TR at the Crown

Anyone on here still play Planetside TW(ew)O?

I just got back to my pc after several months and am itching to kill some trannu and shitpost at the same time. Anyone wanna try and get some fuckery going this weekend?

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has there been a update which fixes the game yet?

Depends what you mean by fix.

After playing it for about 20 hours i think it has

[wwew] rebirth when?
I missed out on it

All you have to do is find gunner "robin" nacho who's a self proclaimed teenfucker living in some cuck country like Norway and is related to one out of a couple paintball shooting club and tell him to rally the boys.

I guess I could play if other fags got on. I know we still have some guys tooling around on and off. I tried vanu the other day just to see what they are like. People weren't kidding when they said they are broken. They guns have NO RECOIL, that or I'm just so used to TR guns. They don't do a lot of damage but it doesn't really matter when you can stay on target.
And magriders are straight up bullshit.

SO yeah, I would tool around again, its more fun when we have numbers to fight with anyway.

I'm willing to round up all the fucks I have contact with t. highspeed

I can't play because my gpu died but I know some of the oldfags wanted to hop in again.

On top of their own weapons with their own faction traits they also get weapons that are basically other factions' weapons but better.
Honestly vanu is just plain more fun, in other factions you're playing in a shooter that's bad even for modern military shooters but when you're vanu you play that but with non-gimmicky plasma guns that nothing else has.

made TR not nerfed into the ground

are you playing NC?

No im playing TR because you cool dudes little girls cant stand freedom :^)

I'm fucking around in a dead memefit while you fucks stopped playing again. At least I can say I auraxed the Lightning before they made it worse with CA, along with the last two smgs and the default knife.

TR at the Crown? The most glorious battle ever witnessed.


you have a serious problem cass

I must grind, even if I'm suffering alone in the hellscape that is Planetside. There's also reports of my raifu getting an AE edition which means I get to be a good goy.

please cass this is an intervention

Don't they give away AE weapons yearly, for free?

No, I'm going to suffer and there's nothing you can do about it.

You have to (((buy))) the packs that come with AE weapons and a random assortment of items that are exclusive like armor or camo.


You should be playing better games right now.

I've been playing terraria with some nerds and that's about it tbh

>You have to (((buy))) the packs
just wait for the anniversary stream

Don't fall back in.

That really activates my almonds.

did you also leave 4am

Did you try to fuck a 14 year old that said they were 16?

you know he actually added me on discord out of the blue and apologized for that apparently feeling really bad over it for a long time


do you know glasses? he's a full on tranny now



Resident Slav here, I'd play if we could get more than two fucking people online, and if it wouldn't fizzle out after a day.

there was a try before and it went away soon after tbh, I don't see this try being any different

Too soon nigga, too soon.


Ah, well I'm downloading the game anyways.

I've never played the game before more than a few hours some time ago, but I would be willing to try it out with some of you


A couple are, definitely, and my download's gonna be done in about five to ten minutes. Yes. Probably.

Motherfucker. I forgot my password and you have to create a new account so I can send a ticket.

I'd be willing to hop back on again if there were enough of you faggots actually playing. How much different is the game now since the last time we played?

Newlad here, who should I ask for an invite?

What does it mean by this?

Thanks, but unless Gaybreak stops breaking the game some more because whales or have the funding to redo the entire fucking game, I can't see people jumping back, there's nothing to do anymore.

As tonight proved its more the company than the game.

posting some shenanigans that happened as you guys where getting on

And japs.

You're not enough of a white male TR player to be able to do anything.

Shitposts intensifies.

Reinstalling, I'd be willing to play this weekend. I might hop on later but only to dick around in the simulator because I forgot the controls & to tweak the graphics.

I miss battle barding

I also took some footage of WWEW defending that base from DAPP on indar, i think it is would be a worth while effort to upload it to youtube privated of course

It's backwards

oh shit


did i get it right?


also requesting the first webm of masque of midnight sorrow guy or whatever and the WWEW promotional video


brazilian people are technically retarded

This is the only one I have.

I got Masque. Would also appreciate a webm of the promo video.

Also, was fun flying around. Hopefully someone invites me the next time around so I don't have to sit locked out of verbal shitposting because I joined a fucking catgirl outfit.


There's nothing wrong with being a moe moe kawaii catgirl maid.

thank you lads

we need to summon gunnernacho-senpai with a underage imouto


holy shit, I remember that guy

t. TrumpUnstumped

El Hombre Grande 4U reporting for duty

NCuck here, convince me to join.

stay there so i can kill you

t. someone who never got over NC kids TKing me in the beta, at warpgate

Never ever, let it be ded this time for fucks sake, don't force it.

What did you just say about Gunnernacho you fucking pussyfaggot? I'll let you know you're under threat of getting fucking v& by our gooncrew, we'll tie you up and bring you to our saudi contact who's gonna take care of your boypussy until you fucking die kiddo.

Gunnernacho is probably reading this thread right now




Fucking kill yourself.

thats masque of midnight sorrow you massive faggot



Time to (again) mine mountains of tranu salt


Good thing we're fucking dead.

Wish i could have been there for that and when tou guys read that pony fanfic

if a revival happens it will last, at the absolute most, a month. more likely than not it'll gain mediocre traction for 2 weeks.
i wouldn't invest heavily in a TR character besides riding the wave for the first week or so.

can you post the other one where he's streaming and going "shame, shame shame"?

oh shi-

I'm going to finish making that compilation video of this sperg. I still have all the files, just need to add in the parts he recorded in his car.

It's dead and buried. Don't bother trying to revive it.

is that you masque? because i wish to be as autistic as you

masqe did nothing wrong

Literally who?

Be the hero we need.

Soldier482 is here and still fucking around, albiet on my euro account. Miss you guys, if we're doing this we need to set a time and date for a meetup.

Some super edgy turbo autist in wwew who would speak in these weird poetic sentences about the kind of dark shit an emotionally charged 13 year old would be interested in

I miss Pedonacho.
Fuck, I miss all of you fags. But It is not your fault, the game is just bad.

I'm never going to drop the fact that the reason the game fucking sucks so much ass is that we're TR ever since the thread fag first picked them on a whim and never played again we missed out on good weapons. But regardless we still manage to stomp on people which is funny as shit, now come on you unemployed cucks lets drink shitty store bought egg nog and meme

honestly if we ever started this again i'd want to be NC. i just like their weapons better

i miss being NEET, i just want to get out of work and fuck around

is that you johnny?


let it go
judging from the posts in this thread its just skinwalkers that joined in the downtime that ape ebin maymays that they heard somewhere at some point that want a revival


I've been shitposting since the start. At this point I'd rather see the outfit dead because it means people are playing good games instead.

>because it means people are playing good games instead
you wish
we still play shitty games, just different shitty games

You need to stop.

I just want to mine salt in an online game for a few hours this weekend. Besides I already reinstalled

there is nothing in this world that can stop cass-tism, apparently not a poorly coded game

This is my autism, it was made for me.



I do genuinely think that we should start up next time as NC since TR is just complete trash lets face it. Johnny managed to get positive KD and he knows hes not good at the game. It would make playing the game /fun/ again

heh… you've revealed yourself
the only reason why you are even in this outfit is NOT to lead these people,is not have fun, is to find people like ME, people with REAL INTELLIGENCE, people with REAL CHARISMA, and to character assassinate THEM; yet you laugh because I am correct, because laughter is all that you have left. It is sad, it is sad man that you don't even know, don't even realize, the position that you are in. You guys don't know how you are controlled, don't even know how your mind controls you to do this. What does your soul look like? Can you tell me the color of your soul? NO, because all you can do is laugh!

I'm glad you're back.

When a man is so autistic he spawns a meme from his very existence

sorry senpai, that is just a copypasta from the video
i am just poking fun at the last few words he has to say

v-video games?

seriously best part of the video is around 1:06:38 where hes saying shame and i start saying it and his shit eating grin fucking melts into a scowl and he says "shut the fuck up"

It's totally just pasta. Don't worry, you'll understand the way of the shitpost soon.

I mean, I'd probably stop playing because I'd lose all the shit I spent 200 hours unlocking.

what you earned isnt really worth it trust me i have 800 hours on tr and the switch to nc was actually F U N

I know they wanted to play NC for any american holiday, so maybe we can hash out the specifics in the thread

really why wait the sooner people start playing NC the sooner people will see how much more fun it is and we can have a legit NC shitposting outfit again

so long as i get to shit post with you guys again, I dont mind


this tbh. TR has the most meme potential and WWEW traditions attached. Going NC means literally betraying your heritage and the empire.
also: not able to saltmine NC-patties anymore

then why dont you get on and convince us :^)

opinion discarded
reminder that its not the TR that made the wwew tradition and the good times, it was the people and as long as we're still the same we can have just as much fun no matter what faction or game we were to play


I honestly prefer TR over NC when it comes to inflicting massive butthurt
it really hurts me moving away from TR

How about you fuck off and stick to ARMA.

no u

Is this about your KD?

its about the fact that 90% of wwew is gone probably forever because its gotten stale


Fuck off. Quit digging the corpse up, it's not going to spring to life. accept death, fam

n o

go away cryptotranu

Pretty much this. I miss both valk-chan and making vids for you faggots but it's been far past it's due date. We had our fun but it's over.

but y

because the game is boring grindy shit regardless of what faction you play as

You know what, I actually agree. Every time we do a revival it hardly ever lasts. Do we have fun while doing it, of course but its really nothing compared to the old days. I think its time to just let WWEW die already

TR is overpowered.

Only children who need to cheat play TR.

and how long did the first WWEW crew last my oldfag hombre :^)

back to your crab ships and your latex disco parties

This. Fucking fags need to leave the corpse alone.

It's not like anyone's actually fucking trying to bring it back, it was a thread, ten people got on, and then nobody got on today except for the two usual fags. Speak for your fucking selves.

You're trying to recapture the sun after it has already set.

Oh wow, it's almost like the threads remind the same group of people the game exists and they remember why they stopped playing after a single session.

Came back ever since the Implant rework. Hundred times better now that there's no energy involved. I play on Emerald but from what I hear the TR on Connery are consistently smashed by Asia (who only play VS surprise surprise).

NC are still as uncoordinated as ever but their weapons are so overbuffed it's not even funny anymore

nu-wwew doesnt need oldfags :^)

Fucking newfag, kill yourself.

what a stunning charismatic and intellectual individual! who is this literal god amongst men?

You know, my financial situation is getting better now, so I might buy a proper computer soon. I think I'll go back to PS2 then when I can actually run it properly.
It was my most played online game in like a decade. For like 4-6 months probably I played every evening and I never grew tired of platoon galaxy drops. Something about the majestic flight over to the target zone and then the absolute pandemonium of landing in an enemy occupied area.
Eventually I did get tired of the game overall, though, and stopped playing. I think the latest news then was something about artillery/howitzers. Did those ever become a thing?


Please don't try and revive Wwew. It died not because of our lack of unity and strength, but because PS2 fucking sucks and Daybreak will never fix any of the actual problems with the game. It was fun, but nothing has recaptured the magic of our first run building the wall in the middle of Indar came close though

Its more of a
I don't get all the naysayers who are getting their panties in a bunch. Either play or don't, its not a big deal. As yesterday proved its more about the company than anything else, that and the verbal shitposting we can get going in the chat.
So we play for another week or two, realize why we left and then do it again in a few months.

oh jeeze i hope this works. it took all fucking day to upload this 3 minutes of video

also who remembers that irish autist who refused to use outfitchat?

God i miss fort bunker that was one of my favorite times with wwew, pushed off dapp 5 times and phoenix 3, they couldn't stand how fucking good our meme shit was

also thats MrDaylight aka massive faggot :^)

Kill yourself.
It's a game people burn out on very quickly, by having shitty little revival attempts like this one makes it so that once actual content gets released less people will feel like playing the game because it has not been long enough for the burn out to have completely vanished. Also, skinwalkers, skinwalkers everywhere.

In your 4 posts you have been nothing but an autistic fuck, but you do bring up a good point of burn out. There has never been an "official" revival attempt, and there never will be. If anons wanna play then let them play. Either join or don't, that's all there it to it.

By whose metric, you fuck. Do you think there's a leader of anonymous or something?

of course there is its masque

The metric of all of them having failed you fuckwit?

I made a thread back when CA and CM hit and the same general thing happened, at this point I just want to know what you fucks have picked up.

None of them were "official", that's for sure, you retarded spastic.

They are all officials, I meant something more than a few of the lads joining up through other means than the threads, you autistic cunt.

Well then why the fuck didn't you say that from the beginning?

To watch you squirm like a sperg, obviously.

Amidst all the shitposting, I did not realize that I never used the word unofficial, so you either quoted the wrong guy, or you're both gigantic faggots.

I meant official, holy shit.

I'll go back to being the underpowered faction and then I'll continue to beat you with sheer skill anyway, faggot.

90% of TR players would quit forever if they had to use Vanu-quality weapons. To play TR is to atrophy ones own abilities. You couldn't survive without that fucking chaingun of yours.

Are you gonna tell us next that you need to have a really high IQ to be able to appreciate the tranus?

They have the best tanks

Ah, no user, there's just more P2W shit in the game now.

What a shitshow of a thread. I kind of wanted to play with you guys but if all you're going to do is spaz out like morons then I'd rather keep playing alone.

It's like you don't remember how the threads were compared to ingame. Oh wait, you probably didn't play with us last year.


Might as well kill yourself now and spare the game the effort, lad.

This is essentially standard practice
Also kys tbqh user-kun

Nearly all of the Planetside threads in the past year end up like this. You have masque throwing a fit because he was retarded enough to have his both stream and reddit account linked in the thread and a couple people screeching about how the game is shit constantly.

Threads are dogshit, when we play its pretty fun though.

I'm glad it doesn't because Holla Forums isn't Holla Forums.

Is radar ant with a bulldog still good?


i dunno i like shitposting on the threads as well as in game.

[v] [6] "your best is my worst"

i think we all know who the real sperg is :^)

also friendly reminder that NC and VS have the best lolcows, even if they are "pretending" to be
to be retarded

Bumping. I hate playing alone. I might accidentally log off and do something productive.

Max stealth and cloak on the ANT so they don't see or hear you at all until your grille is five inches from them.

I would if someone would actually get on to let me back into the outfit.

The threads were good during the original Summer 2016 run with good times and OC aplenty, but those days are long gone.

done and done fam hold on

Bumping again. We have six people.

what did you expect, wrel is a wigger faggot

playing against cheaters with egos isnt very fun. Trying to communicate this to the general community is like talking to a brick wall because they wont believe the cheats exist.

Playing with you fags is what makes the game worthwhile and without you fags the game is pay2win cowadooty garbage.

Hey everybody, Wrel here, and today we're going to discuss entirely pointless, untranslate-able vidoegame philosophy. If you inexplicably enjoy listening to human refuse spew verbal garbage, please support me on gaytreon so that I can continue to sustain my parasitic lifestyle and irreparably damage the videogame market.




When the game still worked on my machine, it was pretty damn fun, especially when it came to assaults with a battle bard. No clue how it is now since not even uninstalling and deleting every single file could fix it.

Wait so, did Highspeed become a microbiologist or whateverthefuck to create dolphin girls?

If you fucks are rewwewing wwew i'll download the client again and prep my battlebard set up

my internet is so slow i probably will have it done by the time you guys lose interest again

Sometimes I wonder if he just made it all up and is just some 30 year old fat fuck who actually lives with his parents.

Where does he get all of the money to spend on shitty videogames, though?

High impact erp sessions


i get it from my college jew minions that every professor has, they work tirelessly to mine me shekels and create undergrad students

Well, tonights session was fun.

Harasser pack hat bullied the s*** out of enemy tanks and sundies

full squad get on niggers

sky full of skeeters over at the NC warpgate

i hope you niggers are still playing

And my mic is dead. Fuck. Can't properly talk with you.

Can still shitpost though…

take this hour of shitposting

could someone get on and accept me into the outfit?

Only saw one guy in there at the moment, may have to wait till later in the day for people to get on. I'm currently resetting up my battlebarding hotkeys.

Took all night to download for me lads, you better still be a wwewing later

The outfit is beyond dead during the day, so you're lucky to see one or two people online.

Yeah, he's full of shit and I'm Donald Trump.

Well since im cucked by a fucking virus i'm getting on like the massive queer i am

and i got you fam


the brass is impressed! good work!
seriously top tier m8

Eh, you deserved it, you turbogoy.

Are you faggots playing today?
Right now, even?

Hossins the only cont last i checked so not right now

gunna eat and watch some anime before i get on

Hossin locks in 20 minutes so I'm gonna get food and watch some stuff, was fun harassing though.

yeah, it was. shame that nobody else got on with us, though

once that shit cont is locked and im done playing my rhythm games because im a massive queer ill come and meme

How did that shit base end up last night? I wanna do another one but on indar. The flatness tebds to lend itself better

Nuked by an orbital because fuck us

And a top quality Webm on top! The Spotting bonus really makes the difference.

get on you individuals of the homosexual persuasion.

We live once more get on fuckers

Alright, but this better be good. Anyone have that NC Spurdo "freedom ain't free" pic? I can't seem to find it on my drive.

here's some planetside burdo bärdös for you

Thanks, user.

Here's a good one.


I chuckled


Performance issues or worse?

So uh, where's the NC outfit?

NC Name is TrumpUnstumpable, pls respond

Are we still on Emerald? I don't see [ADHH] anywhere.

wish so being a yuropoor would fuck me otherwise

Due to faction balance putting TR as the weakest, we decided to try doing NC to see how good we do. Outfit is Anno Domini Hodis Honorabilis(Today he was honored by the year, in latin) for the outfit tag of [ADHH]. We've got about 8 people on right now.

Hope some of you are playing tomorrow morning. Real life a shit.

How are the New Cuckglomerate anyway?

Going to be busy in the morning doing stupid shit like socializing and going to a place that I hear has good gyros. I'll be on in the afternoon, though.

Guns are not only stronger but handle better.

they're really good and everyones spazzing out about this fact

Reminder that TR best R

please play TR on connery, it's not that bad but we need more competence

dropping some screen shots during the session

I legitimately enjoyed playing NC and though I know nobody's going to fucking switch over, I sort of wish we would because of how horribly depressing it was seeing how shit TR had it.

Memein on NC once and a while will be fun but I just can't leave the TR.


>Try the NTR MAX's lockdown with dual pounders from a spawnroom
Why isn't TR abusing their MAX suits along with the player buildings' force fields?

How hard would your dick get over a mass-refund of DBC/Certs? As in "everything you have ever bought would be refunded."

Not even a twitch, I want my time back from such a shit game.

By the way, here's a code for the "NSX-P Tanto" carbine + "Salvaged Platinum Compound Helmet": >PS2WelcomeBack
no > obviously, redeem the code either in-game or on website.

I both win and win at the same time.

Because TR is retarded.

This is why every single one deserves removal.

I don't think I've ever seen a TR MAX use lockdown.

I always lock down, I wish it gave damage resistance , that would make it so much more useful.

When Scythes are so OP they give some poor user ptsd.

Good landings, ace

sounds to me like ptsd. i know for a fact because i took about an hour of psychology and that is how i was able to self-diagnose my ptsd, my trans-sexuality, and my trans-racial idenity
i still have nightmares about gamer gate

memin onNC right now if fags wanna join

burgers needs to leave, this is tr clay

anyone apply to the nc outfit?


No thanks.

we have people with over 1k hours that made the switch because its worth it to play with the people that came over to nc

I don't understand why they want to do this in the first place. TR might be a bit underpowered but isn't that what makes stomping the map more fun? Throwing away all your unlocks just for a slight upgrade in weapons and a fresh feeling seems dumb. the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence or what-not.

if they did it to change from NA to EU then i could see SOME logic in it
but I have no idea about the player ratio of EU/NA here

you Nigger Cucks are one step away from why people here shit on 4chan's PSG right now. Either stick to TR with the rest of the outfit or just go straight to VS to worry about 'MUH KAY DEE!' with the rest of the redditors.

I think most people just stick to emerald because it has the higher average population compared to all the other servers. Throwing away 100's of hours on unlocks and implant grinding isn't fun unless you already have an established character on another faction which most people don't have.

jesus christ people calm down
i was under the impression that we only played on nc when we got bored.

Yeah, I'm sure the three of you have fun.

oh geeze i didnt know i wasnt supposed to have fun. oh well i guess i will go back to being miserable then

I'm literally the only person in the outfit that has 1+k hours fam. End my fucking suffering.

Because screeching for no reason is all Holla Forums has.

Jokes on you, virtually everyone in the thread that's actually playing is on NC.

good goy keep playing planetside though you're really doing us proud

I've called people homos, trannies, niggers, numales, subhumans, rice farmers, etc. and haven't been banned yet. You're absolutely right on the other points.

If anything it makes sense lore-wise, NC has built up for a rebellion, and VS embrace xenotech. Meanwhile the TR is just chugging along with their usual gear but superior (allegedly) tactics learned from disciplined service. It's like the Imperium vs cultists or borderworlds, except with faith in emperor replaced by 'Brass's approval'.

i dont play really anymore but i also have 1000+ hours spread across three factions

That was it. Just once in a while, I'm not leaving TR thats for sure.

I used to play with you niggers but got permanently banned on an account of 250 hours for calling some tranny cunt a he who I guess was probably friends with the devs or something I bet you can guess which faction they played

we say worse shit then that daily


shame you cant say enough shit to make this a good game, the ban freed me to be honest. just want you fags to finally let it go

None of us except probably highspeed would ever claim this is a good game. We play because its a free to play combined arms game, pathetically easy salt extraction, and we enjoy the verbal shitposting we have with each other.

its by no fucking means a good game it is however a fun game

we need more stealth sundiechans tbh

just shit post about allah and you are gurantee some salt

It's ~1200 hours on one character

Yeah, mass harraser packs and fully armed stealth sundies can be a MASSIVE pain in the arse to any enemy.

Maybe this thread aint for you tbh


I still have some webms of the massive tank convoy while someone was playing Erika over the mic

Some one post webm

It's not even fun, what the fuck you talking 'bout?


just do something else while it happens cunt

i'll fuck you in your faggy little asshole while i wait, then

please do

Go back to VS.

TR constantly get fucked by factions and devs as a result so dont be surprised when the TR greet you with their bare assholes


Anyone gonna get on anytime soon? And on which faction?

Amazing that this game is still around to be honest.

i got work senpai i hope to join you though

Yes. TR or NC if you've got a maxed vanguard or whatever.

VS if you want to get on a random sunderer on a zerg, sit in F12 and rant about jews as a 0 KD BR1 alt.

I mean I'm in both the TR and NC outfit for full/v/, just wondering which one we'll play on currently.

Hey there folks, Wrel here. After some review of balance between the 3 factions, we feel as though NC damage is a little too strong for the accuracy compared to TR and VS. Due to this, we've decided to reduce the damage of NC weapons across the board.

I jump back and forth tbh. Probably NC.

Everything wrong in this thread concentrated in three cancerous posts. This is what happens when you make threads when not fucking needed just because you want people to make you feel not so bad about playing a shit game. Good job on making us fucking /ps2g/.

OP just wanted to play with people after getting his PC back and the thread turns into bullshit because of the "le sekrit klub" mentality.
At least you proved your point about the halfchanner(s) in this thread by making a great example out of yourself.


I mean, I mostly agree with you. We had a semi-proper revival thing, then it went to "Oh yeah, let's all switch to NC, it's totally not because of muh KD".
Then why the fuck aren't we on TR?
I mean, it's just not the same playing in some ripoff wwew, and starting over. Shitting on people with the absolute worst garbage in the game and actually doing it so well, the redditors fucking outrite despise us, while shitposting and mining salt is the basis of wwew.

Shieeeeeeeeeeet what am I doing

Being able to kill people is a nice change of pace. We've been going against known vanu kdr fags and dunking them.
Fighting tr feels wrong though.


Reminder that even with all of the autists nay saying we still get 9-12 people on nc every night

i havent been on today so i have no clue what you are talking about.
Last night we had harassers fighting tr armor. Vulcans are pretty scary.

Why the fuck are randoms this garbage? Did buzz quit again?

I was talking about the shitpost chain started by

I'm pretty sure Buzz quit shortly after Mandalore's review.

You fags seriously switch from TR? I got a BR 24 dude on Cobalt so I don't really feel like I wanna go through that grind again unless you guys are seriously doing TR.. I assume you're on Emerald btw? Searched Wwew on outfits in cobalt and it came up empty.

No nigga
However you can't try to play the game with 2-3 autists cause you're bound to get fucked, instead just get to hossin or make a tranu alt named "ForSixMillionMore", find a random zerg and go trigger some faggots that are on HRT with your antisemitic discussions.

Good. My sentiments exactly. Even if Vanu have hover tanks that sidestep rockets and NC have guns that can kill you in 3 hits on full auto, TACTICAL SUPERIORITY REIGNS ALL.
One of the reasons I haven't been playing as much lately is because I'm bored of the shitty updates. That, and most other people seem to have lost a little interest as well. I assume this is the result of that faggot who thinks balancing means he should give NC and VS more buffs.
I don't think that would be as fun if I just do that on my own. When Wwew does play together, as TR, it's normally on Emerald right? I don't mind creating a new character for then if that's the case.

Just a heads up we start the memeing in about an hour and a half

The PS2 devs are hosting an AMA on the PS2 subreddit. I say we crash this AMA with no survivors we should ask the devs why there are so much hackers, TR is so shit, VS so good, or just shit on the devs for being a bunch of hooknosed jews
details on the AMA from their twitter


I sent the nc department a request @oniifamshigglies

I did not take those, I was in them though, have one of mines. Faggot.

because that totally makes any difference, right? faggot.

Are you telling me you were aware of your lack of mental capabilities? Also yes, the thread was made for fucking wwew you absolute retard, that's the only context where planetside 2 threads are somewhat acceptable.

Seriously that thing garbage, it travels with the strength of a mexican launching himself across the border with a catapult and it doesn't even one shot infantry.

Get the striker. It's not awful, and it has a rare property that only 6 guns in the whole game have. It's unique and fun.

Or take the grounder, it's a decent enough anti air that can still be dumbfired and do the job versus ground targets, unless they nerfed it like they nerfed fucking everything since the last time I played.

Nope. All of the RLs have been nerfed so they can't oneshot infantry anymore, and I think they do less damage to armor.

Anti air rocket launchers cause scythes to fuck off unless you have a squad using them. The thing about the Grounder is that it's 350 certs cheaper.

No fun faggots. It wasn't the most efficient way, and it was retarded in meatgrinders but using your RL as a shotgun still was fun sometimes.

people dont want a contest they just want to shit on other people.

You were still better off shooting than dumbfiring rockets 95% of the time so I wouldn't call it balancing. Also yes, too much "balancing" often kills fun.

I called you a retarded in game and I'll do it again, the Bulldog is fucking shit for infantry and should only be used against vehicles.

If you guys are playing can I get accepted again?
Playing with hues sucks.

Its nc shitposting time get on fuckers