ITT : shameful "woulds"

post only your most embarassing semen demons

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>>137607082im surprised by how often this one comes up>>137607084who?

>>137607057>Shameful Damn bro, she was in the :absolutely" terroritory when I was a little kid.

I feel no shame

>>137607137she really had that warm toon mommy personality

Great fucking thread bro

>> left is Gargoyles, under that is Mighty Max...what are the two on the right from?

>>137607173Colleen as a werewolf

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>>137607172better than the 400 daily spiderman threads

>>137607057Alright, post the image.

Du hast? Ficken ze duck fraulein?

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I'd shower her in coconut cream pies.

>>137607444Checked and would but let's be honest Webby's hardly embarrassing.

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>>137607057Shame is relative. Look at this fucking loser.

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Natasha Japongaloid, he green female slime alien from ATF Plantasm. Truly my most niche and shameful.

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>>137607862I can see it... just imagine sliding your dick into that tight, slippery nose...

>>137607609I only posted that to "cuck" and call-out some German weirdo who was really into her in another forum, whom very likely lurks here every now and then.But let's not kid ourselves, falling for a toon (let alone lusting for one) would've been considered not only embarrassing decades ago but reason enough for making you seek professional help, regardless of how "normal" or "human" the character looked.And even in the early days of 4chan, pic-related would get you trolled hard as a "furfag". Times have changed.[Spoiler]For the record, I totally would Lola and make Bugs a cuck[/spoiler]

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>>137607057I would to.She was the only reason I watched that show.

>>137608213And that german's name? Albert Einstein.

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Yeah, I dunno the fuck why, either.

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>>137608261>hmm how would that feel in my cloaca?

Not the gay ass anthro version I mean the straight up sphere.

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I've grown up with disney's robin hood, seen star fox shit, watched Sonic X as a child, have probably seen many more im not thinking ofAnd I've always despised furriesbut out of all the furry icons THIS SPECIFIC VERSION OF QUEEN ALEENA made me reconsider furries (as well as Flora)

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>>137608621Verdiene dir deinen Wert im Blut zerschmettere die Knochen der Feinde und verbeuge dich vor deiner Königin

>>137608288You remind me of that guy from Robot Chicken that saw a cute fabric softener mascot bear and fucked it.

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>>137607647she was hotter when she was fat

>>137607112It's from some old line of ads where kids try to bust Capri Sun pouches in different ways and end up TFed into abominations. Some were cute though.

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>>137607637its the fuck me eyes

>>137608800That one and the gummy bear, but my heart belongs to Cluckerella

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>>137609584Same here, but I'd take the hairdresser.

>>137608800>>137609479based. heres mine.

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Strange combination of attracted to, but never ever would want to touch.

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>>137608800The bear sounds like the typical hentai girl who hates cock at first but slowly loses her mind about it.

>>137609757As all things should submit before the all mighty cock.

>>137608288Hell yeah, Woolma! Dottie was the far more popular choice, but the idea of dicking down such a vain charater appealed to me.

>>137607057Don't judge me I'm weak.

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wouldn't you?>furries plz gok

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Elephant blob

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>>137607057I don't remember fucking asking you you sick freak. Go masturbate somewhere else and maybe afterwards some of that blood your other head's been hogging can start to seep into your shivered atrophied brain of yours.

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>>137607082>>137607100this is based though

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>>137608545>filenameYou know user,maybe you are onto something there.

>>137607057I'd take the chance of getting cut on her bony hips any day.

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Fuck me, if y'all have all the English dubs let me know or post the mega link Carmen really be making my dicc hard like goddamn the cutest cripple ever,and I'm ableist

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>>137607082Nothing wrong with picking a dragoness

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>>137607100Have a Jetta.

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>>137612904>Literally Catwoman but with a tail, fur, and a sorta-cat-headOh noooo so shameful

The most embarrassing part is that I have to NTR her boyfriend in the fap fantasies.

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>>137610821Nothing shameful about wanting him

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>>137612951Why not self insert as the boyfriend?

>>137613014Because the boyfriend is an insufferable cunt, I strive to be a better man.

>>137613182Well, then NTR the bastard, what's the hold-up?

>>137609584You post that like you're the only one.

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>>137609584>>137613216im in the same boat as the two of you

>>137613198You're right, fuck my moralfagging.

>>137613289Everyone want's to Hoppo.

>>137607057I think furfaggotry works best in 2d because then you can kinda imagine it's just exotic, alien skin coloursBut when you think of it being just coarse hair, it's really unappealing.

>>137612981Somehow your pic didn't make it feel any less shameful

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>>137608469kino, would say yes to most ENA females

>>137613441she's nothing but sass and blubber, my dick cant resist her

>>137613501ENA?Erotic Nose Aperture?

>>137613467He spent the whole episode in his underwear. The animators certainly were not ashamed

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>>137609584I swear, I will draw porn of her ONE DAY.

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>>137613570It's too late for Uncle Phil, but it doesn't have to be that way for you.

>>137610804I would, in a heart beat. But then again, I am of the sort to..

>post your most embarrassing semen demon>posts a furryWow so brave, how original

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>>137607057The only good thing besides Puss in Boots to come out of Shrek. Those lips desu....

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>>137607637easy mode

>>137613569Could it not be that they weren't embarrassed because it didn't occur to them we would see the elephant blob boy that way? lol

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>>137613808Dragon showed up in Rise of Berk?

>>137610172Wouldn't, but she's adorable

>>137613827Either way I think the shota elephant is cute and I absolutely would him

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>>137613871Apparently she appears in Dragons: Rise of Berk's Valentine's Day events.

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>>137613863Don't worry, everyone wants to fuck the sentient life-sized MILF kangaroo plushie.

I'm not usually into dogs but Jeanna is the only dog that is a special case for me....

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>>137614030>I'm not usually into dogs butLol. Jesus Christ.

>>137614030Look at those eyes, those aren't dog eyes. It looks more like a transformed Disney princess.

>>137614030>I'm not usually into dogsTell me you aren't a white woman without telling me you aren't a white woman.


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>>137613798to be fair, mine was a furry specifically made in MS paint. Which I found more sexo than the original design



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>>137614298Okay okay fine, take your crippled cop. (Haha she's like Barbara Gordon)


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>>137614231No I'm a 100% man & like >>137614092 has said, Jeanna looks more like a transformed Disney princess, not to mention that they give her red fur that shown as a human hair and her other fur as the skin.

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>>137614423Yeah and then she has a great big muzzle, goes around on all fours and has a tailBe a dogfucker, fine, but don't be in denial

>>137614245Lol for some reason I interpreted that as an electric chair at first

>>137614030Don't be ashamed user. Embrace it

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>>137613827>>137613943Oscar is pretty and girly as fuck

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>>137607193But she's already a canine.

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CGI really decided to pretty him up, huh.I'll admit, he'd make for a hell of a femboy.

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>>137614675Is that the Fat Controller?

>>137614480I don't think there are any dogs to fuck in the Nile.

>>137614534Finally, a worthy submission. You disgust me, bravo!

>>137608621Have a higher quality Nazi Aleena, Tamersbro.

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>>137607057I'm not only in love with an alternate universe gender-swapped fictional cartoon character MC counterpart who actually hasn't appeared in the show, only the cash grab video game that rips off Pokemon, but an evil version of her based on evil alternate universe counterpart of that male MC. She probably doesn't even exist even in that setting and isn't even canon. I'm that pathetic.

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>>137614875nope, that's percival

>>137610182based symbiote fuckers


Talk about busting a nut

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>>137615732Nope nope nope stop talking go to jail

I know he's just a stick figure but he's so cute and his voice is so nice and peaceful and his personality is so gentle

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>>137613570Why not now?

>>137615019Much better! Thank you, user!

>>137607082How is a hot dragon shameful?

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>>137607647Based as fuck taste

>>137607100Sauce on the mj wereworlf

A thread like this here doesn't really work as is because very few posts ITT are something the 4chins commune would cast aspersion toThe proper use of the topic would probably be discussing people who have had their powerlevel revealed IRL to the normie sphere where judgements actually happenThis, this is the face of a man who had his choice of waifu put under scrutiny

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>>137607862I mean she had a nice mom voice but that's about all I can give you

>>137616493any such examples? the best I can recall is that one autistic black girl from dA that had a massive hard on for waluigi

>>137613863>the sssonic2 picsthe deepest pits of hell await me for the sinful desires I have given into


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>>137613863Sniper kangaroo wife

>>137616493>feralThat was the issue they had. Nobody blinked when he said Cheetara.

>>137616985Or maybe because she's already Simba's girl

>>137607057you look at her and tell me they didn't design her with the intention of someone finding her attractive.


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>>137616971Thanks mate

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>>137618046Werewolves truly are made for human love.

>>137616493>>137616780I only remember this guy talking about humans, but from vidya:'s also Markiplier's Pokemon Smash or Pass, which is just a gimmick, but still... dude is forced to judge the sexiness of a Pokemon creature.

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>>137610172>feminine Weiner>>137611535if it's more than what's on youtube I want the link>>137613863>>137614030>>137619191>>137611535>>137611765>>137612904these are fairly vanilla in terms of furfaggotry


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>>137620887Compared to the rest of this thread this is very tame. Why the shame?

>>137621317Because she’s a gross whore.

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>>137621365At least it's not bestiality or>>137621312>>137615732>>137614534>>137612951>>137610828>>137610742>>137608654>>137607862>>137607084Don't be too ashamed.

>>137610828Speaking of Infinity Train...

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i have no shame but i'm posting my onaholes anyway

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>>137620363>Literally "things women will never understand"

>>137608654what damo and darren episode is this from

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>>137616971my condolences.

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>>137621551koala man.

i can't help iti wanna fuck the hot danish fish

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>>137609703It's probably the voice doing it for you.

the dog

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Nobody can ever know

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>>137623493nasal penetration/blowhole fucking is rare, bros>>137623574i know. you sick, twisted mad man

>>137622732>>137623416>t. white girls

>>137615732Kudos for baring your soul and posting something genuinely filthy

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>>137607862nah when i watched phantasm with friends I secretly wanted to fuck the slime aliens too and was glad they survived without getting slaughtered in true ATHF fashion

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>>137621414Yeah, you’re right. Thanks user.

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>>137609757So im not the only one who found it strangley hot

>>137607057There are no pictures of the mom without her daughter but this kangaroo mom is so sexy

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Aspheera from Ninjago fucking does it for me. Even as a fucking lego.

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>>137607057Hard to say when you feel no shame.>>137615732Okay now I get it.

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>>137624187the pouches of kangaroos are gooey and filled with slime. shits fucked up

>>137615732just wish it was a dude, like calvin from calvin and hobbes

>>137624238You should see some of the monkie kid characters

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>>137615612thats not shamefuli never watched that show and can see how fuckable that frog girl is

>>137625333She is a raging bitch that tried to kill her dad to rule the empire. She blames it on being cold blooded.

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>>137615612>>137625389generic not a shameful fap and you know it coomer

>>137611714Between this and the fat eve in dragons lair 2 I'm convinced Don Bluth has a type.

>>137623896Your welcome man.

I can't help it

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>>137613863>That fucking voice of hers from Kath Soucie

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>>137624283Don't look up how kangaroos are born then


>>137625975i should probably know thiswelp, time to sear my brain

>heard this bitch's voice for the first time>got a hard-on >Adam ripped out her head>ran into the restroom just to finish it offWhat the fuck is wrong with me?

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>>137624120Glad to know there's more people like me

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Why do I keep getting attracted by random side female characters?

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>>137626444less attention paid to them gives your imagination more opportunity to fill in the blanks in a way that you prefer

>>137626429It's easy to notice she wasn't wearing clothes in that scene, but what most don't realize is that usually don't wear a collar. Meaning her and that bear she was fucking were doing some kinky petplay shit before Simon barged in.

>>137615028Why are tired girls with eyebags so hot in cartoons but not in real life? It's not fair.

>>137615517Big feet though

>>137624572yuck what is this from

>>137626358is that just her nose or blushing

How many would?

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i know she is voiced by a man from the beginning but the general vibe is too good

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>>137627554frim noi drew the line at centaurs incase we actually create monstergirls so that i'd be somewhat alive

>>137627604I don't know if I find her more annoying or Peggy Hill.


Attached: BitchPuddingColor.png (1185x1896, 930.69K)

>>137627535Her nose

Attached: 1625024368.valsalia_vizelimdronk.png (900x835, 280.45K)

>>137627554100% You underestimate my power

Attached: 1686048154936326.jpg (1114x1600, 417.77K)

>>137627554I wouldn'tI will.

>>137627622peggy hill is the fucking worstlin is a good person who is lame, peggy is a stuck up bitch

>>137614534Compared to some of the others itt this is a swell pick. And I'm also surprised no one has ever drawn R34 of Hexxus giving Crud some "Toxic Love"

Attached: Crud in repose.jpg (1982x1290, 206.99K)

Not really shameful but she does things to me loins...

Attached: file.png (225x225, 93.03K)

>>137627580Not even weird let alone shameful


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>>137612951Who is she?

>>137628315This was Love and Robots right?

>>137628370YeCome to think of it, I'd probably fuck the killer crab from Bad Traveling too

Attached: khani kissu.jpg (1920x960, 198.89K)

>>137628315what am i looking at

Attached: 1590071043242.jpg (400x304, 33.56K)

>>137628471Is that Doublelift?

>>137628471Arena combat of genetically engineered monsters telephatically controlled by humans The twist is that Sonnie, the protag, transferred her consciousness into the monster and uses it as her true body, and the human form is the puppet

>>137607057Granmy Goodness. I commissioned art of her sexually torturing myself drawn in Bruce Timm's style.

>>137626263yeah I'd fuck her

>>137607100Regardless to the three-headed werewolf abomination that I got hard shameful boner for, I truly wished that she & and the other freaks from the tv series were getting more recognition & love. I maybe be the only fan that see their design are truly sick in my opinion and not getting fan arts of them is truly unforgivable crime in my book.

Attached: Mighty-Max_Spooky-Villains-and-Monsters.jpg (3757x3957, 2.55M)

>>137628965How many of them are also girl monsters tho

>>137629006between 3 or 4 as much as I remember of. But of course, the mutant werewolf is the only one that I fap to from all of them.

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I don't even know how spider vaginas work

Attached: ms_tarantula_s_special_request_by_redflowerbox_df6btm8.png (3508x2480, 1.32M)

Attached: 5481.png (604x824, 449.23K)

>>137607057What is happening to me?

Attached: (You) want some of this monkey pussy dontcha boy.jpg (1000x968, 56.78K)

Attached: 390731848.jpg (418x322, 23.51K)

Attached: maxresdefault~5.jpg (673x636, 60.12K)

>>137624187Her southern accent is also cute

>>137629236I'm no expert either, but i'm pretty sure that spiders have reproductive organs, but nothing that is anything close to what mammals have, or you'd call a vagina in the Traditionial sense

Attached: 1462321027275.jpg (720x480, 110.18K)

>>137630370It's the hair and the big eyes.

>>137608621Bruh we soul brothers

Don't think I've ever seen such unabashed vore baiting in media ever.I guess that one episode of Cow & Chicken still makes me diamond.

Attached: file.png (640x480, 279.94K)

>>137628965that cartoon in general deserved more. real shame how it ended up.

>>137630324So you're saying there's a chance it could work out

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>>137630776wait that thing is female ? I feel way less shameful of my boners for it thenwas getting strong femboy vibes

>>137630856>ms. Tarantula>ms.user...

>>137631064not like that means much these days

>>137628315>>137628393Fucking based taste. I wish this short got a full show made from it just so we got more of this beauty.

>>137608288i don't see the problem. she's hot

>>137629351Normal gorillas have a 2 inch penis when erect. Do with that as you will.

>>137615732Filthy big lipped beast

Attached: OH FUCK NOT THE FORGIS.jpg (680x366, 27.43K)

Attached: (240x130, 8.17K)

>>137624305You wish a young boy was getting assraped by his dad? What the fuck, user?

>>137628307Mind you user, that she's still a child and we are 30 year old men, even if we were children when we first saw her.

>>137623912Isn't she kinda... flat?

>>137629351You want a big woman with a soothing voice. A woman prepared for child-rearing even if it's not of her bloodline or species. You want a hefty companion with a big heart, a big soul, a lover who will stay with you until the end of time. Nurture over nature user. Someday I hope you find a gal (within your species) that will give those motherly qualities free of charge, straight from the heart.

>>137627897You get your grubby little user hands off that cute whale!

Attached: Untitled.png (1114x1600, 739.47K)

>>137632546In some angles sometimes Duchess appears to have more depthNot that being flat would stop her for being a choice for me

Attached: EA0C6853-EEC2-4480-BED4-446E9D16FF6F.jpg (799x774, 52.16K)

>>137607647Have fun my

Attached: foamy.jpg (700x700, 122.69K)

>>137607057Mine is pretty vanilla compared to the rest of the other ones desu

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>>137633930Bonus points for actually picking something with a horrid art style. Just absolutely loathsome

>>137629236>>137630324It's called an epigynum. During reproduction, the male ejaculates on a mat of web he made, sucks the sperm inside his pedipalps, and carefully places it inside the female; one pedipalp for each copulatory opening.Then he runs away before she eats him. Inside the female, the sperm is stored in the spermatheca. It could fertilize her eggs immediately, or it could be held there for weeks or months.

Attached: 123316644_3738034896228860_4457883070975374142_n.png (1250x885, 182.57K)

>>137634149Always gives me a kick when "pump n dump" is a necessity for survival in much of nature

She's just so trashy.

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>>137634774OhIt's one of THOSE stories then?

Attached: Now hear me out.jpg (1280x720, 117.11K)

>>137635169Nah she's a sweet girl

Attached: 19a18aa9-d278-4310-97e0-b8c6982a0eab.png (2228x1600, 2.36M)

I know its hardly shameful but I was masterbating to clips of her earlier and just got hit by post fap shame

Attached: file.png (746x1071, 282.37K)

>>137634209I get it

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This thread…I should have not ever come here

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Attached: c84669249af72fb10d97f66089545694.png (569x877, 113.46K)


Attached: IMG_6840.jpg (1172x1856, 845.77K)

>>137623912Wouldn't, but did have a shameful fap to her.

Attached: Do2Izm3U4AAXRpZ.jpg (1200x600, 58.62K)

>>137636681It's normal for your wiener to feel funny from looking at Bugs Bunny

>>137629256I also would

Attached: 6AF97DD4-8942-40FD-AB32-BAA16BEDB8B8.png (546x820, 93.61K)

>>137636642I'd fuck that monkey

>>137636681this but real bugs

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>>137625442best rat

Attached: 1676863608.valsalia_vs217-07.png (502x530, 285.81K)

>>137634149Ok I have to know. Let's say you were trying to have sex with a human intelligent female spider (she's grown or you shrunk doesn't matter). How would a human male have sex with her?

Attached: Ms-Frizzle_Raccoon.png (895x306, 303.68K)

>>137611194Sauce?It’s something Russian right?

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>>137637692I'm not sure a spider could feel pleasure from sex, so it probably wouldn't be interested unless you could fertilize its eggs. That aside I'm guessing you'd just stick your dick in the hole she has? Or maybe just let her give you a handjob with her pedipalps. (I don't imagine oral sex would be enjoyable. )

>>137621365I would Monroe's Mom as well. Sometimes gross chicks are fun.


Attached: CUeVZS5UcAANRub.jpg (339x350, 24.04K)

>>137638598I've jizzed to a lot worse.

Attached: 1673646416767.png (747x657, 345.39K)

>>137623912>Imagine her calling you darling while she leg locks you in her heels and rakes your back with her long nails, her tall height letting you have more to hold.

>>137638977So long as you don't become this guy

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>>137639602This was a nice post until the dating part

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Attached: 1569396173608.webm (1000x638, 1.63M)

>>137639869definitely not a shameful one for me

Attached: 05b2febf6ecb244f1d01c1978ba857cc.jpg (2250x1405, 247.38K)

>>137639602That's when it nearly peaks. Of course, the crescendo is the very end.

>>137640951 meant for >>137639632

I can only imagine the noises she would make when I pin her down and fuck her in the ass.

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>>137638477>>137609584The animators knew the hell what they were doing when they made these scenes.

Attached: 1447110452646.gif (453x335, 1.36M)

>>137641030Be careful, user! You're sliding into Bill Snaps territory.

>>137638449Кoмaндa MATЧ is the show name

>>137607084Hello Hershey990

>>137607647Hello fellow 90s kid

>had crush on him as a kid>never really went awayI never had a chance

Attached: FJA5YmMWUAQG_Sf.jpg (2048x1536, 143.38K)

>>137639014torpedo tits need to make a comeback

>>137641030Closest grunt sounds I could think of is when she's relearning how to walk.

>>137607057Candy Kong is an embarrassing "would" for me, too, but not the cartoon version. Come on, man.

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Attached: candi- model.png (1000x1000, 1.82M)

>>137641030She starts yelling in her retarded version of spanish.


>>137613570Suuure you will user, sure you will.

Attached: 8AFE1807-BE68-4A15-B116-F8BA0E1517E5.gif (320x222, 1.03M)

>>137641136What show is this?


Attached: I BEE VERY INTO THIS.png (1012x1733, 1.02M)



>>137641030man she looks better without the glasses


Attached: 1686216538192925.jpg (480x712, 33.32K)

Attached: 12301030.png (872x1476, 951.32K)

Attached: ezgif-3-d13324dd88.png (655x960, 437.78K)


>>137646963Why does Disney hate Star Command so much?

>>137621777Trips of spherically erotic glory.

>>137647150Some dumb commitment to follow Lasseter's dislike of the show even though he's no longer part of the company.

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>>137607057Not Holla Forums but I've had sexual fantasies about MK11 D'vorah ever since I've seen her.But I feel absolutely no shame about it. She's gorgeous.I even got to the point of learning Blender to make cute pinup pics of her.

Attached: 6dff17baec88275ae6291fd0325236ee.jpg (540x810, 115.39K)

>>137647376back when i was 15-16-17 i knew a violence/death fetishist who was super horny over D'Vorah for how disturbing and lethal her powers arei wonder what he's up to these days

Attached: spynoose.gif (344x338, 3.88M)

>>137647513I'm actually pretty squeamish and I don't watch MK videos because of the gore. I just love her design, how she moves and her feel so attracted it's unreal

>>137647531*gameplay videosI only searched for dialogue to avoid the gore shit. She's also a hated character so there's a lot of videos where she gets fatalitie'd and I don't wanna see 'em

>>137647531if you didn't know, in X, she gets ordered to execute Mileena and does it by kissing her and vomiting an Irving's Boots' worth of bugs into her mouth who proceed to kill her from the inside and devour her face

Attached: 4040c1fb381f9f6725ff78af282158d7.jpg (948x1396, 533.76K)

>>137647556Yeah I know. People hate her because she's "gross" and she killed a bunch of fan favorites. But I don't like her MK10 design at all. I'd seen her before and I didn't care at all, but when I saw the rework I fell in love. Her face is beautiful

Look how hot she is at lips when she says "human". Just perfect.That's hot, right? I'm not sure if people are just pretending when they say she isn't hot.

>>137641030HO YEAH

>>137645539The Wuzzles. A short lived show from the 80s.

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>>137643491This Candy and the Donkey Kong 64 are peek Kong design.

Attached: 216.png (216x499, 120.83K)

>>137647376>>137647513>>137647531>>137647535>>137647556>>137647580god dammit, here I was thinking I was the only one who wanted to fuck d'vorahplus she counts as Holla Forums because of the MKX comic and she was in one of the animated moviesI definitely would FUG the BUGalthough I prefer her MKX look to MK11

Attached: 1486831830504.png (1024x1024, 579.36K)

>>137647376>user mentions pinups but doesnt post anyalso if you can, make her do a gigachad pose as she killed baraka, mileena and scorpion and got away with it

>>137648872She's like... generic? It looks like bad fanart of the XI version>>137648952>posting pics of your wife online

Attached: sexy_dvorah_08.jpg (640x1024, 479.72K)

>>137648952>make her do a gigachad posealso kek I might work on it

>>137649441yeah I just like it because shes more woman, less bug, call me a normalfag all you wantthat and the MK11 dreads she has look shit

>>137649484I like her face shape a lot and her lips/nose area with the nasolabial fold making those cute dimples when she acts nasty. The model is so detailed.She's got a great ass too.>dreadsThey're actually made to mimick a jewish men's haircutOutside of monsters, coincidentally, I like jewish women a lot

>>137649535I guess I can get Bee-hind that with D'vorah, she does have a nice ass

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>>137649695for referenced'vorah means bee in Hebrew btw

Attached: bqw1sqc35j391.jpg (640x360, 32.02K)

>>137649719Ed Boon at it againlike how Bo Rai Cho is just "Boracho" which means Drunk in spanish or something

>>137647376There is in fact a Holla Forums version, from one of the animated movies that came out a couple years

Attached: d'vorah.jpg (1280x720, 121.39K)

>>137647662anon, I...

>>137607057The worst thing is that he doesn't even have a body beyond the pecs.>>137628315Hot>>137631321Apparently the short story on which this episode was based on got a sequel. Hopefully there will be an adaptation in the fourth season.

Attached: 1592678424621.jpg (1897x1080, 197.8K)

>>137628572is that monster getting railed or is he stabbing her with something that isn't a penis

Attached: 1680256423700132.png (985x673, 632.37K)

i dont want to be a degenerate sonicfag but there's something about him that gets me

Attached: Mmachu_sonic-1548350707249872896-img1.jpg (1039x1244, 208.78K)

>>137607647I can only find her attractive when she's morbidly obese (I'm not ashamed of that though)

>>137647531This video sold me on her, damn her voice is so cute

>>137650702It's the confidence imo

>>137650906amen, fellow man of taste

Attached: yes.gif (480x200, 3.3M)

>>137637692Well she got two pussies(technically three but you're not meant to stick it in the middle one) so you can double-team her with a buddy

>>137651069there's that but also despite being a literal stick he looks sex, i dont get it

>>137637692>How would a human male have sex with her?You'll probably find an answer on the web

Attached: carlos.jpg (474x347, 18.59K)

>>137630372For me, it's definitely her hair

Attached: 2036594309651436.png (480x360, 177.55K)

>>137634185It's doubly funny if you think there has to be mutual attraction before>Oh yeah baby, ohh, ohh, UH! Wow, that was amazi- OH SHIT A SPIDER

The poster child of this

Attached: graham07m.jpg (721x721, 69.06K)

>>137650512It's bothThe monster "just" is stabbing the other with a bone sword, but also one of THOSE stories. Sexual violence features heavily into the character lore and the twist hence METAPHORICAL IMAGERYTurns out Sonnie and her team play up the "she was raped and now is out for vengeance" angle to mislead competitors

>>137652263*eye roll*does the female monster fuck a human man in the end?

>>137652432Fucks UP, yesBut who can say what all that entailed

>>137652463I like the one with the alien spider better then

>>137652478I don't know how to tell you this but I don't think the coma dude is actually getting any physical space spider puss puss, and all of the telepathic stuff presents her as a normal ass human woman


>>137652543You take what you can get. In LDR, it's appreciating good designs when they come along

>>137650598Take a closer look at that snout!

>>137608469maybe is the eye lashes?

Attached: 1685031126263.png (458x720, 285.09K)

>>137607057that white and black cartoon dog someone drew with the long neck who introduces a green user to her family.

>>137647531she sounds like the lovechild of invader zim and peridot

>>137644013thank you for this user

>>137607193Equaly redundant as a nigga turning into a gorilla monster

Attached: nick-wolfhard-jack-sullivan.jpg (477x268, 14.38K)

>>137651417How would a human male have sex with Carlos?


>>137607057>"Yo no se la he metido. Me culpan de ser un pervertido." - Donkey

>>137655483I get iti so get it

>>137609703>sperm queenYou don't have any salvation. It's over.

>>137614502>Paw Patrolfag detected

Attached: Paw Patrol _ it's over.png (220x257, 90.98K)

>>137656746>>137607057Welcome, Here's another on a classic G2 cutie.

Attached: G2- Greta Model.png (1620x933, 3.25M)

>>137607057>CandyHoly shit kill yourself

>>137630642There is an unusual amount of vore in western animation. It's just that Toot was doing it constantly even in the commercials for the show.

>>137657838You obviously came into this thread to share your guilty pleasure. Glass houses, motherfucker.

>>137607524Meandraco? nice

>>137647972I'd peek on that Kong alright.

>>137607647where the fuck did her tits go

>>137658146They're bulging out of her eye sockets. She painted them to look like eyes.

>>137635279I've seen vore art of sucko

>>137635279I'm listening.


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Attached: Skrawl01.jpg (628x480, 121.63K)

>>137659166chalkzone was kino. few other series like it had as many qts

>>137630642its kind of fascinating how drawn together girls manage to be both cute and gross and still appealing despite it all.

>>137659709Ugly cute is what they are

>>137630642that reminds me

Attached: drawn-together-spanky-ham.gif (498x373, 1.29M)

>>137657432Excellent taste

Attached: last-kids.png (1440x720, 988.99K)

>>137650288>Omega xisBased>The worst thing is that he doesn't even have a body beyond the pecs.Is not always about the sexo user and besides he still has a mouth>Apparently the short story on which this episode was based on got a sequel. Hopefully there will be an adaptation in the fourth season.That's true but unfortunately in the sequel Sonnie returns to her original body which is reconstructed and Khanivore body is rekt

Attached: 1592678427265.png (1500x1100, 410.99K)


>>137657465not as furry as you, UwU~

>Holla Forums is composed of furfags and pedosend me

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