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New episode tonight. It's about spitballing.

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>>137616157I'm here


I'm hoping this thread fills up later

>>137616536Well, who's excited for the new episode?

>>137617090I am. The live action show has been surprisingly good for the most part. I think I'm enjoying it more than the actual cartoon lately

>>137616536Not Holla Forums, post pics from the cartoon!

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>>137617199We're treating it as an extension of the cartoon.

DA are you there?

>>137619065District attorney? What is your county?

>>137615211>spitballingSpitting chewed up paper, exchanging ideas or the pornagraphic term?

>>137619398I think the middle one.

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Cute mixed race couple

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>>137619766just making sure you were here for the new episode

>>137619766are ya writing son


>>137619903Not the biggest fan of Lincoln and Clyde eps, but yeah.>>137619913A little.

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>>137619808Lola belongs to Lincoln.

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>>137615211I wonder how many producer's dicks that real human actor had to deal with to get to be in that show

how much time until the episode?

>>137620325Dan isn't working on the show so less than the usual amount

>>137620329An hour.

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Ten minutes!

>>137615211Ah yes, the actual pedophile show

That song isnt nearly as annoying as the fenton one was atleast

stacy and macy are such bitches

Leakanon, do you have any Lori- and/or Bobby-related leaks?

I think this episode was great!

Mr.Lord's predicament reminds me of the Crazy Bus song from Arthur


>>137621879He has as much sex as one.


That episode was alright. Interesting to see Lincoln not so driven on his school stuff, compared to animated version, and very invested that spit ball thing. Nice use of Liam and Rusty too. Lynn Sr's plot was good too, simple and effective. Rita's plan was great at the end.

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Anyone got the link for the episode yet? I would like to rewatch it after viewing the premiere of 'Hailey's On It!'.

>>137622108Wasnt bad, pretty decent

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Guys I missed the premiere. I only caught it halfway through but l didn't want to watch it that way and ruin my experience. Is there any kind samaritan brother that can spare a download?

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>>137623272There's supposed to be one soon.

>>137623287I sure hope so. Would really appreciate it.

New promo!

>>137615211Has Lori farted in this yet?

>>137623718No, not even her shoes.

>>137623588So next week really is Home Is Where the Hero Is, the episode after No Louds Allowed.

>>137623809they referenced it in this episode

>>137623839>itWhat?>this episodeWhich?

>>137623718Jesus Christ, man.

>>137615211SPITROASTING?!?!?!Oh my!

Any telegram invite?

Can I have the link for the new TRLH episode plz?

>>137623718Has anyone farted in this yet?

>>137624272the next episode in this one during the dream sequence

>>137624384be patient

Any good Lola moments is this last batch of episodes?

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This was posted five days

>>137625146Neat. Thanks, man, I hadn't seen that. I wish Nick would post that type of stuff in The Loud House channel too instead of just the Nick channel.

New episode

>>137625253I thought the episodes were going to keep coming once a week like in the first half. I actually plan around for them in my personal schedule so that's pretty good info.

Does anyone have the Casagrandes Movie leaks? It looks like Viacom nuked all the links.

>>137625455i remember that was an user that tried to put them on the web archive, he fucked up by labeling it "THE CASAGRANDES MOVIE", like no shit that was gonna get dmca he didnt try being subtle about it

>>137625146i hate missing stuff, keep us up to date

>>137625146i really have no idea why Annaka doesn't use her natural voice for lynn, like it sounds fine

>>137625736You think she's trying to imitate Jessica DiCicco?

>>137625253We already know.>>137625323It's still like the first half. There is even the promo of next week's episode (>>137623588).>>137625455Did you use the Litterbox links? They're temporary.

Does anyone have the full version of The Princess and the Everlasting Emerald (there is no new footage, I just want it for preservation's sake)?

>>137625736sounds too soft for Lynn although a happy medium between that and her Lynn voice would be perfect

Go back to /trash/

>>137627266Fuck off, man.

>>137625736The original Lynn had the perfect look and the perfect natural voice. She sounded just like Lynn without even trying, I was surprised she was such an exact look-and-voice match. Unfortunately she had poor timing and little screen presence. It worked when she was one on one with Lincoln's actor but in the big family scenes she'd always get washed away and just wasn't as sharp as the rest. It's interesting she has so many commonalities with Lynn, as I understand she's an athlete and a pretty good one, did well in a statewide volleyball tournament and comes from a family of jocks. Personality wise she is Lynn's exact opposite though, which is interesting. When I saw her on the red carpet premiere for TLHC and the media interviews near release I coudln't recognize her. It looked like a real life version of one of those bimbofication comics, she suddenly had long blonde hair, pastel witchnails, a tan, artificial eyelashes, the fucking works.Annaka isn't as close physically and way not as close vocally but she does have screen presence and timing I will admit. I think she should make her voice half as gruff though.

>>137627266Loud House threads are dead on /trash/ because some schizo nutcase keeps derailing them.

>>137626091>>137627212It only bugs me because it sounds like its a strain on her voice to do>>137627410Pretty sure she was also doing that to her voice like Annaka is just to a lesser extent. I agree halfing the gruffness atleast would help

>>137625146The actresses are really passionate about their roles and most of them do seem to correlate to the sister they interpret so good call on the casting team, I specially applaud Brian and Sophia for being and acting the exact same as their characters down to an almost spiritual level, it's also nice to know that they get along with each other (althought that part and the "favorite episode" part looked more scripted).The only part that felt weird to me is that nobody seems to have anything good to say about Wolfgang, why wasn't he present in the interview anyway?

>>137627676Yeah, I mean, why didn't we have Wolfgang and Jahzir?

>>137627266if the schizo offs himself we'll go back

>>137627676I remember the Allan twins and Dora Dolphin gushing about Wolfgang during the press tour for ALHC. According to Eva Carlton and Catherine Bradley though the dude HATES social media and will literally run away if someone pulls out their smartphone to start recording, which is a shame. Nevertheless there is a video where I guess he didn't know he was being filmed that Lily's mom uploaded where he was enthusiastically playing pretend chef with Lily backstage, had his back to the camera. Cute. I know a lot of the cast do hang out together off work which is pretty cool. It's goofy but for some reason you like knowing the actors are IRL friends, isn't it?

>>137627729Busy shooting?>>137627872>According to Eva Carlton and Catherine Bradley though the dude HATES social media and will literally run away if someone pulls out their smartphone to start recordingwhere they say that?

>>137627926Well, they're not shooting now.>>137627872They're kids.

Anyone have the episode yet?

>>137628187so in a comment section



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>>137629248Thank you! I really appreciate it! I'm pretty tired so I think I'll save it for tomorrow since I do regard this show and I like to be in good condition when I watch it so I can get everything I can out of it.


>>137629370Oh and of course my review to follow then.

>>137627266If the mods take care of the schizo we can happily go backIn the meantime we are not doing anything wrong here

>>137627418>>137627753>>137631366How hard is it to report, hide, or ignore one guy?

>>137631483It’s impossible for Loud House autists to do anything logical or productive


>>137631483That was the problem user, it was reported multiple times, and mods banned him at first, but then got tired and let him>hide, or ignore one guy?We did that too, but the guy was actively avoiding the filters, eating the bump limit, spamming walls of text and youtube linksIf you can se that as a real problem then you are the schizo, a troll or just dumb

>>137629248Nice, gracias

>>137632319If you can't see that*

>>137632319So your solution is to just give up? You sound like a pussy.

>>137632319If I was Kurt, I’d go on a retarded rant about race, IQ, and other retarded shit, so I’m obviously not him. I just genuinely don’t understand how you can’t just hide his posts, or call the police on him. He’s already posted his information multiple times, and threatened to murder people in the /tlhg/ threads, so it’s worth a shot.

>>137631483because /trash/ moderation is so dogshit his blogposts technically don't break the rules. The jannies only banned him because he doxxed a family member and started making illegal threats like wanting to commit mass shootings or doing horrible things to children. Banning him doesn't work because he keeps spending his money on passes to evade. Where does he get the money, I don't know.

>>137633311Then you are a troll or dumb

>>137633254We are not coming back schizo, die alone

>>137633607It has to run out eventually.

>>137633708I’m asking a genuine question.

>>137633607He didn’t even post much during the last trash thread. If anything, the spammer was more annoying than Kurt and Owlie, since he nukes two threads in a row for no reason.

>>137633254He can't function without it. We're hurting him and still having a gay ol' time here in Holla Forums.

>>137634229I didn't even know people were still making trash threads>>137634343He still tries to come here every now and again, but thankfully he gets banned almost immediately

>>137634373They keep dying because most people have enough sense to avoid them

>>137634400Not surprising

>>137633607His investments?

>>137615211I haven't seen this show yet. Is it really that good, or is it just one or two people shilling it? I just don't see how much discussion it can bring.

>>137634435It's different enough from the cartoon to spark interest.

>>137634179That kind of people are in a goldilocks zone, they are annoying enough to make others avoid them, but at the same time they are still just poor losers not worth the time of 4chan posters

Anyway, what do you guys think about the episode?


>>137635190It was decent


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>>137636801Unironically her best look. There needs to be more episodes with her normie outfit

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>>137636991I wish the live action show would acknowledge that look

>>137634435I personally am enjoying it moreso than the cartooon's recent episodes and look forward to every one, i would say its good>>137636991it bugs me that pigslut is still grey skinned>>137637099someone good enough with photoshop could probably make an edit

>>137637176Because it's Lucy's natural skin.

>>137637444just put her out in the sun for a bit

Poor girl, will Lincoln ever accept her feelings?

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>>137637176>it bugs me that pigslut is still grey skinnedTanned gyaru Luce when?

>>137638518>gyaru Lucyfuck that's such a good idea. why hasn't anyone else thought of it

>>137639481Is this ironic? Pigslut Lucy is old news.

>>137640404Can't people just stop thinking with their dicks?

Just got done with the episode. You know, I always try to be pretty straight and honest, so I'll just state it plain that I didn't like it. In fact this is probably my least favorite episode of the series and though it did have cool parts to it and was well acted and fairly well directed in general (thank goodness those fast acting issues from the first three episodes have gotten worked out), I just didn't think there was enough there for me plotwise. I mean the premise itself is a classic: you're worried your best buddy is outgrowing you and that he's gonna leave you behind. That's a classic plot with a lot of pathos built right into it, it's a feeling everyone can relate to and I think drawing from those well-mapped emotional mines is generally a good idea for this type of show. And admittedly it did do a lot of new things and showed us a lot of new places and characters, plus that big twenty kid choreographed mock war between Lincoln's class with all the physical stunts, you have to give it credit for its ambition at least and the production. The school set was impressive. I was even surprised they brought up continuinity and used just the show's, not the cartoon's. That was an interesting way to go.

>>137641498But overall, for me, I just didn't feel it ever came together in a truly satisfying way. I found the b-plot with Lynn fighting to get the song out of his head more interesting. I did like that Lincoln was revealed at the end to be as smart as Clyde, because we know he is, but the journey to get there, I feel like a lot of things ended up being too lightly implied and in a kid's show that's just giving the watcher too much work to do. Like, I think their intention was to show that the reason Clyde is more booksmart than Lincoln is because he's got his parents in his ear secretely educating him during all his time at home, but if they'd had a paired scene featuring Lincoln having to use all his mental energy just navigating the chaos of his house to contrast, nevermind boning up on his synonyms, that would have made it more obvious and ultimately more satisfying. It would have brought the nature vs nurture aspect into it which would have given it an interesting extra dimensionality without being too grim about it.As well, Lincoln felt a bit of a dick to his friends when he was doing the moonwalk on their dumb taking-remedial-english-asses, and although you can say he got what was coming to him for that by getting made fun of by the kindergarteners, it was just a baffling situation for him to be in to begin with. Like, I expected he was going to be busted down to kindergarten because they found the spitball blueprints, like it was was gonna be a punishment. Him fucking up the test that bad the second time when he seemed to do fine the first time when Clyde observed he wasn't taking it seriously was odd. I feel like there had to be a reason for that and I think maybe at one point that was what the sick scene was about, like it was gonna turn out he was running a low grade fever or something.

>>137641516As for the spitball war, it's probably the most ambitious thing's the show's ever done apart from the festival concert where they dressed like the Osmonds, but while that was great and very Loud House, this felt like it could have been about any rando show about schoolkids, like Ned's Declassified. In fact, this whole episode was REAL Ned's Declassified if you know what I mean, and while a lot of people feel that was a great live action kid's show and they're probably right, I'd still prefer The Real Loud House if I can get it.All the practical sets, props, costumes, lighting, action etc. looked really good but the few bits of CGI they had looked really cheap. The computer generated spitballs and stuff. I remember that being an issue as well in the Christmas movie where all of it looked pretty great and it even had a cool chase scene through the woods, the street, and the mall as a climax that only used practical effects, but then that last scene of them sliding down the snow was CGI and it didn't look nearly as good. I'd just avoid the CGI whenever possible. Play to your strengths which is lighting, set design, costumes and practical effects. I mean look how good the sequence in Ro-Bro in the laser tag bit looked by comparison. Of course that was easier to film, it was indoors, involved fewer characters etc. but heck like I said, play to your strengths.

Favorite sister

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>>137641532It's hard for me to place for me exactly where I felt this episode went wrong. Harold and Howard were charming and funny enough, they usually are. Lincoln was the buttmonkey for most of it which while I don't like I can at least deal with if the rest of the story is good, which I didn't feel it was here. I don't even dislike Clyde generally speaking (though would prefer he got less screentime and plots in favor of the sisters). And the moral message at the end about being loyal to your friends is a good one. But I don't know. For me, something about it didn't land. I don't think I'll be rewatching this one but I'll be curious to read others' thoughts on it. Also, again: two sightings of licensed music in this episode. I was talking about how they do this kind of thing last thread. I looked for them in the credits sequence but they weren't listed. But I know the rock song on the radio Lynn Sr. was using to drown out the music in his head is a real song and the song Lola was dancing to is iconic Cindy Lauper megahit 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun'. I've noticed these producers are really into the 80s.

>>137641516Well, you know, I think they're operating under the assumption that you kinda know these characters already.

>>137641553I heard the former was a Bryan Adams song.

>>137641544Where're the other three?

>>137641569Maybe, but if that's the case, I know the characters and I'd expect Lincoln to breeze through that test, or at least not flunk it hard enough it gets him sent back a grade, that was absurd. If he was distracted or sick or something that's one thing, I can buy that, but how on earth am I to take them playing that straight? Even if it's your belief that as a character he's not as smart as he thinks he is, he's never once been shown to be a dummy or struggling at school, hell we've seen his buddies ask him for test answers before with high confidence he knows (when Liam gives Lincoln's answer and immediately adds that if he's wrong they can flunk him). Like I said, I have a strong feeling the scene with him in the nurse's office was originally to show he had something else going on with him but perhaps they condensed it because they had too much stuff going on and needed to simplify the story. I'd say have the spitball war offscreen and maybe just imply it and use that time and a few cuts here and there during Clyde's BETR scenes to add the fever thing in. But I guess they thought maybe the kids needed the spectacle of the full blown spitball war as a payoff.

>>137641728I'm pretty sure he has more on street smarts compared to Clyde's book smarts.

>>137617199Capeshit movies that are live action are allowed up, I’m not sure how this is any different

>>137641841Fair, I guess they (and this) are allowed because their source material is Holla Forums

>>137634435I always qualify my words on it pretty carefully because I don't want to give anons the impression it's Pete and Pete or some other legendary-type thing. At the end of the day it is a modern kid's show with everything that entails, but it's honestly pretty well made and as a live action adaptation of The Loud House it is excellent, which is in particular what gives it a real halo right now since other recent live action adaptations of cartoons and comics have become so blisteringly terrible. I'll say it like this, it is definitely better than every live action show Disney is making right now, that is for fucking sure. I realize that is not a high bar but it has enough going for it that it makes me glad I'm a fan of The Loud House and not some of these other things that have recieved such a brutal treatment.

>>137641585Damn, Bryan Adams isn't small potatos either.




OK, here's my review.I watched the new episode yesterday."Better Together" was pretty fun.Lincoln and Clyde are beta testing their spitball machine, the Infinite Spitball Super Cyclone 5000 for the spitball war against Rusty and Liam. It goes awry. It causes a mess and fails to hit its targets, so Lincoln suggests going to the dump, where he can get a hydro pump from a jet ski he found. But Clyde hears his dads honking the car outside; they're picking him up for study time. Lincoln tells us that Harold and Howard are trying to get Clyde to join the Bright, Exceptional, Talented, and Remarkable Program at school, or BETR, and they're drilling him frequently to ensure he gets as much knowledge as he can. At home, Lynn Sr. is taking care of Lily, who's having a cough. She wants to watch 'Johnny Rabbit' (hey, another rabbit theme) on her tablet. He thinks it would work, so he plays one of their songs, "Little Baby Bunny". It's catchy. Unfortunately, she keeps asking him to play it over and over again, for two hours before she falls asleep.By then, it has become an earworm in his head, and when he complains about it to Rita, she chastises him for being spineless. It's demonstrated by Leni asking to borrow money: Rita immediately refuses before Lynn Sr. caves. At school, Rusty, Liam, Lincoln, and Clyde boast about their plans for the upcoming spitball war, with Liam gathering donkey saliva. Mr. Bolhofner calls on them to come in for the BETR examinations, while Clyde accidentally drops the blueprint for the Cyclone. Clyde focuses on the exam, while Lincoln is distracted by his planning for the Cyclone and spitballs). After deciding to troll the students with a silent fart (disgusting), he declares the fifteen-minute mark, Lincoln realizes his situation. Meanwhile, Lynn Sr. arrives home in Vanzilla, playing what I heard was a Bryan Adams song. When he turns off the radio, "Little Baby Bunny" rings out in his head.

>>137643713He turns the radio on and off again, and yet the song is still stuck there.When the test concluded, Lincoln was only able to answer ten out of 120 questions. Clyde finds that the blueprint is missing, but gets sidetracked by Principal Ramirez paging him. Everyone thinks he's in trouble, not helped by his dads' presence. But it turns out to be a celebration: he's been accepted into BETR! He tells Lincoln about it, as he apparently got the second-highest marks on his test, and the mayor intends to meet him. Lincoln wants to work on some new plans, but Clyde has to go to new classes, such as applied molecular dynamics. At home, Lynn Sr. is offering Leni, Luan, Lucy, and the twins one week without chores to "knock this song out of my head", prompting Lana to throw a ball at him. It doesn't work, and when he asks for more ideas, more balls hit him. Clyde arrives at the Loud House to find Linc all scratched up. He'd been waiting two hours because Clyde had a virtual field trip to Egypt. Meanwhile, Lincoln was chased by a Doberman at the dump and had to sit on a totaled Subaru.A frustrated Lincoln demands that he just drop the program, but Clyde suggests that he take another shot at joining it instead, since he is also very smart. He takes the test again, and later, he gloats at Rusty and Liam over it. When called to the principal's office, he expects to enter the program, saying to them, "As the French say, hasta luego." Upon arrival and sight of his parents, however, Principal Ramirez tells him that he's being dropped a grade. It comes as a shock to him as Lynn Sr. starts hearing the song again. And somehow he's still in middle school rather than being sent back to elementary school. Two of his new classmates, Stacy and Macy, mock him for that in class. He really beefs it in the lesson on decimals. Meanwhile, Clyde gets the opportunity to talk to an astronaut before his teacher, Dr. Forest Harlow, announces the charcuterie.

>>137643744He makes banter with his new classmate Wainwright about it. Dr. Harlow is absolutely delighted by Clyde.At home, Lynn Sr. offers the girls cash, which he was planning to use to buy Rita diamond earrings. When she hears about it, she takes it as a challenge. The girls try different tactics. Lola tries drowning it with ribbons and Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Want To Have Fun", Leni suggests making his mind a complete blank, Luan tries some jokes, Lana tackles him from the fridge, and Lucy tries outright demonic rituals. Clearly, none of them work (and I'm pretty sure the demonic summoning could just as easily be Lynn Sr.'s mind starting to fall apart). At school, Lincoln has to fall in line in the halls as Clyde and "the Betters" proceed through it. When they see each other, Lincoln explains that he basically choked on the test and that they still need plans, but Wainwright tells Clyde not to associate with him or give him money (because he'll just use it for candy – ouch). He gets checked up at the clinic by Mr. Bolhofner, and says he's been having a rough time and that he'll lie down.He ends up napping and having a dream where he's a janitor for Clyde, now a CEO who doesn't remember him at all. When Lincoln encounters him and tells him about the things they did together (including one that we'll see in next week's episode), he doesn't recognize or remember him, and proceeds to have him fired. He wakes up and runs to Clyde. He asks him to leave the program, telling him about his nightmare to take part in the spitball war, but he doesn't follow, and Wainwright tells him that Clyde will do nothing as fatuous as that. Clyde defines that term for Lincoln. He also admits that he sees Wainwright's point. He promptly denounces them all as fatuous and leaves, but not before he samples their tiny pickles. He suits up and disposes of the Cyclone unit for Clyde when he is hit by a spitball.

>>137643769Rusty and Liam have fired the first shot of the spitball war, and all hell breaks loose outside. Meanwhile, Dr. Harlow asks his class what Mark Anthony proclaimed at the of his best friend Julius Caesar before the battle of Philippi.Clyde sees Lincoln surrounded by the other kids struggling when the teacher calls on him. Realizing what he has to do, he declares, "Clincoln McLoud will always endure!" He tells Dr. Harlow he can't let Lincoln get his butt kicked. He proceeds to make his way out, but not before giving the answer: "Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war." Dr. Harlow is delighted. As the battle rages, Liam is about to take him down with a big wad when Clyde comes to the rescue! Clad in the Cyclone, the two fire it up and quickly clear the field, leaving only the four boys. Liam and Rusty quickly flee, and Clincoln McLoud celebrates their victory, only to be cut by Mr. Bolhofner, as a spitball had hit him. They're sent to the principal's office. Lincoln says that he'll take responsibility for everything. Principal Ramirez and Dr. Harlow go in the room with one of the units. Linc tries to take the blame, but Clyde elects to share blame. Thing is, Dr. Harlow is absolutely amazed with the Cyclone, calling it "a marvel of modern engineering"!They're about to leave when he proposes they lead a new program: the Brilliant Engineers, Scientists, and Technicians, or BEST. The two decline, saying they only made it to have fun, and leave. However, Lincoln comes back to ask if joining could get him those tiny pickles, causing Clyde to drag him away. Later that night, Lynn Sr. is still hit by the song. Suddenly, he stops hearing it and turns to find Johnny Rabbit lying on his bed. He begs him to stop, but he says that the song isn't in his head anymore! He's free at last! Relieved that he'll never hear it again, he falls asleep. Johnny takes off his head and "he" is revealed to be Rita, swearing that she will get those damned diamond earrings.

>>137643801This was a pretty good episode. Much of it is more of the run of the mill Clincoln McLoud episodes the show uses. It's paired with the theme of friends drifting away, something we've seen quite a lot in the franchise. Perhaps the most dramatic part was how Linc imagined Clyde completely forgetting him in adulthood, which was something poignant. I know shows like 'Amphibia' spent quite a lot of time on this, so I do think there's merit in going through this. For slice-of-life cartoons in 'TLH''s mold, 'Craig of the Creek' did something quite similar on a hypothetical basis. Speaking of, Lincoln and Clyde making a spitball machine is something that could have just as easily fit in the environment of the Creek as it would at Royal Woods Middle School without stretching the imagination. The logic is sound. The only flaw is the matter of Lincoln being sent down a grade. Isn't he supposed to be in the 6th grade? Wouldn't he be sent back to elementary school? That was a poor oversight that could be fixed easily and made much more sense.Characterization is top-notch. We get to see the difference between Lincoln and Clyde's kinds of intelligence, although you kinda have to read between the lines for the former. I know some would rather have seen a direct comparison. Your mileage may vary, but you can tell that Lincoln generally has stronger people skills compared to Clyde's intellectual prowess. Rusty and Liam get a nice friendly rivalry that gives it a bit of an edge that was pretty exciting. Other characters like Wainwright, Stacy and Macy (despite the flawed implementation), Mr. Bolhofner, Principal Ramirez, and Dr. Harlow all have very fun moments that definitely make for some highlights with their interactions. Finally, the spitball war was quite a thrill to watch. The movement of the various characters was perhaps the highlight of the episode, with all sorts of stunts and general mayhem that shows the playfulness of the kids at school.

>>137643837Again, it could fit in shows like 'Craig of the Creek' or 'Clarence'. I hear that the CGI could use a bit of work, though.More discerning viewers would likely prefer the simple B-plot of Lynn Sr. dealing with the earworm. There was plenty of humor and jokes that would delight the viewer, carried by Brian Stepanek's comedic skills. The interactions with the other Louds, from Leni to Lily to Rita make for some fun moments for kids and adults alike. The usage of Bryan Adams and Cyndi Lauper was the highlight of those portions of the episode. How these famous singers failed to displace a children's song from someone's head would make for hilarious water cooler conversations. And of course, each moment went without a hitch. Virtually every single scene was perfectly executed with realistic logic that's a trademark of the franchise. And they all serve to provide heft to the plot and give the viewer laughs. Even Lucy's ritual approach could easily be rationalized as Lynn Sr. starting to become mad from the song, combined with his own hysteria. My nitpick is that Lana felt rather out of character. Her actions were more of a fit for Lynn.All in all, this was a pretty fun episode to watch. I would give this episode a 9/10.

>>137643876>>137643876>The only flaw is the matter of Lincoln being sent down a grade. Isn't he supposed to be in the 6th grade? Wouldn't he be sent back to elementary school? That was a poor oversight that could be fixed easily and made much more sense.I think that's probably too minor a detail to really niggle about. The idea of 'you're so dumb we're sending you back to learn with kindergarteners' is a staple, instantly identifiable and doesn't much justification. I think the only way to 'fix' it and still address the issue is sending him to a remedial class with a bunch of thickos, but A. that would be too meanspirited and B. it's not as funny as him getting picked on by a couple of little girls.>Your mileage may vary, but you can tell that Lincoln generally has stronger people skills compared to Clyde's intellectual prowess.There was no hint of that, you're extrapolating completely from what we've seen in the cartoon. Taking the show on its own merits and just looking at what was depicted in the episode itself, it showed Lincoln's intelligence is mechanically-oriented in that scene where he's taking the test for the first time and his thoughts are on the properties of the impeller and he's trying to optimize the physics and mechanics of the device they've built in his head. Their raw brainpower is probably equal, but I would have liked a scene to actually show what you're saying, in fact the scene I proposed was basically suggesting that. Clyde's homelife gears him towards book learning, Lincoln's homelife gears him toward people skills, but they both have good brains and a shared aptitude for invention.

>>137644129Yeah, it makes sense. I still stand by it, though, because it informs the context.

>>137643876Agree with you that the Lucy ritual scene didn't bother me despite not liking paranormal stuff in the show because it's the kind of thing that could easily be justified as Lynn Sr.'s suggestibility and raw nerves, especially with the way the stage was set. I felt Lincoln's dream was kind of dark myself. I think it would have enhanced the poignancy if Clyde just walked away at the end instead of firing him, I thought that made it too much and overcharged it past the point of good melancholy, but I guess they felt they needed a 'joke' to close it. Still it's an interesting contrast to the Ro-Bro dream Lincoln also had that showed he'd never leave Clyde behind. And lastly I really wish we'd gotten Mrs. Johnson instead of Bolhofner. But now that you mention it, my negative reception to this episode aside, like I said, I did like a lot of the elements. The BETR pun, 'here come the BETR' kids, and then into BST kids. I think what I appreciated the most is Lincoln accepting that Clyde is destined for greater things, doesn't want to ruin it for him, and decides to jump on the grenade of claiming he alone built the spitball device, regardless of what consequence it causes him. That was a great character moment and felt very very true to who Lincoln fundamentally is, and the resulting situation where the schoolteachers are impressed by the boys' ingenuity instead of punishing them, while perhaps predictable, was both plausible and narratively satisfying which is something I consider of far greater importance.

When will we get news about the franchise? SDCC?

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>>137644609I don't think they'll be there. It's probably on a steady-state status.

Do you guys think a Loud House theater play could be good? Normally I wouldn't even think about something like that but I heard there was a Spongebob play on Broadway recently that was not only a success but also well received. I honestly get the sense it might work. I remember that one episode where Rita is pretending to be the perfect mom to get that job as an advice columnist felt a lot like a stage play, and not just because of The Sound of Music reference either, when all the kids dressed like the Von Trapps and sang. I feel like there might be something there. You've got good recognizable characters, a concept people can understand right away, and it's a comedy.


This show hasnt died yet?

>>137646255I do too. It also has the capacity for quiet moments and introspection too and because the cartoon has a big musical element it's got that going for it as well. I honestly think it's a very natural fit for the stage. It really could be cool.

>>137646555Nope. The show is starting its seventh season now, iirc it's still getting better ratings than any cartoon besides Spongebob. The live action adaptation recently got renewed for a second season.

>>137641544Greeting to the two new Lisabros>>137642957Anyone download these before they got yeeted?>>137643876If Bryan Adams was able to dislodge the song for Lynn while it was playing in the car you'd think he'd just listen to that constantly with headphones just so he wouldn't have it playing in his head>>137645789t. Bernardonever saw spongebob's play to really say, dont plan to though>>137647060The renewal was awhile ago, if it wasnt for the strike theyd be shooting right now

>>137647111>t. bernardokek

It was crazy how young Brian Stepanek looked in this episode. The makeup team literally took twenty years off his face.

>>137647019What kind of plot would they use, though?

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>>137647940That's beyond my expertise but like I said, it seems like a natural fit. I mean I can visualize the whole thing pretty easily in my head and I think that's how you know. WAY more naturally theatrical and straightforward a property to make a play out of than Spongebob, and that apparently worked out. As I think of it, it's interesting how they used to make movies out of plays and now it feels like it's become the other way around. I know they did a Spiderman play as well at one point which U2 did the music for.

>>137648077BLynn a best

Oh, and just to be clear for anyone that was like me, there IS a new episode coming out next thursday. I got confused by that announcement last thread.

New behind-the-scenes video!

New promo!

>>137648312Isn't it obvious that is one episode per week until the last week of June?

>>137647111Do you still have the leaked final script of TLHM?

>>137645789>>137647940>>137648144Didn't the SpongeBob musical use a plot similar to an episode's plot? If yes, they could adapt Write and Wrong.

>>137648386Luna react to Luna being Luna doing Luna things

>>137648740I still can't believe there was a Spongebob musical and it was actually good

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>>137644899Nickelodeon is confirmed to have a booth for SDCC this year, just like in 2022. What we need is more Loud House presence.

>>137652233Oops, I had actually seen the 2022 floor map.


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>>137650118I should watch that.

>>137654683Good thing there is a TV version.


>>137624295the actor is 24 it's okay to ask


Luan is a cute! A cute!!

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>>137654976How old is Lucy actress?


>>137648077Older designs were better. Also wish Ultra would stop injecting his fat fetish into everything.

>>137648077>>137648704pretty sure i downloaded it, idk why youre asking me though>>137654805thanks mang

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>>137657649I missed it.

I love how actual cartoons like The Loud House attract 'cartoon pedophiles', which is bad enough, but these live-action adaptations of kids cartoons attract the much worse mutant offshoot, 'actual pedophiles'. At least when I think about Luz Noceda's feet, she's drawn by adults and voiced by an adult, but if there was some live-action adaptation, some number of guys who were like me, but who were instead *actual* pedophiles but may or may not have known it would be thinking about real-actor-Luz and suddenly that's orders of magnitude more fucked up

>>137658398What kind of made up Bogeyman are you trying to attack here? Nobody has said anything about wanting to fuck the child actors.Maybe people legitimately like the show because of its comfy family setting?

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>>137658507If you are sincere, I respect your noble outlook. But this is 4chan, and more than that, this is the internet. If Paw Patrol can attract furry pedophiles, this show can absolutely attract an audience of grown adult fans who just want to fuck the kids. I was worried about myself, for a while. I would lay awake at night thinking about various fictional ladies, and some of them were canonically underage, and I was scared shitless it meant I was a pedophile. Then I would look at a real 13-year-old girl and be like 'eugh, that's dough, not bread' and god what a relief. But some motherfuckers on here are REALLY fucking broken. And I'm saying that as someone who is definitely fucking broken.

>>137658507i would just ignore his schizo talk

>>137658599>Don't listen, the sneople aren't realDo you hear hissing?

>>137658583Ok, but bringing that up when nobody has even made a passing mention of it IS weird dude, just focus on the warm family setting and relax.

>>137648704Did the script really leak? I know about the casagrandes one but I don't ever remember seeing TLHM even though I'm always checking these threads

>>137659942it did i think, its just the final one though id be more interested in earlier drafts

>>137648077fuckin mancubus lookin ass

>>137661248I wouldn’t be surprised if Ultra wanted to fuck one of those.

>>137659979Can anyone who still has it upload it to Anonym File?

>>137657613I agree

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>>137662607>It's a getting sent to an alternate universe where all your siblings are a different race, your parallel self doesn’t exist, and now you’re a harem protagonist episode.

>>137662607>these designs>betterdoes anyone really prefer this luna to the other ones

>>137662773I like the mohawk minus the 'L's shaved into her head.