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>>137621141I like his design but a lot characters had too much forehead energy.

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>>137621141Nut on 5head.

It's a pretty good action show with a flavoring of mild character drama. Entertaining.

>>137621141Watched like 16 EPs of season 1, only thing I liked was xana and the pink haired girl, she was honestly likable with how level headed she was and xana being completely fucking unhingedLiterally every plot is either>Speedrunning a way to kill a shit ton of people as fast as possible>Fucking murder these 5 kids in the most brutal way imaginableWith no voice or like character so far with how brutal this mf gets at times I just can't help but project such intense hatred for these literal middle schoolers coming from it and it's too funny

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I don't know why they were friends since they were such cunts to each other.

>>137621141i fucking love the monster designs in this show so much. the episode where the monsters materialize in the real world is probably one of the best moments in the series.

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This show still lives rent free in my head.I dont why its so memorable to me.

>>137621141I need to rewatch this show. Will it be unbearable on revisit or will it still hold up?

>>137621630Look up a guide online, do what it says and watch the backstory two parter in like season 3 orwhereever the fuck they put it and then just skip all the filler EPs you feel like in season 1 then watch the rest

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>>137621606I agree but the first weak enemies, the ball tanks and these crabs are the GOAT ones that I remember.

>>137621141i hated this show as a kid simply because of the big foreheads

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Did Code Lyoko ever get a decent 3rd person action game?

>>137621141Always lol at the fact that it was the English Code Lyoko cast behind the Big Green dubs of DBZ for the

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>>1376211410/10 It’s not ReBoot.

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>>137622419Lmao no.

>>137622552What in God's name is this

>>137622756That's a actual travisty. Like Code Lyoko was basically made to be a action game.

>>137622717at least this one had an ending


>>137621141one of me and my sister's favorite shows growing up and I still really like it todayending's kinda weak though

>>137622419>>137622912there's fangame

>>137623520That's pretty neat

They're so cute together. This should have been canon

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>That time XANA turned off gravity

>>137621141war Planets / Shadow Raiders was better


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>>137622345Why did this happened?


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>>137621171French people have 5 heads

>>137621141Kino and cozy early 2000s entertainment, wiling to explore more mature topics

>>137622980Dis mothafucka…

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>>137621141It's a masterpiece if you watch it on its own terms.

Loved it as a kid, but I haven’t checked to see if it holds up

>>137623520That's not a third person action game. It's also pretty hard to wrap your head around.

I really, really love this show. It didn't click with me as a kid but as an adult somehow I really get it.>>137622419I hear Quest for Infinity is alright, but I haven't played it myself so who knows.>>137623616No they're a terrible match.>>137621360>With no voice or like character so far with how brutal this mf gets at times I just can't help but project such intense hatred for these literal middle schoolers coming from it and it's too funnyXANA never has any voice or physical form, and that's part of what makes it work so well as a villain and a unique one at that.>>137621630It's all on the official YouTube channel for free. Watch XANA Awakens first, then the rest in order.

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>>137625222>No they're a terrible match.Factually incorrect

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>>137621141Love Xana and its hatred of those kids.

>>137621141I liked the progression in Xana's plans. It seemed like it was steadily getting smarter, which was cool.First it mostly just breaks shit without any real reason, attracting too much attention. So it adapts and tries more targeted attacks. Then it actually picks off the warriors and singles out one of them to claim as his own fighter. Kino. Then it stops attacking altogether and tries to work in the background, starting its own weapons factories without drawing any attention to itself. It's smart. It learns. You can tell it's logical without a single word of dialogue from it.Best plans were when it exploits the 'return to the past makes XANA more powerful' element and just keeps looping the day a la Groundhog Day and when it created a fake copy of Franz Hopper to try to get Jeremy away from the group so he could kill them, only getting discovered by a complete accident on Jeremy's part set up several episodes beforehand. Back then kids shows weren't really doing this shit.Theme song and final ending theme were bangers too.>>137622980...About that...

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>>137626493More to this, the episode where Xana pons to murder them all by having them laugh to death blew my mind as a kid.Really a lot of it did. The stakes were always very real and nearly every episode had characters about to die when every other show wouldn’t come close to that in the age range. It was the crown jewel of Miguzi for sure. Well, apart from cumming to Erin

>>137626493>completely sinks your franchise/studio by injecting 3DPDIf that doesnt make it non-canon I dont know what does

>>137621141I had a stupid idea to create a genetically engineered human with pink hair by crossing flamingo and human DNA.

>>137621141I rewatched this last year and it shattered my rose-tinted glasses. It's WAY worse than I remembered it as a kid.The animation is horrendously bad in the first season and it only gets slightly better Season 2 onwards. And the dub voices are like nails against a chalk board.And I DESPISED nearly everyone in the main cast.>JeremyA selfish, inconsiderate, narcissistic piece of shit who repeatedly ignores the wishes and feelings of his friends (especially Aleita) and never learns his lesson. He goes through all the trouble of rematerializing Aleita just to treat her like his property by constantly dismissing her wants and interests unless they line up with his.>Odd The obnoxious """comic relief""" who's never actually funny and is also straight up bully to Sissi who rarely if ever says anything to him unless he starts harassing her unprovoked.>Yumi Straight up strings Ulrich along for two whole years continuously flirting with him then rejecting him whenever he makes a move yet still gets mad when he's seen with other girls creating a continuous air of toxicity in the friend group as a result>Ulrich Not only lets himself get strung along by Yumi, following her around like a lost puppy not realizing how toxic their relationship is. But he also brutally rejects Sissi despite her being better to him than Yumi ever was. Sissi actively tries to share Ulrich's interests, buys him gifts and constantly does favors for him and in return he insults and humiliates her. I get that they're trying to say love can't be bought you don't have to be so cruel to the person for trying.>Aleita Literally the only decent person among them.And if haven't picked up on it yet, I think the stock popular bitch character Sissi gets some seriously disproportionate retribution for anything wrong she does. It's like how they started treating Squidward after season 3 of Spongebob where they just get tormented for simply minding their own business most of the time.

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>>1376211412000s midriff kino

>>137626987>the stock popular bitch characterI don't think she's supposed to be that. The only people who like her are two ugly idiots.

Blu-ray with 5-8 language tracks when

>>137627055I think it was a telling without showing situation. It was implied in the earlier episodes that she was popular but they never actually showed her being around anyone other than her two simps.

>>137626987>A selfish, inconsiderate, narcissistic piece of shit who repeatedly ignores the wishes and feelings of his friends (especially Aleita) and never learns his lessonStopped reading right here.

>>137627096In one episode she asks a question in class everyone else apparently considered to be stupid becasue the entire class bursts into laughter.

>>137621141pretty great kids show, the stakes often felt really high in the action and the characters are likable and interesting. Everyone dogs on the foreheads but it's an appealing artstyle imo. The designs also really shine on the 3D segments in Lyoko.sadly it did feel like they were a little rushed/out of budget sometimes though. overarching stories like the stuff with Franz Hopper end with a whimper, not much resolution.

>>137626987So you only don’t like the show because your waifu gets bullied?

>>137627133>the stakes often felt really high in the actionThat the characters could "die" in the 3D segments was a brilliant idea that let the action scenes have this tension. They could and did fail and lose fights. At least once all of the kids were "killed" and they only won because they had bought Aelita enough time to get to the tower and deactiviate XANA's latest attack program.

>>137624235God's light has left us.

>>137626987It's weird how humanized Sissi becomes for what appears to be a simple stock type for the heroes to mock, but it doesn't really go anywhere except a literally last-minute thing where Ulrich lightens up on her.

>>137627096She wasn’t shown as popular, she’s just the Dean’s daughter and felt she had status as a result. But even then she was never allowed to bend rules. She was definitely best girl and child me got hard for her many times(I have always liked bitchy, bratty girls even to this day), but she wasn’t popular in the school

>>137627119I mean, he was though.>>137627124>>137627187I could be misremembering it. I should've said "bitch" without any adjectives because that wasn't the point.>>137627142No I didn't like it because the 2D animation was choppy and kept recycling the same shots and the main cast completely failed to endear themselves to me.

>>137627187>felt she had status as a resultShe did get a room to herself.I think she's supposed to be a childish girl who acts like being the Dean's daughter is a great thing but no one buys it and thinks she's annoying.

>>137627190It’s an important distinction though. A bitch is just mean, possibly for family reasons, being unhappy, or being lonely.A popular bitch has a superiority complex because of their status and uses that status to manipulate the situation. There’s a pettiness to a popular bitch that Sissi never had, and multiple times she showed herself as being innocent and just incapable of expressing her intent without showing vulnerability.

All this sissi talk makes me want to have a drawfag lewd her.Anyone here willing to do it?

>>137627213I think it was telling that she never even got lenience. The same rules applies to her, and she was even willing to organize a school wide protest to get everyone’s phones back.

>>137627241>>137626987It’s ok show and it might be the same if made now except few tech advancements. Also suprised this or anything about sissi hasn’t been mentioned in a while

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>>137627190>I mean, he was though.You know why the Franz Hopper impersonation episode worked so well? Because it calls your bullshit here by having the villain completely shatter Jeremy's self-worth to the point where he voluntarily walks away, believing it for the benefit of the team to have someone else in the chair. Sure, it vindicates him, but that's a result of him realizing the ploy without any outside help; we're given an example of why he should act the way he does instead of the writers using some contrivance to maintain status quo.You seem to think that a smartass character is a problem just for being a smartass. It's fine if that isn't your taste, but taking this to criticize a character's personality should come from whether or not the boasting is earned and how well the series calls them out on it.Jeremy boasts and acts like a dweeb gamer kid when the moment calls for it because he's earned it. The kid's playing several long-term chess games against an AI with borderline magical powers and keeps beating it, all while learning and using tech that could send physical human beings through email. Even then the show doesn't hide away from when he does fuck up (a la the episode where Odd gets cloned) and when he does he usually doesn't act like an "inconsiderate narcissist" about it.And I just flat-out don't understand the 'selfish' bit either.

>>137627343I get that the world was at stake and everything, but there was still a level of 'ick' to Ulrich playing with Sissi's feelings like that. Again, it makes sense in context but it also makes me feel bad for the poor girl.

>>137627325Girl went through three different emotions in half a second.

>>137626987There were also a bunch of episodes with the main cast resolving to be a nicer to Sissi at the end of the episode, just for them to go straight back to bullying her. It would've cool if they were building her up to be the fifth Lyoko Warrior instead of the literally who over here >>137621171

>>137627290Not even the only time we saw her panties

>>137621141Great show. People who whine about the foreheads got filtered.

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>>137621141Eh. On rewatch it doesn’t feel that special now that there are enough cartoons with “mature themes”. Also the animation was pretty mediocre.

>>137621141why do they look like hisoka's offspring if he has retarded children

>>137627811>>137627290Definitely the most popular and showing. Saw comments about her crack but didn’t see that much and something about a cheer outfit. Yumi a few times too but no aelita which fans wanted

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>>137626677The kids choking as they struggle to laugh made an impression


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>>137621141It is a solid watch, I own it all on DVD. I did a complete review of the series episode by episode in like 2016.


>>137622345I had no idea Code Lyoko had a crossover with Scooby-Doo

>>137629414She is too damn hot. Why would he ever pick Yumi over her?


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>>137621141I love this series, I would often play the episode on the anniversary of the day it was aired.Jim should've been a Lyoko warrior though


>>137631458It still looks good for then

>>137621141I’ve been rewatching it recently.I don’t remember Yumi being such a massive jobber holy shit.There’s one episode where she dies literally 15 seconds after being virtualized.There’s another where she gets killed by William because she managed to slice her own hand with one of her fans instead of catching it.I’m pretty sure she has the lowest monster kill count out of the whole crew INCLUDING AELITA.

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>>137625552Never forget when Xana tried weaponized cucking to defeat the kids.

>>137631711One thing I kind of want if they ever remake this, they should add a PTSD/Trauma element to it, Especially Since Yumi and the rest of the crew have died numerous times. Especially with William since Xana possessed him for half a year

>>137626987You're absoluetely right, user. I think the show was ruined by them doing the "origins" episode, the show was way better when the kids were just heroes doing their thing, then it turns out that the entire reason they're in Lyoko is because Jeremy simps for Aelita after talking to her for 5 minutes and throws the lives of his classmates and people he doesn't even know, like Yumi, in danger.Sissi, Aleita and Jim are the best characters in the show, Sissi especially got way more shit than she actually deserved since at worst she's mildly annoying and would instantly mellow out the split second the gang stopped bullying her, half of her schemes are literally just to get attention.This is my personal autism but I wish Aleita was the force that got the group to be nice to Sissi, since she doesn't have their biases and would see Sissi for what she actually was. The two would work well together, imo.

>>137629736>crossover with Scooby-DooFuck you I actually want this nowIt could be like the cooler Cyberchase

>>137621141I wanted Odd to fuck me when I saw this throughout my teenage years. I was so obsessed

>>137632117Hell the real world shit would be just a traumatizing.Remember when Xana used tech magic to invert Gravity and Ulritch watched as his parents floated off to their impending death right before the return to the past kicked in?I sure as fuck remember.

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>>137621577>t. Has never had real friends

>>137621141Loved it as a kid but i think i never watched the finale. What happens in the end

>>137621577>>137632415Having recently rewatched it, it was literally JUST Ulritch who was constantly being a moody cunt for no reason.Everyone else was relatively chill comparatively.

>>137632416Don’t let your dreams be dreams.Here’s the whole series on

>>137629645Share the reviews?

>>137632416It kinda sucks.They write/get code (can't remember which) to delete XANA, but it's already spread across the internet, so Franz's digitized conscious pulls a Hexadecimal and dies by scattering so he can go around and delete him. With XANA seemjngly destroyed and Aelita and William in the real world, and XANA's weapon factories offline, the gang reminisce about their adventures and Jeremy shuts down the supercomputer.

>>137621141I will continue saying this in each thread, what happened to William was fucked up.

>>137631711Here’s the and my friend were laughing like hyenas when this shit happened.

>>137632535Did the two couples officially hook up in the end at least?


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>>137632560Holy hell what a jobber.

>>137632560Holy shitVery funny

>Outside of Jeremie and Aelita the main characters are German, Italian and JapaneseWhat did they mean by this?


How many times did Ulrich job to William?

>>137632868Weirdly enough I’m pretty sure Yumi fought William more times than Ulritch.

I was once cycling in the english countryside by the coast and the Code Lyoko theme song started majestically playing. My phone pocket dialled it.

>>137622419>>137623520There was also meant to be an official MMO, but that shit fell through the cracks hard.

>>137621141Eternal reminder that Odd is the one true


>>137632791>Japanesemuh waifu>GermanAlsace>Italianmany French people have Italian surnames because of the massive Italian emigration of the 19th and 20th century. they did not all went to the USand Argentina.

>>137633182>The least-powercrept is also the best player

>>137627997>>137631458Looks like a remux from a DVD rip:>Code.Lyoko.S01E01.DVD.Remux.Multi-Odd_HD.mkvbase64 link: : MatroskaFormat version : Version 4File size : 1.20 GiBDuration : 23 min 11 sOverall bit rate mode : VariableOverall bit rate : 7 436 kb/sFrame rate : 25.000 FPSEncoded date : 2016-01-14 12:50:46 UTCWriting application : mkvmerge v8.6.1 ('Flying') 32bitWriting library : libebml v1.3.3 + libmatroska v1.4.4VideoID : 1Format : MPEG VideoFormat version : Version 2Format profile : Main@MainFormat settings : CustomMatrix / BVOPFormat settings, BVOP : YesFormat settings, Matrix : CustomFormat settings, GOP : M=3, N=12Format settings, picture st : FrameCodec ID : V_MPEG2Codec ID/Info : MPEG 1 or 2 VideoDuration : 23 min 11 sBit rate mode : VariableBit rate : 7 113 kb/sMaximum bit rate : 9 000 kb/sWidth : 720 pixelsHeight : 576 pixelsDisplay aspect ratio : 4:3Frame rate mode : ConstantFrame rate : 25.000 FPSStandard : PALColor space : YUVChroma subsampling : 4:2:0Bit depth : 8 bitsScan type : InterlacedScan order : Top Field FirstCompression mode : LossyBits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.686Time code of first frame : 09:59:59:20Time code source : Group of pictures headerGOP, Open/Closed : OpenStream size : 1.15 GiB (96%)Default : YesForced : No

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>>137634465the origins double-episode has a mix of animation frames: mostly on 2s, some 1s and some 3s depending on speed of action.

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>>137621141Yeah... Yumi and Sissi need more r34 of them

>>137632975And how many times did she job to william

>>137621141too long for what was worth

>>137635979According to the autism stats user posted here >>137633182 Yumi beat William 3 times and William beat her 7 times.

>>137627824I like the show but the foreheads are kinda ugly.

The English dub was kinda shit. It somehow didn't even realize "supercalculateur" should be "supercomputer" and not "supercalculator", at least for a while.

>>137624235stage shows are huge in europe. everything remotely popular there gets one at some point or another. ben 10, spiderman, yugioh, etc have all had some.


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>>137636284Don’t be silly user. Whatever gave you that impression?The fact that in season 1 there’s a scene where they fucked up and accidentally had Yumi’s VA read one of Ulritch’s lines and went “Fuck it” and just put it in the episode anyway?Was it the fact that Yumi’s VA voices almost every other Female character who’s not Aelita?I love this show but the show and dub are hilarious hot messes.

>>137633182Now THIS is the kind of autism I love to see.

>>137634465>>137629645About the dvd any special features? Any behind the scenes stuff or anything mentioning the unclothed scenes? The sissi cheerleader outfit shot seemed more obvious intentional to show it and undressed kind of just seemed natural

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>>137637739Liar, this is not me! You sir are not allowed in this game and you will be excacuted for your crime!>>137636371He had a good idea though. I win sucka!

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>>137633182holy fucking mogged

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>>137635717All the girls need more art, why can’t this thread make art?

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The show was kind of underrated but damn, their fucking foreheads were huuuuge!

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>>137632648Not hard confirmed, but I always got the vibe that Jeremy and Alita were a couple but simply didn't have a grandiose were a item moments. Yumi and Ulrich will forever be a will/won't they dynamic

>>137633182When I rewatched it a while back I was kind of shocked by how much odd would carry the team

>>137638184How is "best Lyoko warrior" determined?And Aelita spent the entire first season just running away from threats, didn't she? She didn't really have the chance to be "the best"

>>137638641Guy sat at his computer every spare moment to make his waifu real and actually did it, the mad lad

How much did Aelita end up remembering from before she was stuck in the computer for so long? She must actually have been born in the early '80s


>>137638700I do t remember anything last the few episode after Alita was mad real. Did she ever actually fight and kill monsters? If so how?

Remember when Odd could see in to the future?Why did they get rid off it? Balancing issues?

>>137638762In an episode they said Jeremy didn't bother carrying it over in an update because it was "useless".As for the writing reason they probably couldn't think of anything to do with it other than him foreseeing danger which would get old pretty fast, even if they did both endings of him sucessfully avoiding it and failing to do so.

>>137638720Truly living the dream

>>137638720>>137638861And all it cost was years of trauma and near death encounters, 6 months of William’s life, and maybe 1 or 2 unnamed civilians who died offscreen.

>>137637034Haven’t seen any storyboards about it but this is the ,ot Suggs I’ve scens calling herself a diva

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>>137632377Or when Yumi got stuck under a tree and Ulrich stayed with her until both of them froze to death.I fully respect them for going through all of that

>>137632548AbsolutelyEspecially in the final episodesI'm glad they right this wrong in Evolution

>>137632648Jeremie and Aelita never got together, the same goes Yumi and Ulrich.

>>137635717Absolutely we need more.

>>137641474What the fuck are you talking about? Jeremie and Aelita were in a relationship for like most of the entire series.

>>137642217I never saw either of them going on a date but then again it's been a while since I've seen the series

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For me it's Odd x Sissi

>>137627077The 20th anniversary is this September 3rd, so hope for news around that time.

>>137621171>>137638395Man, William sure had a crazy life after the events of code lyoko.

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>>137642829Cool, any Home Media release?

>>137632560>Sees powerhouse monster aiming directly at you>Yumi: "I'm sure nothing will happen if I keep running straight at it"Or you could just told them you were not in the mood to fight that day, you know?

>>137621141I liked it a lot as a kid and ignoring S1, it holds up. It really captures teenage life well, so many episode conflicts are the most inane shit, which is exactly how teenagers act

>>137621729Enemy danger scaling was all over the place. The ball tanks were nerfed in every single episode because their initial iteration was just a one hit kill machine which made them hard to write around. By the end of the series they are treated like more of a joke

>>137625222>XANA never has any voice or physical form, and that's part of what makes it work so well as a villain and a unique one at that.Even with no voice or form, they still give him some character development like when he graciously bows out after helping them kill that virus Jeramie made. Or in the later seasons when he could create people and one of his clones was beating up Odd and he told him he wished he would turn into a wimp so he turned into Odd. For being a seemingly emotionless killing machine, Xana had bantz sometimes

>>137621141Just here to remind everyone that the Japanese dub is bad only seasons 1, 2 and the two-part prequel seems to be dubbed.

>>137642829If their isn't a thread it's our duty to make one,Let's hope for a Kickstarter

>>137643385I want to thank the person who uploaded those. Respect

>>137626987>Literally the only decent person among them.As time went on Aeilita started to become a bitch too. But guess what? That’s how teenagers act. It was refreshing to see a show that didn’t put a idealistic tint over teenage interactions. They are selfish and cunty to each other, and it’s not till late high school at the earliest that they start growing out of this

>>137643380>Even with no voice or formThe time we came closest to a physical manifestation of XANA was in "Ghost Channel", because, for some reason, it decided to personally pose as Jeremie in the fake when it was cornered and revealed its true colors, man, the single line in "real" XANA voice was glorius.>"You are going to die!"

Attached: XANA.png (853x480, 542.39K)

>>137643449I fully agree they are fucking teenagers none of them have their shit together.

>>137643403It seems to be a Japanese guy who honestly loves Lyoko. His goal seems to be trying to both make it more widespread in Japan and allow the world to know the dub exist.He had the episodes uploaded in a secondary account (his personal, I think), but I can't seem to find it.

>>137627500It doesn’t help that a lot of episodes are stand alone, even in the later seasons. They say they are gonna be nicer but the other episodes just aren’t written that way because they need Sissi as a minor antagonist >>137627439They waved off a lot of morally questionable things by assuming they could just delete it by going back in time. Who cares if you hurt feelings if they won’t remember it?

>>137643478I really wish the fake Franz Hopper in "Distant Memory" would have been another "physical" appearance by XANA.

>>137632239If you are going to samefag, don’t make the exact same spelling mistake for a character name

>>137627213>She did get a room to herself.So did Jeremy and Aelita. Not exactly conclusive.

>>137643307Could you at least say they learned how to deal with them?The way William would wreck them easily in the beginning and they slowly get better at fighting him until they're consistently beating him was pretty cool.

>>137638751Aelita ended up being the most OP Lyoko warrior >could create balls of energy that 1 shotted almost anything and didn't have to reload unlike odd>because of that, aelita ends up taking the least amount of effort compared to the other in 3 in killing XANA-William >could fly>could create cover or just delete the ground that the monsters were standing onthe writers had to make her go full retard in fights so the others wouldn't be completely sidelined

This three part interview with the showrunner and director is really insightful. Unfortunately for most of you, it's all in French with no

>>137636387>>137636284The French team insisted that they do the English dub. They said they could handle it. Once they got in the swing of it, it was a lot better, but the first 15 episodes or so have random VAs doing the main characters one time, all kinds of errors and obviously they lacked a native English speaker on the team which is why some translations were sloppy. The one issue that never really went away was VA recycling. It’s much more obvious on a rewatch how many background characters are voiced by one of the side characters. The tradeoff though was the French team had FULL control of how it’s aired on CN. They knew the US will censor the shit out of it and stopped that from happening

>>137631711>I don’t remember Yumi being such a massive jobber holy shit.I hear people talk about it and the consensus seems to be that XANA goes for her first because her powers are actually the most dangerous. I'm not sure I buy that.

>>137643682>Unfortunately for most of youI suppose that implies you are French, or are least know the language.Any particular insight from the videos you think are important or cool to share with us?

>>137621141My love for CL is largely nostalgia fueled, I'm aware of this, but I do think the main 4 have amazing chemistry for being so different. Most of the time when I see breakfast club-type groups of friends I end up not really buying that they're really good friends but CL nailed the feel.

>>137638695>>137638184>only guy on the team with a projectile weapon is the most efficientWow color me shocked

>>137632868Ulrich is 2-7 to William (everyone else has 3 kills against him)

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>>137643687They stopped showing girls in their underwear after season 1, though.

>>137643692>I'm not sure I buy thatIf we take it from a weapons standpoint, I can see it.The fans can be use both as a melee and range weapons, and while weaker in direct combat to Ulrich's sword, they were stronger, although slower (and more limited) than Odd's arrows.

>>137638733They really never even address this issue. Aelita just melds right into normal society without any hiccups. I assume since season 1 was written independently from what came after, they just didn’t plan on this and hoped the audience wouldn’t notice

>>137643770The fiends!

>>137643530I am subscribed to the Japanese dub channel, i could be wrong but he started adding jp subtitles to the season 3 episodes although he is using the English dub episodes.

>>137643682There was an unofficial documentary of Code Lyoko they even had the opportunity to have one or two actors in it from the series

>>137643639No, because we see their actual abilities change. The first time we see them, their laser wall has a limitless, unblockable reach. Attempted to block it break weapons. Later, the walls reach decreases to a very short amount and not only can the laser be blocked, but can be shattered like glass. You could argue, the kids got stronger, but a big plot point was Xana constantly had growing power so he should have been keeping up. The only actual improvement we ever saw to them was they were able to fire while in motion, in their first appearance they had to come to a full stop to fire

>>137643788>I assume since season 1 was written independently from what came afterI mean, as far as I understand, Aelita was indeed just another AI in the first season (which I personally prefer, even if I do love her personal story afterwards), and it was during the development of season 2 that they decided to make her "always been a human".Technically, some time passes between the end of season 1 and the beginning of season 2, and it was implied Aelita got out of Lyoko to hang out with the gang for a few hours each day. Maybe they taught her things so she wouldn't look like a cloudcuckoolander after she finally gets out. Given how intelligent Aelita is, she probably picked up very fast.

>>137643385>Disney XDDo japs have Disney XD on their cable?

>>137621141Hippity hoppity Aelita is Jeremy's property

How do we feel about William?

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>>137642763The did get along when they were pen pals

>>137643914I don't. He was just kind of there before, and then Xana crawled up his asshole. He dodged a bullet really, Xana is preferable to Yumi

>>137632239>it turns out that the entire reason they're in Lyoko is because Jeremy simps for AelitaThat was pretty well established in S1.

>>137643478>Jeremy would never set foot in the scannerDidnt one of the earliest episodes have him go in and everyone ragged on him for having a gay avatar?

>>137632239>This is my personal autism but I wish Aleita was the force that got the group to be nice to Sissi, since she doesn't have their biases and would see Sissi for what she actually was. The two would work well together, imo.Literally right after Aelita arrives at Kadic, Sissi immediately tricks her into going to the boys' showers. She absolutely did antagonize her.

>>137643478It’s cute how well Xana has to personally know the kids as well as their associates. So many of his plots involve fucking with them on a very personal level. It’s like he is one of the gang

>>137643944It was the two-episode prequel; he need to be loaded into Lyoko at least once to gain immunity to the time reversal and it just shows him leaving the pod and the other laughing at how stupid he looked when he was there; is a quick-and-dirty reason he never went back.

>>137643914I would have liked that, during season 4, Evil William would have been going to school with the gang, to both foil them and just straight up bully them regarding their attempts to stop his master. I could even see him being able to be in his Lyoko form (like in Cold Sweat). These were all ideas I got the time the Season 4 previews and concept art were released.As to how he could have been going in and out of Lyoko without the factory.>Option A: He uses smoke magic to get back in the system through any computer>Option B: XANA has a particular Replika somewhere in the city that is not only William's base of operations, but also his point of access to Lyoko.

>>137643989>Option B: XANA has a particular Replika somewhere in the city that is not only William's base of operations, but also his point of access to Lyoko.Would lead to a cool episode where the heroes locate and fight to destroy it.

>>137632648Jeremy and Aelita are implied to be a couple...basically from day one. It's pretty clear love is what drives Jeremy to materialize Aelita, and when he does, they immediately spend a night out together and got to a photo booth and everything. And in S2 they actually kiss once, so I think it's pretty fucking clear at this point they're an actual couple.No, Ulrich and Yumi never properly get together, but they don't exactly swear off the idea either.

>>137643914He exists.

>>137643478>>137643972It’s also weird because didn’t that episode establish that most if not all of Xana is just theoretical? Like the crazy bastard basically just guessed half the shit he knows about the gang and rolls his weekly murder plot based on half guesses

>>137644022Xana knowledge of the real world is theoretical

>>137643875I think the first season left it ambiguous. We didn’t really understand how Lyoko worked or why it was made. The best explanation probably is they just off screened it all. And honestly, even if the computer was built in the 90s, it’s tech level was well beyond any of the mid 00s shit they had when she got out, so the time skip shock probably wasn’t that significant. I’d assume even for the French they don’t want to deal with the implications of a 30 something hanging out with middle schoolers, even if she was paused at around 14

>>137643914With all the filler this show had, I wish they would have given him a few filler episodes to help the squad out rather than immediately jobbing the first time he went in>wait 3 seasons to see another character go to Lyoko>they immediately blow itIt would have had more impact if they made it seem like he was just part of the crew now and then taking him away at the end of the season

>>137644055They made a mistake by inviting William in (Yumi was thinking with her cunt) and him blundering into getting captured and brainwashed into a powerful enemy was the result of that.

>>137643914Basically a complete joke both as a character and in universe. The gang don’t even bother with him once he’s freed, basically told him to fuck off after destroying his reputation with that retard program

>>137644035>the implications of a 30 something hanging out with middle schoolers, even if she was paused at around 14She was dormant in the computer for most of that., and then she thought she was a computer elf for a little while. She may have been born 30 years ago but she's nothing like a normal one in mentality or experiance.

>>137643979>>137643944There is actually more to that.>In Season 1 "Frontier" Jeremy tries to go to Lyoko to personally apologize to Aelita after a fight they had. Of course, XANA intervenes and he is left stranded in a white void (the TitleDrop of Lyoko), but on the moment it was supposed to be a "safe trip".>In Season 2, at the end of "Mister Pück", he goes to Lyoko offscreen to build immunity to XANA's possession. That is where the ridiculous line comes from.It was shown that you don't need to literally go to Lyoko to gain immunity to the Time Reverse, you just need to be scanned and enter the system (which automatically happens the first time you are virtualized). However, Jeremie figured out how to only do the scanning part, as seen in the begining of season 3 "Final Round", where he scanned William, but the latter was not virtualized yet.

>>137644035>I think the first season left it ambiguous. We didn’t really understand how Lyoko worked or why it was made.For all the ambiguity present in season 1, I'm 99,999% sure Aelita was just an AI at that time.

>>137638762The interview I linked to earlier explains that the writers just thought it was a nightmare to write. In-universe, they mention in one episode that it got accidentally patched out by Jeremy.

>>137642577Literally the first episode Aelita makes it to Earth they go out in the evening and go in a photo booth. That's as thick as subtext can be without being actual text. They also kiss once in S2.

>>137643049Lol no. The publisher who bought the rights after Moonscoop went broke seems content with just having it streamable on every platform including for free on YouTube, which honestly is not a bad deal.

>>137621141Would the tech stuff be any different if it was made today? It had a lot for 2003 and the 2012 show seemed normal

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>>137644141Would the shoe have been better if she stayed an AI? I mean they could have kept the Frank shit in just not bother with the human stuff

>>137644022They mean that XANA's decisions are build around the knowledge he has, the things he observes, and logical outcomes those might have. Specially related to human conduct.If the information says: "Coward human will not risk his life to save others", then he theorizes Jeremie will never set foot on a dangerous mission.That is why he considered it "not logical" for Jeremie to do such thing.

>>137642829I mean isn’t the franchise kinda dead at this point? It had its run and was big at one point across the west, but post the pics action stuff and multiple acquisitions I doubt there’s anything down the pipeline

>>137644176It would have been different, that is for sure.But better... I can't really say.She could be an AI whose appearance was inspired by Hopper's daughter. Imagine an episode in which they actually met the real, adult Aelita.

>>137643687They literally had the same director for the English and French dubs. It's amazing.

>>137643989I liked William’s autistic clone though

>>137644055I didn’t like the permanence of becoming part of the team if you went to Lyoko just one time. Imagine if they occasionally enlisted one of the other kids out of necessity

>>137644141It’s a decent use of writing to actually use it for an episode plot like they did rather than just forgetting about it

>>137644204Yea it’s dead. Evolution was its last hurrah and it bombed and killed the whole franchise

>>137644242Yes, I must say having Evil William in school would have come at a great price.On that matter, I hate that they implied William's clone was becoming more sentient, yet they never did anything out of that and then just deleted it as if nothing.

Jim was the best character in the show and it’s criminal he didn’t get to stay part of the main group

>>137644324"I'd Rather Not Talk About It" is such a great episode.

>>137644319Probably was just a matter of being out of time, the ending was already rushed. From what we saw, when the clone wasn’t doing its job, it just sat in Williams room and stared at the ceiling, so I don’t think it was that advanced

>>137644175Everyone would have smartphones

>>137644175>dark redDid they put her in animu sports bloomers?

>>137644341Does that change much? They were already texting and calling each other all the time. Seems like it would have just been another piece of tech for xana to fuck with

>>137644350Thats what I always thought, they don’t even look like underwear. No detail at all, like they are meant to be worn on the outside

Did this series coin coin "mango"

>>137644335>nobody wants to redo Jim’s training >Jeremy sticks with it though and Jim seems genuinely surprised and happy that he wants to improve himself Jim got a lot of feel good moments

>>137644340>it just sat in Williams room and stared at the ceilingGood night, sweet prince

>>137644372>>137644324>Jim wanders back into the factory in S2>what the fuck is this>oh Jim, don’t you remember all the fun we had here?>Jim wanders into the factory in S3>what the fuck is this>shut up it doesn’t matter you will just forget anyway

>>137643702>>137643702I'm from Quebec, so yes, I speak French and smoke poutine and whatever. Lemme see what I can find. There's no chapters unfortunately, so I'm just gonna have to skim it.Decroisette mentions they wrote a potential Code Lyoko movie whose plot would've been like Terminator, going to the future to see the consequences of XANA, and having to prevent that bad future by defeating it in the present.She vehemently refuses to disclose any information concerning Project Carthage, which is strange considering this interview is from 2014, long after the show had concluded. And before you say Evolution had just aired, they immediately ask if Evolution used those ideas and she straight-up says "not at all". She says the backstory is really complex. She says Franz Hopper has an enemy who is still around during the show but does not appear and is "dormant".When asked about the ending many found rushed, she states it was a deliberate choice to end with something technological and have Jeremy deliver the killing blow.Now onto the director, Jerome Mousquadet.S4 got a radical facelift only because they made S3 as an ultra cheap asset flip.I'm tired so I'mma stop there. I don't recall there being anything else interesting.


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>>137644675How was Jeremy this good at graffiti?

>>137643931>Xana is preferable to YumiThere was an artist on DA that run with this crackship. It was quite humorous.

>>137644363>>137644350So sissi has better choice than her

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>>137643914Stole Sissi's rightful spot as the 5th Lyoko Warrior

>>137621141I dislike how all the plot-relevant episodes were relegated to the first two and last two episodes of the seasons and everything else was episodic. I quite liked Aelita's mysterious past in season 2, but it really should've been built up more slowly.

>>137645769The network wanted an episodic show that could be enjoyed by viewers jumping in at any point. They kind of eased up on this demand after S1 since it was a hit, so at least S2 and beyond episodes don’t all feel like random adventures, but rather stepping stones to the greater mystery


Always changed the channel.

>>137621141It was the definition of OK.

>>137623019>YOU ARE GOING TO DIE! HAHAHAHA!that's an actual line from Xana

Man, XANA really is AM Jr, isn't it?

>>137642977>his smile and optimism gone

>>137621141My guy Xana really went from “I’m gonna attack you with a giant teddy bear” in episode 1, straight to “I’m gonna make Chornobyl look like Clown College” in episode 2.

>>137645386The last gasp of fanservice in the series.

I like how the costume designs changed and the charecterzartions changed a little too (except for Odd). Ulrich and Yumi became a little less bitchy and Jeremy became more confident.

>>137647408That is THE only XANA line... unless you count the many he had while posing as Jeremie

>>137648908That time was also posing as Jeremy.

>>137645769You can usually tell an episode's important to the ongoing storyline if it's written by Sophie Decroisette and/or Bruno Regeste.

>>137643914When i was a kid i hated him just because whenever he showed up it was centered around Ulrich and Yumi. Seeing it now, he has his moments it just sucks that his first mission would end up fucking him up.

>>137644324I could only imagine how he would look in lyoko

I wanted an episode where everyone gets xanafied like william and only jeremy could stop them

>>137632560THANKS KOJIMA

>>137643914A blowhard and edgy-kid poser.

Does Aelita have pink coochie hair?

>>137648662Saw this and it shows why and how different culture is

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>>137651125The live action version bothered to have the actress dye her eyebrows pink, so probably

>>137651154>American children’s sitcomWhere the hell was that happening at?

>>137650135Yes, but that was the single line said in its "real voice".

This show had great

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>evil computer that has turned off gravity and hacked satellites isn’t above a little

>>137651154Did they mean to say Japanese instead of American?

I watched the entire thing (on youtube) back in 2018 and it was a great experience. It's much more fun to watch in order as opposed to random episodes on TV like when i was a kid. It's incredibly cozy in a nostalgic way; not that I'm nostalgic watching it, but because the overall feel, especially the music, is incredibly 2000s and it's refreshing to experience that today. It's a sweet story with some engaging tension and drama, probably because it's not american made. Gotta try the video game for it. Kids today will never know the multimedia experience of watching your favorite show or movie and then jumping into it through the tie in video game

>>137631088Kino tradition. I love watching kids WB shows on Saturday mornings. The torrents i downloaded for them are all rips from kids wb, so the show's endings actually have the little teasers for each other. Nothing like Mucha Lucha, Xiaolin Showdown, Teen Titans, Yugioh, Pokemon, etc in the morning. Extra points for watching on a CRT

>>137644529Thank you Quebec user, it's always a treat to get new info about such a timeless show

>>137621141every episode is EXACTLY THE FUCKING SAME

>>137653789Did you only see season 1?

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>>137651154the difference is something called "gaze"


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>>137638255>>137641508You can tell they understand me.

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>>137638395That style of drawing is... Familiar, where have I seen it before?

>>137655076Every Korean webcomic

>>137653352The PS2 game was pretty good. There are a lot of Japanese VN style sections which I’m not a fan of, but the actual gameplay part is fun. It also helps that Lyoko already looks about PS2 quality, so when you jump into the game you feel like you jumped straight into the show

i enjoyed it girls are breedable as shit even with all that forehead.kinda of odd that we had as many as underwear scenes which made my teenage mind horny as fuck

>>137653352>It's much more fun to watch in order as opposed to random episodes on TV like when i was a kid.When it was on Miguzi in the after school hours it was aired in order 1-52 quite a few times. Season 3 only aired a couple times before Miguzi went down the tubes, then S4 was dumped off on Saturday mornings or some shit where no one ever watched it

>>137655577>Saturday mornings>no one ever watched itWhat?

>>137653789I second what the other user said. It starts off repetitive in S1, but gradually grows into having more and more story progression. S3 especially, due to being half the length, has almost zero filler.

>>137651154What fucking retard drew this lol

>>137655664>move something from 5pm weekdays to 11am Saturday without a word>expecting people to tune in

>>137655713Basically every first timer guide for the show says to skip most of S1. If you have never seen it before S1 will sour you on it before you get into the actual meat of the show

>>137631711What are the kill counts for each the characters? I'm interested in knowing who the most practical fighters were of the team.

og singer of the opening did a new recording in 2022


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>>137657670>Aelita: 69 kills>Only obtained a proper fighting method in the 3rd season>Reaches around half the kills the rest got throughout 4 seasonsAelita is the clear winner here.

>>137621141Odd got the short end of the stick in terms of powers. Not only did Odd get stick with just one ability that one ability can run out of ammo and he's useless until Jeremy reloads it for him.

How come no one made a VR Code Lyoko game? That seems like a no brainer.

>>137658086there is a single dude making a game that puts you in jeremy's place, in charge of all the shit he would usually do. That seems like a bigger no brainer than a boring vr shooter

>>137658167>Enjoys being the water boyUh no I refuse to believe people would rather be the guy that refills Odd's laser arrow and gives the group their vehicles than to actually play as one of the Code Lyoko warriors

>>137621141don't take things so seriously it's just a solid 5/10 cartoon

>>137658009And yet he still manages to clown on the rest of the warriors in terms of kills and effectiveness.

>>137644305And killed the company that owned the IP

>>137657867>Gets her attack halfway through the series>Has half as many killsI don't see what's so impressive.

>>137653590That's really cool though

>>137644022XANA builds theoretical models of people based on available data, how he's observed their behavior, and to some degree his simulation of their personality under various conditions. Because of this, he builds REALLY good theoretical models, who can act almost identical to the real deal.The problem comes from the fact that he can't accurately or even completely model how variable human behavior truly is - he can't predict how emotions can change or the fact that people can grow from one moment to the next. His model of Jeremy failed because he assumed that since Jeremy is inherently cowardly, he will ALWAYS be cowardly and never deviate from that behavior not even once, even if his friends are on the line since that would be the logical outlook. Basically, XANA views people as programs rather than humans.

>>137651521All of the battle and tense themes are godlike.

>>137655577I either misremember that lots of cartoons would be shown out of order, or just didn't watch consistently enough as a kid to ever get the whole run of a show as kid. Since you know that, do you know if there's any resource for historical TV schedules? I'd love to go back and see that Code Lyoko aired at 4pm on cartoon network on Tuesday, Mar 15, 2007, until 5pm, followed by an hour of teen titans and then xiaolin showdown

>>137621141The OP stuck with me but the show not so much.

>>137621141I remember as a kid being terrified of how much Xana hated these fucking kids, it didn't hesitate to kill them (At one point two of them got trapped in a fucking elevator filing with water, also the fucking zombie apocalypse ) also aelita was trapped with Xana for who knows how long

>>137659867Season 1 and 2 the total numbers of kills has to be divided by 3, Season 3 and 4 it has to be divided by 4, the fact she got half is really impressive because the other guys already had a strong starting base.


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Be honest, would you join Sissi's crew of simps?

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