cloak, i think it’s supposed to be the scene where Anakin learns he will be the padawan of Obi-Wan, after Qui-Gon’s funeral

>>137648157down there? two, one babymakerhole and one poophole

>>137648461Genderbending is BASED

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>>137647529It's not exactly canon if every single visual depiction decides they don't existAnd this is from someone who desperately wishes they did have them on display

>>137649557How about racebending?

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>>137649551They don't have pissholes?

>>137649699you mean speciesbending?

>>137649737it’s a small part of the babymakinghole, like with hoomans

>>137623777I want to keep her warm


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>>137647778>Luminara is jealous that her new padawan keeps staring at Shaak ti and Aayla.>Eventually she sheds her bikini too and goes nude. Shota padawan goes steel rod hard seeing his master naked for the first time.> That night the two are so horned up they fuck loudly in the beachhouse.

>>137650452what’s with the Takakazu Abe face?

>>137650871>Aayla and Shaak Ti get turned on by the sound of them fucking, so they end up scissoring

>>137647778Feel like Shaak would be the one to go full nude, just gives me that sort of vibe more than Aayla, who I'd feel would rock a bikini, while Luminara probably wears a one-piece that's accidentally a bit too form fitting

>>137649369See the Togruta village she came from is naturally a nudist one (unlike Ahsoka's). She wears the cloak entirely for ceremonial and traditional reasons, and is naked beneath

If Palpatine looked like this how much faster would Anakin fall to the darkside?

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>>137651460>the scene in RotS where Palpatine talks about Darth Plageuis is in a porn cinema instead of a theater, and she is sucking a popsicle while babbling about the power of the dark side

>>137651368Ahsoka’s seems pretty exhibitionist too considering she dressed like a slut when she was 14 and like a porn actress when she was 16

>>137651604True but that's just Ahsoka being slutty, while Shaak is just a nudist

>>137645068This makes me think of an all female Jedi council having a meeting, each with an eager young padawan between their legs.>W-What about the... aahhh.. Droid attack on the wookiees?

>BUT WHAT IF THEY WERE RIDICULOUS SLUTSIt just makes my brain automatically tune out

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>>137652038ok, what if they were repressed sluts?

>discussion about hot jedi women>Bultar Swan never gets mentionedwhy

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>>137623777>>137628506>>137629273>>137635178>>137640968>>137647749>>137647810Why was there no episode where Anakin and Ahsoka have to escort a senator back to their home planet as bodyguards, and while staying there Anakin sees Ahsoka topless on her room's balcony, and when she notices him she starts smiling seductively instead of covering herself

>>137638000>>137638379>>137638633There's some of this aroundtulip.paheal.net/_images/afb7c26ab105653a60893a663f4ab7d5/5062652 - Ahsoka_Tano Anakin_Skywalker Clone_Wars Natalie_Portman Padme_Amidala Star_Wars porcupine togruta.pnghttps://tulip.paheal.net/_images/12dd844d253da58daeaa392856692702/2135844 - Ahsoka_Tano Anakin_Skywalker Clone_Wars Liquidmark Padme_Amidala Star_Wars edit togruta.png

>>137627481I want to lead this Delta squad.

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>>137652361>It's Padme their escorting and Anakin see Ahsoka from his and Padme's balcony.>She caresses her breasts right in plain view and then heads inside her room.>Padme comes up behind Anakin having watched and tells him to get over there and teach her a lesson.>He doesn't come back til morning.

>>137652038Agreed.If one jedi has to be overly slutty, it should just be Ahsoka, give the other jedi women other fetishy aspects for the varietyShaak Ti is a nudistAayala is a tease without being a full slutAnd Luminara is the shy awkward virgin that's a total bombshell under her robes


>>137653417>And Luminara is the shy awkward virginIdk I always imagined her being the one who beds padawans when they have a crisis of never been with a girl before knighthood, mostly because she comes off as a plain jane in her robes but actually experienced with meat sabers

>>137653309>You go over there right now and fuck that little minx, and dont dare to pull out!what is wrong with Padmé?

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>>137653954>And don't even think of using the Force!

>>137653890difference of opinion and I can see both waysGlad we agree she's a total bombshell under her robes, in fact Aayla and Shaak Ti both have rocking bodies as well

>>137630364>a quirk in their programming led to breed the Jedi out

>>137651460>>137651510Fall at my feet Anakin! And know your one true mistress!

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>>137652927>they trash talk the nonclones replacements>"New girls can barely handle eight inches, Pathetic what counts as training these days."

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>>137645068>>137642113hell yeah

>>137654686>it was like those porn movies where the girls haze the fresh meat in the prison shower, Luke

>>137654298>Shaak Ti in The Force Unleashedgame went quickly from a god of war clone to lust provoking entertainment media

>>137653954>Padme furiously playing with her pussy while begging Anakin to knock Ahsoka up with twins>Watching through their communicator and coaching Ahsoka how to suck his cock properly>Ashoka alternating kisses on both sides of his cock>"This one's from me - and this one's from Padme - and this one's from me -"

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>>137652323The hottest jedi girls are always ignored in favor of the same 5 or 6.

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Luke, did I ever tell you about Ahsoka Tano? She was your father’s exotic teenage alien apprentice, a fine piece of jailbait from a more civilized age. She had the tightest body and the perkiest little breasts in the galaxy; barely legal in most systems.Anakin and I used to doubleteam her at the end of every successful campaign during the Clone Wars, and once in a while we’d even have the entire 501st run a train over her, part of official Jedi “training” of course. In time, she learned how to handle a meatsaber better than anyone in the Jedi Temple. She wore a miniskirt every day so we told her there were no panties in space, and since she was constantly doing acrobatics you’d get a glimpse of her orange pussy mid fight as she’d do a flip while slicing a B2 Super Battledroid in half. It was surreal.We taught her to grip her weapon backwards like a dildo and she constantly got captured by pirates and slavers almost every other day. It was ridiculous, like a constant porno Luke, you have no idea. And she was a good friend.

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>>137656233Post the audio


>did you suck my ex-boyfriend's dick, you fucking slut REEEE?!what did she mean by this

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>>137650099>In this version of the star wars universe there are millions or tend of millions of brown tomboys running aroundBy God

>>137657011>no option to give this hag correctionNice “roleplaying” game obsidian

>>137657375>hagshe was like 40 actually

>>137657030>they are genetically modified to have a dead libidoNOOOOOOO

>>137657011Means she wasn’t good at giving head

>>137657011*hissing of sith holocrons*

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>>137657030>sheev executes order 66>across the galaxy jedi are suddenly dogpiled by hordes of horny brown tomboys in heat>jedi give into their lust for tomboys, thus giving in to passion and becoming sith>thus ends the jedi order

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season 7 should've started with Ahsoka narrating how her final day in jedi temple went at the end of season 6>I was only 17 years old. I loved Skyguy so much, I had so many memories and adventures with him. I'd pray to Skyguy every night before I go to bed, thanking for the life I've been given. "Skyguy is love", I would say, "Skyguy is life". Master Unduli hears me and calls me a slut. I knew she was just jealous for my devotion of Skyguy. I called her a salty cunt. She Force slaps me and sends me to go to sleep. I'm really pissed, also kinda horny now. I lay in bed and it's really cold. A warmth is moving towards me. I feel something touch me. It's Skyguy. I'm so happy. He whispers in my ear, "this is where the fun begins". He grabs me with his average human hands, and puts me on my hands and knees. I spread my ass-cheeks for Skyguy. He penetrates my butthole. It feels kinda weird, but I do it for Skyguy. I can feel my pussy getting wet as I bite the pillow. I push against his force. I want to please Skyguy. He roars a mighty roar, as he fills my butt with his love. Master Unduli walks in. Skyguy looks her straight in the eye, and says, "I hate sand". Skyguy leaves through my window. Skyguy is love. Skyguy is life.

>>137657605Does this mean during the height of the battle of Ringo Vinda a clone turned on their Jedi commander and… raped them?

>>137623777Because Clone Wars isn't there to cater to your weirdly specific fetishes. It's there to cater to Dave's weirdly specific fetishes.

>>137657385That’s the best part

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>>137659507>Togrutas having noticeable fangs is canon.>Never portrayed that way?Why include something just to ignore it?

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>>137657605>Your a young padawan asleep in your quarters on a Venator, when suddenly a dozen clone troopers you've known all war burst into the room.>They strip out of their armor and pounce on you. Everywhere you touch you grope one, your cock is buried somewhere hot and wet, you don't even know who it is your fucking.

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>>137623777>Anakin warming Ahsoka>Not Barris.

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>>137625726>Sending a teeny-bopper female in nothing but a tube top and mini-skirt to a bunch of weary men that are stressed out of their minds because they face life-or-death situations in a daily basis.Who was the genius at the Jedi temple who decided that was an acceptable course of action?

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>>137650452Loli-soka is best Ahsoka.

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>>137657030It's weird to remember the clones are all in their early twenties in the clone wars. Sometimes they read as much older.

>>137638000Did they fug?

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>>137653417>Aayala is a tease without being a full slutBut, user, all female Twi'leks are spoiled sluts. That's their nature.

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>>137649369Gendi's Shaak-Ti was the best design.

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>>137661619True, but that's kinda boring, and the full slut quota has been filled by Ahsoka so Aayla needs something to spice her up and not just be the same as the rest of her species

>>137653417I would love to see young Shaak Ti and Luminara as padawans on a mission that requires them to go undercover as slave girls. Shaak Ti has no problem with it, since she likes men seeing her naked and dancing for them. But Luminara is really embarrassed wearing the slutty shear lingerie while being gawked at.

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>>137662735I'd go for just a situation where they'd have to take a shower together (stationed somewhere with a communal showering area), with Shaak completely uncaring about her own nudity while Luminara is incredibly embarrassed and slightly jealous of her (despite having roughly similar tit and ass sizes)

>>137652038These threads are so horny its boring

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