Peni parker

surprised nobodys been really talking about the shinjified Peni Parker in ATSV. She looks dope asf.she looks like she just got out of the 3rd impact

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Third impact of hitting the wall,Jesus Louise

>>137610167>dope asf.Looks boring.

>>137610167Didn't expect for Peni Parker to represent my life progression so well

>>137610167This posts reads like it was written by someone who has only experienced Evangelion through twitter memes

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>>137610167Canon events have not been kind to her

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>>137610167So why isn't Miles banging the Jap girl?

RIP penis, is an allegory

>>137610167Looks like it's just walking back ever interesting visual decision the first movie made

>>137610317It means she dodged the trans bullet. I'm fine with this but also a little disappointed. The penis Parker memes would have been glorious

>>137610167Because she was cringe the first time around made by moronic idiot monkeys who can't invent anything original by copying something at its most surface qualities and insisting its original, them not dumping it in the garbage just shows how you fuckers will eat anything and say its good.

>>137610289>That pictureDoes it mean that Peni was....

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>>137610495Yes. This is a canon event that every Spiderman has to deal with

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>>137610289I wonder how many actually know the content of that pic.

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>>137610289I recognize those dead eyes

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>>137610203She looks like she hit puberty. That makes her hotter.

>>137610167The theater audience cheered for both scenes when she showed up

>>137610536The one where the loli gets raped by the old man who came in to check the air or something. It was a long time ago.

>>137610167Her smile and optimism: gone.

>>137610578So what, trained monkeys can clap on command too that doesn't mean anything.

>>137610595Some nip excused that strategy to commit rape in real life so now it's doubly cursed

>>137610578>Penis shows up

>>137610536Where can I find more info on the content of this pic you are talking about

>>137610528Has she received any headpat for comfort?

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>>137610618Stop being a miserable shit.

>>137610875Stop eating shit and I'll stop judging you harshly.

>>137610167Did she kill her universe toji?

>>137610884There you go again. Do you think you'll spend your 30s like this? 40s? 50s? Grow up.

>>137611293No, she didn't save her universe's Kaworu.

>>137611440You can insult me all you want, but that isn't changing the fact you're blatantly eating shit in front of me and acting like I'm the weird one for not eating shit. Drop dead, your waifu is a garbage simulacrum made by stupid, stupid people who who scream about how you are culturally appropriating something or another while unironically clumsily and disgracefully appropriating something themselves and getting praised for it.

>>137610167>shinjifiedHer original comic self was more based on Evangelion Shinji, Asuka, and Rei even cameo

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>>137611474>unironically clumsily and disgracefully appropriating something themselves and getting praised for it.The disease is inside of you.

>>137610167>hfw Evangelion theme song started playing

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>>137613047>>137610167I'm glad they also made the Sp//dr mecha be more like the original comic design instead of the cartoony one from the first movie to reflect how she's matured.

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>>137613047Zankoku na Suppida no These...

>>137613047Looking like Shinji in 3.0 + 1.0 before he got his shit together.

>>137614146Hope they go in-depth a bit more on what happened to her in-between movies for such a drastic change

>>137610289Is she's like her comic counterpart, then it means her aunt May have died

>>137610495Yes, by me

>>137610167It's a downgrade, no one liked original Peni.

>>137610844Damn.Miles why didn't you save her bro?

>>137610167You guys told me she was in the movie and, sure, she was, but as a background character. What the fuck?

>>137610167She looks like she's helped Uncle Bens die across the entire multiverse.

>>137614673Look what you did to her, user.

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>>137610167>character who uses a mech is sad>it's a heckin eva reference guys baka shinji!back to twitter with you


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>>137610167I want a depressed genki girl gf


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>>137614107I can hear Megumi Ogata's blood curdling scream


>>137610288>Resident Evil: Village

>>137610167not enough of the punished look.she should be visually dishevelled, tie shouldn't be inside collar or tie knot should be fucked up.also interior of the mech should be strewn with garbage - really get into the mind of a depressed person who just lost someone and doesn't do anything that is critical.even her design is too clean, dark circles should be more pronounced. maybe give her longer unkempt hairso overall not that satisfying visually. i can understand why they went understated tho, don't wanna traumatise the unironic literal kids who love her character.

>>137615981Just because she’s sick doesn’t mean the genki girl within her is gone

>>137616135you don't understand the genki aesthetic at all

>>137616148?YesA genki girl is a super energetic hyper girl like she was in the first oneBut now she’s depressed so it’s buried within her which is what I want Sounds like YOU don’t understand

>>137616167>When you become genki, you go from a state without pep to a state with pep. You become happy. You become energetic. You become healthy. a depressed/punished genki is an oxymoron. it literally means "well", you're asking for an unwell well person

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>>137616319forgot the link -

>>137610167Didnt her Aunt May got absorbed by the Venom Eva or some shit? Is uncle Ben her G28VWGGendou?

>>137616167also genki is not "buried" in you, it's a state you's more related to the japanese concept of becoming instead of pretending. it is a different way of life because it is not a mask or something that can be attained without are genki or you are not - but you can become genki again. there is no genki hiding like the retarded concept of goth.

>>137615245I'll do it again

>>137610167If only we could've seen Peni's 3rd impact...

>>137610167She's got a cool jacket, she's fine now

>>137614644the next movie's probably going to flesh out all of the deuteragonists from both 1 and 2

Peni canonically has stinky feet

>>137610167SHE ALSO ONLY APPEARS FOR 90 FUCKING SECONDS. I think OP is a spammer trying to drive shitty discussion about the movie.>>137616945You have more faith in movie FUCKHEADS than I do. They couldn't even create a proper film with an ending for part 2.

>>137616972>They couldn't even create a proper film with an ending for part 21. it doesn't need an ending because it's half of a two-parter2. it does have enough of one with Gwen's arc being entirely contained within this movie

>>137614644Her Aunt May was killed by the Ven#m suit and her classmate was consumed by the Ven#m suit.

>>137610167I remember being disappointed movie Peni wasn't anything like comic Peni. I now see they were just biding their time.

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>>137615016And it was 2 hours and 20 minutes too. Was it difficult to show her mech chasing down Miles? Honestly, to make her even slightly relevant, have her be the one that helps Miles escape to the wrong universe instead of Spider-Byte since at least you can easily reason she already lost her father and wouldn't want Miles to go through the same experience.

>>137610167We're not talking about it because we don't want to draw the attention of that autistic cunt who forced Reggie into being Asula and is trying desperately to make Hilda into Rei.

>>137610340It's been years. It's not like she can look the same.

>>137610528I never realized until now that there's no indication May and Ben were supportive after Peter told them.

>>137610167why would anyone do that? she is ruined

>>137611802I know it's autistic for me to complain about this, but her original comic wasn't based on Evangelion. It was influenced by it, sure, but by other anime as well. And the cameos were all over the place.It was only later issues, written and drawn by other people, that went all in on Evangelion. Those issues were also terrible and had virtually nothing to do with the original comic.

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>>137616123You know she's not a walking wreck, right? She's someone who's experienced bad things at some point in her life and was just, at that very moment, reminded of one of the worst of them. We actually have no idea what her current day-to-day is like.

Does Sony Entertainment have the rights to Toei's Supaidaman? I would love to see some giant spiderman superrobot mecha on mecha battle.

>>137610167>surprised nobodys been really talking about the shinjified Peni Parker in ATSV.we have several threads a day about it, fucking retarded namefag

>>137620483>Does Sony Entertainment have the rights to Toei's Supaidaman?not according to Slott since they complained when Japanese Spider-man originally showed up in Spider-verse but they relented later and allowed Marvel comics to use him more

>>137610167>surprised nobodys been really talking about the shinjified Peni Parker in ATSVWhen have you been for the last week?

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>>137610844NoHer Skip used to give headpats and now all head pats trigger her

>>137610288>he's making the basedface

>>137610884>and I'll stop judging you harshly.(you) know you're just lying, no matter what others do, you'll keep throwing shit at everyone who likes what you don't.

>>137615016>>137619076The filmmakers don't care about their pedo audience.

>>137621765>Her reaction to getting headpats now

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>>137610528Unnng skip was so lucky

>>137610631The other day a loli kept trying to get into my house to look for her missing soccer ball but I shooed her away in case she was some kind of demon preying on pure hearted men.

>>137610167she is so hot.

>>137624322she's a child

>>137624367Out of 10


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She was probably just making that expression because they were breaking the news to Mies, you're all reading way too deep into it

>>137610528This sure explains alot about Gwen and Miles.

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>>137624432It's funny how Peni looked like one of those shitty 3d models from the last EVA movies.

>>137614146While I'm glad we have an comic design SP//drI'm gonna miss the original first movie one

>>137610167>ooouuhh husbant…you disrupp canon event…now we are homeress

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>>137624614Can’t wait to see it in action

>>137623877again, i really want to punch the writers of this movie in the balls... HARD!seeing the 'Miles dashing to his home' scene with all those hallucinations and voices, and then seeing Peni, Noir and Hamm looking at Miles depressed and still judging him as he being in the wrong. how he was utterly alone when nobody was on his side, making the entire 1st movie pointless. its just painful.and no, just because the team just at the very last second of the movie realized 'we are not being heroes, we owe it to Miles to help him, dammit!', it still doesnt work. they never helped him on this movie, not even Gwen and Peter B.(and even worse, they fully knew about him being an anomaly, and they never planned to go back to Miles universe, they just did it and 'invited him' to the society to ensure Miles fail to save his dad, meaning they NEVER trusted him as a spiderman despite what happened)

>>137610167The fact that she even got a base design change gives me hope that she will have some good fights in the next movie, maybe against that one super buffed spiderman that had a gun in his arm

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>>137625805Yeah I want to see her pierce the heavens

>>137625800It's classic shill writing. Make established characters OOC so your chosen character can look that much better.

>>137621448Ddid she got geiger countered?

>>137625805>implying she'll even be in the moviekeep on dreaming user

>>137621448seeing gwen can't be discussed here which isn't a big loss, it's just another confirmation of the irrelevancy of this site and its users

>>137627033You mean "web the heavens".

>>137625805>3 minutes and 40 seconds of screentime in ITSV>15 seconds of screentime in ATSVShe's already in a now even more bloated cast. Don't expect much.

>>137627104retard detected.

>>137625800>>137627046you're both bad at watching movies

>>137627033>>137625805>>137627200>Listenm Peni. Never forget. Just believe in yourself, Not on me that believes in you. Not on the SP/dr that you believe. Have faith in the Peni that believes in you

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>>137627219bruh she was in this movie for one second.Do you really think she'll get a full-on battle scene and more character development because 4channers bitch? no.

>>137623943which Skip? Mainline Comic Skip or Peni's Universe Skip

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>>137610167Which version of Peter would she call Onii chan?

>>137627033Why is TTGL the only mecha anime people know?

>>137628481It's the only good one apart from Gun/Diebuster

>>137615367I like cute loli Peni but also think depressed Eva Peni is interesting too. Shame they can't be two different characters.

>>137610167Did her happy spider AI friend die? Did she replace it with an angrier version?

>>137625805>>137627033Who was her Kamina?

>Miguel was me getting molested a canon event?

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People comparing Peni to Shinji are insulting both of them.


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>>137628766I read that was Miguel molested Peni as a Canon event

>>137628844>Mister O'Hara, will the multiverse really be destroyed if we don't use lube?>I'm afraid so, Peni. But you're a tough little soldier, and I know you can take it. Just bite the pillow.

>>137628766Ohhh she was the one masturbated on

>>137616995>1. it doesn't need an ending because it's half of a two-parter>2. it does have enough of one with Gwen's arc being entirely contained within this movieBullshit and garbage. They shouldn't have spent so much time on the chase scene, and made Gwen the central character instead of miles if that was the case. But lets take your claims at face value.NOBODY SHOULD SEE THIS MOVIE UNTIL PART 3, WHEN THEY ACTUALLY HAVE A FUCKING ENDING.


People bitch about her ITSV design and personality but I like the contrast.

>>137629059>People bitch about her ITSV design and personalityShe was great in ITSV. I hope they will give her more time in part 2, I want her to still be as cheerfull as she was in first movie.

>>137615245The Eva memes are my favorite Peni development.

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>>137629261She needs HEALING but I don't believe she's going to get any focus at all.

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>>137614107I FEEL GOOD!

>>137624845my fucking sides

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>>137628481What do you want me to quote Ange? That's improper for a teenager

>>137629713why is her mech so small in this book isn't bigger originally?

>>137628481Because it has so many iconic moments(inspired by older mecha of course).>>137628529No one gave you an (you) :(

So who did Peni shlick on?

>>137630441Doctor Ocktobrat. She's basically Peni's Asuka

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>Gwen trans meme> White men treated like a joke> Mexicans and blacks galore > Nothing but constant talk of cucking and bucks.So this is the power of Spider-man. Come back when you get a real franchise.

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>>137610167She's tired and depress user, how will you show her your love?

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>>137630501>White men treated like a jokeGwen's dad wasn't treated like a joke while being extremely complex for his little screen time, Peter was just shown being happy as a dad with his WHITE family, and Spot is a nerdy white guy who becomes a multiuniversal threat. You fucking snowflake faggots aren't ever happy with anything, are you?



>>137630683I hate Evangelion

>>137630739Would you hate a character that is greatly influenced by it?

>>137610167>"Look at you, so young and happy! ... Where do the years go??"

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>>137628844she was saved from her molestation but Miguel had to make it happen.>>137628966nah worse

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>>137628923Please, go on.

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>>137610167I need somebody to do an edit of the thousand yard stare guy with Peni

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>>137610167Peni is sick of your shit

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>>137628923not the bite the pillow kek>little did peni and Miguel know the universe corrected itself by killing peni's cop surrogate father.>she'd come to find this out later after a brutal ass-tearing anal pounding

>>137632425>>137628923She also got creampie in the cunny by Noir in which she become a teen mom in the process

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>>137632266I want to suck your stuffy toes, Peni

>>137610167>No condom was part of the canon event


>>137633008she'd be happy about that plus we know noir would stick around he's a good guy, remember he's gray not black.

>>137635580So Noir is black.

>>137610167She hasn’t suffered enough, she joined a death cult and betrayed her friend

>>137633008I need more

>>137635592nah miguel is noir would stick around he'd raise little shinji

>>137633008Good thing I already shipped them

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Why do you like the jaded loli? Do you want her to collapse on to you looking for comfort cuddles? Or do you just want her to snap and start calling you rude names?

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>>137637014Shinji is Peni’s classmate

>>137637524>Or do you just want her to snap and start calling you rude names?Yes

>>137610528God that's awful.

>>137637524I don't. I want the black gamer grrrl.

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>>137610553I wonder if she has buds.

>>137620203Ben probably took care of Skip.

>>137635580Noir means black in french

>>137637784The yakubian female will not allow the black boys buck broken programming to be rewired

>>137637545oh yeah he was well let's just say she names her and noir son.....gendo

>>137638399I know I was referring more to his style color, and that he wouldn't abandon his kid like a black guy. I guess it does get lost in translation.

>>137638362You mean boobs?

>>137630388No one paid any attention to anything in Peni's original issue.

>>137610167The comic's Peni Parker was more like that since her universe was a pure Neon Genesis rip-off. Her being "moe" was made-up in the movie to make her stand out more and frankly it was a good change.

she saw spider ham's hotdog

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>>137639655Is he a spider bitten by a radioactive pig?

>>137633008>Noir when Peni announced she was >pregnant and say the baby was his

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>>137638415I know the exact tweet you stole this from


>>137610167This change of design suits her pretty well and she looks cute

>>137610167You think they're actually going to do depresso espresso Peni or was she just sad at that one scene because of the moment and she's actually still cheerful and happy like in the first movie?

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>>137613047>Her model still looks like shitPoor Peni

>>137640257Probably the latter though I think a punished Peni that went through her canon/Shinji event would be a neat detail. You know just to show that shit happened during the time skip and some of the Spidey's have changed along their own journey's.

>is only in the movie for 5 seconds>Suddenly the most popular characterNeed to nuke japan and kill all the weebs.

I've got some time to kill and somebody else posted the image I wanted to postSo Edge of Spider-Verse #5, Peni's first appearance

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What's actually the deal with the itty-bitty little spider that accompanies Peni? Like, was it a normal spider that got genetically altered to be superdupersmart and then form psychic links with those it wants to make a connection? Or was it always some superdupersmart little spider?

>>137610167She is sad Miles choose an old and busted tranny hag instead of her prime cunny

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>>1376412652D girls can't love 3DCG guys. It's physiologically impossible love.

>>137640107>Noir's little monkey

>>137639338truer words were never spoken.

got called penis parker one too many times


>>137610167Even Peni in her 2d model is so broken that it will be like this until the next one.

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>>137639702Yeah. Aunt May bit him, and he turned into a pig

>>137641066There they are.

>>137633008>>137635580>>137637476>>137640107>WW2 Spider-Man>Nip Spider-Girl You know most likely she's going to an interment camp if she ever visits Noir's universe, right?

>>137641833He’s not a WWII Spidey, he’s a Great Depression Spidey.

>>137641833>"Spider-Menace collaborating with the Japanese! More on page 7."

>>137642139His second story has him fighting Nazi sympathizer Doc Ock

>>137610167Did a better rip of this movie come out? How are movie shots better now?

>>137642385Nazi's existed before WW2.

>>137637784Is the simultaneous spider sense thing some kind of ASMR type Spider-sex. Does that make Arayn Peter the first to buck break Miles

>>137610528Is it just me or does Skip look like Quicksilver/Young Magneto?

>>137637784It feels strange for Miles's taste to flip flop between white blond and black black. >>137642679How does she spider sense if she isn't physically there anyway?

>>137641224Gerard Way called it a “radioactive sentient spider”, so you be the judge.

>Peni's superpower is getting super sweaty really fastwhat the fuck

>>137642853My Chemical Romance Gerard Way?

>>137641833Why she would need to do that? They could just raised the baby in some other dimensions like the Spider-Society HQ, where the baby will be a playmate with Mayday

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>>137642894Yes, him and Grant Morrison are pals. He also wrote Umbrella Academy and a run of Doom Patrol.

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>>137641224That's SP//dr, apparently. I don't think we got any description of what its deal is. I always assumed it was radiated like the 616 spider, but didn't die after it bit Peter (and later Peni). >>137641022 implies it has a psychic link with her; my headcanon is that Peni uses that link to piggybank on its spider-sense.

>>137632266I will protect your hymen Peni

>>137628923>>137628844>miguel dickbreaking peni into his loyal second in commandkino

>Universe 42 lights give off a spraypaint-y glowWas a neat detail I didn't notice the first time. I really did like how most universes had some unique look about them down to the lighting.

>>137610167>Her face when her squirtistics get leaked

>>137643466Obviously Noir's was better considering the ending

>>137643531The background elements were really beautiful to look at for each universe but I wish that the characters from the different universes were designed differently instead of just having the Spider-Verse artstyle with some filter plastered on top

>>137643695Yeah, though apparently that big chase scene took 4 years to make. I can only imagine what the overall load would be if more spider-people were uniquely styled. But a few more at least would have been alright.


>>137640107ah the ship i didn't know we needed>>137641833noir is the opposite of a fed he'd kill anyone that tries to touch peni. But I bet he says tons of racist stuff tho lol, Peni likes it in bed>who's my lil chink>your lil yellow face is so cute peni

Attached: IMG_3990.png (1920x1920, 3.27M)

>>137630670They didn't have time to hate him for his skin color when they were too busy hating him for being a cop.

>>137627568Did you actually watched the fucking movie?

>>137643695If nothing else I wish Gwen had kept her watercolor, the mood ring thing would have been great visually and for character interaction.

>>137610167Not sure if I missed something, but as far as I could tell Peni was the only one of the tertiary spidermen from the first movie who showed up when everyone was telling Miles to let his dad die. Pig and Noir didn't show up there, right? But then Pig and Noir did show up at the end with the other "good" spidermen with Gwen and Peni's there too.Feels weird that they so pointedly had her show up with the "bad" spidermen, just to have her switch sides totally offscreen. I know she's just a minor character, but it bothers me.

>>137644485Probably just to set up her new mech. Nothing new for Noir or Ham that needs them to show up earlier.

>>137644544They could have given Noir his gun or something.

>>137644277>Noir's new nickname for Peni is "Bright eyee"

>>137610167Poor kid's got the double whammy of being a Spider-Person and a Mecha Protagonist.

Attached: tumblr_4645a92904e01515f8abe782896f3104_16e74a4b_1280.jpg (950x643, 110.61K)

>>137644620A gun isn't quite as exciting as a robot user

>>137644688I agree.

>>137644485Guess wait and see if there are deleted scenes with her. Otherwise, it really wasn't necessary to include her in the Spider Society at all if Pig and Noir weren't in it.

>>137644277>When he lovingly calling you racial slurs as he pound your spider-cunny

Attached: NOIRE'D.png (1412x1247, 675.78K)

>>137610528Skips family line burning out before 2099 is probably why Miguel's universe died.

>>137621448First Image: Oh look, there are my adorning fans in the audience who have come to see me. what can possibly go wrong?Second Image: Awww...... shit! it's these horny , pedo, hentai-loving losers again. Thanks for ruining my life, you sickos. I've became a complete Shinji all because of you pervy idiots. Now I'm gonna go back in SP/DR and End Myself.>>137644284Ok, Now I have to bleach for that!

>>137611465Isn't her universe's Kaworu also her universe's Eddie Brock?

>>137643028sounds wholesome all the spidermen give them funny looks, but "hey different times and cultures". I imagine peter B is cool with it because he a good guy

>>137644656kek can't tell if this is racist or wholesome, also maybe noir can be the one to bring her smile back.>>137645121Peni has a new raceplay fetish unlocked in her. It's like that mother mother song get a man that can both slap and stroke


>>137645320He definitely give some parental advices.Gwen will think it weird but won't mind much and let them be.Ham decided to be the best uncle that ever uncle.Hobbie will think is based. (cause what’s more non-comfortmist than that) Miles will be the last one and freaked out the out all of them, but will convince by the others to be cool with it.

Attached: 1676649654758.jpg (910x849, 174.24K)

>>137641048Is that kid with the goggles supposed to be Simon?

>>137645296go back to twitter.

>>137620469>>137617247Turns out he's Joe Rogan's cousin blows my mind whenever famous people who aren't like parent-child or sibling turn out to be related.

Peni taking a break from all the stress (don't worry she didn't smoke when she was pregnant with her and Noir's child)

Attached: 108878164_p0.jpg (1000x1000, 494.08K)

>>137645690yeah this is just about right, low-key peter being a good godfather and hobbie and ham being the coolest uncles would be based.>>137646218what a good mother i lowkey see starting because of noir but convincing him to stop while she's pregnant. Noir generation were the let 10 yr old smoke time so i can see him not knowing about babies and smoking kek

>>137641833>nipShe is anime race you fucking retarded piece of shit.

Attached: 1542615332513.png (800x600, 365.81K)

>>137646641>*Peter B sprinting at Peni at incredible velocity*

>>137646641Spider-Fact: Pizza time is very important tradition event for Spider-people

Attached: 1545259675746.png (3842x3895, 1.54M)

>>137638484But what if the baby is girl? Do we named her Yui?

Attached: DvYoKvJXQAAYP7z.png (1500x1422, 2.7M)

The Wedding of Peni and Noir

Attached: 1561567217492.jpg (1298x910, 647.32K)

So does drinking coffee affect the baby during some your pregnancy?

Attached: FyOjmijakAARmC_.png (525x650, 103.5K)

I legitimately am not as interested in watching this movie because it doesn’t have the B-Team in it

>>137641131Kamala-chan :D

>>137647401I feel the same way. From what I can glean from these threads only about 5 Spider-People even get lines, the rest are all just cameos.

>>137644277Jokes aside Noir feels like the type that is 100% not racist but cause of his upbringing will accidentalty throw out a slur without thinking then immediately feel bad/apologize for it. Peni would be miffed at first but slowly stop caring.

>>137647384Sorta, if you drink a whole bunch. A coffee some of the time or just once a day is fine. If she's the type that drinks three cups a day though, yeah that can fuck up or worst case scenerio kill the baby.

Attached: FyDheOGaQAIqBXC.jpg (1747x2048, 394.49K)

Attached: FLdrT9PVQAEtLPl.jpg (2000x1428, 788.24K)

>>137638384If Skip really is canon I'd say this is probably true in one way or another. The guy never even gets mentioned again.

>>137647757This artist draws porn and most of the girls have pubes(based)

>>137648075Peter mentioned him out loud while chasing the Hobgoblin

>>137644485It seems like an odd choice on the surface, but: - Noir Spiderman is voiced by Nicolas Cage. It would be an unreasonable expense to bring him back for one line. - Spider-Ham is too goofy to pull off what a rather heavy scene. - Peni was a happy genki girl in the first movie, so it lends weight and authenticity for her to look sad and tell Miles that all Spider-Men have to bite the bullet.Out of the three tertiary Spider-Men from the first movie, she was the best choice.

>>137643695That was especially jarring with Penny who had her own unique look in the first film but here she looks a lot more homogenized. Hope they didn't massacre my boy spiderham

>>137648991how the hell would they even go about making the fucking cartoon pig spidey generic?

>>137610310Blacks hate asians

>>137610288>-[YOU DIED]-

I want to cuddle peni and read EC Comics to her and hold hands and kiss her and listen to music with her and ruffle her hair and play video games with her

>>137649152>and kiss herwhere...?

>>137649152Pre or post Shinjification?

>>137649166on the lips and forehead and cheeks and neck and hands and tummy>>137649170both but preferably pre because i dont like seeing peni all sad

>>137649188>Not wanting to be there for her most during the hard times >Not wanting to be the one light in her dark life>Not wanting to die a pointlessy tragic death dictated by canon that'll be her final breaking pointCoward.


>>137647071So which universe do they stay/live

>>137649274Tokusatsu Spidey's universe>Japan so Peni feels at home + she can tinker with Leopardon and all that>Noir can fight the space totally-not-Nazis of the Iron Cross

Going tried to write Peni x Noir Greentext story, will be shit>After the event of the first movie>Noir and Peni were recruited into the Spider-Society >They soon developed a Father and Daughter relationship >Peni always give a weird look to Noir>Noir just think he got something on his mask>one day he decided to go her dimension, to check on her.>He went to her home>Peni was in her room and there was someone else's >He was Fat, Ugly and worst of all Naked >Peni was about to raped by a Ugly Bastard>Not on his watch>He break through the window >Startled her and the UG>He then grab the UG in a Chokehold and start beating him up to near death>He drop the unconscious walking garbage >Noir check on Peni to see if she was harm in anyway >She give him a mortified stare>He hug her to ease the near traumatic experience >"it's okay, Peni. I'm here">They stay like that for several minutes >Until a single word came out of Peni 's mouth >"">"huh?">She get louder and repeat the word>"No No No NO!">Peni Than push him back>Her action confused Noir>"YOU WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE HERE!">Noir perplexedly look at her>"I wasn't suppose to be here?">She signs of frustration and look down>"...This was a canon event and you disrupted it">Noir stare in realised "And now my universe is doom">And horror >Noir stand up, ready to get into a shouting match with her>"I was gonna let you get violate like that, Peni!">She gripped her fists >"I was ready and prepared for it, Pete">The dimension travel watches start alarming "CANON EVENT DISRUPTED">"Fuck">Noir paces around the room>"We figured something out">He start using his DTW >"L-let's just get back to Headquarters">As he was about to open a portal. >Peni tugged on his sleeve>"Pete...">She gaze at her in the eyes with tears raining her cheeks>"Please molest me"Well I'm done with that crappie self-indulgent greentext.

Attached: 75034732_p0.jpg (833x1300, 508.44K)

>>137647735I'd like to think he would be racist but not the "Gee I hate them" kind but the hint of white savoir kind.For Peni I'd also think it'd be funnier if you went with the star trek approach and say that she's so far into the future that she either doesn't know what the words mean and think it's just weird dimension thingy or what it doesn't have the same impact like calling someone a harlot nowadays.

Attached: credit to your people.png (500x375, 160.71K)

>>137649335Damnit i didn't even Greentext all of it

>>137649335>>"Please molest me"

Attached: krabs.png (300x300, 230.06K)

>>137641833That was only on the East coast, NY Japs didn't get interned

>>137649335>>137649368>She gaze at her>herThis is happen when you write a story on a phone while on the job

Attached: 75106777_p0 (1).jpg (2816x1866, 809.96K)

>>137646843yes, but jesus that girl is open for suffering. I just want them to find happiness.

>>137647384you shouldn't be asking about coffee but rather her addiction to monster and red bull and other gamer/terminally online drinks and snacks.>>137647735true it's like the whole cap should be racist thing if you're the pinnacle of virtue you would be against most negative things. But you would slip up as that's what you've been raised around.>>137649365yeah, also i think her timeline is a neotokyo type so new york is literally japan. Similar to how new york is India in pavitar's timeline. So she probably would just let it slip over her head I imagine it'd be peter b,gwen or miles that say something.Also I can't see him as a white savior as that's more of a recent thing and way more about ego than anything. He's more like the character you're showing he's more of an unintentionally ignorant type.

Can anybody tell me when this happens? Like release number, volume, or?

Attached: cover_1.png (693x829, 864.77K)

>>137649899It's a private book she made for her boyfriend's and future husband Noir's birthday. Finding it is like find the Ark of the Covenant . A priceless treasure but you will die, specifically by Noir.

>>137649928Is Noir called Noir because he's got a BBC?

>>137650004It's technically grey.

>>137650022At least I know now why she stood no chance

>>137610167wild they brought back the VA to do 1 line

Attached: 73689236_p0.jpg (3638x5126, 3.09M)

Which mecha should I watch with her?

>>137649007Never underestimate a big company's ability to turn something great into garbage.Their ruinous powers know no mortal bounds.

Attached: death.jpg (477x724, 188.96K)

>>137649322He can also fight the totally nazis of ShockerAlso how do you think Takuya and The rest of the Toku Heros would feel about this married couple?

Attached: i6i4ithnls781.jpg (640x893, 127.67K)

>>137650848>wtf why does this girl look like it came from one of our manga>wtf why is this guy grey

Attached: c78.jpg (738x1080, 156.22K)

>>137649335Good stuff, buddy.

Attached: bear..jpg (468x480, 77.6K)


Attached: tumblr_povlezeRB21sub2yjo3_r1_1280.png (640x1920, 567.57K)

Don’t tell the user above me about >>>Holla Forums.

Attached: 1683934852792581.png (900x676, 395.04K)

>>137648537>Spider-Ham is too goofy to pull off what a rather heavy scene.spider man already did pull off that scene. 'you can't save everybody.' remember?

>>137648537>>137652247This actually made me realize something: Does the goofy Looney Tune absurdist world of Spider-Ham of all things have a tragic backstory? How the fuck did that go? Did his Hen Stacy not have any toon logic powers?

>>137610167>Rebuild of Spider-Verse: You Can (Not) Save Your Father 3.33

Attached: FyRSosLaAAAYQXIk.jpg (1200x1139, 131.26K)

>>137652349It was morbidly funny

Attached: shadow dead.jpg (513x425, 49.24K)

>Peni: *looks at hand covered in fluid* I'm so fucked up.

>>137652500>a bruised and comatose noir shifts over in the hospital bed, peni flees the scene

>>137649335>spoilerOh boy

>>137652499I'd like to imagine Hen Stacy was cooked alive and turned into a delicious meal. And Spider-Ham is sobbing and griefing over his dead girlfriend, whilst eating her juicy, juicy chicken legs.

Honestly, I don’t get many anons shipping Noir and Peni together at all? Like what the connection here between them, maybe because I only want watched a movie once in theaters that only show them as friends and I just feel weird about how people to ship them being couple and shit.Please explain

Attached: IMG_0820.png (477x388, 109.35K)

>>137652778I ship them because I want to.

Attached: you cant ship them they never interacted.jpg (680x382, 49.44K)

>>137652778Obnoxious self-inserters on Holla Forums latch onto whatever characters looks cool to them and then declare he must have sex with the most attractive girl in the story. Sort of like how every Avatar thread eventually turns into "Zuko should fuck Azula."

>>137652961...aren't those Siblings?

>>137653306What's your point?

>>137610288Eva is a normie anime now and Holla Forums is the new Tumblr/Twitter. You didn't know?

>>137651730>Noir’s Oriental Jade

>>137652850Honestly Hiccup and Elsa works for me. There both outsiders. she's a Princess, he's a Viking savage, Toothless's fire can counter her ice magic and has a thing for blondes.

>>137610167I would suck the shit out of her asshole

Did japan ship peni and noir? It feels like something they would do.


Attached: FyRZ_2xXsAIJyRB.jpg (1199x669, 74.2K)

>>137653965>Doorknob locked

>>137653965Penelope Parker


>>137652778>Like what the connection here between themOk, so the thing about shippers is that if they see a connection, any connection, even a lack of a connection, and it’s a pair? Then that’s a possible ship, cannoninity never stopped shippers, denial of it never stopped shippers, and despite the conflicts and tribulations? Shippers haven’t been able to stop shippers, shippers do what shippers do, ever heard of the Jack Frost and Elsa ship? Or a more simple ship, like SpongeBob and sandy? Any ship that has a even an unseen sign, or hint of chemistry, is a ship that would/could work, think of Shippers like Chemists

Attached: IMG_5198.jpg (917x690, 158.42K)

>>137642841Does it? I mean I'm a nigga and I will pretty much go with any woman so long as we vibe well enough.

>>137653306that's the point

>>137649365>*Situation where Noir and Miles have to cross a wide river*>Noir thinks Miles can’t swim due to his racism and offers to help him across without question>Conveniently Miles actually doesn’t know how to swim due to never needing to due to living in Brooklyn all his life>He thanks Noir but is a little weirded out at how Noir knew he couldn’t swim>Noir is confused at how Peter B is having financial troubles despite being a Jew>Realizes that due to his parents never being there they never taught him their ways

>>137654407>Calls Miles a Negro because that was the less offensive word during his time

>>137610310Because it would receive backlash like Disney got with Finn and Rose.

Attached: 182473289432432.gif (540x220, 1.8M)

>>137611293Wasn't that just her Venom fight with Addy?

>>137625805Peni's never escaping the background again.

>>137632266I wish someone would lewd me for my depression.

>>137654295>so long as we vibe well enough.That's the problem. With Miles, it came off as attraction at first sight instead of actual interaction that made them like each other.

>>137654660That got backlash because the story was retarded, Rose was a shit character and Finn who was an intresting character also became shit.

>>137627197That's my feeling lately, this place has been garbage since 2016 but it's never been as bad as nowadays, 90% of posts are midwit takes of people who probably didn't even watch/read what they're talking about

>>137627568Actual retard

Only good ATSV thread since the movie came out. Thank you greentext user


>>137610167Where have you been? There're lots of threads about her...and she was more a "seriously/really?" face.>>137613047In a perspective way the mecha resembled a bit more to "Big-O"'s design.

>>137644284What the fuck is this

>>137655853Her final form

>>137649322>she can tinker with Leopardon and all thatI really wanted to see The Emissary from Hell himself god damn it

>>137610167>This thread I'm so disgusted, yet so intrigued. Isn't noir in like his early 20's? Peni is like 15 yeah? So strange, but I need more.

Attached: 1669262662452400.png (231x218, 8.52K)

>>137610167she was in the movie for 2 seconds.Imagine being so fucking obsessed. Dumbass pedos

>>137656094i want him to steal Miles' defeat of The Spot from him while his theme song plays

>>137654512>starts calling him 'a colored' after they tell him not to say negro

>>137656786>I like you, Miles. You're one of the good colored. >T-thanks Noir...>Nothing like those smelly curly haired potato sucking irish.

>>137651730>>137647071>>137646843where do you guys find this peni and noir stuff?

Don't worry she's going through her depression arc, she hasn't hit her kino "end of her depression" existentialist moment yet

Attached: __peni_parker_tengen_toppa_gurren_lagann_and_3_more_drawn_by_ononotsu__dcf390b9a25050436f8e84c1c5e8f3e1.jpg (800x1100, 327K)

>Spectacular Spider-Man series gets revived>BUT Peni is shoehorned into the show for the express purpose of being the winner of the Peterbowl

>>137652778>>137656133I just thought it be interesting the relationship between Peni and Noir started like father-daughter than corrupt into that of forbidden lovers

Attached: 73905833_p0.jpg (899x1289, 436.16K)

>>137646641 KAWABUNGA!

Attached: 2023_06_10_0vz_Kleki.png (450x450, 311.79K)

>Wherever i go, the wind fellow

Attached: c58.jpg_large.jpg (1136x2048, 139.96K)

>>137610167>Shinjified Peni>Not keeping up with the comics and knowing its a direct aping of Evangelion in many aspects.>Thinking a minor aesthetic in the movie makes it like Evangelion LMAO you are like a baby

>>137646218Hold up, haven't seen the movie yet, what's all this about Peni x Noir?

>>137658256Allow me to sum it:>First Spider-verse movie >It was separated into two teams: A-Team (Peter, Gwen, and Miles) and B-Team (Peni, Ham, and Noir)>Noir and Peni literally had one scene, one, where Peni was sad and Noir just asks the kid if she was okay.>There's the kindle for people to lit up a fire.

Attached: Superior Spiderman14.png (869x757, 1020.43K)

>>137658256Oh, that just me and a few other anons making/talking stuff for fun. Nothing like that actually happen in the second movie.

Attached: 75034732_p2.jpg (1037x1486, 724.15K)

>>137655032I recall the official reason is Finn being cucked out of giving Rey the BBC but the ones you listed are more accurate.

Attached: 1617911762403.jpg (1250x875, 97.85K)

>>137658421Not yet>Part 2 back to the ghost of future’s past

>>137658339>>137658421Ah ok, sounds cool. Keep it up lads

Attached: 0e7.jpg (2048x1016, 273.55K)

>>137610167Get in the fuckin robot Peni.

>>137657124Peni doesn't have a kamina characterGurren lagann is about male coming of agePeni lacks and older sibling figure pushing them to succeed and inspiring her, nor does she have a found family to protect and ultimately leadShe will not discover the existentialist truth (lives are inherently meaningless therefore they are what we make of them), and will probably wallow in nihilism ala eva

>>137658899>Peni has a Great Depression >Noir is from the Great Depression

>>137610167She got blackpilled by Miguel

Peni in regular Spider-Man costumes is much appreciated.Really hoping she gets a scene with Toei Spidey and Leopardon in the next movie.

Attached: peni gwen costume.jpg (1200x868, 1.2M)

>>137659210I hope to god they have that guy in this

>>137656729While he does three different poses in an instant

>>137659511Please let them do this shit

>>137610167This thread riled up enough something in me to actively try and find some PenixNoir fanfiction. I didn't find any but I read a good series of father figure Noir/Daughter Peni fics which was pretty good. So thanks Holla Forums, you gave me autism.

Attached: PlmHXIU9RDSpc_TwJMHx8VqJf4rb3MbEw_SirV7JR3M.png (640x746, 298.55K)

>>137621448Gross they hagified her

>>137633008>>137640107What would the implication of two people from different dimensions had a baby will be?

Attached: 75282772_p0.jpg (1624x2046, 484.39K)

>>137610167Anon she appeared for like 10 seconds tops in the whole movie, there's a reason for that


>>137659770Worst case scenerio is the baby is ripped apart from existance the moment it's born. Nightmare scenerio is it kills the mom with it.Miguel scenerio is it causes the universe itself to collapse on itself. The best case and only good ending scenerio is nothing happens and it comes out looking like a black and white 1960's anime ala Astro Boy.

>wtf, why is this character sad when they’re betraying their friend?!?!?

>>137659763link them fanfics you cur


We need more Peni

Attached: penisex_1.jpg (1404x2400, 607.16K)

>>1376599374chan won't let me provide a link cause it thinks it's spam.Just Google "Peni and Noir by yatzar" and find the Archiveourown link. It ain't high art but fuck you I like them.Also it seems like the person that did these was confused on Peni's age. On these they write Peni to be a pre-teen but I'm pretty sure she's supposed to be like 14 since that was her age in the comics. But if anything that's a bonus since a younger Peni means more cute bullshit potential.

>>137660078Mangamaster is a godly artist but I don't like how he draws Peni getting raped.Miscon is clearly the best Peni artist cause he draws her enjoying the sex.

>>137652393Does this mean she would have strangled Miles?

>>137657363Considering Peni's inspiration...

Attached: Misato_shinji_kiss.png (1920x1080, 2.32M)

>>137660252then I guess Noir is Misato.>>137660459i should commission an artist redraw this with Peni and Noir or Request this in the drawthread

Attached: 93805930_p0.png (913x904, 484.86K)

>>137660184I'll spread Peni rape art for you, don't worry


Attached: Teen Misato.jpg (1024x960, 166.12K)

>>137659763Imagine if Peni went to Noir's dimension, and tag along with him solving a case.>They finally reached into Noir's dimension, currently in Noir's apartment. She was curious on all the other dimension, she visited Ham's one and it was fun. Now she insists on visiting Noir's universe.>It was a mess.>"Don't you ever clean up?" Peni questions trying at least make the room tidy.>"Don't need to, kid, bare minimum is what I can afford as a Private-Eye">"Barely, heck one time I even lived in Central Park for a time. The company's nice with the other jobless guys, but I barely get this apartment back" >"Hard life">"Don't know the half of it kid, especially with a war going on. Speaking of which, you should probably head back to your dimension. It ain't safe here" >"I have my mech ready, I even made sure it's not too big for this dimmension">"That's what I'm worried about" Noir says looking through the window. "Don't know what sort of spies lurking about, might even be SS spies lurking around. Worse even allied spies for the SS">Suddenly there was a knock on the door.>"Put this one kid, make sure to cover the face. If anyone asks you can't handle the air, or you're sick. And act...natural for this dimension">Noir hands Peni down a mini trench coat, a huge scarf, and hat. >"Don't want some cops taking you to camp like the ones on the West Coast" >Peni does what Noir says, as he opens the door.>In comes in a woman, dressed in white. >"Felicia Hardy, owner of the Black Cat, do what do I owe the pleasure"

>>137660789>"I do believe the pleasure is all yours, Mister Parker, after it was you who imprisoned my father">"Bad people go to jail, Miss Hardy. If you're going to start whining about that, then we got no business">"Straight to the point then, I have a case for you....who's this...your assistant" She eyes to Peni, her gaze, Peni didn't know what it was, but it felt cold, and she felt afraid.>Felicia approaches Peni all while she tries to remain calm with Noir telling her to leave her alone>"I'm sick...I'm contagious!" Peni warns> Felicia in one swoop the hat, and scarf are off.>"My, my, Mister Parker. Collaborating with the Empire of Japan? You do know how badly this looks" >"I'm not a monster!">"Sure, sweeite, just remember Nanjing. But I'm not one to judge, Mister Parker, but I didn't know who had the stomach for crime" >"I still don't. Now either tell me the job what you're gunna offer, so I'll gladly throw it to the dumpster">Felicia offers Noir a case, concerning about an army named, nicknamed "Snafu" that might be a collaborator for the Axis, that might something larger.>"What's your game here, Hardy">"Your the private-eye, that's your job" With that Felicia left the room. Noir turns to Peni>"Alright, kid you got your taste of my home sweet home, but now it's time to leave" >"What?! I can help, especially with my advance technology we could solve it in a day">"First things first, I do things without the needs of some new tech, I prefer working things with facts">"Facts I can bring much faster" >"Second, too dangerous">"We're Spider-Men, danger is what we do, to help people">"Danger to my world, not yours or mine. That suit of yours could turn the tide of the war" >But Peni didn't budge, insisting that she'll help Noir just for this one case.>"Just put on the trench coat, and scarf. Let's make this quick as you say">"If it makes you feel any better, I'll just get gadgets from the suit, not bringing the suit itself.That's all I got

>Peni vs Noir's version of The silver samurai

>>137659210Hasn't the film emphasized the fact that live action stays live action despite being in a animated universe? Supaidaman interacting with her would be as awkward and difficult as it was for MCU Prowler interacting with Miles. I think that's why he was ultimately not included in the Spider Society in this film.

Attached: 1628029749546.jpg (962x1200, 288.13K)

>>137660789>>137660821Pretty Good user

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I want to see Gundam Witch style crossover art dammit. Imagine Peni in Suletta's place in this

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>>137649335I write some of the aftemate stuff. Don't think i have enough time to do rest of tho.>He slowly open his eyes>He was in bed>The only thing he was wearing, was his sweater>Moving his upper body and check his surrounding>It’s was a typical teenage girl room>there’s was a mirror wardrobe, some gizmo on the table and blueprint on the walls>Oh, there was also a broken window and a bloodied unconscious man on the floor>He soon realized there someone else on the bed>Hesitantly moving his head to see the other occupant of the bed>It’s was the main resident of the home he was in and his dear friend>Peni Parker>She was sleeping soundly>There were no clothes on her, with only the bed sheet covering her.>”Oh god. What have I done”>Noir facepalm himself out of shame and regret>How and Why could he let this happen>His mind thought back the exact moment it happen

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>>137660158Her AtSV depiction seems most visually similar to her comics depiction, so if that comic is based on ItSV, she may be just 12 then. Still a far cry from a pre-teen, though to be fair, she *looks* like a preteen in that movie.

>>137661572*that fanficSorry.

>Peni & Noir

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I love how this thread derailed into a forbidden romance LMAO.

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>>137614146>Comic accurate Sp//er ripped itself out of the cartoony one like a spider hatching from an egg.Only way I’m taking this

>>137610611Kamen rider ex-aid in a nutshell

>>137653349The problem it's not even a normalfag anime, they haven't actually watched it.

>>137610844Takuya has to save her, right?

>peni hadn’t been the same since she got abducted by the pink haired Yandere boy

>>137610167I am a disgusting, vile man.

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>Peni could feel her breaking point>as the magical girl being that was calling herself “Carnage” swallowed another one of Peni’s classmates, Peni in that moment felt useless.>she couldn’t protect anything>even with SP//Dr she couldn’t save anyone>she wanted power>power to protect>power to save>then something snapped>something in Peni broke>something began to crack>the large egg shape robot started to crack>something inside of SP//DR was trying to hatch>trying to break free

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>>137661554>Peni begging Noir not to kill himself!

>>137660184Mangamaster has done a few pics where she's enjoying it.

Since Peni is a manga character she probably had to fight at least one clown/jester villain

>>137662562What do you think broke her in the first place?

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>>137662166>film shows Gwen's tragic canon eventGoodness, if only we could've gotten Peni's tragic canon event animated.

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>>137662614>directly taking influence from that one episode of NGEIf you know, you know.

>>137610167I really like the design change. I'll still miss the ITSV one though.

>>137662614That's the next movie, methinks. It's a two-parter after all.

>>137662589Japan isn’t scared of clowns so it’s never a scary clown in anime. They’re always a regular jester doing some seriously messed up stuff What do you think she did to Peni… also I just realized that a spider jester villain would probably look like a combo between Goblin, Mysterio, and a JRPG villain

>>137662562That means she'll also be lewded by stinky ojisan cock

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>>137662614Noir's too!

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>>137662689>What do you think she did to PeniWhat Skip did to Peter

>>137662725No, the “canon event” has to be the thing other than uncle Ben, so it’d either be Urich dying or Nazi Doc Ock lobotomizing Randy

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>>137662825>You can't spell "Penis" without "Peni"

>>137662825>Do you want to go slower, Peni?>No, Pete. Keep going!

>>137659767Shut the fuck up and suck her depressed cunt, fag

>>137663014I like that Noir is always seen as the sexiest Spider-Man in every context

>>137630352Ange is a better follow-up to SEED than Destiny desu

>>137663027>suck her depressed cunt*shivers* That's Unsexy

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>>137661713ikr it's great

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>>137663041What's the male equivalent of Cougar?

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Why is Holla Forums so obsessed with anime?

>>137663197Bastard. Not an Ugly Bastard, just a Bastard.

>>137663218Not anime, just Peni.

>>137662666Peni's whole book is a blatant NGE ripoff, Satan. It honestly kind of drags it down. They don't even bother to put much of an original spin on it.

>>137663262Why make so many threads for the generic anime girl when you can make them for Spider-Ham, which actually is representing classic cartoons not anime.

>>137663306I know, It's just kind of fun for me as an OG NGE fan, (oh the days when 4chan wasn't even a thing).

>>137663343You make a bold proposition. A Spider-Ham shitposting thread is Needed.

>>137610167Poor Peni Parker.

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>>137662614so it was Uncle Ben's fault??

>>137661713>this tends to be how it goes on Holla Forums user.

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>>137663717Seriously>This board and /a/ picrel

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>>137663803hey theirs nothing wrong with lolis bro all in good fun

>>137663920Never said I had a problem with it at all. Just saying you should know what to expect and shitpost accordingly.

>>137663935true but let's be real no one should expect any less in a peni thread. This is like the 3rd one this week we know what to expect. kek

>>137663984This newfag was caught by surprise, which is who I was talking about lol>>137661713


>>137610167That's it?!. Kimiko only saying one line?! What a waste on a Peni cameo.

>>137664115Them's fightin' words in these parts

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I wanna teach peni how to sing gospel music

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>>137664196what a cutie patootie

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ha ha penis parker