What went so terribly wrong?

What went so terribly wrong?

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>>137616738Some kids are just born psychopathic. Add in bad parenting and a lack of correction and you get azula.

>>137616738Too much of a daddy’s girl

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>>137616738not enough D

>>137616738She was lesbo for Ty lee but didn’t want to admit it

>>137616964Ty Lee's betrayal was taken pretty hard I imagine.

>>137616738She wanted Zuzu sex

Didn't get the correction at the appropriate age

Lack of zuzudick

>>137616738Could have been prevented if she became a mother with zuzu's child at the age of 12

>>137617041Why do you think she really went crazy?

Even though I know almost nothing about Avatar and Korra, kid Azula is so cute and hot

>>137617189>calling a kid hot

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>>137616738Not enough corrections were given to her.

>>137616738>mother hated her and called her a demon>ignored by uncle>only family that cared about her was her father>learned might makes right>only friends are forced to hang out with you and fear you>no idea how to socialize and can only function in a war settingAzula was failed by everyone. Zuko only got redemption because he was a shitty fire bender. Azula's only flaw was being perfect

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Was it ever explained why her fire was blue?

>>137617436Because she's so hot

>>137617337>Hot because of fire bending


>>137616738went unfucked by zuko for far too long

Not enough attention from zuzu

>>137616738Not enough big brother cock.

>>137617436To look different from Zuko and Zhao's.

>>137617413>azula's only flaw was being perfect >whole greentext indicating her flaws I swear this board gets more retarded by each year that goes through

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>>137616738Aang didn't try to rehabilitate her after the war

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>>137616738Zuko didn't fuck her enough.

>>137616738Zuko wasn’t there to dick her down and save her, by the time he finally had the courage it was too late and Azula was too far gone.

>>137618525>experiencing the equivalent of mental malnutition means you were born flawedAnd you swore well, dear prime example

>>137618768It is mate, we ran a train on your mum's and a tripfag ended up coming out. Same is implied with Azula being a rapebaby, although on your case she was more willing, explains why you're such a faggot kek

>>137616738Schizophrenia is one hell of a drug, or rather, fighter jets aren't free.

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>>137618696>and Azula was too far gone.She was sane enough to continue his lineage.

>>137618984She was made for his Zucock.

>>137618525>child abuse is a flawIt's not her fault her parents were terrible and she had an abusive upbringing.

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>>137616738trusting a male

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>>137619359>Not fucking her brother*Fixed it for you.

>>137616738not being gay

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>>137619312Nah, a good chunk (specially on LOK) of Avatar characters have muh mommy issues

>>137618984Yeah but that was after he fixed her, he had plenty of chances to dick her sane before the Agni Kai and her going insane.

>>137619573>counting TLOK

>>137616738bryke being aang self inserters

>>137619312zuko was abused, azula was not. she was the golden child and zuko was scapegoated.

>>137620624It’s absolutely insane watching Azula fans acting as if Zuko not having his mother abandon him and half his fucking face melted off and banished for speaking up against his abusive father is somehow not as bad as what Azula went through

>>137616738Ozai for whatever reason was super autistic to Zuko (probably the type of guy that can’t express any affection towards men for father issues) and his mother mostly took care of himAzula was his special little daddy’s girl. He raised her and she wound up this weird little psycho. No normal person wanted to be around this weird little psycho baby so her behavior got worse since no one kept her in check. Also she is a typical woman - raised to be ambitious and domineering which doesn’t work well with hypergamy. She wants Zuzu dick and to be his tradwife but was never properly dicked down so she’s crazy.

>>137620681Ozai didn't give a shit about Azula either, she was just more useful.

>>137617434Yes, Ursa should've molested her

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>>137620727Yeah but he gave her positive reinforcement and wasn’t always an asshole like he was to Zuko, that’s the difference. It doesn’t matter if Ozai didn’t care about her, for a long time Azula was the golden child and benefited from ozai


>>137616738Her dad fucked her too much. Or not enough. Either way, it was the incorrect amount of fucking.

>>137620787I'm just saying, her being his 'special little daddy's girl' would imply he gave a fuck, which he didn't.

>>137620646Azula fans are just narcissistic whores with BPD self-inserting. Theyre basically negro apologists. A negro will shoot a store clerk dead in front of his children to steal five dollars, but when the cops are a little bit rough while arresting him, negro apologists scream to heaven that it's brutality and abusive. Azula fans are the same way. Yes, she did run a ring to kidnap dozens of children, but, you see, Zuko is the real villain, because he put her in a mental facility. Azula fans are even worse than Zukka fujos.

>>137621008Azula fans are just as deluded and self pitying as she is.

>>137620624>>137620646Zuko had a loving mother in Ursa and father figure in Iroh. Azula had Ozai. You think growing up a child soldier isn't abuse? You think Ozai was father of the year and showed genuine love to her? Christ you're fucking retarded and media illiterate. Especially in the beach episode you can see how she resents not having a normal life but war is all she knows.

>>137620787>he gave her positive reinforcementThat's not true. He treated her like a general, not like his child. Any positive reinforcement from Ozai is not dying today.

>>137621029And this is why I don't think she deserves a redemption arc. Zuko went through hell and back to earn it, the story broke him down and made him suffer, destroyed his ego, humbled him, and forced him to endure awkward humiliating apologies and enduring resentment. They made him work for it. Imagine Azula going through that. She has such a fucking entitled obnoxious attitude, and if anyone gave her what they gave Zuko, her defenders would shit their pants screaming in outrage. Fundamentally an Azula redemption arc will never work because she can't get over herself and be humble. After all the suffering she caused others? She's a murderous little psychopath who got away with everything. If they do a redemption arc they'll half ass it, it will come off as shallow forced and obligatory, a watered down version of Zuko's, not be satisfying in any way, and the fans will tear it to shreds while Azula apologist act like it's Christ's image on bread. This is going to be a fucking disaster. The writers don't have the guts to do it right, and her stuck up personality and never-wrong attitude is going to nerf it. At some level of self-centered asshole you just can't fix it. She's a toxic bitch.

>>137621058>waaah daddy didn't love me enough, therefore i'm entitled to be a wicked cunt without consequenceMeanwhile Zuko had half his face melted off. Fuck off azuligger.

>>137621008>>137621029>>137621095Stop talking to yourself, faggot. Go back to Tumblr.

>>137621058>>137621103Literal retard fight. Zuko had it worse but Azula wasn't fine either, it's not hard to get.

>>137617158>I'll just get this crazy chick preggers. That'll calm her down.How in the hell do men throughout the entire totality of Human history keep making this same fucking mistake? IT NEVER WORKS.

>>137621240Except it always worked, especially between siblings.

>>137621095Azula redemption doesn’t work for a couple of reasons, just from basic writing:Zuko needed 3 seasons, and he’s someone who was a lot less worse than Azula, and he was only fully redeemed in the last ten episodes. How can you redeem Azula in one season?Azula is literally written to be more psychopathic or sociopathic, even from childhood. She doesn’t understand concepts live love, empathy, mercy, the way Zuko does. He’s always more empathetic, that’s why his redemption is easier. Azula is not self introspective like Zuko. She’s self pitying. She doesn’t reflect on her morality or guilt for her actions, she just wallows in her self pity for her life. How can someone who doesn’t feel guilt or shame for her ACTIONS and crimes be redeemed?People shit on the comics but Azula had inconsistent writing (writing team confirmed it) and the weird brother complex she has in the comics where she just continued being this weird psychopathy is the natural conclusion to Azula who has less time to be redeemed AND has less to work with regarding redemption

>>137621240It literally would with Azula.

>>137621260>Reddit spacingOpinion dismissed.

>>137621260>the weird brother complex she has in the comics>Implying it wasn't present in the showYou didn't watch ATLA.

>>137621295Would you rather read an unedited wall of text? Kill yourself >>137621290It works with Azula because she’s younger and submissive to Ozai and Zuko, she’s ambitious but not enough to be her own woman, she needs her brown chemistry rewrites with pregnant hormones to cure her

>>137617158I don't think she would've been a mother because of her age, status and baby most likely being mutated because of the incest. I don't know what they'd do with the baby but I don't think they'd leave it on her.

>>137621320I'd rather not have redditors who can't make a concise point to save their lives at all.>>137621366>baby most likely being mutated because of the incest.Not how it works, retard.>they'd do with the baby What 'they'? The only authority above Azula and Zuko is Ozai and he doesn't give a shit.

>>137621260This. Basic writing principles. Zuko showed good moral character from episode 1, even if it was on the margins. Azula was a cunt from sunrise to sunset. Why does she need to be redeemed? It's like being in an abusive relationship. At some point there is no fixing it, you either dump the bitch/dick or let them ruin your life. Not everyone is redeemable. Does she even want it? She's never shown one inclination towards goodness or aspiring to moral goodness. Never crossed her mind.

>>137621502>Samefagging this blatantly

Who linked the thread to the ATLA subreddit? Denounce yourself right this instant.

>>137621412Let me make a concise point for you> you are retarded > you can’t read >>137621502Azula taps into the victim complexes and empathy of 14 year old white girls. It’s ways to justify Azula’s redemption because she’s a victim and she feels bad. It’s always easier to redeem characters whose agency was in the hands of their abusive parents (like Zuko)I’m not opposed to people redeeming Azula, but she literally does not have any proper writing to actually set it up. The only way it can work is if Azula was written to be reflective on her morality - season 3 could have written Azula as not believing Ozai’s ideals but being trapped with an abusive parent, and then breaking down when she realizes she was too weak to escape her father and lost because of it. Then in a “Book Four”, Azula should be at her lowest point - stripped of all pride and ego, no narcissism, no Fire nation superiority. Just completely humbled. That’s the only way to make her like Zuko with the limited screen time she has, she needs a lot of work done to have any redemption. Azula can’t be redeemed because her narcissism/psychopathy is so ingrained you need to spend YEARS getting through that, and then Azula still needs to do things to be redeemed. Zuko helped Team Avatar, he overthrow Ozai, he undid the Fire Nation’s crimes. What can Azula do? Without plot she just exists being a cunty bitch, that’s why she can’t be redeemed

Lol, this thread is funny. Azula did nothing wrong, zucolds whining is always hilarious.

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>>137621919At least you're honest about your status as an illiterate retard who speak to himself.We got that without you stating it but it's funny to see.

>>137621978You’re gay lol

>>137622003That doesn't have much bite coming from a seething redditor who's subreddit probably has a transflag on.

>>137621945>b-but muh ZukoZukofags don't know how to think unless explicitly told

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>>137622025Too many word for trans flag Reddit brain not concise enough

>>137617108What type of correction?

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>>137622122Azula literally can’t function without daddy Ozai and mommy Ursa, Zuko lost everything, he was separated from everyone and on his own and he still choose to be a hero. Azula is literally an NPC who breaks down when her programming code is interfered with, she’s not capable of actual thought or self reflection

>>137621790>asspained azutard, who is also the incest poster

>>137621945>ZucoJuice on portuguese?

>>137622202Asshurt Azulatards getting mad when more then one person agrees with an opinion he doesn’t have

>seventeen years of ancient Chinese secretes from Iroh plus him doing everything short of forcing him physically>own his ownJust say you only read Zutara fanfics and never watched ATLA

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>>137622125At least you came to term with what you are.

>>137621945seething you can't fix her and she doesn't want you

>>137622273>Zutara fanficsRENT FREE

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>>137622202>>137622268>Still samefagging this hard and blatantly

>>137622150Seeth harder pls.

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>>137622327Kill yourself

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>>137622323There’s no need for conflict between Azulatards and Kataracucks, both belong to big royal Zuko cock

>>137622344>What's inspect elementLol, the samefag redditor is also a newfag.

>>137622357>less than 1 minute, including screencap and postDamn I sure am good

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>>137622289Again with the same mistake. Why should I want to fix what's already right?

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>>137622388>filenameDon't you have a war to die in, borshtpeasant?

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>>137622357Every time you call someone a new fag you talk to a different person

>>137622383>I phoneposted, that make me goodYou really think we're all stupid newfags like you, uh? Everyone knows the old tricks, retard.

>>137622417Nope, I have a war, where things made by me make others die)

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>>137622426Sure, that's why it was a direct reply to what I said to the newfag and the IP count didn't go up. Cope harder.

>>137622417I love how despite multiple years, Zutara remains as popular as before. No Writers will be able to overcome the fantasy of a Brooding Guy and how actual woman love them

>>137622467your piss jugs aren't a weapon of mass destruction, scrapper

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>>137622513Literally the only ship that came close is gay zoomers astroturfing Zuko/Sokka as a fujo ship on ao3, but this is nothing compared to the ten straight years of Zutara supremacy, during the show, after the show, even during and after Korra

>>137622513>>137622514>We're popular!That won't change that 99% of your 'population' are tumblr trannies and the peak of Zutara storytelling is 'How I became Yours', wannabe normies.

>>137622556We can't be beat.

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>>137622556>Supremacy>Has to bow to Zucest every single threadLMAO.

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>>137622561Never forget.

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>>137622576Let's check the AO3 counts... Hmmm...Sorry your mom molested you, scrapper.

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>>137622514Dunno, seems efficient enough for meatbags on frontline) You can check it yourself if you want.

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>>137622471I am not crazy! I know he samefagged. As if I could ever make such a mistake. Never. Never! I just – I just couldn’t prove it. He covered his tracks, he got the jannies at the board to lie for him. You think this is something? You think this is bad? This? This chicanery? He’s done worse. That zuko posting! Are you telling me that a people happen to agree with that?! No! *He* orchestrated it! Jimmy! He *posted Azula hate* in an *Azula thread*! And I responded to him! And I shouldn’t have. The ip number didn’t go up! What was I *thinking*? He’ll never change. He’ll *never* change! Ever since 2008, *always* the same! Couldn’t keep his hate of Azula off the boards! But not our user! Couldn’t be precious *user*! Samefagging them BLIND?! And *HE* gets to be user? What a sick joke! I should’ve stopped him when I had the chance! …And you, you *have* to stop him! You-

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>>137622618>Let's check the tranny3 countHow about you count the posts in this thread?Oh yeah, cause you'd have to bow to Zucestchads as usual.Scrapper was a tranny like you and loved Ty Zula, not Zucest, retard.

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>>137622576You are actually retarded if you think Azula/Zuko incest has the pure numbers of Zutara or even Zuko and Sokka in the major fanfiction websites

>>137622684>Redditor samefag get caught samefagging and has a meltdown>More news at 11Get madder while telling us how you totally didn't samefag, samefag.

When this?

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>>137622701>B-b-b-but my other sites!!!!And yet you can't even outnumber a single thread and you're forced to beg like rats.>Sokka and ZukoNobody cares about your gay shit.

>>137621807That might explain why the thread took such a direction recently

>>137622723Never, Sokka died alone and a virgin.>>137622694You're talking to a lost Zutara fag who got bullied off Tumblr, he doesn't even know who scrapper is and he's just throwing buzzwords around in hopes of fitting in.>>137622747That's why you suddenly got a reddit spacing schizo hating on Azula and now Zutara dykes.

>>137622747Half the arguments on this thread are copy pasted straight from the usual subreddit with its usual shit takes.Soon you're gonna hear about how Korrasami is the best ship ever.

The one truth

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>>137622694>How about you count the posts in this thread?Because they're all from you, scrapper.

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>>137622729This thread has 33 posters> why don’t non 4chan users talk about their ships on a 4chan board when they have websites with thousands of their shipsYou are retarded

>>137622747>>137622760>>137622787Even more blatantly, that's why we suddenly got 3 ATLA threads running. This one is the containment thread basically.

>>137622802>>137622820>Y-y-y-you're only 33!And you're all alone, Zutaranigger, thanks you for playing, now know your place.>why don’t non 4chan users So you're indeed just a retarded tourist and can be safely laughed at and ignored. Enjoy your impotent screeching into the void.

>>137616738>azula will never knowingly tempt you into committing a crime, only to call the guards and have you executedHow do I cope

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>>137622802Zutara's strenght really needs to be analyzed. It was always strong despite all the efforts of the writers to deboook it. I think that ultimately it shows a huge difference between what Men Want (Kataang) and what Woman Want (Zutara)

>>137616738Nothing, if her brother wasn't such a pussy they could've literally conquered the world together and created strongest dynasty ever.

>>137622841Azula threads are always ruined by some retarded schizo azulafag


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>>137622820That just reinforce the point that for all your claims of popularity, you're nothing and Zucest reigns.>>137622888By fucking your sister in a Azula cosplay, user.

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Me when I realized that I live on the same planet with people from this thread.

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>OP goes for not so subtle loli thread>immediately overrun by oblivious shipperfaggots

>>137616738>>137616928Any girl that close to her dad is borderline. And borderline attracted to her dad. It's the "close" father figure kind of daddy issues.

>>137622908Awww, the lone Zutara nigger is sad now he's forced to remember his place. What a tragedy.

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>>137622929Who is better?

>>137616964>>137617041Damn I wish this was super cannon. Like Ty Lee had to serve Azula in more ways than one.

>>137622920I live inside your walls actually

>>137622903Cope harder.

>>137622892>more than a decade later, still has hundreds of active fans continually producing content, including a month long annual festival, and the largest fanbase>kataang has...nothing>incest booted off most of the major sites and relegated to /trash/Zutara is the most powerful force on the planet. Even Taylor Swift writes Zutara fanfiction as her song lyrics.

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>>137622964Damn are you a rat? I've always liked your species, though not cocroaches.

>>137622943This ship is a lonely existence

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>>137622973>Y-y-y-you're relegated to that board my discord told me about>He says in a thread of Zucestchads where he's outnumbered 30 to one on Holla ForumsWhat a delusion.

>>137622943This would have actually be interested. The ultimate destruction of Sozin's legacy. His own descendants getting BLOWED by Aang's seed, carrying the next generation of Airbenders.

>>137622991It would be less lonely if an autist hadn't spammed evert thread for like a month with it, souring most anons on it.

>>137622892tumblr.com/sunbirb/646452754696601601/why-do-certain-ships-become-so-popular-and-whyVery good analyses on Zutara and why ships become popular. There’s also lots of stuff on tumblr if you look at anti Kataang/Bryke tags (yeah yeah ree tumblr I know but how else are you gonna learn what women like?)Zutara comes down to this:Aang is unnatractive. If he was a cute shota, he’d be more like. But Aang is really annoying and selfish and a pain in the ass. Katara is his mother figure. Aang doesn’t understand Katara’s emotional needs, they don’t understand each other, just the image of each other. Katara only exists to be an object and prize for Aang. In contrast, when Aang is no longer there, Katara has more agency, j depends, story, character. This is because Ehaosz wrote her (and all the side characters) better than Bryke did it wanted them to be. It’s very prominent with her interactions with Zuko, but there’s a lot of character development and maturity in their reactions. Aang is completely irrelevant in the Southern Raiders episode while Zutara have a very strong, emotional, mature, understanding dynamic. Then Zutara fought together during the finale against Azula.And I’ve spoken with lots of Zutara fangirls, let me make the best summary:Canon legend of Korra Aang: makes Katara his housewife, makes her have children, fucks up his children because he’s a shitty parent, Katara winds up abandoned by her entire family and alone Katara with Zuko: Becomes Fire Lady, has massive amounts of power and influence over the nation that wronged and hurt her, basically becomes a mother goddess figure. Also has a husband that actually understands her emotionally. Really if you were a woman what you want to write? Aang is not emotionally fulfilling and his story isn’t as interesting or have as much potential as Zuko’s, which ties together a lot of themes between the Fire Nation and Watr Tribe that defines Katara’s character

>>137623006>outnumbered 30 to one on Holla ForumsNice joke, scrapper

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>>137622908I want to see Katara’s big brown milkers leaking white cream

>>137616738Zuko didn't impregnate her fast enough.

>>137623030Huh? Whenever I post Ursula I'm just largely ignored, never got hate for it.

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>>137623018Azula spending her life being bred with Airbender babies is unironically the best character arc she can have

>>137623060>J-j-j-joke>Still alone spamming and being laughedTo be exact, you're outnumbered 35 to one. So much for a 'popular' ship.>>137623078Oh, I thought you meant Azulaang.

>>137623048So basically normie self-insert dream. What about Ozula?

>>137623048>Redditor>Also a Tumblrinas>Need other people's post to argue for him.The absolute state of this containment thread.

>>137623048So you’re saying zutara is all about women living out their shallow power fantasies? Makes sense. Still worst ship.

>>137623091Oh I see, in that case yeah it's annoying having others jump in on it when I just want them together exclusively.

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>>137623095Ozula:Girls who were raped by their dads, girls with daddy issues who wish they were raped by their dads, or just a fetishized abusive background for self pitying Azula writers who want to make her as sympathetic as possible

>>137623122No, he's saying that since his Azula hate shit got him bullied, he's just gonna spam Zutara nonsense to 'pretend to be retarded' to get back at the thread.

>>137622888Uooohhh~ Mesugaki Azula... Uuuuooooohhh~ m (ToT)m

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>>137623122>power fantasies>wanting a husband who understand and values themYep. You are single.

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>>137623164Calm down, Zuko.

>>137623122Nothing wrong with power fantasies, especially when it’s emotionally fulfilling and the other option is fucking Aang. Wouldn’t men want the same thing? Ultimate power and a woman who loves and validates their emotions? Every man wants a waifu and woman want husbandos

>>137623086That is why i am actually liking it. Especially after posts like >>137623048 highlighting the issues with Kataang

>>137623164Any retard trying to force his ship into a thread is annoying honestly.>>137623177>Understand and value>Pumped and dumped under Ba Sing Se>Relegated to third rate concubine who's not even allowed on throat dutyYup, you're a roastie with a colonization fetish.

>>137616904>>137616738Uooohhh!!!!!!!! Azula correction I will do!!!! ToT ToT ToT

>>137623177These 4channers can write a thousand pages on why Azula and Zuko emotionlu need each other then lose their minds when some girl thinks Zutara are good for each other emotionally

>>137623151Ozula NTR fanfic that ends with Aang fucking Azula in front of Ozai.

Attached: 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f765f4d644f395450454158594a773d3d2d3436363436313932352e3134653164343562613134373863376436353735353.jpg (468x720, 46.48K)

>>137623201>Schizo babble from Tumblr highlight 'issues' with the actual canon ship that has some of the best moment in the show like the dance in the HeadbandYou zoomers literally haven't watched the show, it's insane.

>>137616738Is Azula the only character where getting molested by her parents would have improved her mental state?

Attached: IMG_0399.jpg (600x806, 115.3K)

>>137616738Azula needed correction #

>>137623201Azulaang is the only way I can see an Azula redemption arc working out. I want her vagina obliterated with 20 fat-headed airbender kids. >>137623218basicallySome of their longposts are very well reasoned, basically a master's thesis. Yet people are willfully deaf. Kataang is just a bad ship. instead of admitting it, bryke doubled down.

Attached: animesher.com_love-couple-art-drawing-zutara-1419947.jpg (540x602, 78.74K)

>>137623233Yes but specifically Ursa

Attached: 1658686278220426.jpg (960x1280, 277.69K)

>>137623218>4channers will have actual taste and make good point but laugh at my tranny ass when I start screeching about my fourth rate shipAnd?

>>137623249>Kataang is just a bad ship. instead of admitting it, bryke doubled downAnd did it very badly. Worsening the issue in first place.

>>137623249>Yet people are willfully deaf.Glad you admit your Tumblr cope convince nobody.

>>137623229Lmao this faggot actually thinks a fucking dance has anything compared to Southern Raiders, the cave scene, and the fight with Azula kill your self >>137623201Kataang is a very bad ship, mainly because it’s extremely stagnant. Aang is a weak protagonist and Katara, who is a very strong character with a lot of arcs outside of Aang, is stuck with himZutara compliments both characters. I think Azuulang works well because they’re both so autistic and different they can actually challenge each other AND be good for each other>>137623227These are very based in two ways:Aang gets the ultimate victory over the Fire Nation, literally ending Ozai’s line by fertilizing his daughter with air bender seed It’s based for Azula who finally breaks free from her father, and does so by taking the man who defeated him as her new daddy. In my experience most Azuulang stuff has lots of focus on Azula lusting for Aang cause he essentially castrated Ozai. Azula operates on power and Aang is the most powerful

>>137623048Zuko is a rich prince, go figure women just want "le edgy rich boy" but "fixed"The idea that anng isn't mature simply because he is goofy is one of the saddest interpretations of the story. Aang has the heaviest burden of all the characters and he never lets it sour him. Zuko is a fucking mommas boy and somehow you get "emotionally fullfiling" from "whiny emo cunt"His bitch leaves him after one year of marriage and takes the kid. Zuko SUCKS.

>>137623207>you're a roastie with a colonization fetish.AKA a normal person, let's be blunt

Attached: famfam.jpg (582x327, 39.16K)

>>137617413Azula was failed by herself. She took the easy way. She knew what she was doing was wrong but she didn't care. Manipulating and hurting people with clarity and enjoying it. Zuko realized what he was doing was wrong and he changed because of it. And how did Azula react to seeing Zuko's change in ideals? She hated him for it. Same with Ty Lee and Mai. People kept telling her that it was wrong and she didn't listen. She stuck to what she liked and was most comfortable with. That's all on her. I love Azula but I would never place the blame on her being evil on other people especially when they reformed while she didn't. That's her failing as a person but that's what makes her so much fun. She's evil, she knows it, and she loves it.

>>137623307>T-t-the fucking dance where they actually have chemistry and show attraction!>The episode with nothing romantic and the fight with nothing romantic where Katara steal Zuko's win is the best my ship has to offer!!!Tumblrinas are so delusional, it's hilarious. That's how bad your ship is.

>>137623281It was just a bad look. Two grown men were getting into an internet shit-flinging fight with literal 14 year old girls and mocking them from a position of power. Aang is literally them. An immature bald little manchild. But notice they don't have the courage to say the same shit about Zukka. The gay lovers would cancel them.

Attached: FHlwVfcVQAMkFS3.jpg (1000x1000, 128.48K)

>>137623233Unironically Iroh and Ursa molesting her would have helped >>137623249Aang are Bryke’s self inserts >>137623281Bryke has been doing damage control for Zutara and Kataang for years and they still haven’t recovered

>>137623325No matter how hard some cope, roasties will never be normal.>>137623311Stop arguing arguing with yourself just to shit up the thread. You're the only retard who type like that.

>>137620727>Ozai didn't give a shit about Azula either, she was just more useful.I doubt there is a person who would give a whole kingdom to someone who doesn't give a shit.

>>137623368Once again, she's useful, doesn't mean he care about her. Also he gave her the title after removing all meaning from it by literally declaring himself the king of the planet.

>>137616738She turned out exactly the way her father raised her to. Nothing went wrong except the Avatar getting in the way.

>>137621295Legible posts are not reddit

>>137622988Nope, something a bit larger

>>137623412Reddit spacing is reddit.

>>137623348Bryke have literally said they see Aang as the “nice guy” and Zuko as the “bad boy” they’re mad that girls get with. It’s so fucking embarrassing lmao. Zutara and Kataang makes more sense when you realize all the bad writing came from Bryke (who wanted Kataang) and all the good writing came from Aaron Ehaosz (who supported Katara, as did their VAs and most of the fans at the time)

>>137623341This. That one time zuko and katara were a thing was when Katara was mad at aang and Katara, being the strong momma she is, bonds with Zuko over the lost of his mother and her mother, at the hands of the same regime. It's he own maternal instinct as a empathetic healer trying to heal another dudes pain that she also shares.If anything, Katara is a heal slut. That's it. She has a thing for vulnerable men who are wounded because she lost her mom so she aspires to be the mom she had. She is a care giver and that's what she is.If you think Zuko's scars are anything like Aangs you don't know pain. Katara feeds off of that hurt. Aang is perpetual damaged in ways Zuko only wishes he could be.

>>137623390Based Firechad making Earthcucks seethe.

>>137622642Why do these supossed talented artists never make a picture that resembles the characer they're supossed to be drawing?

>>137621807Holy shit, someone really did that. Explains a lot.

>>137623364I'm a complete random and you are a moron. I love this franchise and have watched the episodes almost religiously with my family. You don't know anything about this show.

Attached: 1683895505119210.jpg (680x682, 103.79K)

>>137623381>Also he gave her the title after removing all meaning from it by literally declaring himself the king of the planetOzai: Azula, you're my heir and will rule the Fire Nation while I focus into crushing all remaining resistance in our new coloniesAzula: WHY DAD HATES ME!!

>>137623456>Earthcucks seethe.Let's be honest here, the cuck here is Aang.

>>137623491Cope harder, seething Zutarian who hasn't watched the show.

>>137623330This is why I don’t think she’s capable of redemption, she’s just written to be a villain for too long without any setup >>137623249Thank you for agreeing with me user. It’s a very well written post that helped me understanding shipping. It even helped my own writing by making me realize mistakes I was making. Also Azula’s redemption is as a baby maker. Specifically by repopulating the air nomads singlehandlely

>>137623494>Here Azula, get an empty title with no power beyond the palace while I literally reign over the world somewhere else>This is supposed to be acceptableRetard.

>>137623494> Ozai burns off Zuko’s face and exiles him after abusing him his whole life > Ozai raises Azula as his golden prodigy and names her his heir and Fire lord after he expands Fire nation to be more powerful so he creates a larger title for himself Azula and Azula fans: WAAAH AZULA HAD IT WORSE

>>137623507Nah, it's the entier Earth Kingdom.

Attached: Zuko's red kyoshi warriors2.png (720x480, 617.19K)

>>137616738>>137616928>>137622931ozai molested her

>>137623494>>137623562>Got BTFO'd on the ship shit too>Try to go back to tantruming about AzulaThis is sad.

>>137622723That's an impostor, the real Azula is on the background!

>>137623568That's very true.

>>137623542>get an empty title with no power beyond the palace while I literally reign over the world somewhere elseShe is the Heir Princess. What else she wants?

>>137623608You don't need to respond to Sokkla trash, they're even lower than Azulaang spammers.

>>137623649Actually doing shit about ruling the world instead of being reduced to vacation house-sitter?Also Azula doesn't know about being the heir or not, that's why she brought back Zuko.

>>137623666So Azula is a spoiled whiney princess bitching about nothing

>>137623534>This is why I don’t think she’s capable of redemption, she’s just written to be a villain for too long without any setupI can see her plotting some kind of revenge for years before realizing there's no point and then give up. The fire goes out of her and she spends the rest of her life somewhere seething in silence. Not a redemption but acceptance. Maybe she does see the error of her ways as an old woman, seeing the world become better for everyone. It'd be nice if she was still around and gives her perspective to Korra, kind of like how Waller does for Terry in JLU.

>>137616738derivative writing

>>137622963arent they like 14

>>137623048>Aang is not emotionally fulfillingAang literally got no real character arc in S3, that is why a lot of the ending is so weird.

>>137623685>So I'll just pretend to be retarded to evade the pointReddit isn't sending their best.

>>137623803Aang has an anti character arc. The most obvious thing to write is him letting go of Katara. But instead he gets an ass pull and everything handed to him without making any choices. That’s why he’s a weak character, and why Katara fans don’t like him cause Katara, who they identify with, is forced into loving him when it doesn’t fit either of their arcs

>>137623818>15 years>Zutarians are still impotently coping about the better canon shipMove on.

>>137623901Both are shite tbf

Izumi is Azula’s

>>137623966Based and accurate.

>>137623966Last post best post.

>>137623818>Aang has an anti character arcThis is a pretty great summary. This is why Zuko overshadowed him so hard

>>137623966As a daughter or partner? Or both?

>>137624135I’ve lost count of how many fanfics where Zuko was the avatar or where Aang wasn’t in the story at all and it was focused on politics and war between nations, says a lot about Aang

>>137624152Both, daughter then became lover with Zuko.

>>137624186Sound like Iconic Pants's fic.

>>137622802Christ I thought this was from a porn artist, the fuck is wrong with me

>>137625068Its probably from a porn artist tho. Remember they all have both sfw and nsfw art

>>137623441I don't get the "bad boy" thing. Most of the fans depict him as an awkward dork. Or even a literal theater kid. Bryke don't even understand their own character.

>>137625639From Bryke's POV, they are the same. He is that socially stunned that he thinks that Teathre Kids are the COOL Bad Boys.

>>137616738Ozai, Ursa, and Iroh were all terrible family members who should be condemned totally for the trauma they're responsible for.Azula could have been the shining gem of the fire nation but instead she became a child soldier who everyone abandoned because apparently morals only apply when it's convenient.

>>137625639You're talking to a delusional Zutara fag who's making up shit Bryke never said.

Reminder that every Azula x Zuko post is =Grey Delise samefagging.

>>137625818Based Grey shipping the good stuff.

>>137625818You have no proof it’s me posting that.

>>137616738the only member of her family that didn't hate her was a genocidal sociopath

>>137626300Zuko loves her

>>137619312Zuko's face was literally burned. She just had no one to tell her "no". Being a bad person is a flaw, regardless of your upbringing. To lie to your own blood, betray them, take gleeful satisfaction at not only their discomfort, but brutal disfigurement, and to abuse your only friends are flaws. She is not a good person, her cruelty being learned or otherwise.

>>137625818I love degenerate VAs.

>>137625639He did start off as a villain. It's just that losing a lot and getting humbled stopped him from being one. He's more of a mood and brood bad boy when he reforms.


Attached: The Composed Noblility of the Fire Nation.jpg (640x478, 26.99K)

>>137626327Not enough clearly.

>>137622150>Zuko lost everythingIroh and Ursa were babysitting him every step of the way. Ozai ignored him because he was weak.Azula had it 10x harder and had no one to support her.Make a new argument. That one is weak.

>>137616738That little brat didn't get her correction

>>137626612>had no one to support her>ozai>ty lee and mai before they turned on her>the fire nation army>the dai lee>zuko when he betrayed the gaang at the end of the second seasonAzula had a lot of support. Meanwhile Zuko got fucked over by his father, kicked out, and went into hiding as civilian. He was at his lowest point and built himself up. Azula stepped on everyone to get to the top and was the reason for her own downfall.

>>137626821>Ozai>SupportThat's a reach.

>>137626883>daddy i need a bunch of fire nation soldiers to hunt down the avatar>YES QUEEN SLAYHe gave her everything she wanted because she was out to fuck their enemies up and she was good at it.

>>137626944>Giving someone a mission is supportThat's an even bigger reach.


Attached: that's all you can say.gif (320x240, 2.09M)

>>137627044That's all you can do.

>>137622723Zutara is the wholesome kid friendly bad boy good girl healing ship This is the evil machiavellian mutual abuse evil girl questionable morals guy getting worse ship

>>137627603So both are garbage.

The Zutara talks remind me to the Light Novel where the author was so criticized for choosing the tsundere over the Aloof magical girl that he ordered his manga artist to change things so the Aloof magical girl won to good fandom reception.Really insane how a ship can change reactions.

Attached: they did it.jpg (1280x720, 84.11K)

>>137627044>>137627477this is all we are :(

>>137626821Ozai is the opposite of support. He is oppression.Don't bother replying.

>>137628043He only oppressed people that did stuff he didn't want them to do. Azula had no problem doing whatever he wanted and did stuff he didn't ask her to do that helped him. She did everything to please daddy and she was good at it. And she loved it.

>>137620799 >>137618870wdym, you werent included?

>>137628326>ywn give loli Azula all the love and attention she needs to grow up sane

>>137628326Calm down, Zuko.

>>137616738I think the bad presentation of life as an example is to blame for everything, it could be different, and this can be seen in her dark soul inside in some scenes.

Attached: AzulaMemes4 (Electric Boogaloo).jpg (2560x1707, 2.3M)

>>137629128her scar is ON THE WRONG SIDE!!

>>137628326>>137628617Grrr bratty little sister! Needs bending-removal correction!

>>137627603>kid friendly bad boy good girl healing ship Boring af + cliche +no bitches>evil machiavellian mutual abuse evil girl questionable morals guy getting worse shippls, stop advertising it, now I want to see this even more

>>137631341>Boring af + cliche +no bitchesYet everyone loves it, scrapperYou don't count as a person, of course.

>>137631582quantity != quality, sure you know it? Or do we have here another mass culture fan?


Attached: Screenshot_20230405-014712_YouTube.jpg (1054x734, 81.59K)

>>137631633Listen, scrapper. Normal people do not like incest. Only people whose fathers did a naughty touch on them as a kid are interested in incest ships. Seek therapy.

Attached: PaintedZutara_jpg.jpg (768x614, 285.02K)

So Azulafag and zukofag are trying to see who is the more abused child? You guys should do like them and have sex (with each other)

Azula is a irredimible bitch

Attached: image0.jpg (1810x2434, 1002.49K)

>>137631805Wow, thats an unhealthy amount of projection and denial. Man, if you so want to enjoy some incest shit - go ahead, I don't care, but pls don't force your likings on me.

>>137616738Nothing went wrong with her, you fucking idiot, everyone failed her not the other way around

>>137631905You are mentally unwell, incestfag. Seek therapy.

Attached: 345234980398.jpg (259x194, 6.24K)

>>137632066And again coming up with your repressed incest fetishes. Though I still have no idea why do you bring it up into Sokkla conversation.

>>137632313Incest is wrong. Heterosexuality is wholesome.

Attached: out-52-min-1024x574_png.jpg (1024x574, 361.19K)

>>137621260Azula could have been redeemed if they started to redeem her after the show, but after she's firmly become a villain in the comics, it would feel a bit jarring.

> When this war is over, you will have to birth my children. That would be the rightful punishment for killing the Airbenders.> Why not

Attached: images - 2023-06-09T104808.639.jpg (516x594, 39.27K)

>>137628617Zuko doesn’t like em young, he will wait for Azula to grow a bit.

>>137617436firebending is fueled by emotion and most firebenders used anger. since azula is a psychopath she literally used her own determination as fuel.


Attached: IMG_1948.png (1280x1920, 2.96M)

>>137633938Who can beat an ubercharged Azula?

>>137633972Air blast

>>137633938>RED>not BLUE


Attached: 1.jpg (850x1200, 164.32K)


Attached: 2.jpg (850x1200, 143.28K)


Attached: 3.jpg (850x1200, 151.04K)


Attached: 4.jpg (850x1200, 167.99K)


Attached: 5.jpg (850x1200, 164.19K)


Attached: 6.jpg (1450x2048, 323.48K)


Attached: 7.jpg (850x1200, 73.88K)


Attached: 8.jpg (2900x4096, 390.28K)


Attached: 1663080972830110.png (720x480, 412.68K)

>>137631341good always triumphs over evil

>>137634147Why couldn’t azula just admit her feelings

>>137623794Aren’t they fictional characters?

>>137623578Is it molesting if she begged him to do it?

>>137634382yeah, cause winner defines good.

FYI Azula did nothing wrongShe’s also my pure, virginal waifu who is straight but willing to try threesomes with Ty Lee and me

>>137634183>>137634242>Azula gets a heart attack Damn, that got dark quite fast

Best crackships?>azulaang>jetzula>yueko>mai-ty

>>137634739Mai and Ty-Lee make more sense than Tyzula unironically The other three seem to just have interactions where they either run from or attack each other


Attached: 1677766918482313.png (2048x2212, 2.48M)


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>>137627706thats because most tsuderes in anime so shit with very few exceptions.

>>137633938TF2 community is filled with even more degenerates than this board

>>137635759No I think it's about equal

>>137635759A decade ago sure but all thats left of tf2 is bots and the couple people who still play it before leaving after seeing all the bots.

>>137634168This comic is such the perfect encapsulation of Azula> Azula is a bad person other normal people don’t like being run > makes the only good person in her life cry and run away from her > immediately makes it about herself with her woe is me attitude. Azula fans, like Azula, have no empathy for anything other then her

>>137636025Literally playing TF2 right now, I declare you incorrect

>>137634242This is how I feel about it!

Attached: VergilProud face of a schizophrenic patient53.jpg (704x703, 38.97K)

>>137623494>>137619359I mean I can really see why he hates his kids if so many people want to see them fucking in the internet, or even the porn where his son is railing his wife

>>137636196Wrong, I relish in her tortures, it is fascinating to see how she loses herself, I just don't care about others, stop them wasting my time by killing them.

>>137619481Don't worry, she still molested Ty Lee after Ozai's dickings.

>>137636866Zuko being bigger than his father might explain some things..

Neglectful parents

>>137622920You lay on the ground? Kinda makes you look like a retard mate

>>137638175I don't have the strength to take it anymore. Let nothingness take over my mind.


>>137638454It's not likw you used it too much to begin with dum-dum

>>137638774I am so tired...

>>137639118Take a nap then

>>137623233fire apology nation tour?

>>137631805Cope, Zucest reign supreme yet again.

>>137632066You are coping, Zutaranigger, get a better ship.>>137634569Calm down Zuko.>>137634739They are all shit.


>>137640389for what?The Earth Kingdom waged war on both the fire nation and themselves for thousands of years, all Kyoshi did her whole life was deal with one warlord after another and the only way she found to stop the violence was literally to cut off an Island sized chunk of land and make it it's own territory. Constant conflict is intrinsic to the Earth Kingdom.Fire Nation just fought better than any Earth kingdom army on the Earth kingdoms own turf. Not only that but the Fire nation didn't lose, the Avatar deposed the Lord and the next Lord didn't want a war. The fact that the moment the Earth King tried to march in to the colonial territories the Fire army was ready to push them out proves that. Fire nation didn't lose, they got called off.Also, if Zuko hadn't helped the Gaang then Ozia would have succeeded in burning down most of the Earth kingdom.

Attached: EauX_96WkAAFasL.jpg (828x828, 43.37K)

>>137640906Kuvira did nothing wrongSozin did nothing wrong

>>137641120Kuvira was just trying to bait a Firechad into taking her.

>>137641138It seems to be the kind of shit a fire nation guy would be into (except that pussy of a boi Azula maked out with on ember island, getting his daddy's beachhouse set on fire wasnt enough)

>>137634242This guy did bith big tiddy and scorched katara porn btw

>>137640906why is he so angry at suki

>>137642518She hasn’t put out for a while and has been needing to use his onahole sister.

>>137643029>Suki's been SCORCHED since the Kyoshi episodeBased

Azula redemption would be Aang taking her bending away and Zuko and Ursa visiting her in mental ward for a few years.

>>137623803>>137623818Aang is 12, it makes sense that he thinks Katara is pretty, nice, wants to hold hands and peck. That's all a 12 year old wants.Katara is at the age where she wants a guy to finger her.That's the only thing wrong with their relationship.

Azula redemption would be Aang taking her bending away then Zuko supporting and taking care of her and also fucking her for 3 years straight until she is a happy loving mother.


>>137640906I also want to point out that entire Iroh story is about stoping fire nation war machine from devouring itself by making a right candidate aka Zuko

>>137619481>not being gayWhy can't she be bisexual?

>>137643563Artist got a pixiv, I was trying to find itfiles.catbox.moe/mlzhha.jpg


>>137618870Can I have a turn with Green's mom?

>>137643745So basically Azula is a Homelander who has plenty of strength to hide her pain

I hate incestfags so much

>>137643441I wanted a guy to finger me when I was 12

>>137616738She wanted attention.



Attached: 1686379027514921.gif (500x375, 785.09K)

>>137616738She got blacked.

>>137646030she looks quite pale to me though


Attached: Azula.png (1727x1264, 2.79M)

>>137645485I agree completely


Little brothers belong to their older sisters.

>>137646839Azula is a younger sister

>>137646030Black people don't exist in AtLA. The closest you get is water tribe

>>137646903Pretty sure Zuzu is the youngest.

>>137647007Nope. Zuko is 16 and Azula is 14.

>>137634471yes you jewish troglodyte

>>137646760Best Azula

Attached: EiyFNoiVoAAvZuS.jpg (1536x2048, 186.72K)

What the FUCK were they thinking when they animated this scene?

Attached: 1686402888299.jpg (393x485, 47.75K)

No seriously what the FUCK is this frame? How was this aired?

Attached: 1686403478742.png (446x538, 209.04K)

>>137622943i need the sauce of that image in the middle wtf

>>137648118Artist is Koshio

Attached: 1662793365959366.jpg (1920x1644, 418.73K)

>>137623441I'm not much of a shipper, but it would be pretty mean to cuck the main character.

>>137648329Literal life saver man. Thanks a bunch

>>137645519Yeah, finger your ass faggot


>>137616738Not enough dicking. If her brother paid her "attention" she wouldn't be as bad, but he was to busy burying his face in the ample breast of his mom. Can't blame him.

>>137649447TBF, Ursa could've given her cunny more attention instead of favoring the shota.


>>137647079Alt world where Ozai hqd too much water puasy


>>137650897You're welcome!

>>137623794Where are you hypermoralized retards coming from? No one cared just a few years ago.

>>137616738>>137616904I blame myself, even though it really isn't my fault.

>>137617337BUT IS HE WRONG??

>>137651031Gen Z started turning puritanical as they aged and the next generation is taking that to the nth degree so they can feel outraged all the time.

>>137647852Incest seduction.

>>137651100Not wrong in the slightest. Kid is sexy as fuck.

the only "correction" for azula is having her face smashed inthere is no way she can be fixed, she needs to be put down like a wild animal

Attached: fmly1mo60lg21.jpg (443x455, 33.43K)

>>137651372You know when her uncle unironically said that, I really started to hate him.

>>137648329I can fix her.

Attached: __azula_avatar_legends_and_1_more_drawn_by_zarory__sample-a3770b8bd97a76e233c03a80761690d2.jpg (850x1179, 230.07K)

>>137651266Dubs of truth.

>>137650290>Halfbreed Azula grows up with a big brother fetish and a raceplay fetish.>She wants wants Zuko to scorch her like Ozai did her Water Tribe mother.

Attached: cdgaowjjdhia1.jpg (640x640, 73.26K)

>>137651454Fix her? Why?

Attached: 1663741537242968.jpg (1525x2160, 898.06K)

>>137651537Man do I love this wish it was real.

>>137651454Calm down, Zuko.>>137651537Based

>>137648329>>137651454>You will never be the competent #1 henchman she eventually confides in>You will never serve her even more intimate in the night only for her to barely acknowledge you during the day except for the most subtle of gestures>You will never be the one rock of consistency for her when everything turns to shit and you both have to flee the Firenation>You will never plot and fight to eventually get her on her rightful throne, with you standing right next to her as her ever loyal servantWhy even live.

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>>137651100Not really, she's a firebender

>>137652086You'll live to see her fuck her brother.

>>137652086Wasn't there a vn that's just this

>>137652193In that case I'm gonna need a source

>>137651537God everything about this post from the pic to the shitty greentext is disgusting

>>137652325The one time Scrapper was not a fag


>>137652160In that case to have to fuck him too to assert my dominance in the bedroom.

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>>137652491No you cope, mutt. Azula will always be light skinned pure blooded perfection and you will forever be a mystery meat American

>>137652536Gay. Azula won't tolerate homos, you're fired.

>>137652554And she'll always bounce up and down Zuko's dick and you'll always impotently seethe about it.

>>137621257Tell that to Rome, retardo.

>>137652267I'm trying to look but all search results just lead to Four Elements trainer which isn't it. Seems to be buried.

Attached: azula_06c (1).jpg (1280x1679, 185.47K)

>>137652582*in your headDon't forget that important asterisk

>>137652554Why are so obsessed about an incestuous teenage girl?

>>137652654In reality*Sorry you were too impotently mad at Azula's scream of pleasure while having sex with Zuko to use the comma properly.>>137652603I told them and they said 'We know, everything went to shit when we tried to stop'.

>>137652630A shame, thank you regardless.Though Four Element Trainer always bugged me that the love route had to be as Zuko instead of the rando for the slave route.

>>137652689Four Element Trainer filtering faggots yet again!

>>137652689Try asking on /aco/, they have a thread dedicated to Western Hentai games last I checked

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>>137652689>When even a porn game knows Azula can only love her brother

>>137652703Oh please, all incestfags are just Zuko inserters that project all their daddy issues and teen angst on him.

>>137652745Sound like a cope on your part to me because everyone can see Azula is better with Zuko than with your self insert.

>>137652745>t. can only engage with a story through self insertion and project that onto others

>>137652689It was only ever going to be Zuko for the love route.

>>137651537 Since Zuko is a 'pure' royal she would want him to fully cleanse the bloodline?

>>137652799That's actually a cool idea

>>137652659>>137652682Incestfags truly have brain damage. None of their shitty fantasies will ever come true and yet they push them still

>>137653051>Trying to change the subjectShe's still pumping up and down her brother's dick, you know.

>>137653051Even Grey knows the truth.youtube.com/watch?v=_tDUHxWnRa0#t=39m47s

>>137651372Thanks uncle Iroh

>>137652814>As my most... closest to pure blood, your duties entail a more.. hands on approach, brother dearest. Simply put; I require a strong heir. More than that. A stronger bloodline. Our family could reach even greater heights! As my.. partner, brother and righteous Firelord. Bed me. Mate with me so our reign will never again be challenged by such weak chattel~! Breed this water tribe slut, Zu-Zu!

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>>137653356Need more of that.


>>137653356Would need her to debase herself more.

>>137653356Fuck yeah this rocks.

>>137653136Grey also supported Tyzula, what's your fucking point

>>137651253puriteens are terrorizing the internet and conducting harassment brigades on people violating decency, like writing stories about agegap couples. On the one hand, its horrifying. On the other, i wish them luck.

>>137654085Based Grey having an orientation play kink, both Ty-Lee and Azula probably kissed passionatrly during their honeymoon within the enormous detail of Zuko's meat pillar of flesh being in-between both girls lips

>>137654085She is a based Fire Foursome supporter.

>>137654161>>137654182Lay off the porn, anons

>>137654208It's been 16 years. You know very well that we've discussed everything there is about the show. The porn is all we've got left.

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>>137654270How old is this girl? Asking for my wife's 15 year old son who thought she was cute.

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>>137654085>>137654208Cope harder>>137654161Based

>>137654452That's Netflix's Azula. I think, they all look the same to me.

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>>137654510I think that's the Ty Lee actress.

>>137654832Could be. I didn't label the pics.

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>>137653136>Azula's VA is one of usnice.


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>>137653356>After a night of teasing on Ember Island, Zuko finally throws his half-breed sister onto her bed and fucks the shit out of her.>Azula at first tries to control herself so Mai and Ty Lee don't hear, but she gives up and just keeps moaning "Bleach me, bleach me!" as if she wants her dirty mixed lineage fucked clean out of her.

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>>137616738Fuck Uncle Iroh and his gay ass nephew

Azula gave me a femdom fetish

>>137655964Azula knowing her place(below her brother)


>>137653356>>137653511I like to think outdoors her water tribe blood is a sensitive matter to her but when her brother is railing her tight, brown pussy she fully dephiles herself for him.

>>137645485I hate you too, tripfag.

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Imagine how her torso would feel in your hands... imagine how tight she is, she could probably clamp it right off... imagine her strong hips grinding back and forth... imagine her firm back and shoulders... imagine that little divot in her lower back... imagine digging your thumb into the flesh just below her scapula, causing her to arch her back... imagine holding her thoracolumbar fascia down against the bed, cupping the top of gluteus maximus with your pinkies, as she arches back to kiss you upside down...

Attached: 1686443152347.jpg (739x415, 23.2K)

>>137658787I think she would be an awkward dead fish in bed really and probably cry. Has no idea how to react to affection.

>>137658877Honestly sounds cute, her not knowing how to act during sex but also wanting to act cute and sexy in bed, ultimately failing.

>>137659401Spooning in bed would work perfectly for her.

>>137654510>That's Netflix's Azula.Is this shit actually getting made?

Would you?

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>>137623818Probably because Aang was limited so hard by Avatar being an upbeat kids show, you can't do any deep dives on his backstory and how it affects him because its a kids show and you can't have him kill Ozai in the end because its a kids show

>>137661270holy fuck my cock

>>137616738She is a psycho and nothing will ever fix her and sbe should just be put down.

>>137661270100% I would

>>137661688congrats my nigga

>>137617413Her mother wouldn't fear her if she wasn't crazy in the first place. Uncle sent her gifts and she just didn't like them. He was turned off from her when he sae her smiling as Zuko's face was burned off. She might have been able to make friends if she wasn't a psycho. It is all her fault.

>>137661270Im not Zuko so no.

>>137661270I would, but I'd fear that she would kill me.

>>137661270you just know

>>137662488worth it

>>137653356noice, greentexts like these are sort-off lacking lately

>>137656129>>137651537>>137647079 fookin 'ell why dont these artists dedicate to porn?