Clone High

Left or right? New episodes dropping tonight!

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>>137610080left, design wise. The style its drawn in is not it tho.Harriets design in the reboot s terrible.

>>137610189Old one looks like Whoopi Goldberg

>>137610080combine them

>>137610599The both do honestly

>>137610189It is a legit awful design. I don't think ANYONE is willing to defend it. Harriet's silhouette isn't very strong or cartoonishly exaggerated enough, her outfit/color palette looks like that of a clown or amusement park employee, and the hair especially looks ridiculous. That one character designer shared so many superior concepts, and barely any of them show through in the final look. I don't get how an entire crew came together and approved the design we'll have to sit with for two whole seasons.

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they’re up.

>>137611193>we'll have to sit with for two whole seasons.That's the thing, user, you DON'T have to sit through it! You can simply not watch the show!

>Episode 5 is full of WHITE PEOPLE BAD jokesThese episodes keep getting worse and worse.

Just rewatching season 1 should be enough to make you realize season 2 doesn't even come close in any way and it will never reach the same heights no matter how hard they try.

>>137611249woke shit aside that's not really saying much, season 1 was basically the perfect parody of teen melodrama garbage TV which isn't nearly as culturally relevant anymore

>>137611265Trying to stay culturally relevant is a losing game where the only winning move is not to play, they should've just not given a fuck and continue the parody aspect anyway.

>>137611212mega when

god DAMN the voice acting is ass

>>137610080she had some big tiddies

>>137611367Sometimes it really feels like you're watching some amateur fan project you found on youtube rather than a profesionally made product.

Joanfk bros… it is so OVER

>>137611418this is actually the worst possible outcome i’m coping so hard rn

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>joan stops being friends with abe but stays with jfk and friends with harriet i’m starting to think this show isn’t very good….

>Mandy Moore returnsooh

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i feel so fucking bad for abe and i didn’t even like his character that much before this episode>did everything to save joan’s life>even kept her psylly legs secretobviously this is melodramatic teen parody so none of this is that serious but what the fuck, joan

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>>137611659I was just thinking about that song she had in Stuart Little 2.

>omg!! abe you lied to me about something incredibly sensitive while i was on the verge of death!! how could you!!>i forgive jfk and harriet for betraying my trust thoughi don’t think i can waifufag this stupid bitch anymore. this broad REALLY is silly.

>>137610080>New episodes dropping tonight!who cares, guarantee you the people who like this shit didn't get the originals

>Clone.High.2023.S01E05.1080p.WEB.h264-EDITH>Clone.High.2023.S01E06.1080p.WEB.h264-EDITHaHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56L2ZvbGRlci93WEJHQWJiWSNRd1VOQktkdl9laUdhbDBFMFpkMzBRWe're six episodes in, so you should know whether you like this revival or not at this point. Remember to decode the link.

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>>137611846well i DID until these two new episodes

>>137611846>>137611884My thoughts exactly. The last two it actually seemed like things were improving, but these two were a major downgrade.

>>137611193These were way better, good lord

>>137611846Meanwhile the first 6 episodes of CHAD High>The pilot>School election>ADD episode>Film festival>Sleep deprived Abe>John D'ArcEven the worst s1 episode sweeps the floor compared to the best "s2" episode.

>>137611994what's the worst episode?

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>>137611884>>137611939I was cautiously optimistic that things might've turned out okay for the rest of the season, but these episodes were fucking atrocious.

is it bad my immediate thoughts on episode 6 were “that reminds me of a garfield comic”

>>137612326for context:I gotta stop posting so quickly

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Having so many main characters was a mistake. Constantly feels like at least four characters are being shoved to the back and that I have to be reminded Cleo or Topher are in the show.


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>>137612149Either Episode 6 or 8

>>137612149Which ever one had the skunk B-plot.

>>137612385Episode 7? That was great.

>>137612407All the episodes are great, I just think that one is the worst one because the skunk side plot wasn't all that funny and it kept going, so only half the episode made me laugh.

The swearing caught me off guard

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>>137611695>did everything to save joan’s lifehe literally shut the doctor up when he was trying to tell him about a permanent cure.

>>137610080I don't really know how to feel about these 2 episodes. They're doing a terrible job with the reboot. Might as well just fucking cancel the series again after this season is done.

I think what annoys me the most about Harriet's modern design isn't the bright colours, it's her massive eyes and smile. When you look at real pics of Harriet Tubman, that's a face that's seen some shit and I think that's the greatest flawMaybe that's the joke and I'm just autistic

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>>137611193>We didn't get wise mentor moustash ConfusiousI actually consider this a bigger lose than Tubman

>>137613062Maybe you should do like the silly legs episode and just accept change happens and that it isnt the end of the world and maybe move on if you cant enjoy the new.

>>137611846Well shit, I think I might be the only one that enjoyed these two new episodes.

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>>137613116They likely didn't do that much research. Just thought "funny character"

>>137613720I thought they were fine, but still falling short of the original

>Candide's enormous fucking dumper in a swimsuitHoly FUCKAlso the episode felt like the first one that was a proper riff on teen dramas

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>>137613116An old nigga who lived some shit is obviously going to look more weathered than a teen(clone) that just knows about it.myself, I hate how little space the headband gets. she would've been wearing that shit near 24/7 and it just looks good on her tbdesu

>>137610080>glass ceiling "joke">orange man bad "joke">cancel culture "joke">christopher columbus is bad "joke"Nope, not watching it and neither should you.>inb4 "r u gonna watch nuthin @ all?"There's SO much good quality stuff to consoom that I do not need to consume goyslop for the brain.

>>137613062WOWIE! Almost as though we were telling you mouth-breathers that there is 0 chance of a good reboot.

>>137613116I think they could've tried making her look a bit more like caricature desu >>137613730Then they missed the mark pretty hard Harriet isn't funny

Do they have the balls to let Abe fuck Frida

>>137611265While not relevant, making it a parody of current day teen shows like Riverdale wouldve made a lot of sense.I dont even know what the shows doing now

>>137613758sweet mother of god

>>137613776>Orange man joke>In 2023What were they thinking

>>137611193she also has no figure and with the mustache she just looks like a dude

>>137613116The big bright hair and smile they give her just turns her into some tumblr human Pinkie Pie art. If that monobrow monster wasn't also in this season it would be the worst character design i have ever see

>Entire song about arrogant white men who think they can do no wrong and deserve everything.I mean, have they ever MET a black woman? It is insane how backwards this zeitgeist is to anybodies lived reality.

>>137613905Cleo will be the one to Fuck Frida

>>137613994Frida Kahlo was also jewish and is hated in some Latino circles as a cultural appropriator who pretended to be something exotic. She was white as a sheet which makes coloration like this bizzare.

>>137613988>>137613776wait when was the trump joke?

>>137614044I'm assuming user meant the first episode and the line about current political leaders being incompetent.

>>137613905Trailers and opening show they're gonna give Cleo a lesbian arc with Frida

>>137611265But why does it have to be culturally relevant? Why could they not just keep up the humor of the original? A 15-year old right now could go back and watch the original Clone High and laugh because it's still funny. Ponce's absurd death-by-garbage scene will always be funny, especially the setup of "A CHARACTER YOU KNOW AND LOVE DIES TONIGHT". The school rioting and flipping the pool while re-using the same animation again for a second riot at the end of the episode will always be funny. Abe stopping a drag race to take a nap, JFK's car flipping over, and then Abe winning the race 15 hours later will always be funny. I don't know if Abe's cancel culture video apology is going to be funny in 15 years.Like, sure, some elements of the original Clone High are HYPER dated that won't translate well-- things like the Tom Green cameo in particular. But for the most part, all of the humor is just absurd and you don't need to know what it's parodying to laugh at it. Things like Joan craving nostalgia feels like a very specific finger point at a particular person or crowd of people, whereas smoking raisins is just a very general mockery of drug PSAs; it doesn't date itself by specifically referencing Bush's war on drugs or something but instead combines the 70s, 80s, and 90s drug awareness culture wrapped into one big hybrid.

>>137614095>current political leaders>somehow an orange man bad jokeBut Biden is in office??? Would it not be an Old Man Bad joke?

Tubman's obsession with not being a 'basic bitch' when growing up is fascinating to me. I mean I don't think the writers are portraying it as a joke at this point, I think they mean it unironically. At which point, ya have to wonder, do writers understand that the lifestyle she eschews is not available to anybody but the very rich? Hilariously, The writers seem obsessed with their own extreme levels of privilege and do not see the irony in calling it out in others.

>>137614209It wasn't indirect reference to the U.S. but in general across the world I think, it's been awhile since I've watched it.

>>137611193These redesigns don't really stand out though, they look like background characters and not main characters. It's also telling that they barely changed the last one

>>137614155The absurd humor would still work. Lord and Miller could 100% still do that and pull it off. But look at the writers on every episode. Its all fucking women writing them. Women can't do absurd humor well. Fuck they can't do humor at all well. They think making a joke is shoving your current cultural thing in and just pointing it out.Unfortunately due to the demand for writers currently because of streaming your forced to take dogshit and studios force mandates to have female staff on these shows.

>>137614011The difference is arrogant black women can get shot down by their attitude while arrogant white men don't. See who gets out of a situation with the cops while acting like that.

>>137614214>I mean I don't think the writers are portraying it as a joke at this point, I think they mean it unironically.user she was dreaming of being a 10 year unpaid intern on a shitty reality show that would exploit her, it's a joke.

>confucius and jfk are like best friends in the second episode>they're like total strangers now>topher is supposedly part of the main cast and had a major role in ep 2 as well>he's just a background character nowHmmmmmmmmm

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>>137614301I think your point would still work in just saying the new writers suck and avoid generalizing.

One of the white douchebag's on frida's song was making the same pose as mr douchebag from your favorite martianthat was odd i wonder if any other anons noticed

>>137614308There are thousand of arrest videos on youtube this very moment. Arrogance of any color will get your ass beat. The fact that white men tend to calm the fuck down when the cops show up and the black women in these videos lose their shit might have something to do with it more than skin color.

>>137614342It was a motivation in episode five yeah, but we also just went through MULTIPLE nightmare scenes where she was a suburban wine mom last week.

>>137614308This is just lies

>>137614356It feels like they haven't quite nailed down the friendship dynamics for the new clones yet. The one thing that feels consistent though is that Topher's a social outcast. Now that Abe is out of the group I feel like he's going to start hanging out with Topher more.

>>137613116No one smiles in pictures back then. They took like a minute + to actually take. So you had to sit still and not move the entire time or blur the picture. Go ahead and smile for 2 minutes, shit hurts

It worries me how this series is making me feel attracted to Jesus.

Honestly I was loving episode 5 until they talked about abe and white guy confidence, the end was ok but dragged it to a 6.5/10, about to start the next episode

>>137614374Name a single modern comedy show which was improved by adding female writers. Name a single show at all improved by adding female writers.

>>137614419But again, that's just her exaggerating about her future as a lot of actual teens do. If you wanna call someone out by trying to hard to be a girlboss, that's Frida

>>137614408> The fact that white men tend to calm the fuck down when the cops show upkek, nice delusion

>>137610080>We should grab garbage from the past and recycle it to make it good and modernWowWOW

>>137614521My issue is how this feels too biased, like if South Park only used anti-white jokes and stop laughing at blacks or Jews.If things go with Abe being outcasted, then I hope that at least he gets to be with Topher and other guys in a “redpilled” squad or some shit like that.And what the fuck are they planning with Cleo? She is just filling space at most.

>>137614558Hey you have literally hundreds of thousands of hours of arrest footage at your fingertip, but continue to push whatever narrative helps you cope.

>>137610080JFK chads can't stop winning, literally cheats on her girlfriend, and gets away with it while her girl breaks her friendship with Abe.

>>137614408>Tell black people over and over that the cops are going to kill them if they are called>Look at how black women react to the cops, look at them how can you watch them freak out like that and not believe we love in a post nuclear holocaust racial purity monarchy?

>>137614571Whatever you say Topher Bus

>>137614567considering topher is meant to be twitter personified, given the posters we have seen as well as his line in ep 5, i doubt he would be on the redpill squad but it would be funny

>>137614295The designs of the original cast don’t really stand out either

>>137614567>, like if South Park only used anti-white jokes and stop laughing at blacks or Jews.That's what they've been doing for decades though. The minority characters are the voice of reason and the white men are all idiots. Even before the "woke" shit, episodes like the restaurant review one painted all white people like retards and everyone else had to suffer their incompetence due to white privilege. And those type of episodes are old as hell.

>>137614356He's the punching bag of the show, not part of the main squad. Like a more evil Squidward

>>137614155this post already put more thought into what makes the show funny than any of the writers ever did

>>137614594He claimed discrimination for being white in the Twister the Game the Musical episode.

>>137614617I had to see who you were quoting to see if you were talking about Abe or Topher. At this point it seems like Abe is the punching bag.

>>137614209Trump is the shadow prez, dummy. Biden lost.

>>137614234Then people are admitting that Trump was a failure but doesn't want to say out loud kek

>>137614944Wow, from what parallel reality number are you from?

>>137613955it should've been a mystery who-dunnit where they solve the case of Gandhi's murder

I just finished episodes 3-6.I'm losing hope guys. Barely anything outside of Scudworth gets a chuckle.

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I'm honestly starting to hate Joan now, Abe tried his absolute hardest to support her and keep her secret, and at the end she just throws him to side (yes I know he kind of did the same to her in the original but that was played of as him being ignorant/oblivious to his surroundings)

>>137615038Joan's reasonably-sized boobies.

>>137614155i've been watching season one for the very first time, i think the dated factor adds to it. the episode where everyone is like>that's Ashley Angel from O Townonly gets funnier with time, especially when JFK mixes up O Town with boybands that are actually still remembered nowadaysi don't know what teenagers get up to, but i remember smoking and watching Reefer Madness and things like that. i think the humour in parodying after-school specials would still work

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>>137615050At least Abe never stopped considering Joan his friend

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>>137615050She is Indefensible at this point. I don't even care if Abe doesn't end with her anymore, he doesn't deserve this insuferable bitch desu

Just finished the musical ep. Im saving the latest episode for later.Why is Harriet Tubman so afraid of becoming a “basic bitch?” She seems to think the original Harriet Tubman didn’t do anything noteworthy, but personally I think it’s a big step up from being accidentally cloned from some literal who due to a mixup. Or being some name only history nerds recognize. Or yknow, being a regular non clone person. I guess finding a characterization for Harriet Tubman might have been tricky, but then they didn’t need to make her a main character in the first place. Sacajawea for example is way cuter and they probably could have done more with her.

>>137615377>Sacajawea for example is way cuter and they probably could have done more with her.But she's not black so she doesn't count.

>>137615389Then I guess if it HAD to be a black woman, they coulda done, iunno. Rosa Parks? Josephine Baker?Shit, Josephine Baker running around everywhere in a banana skirt actually woulda been cute and funny.

Did anyone else feel like saving the grassy knoll should've been more of an Abe episode? I could see him easily being the one to try and raise money for it. >>137615377>Why is Harriet Tubman so afraid of becoming a “basic bitch?” An attempt at modern teen reliability and problems than it being related from who she's cloned from.>but then they didn’t need to make her a main character in the first place. Sacajawea for example is way cuterThey don't even have to do that, they should've brought back Cleo if they really wanted relationship drama with JFK and Joan. Harriet feels like the writer's pet honestly.

>>137614565>>We should grab garbage from the past and recycle it to make it good and modern>Wow>WOWThat's the premise of the show

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>>137615476Harriet feels like an OC who was conceived completely independent of being a clone, and then somebody threw a dart at a list if names to determine who she would be cloned from. Her clone identity is completely incidental. Which is a problem in a show that should be a vehicle for making clone jokes, not just gen z jokes.

>>137615485why the fuck does this look like a John K flash animation

>>137611246Times change. Adapt or die white boi

>>137614519I was hoping that the fake episode 3 title was real so he at least could get some screentime, he only ever spoke on the ADD episode

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>>137615625I’m really tempted for a screenshot edit, but god, it feels so wrong.

>>137611193I dont especially mind Confucius having a ridiculous silhouette or loud colors, but this redesign really makes me see that the facial hair instantly makes him more recognizable as being Confucius. They even could have had him canonically draw on a tiny mustache and goatee using sharpie if they think he’s too young for facial hair.

>>137615625>our Lord and Savior is RIPPEDWhy does this trope make me laugh so this?

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>>137615549I think Harriets main problem stems from her being a main character, it might not be as noticeable if her role was regulated to being more of a background character who occasionally shows up like Topher, it would definitely lessen the cast bloat and help flesh out the other characters better.

>>137615558I was thinking this, flash has been dead for along time, how the fuck did they make it look like something on youtube

>>137615734It like they took lessons from Johnny Test laziness.

>>137615717For being the one reboot character that is actually cool and interesting, Frida feels very under utilized. I’m not sure if it would have worked perfectly, but I feel like most of Harriet’s scenes and roles should have just gone to Frida, or maybe to Cleo when appropriate since they decided to keep Cleo anyway. With how much she’s been pushed to the background, I’m surprised they didn’t just dump Cleo entirely.

>>137611352Here you go user, just paste this into base64 and you got yerself a MEGAaHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56L2ZvbGRlci93WEJHQWJiWSNRd1VOQktkdl9laUdhbDBFMFpkMzBR

>>137615781>I’m not sure if it would have worked perfectly, but I feel like most of Harriet’s scenes and roles should have just gone to Frida, or maybe to Cleo It could easily be split between both characters, the relationship drama would be a perfect fit for Cleo since she's been written to be shaken up with how social dynamics have changed. Her trying to hook up with JFK would be her way of trying gain back a sense of normalcy and moving on from Abe+the old cast of characters actually interacting with other.

>>137613758This alone justifies Clone High's revival. Well, that and the new theme song.

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>>137615050>>137615158yea its wild that joan forgave JFK on the spot, but despite everything she couldn't forgive abe, like gurl??!! the dude was only keeping it from you because it would flare up your illness. god what an absolute bitch.

>>137615711Idk but I hope it never ends

The Abe "white man confidence" and drinking his sweat sub-plot went fucking nowhere. It didn't even lead up to this giant punchline. It was the most filler B-plot I've ever seen, only rivaling that King of the Hill episode where a C-plot has Peggy trying to keep Bobby distracted from watching a hotdog eating tournament.

>>137613062>Might as well just fucking cancel the series again after this season is done.Too late, there are still 14 episodes left from the 2-season order

So how many people have been bitching about Abe in this season thus far? I have a feeling that a lot of viewers are gonna be pissed at him for being the Joan of this season while simultaneously loving the actual Joan in season one.

>>137616609Seems to be the case so far

Is it just me or does Abe feel like a different character this season? He was always pathetic but he seemed to have more personality in season 1

>>137617400Every character is different now

>>137617529Y tho?

If you can trade one new character for Gandhi to come back who would you pick?

>>137611846Lets face it: Abe isnt the main protagonist anymore, Joan and JFK are. And that would be fine IF the writers didnt insist on shitting on him, Cleo and the Principal just to make the OCs look good by comparison. Frida, Harriet and Confucious they all feel like they are taking turns as the new Ghandi, and the old background clones have zero personality.All of this begs the question WHY, why bring the old chars back if you dont know what to do with them? I think the quality would vastly improve if:>the frozen prom is an urban legend>20 years has passed from that night and the new clone batch is ready with the lizard cunt as head of the project>Joan and JFK suddenly appear in the school and nobody knows who the hell unfroze them (it was Scutwhatshisname, who is MIA)What we have seen so far would work better if it was wrapped around the mystery of why and how Joan and JFK were brought back, even the lack of Ghandi would feel less jarring if all the other old clones were missing too (it's not like they are doing anything with them anyway).

>>137616609>people don't like it when characters' personalities switch between seasons for no reason/poorly written

>>137617582For shits and giggles.Joking aside it's probably because they have a few new writers and 20 years since original show aired so it's not consistently written. They're also really insistent on "new thing different" for a majority of the jokes and seem to be moving away from teen drama/sitcom writing but it's not funny because you're being constantly reminded it's the 2020s now.

>>137616211they made a blood pact though

>>137611193What’s the point of the Freida redesign? It’s literally the same with less detail

>>137617608Frida Kahlo. Confucius is fine. Harriet Tubman is boring. but Frida Kahlo just irks me

>>137615485>you’ll never have Candide’s ass on your shoulders

>>137613776>>137614095>>137614209So basically user is full of shit per usual, got it

>>137617608I'd rather gandhi stay as far away as possible from this show at this point. They would absolutely neuter him. Right off the bat they would have to recast his VA since you can't have a white guy voicing an indian, if they did it with Cleo they would do it with him.

5 really only had one good joke and it was a throwaway (white privilege not being the answer to every problem), and 6 felt like half of an old episode. Focusing on Harriet is a mistake no matter how many wacky Total Drama poses she makes.

apparently all the plots/synopsis to the episodes have leaked does anyone have them??

>>137619336oh nevermind it was just for next week>After the clones find themselves stranded in the desert, JFK experiences a heat-induced intellectual breakthrough, Abe faces a zombie horde, and Scudworth and Mr. B hit the big-time in Vegas>While Clone High mourns a power couple breakup, Candide and Scudworth hatch a plan to reunite the pair with mandatory sex education, swarthy seamen, and some sensual sax solos.i hope joan stays broken up with jfk's bum ass


>>137617694>people don't like it when characters' personalities switch between seasons for no reason/poorly written reasonsMind bogglingly stupid post. Abe is the Joan because he discovered his feelings for her in the end of season 1 but she had already fucked JFK and was on her way to be his girlfriend. And that wasn't the point of the post to begin with, people (mostly girls, pretty sure) hated Abe because he never noticed Jane, which is why I'm wondering if there'd be a blatant double standard now that the roles are switched

>>137613720Nah I'm with you, I like these episodes

>>137613758at some point I'll draw her in the nude, can't resist not drawing that ass>>137619590sounds interesting

>>137612478scudworth is rarely profane so he really meant it

>>137619032Yeah the showrunners even said on Twitter they would definitely have to do that

JoanFK bros... this couple sucks. But seriously, how involved are the creators in this revival? Lord and Miller seem to be working on multiple projects all the time, and I don't think Lawrence is doing anything. This is all so weird.

>>137610080The hair being purple kills the new design.

>>137620802Wouldn't surprise me if they were only fully involved in the first episode and then dipped, they did the same thing with The Last Man on Earth

>>137620802axing the fandom's most beloved ship (joanfk) and redeeming the most hated character (abe) in a single episode is truly an astonishing writing feat

Clone High was never good.

Why is she so racist?

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This looks like a screenshot from Teen Titans Go.

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>>137615625>>137615711Fuck me in the ass because I love Jesus? More like I want Jesus to fuck me in the ass.

at least scudworth/mr. b/candide have remained funny. i’m more interested in whatever the fucks going on there with candide's plot than the actual onto the real discussion, who the hell impregnated mr. b?

>>137610080Tubman doesn't seem to have any reason to exist in the new series Besides possibly being Confuscious's potential love interest.

>>137614356Hey Travis.

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>>137620802Kinda true I was hoping their dynamic would be more like this.

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>>137613748Might aswell be the reboot’s tagline

>>137621050I really can not stand her. Her design is fucking dogshit and I can't stand her personality

>>137621104was he supposed to be buck strickland, they even have the same voice actor

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>>137615579But why are race jokes only allowed when it's white people?

>>137610080why don’t they just clone their ex wives/first ladies? It’ll be way better than this love triangle, weird ships bullshit.

>>137620802>how involved are the creators in this revival?Well in the original season Lord and Miller wrote 4 episodes and Lawrence only joined them on the pilot.Here Lord and Miller just did the pilot with Erica Rivinoja who was a long-time South Park writer.

>>137611265I think people miss the appeal when they focus on Clone High being a parody or derivative in some way. It was good because it had very funny writing. Every other line was a joke and most of the time they landed. That's just not happening this time around.

>>137621160>Tubman doesn't seem to have any reason to exist in the new serieswhat does this even mean?

>>137621449Same reason rich people bad jokes are okay. They're on a higher social level so they should be able to take it on the chin more. It's why rich people bad jokes are okay but poor people bad jokes reflect badly on you.

>>137610080>>137613116I think what’s really missing is the headscarf. That’s what I remember about Tubman. The new design doesn’t remotely look like her and even in >>137611193 I think she needs more to be over her head.

>>137621546Maybe they did in some cases, but since they’re not just clones but also modern teenagers, I don’t think they especially care and would still have drama regardless. They cloned both Julius Caesar and Cleopatra, but they don’t seem like they have much of a relationship.

>>137615625>Blurry JFK>Non-Blurry Catherine the So-So and Genghis

Attached: sully.jpg (483x611, 47.18K)

>>137622119>I er, got covered in Vaseline earlier

>>137621845Confuscious and Frida both have stuff to do and add something to the showtubman is just around and doesn't have much of a personality (at least in the first few episodes I have watched)take her out of the show and nothing changes.

>>137621449New Animaniacs had a good black people joke>"turn on the black light">turns it on>empty room is now full of black people

>>137610080Left with rights headshape and face

Did they get the scripts for these new episodes from DeviantArt in 2005, or did they just hire a bunch of women

An user said it previously but the show feels too genuine now. Like the "morals" of each episode are trying to actually be morals instead of just gags or not really the point of an episode.

>>137613116This one didn't face anything like the original didPlus she is a teenager so her eyes look bigger and cuter

>Mr B and scudworth make the perfect comedic duo>Ruin it in season 2 by making scudworth's entire purpose to simp over the new writers girlboss OC.This fucking blows.

Attached: 1518851254980.png (513x1117, 934.23K)

wow glen the janitor showed up

Foreshadowing: they're staring at who they're in love with

Attached: 1686271524499722.jpg (1080x1080, 226.83K)



Attached: It's Confucius.png (720x406, 353.37K)

They were doing a pretty good job of making the modern woke references not that obnoxious and actually humorous until they got to that retarded white guy confidence bit. That whole episode was pretty shit compared to the rest. I bet some idiot white guy wrote it.

I really like Topher...

Attached: huuh.jpg (767x797, 87.69K)

>>137623569abe and cleo haven’t even held a full conversation this entire season

>>137623770Anon called it.

Attached: white guilt.png (965x60, 4.8K)

>>137623770Lol no, almost all the jokes and references to modern culture feel dated by almost a decade. Like something you might see in the mid 10's.

>>137623770Come on user just take the hit, it wasn’t that bad, at the very least you have to admit that there’s way too many white guys with podcast out there god they are all so fucking shitty it always feels like those guys had the most bland boring life ever and yet they make a podcast, white guy confidence

>A Christmas Story isn't as good as you rememberWhat? Fuck you Abe.


>>137624004I did not draw them someone on tumblr did

Attached: humm.jpg (757x799, 70.46K)

>>137624049post their tumblr.

>>137624061I dont remember who they are

>>137624113i'M KILLING myself.


>>137611193Do these new clones have insecurities about living up to their originals, like the other clones do, or are they just LE WACKY all the time?Haven't seen the reboot, not sure I want to.

>>137623147They hired a buch of women who wrote scripts on DeviantArt in 2005.

>>137624390I know at least that Columbus goes by a different name since his historical self has become a more controversial character

>>137624390harriet is high strung and wants to be rich and famous and not a "basic bitch wine mom" so she constant has panic attacks over not succeeding at all times and confucius doesn't think he's as good at giving advice and thinking as his clonefather so he tries to be an influencer and sucks at it. frida just skateboards

>>137615579>Makes fun of Bill Maher & Dave Rubin>Calls them white but they're actually Jews. Maher hides it but his Religious Movie shows his Mother was a Jew who faked being Catholic to blend in but Zionized Maher all the same. >Even Rubin is a Gay Jew like Milo but that counts as white now.Congratulations Shlomos of the world, you're offically white but you will be the first to be exterminated by your Golems yet again. Even Frida who's parent tried to pass as one and dated one with Trotsky knows you deserve nothing but scorn & ridicule.

Attached: 1684269069541779.jpg (1030x1600, 442.41K)

>>137611193The little mustache and beard are nice touches. Blone hair also works alot better to give him that delinquent look.

>>137611846This shit was actually written by the spiderverse guys? How? It's awful.

>>137619970your a fucking idiot if you think this is the same as what abe did in season one.every episode abe went after cleo but anytime he overstepped his bounds with his friends joan or ghandi he try to fix it and put his friends first. that was the crux of the show about teen drama. he's an idiot with a heart of gold. joan is some how supposed to be smart but also dumb to fill the role now.joan throwing abe friendship under the bus which he never did. in this latest episode is unforgivable on her half that why it ended on a sour note of abe crying you moron.I know its gonna be patched up some how later but I have no hope it will be satisfying.i swear the hate for abe and shiping of jfk and joan might be ruining this show its minimizing the funniest part of both their characters personalities. and the saddest part is abe doesnt even have ghandi anymore.

>>137623879I'm all for making fun of white people or any ethnicity, but ffs make it funny

>>137624789because they had to cast an arab woman to play an egyptian woman who was a greek in real life

Every zoomer who has a problem with the new character designs is wrong. I watched this show when it originally aired. I am older than you, and I make the rules.

>>137624787completely agree with you. fwiw at least it seems like people who hated abe before are more sympathetic towards him now. still a mind-boggling stupid writing choice. i like joan and jfk, like, an unhealthy amount and their writing for the entirety of season 2 feels like awful fanfiction.also, harriet? really? the ugliest character in the show? would’ve been better if they had cleo in that role instead>jfk conflicted because cleo's his ex and the first girl who gave him feelings>cleo conflicted because she became friends with joan in the previous episodeharriet seems like a writer's pet

>>137624925Your dementia is already setting in then. I, too, watched this show when it originally aired and I think these designs are awful, in fact, the whole thing is awful and is nothing like the original Clone High.

>>137624743>every spiderman but ours is badI don't know, seems pretty in line for them.

Have hope, the guy who runs the daily clone high account got to watch all of season 2 early and said himself it is better than the first if you stick with (14:54)

>>137625018>more empathetic writing>superior LGBTQ representationwhat a cringelord

>>137625018and i’m supposed to believe this nigga… because???

>>137624925>>137624982Also watched when it originally aired. I agree on Harriet, the other two are decent. I’m rewatching season 1 right now and season 2 definitely needs Gandhi.

>>137610080how come of all the new clones so far, Harriet comes off as the most out of place out of all?

>>137625156how come of all the new clones so far, Harriet gets the most attention out of all?

>>137624961I really hope this gets better but I've been thinking that for the last 6 episodes. I feel like for every 2 eps one of them stinks.

>>137610080Left by a lot. Jesus Christ what a downgrade in design sensibilities.

>>137625450The most painful thing about this revival is that some of these concepts could WORK but the writing... it even feels like it could be a classic clone high episode but it just doesn't end up being. The lack side/b-plots certainly isn't helping either.

>>137625585same here, Episode 2 and 3 are pretty decent in my opinion since they feel like they can pass off as a season 1 episode in some ways.

>>137625938I think the first episode this season is the closest in tone to the original but gets overlooked due to how much they try to introduce and squeeze in.

>>137624961Joan and JFK feel like fan fiction because JFK is now super out of character for the purpose of having the ship. Joan is too, but to a lesser extent.JFK in the entire original show is a slut, he sleeps with tons of women without caring about any of them. He is very superficial, doesn't care about the actual emotions of the women he's with, he's a morally grey character - if not a villain.In the original show it's not clear whether JFK was just manipulating Joan or if his feelings were genuine in the ending.Even if JFK likes Joan, it seems more that he is just found of her, and isn't really in love. As he is never in love with anyone in the whole first season.But in this new show JFK has been white washed into a himbo archetype, a dumb jock with a heart of gold.

>>137626075So far I think the first episode of this new season is the best.Everything else seems way too genuine and immature for Clone High.I mean genuine-ness isn't a bad thing, but Clone High was irreverent, the whole main plot was intentional a parody which was made really dumb.And I feel this new show isn't capturing that irreverence.

i miss cleo. whoever this new bitch is masquerading as cleo is NOT the cleo i know and love.

>>137626341The amateur voice acting doesn't help one bit.

>>137626381i saw a clip of season 1 cleo earlier and it’s so jarring. she’s vain and funny but not stupid and emotionless.

>>137626120in season one he cries about cleo and says cleo is the first girl “that gave him feelings” but even still in the first episode he’s cheating on her (of course none of this played super seriously, since this is clone high after all)i can buy that he really likes joan but i don’t buy that he _wouldn’t_ casually cheat and that joan wouldn’t question his manwhore tendencies. they set him up this season to be this “developed” (if you could call it that) faithful respectful guy then undid it in one episode, like damn how the fuck do you want me to feel about him? if he was still the manwhore he was before i wouldn’t give a fuck but they just made it worse by pretending he changed into a devoted boyfriend

>>137626341this. i miss the sultry cleo not some random bitch

Just got here and was expecting more butthurt over the white male confidence song

>>137621050>>137621355I was really digging her but of course some retarded writer had to us her to vent out their political views.

>>137626785I’m more mad about the whole thing being irrelevant and feeling off-character for Cleo.All that music number just for a quick gag where they suck & drink Abe’s sweat and then what? They appear fully confident but instantly get dragged to a domino fight without even showing the placebo results.

>>137626594if this episode was supposed to make us feel for abe. how the hell are we supposed to feel about Joan jfk or Harriet, what was the writers intent? like whats gonna happen? they forgive abe or abe forgives them neither of that seems like it would be satisfying.

>>137626785because the rest of the episode was bafflingly dumb

>>137617627Because the old show was garbageSo we made it betterWe kept the name tho :)

Attached: from-left-to-right-frida-kahlo-abe-lincoln-jfk-joan-of-arc-harriet-tubman-cleopatra-and-confucius-stand-in-front-of-the-grassy-knoll-as-it-burns-H-2023.jpg (1296x730, 247.6K)

Boy if you guys are pissed nowCan't wait for nuturama

>>137622864That's not a joke making fun of blacks, it's a pun.

>>137620263>scudworth is rarely profane so he really meant itHe flipped the bitch!

>>137625039because he was paid by hbo/paramount to only say good things about the show in exchange for watching it early

>>137620802>>137620952>making JoanFK an absolutely shitty and awful couple>practically redeeming Abe 20 years after becoming the most hated character in the showAbe must've been on the writing team, unfathomably based

Attached: clone-high-abe-gandhi.png (1200x628, 827.09K)

>>137611246>>137614095>>137626785>>137616486>>137615579I know whites can have a habit of saying or doing things that can come off as racist and not even know it, those jokes are super out of date!>>137614308Maybe they are guilty of something? I'm black and the cops are cops, I've never had a problem with them, don't drive getto/speed or brake the law and you are fine >>137614592

>>137627285Futurama already went downhill so it won't be as disappointing.I expected this to be at least decent especially since the original creators were involved.

>>137623810same>knows he has problems, but trying to be betternot that it helped him

Attached: Topher Bus.jpg (1280x3631, 717.64K)

>>137614011>It is insane how backwards this zeitgeist is to anybodies lived reality.the cocky indignant woman-of-color preaching about inordinate confidence and entitlement is peak irony

So are they going to do an ep where Topher is outed as Christopher Columbus, but the other students don't care and believe it would be wrong to condemn him for the crimes of his ancestor?

>>137612377>Episode 8have you been shooting up apricots lately because that episode is one of their best

Attached: raisin.png (500x375, 195.65K)

>>137612149the snowflake day episode

>>137627685black people jokes don't always need to be making fun of them

>>137624743they only wrote the first episode

>>137629506The robotic dog b-plot was just boring.

>>137628809It seems like many of the original writers are returning though

Attached: 1655967815112392.png (903x604, 60.23K)

>>137629591Episode 8 was the musical raisins episode though, the sideplot was Scudworth trying to take over the PTA. the robot dog b-plot you're talking about was episode 9>pic related

Attached: MV5BYTc1ZDFlNDQtZDcwMy00ZGRlLWFkMzYtYjcxOGFhMTJlMWYwXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjU0NTU2Mjc@._V1_FMjpg_UX1000_.jpg (1000x750, 87.15K)

>>137629629good god i could hear this entire scene in my head just from this image alone >MY EIGHT INCH ABE WANTS TO TALK TO YOU>HE'S IN MY PANTS

>>137624787>your a fucking idiot if you think this is the same as what abe did in season one.You don't need to be the same to have the same role. Literally everything you said is completely irrelevant to my post. Are you arguing with someone in your head, schizo?

>>137629629>Episode 8 was the musical raisins episode thoughyou sure?

Attached: 1682567246041662.png (867x342, 53.93K)

>>137620952>axing the fandom's most beloved ship (joanfk) and redeeming the most hated character (abe) in a single episode is truly an astonishing writing featI'm not watching this trash, so can I get some context on what happened?

>>137610080This reboot is a trash fire, I feel legitimately annoyed after sitting through episodes 5 and 6. Hey, millennials on the writing staff, you're not as smart as you think you are, and you're not funny. Fuck all of you.

Attached: super new ch.jpg (1179x639, 190.86K)

>>137629263I think they might do an episode where Topher is outed as not being a clone at all, but just some crazy person. One user pointed out that his name doesn’t show up in the files in the opening credits, but every other character does.


Attached: THAT'S FUCKING STUPID.png (343x372, 219.26K)

>>137627267>t.female writer

>>137626785Tbh, that moment would've worked better if it was just a joke on high school confidence in general.

i hate woke high so much its unreal

Attached: pepegun.jpg (600x584, 30.59K)

>>137617627>why bring the old chars back if you dont know what to do with them?because the writers are talentless hacks who arent good enough to get their own show, so they dig up the corpse of your childhood dog and drape it over themselves because briefly looking at the desecration of your memories gets them a few clicks and enough ad revenue to keep paying their meager salaries

>>137630832It's not that deep.

>>137611193Yup, the new designs clash too much with the original showIf the old cast wasn't here then okay, fine, it's a new show so you do do. But the old cast is still the main focus so these guys just feel like outliers

>>137617608I'd trade Topher.

>>137611193I think Frida's beta design. She's definitely the only one that looks like a caricature of who she's supposed to be and I think the simpler clothes-- as in no sleeve stripes or shirt logo or zig-zag socks-- makes her look like she could belong in the first season rather than having that modern Simpsons design effect where she's TOO detailed compared to the original cast.

Clone High season 2 feels like a window into why Hollywood is kicking their writers to the curb

>>137619032agreed. JFK has already been neutered into being "the cute himbo" that twitterfags who never saw the first season thought he was, can't imagine what they would've done to Gandhi

If nobody got me, I know Confucius got me

Attached: 3121035750599415035_3121035745247535592.jpg (1440x1031, 241.04K)

>>137623350Yeah I'm enjoying the new season so far, but stuff like that holds it back. Mr B and Scudworth bits were some of my favorite from the original, so it's lame that they don't get as much time alone together.

Attached: scudsworth is your favorite character.png (951x720, 673.58K)

>>137632536Ooh did Carey Yost do these

>>137610080>>137611193What bothers me is that Tubman is the one character who doesn't have any jokes about her historical counterpart.>>137611265It's still a parody of melodrama. Who would take psilly legs seriously?

>>137630832>digging up an old property long after it was gone to exploit it for nefarious purposesSounds completely on brand for clone high actually

>>137632634Yeah, he's been posting some concept art for the new characters

Attached: 3121035750599415035_3121035745146745937.jpg (1440x1031, 214.8K)

>>137614567The first episode took the piss out of social justice cancel mobs pretty well.>>137614611The minority characters also never care about social justice. It's always white ones.

>>137621872Then Asian and Jew jokes should be okay, because they have the highest status of all.


Attached: can turn.jpg (1080x565, 100.54K)

>>137629901I will never understand why episodes 8 and 9 are always out of order wherever I look. The "Next time on… " segment makes it clear that the storm episode is before the drug PSA one.

Attached: the docks.png (1868x1435, 1.5M)

>>137632936>Then Asian and Jew jokes should be okay, because they have the highest status of all.they were okay until incel Holla Forumstards ruined it by not realizing that jokes were meant to be jokes. I don't see anyone crying about jokes directed towards Asians though so no clue where you got that

>>137633122Did you somehow miss the Stop Asian Hate movement?

>>137632914I wouldn't say that's always the case, it's about 50/50 on the race of the character pointing out the "injustice"then again when it's portayed as 'real' like Dicktown it comes off as a straight-out-of-Holla Forums shitpost so you gotta take what you can get>>137633122>I don't see anyone crying about jokes directed towards Asiansyou've gotta learn to leave some of the bait off user, too much and the they're only nibble it off

>>137633158shit son you forgot the people doing it, that shit was mindwiped long ago

>>137623810>>137624049I want to beat him up and make him cry then have rough passionate sex together

>>137623879It's goofy to me because everything they attribute to white guy confidence - never apologizing for anything ever, a undeserved sense of authority, thinking you know something because you heard a podcast/have you own podcast - is easily applied to all of them woke minded folk, and the minority writers/"comedians" who are behind scenes in shows like this nowadays. How many of them think they're in the biz just because they do youtube recaps or screenprint bootleg t-shirts?

>>137629905JFK kisses Harriet for a play and they both begin to think they have feelings for each other. Joan is also afflicted by psylly legs and Abe tries to help cure her illness by rebuilding The Grassy Knoll (since it was burnt down). JFK and Harriet decide to test their feelings and make out and Abe walks in on them. He doesn’t know whether to tell Joan, because they made a blood pact earlier in the episode, or to keep it secret, because she’s already ill with psylly legs. JFK and Harriet realize they don’t have feelings for each other and tell Joan about what they did. Joan decides to forgive them both, but after Abe reveals he knew that they made out, she becomes angry with him and completely breaks off her friendship with;dr: JFK cheats on Joan with her best friend and Joan gets mad at Abe instead of JFK.

>>137633158Ah yes, the movement born from an unhinged criminal attacking massage parlor employees that were human trafficked by their own kind, that got conflated into privileged advantaged asians wondering why they don't get more starring roles in TV and film.

>>137623810He's definitely a scrungly

>>137633158>Did you somehow miss the Stop Asian Hate movement?Are you retarded? That was about Asians getting blamed for COVID. I've been to Asian cultural meetings and the guys complain that shows joke about them being too non-masculine, undesirable, and having penises that are too small.

The only thing wrong with the new season besides JFK losing any negative traits is that it's just the Joan of Arc show now instead of a balanced ensembleAbe and Cleo have done very little

>>137613776>glass ceiling "joke"Done well>orange man bad "joke"Literally never once mentioned Trump.>cancel culture "joke"It was making fun of cancel culture.>christopher columbus is bad "joke"The whole joke is that he was cancelled after being cloned, and now his clone has to deal with that. Struggles greatly to fit in and eventually becomes some weird incel character, I think it's funny.The original show had Gandhi calling Ponce "white and privileged" after he died, Clone High was always like this you're just a baby who can't cope.

>>137633513What's your favorite CLEO mod?

>>137613116At least they got her figure right in the show, you could stack plates on her ass.

I’m 100% sure someone at the staff is Assmad at a girl like Cleo from their past.

>>137619590>While Clone High mourns a power couple breakupOhh nooo that's so sad..... Anyway, can't wait to see more of Scudworth's shenanigans

>when push comes to shove we'll conquer with complaints on the internet!Wait a minute, dissatisfaction is just an abstract concept. It can't actually break stuff.

Attached: images (26).jpg (259x195, 10.12K)

>>137634202>They did another musical episode>At no point did anyone strike a christ poseYOU HAD ONE JOB

>>137627732I'm kinda bummed they haven't brought that back yet.

If you told me Joan was gonna be the protag instead of Abe I'd say based but I'm watching now and it's actually cringe

>>137620802The problem is that this isn't the same JFK from the first season.Back then, he was a shallow, womanizing jackass stereotypical bully who had his moments of humanity and kidness, but largely acted as an antagonist. He was an intentional parody of the "bully" character that appeared in the stuff that the show was based on.They write this off by saying that his innuendos would be interpreted as "sex positive" in this generation but ignore large swaths of his character that wouldn't fly. His original welf would be just as if not more cancelled than Abe.This is why none of this shit is working. The aspects that carried over from the original have all been sanded down.You think we're ever gonna get a joke along the lines of "vapid teenagers treating an unescapable moat around the special ed building as a moral victory" again?Hell nah. They're not even gonna acknowledge they did that.

Attached: IMG_3630.png (692x687, 238.23K)

>>137610080I prefer a mix like >>137611193 to both left and right

>>137630785Yeah, the whole thing comes across as out of touch, because if you're friends with any guys under 25 you know the black ones have even more unearned confidence than the white ones

>>137633027Good design notes

>>137614011damn white guys really do think they're oppressed huh

>background one-off character has better design than new onesyikes

Attached: Untitled.png (200x611, 221.75K)

>>137615377She doesn't want to be a basic bitch because her clone ancestor was objectively an incredibly interesting person.

>>137613116man, cleopatra isn't even ethnically greek. actual historical accuracy was never the intent of the show.

Why use real life pictures of personalities and Joe Rogan instead of...drawing them in the style?What a missed opportunity.

Attached: 1582937981285.jpg (640x480, 24.5K)

>>137610080I genuinely think the writing is terrible this season. I hate each episode more than the last one, every character is written so badly, JFK is supposed to be a jerk and now he's a lovable himbo. Joan is supposed to be the most mature member of the gang and she gets petty about shit like sleepover parties. Harriet has to be one of the most cartoon characters I've ever seen. Everyone is so unlikable that Abe is now the most relatable character. The WORST part of the OG show. Everyone is so happy and has no problems with each other, which completely fucking kills any jokes born from stress and depression like they used to do with the original show.But the worst part is that there are at least 5-10 jokes in each episode where I laugh really hard, especially Topher Bus, his character is as flawed and cynical as the original show's characters were. Also the musical episode's songs are so good that I keep listening to them again and again.One other thing, and you all are going to kill me for this, but Cleo is so fucking hot this season. Something about popular girls being miserable makes my penis go big.

Attached: 1460433322293.png (271x243, 32.37K)

>>137632767>>137632536>confucius was originally a muppetinteresting choice

>>137635956She doesn’t sound like that’s what she thinks.

>>137615579Nice bait. Glad to see Holla Forumsmblr is alive and well. Just came by to see if you guys recognized how awful the new clone high is


>>137631821God the twitter and TikTok people really do think jfk was a wholesome sexy guy don’t they? These people live in another reality loJfk is an entertaining character but he’s an asshole and he’s supposed to be lol

>>137624787Absolutely thisI wish zoomers had never “discovered” this show. I liked it better in like 2010 when it was still obscure

>>137626785At this point I expect anti-white jew nonsense from almost every show. Doesn’t make it okay but if I get mad about it on the internet I’m just feeding into the reaction (((they))) want, which is to point at “me” (and all whites) and say “why are white men so angry?! We should be scared of them!”

>>137631821>>137636993It's jarring seeing the whole cast hang out as friends now. I miss old JFK and especially old Cleo since she hasn't done a whole lot yet

>>137627267>>137630742I hate women so much it’s unreal guys. They’re just built to be propaganda victims .

>>137621872That’s not how it works at all.

>>137633027I like her desu

>>137633590>The original show had Gandhi calling Ponce "white and privileged" after he died, Clone High was always like this you're just a baby who can't cope. Yeah for laughs. Contrast that with the entire backstory on snowflake day. It was, at worst, more neutral.

>>137634549Why would you ever think that was going to be based lol? If anything I want more Gandhi

>>137614011This so fucking hard. Idk what telling you here will do but you’re not alone user

>>137636012It’s a fast-paced song, so stylized caricatures might not have read as easily. The original show used mixed media anyway, so I don’t see what’s the big deal:

>>137637769This is the actual reason why he's not in season 2


Attached: am I dying.png (1947x1439, 1.11M)

>>137627267Have people ever cosplayed as the characters before?

>>137612478He will finally score if he keeps acting that way>>137635916You can tell they didn't try to make her look like a zoomer and didn't overdesign her. Some of the background characters do look bad sometimes, like the singers from the play.

>>137635916I like her design too, but who is she supposed to be?

>>137639590You know, I'm wondering how many of the new background characters actually have an intended reference. Like, no one can figure out who the Jason Momoa looking guy is supposed to be

>>137637122Yeah yeah your brain has gone rotten from pol what else is new

>>137639464>the singers from the playthey're supposed to be the gandhi has add singers but they redesigned them

Attached: gandhihasadd.png (480x360, 201.11K)

>>137615485Puppet rigging has been a disaster for animation as a whole.

>>137640725I know, and my point stands that these are not good designs, and I don't know why they bothered changing them>>137640371You mean the other guy on the play? I've seen some anons say he's Attila the Hun, but that hasn't been confirmed

Attached: 1666870264485773319_1.png (620x303, 153.79K)

>>137632536At least if they did 9 it would kind of tie back into him being fat but this dude quite literally has no design traits that tie him back to his historical counterpart


>>137613795This guy gets it!

Attached: yes,i wholeheartedly agree with you.jpg (675x457, 69.84K)

>>137622259Really? I'd say it's the opposite between Frida and Harriet.Frida seems to lack the teen insecurity and angst that everyone else has. I'm waiting for an episode to actually develop her in some regard but so far she's just a lil bitch.I'm also hoping they take a stab at 13 reasons why

>>137641074I've heard that theory but they should just say it.

How prominent are the new characters? I keep putting off watching because I get the feeling any scene with them is going to be a totally jarring and cringey experience.

Attached: ch.jpg (1000x1481, 197.75K)

>>137641461God they look like SHIT

>>137611193I like how these redesigns improve Harriet and Confucius... And doesn't change Frida at all.Though she was always well designed and is the stand out of the new crop.

i hate the bullshit "white people aren't allowed to voice characters with darker skin than them" rulecleo's new va sucks and i'm not big on george washington carver's voice either

>>137641461funnily enough, the new cast is one of the best parts of the show, it's the recurring cast which brings it down, since they are very noticeably out of character

>>137641461>How prominent are the new characters?Well they're part of the main cast now but for the most part they act as support characters to the og cast with Harriet (black chick) being the only one to get like 2-3 subplots that focuses on her.

>>137641594>old characters fucked over by new writers>new writers’ zoomer ocs get the better writingMakes sense. Damn this clown world

>>137632767thanks, it's interesting

Attached: 348671733_139286969145596_1262375331099258756_n.png (381x167, 9.12K)

>>137615485God damn this looks cheap as hell.

Put Abe and Cleo together again, Lord and Miller. It’s only just.

>>137642065You'll get Abe and Frida and you'll like it.

>>137642102I thought it was Cleo and Frida.

>>137642065I’m honestly surprised the show hasn’t brought it up yet. I think Cleo really did kinda like him at the end of s1.

>>137642065>>137642102>>137642121why not all 3 at once

Attached: clabeda.png (522x443, 257.05K)

Why is this so fucking bad?

>>137642267trying to appeal to a new audience by rebooting an old show and doing everything you can to spite people who liked the original rarely leads to worthwhile fiction

With the hariett JFK thing, does that mean this poster is all foreshadowing?

Attached: Screenshot_20230609_215239_Chrome.jpg (960x1389, 742.14K)

Really not a fan of frida

>>137642130>I’m honestly surprised the show hasn’t brought it up yet.Yeah, it's so weird. In episode 4 it's implied that they might have interacted but that was off screen, they're just secondary characters now.

Attached: 1664258140131532802_1.jpg (1210x1219, 132.22K)

What happened to the Joan still has feelings for abe side plot

>>137642411only used for the one ep

>>137614567>And what the fuck are they planning with Cleo? She is just filling space at most.Lesbian arc with Frida. >>137621050>>137626910And here I was thinking that all the "white boy" fanart of her people were making was OOC.>>137632767The longer jacket works better.

>>137616165Holy shit

I legit feel nothing watching these episodes.

Attached: 1672942951962342.jpg (1169x1244, 122.25K)

>>137615485Holy shit, the motion of her arms is just. Wow.

>>137642589Just keep watching, you'll enjoy it soon

>>137642669Yes, one can hope...

Attached: 1674557828583685.png (1334x750, 586.44K)

>>137633590Hillary lost

>>137618638Thank the merciful lord above.

I haven’t attempted to draw a full piece in a long time. Here’s my attempt at a Cleo. Maybe i’ll shade and highlight her.. I just miss the sultry Cleo a lot

Attached: IMG_57A501811E1A-1.jpg (891x1415, 140.11K)

>>137643055You got any socials?

>>137621050>Write off Gandhi because you won't make fun of Indians>Every single episode is "White men are .... LE BAD!"

>>137643055Why does she look so young

>>137643312Nope. But i’ll probably post more cleo doodles in a future Clonehigh thread.>>137643363Maybe because she’s in Highschool.

Attached: IMG_0328.jpg (998x773, 120.15K)

>>137641594>>137641733They aren't written well though. >Tubman is boring has 0 interesting personality traits and reads like the author's self insert>The ugly one manages to be a mary sue with all the answers while also being completely irrelevant and just smuggly makes fun of the characters actually trying to be entertaining.>Confuckus is just Ghandi light and is there if they need a dumb best friend, doesn't matter who it is, he's besties with whoever the plot demandsColumbus is the only one that's written decently and he's a gag character

>>137637122>anti-white jew nonsenseTalk about self-destructive!

>>137628897Yet again the piece of shit character Im supposed to hate turns out to be the most interesting one. The mad writing skills of a staff with more than one woman, everyone!

Attached: Eb8Z3IGU4AAHQCV.jpg_large.jpg (1820x1800, 154.29K)

>>137610080Left. Less is more.

>>137610080Just started watching this now, pretty late I know, but>old harriet tubman's design literally right there in a background shot of the first two minutes of episode 1Gee, I sure hope someone got fired for that blunder.

Attached: harriet.png (1116x611, 768.19K)

i like how they shoved that the writing staff has more women now into our face, really gives me something to blame all the shows writing problems on

>>137637122Why do you people bother with the ((()))? We know you mean jews just say jews? Why do you need code words on 4chan?

>>137610080Left, right looks so bad. Couldn't even tell she was Harriet Tubman when I first saw her.

>>137633384You're forgetting that Joan made a blood pact with Abe to not keep secrets between them anymore.

harriet concept art

Attached: 351379596_646399220250661_8654342370355493650_n.jpg (1080x773, 174.15K)

>>137644819Nothing links her to he counterpart in any way

>>137644819Not great or recognizable but still better than the final

>>137615485The way background characters tend to be completely static even when they're in a pose where they shouldn't be is really jarring. You could get away with not animating the sunbathing woman on the left but the fact that the dudes on the right are completely motionless in those particular poses makes it look cheap as hell.


>>137610080Left. Harriet on the Right has been okay in the latest episodes, but her design is so obnoxious. And, unlike Confucius, it doesn’t even look like the sort of obnoxious outfit a kid would wear.

>>137643974Maybe Old Harriet and New Harriet will meet. They can be clone sisters.

>>137646450And clone lovers

>>137646475No, you pornsick degenerate. Kill yourself.

>>137644819At least I can see what they were going for with a stock social activist character from a modern TV drama with this concept art. Man the new designs are so bad.

>>137613758>>137616165Yeah I'm happy with this. Cartoon of the year material.

>>137611193Harriet and Frieda are so much better here. Frieda’s design makes sense, but it’s too busy. They would have been better off making Frieda’s graffiti more frequent and elaborate, and her character design like this. Frieda is a charming character otherwise.I feel like the only person that prefers canon Confucius to the concept design. These kids are, what, 16? What 16 year old Asian kid has enough facial hair to style? I agree with people that it makes the clone father connection more obvious, though. Maybe it will come up later. Maybe he’ll grow the moustache to symbolize character development. Maybe C and Abe will discuss their preoccupation with clone daddy’s facial hair.>>137611246Yep. It was a rollercoaster.>Irish Catholic>white>a literal tiny hat>white>white people bad>this makes no sense>Abe is an anxious wreck what confidence>oh wait it’s a metaphor for drunkenness>that’s funny>that’s like the raisin thing>but instead of The Critic’s The Wall The Parody it’s doing peanut-shell rimmed sweat shots>do nothing with it>I’m mad againAt first I was annoyed, then the concept started to grow on me, and then they sucker punched me. I feel like Joan in S1.

Attached: 90713589-81E7-4B0C-9934-836062455AD1.png (1136x640, 1.59M)

>>137611249There are some similarities:>weird gore>although I concede S2 gore is really fucking weird in the first couple episodes>drugs and alcohol metaphor (raisins, white guy sweat)>Joan’s weird art filmsOne thing that really struck me was how few songs there were. I’m actually okay with this. Some songs in the original were good, but some really sucked. In S2, the songs haven’t appeared until the last few episodes. There’s also fewer instances of sampled music from bands.>>137611695I legitimately think Abe is only hated because he’s white. And because the straight chicks who watch the show had a crush on someone like him and got rejected. Seriously… what has he ever done? His only crime is not liking Joan immediately.

Attached: 3B8DADCF-DA18-4CE9-A276-0C54ED0A0C57.png (1136x640, 1.59M)

>>137612420I second this. I usually love the Skudworth scenes, but that skunk was nauseating.

Attached: 92615EE2-DB3D-47B6-A11A-11D8C097657F.png (1136x640, 1.78M)

>>137612478It’s also funny because it’s the first time Candide looks at him with something other than rancid contempt. Cute. I didn’t expect to love the wacky shenanigans of them and Mr. B., but here I am.

Attached: 5855B022-DA6B-4D3E-BAE6-EB54ED5DC61C.png (1136x640, 1.55M)

>>137613720I like bits and pieces. I’m excited for what comes next. >Abe rides Frieda and commands her to skateboard faster>piggybacks on Joan

Attached: 11DF0A0F-3D7E-476C-927A-6AF5F73E6744.png (1136x640, 1.83M)

>>137613730I don’t really get her character. She’s set up to be this popular girl who’s best friends with Frieda… and a nerd, as indicated by the concept art and sequences in the show where she’s freaking out over midterms. At the same time, she apparently shares Cleopatra’s weird obsession with being recruited from television shows.>incidentally it was a huge miss to not have Cleopatra care about a talent scoutAnd then it turns out she doesn’t want to get recruited herself, but she wants to direct. And now there’s indications that she wants to go to drama / film / art school.I guess they could salvage her by making her this super competitive and talented girl who, like, posts genderbent villain Disney covers on YouTube. Someone who wants to work “in the industry” and has the technical competency to due so in lieu of taste. A drama kid, basically. However, if this is the direction they’re going, they could have set it up way better. During midterms, she could have name-dropped some (actual or parody) names of art schools and their specific requirements. She could sperg out about Don Simpson and say something about not wanting to do cocaine but being willing to do so. I don’t know. It seems like her only strong attribute at the moment is that, like Abe, she is extremely adverse to conflict.

Attached: 3C1ADDB3-7001-4096-8169-ADFEFC111101.png (1136x640, 616.04K)

>>137612420>>137647414Is that you Scudworth?

Attached: Skunky-Poo.png (1200x877, 1.08M)

>>137613776There were some “counter woke” jokes, to give credit where credit is due.>Joan repeatedly says that Candide is a super serious career woman who is selflessly caring for her>cuts to Candide ignoring her calls from the hospital and getting drunkIt’s very clear that Joan’s respect for Candide’s status as a (for lack of a better term) “girlboss” makes her blind to the fact that Candide is a monster.

Attached: C0DF50DA-CE10-41DA-A7D4-6B8E2BB1AAED.png (1136x640, 1.42M)

>>137613905Topher should be the one to end up with Frieda. He has a genetic predisposition towards brown girls.

Attached: 08BB2B4C-74E8-4EC9-BC26-6D3DFB422AB1.png (1136x640, 1.71M)

>>137614010Frieda’s design makes sense.>>137614011It also doesn’t make sense in universe. Abe, and Skudsworth, for example, are very anxious. So are Joan and Marie. You don’t act the way Abe or Joan does in relationships if you’re secure. Even JFK and Topher, who act more assertive in some respects, are still shown to be insecure. JFK literally says that he acts macho to counter stereotypes around his being raised by two gay men.So you have these multiple characters who are white and unconfident… and then you have brown characters like Gandhi and Cleopatra, and the conclusion is that the lanky white boy is the arrogant one?I was willing to tolerate it when it started to look like an analogy for alcohol (what with them all doing Abe-shots and acting like dicks). But then they failed to even do anything with that joke.

Attached: B3D670A6-64C0-4C98-B1E4-D691ED8E5610.png (1136x640, 1.85M)

>>137614043That’s interesting. You got any more info for someone who speaks zero Spanish?>>137614134Yeah, that’s the implication I got, too. Maybe it’s just the petri dish metaphor, but they really made it look like Cleo and Frieda were star-crossed lovers.>>137614155Honestly, the whole “Abe TikTok apology” made me sad. The whole social justice thing is just a way for more socially agile kids to bully less articulate ones. And it’s not just Tom Green. It’s Manson. It’s the food pyramid. It’s Mandy Moore. It’s the sheep. If anything, Tom works the best out of these things. There are a lot of dated elements to the original. I still prefer it, but I’m playing devil’s advocate.I agree that the nostalgia legs thing made no sense. I still don’t know how it works. It happens when she’s nostalgic? And so Abe telling her the truth will make her nostalgic how? What? I get rebuilding the Grassy Knoll being a way to stifle the disease, I get the cure being accepting change… but the stuff about Abe and the silly legs? What? For the first fee minutes of this subplot I legitimately thought Joan’s disease was going to be IBS that would go into remission when she lets the Grassy Knoll go and starts eating whatever new health food place Frieda and Harriet like.

Attached: 0DF10913-913F-497C-876B-71E4D0EE9693.png (1136x640, 1.76M)

>>137643507She's "in high school". It's riffing on how teen dramas in the 90's would be casted with hot 20-somethings.

>>137637122If you weren't a fucking huge pussy they should be afraid of you. But you post 'bout it on teh Internetz and that gets your lizard brain to think "I did something!" and you no longer want to do anything.

>>137647519Honestly I'd say the writing is pretty smart about it. They know that making everything PC or "woke" would be a shitshow so they're being subtle in spoofing it. Maybe too subtle though.

>>137614301There’s a lot more character centric writing than jokes, if that’s what you mean. The rest of this reads like you’re the son of a single mom.>>137614308LMFAO>>137614356I like Topher but I hate this.>>137614479It begins…>>137614533>name a show>in English>that’s modern>that added female writers later on>as opposed to having women from the start>of these limited number of programmes pick one that you think is good>which is subjective Can you name three options? Clone High has more female writers. I think Rick and Morty added more female writers. Can you give me any other examples of shows that even fit your super narrow criteria?>>137614565Oh god.>>137614567Cleo is getting shafted super hard. And would Topher radicalize Abe? His bedroom is full of social justice posters and he yelled about “white silence is violence” when auditioning. He seems like a BreadTube fan, to be perfectly honest. I think he’s more likely to get Abe into Chapo Trap House than radicalize him.

Attached: B50591B2-4D33-461E-AEF5-5A136FEE672D.png (1136x640, 1.05M)

>>137615098This is a very smart post.>>137615389It’s true. We were cheated. And we already have Washington Carver as our Black Nerd. I miss him.

Attached: 40397485-8F34-4185-83F3-CC9DEEBAF797.png (1136x640, 1.9M)

>>137610080Looks like Gebbrey the ficustaur and Sierra from Total Drama fucked in a puddle of clown vomit

>>137610080This reboot is unwatchable.The original characters have all been diluted out of existence.Christopher Columbus is an excuse for them to make dated jokes about how Christopher Columbus was really a bad person even though it has never been actually proven he was a bad person and it is all to diminish the fact a white Spaniard discovered the Americas.Harriet Tubman is there because they needed a black character and you could replace her with literally any other black historic figure, if the show didn't state she was Harriet Tubman I would have guessed Rosa Parks.I didn't even know who Frida who gives a shit was until I saw this character and Jesus Christ the Wikipedia opening paragraph says more than I ever could about the state of this reboot>Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderón (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈfɾiða ˈkalo]; 6 July 1907 – 13 July 1954[1]) was a Mexican painter known for her many portraits, self-portraits, and works inspired by the nature and artifacts of Mexico. Inspired by the country's popular culture, she employed a naïve folk art style to explore questions of identity, postcolonialism, gender, class, and race in Mexican society.[2] Her paintings often had strong autobiographical elements and mixed realism with fantasy. In addition to belonging to the post-revolutionary Mexicayotl movement, which sought to define a Mexican identity, Kahlo has been described as a surrealist or magical realist.[3] She is also known for painting about her experience of chronic pain.[4]And Confucius looks and acts like a rejected Big Hero 6 character.All in all, this reboot is bad and everybody involved in its production deserves to be unemployed. Literally the only way they could save this is if in the final episode of the season Gandhi wakes up and it was all a bad dream and he goes "Woah that was scary, it would suck if any of THAT happened"

>>137610080>Brown or brownUhhh...

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>>137611846>Monkey pawed once againWhen will you learn?

Attached: 1531783938244.png (500x375, 151.93K)

>>137648267>Not knowing Frida KahloOpinion discarded.

>>137648842Fuck off Cali beaner.

>>137643703Everything you said is completely wrong.>no interesting personality traitsShe's the optimistic one who's positive and wants to be famous to leave her clone mom's shadow and the baggage that comes with it. That's about as much depth as the majority of the cast>ugly one manages to be a Mary sueYou don't know what a Mary Sue. She shows up on occasion and fills the role of the cool popular kid. Just because you're a charisma sink doesn't mean that any character who isn't is a "Mary Sue">Confucius is Ghandi lightThey're completely different personality wise and only similar if your brain lacks the capacity to register nuance. Never seen someone radiate such raw mouth breather energy with their retarded opinions before

>>137648851how retarded do you need to be to not know who Frida Kahlo is

>>137648851>Only californians know about Frida Not knowing Frida is like not knowing Picasso. Just admit that you're an uncultured retard and move on.

>>137649071>>137649102I'm not American you stupid faggots, why would I know about some Spic painter that pioneered gender studies.

>>137649146I'm not American either so once again you are just a retard.

>>137649282yeah you're mexican we've established that ese

Attached: esl poster get out.png (751x437, 632.31K)

>>137649146It's okay to admit that you know jack shit about art, user.

Attached: painters.jpg (1432x618, 118.16K)

>>137626910"I blame white people for my mediocrity" is not a political view

>>137648842>>137649071>>137649102>>137649282>>137649636Hillary lost

>>137651221Cool? Not sure what that has to do with the discussion


>>137651221admit defeat


Attached: thats not too cool.png (518x410, 234.8K)

>>137653550now i see where sonic got his inspiration for saving the well-down trodden! thank fat Albert

Attached: sonic.jpg (544x800, 62.3K)


>>137648267>not knowing Frieda KahloLol

>>137649146I’m Canadian and I know who Kahlo is because I took an art class in high school

>>137647257What episode is that cap from?

>>137641074The new design for that one is strictly, unambiguously worse. Why

>>137648407neveri'm waiting on using my next finger on mission hill

>>137654699Episode 6 when Joan freaks out after Harriet and JFK confess they made out.

>>137643703Projecting much, whitey?

>>137643703>Tubman is boring has 0 interesting personality traitsTrue, but she's friendly and doesn't really take anything away from the show. She's unnecessary, but put in there to flesh out the friend group of Frida and Joan.>Frida Kahlo is Mary SueNo she's not.She a fun character, represents the chiller archetype.Interestingly, she's the only character who actually really succeeds at being like her clone parrent>Confucius is Gandhi liteThe two aren't really alike at all.

>>137647381>Seriously… what has he ever done?Abe's main joke in the original series is that he is completely oblivious to Joan liking him.And while that is obviously done for parody purposes, and is a pretty good joke too, it is annoying to anyone actually invested in the story.

>>137647491I feel Harriet is really only included to fill out the friend groups of Frida and Joan. As Frida, as a popular girl, would need a friend group, and the writers wanted to give Joan a female friend.It seems that the writing team of the new season is more concerned with giving their characters full friend groups then keeping a tight, focused cast.

>>137655600>t. Frida

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>>137657492If they ever get to make a fourth season they should keep these two, the other new clones can fuck off

Attached: 1665894567218913280_4.png (1228x917, 28.49K)

I didn't like the first four episodes. Are the new episodes better or should I just drop it?

>>137657821Drop it, these episodes don't really get any better

>>137657821If you don't like the first four at all, then you're definitely not gonna like the rest imo, Episode 2 was the peak and it's all downhill from there.


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Attached: i7tagAE.png (361x429, 170.24K)

>>137624874Lol yeah, if anything it seems more racist. "we'll use whoever's voice best fits the character no matter what race they are" vs "well, the actress has gotta be brown now. Iranians and Egyptians are the same thing, right?"

>>137613730Harriet Tubman and her life wasn't very funny at all, they just needed a black female historical figure people could recognize the name of. She's so unlike her clone mother, but not to the point of intentional contrast like some clones, that I really have to wonder why no one on the team saw any issue with all this. She's practically a historical OC.

>>137648267>even though it has never been actually proven he was a bad person and it is all to diminish the fact a white Spaniard discovered the Americas.Lord have mercy.First off, Isabella herself repeatedly told him to stop all the genocide and rape because he was doing too much... And then tricked him by saying he'd get a fancy medal if he came back to Spain... But just threw him in jail for not stopping his genocide and rape.And secondly, the Americas were discovered by the Americans ~30,000 years ago. The first Europeans to find the continents were the Norse. So.... Columbus can't even claim that.And, of course, please kill yourself for not knowing who Frida Kahlo is. Maybe finish Elementary School before posting here.

>>137624789On the other hand, her old VA is doing a great job with Candide.

>>137611193The only part of this I don't agree with is Confucious's jacket getting slimmer and longer. I really dig his current silhouette shape of being basically just a big half-circle with long spaghetti legs.

>>137642684Good. This might be surprising to you, but many people who hate Trump also hate Hillary.

>>137647381>I legitimately think Abe is only hated because he’s whiteJFK is white, and people love him.

>>137648267>all to diminish the fact a white Spaniard>Christopher COLOMBUS>Spaniard

I find it funny that if they were to draw Confucius actually resembling Chinese historical depictions of him, they'd be accused of the worst imaginable racism

>>137614011Isn't the whole joke that they simply should have practiced more?Which would mean their bitching was ridiculous?Seems like a shot against "anti-whites"

>>137656668Okay, but not liking a girl back doesn’t make him a bad person. If the sexes were reversed, no one would hate Abelina for ignoring Jean. And he does like Joan back, it just takes him awhile to figure it out. This just confirms my suspicion that everyone hating on him was some brown or black chick that got stood up by a lanky white man.

Attached: 029A2541-A21B-4158-8C2B-BE10A7031A39.png (1136x640, 1.59M)

>>137656742That seems about right @ expanding the cast to be a group of friends rather than emphasizing a smaller cast.>>137659697Yeah but he’s a “himbo”, not the sort of accessible lanky white guy I assume these chicks were jilted by.>>137654699See >>137654879

Attached: 1C948255-8952-4696-94CD-5073B139C845.png (1136x640, 1.57M)

>>137662798this scene was so cute god FUCK why did they ruin joanfk sisters

Attached: 1646213147018.gif (640x360, 2.78M)

>>137662756Unironically this. You can call Abe stupid or socially retarded or whatever, but he was never a bad guy at all, at least in comparison to the rest of the cast

>>137663779Never got the hate for Abe. He was an oblivious idiot but he had good intentions. Reboot Abe is like if someone heard what someone who didn't like him said he was in season one. Then they downplay and only have him exist as a way for the episodes to have conflict

137648852not even worth giving a (you). you don't understand good character writing, your taste is shit. you're too dumb to understand what you're talking about, and too much of a smug cunt to even pity. enjoy your trash you fucking loser.

>white people with undeserved credit>nostalgiai fuckin knew it was going to happen lmao

>>137664119forgot to mention that i still like the show but i do thing the old characters clash a little too hard with the new ones, it is like clone high was a product of it's time much like downtown.