Candace Flynn

What's the appeal? I hate her.

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>>137619668>MOM!>Phineas and Ferb are sharing candid nudes of me on 4chan!

>claims he hates her>posts a tittilating imageanon, just admit you want more pics for your collection, itll be easieryou dont have to be a lil pansy about it

>>137619668>>137619668>redhead/ginger>no ASS/BREAST/THIGH/SHOULDER FREKCLES

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>>137619668I refuse to believe anyone can actually jerk off to this artstyle

>>137619668Flat is good too


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>>137619668me tooP shaped bitch

>>137619668Wtf, this is lewd

>>137619668She got the deepest throat of any cartoon character. How can anyone not want some of that?


>>137619668What would she need a bra for?

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>>137619668A Peeping Platypus?


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>>137622661PERRY THE PEEPING PLATYPUS!?!?You a real one for playing along

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>>137619668Her eyes are bigger than her bra cups.

>>137619719Vanessa was mogging her HARD

>>137619668She's cute, had some fun fanservicey scenes early on too>Susie's dog pulling her pants down>Spent the majority of the video game episode naked>Squierls in my pants (aka the "look at Candace's ass" song)

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>>137622702My invention which deletes all the lewd images from the internet, the UnLewdImaginator

>>137623854I got the idea for it when I went online to look for images of an old cartoon series from my youth Half the images were porn! Like, even with Safe Search on. Still porn. Never use Google Image Search, Perry the Platypus. Never. Use. Google. Image. Search.

>>137623711That's a surprising amount of tummy they showed.


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>>137624031*perry just stands there, with the usual judging emotion on his face*

>>137624054why on earth did the >RRR part make me laugh the hardest

>>137623852>>Spent the majority of the video game episode nakedI'd like to see how they pitched that to S&P. Like if what we got was the original concept and it just sailed through or if they pitched something more outrageous (like Candace actually being naked but always hidden by scenery) just to get it turned down with the episode they wanted to make being the "compromise" position.

>>137624158My question is... WHY was she naked to begin with? Like I get needing to have her get sucked in with her hairdryer but that doesn't mean she had to just be in a towel. (Big F if we could've gotten a Candade enf episode. Still pretty cute knowing she went to the cotillion barefoot, pantsless and braless)

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>>137624445holy hell, she got boob for a split moment

>>137623711The candycane outfit is cute but I always thought the jeans should've been her default.

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>>137619668>You're shopping>Candace falls in your cart dressed like thisWyd?

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>>137619698>Pics or it didn’t happen sweetie also you’re grounded no grills on the internet.

>>137624445Still wondering if we're ever get a Stacy or Vanessa version of this scene?


>>137625650Proceed to checkout

>>137627657>Out of morbid curiosity she allows you to "purchase" her and take her to your carWhat next?

>>137619668>damn fun and passionate>has actually flaws and not a mary sue>great voice acting and singing>cute (thin girl have their charm), especially in alternate looksThe real question you can't love her? She is literally one of most adorable Disney' girls.

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>>137623852>>137624851She canonically farts in 1 of the episodes

>>137619755what artstyles do u jerk off to

>>137628359Honestly I'd say Candace is one of the best female characters in Disney history, beating character like Anne off by a clear mile.

>>137625650>(sigh) well... I guess this is my life now.>proceeds to push the cart.

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>>137625650Oh bother

>>137625650You're going to jail, that's what.

>>137629820"I know this sounds strange, officer, but this teenage girl just materialized in my cart a few minutes ago ...."

Isn’t she a little old to be deliciously flat?

>>137623711>>137623852>squirrel in her pants>squirrels like nutscandace is trans

>>137629878>Candace clings to you and kisses your neck the entire time your trying to explain yourself.

>>137619668She's annoying and that's the point

A slight alteration to her default outfit.

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>>137629895"Honestly, officer. I was just doing my grocery shopping and there was this weird flash of light and this overly affectionate girl appeared in my cart. God knows how! And my groceries. They're GONE!!"

>>137619668Why does everyone hate her? She's right

>>137630404>Candace insists that she's your groceries now

>>137630404>>137630472>"What are you waiting for? EAT ME!"

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>>137630689>en respuesta

>>137628359>>great voice acting and singingShe really went above and beyond playing the character. The entire cast is great but Tisdale in particular helped make that show what it is.

>>137619668Do you guys actually watch these cartoons out of choice or just becausomeome else is watching them?

>>137619668>A girl younger than her has a better body

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>>137631247She'll hit the wall faster

>>137631247and still I'd choose Candy over them every time (and watching the number of fanart, I'm not he only).

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>>137631247It happens.

>>137631247Body isn't everything and small tits aren't inherently a bad thing.

>>137624445Why is Candace the perfect candidate for enf?

>>137631573Because she lives in a world of very wacky and zainy devices effecting her daily. If not for this weird rule of only allowing boys to be publicly naked as a joke, we could've easily had an episode like >>137624158 said with her ducking around virtual scenery or an episode with a misfire from a Nakedinator or something. She'd have the fucking best reactions to it all while trying to find cover too.

>>137631659Kind of wished we get enf Stacy though.

>>137631692That's her friend, righr?


>>137631692Kinda wish we got more end in cartoons... in general. Like beyond the horny aspect, I might be alone here but there's something weirdly cute about the idea of someone like Candace or Stacy desperately trying to cover themselves while blushing.

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>>137631732I want to titfuck her

>>137631732Already got a Isabella joke for that episode>We see Phineas kneeling working on something we see Isabella dress in the frame, all of a sudden a green beam hits it and the dress disappears, Phineas turns around and gasps.>"Isabella!">The camera pulls out and we see Phineas is standing next to a mannequin>"Something happened to your spare dress."

>>137630472"You see, Officer? Maybe you should summon some paramedics. This girl obviously isn't right. Maybe she'll start screaming at cheeses next."

>>137619728Four stubby sausages on a cylinder?Fuuuuuuuuuuuck I'm gonna cooooooooooooooooooooooooooom

>>137619668>sneaks into your prison cell


>>137632032> You know, Phineas? > I was going to show you this MUCH later

>>137632380There's also the subversion of the enf episode.>The group is hit with a beam but their all still clothed.>Balijeet: What was that?>Isabella: If I know my raybeams it's sometihng that was built to destroy colth, thankfully we're all wearing rubbber clothes.>Buford standing there smiling smugly.>Buford: See what did I say.>Balijeet sighs>Belijeet:Rubber clothes would stop us from being nudified>Buford: and what did you say Isabella.>Isabella sighed>Isabella: That that would never happed and nudified isn't a real word.

>>137629215>Saving pics in thread>See this>Go to call user a degenerate>Realize I am saving pics of an animated underage girl expressly to wank to.>Reanalyze life. You guys have fun. I think I am out.

>>137632753I'd be good if you could but we all know you'll be back in a week

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>>137631247Plenty of other girls on the show have that same physique though. I always just thought of it as Candace having an average body type while the girls were curves are just stacked by real life standards.

>>137624445so she just free ballin it now

>>137619668the detail density disparity is distasteful

>>137632341Congratulations, you now understand whynpeople like feet, don’t ya feel special user?

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>>137631247Late bloomer

>>137625650Hey fern. I know what we're gonna do today.


>>137636310The 50's look does suit her, doesn't it?

She has more personality than her brothers

>>137635574I love long skirts.>>137636404Yeah

>>137624851Candace almost always looks better in other outfits than her own. It's not just the clothes though since her outfit looks fine on others.

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>>137630689Obviously. I was surprised when an episode pointed out Candace was the main character like it wasn't obvious.

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>>137636497Is that Korean with sloppy handwriting?

>>137636456You have to pick your clothes properly as a titlet.

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>>137633754Only Stacy and one-offer Eliza shared that physique. Candace is simply a leftover from when the show's character designs were supposed to be more abstract.

>>137637093She took her lessons on barricading from Father Ted.

>Has a belt buckle with the word "TOY" at crotch-levelWhat did her and her mom mean by this?

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Candace panties.

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>>137637635It's not that uncommon.

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>>137624445She'd just got out of the shower and was drying her hair before putting on her clothes.

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>>137631247Vanessa wasn't Doofenshmirtz's daughter until way later when IIRC the voice actor or script writer included the line about "this is the worst bring your kid to work day".


>>137629332What about Marcy

>>137641226Well I mean that probably makes more sense than just a random teenage girl hanging out with Doofenshmirtz of all people.

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>>137641747>the front of her top will forever be stretched beyond recognition

>>137641276Marcy is SHIT

>>137641773Would Candace even really want it back afterwards? It's form-fitting on her so that poor dress must have been a sneeze away from disintegrating on Vanessa.

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>>137642041Damn, she did make that outfit look rather good in that episode

>>137642141True dat true dat

>>137642892fr fr


>>137625650SHES GOT A GUN

>>137642041She has tons of same dress.

>>137619728I need more Candace feet

>>137644184And she can put it on in one go.

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>>137646741Dios mio

>>137646807It looks berry nice, doesn't it?


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>>137631732so rare to see a spoiler image not being a clickbait.

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>>137649457Her ass is candy? Yum


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>>137648857looks traced

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>>137650528Better than AI

Which outfit?

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>>137636497what does this say?>>137631008>do you guys actually watch cartoons??? >he said on Holla Forums

>>137652835>>137652848Pants/jeans are pretty consistently the best look for Candace for some reason.

>>137653234According to Google-Candace: There's too much sugar in itPhineas: Also my Sister.Candace: When you calculate and insert the leaf, put it at the bottom... without mom knowing.

>>137652835The '50s get-up

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>>137641308Doof is not that bad of a person but it makes sense that the only way a Teenager would hang out with him would be if that teenager was of his immediate family.

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>>137619728>>137644605This is an edit, she was wearing slippers.

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>>137653915>>137655028Sex with Melissa!


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Attached: Phineas and Ferb - S04E35-E36 - Steampunx & Its No Picnic (1080p WEB-DL x265 HEVC 10bit AAC 2.0 RCVR) [UTR].mkv_snapshot_10.49.png (1920x1080, 2.51M)

Attached: Phineas and Ferb - S04E37 - The Klimpaloon Ultimatum (1080p WEB-DL x265 HEVC 10bit AAC 2.0 RCVR) [UTR].mkv_snapshot_01.14.png (1920x1080, 2.69M)

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>>137619668She would be a terrible wife

>>137657622perfect cock sleeve

>>137657656A man can not live on pussy alone.

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>>137643066Straight up no cap fr fr bussin' all the way to the top.

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Attached: Phineas and Ferb - S03E49-E40 - Agent Doof & Phineas and Ferb and the Temple of Juatchadoon (1080p WEB-DL x265 HEVC 10bit AAC 2.0 RCVR) [UTR].mkv_snapshot_19.05.png (1920x1080, 3.91M)

Attached: Phineas and Ferb - S03E49-E40 - Agent Doof & Phineas and Ferb and the Temple of Juatchadoon (1080p WEB-DL x265 HEVC 10bit AAC 2.0 RCVR) [UTR].mkv_snapshot_19.15.png (1920x1080, 3.32M)

Attached: Phineas and Ferb - S04E37 - The Klimpaloon Ultimatum (1080p WEB-DL x265 HEVC 10bit AAC 2.0 RCVR) [UTR].mkv_snapshot_19.53.png (1920x1080, 2.57M)


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>>137662377I need mouth to mouth with her.

>>1376528351)Blue pants2)50s3)New Year