Anybody else experience this?

For me it's SU.

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>>137602661FNAF lore/story


Adventure Time.Seriously why did they bother adding so much worldbuilding lore if the actual show was just going to be filler shit.

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Warhammer, all flavors.

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>>137602754>>137602772How do you even improve or change it? Ins't just a story about a serial killer who accidentaly turn a bunch of kids into mindless robots? There is nothing to work with.

That gem is too tall.

>>137603046There is a lot to work with when you have the fact that killing children can give someone immortality from essence of their soulAlso the fact that the animatronics are self aware on some level makes it interesting There is a lot to work with fnaf

>>137602661>SUWell? How would improve it?

>>137603046It started to shit itself when it turned the Serial Killer into Orochimaru/Sigma. Also the fact that anybody would take their child(ren) to Fazbears after all the bs.

>>137603090Add metals. Make it a political thriller


The version of Scott Pilgrim where there's a 3-on-3 fight between Sex Bob-Omb and Clash at Demonhead.

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>>137603090Just a few things.>No Steven only perspective>Don't make Pearl a slave in love with her master/goddess or a rapist who deceives her friends >Don't turn Garnet into an exposition bot>Cut down on townie episodes>Don't turn the Diamonds into Wine Aunts>Let Connie get a 1v1 sword fight>An episode or two of Steven finding a therapist >More Young Greg>If Rose is still PD make a balance of cuntery and sincerity.

>>137602661This is the only way to enjoy Star Wars

>>137603137>It started to shit itself when it turned the Serial Killer into Orochimaru/Sigma.So they retconned some random crazy guy into an evil wizard?

>>137603328More that the serial killer is an undying lich who keeps coming back

>>137602661>SUSame for me honestly. Looking back at it there was very little world building in SU. You knew nothing about earth geopolitics or how gem war influenced history, you know next to nothing about the gem empire, their technology, their society or how they go about conquering worlds.I mean we don't even know WHY the gem empire exists and expands or why they create more gems when their species is virtually immortal and take up little to no resources.

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>>137602661headcanons are fucking cancer.

>>137603356You're cancer


>>137602661X-Men Evolution is a recent one Non Holla Forums is definitely Sliders.

>>137602661I do this with everything: shows, games, books, etc. Everything is better inside your head/as you want it to be, anyone that says otherwise is a liar.

>>137603090>Less crying>More Greg>Have Lars as Steven friend/big bro figure>Fuck off with the rest of townies>Fuck off with the barn>WD gets the rope

>>137603342He died for real in Pizza Simulator and Glitchtrap is not him now.

>>137603090for the most part i'd just throw the steven only perspective rule in the garbage and give them a lot more episodes so things are less rushed. mandate that only a small amount of episodes are allowed to feature the townies. then i would enjoy watching whatever the crew made for me. if you start imposing conventional narrative like 'the diamonds must burn in hell for their sins' and 'pearl needs to be less problematic', it might become a better show, but it doesn't feel like the steven universe i loved

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>>137603080>>137603342>>137603437wow, the story changed...a lot after the first game, that sounds convoluted as fuck

>>137602661It’s funny going back and watching SU and seeing how bare bones it is. So much of the plot and character dynamics are actually just things inferred by the fandom. I remember how hyped up they would get about every little snippet of what they thought were “clues” to some grander narrative arc taking place behind the scenes. Turns out it was actually pretty straight forward and the vast majority of episodes have nothing to do with the gempire, or pink diamond’s past, or anything. God I hate townies.

>>137602661Glad he got the girl after saving the session

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>>137602661>It's the improved version that exists inside my headSchizophrenia

>>137603350The gems have all the hallmarks of a robotic like race created to terraform locations and prepare them for habitation. I would just have had white diamond be the living mandate of this alien will and her destruction/bubbling/whatever would have including a warning of what is coming.Cue Steven and the gems trying to find out any information on this oncoming threat. They find what is essentially a countdown and steven rallies the gems of earth and homeworld only for The ships to arrive but all aboard are dead. The fleet is just an autopiloted graveyard bringing the bodies to the promises of hope. Thereby making all the suffering to be pointless in the end. A large group of loyalist gems would then take the ship and try to trace its path back to see if any of their creators survived. Steven now is left to rule a stellar empire with many worlds and no purpose

>>137603531I'm pretty sure Rebecca tried to copy Hideaki Anno bullshit on "worldbuilding does not matter, the normal people do" the problem is that there was worldbuilding in Neon Genesis Evangelion it's just mostly hidden while there ins't anything on Steven Universe at all.

>>137602661legend of korra. what a trainwreck

>>137603513It's unironically one of the worst pieces of story ever put to paper and only someone under the age of 10 would give the slightest shit about this juvenile over-explained horror.

>>137602661Cuphead Show. Nothing plot driven, nothing crazy. I just wish the jokes landed more and Cuphead and Mugman weren’t as stupid as they are.

>>137603513Yup and even the creator said he made it too convoluted but kept doing it to keep interestAnd let's not get started on the lore of the novels

>>137602661all of capeshit

>>137602661the pony show

>>137603617would you say FNAF is more of a millenial or a gen z thing? at least stereotypically

>>137603356Oh yeah? The Ninja Turtles and Daredevil were created in the same accident.

>>137602661>when you get into a fanbase

>>137603693FNAF is essential zoomercore.

>>137603090Keep the gems as magic instead of aliens

While SU discussion is still fresh in this thread. You ever realize how Pink Diamond disguising herself as Rose Quartz make no sense? Like there was no reason she couldn't lead a rebellion as Pink Diamond, hell its HER planet she could've ruled it however she wanted

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>>137603838The Pink Diamond twist was such an ugly sentiment. It's just scapegoating everyone's problems onto a dead character and then having everyone be better off without her.

>>137603838well, yes and no? if pink launched the rebellion, her gems would have automatically followed her into it because she was a diamond. which was exactly what she was trying to escape from.i like the twist but i think it should have been an 'i'm disowning myself fuck you moms' instead of her literally faking her death to her family. i know the implication is meant to be suicidal as pink has always sought escape in death, but in practise it's convoluted

>>137603838>its HER planet she could've ruled it however she wantedShe was under White Diamond's direction like her sisters, and the diamonds had a plan for earth that would not be deviated in spite of what Pink would say. If she had come out in complete rebellion, the war would have been longer with more collateral damage, but I have no doubt the other diamonds would win and drag Pink back to the naughty room.

This is when you should make an overt rip-off of it but incorporating your improvements.

>>137602661Kill Six Billion DemonsX-MenMarvel CosmicStar WarsGantzResident EvilWarcraft

Gummi Bears

>>137604086What would you change about Kill Six Billion Demons and Gantz?


>>137602661hazbin hotel

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>>137604170redesign it so it's not a solid mass of pure red

>>137602661I don’t even know where to begin.

>>137602661Should have been a comic. Less young adult bullshit

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>>137604058both owl house and amphibia were basically this but with Star Vs so there's a good precedent

>>137603046>>137603513Just watch the wendigoon FNAF lore summary video if you have the time which in of itself became a meme. Like a lot of people itt I genuinely believe that the story after the first game is bs. It was at its best when it was just some random on-off crappy chucky cheese with some nameless serial killer unrelated to the chain killing random kids. It felt bleaker that way. Now its a narrative where everyone related to everyone else and are evil soul tech geniuses like a cartoon.


>>137604422he only watches disneytv noodlearm cartoons, so assumes they're all ripoffs of each other. typical frogfag

>>137604398Is there even a serial killer in the first game? I thought it was just a satire what a big corporation had a bad idea that didn't workd but refused to ever turn back

>>137603571A kino John/Vriska enjoyer, I see. John absolutely definitely didn't end up a loser who Hussie was planning to make trans. Nope. Nope. Nope.

>>137604117>GantzNot him but VAMPIRES.

>>137603693>>137603778Definitely gen Z, but as a zoomer born on the earlier end (2002) I never gave a shit about it, only the younger zoomers really like it as far as i can tell

>>137604490interesting, i wonder if the movie will get it more fans

>>137604440I may be completely misremembering nearly decade old lore videos but I thought there was some newspaper clips in the first game that had a guy lure 5 kids into the back of the restuarant to kill them.

>>137603090>separate Rose Quartz from Pink Diamond>make it so Pearl really did shatter Pink Diamond (who is still her Diamond)>make war PTSD a bigger highlight of Pearl's character and tone down her obsessive tendencies>have her take a larger role in the group by making her the defacto "leader" instead of GarnetThere is a lot I would change, but I really think they had something grand with Pearls character that they just completely squandered. It was easily the most interesting aspect of the entire show and it went fucking nowhere.

>>137602777i like the worldbuilding and lore. i would instead change some of the directions the characters took>Finn and Flame princess didn't broke up because of Finn being weird and instead continued togheter for a time and FP even went on many adventures with him, and they only broke up when she had to take the throne as the ruler of the fire kingdom>Marceline and PB never got in romantic relationship and instead remained only friends>Finn and Huntress wizard get togheter and make beutiful babys or something...

>>137604117>gantzit's unironically top tier science fictionConsider this:>A type II civilization gets raided and repels refugees from a type I civ whose solar system went nova. They get so triggered at this raid they concoct a plan to utterly destroy these refugees in mind and spirit before killing them.>How? They determine the next planet the refugees are gonna landfall and uplift a bunch of local life forms.>They beam the schematics of a short range matter transmitter, directed gravity projectiles and a mecha onto a rich man's mentally retarded child.>Why? Because they *mathematically* calculated that beaming the info to this retard would result in enough manufacture to match the refugees' firepower on contact and completely mindbreak them when they realize that rodent sized aliens are killing them with miniaturized superweapons.>Then the type II civilization invites the rodents for an AMA and laughs at them because they only exist in 3 dimensions and undistinguishable from dust.That, gentlemen, is the actual plot of Gantz.What I'd change is removing all the fucking ugly 3D art. that murks the experience. Also, cut the vampires>ksbdstop abbadon from using the book as his art studies portofolio, ffs

>>137602661Mega man loreStar vs the forces of evilSuper sentai Dragon ball superSpider-man charactersA bunch of isekai anime because most isekai authors are lazy at making their worldsThe pokemon anime is a big one specially now that it's over in the version i made up in my head ash grows up 1 year per region so a ton of things change but make more sense to me and at 18 or 19 he becomes world champ but my autism goes even further beyond and he goes on a new quest to take down Giovanni and the other evil team leaders

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>>137604564nah garnet was screwed over enough as it is. after ruby and sapphire reveal she basically became irrelevant as a character

>>137603672That’s literally what made it so appealing to autists in the early days. When they realised the quality would never live up to their high expectations, in fact quite the opposite, that’s when the fandom started to shrink around 2014-2016.

>>137604604>Mega man loreAh shit. Legend of Zelda is by far the guiltiest of this.The actual majority of their western fans fanons Ganon as a tragic figure / love interest and the applies the whole reincarnation cycle to all games but nintendo has never seen ganon as nothing more than a generic villain.

>>137602661Only with Doom and starcraft2/warcraft 3 the wad and map making scene was so enjoyable to me as a teenNever experienced this with comics or cartoons, I just want to see wathever the author comes up with next time rather than see what myself or other people come up with, I still enjoy dumb edits and memes thoughIf the writers are shit I abandon the IP, wich has happened a lot more than I want to admit


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>>137603838It's a plot twist for the sake of a plot twist user, of course it makes no sense.

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>>137604786>Pikachu deadAwww man.>Max got Ralts as a starterAwesome

>>137604786Did 30 year old Ash marry 12 year old Serena?

>>137604967Humans are one of the longer-lived creatures on Earth, user.

>>137605000Where do you see that?

>>137605034In my extrapolation.

>>137602661I write a self insert version in my head.Same concept as fanfiction but I'm not shameless enough to write it out.

For me it's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, developed for television by Lauren Faust. I went full OC pastiche and aside from switching to human characters started changing character dynamics and plot ideas. Maybe someday I'll actually do something with the notes.

>>137602661I had a lot of ideas for what would happen after Owl House Season 2a and 2b was so underwhelming it turned me off from TV animation for good. Fuck Dana Terrace.

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>>137604769>>137604786>>137604803honestly yes i've seen that image before and it's kinda like that except most of the girls keep up with ash's age except for maybe the alola ones and koharu, the idea is that during alola ash is more of an assistant to kukui or a substitute teacher and after doing a good job on that region he gets hired as a researcher by sakuragi and meets Goh so the project mew missions make a bit more sense since now you are sending a young adult to the those dangerous missions that involve legendary pokemon instead of sending a random kid that just got his first pokemon a few months agoAlso ash ends up with dawn but first he gains a bunch of dating experience with serena

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>>137602661not Holla Forums but its cult of the lamb. mostly because of a bullshit au fanfiction i have in my head

>>137604769>>137604786i don't understand the references but why does may have massive boobs at 10 and talks like a schizo

>>137605270>why does may have massive boobs at 10Because she had massive boobs in the show where she is 10I don't know why she talks like that though.

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>>137604786>176cmDelete thisRight now

>>137603838>>137603967You miss the point. She was a moronic rebellious teen, she didn't do what she did for power or out of principal, she did it out of moronic rebellion. She essentially faked her death and got her planet nuked in retaliation for the perceived regicide just so she could relax without anyone having authority over her and fuck monkeys in her free time. Pink Diamond is literally the villain of the story.

>>137603838>Like there was no reason she couldn't lead a rebellion as Pink Diamond, hell its HER planet she could've ruled it however she wantedNot really. She was still under direct orders from White and would have to give records and logs of the kindergarten and other stuff.Her plan was for the rest of the Diamonds to give up on Earth being a lost cause after a rebellion and that's why she faked her death. She had assumed, justly so at the time, that the Diamonds didn't care for Pink and if Pink died, they'd just up and leave the planet. In hindsight it was a dumb plan, but remember Pink is the alien equivalent of a 15 year old rebellious scene girl.Ironically, if Pink had just talked to the others and told them of a better way to create Gems without needing to destroy planets, things like the gem experiments and the CLuster wouldn't exist and SU would basically become Tenchi Muyo with Steven, prince of Homeworld, and his harem doing space stuff and fighting Sneeple/

>>137605277and another May because I like it

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>>137605328The truth is that we will never know, she did a lot of stupid shit off panel like what happened to Spinel and Pink Pearl but it was never shown if she did on purpose or if those were accidents, we don't even know why she wanted to get pregnant and die.

>>137605423She probably finally started to mature and realized all the massively dumb and objectively evil (even if without intent) stuff she did, but she hadn't matured to a point where she could have taken responsibility for her actions. So she took the easy way out.

>>137604769>>137604786>>137604803>>137605213>>137605277>>137605416>>>/a/Thanks for shitting up the board

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>>137604086>Marvel CosmicI wish the cosmic beings were competent, they are just a bunch of useless jobbers

>>137605423>we don't even know why she wanted to get pregnant and die.I've always interpreted the reason behind her suicide as her constant urge to run away from her past demons. She failed at being taken seriously by her sisters, she failed at running a planet, she failed at protecting said planet, and she failed most of her followers in the rebellion. Everything was haunting her in the end no doubt.

>>137602661>Anybody else experience this?Amazing Spider-man 1, MoS, BvS, Justice League

>>137602661the buzz on maggie

>>137605499Cry about it.

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>>137605662Gwen's a man

>>137605669Miles is so progressive to let a white man fuck him with his feminine penis.

>>137605009Exceptionally long-lived for mammals, not so much when considering birds, reptiles and fish. Turtles go crazy in the lifespan game

>>137602844Same but I just muse and hold on to when the Mechanicus and the empire of man were two different Factions that just worked very close together. As a mec fag I kinda only got head canon to work with. Also I refuse to recognize the blue fuckers.

>>137602661SVTFOE schizoposting

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>>137603596>there was worldbuilding in Neon Genesis Evangelion it's just mostly hiddenNo there fucking wasn't NGE was more convoluted, nonsensical and contrived than SU ever was

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>>137602661The version of SU i have in my head is practically unrecognizable

>>137603261>or a rapist who deceives her friendsOr, don't make fusion a pseudo sex allegory in general.

>>137605499>expecting the meaningless mods that are passavie aggressive /a/utists to do anything on this board

Pretty much everything I care enough about to be in its fandom is thisI also get how it looks to outsiders, though. I know this is every Homestuck fan and I could just never get into that. Then again the small gem never seemed like much more than a turd to me

>>137605499Did you mean >>>/vp/ ?

>>137603596anno truly is the high king of pseudshit

>>137604632Thank god for that, the brief attempt at making Ganon a heckin relatable obese washed up faggot in Wind Waker was so unbearably disingenuous and gay. Let the Skeletor motherfucker revel in his evil, leave the woe is me shit to characters who aren't already beloved for being assholes.

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>>137605975We know everything about it's worldbuilding, we know how the angels were created how most alien civilizations were created, what happened to the aliens who created all those things, what lead humans to end up the way they are in the show etcMeanwhile we don't know anything about Steven Universe worldbuilding and it's very likely that there wans't any worldbuilding

>>137602661We all do this when a show flops and believe me there's a lot of those.

almost everybody do that to Lovecraft works

>>137604564>It was easily the most interesting aspect of the entire showNah. I like Pearls, but their were far more intresting things left unexplored in the show.

>>137606338everything but the townies were left unexplored

>>137604632>Love interestThat's just classic villain-princess implications. I was always under the impression he sees Zelda as beneath him or as merely a tool, just like everyone else. The only interesting part of his character is how he just seems to be born evil and always born looking the same every time.I would be very interested in seeing a non-Ganondorf Gerudo male, but they wrote themselves into a corner on that one.They could even have Zelda's brother possessed by Ganon, that's an obvious one.As for "it's better in my head" settings, RWBY. God, what a clusterfuck. Decent base materials, just lore growing into the gaps like a cancer.

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>>137604569>>Marceline and PB never got in romantic relationship and instead remained only friendsBooooooo

>>137604398that''s just how horror franchise lore develops

>>137607101Shut the fuck up Muto and kill yourself already

Samurai Jack season 5. It started off SO strong, and then just slowly collapsed.

>>137607264Should have been a 26 or 30 episode season with a 1 hour series finale.

>>137606182>We know everything about it's worldbuildingYeah but none of that shit was in the show properYou're literally required to read wikis to find that stuff out, so it doesn't count>>137607168Cope

>>137603672Ye. Used to read copious amounts of horse show fanfiction, and some of the writers went hard on worldbuilding like it was WH40k

>>137605213how would he get after hitting the wall/twink death?

>>137602661Arguing with someone like this is worse than being a Jew under Nazi occupationIt causes physical pain

>>137606056Fusion felled apart once they got Steven involved. All that hip thrusting and power dynamics don't mix well.

>>137605975>NGE was more convoluted, nonsensical and contrived than SU ever wasYou got proof user?

>>137603571Based.>>137604447John becoming depressed as hell after the game was a decent concept but as with everything else the execution was botched.

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>>137605000Based on their backstorySerena should be the same age as Ash by the time they meet in Kalos

>>137602661I do this a little bit with the Earthbound games since they have some gaps in the lore

>>137603838isn't the main point that she was trying to change who she was?

>>137606172>heckin relatableThe speech was never trying to justify Ganon's actions or make him out as some tragic sympathetic figure, it was just providing some token motivation in some capacity beyond "I'm a cartoon bad guy who's evil because the game needs a villain." His line about coveting the wind is essentially acknowledgement that it was always jealousy and greed which drove him, even factoring in the plight of his people.

Like 99% of all western adult animation sounds better than they actually are. I would make them that better version.

>>137603571This was my relationship with Homestuck even when it was still good, I was so enamored with the potential and the implications of it that I was willing to ignore the fact that Hussie seemed much more interested in going down a spiral of self-referential ironic navel gazing and continual fan trolling than actually writing a story half as interesting as the one he set up. I still can't believe he never had the main 4 kids ever meet up and just shoot the shit as one, and lets not even get into that conversation between John and Dave where Dave talks about Bro being abusive and having toxic masculinity. Jesus DICK. At least we'll always have Problem Sleuth and SBAHJ.

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>>137603672This. Especially with gen 5.

>>137603090Steven is more like Aang from the jump, I don't want him to be skilled, I just want him to throw down when people are threatening his family. He doesn't even have to win, just fight.

>>137605988Yeah, RWBY's a pretty classic example. RWBY is stupid and simplistic, but highly evocative. And the writers have no fucking clue what they're doing with it. It's fascinating how Rooster Teeth consistently finds new and different ways to fuck up RWBY every season. And there's so many places along the way where you could've stopped and taken it in a better direction, but RT always ALWAYS takes it in a worse direction than you could imagine.

>>137602661Fallout. I know the upcoming Amazon show is just going to make me retreat further into my autistic rewrite of the franchise as it continues down a path that intrudes upon my headcanons and what I think is best for the franchise. Oh, and uh, as a Holla Forums example, most of the general DC comics canon and mythology.

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She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, I'm not gonna lie I just imagine it as more action schlock shounen shit.And lots of Catra Fan Service

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>>137603513Scott has been deliberately fucking with the lorefag types for quite some time now.

>>137602661Dragon Prince.Every single idea we had was better than what we got in the show.Although my general tendency toward fix-fics started with those awful Eragon books and their Godawful ending.

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>>137604117>>137604581Gantz was kino until the Osaka arc


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>>137602661HH and HB

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>Changes to Hazbin hotelIt hasn't even dropped yet!

I do enjoy thinking about how a story can be improved.Amphibia had a lot of potential that it didn't realize from around season 2 finale onwards.VLD could also have been improved a lot in the middle.

>>137603090No gay shit

>>137604569>Finn and Flame princess didn't broke up because of Finn being weird and instead continued togheter for a time and FP even went on many adventures with him, and they only broke up when she had to take the throne as the ruler of the fire kingdomI actually like this more then the botched “hormonal teen” metaphor they decide to go with, it fits FP’s “arc” to a tea>Marceline and PB never got in romantic relationship and instead remained only friendsIt’s so fucking funny that you guys are STILL seething and coping about it to this fucking die, it’s legitimately pathetic how two characters being a couple inspires so much rage from people like you hahaha

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>>137603261>>137603406The most solid responses in the thread so far honestly, they have the “wow this user did the bare minimum and watched the thing they’re talking about” vibe

Ladybug could have been a good western magical girl show lasting for 30 episodes and that's how I like to imagine it.

>>137602661Rwby, mostly because I had originally thought RWBY was going to be cyberpunk and have more substance to the fanus shit

>>137602844This, except the first picture is of a lump of shit because Warhammer is only good in my mind. Specifically my mind. The version in your mind is still shit.

>>137603261>Don't make Pearl a slave in love with her master/goddess or a rapist who deceives her friendsWhy not? This was the best part.

>>137603169>Nega Scott was implied to possess his life at several moments causing memory distortion>WoG states Nega Ramona was cut content and we never got to see her demon.We should've had a seventh book.

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>>137603169Scott's brother should have played a role

>>137611314>started with those awful Eragon booksRelatable

>>137602661I have my own versions for both Marvel and DC canon historyThey are objectively better than any era in either setting

>>137612730I actually liked them when I was 14 or so. It took me way too long to realize they were just ripping off the Star Wars plot.I fucking pushed through thee last one to the end anyway, I was committed by that point, the "defeat them by showing them how much they hurt people" ending fucking broke me.

>>137604042>her gems would have automatically followed her into it because she was a diamond. which was exactly what she was trying to escape from.So instead she chose to cast herself as a charismatic military hero? That doesn't make sense either.

>>137612351Marceline had to stop being Marceline in order for the ship to 'work', frankly I'd turf it or hint they tried to make things work out between them but PB still was too much of a control freak busybody that put original Marceline off to begin with. Hell maybe her letting Aunt Lolly remain herself in the finale could have been the hopeful spot for them both, or Marceline finally getting why Peebs was so eager to control everything, because losing control makes shit like GOLB happen.

No, generally i accept the faults of things I like.Also I go out of my way to try and avoid falling prey to headcanon.

>>137602661Elderscrolls.Jungle, mothships and automatic shout rifkes.Also disneys Amphibia, in my mind marcy. And sasha appear even less and the girls all fall for their amphibian counterparts.

>>137612510Do you think it could have been a good superhero series?

>>137602661Battle for Dream Island. I hated one of the major character arcs so much that I not only made a better version in my head, I also ended up liking a ship that I didn't like at all solely because it was with my versions of the characters instead.

>>137602661Do these images exist so ESLs can communicate with other humans?

>>137613275Maybe but I would prefer it being a MG series.

I love how the gem becomes such a retarded unappealing shape. Very appropriate.

Why would I do this when shit I genuinely love that much already exists for real?

Attached: MNOG.png (1919x1062, 447.17K)

>>137613583>shit I genuinely love that much already exists for real?Like what?

>>137613589Early Bionicle media. I wouldn't change a thing, it's perfect.

Personally im tired of this normie meme of putting text on imagines as representation for something completely unrelated to whats happening in the imagine.

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>>137613610Do you have/like the toys as well?

>>137613621Yes but I lost the McDonalds toys in a movie.

>>137612643I never heard that before, that sounds fucking cool.

>>137602661I enjoy way to much stuff by fantasizing about what it could be/could have been Instead. I am the perpetual secondary.

>>137603151The right answer.

There's too many choices out there for me to settle on something I need to modify in my mind to enjoy fully.

>>137603090I have a whole autistic hear canon about Jasper teaming up with the human government to make gem human hybrids from the gem shards laying around. Ends with all of earth fusing into a single cosmic entity to shatter the Dimond empire and bring peace to the galaxy. Aliens exist in this and we're also being harvested, earth's avatar stays as a galactic guardian guiding various civilizations around the milky way into pace and prosperity.

>>137603151>>137614346Sonic is a unique one cause you pretty much HAVE to headcanon even if you're only into the games because they apparently all happened but there's several contradictions in continuity requiring you to fill in blanks for yourself. So even if you don't mean to, you probably have your own Sonic headcanon.

>>137603090all the gems have BIG HONKIN TITS.

>>137603672I still enjoy going back and reading old fan fics from time to time. So many were lost when Pastebin went sideways.

>>137612730Same actually, I wonder if it's why I'm such an autist about these things. Anyhow he shouda fucked the dragon

>>137602661>improvedI doubt it>in my headPlease leave it there

>>137608542yes, because i watched the NGE original show and the movie

>>137614924Aww c'mon user, i think you're being a little bit harsh there, gives someone else a chance here. And besides, It's just a cigarette and it cannot be that bad?

>>137602661>>137602754>>137602772>>137603148Generally speaking I think old people whining about young people are worse than the young people, but every rule has an exception, and here it is

>>137603137People still take their kids to the Catholic Church

>>137603838Sucrose wrote herself in a corner with the space rebellion plotline, so the RQ=PD theory was started, or at the very least hyped up, by the crewniverse before the reveal to make it look less like an asspull. You can't convince me otherwise.

Headcanons are fembrain shit.

>>137602661All the time. Anytime I play/watch something I always have to make a version of it in my head.

Attached: 1686064600627733.jpg (525x487, 43.02K)

>>137615278>old people whining about young people are worse than the young people,Newer generations tend to get stupider over time, the difference is zoomers have hit a new standard, even when compared to previous generations.

>>137615323>Newer generations tend to get stupider over timeAs an old person myself, absolutely not. This is cope old people tell themselves. 99% of boomers and Gen X have succumbed to some sort of brain rot and are pissed younger generations didn't turn out exactly like them, as if they had anything at all figured out

>>137604263Don't worry senpai. Just list them all..

>>137602661This line of thinking is exactly why AI is gonna kill hollywood/animation|cgi studios and corporate style writing.

>>137602661Got anything else, beside SU?

>>137615472personally i think newer gens are optimising for autism and it seems stupid from the outside looking in.tiktok for eg is not optimising for reduced attention spans - it actually optimises getting to the point had exactly the same problem - there was even a home brew solution called the wadsworth constant back in 2011 and there is a chrome extension that skips past the first 30 percent of any video as "fluff"tiktok just codified this by using an algorithm that punishes you for not getting to the point. youtube was fairer and allowed more personal expression. now ppl want you to get to the point ASAP.even tl;dr phenomenon is part of this

>>137612351It was a shit couple. Is it too hard to understand? Marceline deserved someone better.

>>137617016Don't forget the character assassination that was making Bubblegum an immortal so their relationship wouldn't be considered grooming

>>137617795>so their relationship wouldn't be considered groomingWhat difference does this make? They were already both adults anyway

>>137617837A 1000 year old shackingup with a 18 year old is still gross and creepy, fucking Twilightfags

>>137617917they're both adults capable of consenting you retard

>>137602844Warhammer 40k yep that for me too. So many things to tweak in my head.>>137605808>Same but I just muse and hold on to when the Mechanicus and the empire of man were two different Factions that just worked very close together.I have speculated that the Emperor ever allowing those fucks to continue to exist was a major mistake that really fucked things over down the line.Should have seized Mars from them, no matter how long that took. The forgeworlds would fall later.>>137603294>This is the only way to enjoy Star WarsSure is. I assume most people at least snip Disney Wars right off, or consider it a totally separate AU.>>137603672>the pony showThis too.>>137604629>When they realised the quality would never live up to their high expectations, in fact quite the opposite, that’s when the fandom started to shrink around 2014-2016.looking back, expecting so much from a Hasbro toy commercial was always a mistake, S1 and to a lesser degree S2 were flukes.

>>137603350>you know next to nothing about the gem empire, their technology, their society or how they go about conquering worlds.It irked me that the creators themselves forgot.The gems had a certain style in their old architecture and technology. But when Homeworld finally knocked everything ancient they had like the diamond ships and stuff have the same technology and design as the 'modern' day gem empire.

>>137618145>I assume most people at least snip Disney Wars right offI want to snip stuff even from the OG trilogy. Leia being Luke's sister was a retarded plot twist, for example. Someday I'll make a fan edit for my own tastes.In the other hand, I must admit I enjoyed the Bad Batch quite a lot despite it being from the Disney era.

>>137618375>I want to snip stuff even from the OG trilogy. Leia being Luke's sister was a retarded plot twist, for example.It was yes.

>>137602844>any smiling at all in Warhammer while not actively killing something horrifically.This picture is shit. This guy deserve chaos taint

>>137618456god I hope this is ironic

>>137611236>the upcoming Amazon showWait what?

>>137604329That supposed to be Worm?

>>137602661lol, all the time.marvel especiallysurprisingly, dc to a lesser degree

>>137602661For me, it's Princess Amthyst if Gemworld.The potential the comics hold are reboot material in my head is far greater than the actual content of the comics.

>>137602661That show nobody can mention.I don’t really change it I just have headcanon that enhances it. Picking and choosing what is canon seems stupid, it’s about finding a way to make it all work, you have to use all the pieces but you can stick them together with your own interpretations and ideas

>>137611980I bet whoever wrote this shit felt clever, but this just implies that the character is selfish and only interested in politics for personal gain.


>>137602661Lots of things but mostly the MCU

>>1376038381) It doesn't matter if that is true. It was what Rose thought.2) It probably wasn''t true anyway. If Pink had said "No" they would simply have sent her to her room. A Gem rebelling, on the other hand, would destabilize the entire power structure.

>>137604398>It was at its best when it was just some random on-off crappy chucky cheese with some nameless serial killer unrelated to the chain killing random kidsI agree, it felt more unique this way as well, there was no powerful mastermind, just a crazy guy who killed some kids and fucked off, a bunch of ghosts hunting the place where they died and a corrupt company that didn't give a fuck about it's workers.

>137612643>new SP merch>Bryan released a Nega Ramona figThe anime might tie loose ends on it. That would explain why Ramona ditched Scott in Book 5.

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>>137618809>Picking and choosing what is canon seems stupidI don't see how, its not like it changes the actual canon anyway

>>137603090Peridot Lapis 40 minute sex scene

>>137611259Shera could have used more padding in the middle to allow for more character interaction and growth before the 5th season at least. Catra-Scorpia-Entrapta interactions are something I really enjoyed and would’ve liked more of before they split. And then just more time for Mermista in general.

Attached: IMG_7242.jpg (3200x3200, 2.96M)

>>137615287Fair point.

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>>137618507Might be shit.

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>>137611259>>137619435Why do Holla Forums even care about that show. The series just felt like a teen fanfiction version of Avatar?

>>137603571>>137609066I don't get how this series got so popular with internet crowds?

>>137602661I don't know how many often we have this kind of experience everytime?

>>137602661As told by ginger, pretty good show brought down by a shit ending

ITT: people want everything ever to be shonen/haremshit

>>137615472>absolutely not.You either clearly don't get out that much, or you still want some younger people to consider you somewhat cool even though you're way older. At least with millennials you can say they dealt a bad hand. I'm legitimately worried about the state of society in several years, given how sheltered a lot zoomers are, that and tiktok having greatly lowered their attention spans, plus many of them being way too comfortable posting their identity and entire life history online for millions of strangers to see.

>>137605328.I didn't miss the point I was dissatisfied by it. That everything is basically one person's fault just seemed like a lame way to tie up the plot.

I know it's not Holla Forums related but holy shit was this a let down. The mech designs are fucking godly and the overal lore is decent but the game feels like it was made by that one kid who is obsesed with the military and claims the reason why he's bad at CoD and RTS games is because its not accurate ro real life when really he just has the fucking IQ of a rock and is a sore loser. Thank god they lowered the price and the game goes on sale all the time, the mech designs are worth getting in to your imagination. Shame we'll probably never get a proper sequel.

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>>137603080>killing children can give someone immortality from essence of their soulScott knows too much

>>137602661I have a bunch of fake characters that would be in Steven Universe, like Alan Gray, who is this human with a grey suit and top hat and a gun, and he is a villain that harrases the gems by shooting them and doing wild crazy heists in Beach city

>>137622449I'm legitimately worried about the future boomers/genXers/millennials set up to me. How did you all fuckc up so hard?

>>137622498When planet-governing alien queen make mistakes, those mistakes are pretty serious for everyone. But as much as Rose was a selfish bitch, Steven was a selfless little bitch.

>>137602661Made in Abyss - I know it's got flaws and the creator's a giant perv, and I can't recommend it to any of my normal friends because of some of the weirder shit, but god fucking damn if it doesn't know how to make me feel all the things.

Attached: i hate mondays.png (800x480, 93K)

>>137602844Yeah I was actually gonna say that, too.Pic mostly unrelated but after finding it I couldnt not post it.

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>>137624793>guy just wants his wolves to be anatomically correct>some faggot makes a big deal out of it

>>137624974t. Average Space Wolves player

>>137602661Trollhunters would've been a yearly rewatch for me if it wasn't for that fucking ending.

>>137622538Why is it a letdown? Is the game bad?

>>137602754>>137602844>>137604769>>137611236>>137622538>Holla Forums

>>137604786>>137604803where's the comic where jessie mogs both may and misty

>for Holla Forumsno>for Holla Forumsholy shit yes

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>>137602661>emerald I'll give you a bread for that.

>>137624974Why is he so nervous about it, then?

>>137603046The initial concept given by the trilogy is of a serial killer murdering children who possess Animatronics being led by the first one to die which binds their souls until finally exacting revenge via locking their killer into a more grisly version of their own fate before all being freed.There is a lot of good material there to work with and then when you look at 4-6 you get the story of a Repentant Son, the cause of his families suffering via the accidental killing of his younger brother forced to bare not only his on sins the sins of his monstrous father by becoming a hollow being seeking to hunt down his father over decades. Moving to bear penance and act as salvation for those which his family have caused to suffer before eventually by the aid of another also seeking atonement and wrapped up this is drama ending it all by burning his physical form along with all those sinners and sufferers and in turn being liberated, with an epilogue in which the father is forced to suffer for his crimes for all eternity .Like I said their is a lot to work with, very much do if you play into the drama and refocused on the characters.

>>137602661I'm gonna be honest. If you like something, why would you try to imagine a better version of it?

>>137618929Well naturally. If things are bad for you and you're just bending over to let them fuck you, what does that make you?

>>137626846Warhammer is Holla Forums related

>>137621632Right Time and PlaceBasically it tapped into a very special time in online culture where web 2.0 was still going along strongly and its narrative focus being on a bunch of eclectic but very recognizable online kid personalities (good natured but socially blunt Shitty Movie Fan, Ironic Shitposter who thinks he is hot shit, overly verbose Goth Chick, and Furry STEM Girl, to name a few) appealed greatly to the nerdy enough be to in a fandom but not buried in the culture war bullshit optimistic nerd culture of the early 2010s.Then you had the fact that the internet was in the middle of a boom in free OC with a bunch of young artists getting the tools needed to make shit but lacking the profit motive which were then given a series where on top of a cast of varied bold personalities, they were given a in built system of mechanics and culture to make OC creation a factory format thus spreading it far and wide across the at the time ascendant Tumblr and other such spaces.

>>137602661Lol, imagine all those Pixar theory were canon?

>>137621632You underestimate how big webcomics were in the 2000s.MSPA got kicked into the spotlight by VGCats once upon a time. Problem Sleuth was just underway, and it excited a lot of people with its audience participation factor.From there it just built and built in popularity and momentum because Hussie was avant-garde. Hate him for being a failure in the end of the end, but he was doing something interesting and different.

Would you do this, if you create something?

Attached: meme__oc_headcanon_by_bellarayne_dcbive7-pre.jpg (884x904, 68.9K)

>>137629387Hell no

>>137604569i would have had Jermaine make a few more appearances. For a show about brotherhood it's weird for the main characters to almost never attempt to contact their oldest brotherNot that it should have been Adventure Time With Fin & Jake & Jermaine, but it would have been nice to see the three of them more often.

>>137603090>>137602661How did that show got popular again?

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>>137630075Like Adventure Time it had a cool mysterious backstory that was the focus of season 1 and then like the viewer counts, writing and art quality disappeared in lieu of gay relationship ESG-score-increasing propaganda.

>>137602661Star Wars

>>137611173>RWBY is stupid and simplisticwhich makes it even more impressive how they constantly fuck it up. Something so simple should be easy to get right, yet it always goes wrong. RWBY's entire foundation is built on rule-of-cool, yet the writers don't seem to realise that.

>>137603169that would have been fucking awesome

>>137603261>this childrens cartoon i watch despite being an adult should be darker and edgierHave you considered getting a life?

>>137602661not Holla Forums but Doki Doki Literature Club

>>137603261>If Rose is still PD make a balance of cuntery and sincerity.agree with everything but honestly this is one of the biggest fumbles in all of history. they tried to write PD as a tragic hero but the way it turned out, she's either a huge shitflinging bitch or an actual fucking (yet genuine) retard with no foresight for her actions. still hot as balls tho dunno why she killed herself to become steven

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>>137604398I blame Game Theory

>>137630486You blame Game Theory

>>137607162and it always ruin it, that's why not a single horror franchise managed to stay good after the second movie or book

>>137614403i like that idea i would love a alien civilization that oppose the gempire

>>137622538>that one kid who is obsesed with the military and claims the reason why he's bad at CoD and RTS games is because its not accurate ro real life when really he just has the fucking IQ of a rock and is a sore loser.that's really specific. did you have a kid like that in your school?

>>137629387Dingaling did it with Lisa, and I think it turned out decently.

>>137630878>Dingaling did it with LisaNo he didn't, he just pretty much said he don't give a fuck about canon, Lovecraft did it by referencing fans ideas and stories.

>>137602661So being a fan of something and having headcanons? That's how creativity is born, use it.

>>137630400Have you considered that some viewers were children when it started, teenagers watching it, and adults now, bitter that it turned out shit in the end?

>>137602661Steven universe.

>>137602661Probably Sonic comes close.

>>137611173>>137630386I came here to post RWBY in general. That being said, I mostly liked V9. /rwbyg/ only hates it because gay people existed on-screen and Jaune didn't save the day.

>>137611259>>137619435>nuShe-RaNot even once

Attached: Classic She-Ra.png (1480x1313, 1.32M)

>>137602661At this point, I mostly consume media to fuel my maladaptive daydreaming. I use it to incorporate new concepts and dialogue into my own fantasy narratives. I can appreciate art for it's own sake on an aesthetic level, but any actual content is inevitably absorbed by my internal drama. I really wish I could get the same joy from the actual world and its contents as I do from maladaptive daydreaming, but alas, my mother had me when she was almost 40. I was always going to be an autist.

>>137630075because it's actually a good show, and the only thing wrong with it is that a bunch of schitzos, mainly (you)s, are completely tunnel visioned that it's "Le bad becuz of teh ghei propagandaz".

>>137604058I'm always saying this about fanfiction.Make an overt ripoff. We'll know what you mean and you'll have more creative freedom.

>>137629387Nope. My story, my way, plus it's creatively bankrupt. That person may as well be your editor, then doing something like this would have more legitimacy.

>>137603090Season 1 mystical vibe never goes away.Gems can still be from space, but with magic looking tech and the kind of infrastructure that can create the timetravel hourglass. Too high powerlevel to be a direct player in the plot, honeworld remains distant and mysterious.The plot could be about encountering cool temples and gradually uncorrupting as many gems as possible with the power of love or whatever.Maybe introduce some other alien races, preying on honeworld's leftovers.

>>137603090By making my "fanfic" a reality of course.>tfw haven't done any progress on it in a while and somehow it has "changed" again by merging it with the previous ideaI really need to stop brainstorming this shit and actually write it down.

>>137618456Not if the characters are thinking about killing something horrifically while smiling

>>137629387Yes and no, I'm not going to promise people I'll do anything cause that leads to fan expectations. But if someone does have a better idea than me I'd probably use it.

>>137631494Works with fanart too. Bigdad should have made his version of Gaz an OC ages ago; the design has only moved further and further away from the source."X but older (don't ban me plz papa patreon" or "Y but with bigger tits and slutty" might as well become an OC.

>>137630447Because she literally unironically hates herself.

>>137602661I Hate Fairyland

>>137602661The show would've been a pretty good Pokemon clone, if it got a great game like it.

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>>137602661Pretty sure that’s the entirety of the RWBY fanbase, or really any Rooster Teeth animation. They’re very good at creating a cool cast of characters then proceeding to have them do fuck all.

Attached: 496EAAEE-89EE-45DD-B764-DD744C2C5DD5.jpg (421x237, 122.41K)

>>137602661Doesn't everyone? Why would anyone punish theirselves by just accepting things the way they are?

I have been recreating, improving and expanding on parts of Adventure Time inside my head for years now.

>>137607622Very true, a show that can't- well show it's world and lore off is a failure of lore. Why even have lore if you aren't going to show it. And if if you can't even show does it even add anything to the show if the vast majority of people are just going to be clueless. Steering into something kind of off topic but there's a wealth of fantastic lore for the various D&D settings pre-3e but for the most part it didn't factor into adventures and was hard to find to boot, while I'm glad it exists it was underutilized.

>>137631385Fuck this hits close to home.Maladaptive Daydreaming is a term I didnt know I needed to hear but that’s the perfect descriptor for my behavior.>>137604604I feel like Mega Man actually does lore pretty right. It hints at it as much as it needs to and leaves a lot up to your imagination so the games can focus on being fun to play.>>137604632Now fucking ZELDA on the other hand is the first thing that came into my head when I saw this thread. I fucking love the lore and ideas and world but I only really like about half the games and spend a fucking weird amount of time imagining if they’d been done “right” and were as fun to play as they are to think about. >>137634694Hate to be that guy but Eva really does drop a lot more hints than most people realize. I think you can put together nearly everything you need to if you watch the show enough times, with the exception of the lance of longinus which really is given no explanation whatsoever. >Steering into something kind of off topic but there's a wealth of fantastic lore for the various D&D settings pre-3e but for the most part it didn't factor into adventures and was hard to find to boot, while I'm glad it exists it was underutilized.Sounds cool. There a good source you’d recommend learning it from? Or is it all scattered?D&D lore always looked cool but I can never find anyone who wants to try it with me.

>>137604769>>137604786I remember an interview with the original director of the show where he said he wanted Ash to grow in more or less real time with the audience, but it got veto’d by the board or something. Shame, we could’ve had something really special.

>>137635400A teenage Ash being a mentor to a 10-year-old Dawn sounds cute.

>>137626549It's average because all the non-bug issues the game has the devs refuse to change for some reason despite these issues being game development 101.>>137630834I did and I assumed everyone did cause I met a lot of people who know who I'm talking about. In my case the kid was obsessed with Company of Heroes. There is some mod that is supposed to make the game historically accurate and make the balance better but it instead just makes it all worse. He refused to play with us unless we used the mod, so we just played without him.

>>137612570Yeah I like Crazy Pearl but the characters or the show never go deep on how fucked up she actually is. Even worse they encourage some of her worst tendencies.

>>137611259>>137619435This. I like to combine the best of both the 1985 & 2018 series, & add in a lot more sexualization & nude scenes. Maybe with some old school Frazetta or Boris flair.

Attached: 1637479061769.png (500x775, 583.06K)

>>137630400I watched this show when I was in middle school dumbass. And I never said it should be darker I'm saying the shitty parts like Wine Aunt Diamonds or already dark stuff like Pearl should be fixed or removed.

>>137604569Maybe it's just because I'm a bit too obsessed with the pairing, but the way I prefer Finn and FP's relationship going involves FP gradually growing and developing on her adventures with Finn to the point where she decides that Finn's too stuck in the past for her and leaves for greener pastures, likely as she becomes the Flame Queen.This then encourages Finn to go through the character development he experiences in later seasons and mature into a humble and wise hero who FP eventually takes back at the series end, which preferably involves Finn slaying The Lich (or at least a strong physical form of him) after years of him lurking in the shadows.

Attached: adventure_time___mortal_finale__the_final_episode__by_nerdsman567_d6vnbv2-fullview.jpg (1024x618, 94.98K)

>>137602661BatmanSpider-ManStar Wars

My version of She Ra is just Hordak and Entrapta No She Ra or Catra or anything else except them. There is nothing else that would draw me into the show so I ignore everything else. Also the alt world where Princess Amethyst got made along with Gendy's Popeye. But thats in a long list of "Goddammit why didn't you make this!?!" list that has at least a few other entries.

Attached: tumblr_a8121b9629a6a4b713a3e47a5c3b0822_c3752676_1280.png (1280x905, 1.44M)

>>137635400>veto’dwhat is that, by the way?

>>137637404Lich looks like he's very excited for his new Nintendo Switch.


>>137608947>oh boo hoo hoo my people were so much worse off than yours i coveted dem braps wah wahNah, sorry, gay game gay scene.

>>137613610>>137613583Really? You like Glatorian and the GSR fight? Huh. Bionicle for me would be a perfect example of something where I like to imagine they actually followed the production notes and it remained Tahu & gang fighting THE Makuta.

>>137624974>>guy just wants his wolves to be anatomically correctThis is what we who've been around the internet for a while recognize as a "furry"

>>137603090Remove the gays, more focus on gem influence in mankind and it's repercussions, let the townies actually notice things.If you can't remove the gays, then focus more on the character dynamics than on them being queer.Also Perma-death and dealing with loss themes(besides Rose/PD, of course)

>>137602661This is the concept that made Star Wars one of the biggest franchises in the world

>>137627934Why would you not?

>>137631444>boo hoo hoo the show is literally perfect and if you don't agree you're a HECKIN BIGOT!!!!Go back, Japanese Satan.


>>137603046sex with Toy Chica

>MLaaTRit was good but it had a lot of potential that was squandered primarily due to executive decisions

Attached: MLaaTR.jpg (500x667, 69.88K)

>>137637512In my head, Spider-Man is just some dude who goes on adventures in his own setting completely independent of any other Marvel bullshit.

>>137602661Whatever the next Avatar series is.I expect it will be watchable at least.

>>137603090I watched it recently and the biggest thing I would change is to expand the fifth season's plot into a sixth season. The pacing is all over the place, they could have spent a lot more time on developing the diamonds and making their heel turn more gradual.Am I the only one that got pissed off at how Connie fucked off with Lion and everyone forgot Lars was stranded? It went on for multiple filler episodes. I would have been otherwise fine with those episodes but I kept waiting for them to bring up Lars and it made me so mad. Then he was in space and nobody cared.

>>137634236They could have made a fucking KINO third person shooter based off of it.>>137634260My head version of rwby is basically just...not Rwby, it's just the first two trailers. Colorful girls that look exactly like the protagonists fighting Grimm by themselves in an overtaken fantasy world.They occasionally meet up with other teams like JNPR on friendly terms while camping or something. I still don't know or care to know who the fuck this Salem bitch is.

Several months ago I had a dream that Robert Zemeckis and Sam Raimi co-produced a legal procedural/comedy show for HBO that was a modern-day continuation of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, starring Bruce Campbell as a descendant of Eddie Valiant who runs a law firm for Toon clients. I only remember a few details- it ran for seven seasons (2007-13), it seemed pretty expensive to make (the animation was effectively on par with WFRR), played one of Valiant's employees- the 'new' guy of the firm- was played by Christopher Masterson. The episode I remember clearest involved them taking on Woody Woodpecker as a client only to discover he's actually a plodding, depressed bore voiced by Ben Stein. I remember this show actually being pretty funny and was surprised and saddened when I woke up and realized it wasn't real at all. It seemed SO real, and it just came completely out of nowhere.

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>>137603090prevent it from ever having been made. also shut down all American cartoon studios.

>>137604769Having the characters in Pokemon get older would have been cool, but I don't know who's idea of improving Pokemon involves making Brock a groomer.

>>137640826>Stuck to directing garbage like the Pinnochio life action abominationWhat happened?


>>137602661>"improved version">a bunch of faggot romance and melodrama every timethese are shallow people. they don't want a good story, they just want their little "skrunklies" to have corruptions arcs because "its cool" and makes them feel all tinglypure derangement.

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>>137640712>it's just the first two trailersThose are by far the best part of the series. Adding dialog was a horrible mistake. Should’ve just been ambience and fightscenes and lore that is hinted at that the fans need to piece together themselves.But like you said, basically not rwby at that point. >>137641801Havent read the whole thread but read most of it, havent really seen that here. It does seem to be a big thing in a lot of fandoms though.

>>137640826>Robert Zemeckis and Sam RaimiWhat so famous about them. I don't get the appeal here?

>>137602661I fucking wish I had actual skill to put my ideas into an animation for TMvTM to absolute dunk on Lord and Miller and that faggot Mike RiandaVeeniggers need not apply

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>>137642591Famous directors that made some of the most beloved movies of their era.

>>137639329Because I already like it. I get hating something and imagining a better version that you'd like, but how could anyone feel that way about something they love?

Rhinox didn't die or become evil. Optimus lived. Waspinator became a good guy. Megatron paid for his crimes and the Maximals set off from Cybertron to explore the universe.

>>137641801Don't care I like it and it's my headcanon and not yours

>>137603076Yeah, is tall alright.

>>137642591are you honestly asking what Sam Raimi and Robert Zemeckis are famous for?

>>137641801>a bunch of faggot romance and melodrama every timeName a single example in this whole fucking thread.


I hate to do a Twitter cap but this is a really good example of what OP is talking about

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>>137643186Well, there's a range between "like" and "love," but even at the top end of the spectrum, how much media is truly "perfect?" Even if it's just imagining there was an extra season, or a little more backstory or something.

>>137643186Nta but you can like something yet also feel disappointed in it for it not meeting your higher expectations for it. I feel like that’s the real recipe that incites this kind of thing.

>>137635365>Sounds cool. There a good source you’d recommend learning it from? Or is it all scattered?It's scattered, even the wikis don't tend to do a great job especially if it's a more niche setting like say Spelljammer, though some like Greyhawk's are pretty nice. Still that's not to say there aren't good sources, for instance most of the original books are in online pdfs and are decently concise but there's still a lot scattered throughout different books and magazines. A lot of the magazines aren't online as well. If you want to get the pdfs the share thread on /tg/ >>89137912 is a good place, do be aware you need to pull of some mild tricks to access them.However you're most likely looking for a condensed summary of all the info and not everything including the stats and the minutiae, in which case you have only three options. First and probably best for you is youtube, AJ Pickett is an excellent source for this but his videos tend towards the longer side but unlike most youtubers who cover this stuff he focuses on the actual lore and not singular things. Second are lore threads, lots of people on various forums have asked the same questions you've asked and if you can find them they proved some good answers. But most of them are hard to find and asking simple lore questions so your mileage will vary. Hit up /tg/'s D&D generals for questions if you want or even start up a whole thread for it! Finally there's Let's Read threads on sites like Enworld or, honestly they're hit or miss but it's often easier to read these summary threads then the actual D&D books. Mind you that that Enworld and especially are kind of cuntish communities even if they're a good resource, as well as the fact that Let's read threads often simplify too much. This was kind of a bit much to drop on you especially so long after you posted but I hope it helps :). Ah also is a good general resource if you can stand the fact it's a bit of a mess.

>>137603571>>137604447>>137608776>>137609066It want to complete shit after act 5 for me. Abandoning most of the trolls and making the human retarded was dumb, but that ending. My reaction was just one of pure apathy as I just pushed the entire comic out of my mind. In hind sight I should have know something like this was going to turn to shit when Hussie went out of his way to kill ships, early guess, theories, and pull several "What a twist" moments. So many missed opportunity, interactions, interesting thing to explore and he goes off and ruins the entire cast of troll and human alike. Also mad about forgetting about the other trolls and killing lots of ships like John/Vriska and Dave/Terezi.>>137628963>>137628081So weird to live though it knowing were it will lead us, but at the same time somewhat missing it.>>137602844>>137622538I'm just at the point where I taking element I like from those setting and just smashing everything together into my own setting. that what 40k did so why can't I [spoilers] its 19th century but in space with each superpower being a mishmash of franchise. 40k is the china in my setting and the trolls are just some big breasted alien fish people. [/spoilers]>>137629387In theory yes, in practices NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO

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>>137644408>This was kind of a bit much to drop on you especially so long after you posted but I hope it helps :)Nah this was good, thanks. I’ll start with Picket and keep those other options on the back burner for now. Appreciate ya user.

>>137644725I think the single biggest problem with act 6 was how fucking long it is. It’s like half the damn story. I STILL years later remember hussie saying that act 5 was supposed to be “the huge motherfucker of homestuck” and if he’d stuck to that, finished act 6 in roughly a year. and moved on to a new project then homestuck would be fondly remembered and he’d probably have a great career going.Pacing is a mess all over that story, but man act 6 is just another level of bad planning.

>>137630075Is a mystery

>>137602661SU is shit in all ways

>>137602844If it weren't for active Horus Heresy, Warmaster Revolution, and NetEpic Armageddon scenes, my interest in Warhammer would be nonexistent. I'd prep a 40k 2nd edition army if I knew I'd find people in my area that play it.

>>137602661Dragon Ball ZZenkai boosts: Each saiyan only gets 4 per lifetime. First is divided by 0.75, 0.8, last two multiplied by 8.33 and last 9.6. Here's an exampleVegeta power level: 18,0001st zenkai: 24,0002nd zenkai:30,0003rd zenkai: 250,0004th zenkai: 2,400,000I reject Toriyama's retarded idea that saiyans still keep getting zenkai boosts but it's very small. If a saiyan maxes out his zenkai boost, he cannot improve his power level for a period of time and must keep training in order to keep it. If the saiyan doesn't train it'll just reverse back to the original power level. Saiyan tails also grow back once per year. A super saiyan 2, 3, and 4 great ape is possible, so if Vegeta had a power level of 18,0000, SSJ4 would be 72,000,000 and SSJ4 great ape would be 720,000,000.



>>137602661Have anybody else experience love before?

>>137602844What so great about Warhammer?

>>137647966the setting is massive and there are dozens of factions divided into dozens of sub factions divided into countless semi-autonomous armies making it infinitely diverse to explore and extremely easy to sandbox

>>137646421>If the saiyan doesn't train it'll just reverse back to the original power level.Nah, how about it just caps their growth permanently if they don't keep training upon that point.

>>137648095So is basically like a mix genres, right?

>>137602661>take improved version in your head>remove the media itself>make something with itAnybody else experience this?

>>137603356Here's your Head Canon!

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>>137649155Kind of, it's all rather drenched in misery, grandeur, and dystopian themes but there's a lot of variation of those themes in the various factions. Also has a lot of different games that focus on different levels of the setting, i.e. indivual, army, and fleet; which are pretty cool.

>>137650259>A guy with a canon for a head.Huh...

>>137647966Dragonball but for sci fi and history nerds instead of weebs

>>137651546The writing is YA tier though.

>>137647966My first exposure to Warhammer was picrel. I remember thinking "Wow, that design is terrifying. I bet he's the main villain of the series!"Then I found out this terrifying cyborg is just a very minor character. For one of the GOOD GUY factions. I couldn't help but be a little curious.

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>>137651555Thre is almost no romance and the battles are well structured tho.

Not really Holla Forums but for years Overwatch's fandom was carried entirely by comics and art made by fans because the actual characters were so fucking boring. Gremlin D.VA was more popular than the real D.VA

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>>137602661Donkey Kong Country (tv show)>The Kongs wouldn't look as jarringly over-humanoid as they do in the show>K. Rool isn't as much of a 'hands-off' coward>Donkey can still speak but has a deeper voice and talks in semi-choppy sentences>slightly reduced musical numbers, maybe 1 or 2 ever couples of episodes>The Crystal Coconut is actually a containment device for an evil, unnamed god of chaos designed by ancient kongs, with Inca-Dinca-Doo being it's 'good' counterpart. K. Rool is unaware of this and believes it to be a device for world domination, it can also influence and captivate deranged or otherwise evil individuals just from being in a 20-ft proximity to them>Eddie the Mean Old Yeti isn't just D.K. but white, is a bit larger than him and has pointed ears and claw-like nails to make him distinguishable from the average Kong>Funky, Cranky, Diddy, Dixie and Bluster/Leo Luster remain unchanged for the most part>Not entirely sure what to do with Candy desu, likely a major face-lift (get rid of those fuggly eyes) and probably just make her less of a cunt idkThere's more but I'd be here all day.

>>137651833Pretty cool

>>137651859ty :)

>>137629387Why would anyone want that?

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>>137629387Nope. Suggestion boxes cause more problems than they solve. If I see a good idea I'll definitely consider it, though.

>>137651707Imagine your game's legacy being JK Rowling everything.

>>137602661I miss the theorycrafting era of Adventure Time on Holla Forums like you wouldn't believe. Honestly, the point of the show when everyone is speculating on the lore and the lore hasn't actually been revealed yet is just about the best part of any lore-heavy Holla Forums property. It's why I always enjoyed the talkback threads back in the day.SU was about the same, but honestly I got more fun out of AUs and Fanfic rather than actual speculation and theories.

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>>137603090Not OP and my memory of SU is hazy because I dropped it almost immediately. The backgrounds are beautiful. Make Steven less of a faggot and more of a kid who' s growing up. In the show he's not a kid, he's a little faggot... I don't know how to express it.Get rid of the fucking townies, make them a side thing instead of giving them entire episodes. Nobody gives a SHIT about the townies if there's a kid living with 3 magical women who can transform into giant monsters. I don't know what the plot was with the evil gems because the show was already dead at that point. Stop turning villains into allies, maybe have 1 fucking person do it like Lapis but no, not everyone is gonna turn into a friend if you cry and sing. Make the gems do actually cool shit instead of having amethyst twerk like some negress and pearl shoving her head up her ass to do the transformation. Like, Jesus Christ, can you make the cool moments not whimsical and cringe?I still want to BDSM the shit out of Pearl

>>137612351It didn't make contextual sense to just force them both as lovers so late in the series, if that was already established from the beginning mostly everyone following the show to it's conclusion would have accepted it from the get-go.Instead people watched the show for years because it was called Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, not PB's and Marcy's daily life.It just felt too forced and tacked on at the last minute just to spite the lore, characters and worldbuilding going on for years that could have delved deeper thematically than just 2 popular girls are a thing now.

>>137612351The kid wearing the underwear on his head should have fucked the vampire.

>>137614455That is why you archive everything you can.

>>137631444It got worse over time and all that crap did not make it any better.

>>137637995>Gendy's PopeyeI wish i could track down who fucked that up.

>>137642591>Robert ZemeckisBack to the Future>Sam RaimiEvil DeadYou are a funny one, next you are going to ask what is James Cameron known for.

Any headcanons media that make you go like this?

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>>137654546Do you ever wonder that kind of element that make the series popular in the first place?

>>137655256That sense of Adventure and limitless possibilities, and the Lore gave you the Idea there was a bigger story.

>>137603599In all honesty though, that show/concept shouldn't have been made in the first place. The creators should at least make a original newer series instead of spin-off to an existence series.

I would like to live in this concept and that's why Im so upset it got cut short

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>>137624974>gets assblasted and embarassed when someone points it outhave some pride for your motherfucking work

>>137656571>Generic Isekai with Dyke Latina and Colonial era White man as the bad guy.No thanks

>>137604117Just Reika dying. I hated that so much.

>>137656571>>137656651Lol, remember the time how Holla Forums expect Owl House to be somewhat good?

anything spider-man related

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>>137656770I do, the original teaser poster is still one of my favorites.

>>137657086>>137604604>>137605578>>137637512Based Wall-Crawler enjoyer

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>>137647966I think its twofold, the first is that the setting is so massive that you can literally just pick a scale you are interested in. Massive galactic crusades? We gotcha. Single soldier holding a trench? Step right up. Anything in between is also there.The other is that I think there is some level of comfort in a setting being so hilariously fucked that it can kind of feel like a guilt free place to reek havoc in. But, as the setting is so mind bogglingly large, there is still room for individual situations to improve, so hope CAN exist at least on the micro scale.

>>137651707I did appreciate them making her a junkfood fiend in the D Va short

>>137651707I wonder how is the state of Overwatch fandom. Are they still active?And so does /vg/ general thread?

>>137659285>Overwatch 2's PVE (The main reason Overwatch 2 is not an expansion of OG Overwatch) cancelledYeah...

>>137612889But what other headcanon things that you actually like?

>>137659497The Professor is Hailey and Scott's daughter


>>137651707In my eyes the fist sign of Overwatch's fandom (not game but fandom) getting fucked was when they canceled the First Strike graphic novel and nothing coming in its place.That screwed over the whole pacing of narrative content as Blizzard then took years to finish going over all the stuff involving the Original Overwatch instead of using the actual concept of "old international hero team gets back together to fight a rising evil" leaving characters not associated with the original Overwatch team in limbo for way to long.

>>137659699Why was that graphic Novel cancelled?

>>137659823This is all info I'm recalling from when this all happened but changes in the creative direction as they wanted to leave the Ommic Crisis more vague than what the novel would of allowed (likely so they could use the space to make up lore for new characters if needed).Basically if was a shift from the launch concept and plans for an ongoing narrative into a more loose structure focused around just making content.

>>137618929>but this just implies that the character is selfish and only interested in politics for personal gainYes that is the point.

>>137659285I feel like you'd have to be an absolute glutton for punishment- not the kinky kind, either- to be in any ActiBlizz fandom.

>>137618929Everyone -should- be interested in politics for personal gain. Statistically that would work out best for most people, since most people are roughly in the same situation, with a handful of economic elites at the top. It takes propaganda to get people to support things against their best interests.

>>137644285>picrelWhat does that mean?

>>137615287Those Priests are gay groomers

>>137647966the variety shit means its got something for everyone. I love gross-out gore stuff and dudes in big power armor and warhammer has a team for that. fits me like a glove.

It has comics so I'll count it but Street Fighter or any fighting game really. Most Fighting games excel in making a roster of fun characters with entertaining hooks and backstories then doing the bare minimum with them. Though looking at where Mortal Kombat took that advice and maybe it's better left to my imagination.>>137651707>That time Holla Forums made TF2 vs Overwatch lines and they were all from the Mercs because Overwatch characters' personalities were too bland to think of anything funny.

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>>137663509Genndy started binging the old Hanna Barbara archives and without rose tinted glasses saw how trash most of it was. He had to stop watching to maintain his nostalgia, same thing happened when I started watching Tiny Toons.

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>>137603076>>137603379>>137603591>>137606313>>137607959>>137613564>>137614357>>137614924>>137615299>>137627717>>137630927>>137631385>>137641801>>137646208Hyperbole, how much do you think the size of that gem cost?

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>>137603090Steven visibly ages to adulthood over the course of the series. The show also gradually builds up to Lapis and Steven getting together, with both having been through hell and back.Simply put, I wish they'd been able to stick with Sugar's embryonic ideas for the show.

>>137604117Different guy butAlice is the most boring part of her comic and her crew are a close second. Things get infinitely more interesting whenever the demiurges are around. She should be at best a side character that catalyzes the conflict among the demiurges and not appear much.