Venture Brothers leak art from Target

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Who is that woman falling off the building?


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>>137597015I think it's Dr. Girlfriend but it's hard to tell. The real question is, who is the white suit at the top?

>>137597086hair doesn't look right

>>137596989This is one excellent fucking finale poster.Could be Dr girlfriend, new villain is confirmed female so potentially monarchs mom in the white and the boys mom in the black Ying yang with the moms, monarch and ventures

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>>137597101Right is Dr. Girlfriend's color scheme, new hair is nothing. Also, who else would Monarch reach for?

>>137596989What is this? Some boomer comic from the 70s getting a new one-shot?

>>137597086I'd assume it's Dr Mrs the Monarch because the Monarch is reaching for her.

>>137597133Yep :^)

>>137597095I thought it might be because she's falling. The sides of the hair look more or less accurate

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>>137597140Looks like her guild coat and boots

>>137597029>woman from their pastOh no, Myra's back.

>>137597101why would Monarch's old ass mom be that agile

>>137597609How is Billy's mom capable of flying across the room and kicking the shit out of the revenge society without hurting herself? Science and shit

Where's the alchemist?

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>Movie MPAA Rating: Tv_14I thought Venture Bros was 18 or older

>>137596989She's a white moth

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>>137597101Women in the Venture Brothers are definitely interesting. I seen people refer to the Venture Brothers as this little boys world grown up.G. I. Joe, Cobra, super heroes ect. A lot of women tend to be removed from the show. Orpheus wife, Princess TinyfeetSo it's interesting we'll be getting two women in this movie.Also a dead request but basically my last time to ask bring Triana back.

>>137596989They're gonna lose Venture Industries aren't they

>>137597622cooking up beats for evidence to rap on

>>137597618She was Triple Threat, but I'm not sure if she was villain or a hero.

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>>137597622Hanging out with Molly McGee

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>>137597029>84 minsacceptable

>>137597726She was a hero. She only fought Team Venture in that instance cause of mind control.

>>137597683>So it's interesting we'll be getting two women in this movie.Probably the creator's way of making up for all the female characters they abandoned.

>>137597683Also Novia. Novia's a hottie.

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Digital code expires 9/30/24 so release date is September 30?

>>137597823or not later than september 30

>>137597769That scene was confusing me. I thought they were villains, but sort of a straight lace villains like they do crimes but still conservative out of costume. Mainly because it was the only time we saw her in costume.

>>137597800I keep thinking she's the woman in white, because of her costume. But probably "the woman from their past."

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Woman in white is Hank and Deans mom or are they going to never answer, will it be a throwaway joke in the last scene?

>>137597683GI JOE for being an 80's cartoon that marketed toys to boys had a lot of diverse female characters.

>>137597937True. On that note, hope we find an update on Molotov Cocktease, although I won't get mad if they don't. Too much bloating can hurt a movie.

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>>137597915Hank and Dean's mom is a random porn actress, nobody special

I imagine the “baboon heart” will be Jonas’s new one

>>137597915The boys mom has been cast for the film, it's happening Alongside reveal the boys are still alive with her and that Rustys boys were always clones

>>137597653It's rated R.Back cover was posted.>>137597029

>>137597029>Brief Full Nudity It's a cock isn't it?

>>137598200Everyone says this and I can only assume it'll be wrong

>>137598260Fingers crossed for uncensored Brock Cock

Anyone else have the art book? I only discovered this week just how fucking expensive this thing is now, I didn't know they already removed it from print. Not that I'm going to sell it, but still, I think this is one of the first real "collectors' items" I've owned.

>>137597029It's talking about a digital code expiring on 9/30/2024 in the fine print. I wonder if that's an indicator of the release date. Like it expires exactly one year out from the planned release date or something.

>>137598530yeah, it's one of those things sold at a reasonable price. Then after it was sold out, prices sky jacket. Reminds me of the Invader Zim box DVD set. I think I have to be okay with reading it online.

>>137598530art books almost always skyrocket in prices because they're a limited run

Quizboy and pete bros.....

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>>137598530Its probably one of the most "useful" artbooks I own given that its pretty much 100% straight from the actual creators mouths and not a bunch of different production people peppered in giving commentary. Also the tiny flipbook in the corner of the brother's run cycle is genius.


>>137598805T-they're somewhere in the movie r-right?

>>137599053they'll show up, don't you worry. doc & jackson could never abandon their self-inserts.

>>137598530Yeah I bought it when it was like 25 bucks. It's a great book because Doc and Jackson go into autistic detail over every ep from seasons 1 to 6. Lots of art, some of which was done by Jackson himself in the first few pages.

>>137598020She and Monstroso peaced out into retirement.

>>137597726So was Billy another offspring of Jonas?Or of Triple Threat’s partner Jass?

>>137599347Had the show gone on another season or 2 I’d imagine that would’ve been a plot point. I’m still assuming Hank and Dean are bastard offsprings of Jonas somehow.

>>137599347Billy's father is Brainulo, which is why his head is so big and why he's intelligent

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>>137599488Yeah I can see that

>>137597029>84 minutesI'm worried bros

>>137596989What is the release date? Can't wait any longer.

>>137599347I feel like there's going to be enough going on that Billy and Pete's story doesn't matter, not that they really had one to begin wtih. I want the post-credit epilogue to just be Rusty and the Monarch having coffee and it being just the most plain conversation ever."Does this really change anything""Not really no""Maybe we'll just have Thanksgiving together?""That'd be good, we can start there""I'm sorry for all the -""Yeah me too for all that stuff"..."Jonas was a *CENSORED*""God I know right"

>>137599537It's longer than all of this and gargantua, and about as long as you can expect a movie like this. This ain't Spiderverse.

>>137598260Isn't it always?

>>137598260Ivan Drogo's Iron Throne will finally be revealed

>>137600281You're a bum, Rock!

>>137596989I hope they keep up with the theme of failure and have doc go bankrupt

>>137599537eh. at least it is something.

>>137598260It's Jonas'.


>>137597703The real Venture Bros. were the friends we made along the way.

I am still hoping that the name of the finale is connected to team fortress 2, and the mercenaries will appear in some form

>>137602328>Nope, I want my goddamn money

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>>137602328>Go team Venture!

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>>137602636the first couple seasons feel so quaint compared to what we have now

>>137598530I’m one of the lucky ones that snagged it while it was cheap. It’s really huge and you get a lot of bang for your buck

>>137602670There's a certain charm to it, I always find myself going back to s1 and s2 when I feel like rewatching some of it. It's easily my favorite part of the show.

>it's a billy quizboy episode

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>>137602881>Congrats, Billy, you've discovered pornography

>>137602881This but with St Cloud

>>137602881it's a BASED episode>>137598805they're the only scientists employed by Venture industries so no way they're not involved in Rusty's newest plan

>>137602933Oh thats true, I could see them regulated to a smaller role for time though.

>>137596989Reminds me of the vhs godzilla I had.

>>137597140What if thats Triana ?

>>137603945I really hope not. I know how much people want her and her literal who friend back, but the last thing this movie needs is an extremely bloated cast that leads to less focus on the important characters. I'm seeing Red Death and the Triad are in the cast list, that's good enough for me really.

>>137603945she'd be a complete bitch

>>137598530Have it. Forgot to open it, but by that time it had been scanned, so I figure I’m just gonna keep it peeled for reasons.

>>137597726What episode? As been years since last episode

>>137606399Season 5Episode 8The devil's grip>Colonel Gentleman is recounting to Dean an incident when he and The Action Man, captured by Brainulo, are forced to fight against their crushes: Triple Threat and Jass.

>>137597140the pink under the trenchcoat fits

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>>137598971No, thank you

Would you Holla Forums?

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>>137597140I'd say Triana replacing Alchemist since Orpheus and Jefferson are there, that look is a little out there for Ms Monarch and that could be a push and not reach for all we know.

Trailers out on amazon

>>137607666Holy shit, it's real

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>>137607842She's the boys mom isn't she

>>137607666>this video is unable to watch in your locationI hate region locks so much it's unreal. I feel like I'll be lucky to even manage to order my own copy.


>>137607939It's on the Amazon page for the movie

>>137607931I believe it says that because it's not out yet. There should be a little button you click to watch the trailer.>> is the blood of the baboon heart&qid=1686191959&sprefix=radiant is the bl,aps,121&sr=8-2

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>>137607991Oh shit my bad. Thank you user, you sexy man.

>>137607991>>137607976>away from PC cuz on trip>clicking on the trailer button brings me to the App Store on mobile >App Store download is slow as pissREEEEEEEEEE

>>137607536This new trailer confirms that the woman falling off the building is definitely Ms. Monarch, but the Alchemist seems to be MIA for some reason.

>>137607991It looks so good

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Billy chads, you're in safe hands

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Goddammit I wanna fucking see it someone post a goddamn link

>>137608250>>137607991based blindanon

>>137608259A link that WORKS

>>137598530late reply but I think it has a decent chance of getting reprinted once the movie's out.

Jefferson finally gets to fight Blackulas

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>>137608304I would like an extension of some sort that goes into detail about season 7 + the movie, personally.>>137608272In what way doesn't it work? Region lock or something?

>>137608344It's locked in my stupid region, i can't watch it in the retarded amazon site

didnt see al in the trailer...FRICKi love venture bros tho

>>137607536You don't push someone from on your knees. Monarch was clearly trying to reach out to grab her before she fell.

>dean getting attacked by a golem covered in clothesI'm at a loss as to how this fits with any pre-established character or event within the Venture Bros.

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>>137608409Scarebear's true form, clothes. Should've known

>>137602670in that sense in kind of reminds me of the big lez show. the early episodes are really small scale but thoroughly entertaining and then a bomb goes off after a few seasons and the series dramatically expands the scope of its world and lore while retaining the same heart.

>>137608409new scare bear

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>>137608409>>137608427I bet it's Hatred

>>137608409if it wasnt for the 3 fingered hands I'd say it was Ned Impossible playing dress up

>>137607495god no. worst woman from the whole series easily.

Goddammit will someone post it somewhere else for us non-americans?

>>137608187>new monarch and gary outfitsthis is going to be so good I can feel it

>>137608409Orpheus seems to be confronting a furry white creature

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>>137597086The one in the white is Dr. Girlfriend. Probably going to team up with Monarch and enjoy it. That or become his rival. It's obviously a moth costume.

>>137599337Molotov was last seen working for OSI.

>>137608448I'm not american and I was able to watch it. Is it the same mistake I made where I missed the trailer button described here? >>137607991

>>137608494No it's not, it just says its not available at all for my region. I can't watch the trailer.

>>137608475They finally got the upgrade they wanted

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>>137607991Can anybody upload this for people not in the US?

I wonder what exactly Red Death means when he uses this word. Not often I need to look up a word. Also, do you think Gary and the Monarch get their new suits from this Arch organization? Is that the betrayal the trailer refers to?

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>>137608513am I the only one that thinks gary deserves an actual name? I understand the logic behind him sticking with "21" but at this point he's doing himself a disservice. surely theres some butterfly adjacent thing they can name him after.

>>137607891A little too obvious for the series. I expect her to be a nobody.

>>137608596it's Viceroy. It's always been Viceroy.

>>137608596Viceroy bros, it's over...

>>137608596If Gary were to ever use a name it'd be Viceroy, but "Number" is what connects him as a Henchman, even if he's more of a Right-Hand Man.

>>137608409So will Dr. Z be recast or not speak at all?

>>137608510>>137608520Awful. I'll try to do a shitty screen recording, although I'm sure this'll be uploaded to youtube/social media tomorrow if not in like the next hour

>>137608409holy shit we got hank going on a solo mission

>>137608437The creature only has 3 fingers.

>Dr G is in her night gownThank you

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>>137607495i'd rather that ape man that got killed 2 seasons ago.

>>137608409>>137608670I'm guessing it's a mutant clone?

>>137608610>>137608616viceroy is almost worse. i legitimately thought it was a bit.

So, why the fuck is Hank going to the compound? Everyone else seems to be converging at Ventech tower.

For the dipshits that can't inspect element on a

>>137608637You know a voice actor having to match the race of their character isn't an actual rule, right? There is 0 reason for McCulloch not to voice the character in the final installment of the series.

>>137608670I was thinking it might be the way the hands are wrapped in the clothing giving it that appearance but >>137608681 is more likely, possibly one of those mutated college students who built gargantua 2. I'm kinda just throwing stuff out there in hopes I get something right.

>>137608724Well now I feel a bit silly for going through the trouble of a screen recording. Gonna upload it either way, in the unlikely case that this link also has region fuckery going

>>137608803>>137608724based anons

>>137602491TF2 is dead bro

>>137608637They're still releasing tv shows with white actors voicing people of color. Disney has 2 shows with that and nobody gave a fuck.

>alchemist missing from the poster and trailer

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these arch guys are going to be an ass pull. there's no way they can fit deep lore into an 85 minute movie

>>137599337Monstroso peaced out alright.

>>137608724You only needed up to the .mp4 part. The rest of the URL is specific to your session.

>>137609101>user has three seasons left of new-to-him venture bros content to watch>I am still waiting

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>>137608842did dana synder get cancelled or what

>>137597757>>137599537The duality of user

>>137609201No, and even if he was, Publick/Hammer wouldn't outright remove a character if a VA was canceled. They would recast.

>>137598745>mfw never own the Over the Garden Wall artbookI almost bought it when it was in print but I put it off.

>>137608670>>137608437It's the retard guy from the Not Fantastic Four

>>137597800>>137597891Easily one of the baddest bitches in the Venture Bros. universe.

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We have a date

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>>137609231That went out of print? Man, I’m especially glad I asked for that shit for Christmas then. I don't know if there'll ever be another animated project like it.

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>>137597086>who is the white suit at the top?final villain

>>137609451>Futurama and Venture Bros returning the same week Life is good

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>>137609446>not 'the Venture-verse'

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>>137609029Yeah, but I wish they brought him back instead of having Wide Wale who proved to just be a lesser Monstroso..

>>137609451Just dropping it next month huh

>>137607991>>137608187LETS GOOO>>137608670>Neddy is scare bearHilarious if true.

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>>137609179Good to know, but I also can't be assed to clean up the url

>>137609577Note the Venture Universe also includes The Tick cartoon.

>>137608409The Triad's new home is a former synagogue, it probably came with the place.

>>137599347Billy's mom seems to be extremely wholesome, it's unlikely she would let someone like Jonas seduce her.

>>137602491>i can't stop talking abut muh vidya>>>Holla Forumsfucking nerd

>>137608409The woman in white's logo on her henchmen is too far away to make out clearly, but it could be an M. I'm betting it's Monarch's mum and she's either some Moth themed supervillain or she's Force Majeure.

>>137602881i'm learning how to make spanikopita rn

>>137598971Uh, still don't smoke?

>>137609475Yup, goes for several hundred dollars everywhere I looked. There were rumors of a reprint but nothing has come up.

>>137610086Did it go out of print just recently?

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>>137609451holy shit that's my death father's birthday

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>>137597891>>137609446Wish there was more of her or that one gold wearing background guild member

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>She bombed literallyWhen it was mentioned before it made it sound like she fails right out the gate.

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>>137610200Not sure, may a couple years ago?

>>137610352It means both, it's a double entendre.

>>137608842I noticed that lol

>>137602881Billy in the bag was his finest

>>137610454>I was carrying the Billy bag!

>>137610329>that one gold wearing background guild member Go on…

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You have just been recruited by the Guild of Calamitous Intent. >Name>Power>LevelGo.

>available July 21stHoly shit, same day as Pikmin 4. I'm gonna cum hard in a month and a half.

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>>137610531>Pikmin 4They made a third one?

>>137610503well my abilities are cooking, but more like hobo cooking, like using stuff you have around to cobble something edible instead of having to actually go to a store and buy ingredients, and soup (it's hard to fuck up soup)can't think of a name though

>>137608596>I understand the logic behind him sticking with "21" but at this point he's doing himself a disserviceIt's a big point in the final episode of the series that Gary doesn't want any of that. He just wants to help Monarch, and doesn't care about gaining any notoriety for himself.

>>137610462Red Mantle/Dragoon shenanigans are the highlight of the show for me.

>>137610554Yeah, 10 years ago on Wii U. The Switch port from a few years ago is definitely the way to go since it added some extra stuff.

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>>137608484>The one in the white is Dr. Girlfriend. Probably going to team up with Monarch and enjoy it.the very last episode confirmed Dr. Girlfriend wasnt his number 2 anymore with her guild obligations, and that it was Monarch and 21

>>137610503I would be a sword guy. I dont care if sword guys piss off Brock, I'd be a cyborg ninja like in metal gear

>>137610329>>137610466No, seriously. Which Guild member are you referring to?

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>>137607495is the Perfect Man still alive? because if he is then him, or the guy who plays Al on Home Improvement

>>137608247>Venture H.E.L.P.E.R. personal assistantI LOVE HIM

>>137608427Scare Bear is clearly Jared, he even has the gross ass patch

>>137608586it looks like the Guild has a rival, makes sense, even the Peril Partnership were moving in on themcommination would be a reasonable word to use for action taken against the Guild, since they are all swingers

>>137610329>>137610352Frills never looked so good.

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>>137610575>hobo cookingCall yourself The Bindle.

>>137608586>divine vengeanceIt could mean the villain is Force Majeure, given the term's association with disasters classified as "acts of god".

>>137610575The Five-Star Scavenger

>>137610462>I guess two heads are better than oneWhat does that have to do with anything?>Nothing, I've just been waiting all day to say that!

>>137610503>Tattle-Tale>No powers, just specializes in intelligence and information ... but to find out embarrass secrets! Also runs a tabloid/blog/Twitter rumor page. >Level 7 or so. Has some bungling henchmen, a bit of cash, and a favor or two to call in.

Ah, the days when people insisted with no evidence this was dead in the water. It's great they've finally been proven wrong

>>137610531>July 21stdamn, I gotta hurry up binge the series again before its out

>>137608409Its the Pants Golem from the original pitch book.

>>137609554do you really have hope for that new futurama season? as soon as the titles for the episodes leaked I was pretty much done.

>>137613358It's actually sad how bad disenchantment did the creator now has to go back to Futurama.My only real hope are seeing the characters have kids.

>>137613597Groening has really lost the plot. Disenchantment felt like something that should have released a decade earlier. Having come so late it just lacked any real weight or punch. Not to mention the deconstruction of fairy tales has been done to death, which also didnt do it any favors. Ironic to mention as much in this threads of all threads but I really think Matt should have gone all in on a Radioactive Man animated series by now. Capeshit has been inescapable for a decade and the old bongo books are more relevant than ever.

>>137610503I’d be a lame kamen rider parody. It would fit the world’s retro superhero aesthetic since that franchise is very old. My belt would be extremely noisy and everyone would get annoyed just being around me.

>>137610531And the same day that Oppenheimer and Barbie release. It’s the busiest day in entertainment of all year.

>>137597667Oh hey, Force Majure, aka, The Presumed Perished via force majure, Mrs Fitzcarraldo

>>137609451unreal how this of all things survived the rampant WB cancellationswe're fucking IN

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>>137613718Man that's just perfectIntellectual people or people who want to be perceived as intellectual- OppenheimerNormies and Thots- Barbie/co/- Venture Brothers

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What is even the context here?

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>>137597472It's clearly cocktease, she's been mia for years

>>137613662>I really think Matt should have gone all in on a Radioactive Man animated series by now. Capeshit has been inescapable for a decade and the old bongo books are more relevant than ever.At this point it is too late; even if they started working on it today then by the time it gets released it will just be a repeat of Disenchantment. There is no longer the same Capeshit mania.

>>137607842This has to be monarchs mom. Who else outside of the guild/O.S.I would even know where the blue morphos base was?

>>137614004Could not even begin to guess looks like he might just become a slut?

>>137596989Please be the end of the series

>>137613990Wrong>People watching it ironically and pseudsOppenheimer>Little girls and 'literally me'-ersBarbie>Holla ForumsVenture Bruthers

>>137614004I always had a pet theory that the Venture bros were gonna grow up to be super scientist and arch, could be a vision of that

>>137614031Have you not seen the Shallow Gravy music video?

>>137614004Shot in the dark, but I'm throwing in my guess as a "Night on Bald Mountain" Fantasia reference.

At the very least, I'm glad that Dr. Orpheus is back.

>>137614300Same. He's just one of the truly benevolent characters on the show

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>>137614442I love how genuinely friendly and loyal he is despite years of Venture giving him shit for existing in his vicinity.

>>137596989>direct to home mediawell if i didn't care before i certainly don't care now

>>137614004He's trying to find Hank by reading Dean's mind, but his head is so fucked up due to trauma, stress, and the clone stuff that Orpheus can't get a good read.

>> were expecting this in theaters? It's basically just a long episode to wrap up the series.

>>137614500There is nowhere near enough interest to warrant a cinematic release.

>>137614500Dude. I love VB but it was not getting a Cinema release.At least with this Ican give HBO max the middle finger whne they take venture bros off.

>>137610503I am the Drawfa- friend>powerI draw stuff, and ti comes to life, but its very difficult to draw stuff thats life size and i am very meticulous drawing the other stuff because if i do a quickie, it just ends up screaming and coming art and THEY ALL SCREAM AND THEY ALL COME APAR->levelt-two

>>137612756Ripping off Worm? For shame, user!

>>137610503> Atom Driver> various atomic-powered golf equipment> level 5

>>137614637The movie's getting a Blu-ray release, right? Why isn't the full series box set getting the same? :-(

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>>137614759There is a blu ray of the complete series. Or at least its coming soon.

>>137614759Haven't all the HD seasons been released on Blu-ray already?

>>137608409So from what I can tellThe Monarch being level ten is approached by A.R.C.H, but thinks it's oart of being level 10They pimp his ride, but are actually a new threat to the Guild.They some how frame. Dr. Mrs. With O.S.I knowing but can't compromise they're cover with Red Death aware, he even lends her his horse.Doc has a heavy ass Alexa/helperThis some how ties back to him and the monarch working together, presumably to stop A.R.C.H and save the monarch wife.Meanwhile Dr. Orpheas teams up with Dean to find Hank.

>>137614578>>137614628>>137614637eh, i've not really cared about the show since half way through when the writing went to shitthen they changed animation studios to a shittier oneits just really sad

>>137610503The Man-Dingo! Half-man Half-dingo!

>>137614819I guess I’m not seeing what you’re seeing since I watched the entire series about a year ago and it was great the entire way to me

>>137610503The Hansy-Mann. German themed villan with a penchant to destroy rather than build with my devilish Deutschland tools. Part of an antagonist team with Bob Villanous, Black Mold, and Tim "The Terror-man" Taylor.Level 7

>>137607495totally wouldshe seems like she'd be fun in bed if she could get over her issues

>>137614838I mean, you can have bad taste user. That's fine.

>>137610503Name: The GoonerPower: I would always stay locked inside my room and use goons to do all my work for me. I communicate with the goons through a laptop. My room is always darkened so no-one is able to make out my features or what I am doingLevel: around a 5-6, depends on how good my goons are

>>137614759I've been trying to find blu rays of the venture bros for years. I've found DVDs of Archer but Venture Bros stuff doesn't seem to get sold here in Oz.

>>137614938Altering this slightly, there are no lights in the room but my face is illuminated by the light of the computer screen

>>137610894sword guys piss him off because they all jerk off their swords instead of just using them as a toolYou don't see gun assassins talking about how its the reinforced steel flared magwell bullshit like naked snake in mgs3. Even if they have the most ornate guns possible they're still just guns and they'd happily use other guns if necessary.

Attached: DMC5_Ebony_%26_Ivory.png (1717x1699, 1.76M)


Attached: FOfUnsUXMAIr7xW.jpg (1920x1080, 157.62K)

>>137614895Agree to disagree, but I cant force you to like something you don’t

>>137614987Clearly you’ve never met a gunfag on /k/

>>137610466>>137611211This one. Even finding the clip was hard.

Attached: 3457567843234.jpg (480x360, 40.15K)

>>137615044>"Who the hell is Jacqueline Onassis?!"I already miss this

>>137615094>socrates' son

Attached: 1506614857476.jpg (552x504, 35.28K)

>>137614028>This has to be monarchs mom. Don't we literally know what she looks like?

Attached: Mrs. Fitzcarraldo.png (623x577, 241.55K)

>>137615044her name is Vain Gloria. shame that she never had a speaking role, I always loved her design.

>>137610503>Medium Rare>The power to cook organic tissue via Psychic convection beams>Level 6

>>137615135For me, it's the Intangible Fancy when it comes to villains I would've liked to see more of. He seemed like a funny guy but never had more than like 3 lines throughout the series

>>137607842Force Majeure is Bobbi St. Simone confirmed??

Attached: Bobbistsimones6ep3.jpg (1920x1072, 189.89K)

>>137615153for me, it Monsenor. fucking love luchadors man. really wish there was more focus on the individual members of the council of 13 in general before they got wiped out.

>>137613990Barbie looks like it may actually be really fucking good actually

>>137615276Well shit she looks identical. Thing is, she's supposed to be around Rustys age, timeline wise Force would have to be older

Here's the trailer officially

>>137615108I don't understand the reference, but the way its said is funny

>>137615459>Hank has some weird thing taped to his headTf is it? It looks like some sort of bandage.


>>137615494it's a band-aid

>>137607842>looks even more like a girl Hank than MyraYeah if she's not their mom I'll be surprised

>>137615524It's weird because she's more likely to be their grandma given her relation to the Guild.


Attached: 1629677634675.jpg (1920x1080, 394.77K)

>>137615570man i wonder what that whole sequence is going to be about

>>137615459Is this what it feels like to be excited again? To actually have anticipation and sort of a feeling like I want to fast forward time to the date so I can watch it.

>>137615589Yes, and I'm sad because it's the last time I'll be doing so. Checking for VB news has been my primary reason for visiting this board for the past few years, I honestly don't know what else there is to look forward to at this point.

>>137615540Huh. No wonder Rusty got so obsessed. He managed to score with a hot older woman.

>>137615629 after this the only things left to look forward to are hollywood's inevitable demise and death itself

>>137599488>which is why his head is so bigWe already know his head is big because he's a hydrocephalic.

I know the dates been said, but still this is from Adult Swim twitter so it feels more official.

Attached: Screenshot_20230608-093255.png (1080x1217, 619.39K)

>>137615714I guess this is where Hank gets his blonde hair from

>>137615714>4 days early on Digital Why? That gives even less incentive to actually buy the physical release.

Attached: 1600673124961.png (340x375, 220.75K)

>July Shit, I don't have as much time as I was expecting to rewatch every season.

>>137615798Same, I figured it'd happen in September or something. Guess I'll just have to rewatch several episodes a day, then.

>>137615798QUICK user PUT ON EPISODE ONE!!!!!!!!

>>137615697That's a cover story

Guys I just wanna say that commenting on Holla Forums during VB episode premiers was a great time. It got ruined when Adult Swim started posting online early instead of on TV but goddamn it I remember the day when Operation P.R.O.M. aired and we were all here laughing at the jokes and loving our first hour long episode. I'll be sad to see this series end but glad it gets an end in the first place.

>>137615459I wonder what A.R.C.H. will stand for?

>>137614779Actually, in a completely baffling decision, the complete series collection that's coming out is only available as a DVD.I'm unsure if this is because the first two seasons are in SD or something. Just a really odd decision.

Attached: 71x+hzUW48L._SL1500_.jpg (1082x1500, 210.07K)

>>137615971Will it have all of the creator commentary? What bonuses did the DVDs and Blu-Rays have besides commentary anyway?

>>137615977Supposedly all the bonus features from the previous sets will carry over.

>>13760859621 is just a cool name.

>>137615971Zaslav should have stuck with his reality empire.

>>137615971>79.99I want this set so fucking badly but I dont know if I can take the hit

>>137614987Talking about how badass your sword is is part of the mystique, just like Ocelot with his revolvers. Brock just doesn't get it

>>137615714Damn, I was expecting the boys' mother to be just some ordinary woman who left Rusty because she didn't want his crazy life. Her potentially being a supervillain does sound very interesting.Also, I'm pretty sure that's her on the poster. Like, you can tell that the pose looks very feminine, like a woman who's pole-dancing.

Attached: BobbiSaintSimone.jpg (356x360, 20.55K)

>>137616174There's no fucking way they'd actually show the boys' mother so soon. It's the second trailer and as soon as you see her on the poster or in the trailer your immediate thought would be the boys' mom. It's too obvious for the biggest question they've been hinting at since the start of the show besides what happened to Jonas

>>137610454>Why can I not hear them>Because YOU are SANEI still fucking laugh obnoxiously at this bit

>>137616213But they've already misdirected the audience about Myra being the boys' mom for YEARS, why do it again now, especially considering this is the finale film?

>>137616262Maybe it's not even intended to be misdirection and she's just a hot blonde villain?

Realistically they only had one more season in them, right? Like 15 years is a long time to be working on a single project

>>137609451>it comes out on Barbie/Oppenheimer dayholy shit

>>137616287>final hour character shows up out of nowhere who is around Rusty's age and looks similar to one of the boysShe's either their mom or an intentional misdirect.

>>137616287Like I said earlier. The VB is scarce with actual women characters. So yeah old, blonde, woman is definitely going to raise flags.I'm not putting any money down until I hear "from the past" get reference.

>>137616351This season was going to be the last so theyre probably not changing any of their plans besides condensing it to fit in a movie vs a season

>>137615459Good shit

Attached: 1607279175768.jpg (326x360, 16.88K)

>>137616357>Barbie, Oppenheimer and the Venture Bros movie on the same dayTruly a day that will go down in cinematic history




Teaser it on tumblr, don't say co/mblr never did anything for you

>>137616468Appreciate it but this is like a month old

>> niggas slacking we got a full trailer. It’s out July 21st

>>137614004The Dean in the devil suit is from the Shallow Gravy Music's at 1:33

>>137616522Okay, but I didn't see it a month ago, this thread is where I found out this exists, and that teaser hadn't been posted in thread. So it's more content for those of us who are finding out

>>137600314LEAVE IMP

>>137597622Could that be Triana then?

>>137616610fair enough

Was having a bad day then randomly saw the trailer, had no idea it was this close to being done. I know this was supposed to be the end movie a few YEARS ago but is there still hope it will come back?

for me it's half-assery

>>137616620How are people so confused by that pic it's obviously Dr Mrs The Monarch

>>137616620It's Dr. Girlfriend you see it in the trailer>>137616655It's not impossible but Publick and Hammer might not wanna do more. I know one of them got really sick with something a few years ago or something.

>>137616655It probably depends on the sales, though we’re close enough to the end of the story that this could wrap everything up

>>137616415based Ian

>>137613728I thought Force Majure was the name of the comet base? It's been a while.Who is he then?

>>1376166558th season was gonna be the last anyway its over

>>137616736They’re the former leader of the guild before the sovereign took over, I don’t think we’ve ever seen them

>>137616736That's Meteor Majeure, the base of the previous sovereign who was Force Majeure

>>137616698Hemmer whole medical history is something for a med school book.

>>137616745Is that confirmed or just rumor?

Attached: unff.png (1920x1080, 1.53M)

>>137610503>Death Magnet >Electromagnetic manipulation >Mid level enforcer for other guild members. Would be higher but unstable powers cause a lot of collateral damage and henchmen deaths

I have been watching venture bros clips>Much sitcom humor>Animation could be betterIt's snl humor only nerdier I found it funny but the snl thing makes it unbearable

>>137615276Well IIRC cast announcements said Simone is Jane Lynch who is clearly not the VA of the woman in white, so unlikely

I am the boys mother

>>137616174Wasn't Jane Lynch voicing the Boys' mother, or was that just a fake thing posted somewhere?>>137616174>Action Man implies Doc got too clingy and stalkerish>It actually turns out Rusty was still trying to arch someone the way his dad used toWith the way the show is, it wouldn't surprise me.

>>137616895She’s voicing a character but I’m not sure if it’s their mother, though she is confirmed for the movie

>>137616895>>137616912An earlier press release when the last teaser dropped confirmed Lynch was playing Bobbi St Simone yes. So unless they pull a bait and switch and she's just some woman Action Man picked at random the woman in white isn't their mom.Also same release said Alchemist is back too for all the doomposters

>>137615760not for me, this show works in a way thats so satisfying to have it in your bookshelf.

>>137616895>>137616982Idk I pulled up some Jane Lynch clips and they don't sound dissimilar enough that I'm confident to say that's not her voice. It's hard to guess when we have one line from the character.

>>137610503>Sideshow>A freak-of-nature composite of circus performers, both man and animal. Retaining the skills, strength, and wisdom of all of his sum parts. >currently level 5, could be a level 8 if trained by the right person

Attached: e743999821fde6c86c7bd47694d52aaf.jpg (870x979, 277.68K)

>>137609451my body is ready

I wish they had gotten a full season to end it, but its good thats its ending.Better for something to end in a satisfying way than go on forever

>Shoreleave telling Sheila to runThis is him figuring out that it's a set-up, rightHe's not a double agent for the Guild, right

>>137615459Whoever is voicing Orpheus now seems to be doing a good job.

>>137615971And it doesn't even include RitBotBH.

>>137618013Considering he's with Brock and Hunter I would imagine it's a hostile takeover/framejob plot. They'd never make Shore Leave a secret bad guy.Snoopy though? Snoopy's a mole

>>137618257his VA changed?

>>137618257You mean the same guy who's done it since day 1?

>He always said he'd have the last laugh....>HE WAS ALWAYS WRONG

>>137607991I am satisfied. But it's a little scary how the trailer acts like this isn't the end of the series.

>>137618457It's going to resolve all the dangling plot lines but I can't imagine the series ending on anything except the Monarch continuing to hassle Doc until the end of time

>>137618316>>137618384I distinctly remember reading he'd died a couple years ago. Well, happy to be wrong, I guess.

>>137596989fuck yeah

The fuck is A.R.C.H. anyway?

>>137597472I think that could be Force Majeoure

>>137615966>>137620388Against Regulated Corporate Heroes? Or something like that, I'm just throwing out the first thing that popped in my head.

>>137617055That's not Bobbi, it's the new white veiled character on the poster named Mantilla. She's being voiced by Nina Arianda. Jane Lynch has a very distinct voice, you'll know exactly who Bobbi is the second she opens her mouth.

Attached: Mantilla.png (1093x935, 433.01K)

>>137620953Hubba hubba…

>>137607842i still think the boys have no mother and they are simple some clone project rusty did on himself that went wrong but rusty decided to keep the boys as bet, this women his Rusty and monarch mother, she uses of some scifi plot device to keep herself young

>>137607991Fucking Helper

>>137608845They fit almost nonstop Jaws references into a single episode once, anything is possible when it comes to the Venture bros

>>137614759WB before the discovery buyout were slowly attempting to release stuff on bluray but since then it essentially boils down to>is this series the biggest hit of the year (House of the Dragon)>no, then it's getting straight to DVDIncreasingly fewer and fewer shows are making it onto bluray let alone 4k, now it's usually dvd and maybe a digital code for vudu.

>>137615971>>137621613SU was given the same fate. Full series box set… but only on DVD.

Attached: bad news.png (960x720, 636.6K)

>>137622640lucky, steven universe doesnt deserve much more than vhs

>>137620953Oh, okay then. But she’s still a woman “from their past” so she’s connected to them somewhat


Attached: 1540216864465.jpg (540x540, 33.07K)

>>137615925>Adult Swim started posting online early instead of on TV Dumbest move ever. The few broadcast shows we have left should benefit from live talkback. Streaming has made that impossible.

Attached: 1514316121531.jpg (540x540, 56.02K)

>>137615798>42 days till release>80 somethings episodesWatching 2 to 3 episodes a day (so about an hour) can catch you right up before it drops

>>137624880I'll also have to watch 4+ Futurama episodes a day. Pray for me

Attached: FxUD2QOWAAsl_gs.jpg (515x406, 27.54K)

>>137613990Barbie is the choice for /actual/ intellectuals.

>>137625050Oh brother, I have faith in you. Although I guess the good thing about Futurama is it's a sitcom so there are less overarching narrative threads and plot points that need to be remembered compared to VB.

>>137620953what a bad bitch


>>137609577Who's the Not Silver Sable?

>>137625849I can't remember for sure, but I think she's a Jonas Venture hookup.

>>137625849>>137625870She was at the swingers party, Colonel Gentleman’s beard who ends up hooking up with Jonas, and is Dr. Quymn’s mom (it’s also sort of implied she’s jonas’ daughter as well)

>>137615971>I'm unsure if this is because the first two seasons are in SD or something.You can put SD on blu-ray, it's not why they put 5 HD seasons on DVD.

Do you guys think they’ll kill off anyone as a final gut punch? If so, place your bets

>>137626946Brock is a dead man walking

>>137626946Hatred for sure

>>137626423My science is potent!

>>137614758Everything about that is actually amazing. 8.5/10 would arch

>>137626946I don't think they'll kill any of the main cast, but an important side character is probably going to die. My guesses are one of Hunter, Gary, or Billy.

>>137597086>>137597140It's Sheila.

Attached: file.png (839x930, 734.48K)

>>137598200>spoiler>Another set of Venture BrosHoly shit user that has to happen now.

>>137614004Hank is pissed at Dean and Orpheus is trying to wake him up.

>>137616174>. Like, you can tell that the pose looks very feminine, like a woman who's pole-dancing.>He thinks the pose and body means it's a womanAnon I

Attached: file.png (1280x720, 947.02K)

>>137626946They'll kill Rusty but it'll be the wrong Rusty.

Attached: file.png (500x280, 136.77K)

>>137615714>Mother is a super villain.>Father is a super scientist.The switch.>Dean was supposed to be a super scientist, becomes a super villain.>Hank who was supposed to be a super villain becomes a super hero.So meet Mommy venture gang. Now you know where Hank got his get up and go attitude and hankness.



>>137608724>What can Arch do for you?This kind of sounds like the beginning of a door-to-door sales pitch. It's is a very long shot, but what if Arch is the legacy of Tesla and the Avon Ladies? This show likes making throwaway lines into plot points.

>>137626946Jonas' brain is going to be piloting a robot or something and he will, hopefully, finally fucking die for real in a way even he couldn't possibly come back from.

>>137615494It's from when he whacked his head off the fire hydrant.

>>137610503>Logi>Providing logistical services to villains with the help of goons wearing a mix of tactical gear and safety equipment (imagine construction workers but armed). Anything ranging from laundry for henchmen to transporting orbital death rays>Level: Depends on the client

>>137609451Happy to see I can plan a watch so that it finishes by the time of release

>>137607495I'll take a double team from Red Mantle and Dragoon over this

>>137610503>Croesus>legally distinct absorbing man, but only works on precious metals like gold and silver>Level 4.

>>137631775>As if we can do anything but a double team

>>137607495Never been that drunk and never been that desperate

>>137631775>>137632593>that was MY DICK

>>137631775At least you'll be having fun with Red Mantle and Dragoon over their bantz

Hank peaked here

Attached: Long Hair Hank.jpg (350x243, 27.66K)

We don't have time for mysteries, Sherlock Homo.

Everybody say Thank You.

Attached: docjack.jpg (600x518, 40.95K)

>>137632937I like his McQueen Jacket version.

Attached: Makween.jpg (249x360, 19.67K)

>>137628337Bruh, Hank is right there. And, like what >>137616378 said, important women outside of Sheila are a rarity in Venture Bros. You think the white figure is just some random male mook from that mysterious organization?

Attached: Hank.jpg (396x331, 44.28K)

>>137622668A VHS special bonus of Rose's tapes would be Kino.

>>137621613whats fucking me up more than anything else are the prices. Its killing me that I cant get the aqua teen set and the venture set. how the actual fuck are they getting away with charing 80 bucks for a 7 disc set of dvds in 2023? for the time being I think I'll set my sights on the venture set but its going to take some saving up.

>>137633355I-I kneel....

>>137633355You boys are alright.


>>137628386Hank would never be a villain you silly billy. He would be the greatest villain of all time, like an Evil Batman.

Attached: file.png (1080x608, 404.19K)

Never seen this show, heard a lot of good things. Is it possible to catch up before the movie?

>>137633715>You think the white figure is just some random male mook from that mysterious organization?>Do I think that the VB would bring in a super important totally special woman at the last minute>or do I think they'd pick some random schmo from the background and elevate them to speaking character as a bait and switch because it's funnyI know you're being serious but honestly after thinking about it, I think it would be way funnier for it to be some rando who never ends up mattering and is just their to get the nerds speculating. I don't want the boys to have a super special mommy they never met. I don't want Rusty to have shagged some super spy superheroine and then been dumped living with clones because he has abandonment issues.It'd be better if they never explained the mother at all.

>>137636884>Never seen this show, heard a lot of good things. Is it possible to catch up before the movie?Yes there's only about 20 years worth of show to catch up on, so about 80 episodes but they were as slow as fuck production wise. Easily doable in a week.

>>137636879What was Killinger a spoof of anyway?

Attached: 1445715845144.jpg (610x457, 25.68K)

>>137637629His name, appearance, and manner of speaking is based on Henry Kissinger. His helpful nature with powers that almost seems otherwordly along with parasol and ability to float around with it is probably taken from Mary poppins

You are making shit up. Aqua Teen was 20 discs (and you can easily swap out the complete series discs for volume 6 with the original dvd volume 6 release so that you have banned episode Shake Like Me, especially since you can still get the set for retail price)Venture Brothers Complete series is 14 discs, which fits with the original releases which were two discs each. The real fucking test will be when we get the inevitable Metalocalypse box set, since A. Doomstar Requiem never got a DVD release and B. the Blu-Ray release for Metalocalypse had a TON of exclusive bonus features that in theory SHOULD be included in the standard def complete series set for completist sake

>>137596989Is this going to be the big ending or are they going to end up doing a series of movies like Futurama did

>>137637751Heh, that is pretty funny

Attached: 1426736593417.jpg (640x360, 45.3K)

>>137638230It's the big ending but it'll probably leave things off with Monarch arching Dr. Venture in a "the adventure continues" sort of thing

>>137638428It's going end with Hank shoving a shotgun in his mouth and blowing his brains out and helper just fumbling trying to shove the brain matter back in his open skull.

>>137632937Thats not THE BAT

>>137638428The Monarch is my favorite character.

>>137639957We know, Gary.

>>137620953She looks too much like Sheila for it to be a coincidence, maybe she's actually Sheila's sister and is setting her up because, ya know, evil family business stuff or whatnot

>>137616357>Wake up>Eat breakfast>Watch VB>Go to movies>Watch Barbie>Go out and eat lunch>Go back to movies>Watch Oppenheimer>Go home>Jerk off>SleepOVERSTIMULATION

>>137641155Maybe don't jack after the atomic bomb movie


Attached: file.png (1195x670, 534.03K)

>>137641155>Not jacking off during the Barbie movie.Amateur.

>>137642082>Fucking knife!

>>137638191who are you replying to?

>>137615112Monarch is blood related to Ventures, so there are some shenanigans at play

>>137615112Still kinda wished she had tired out to be Force Majeure.

>>137610503>Name:Ace McDuff>Powers: Insane assassin that uses golf-based equipment. Bladed clubs, exploding balls, sniping drivers, etc.>Level: 1. Look at him. He’d probably kill us in the crossfire.

>>137616357It's actually Barbie, Oppenheimer, Venture Bros, AND Pikmin 4 day.

>>137633982Thing that gets me is manufacturing for bluray discs are almost as cheap as dvds nowadays, you could easily put the entire series on just a few discs and save money on the cases being smaller (less plastic, less disc holders).>mfw we dont even know what quality video the digital codes will give

Attached: 1646255758667.png (1000x1000, 2.29M)

>>137642082Just realized I work with 2 women overnight that look like them...both are huge assholes too

>>137616807Did he suffered from testicular torsion?

I've never seen this show. In your opinion, is it based, is it worth watching ? whats the appeal of the show? I see it everywhere but I dont understand if its action or comedy

>>137643921Its an action comedy, but I would suggest watching it yourself. Season 1 is pretty much episodic, but everything after the first season finale is continuity heavy

>>137633982>how the actual fuck are they getting away with charing 80 bucks for a 7 disc set of dvds in 2023?because it's 2023 and next to nobody actually buys physical media any more FOX gave up on Simpsons box sets 13 years ago when the show was still averaging 7m viewers, not because the show itself or show-related merch weren't profitable, but because DVDs and BluRay aren't profitablemost people, even older people, would rather stream, even if it means they need a VPN and content hacks to find the shit they want, because the alternative is a house full of shit you almost never actually touch

>>137643738your life sounds like a Roald Dahl book lol

>>137643921>is it basedif that's the lens you view all entertainment through then no, i don't think a quality show like VB would be your cup of tea

>>137608409>Malcom/Rusty teamupBASED

Does this mean we'll get one last Shirt of the Week? Please tell me this means one more chance to get a VB shirt of some kind. I can't imagine there will be much merch after this.

Attached: file.png (645x350, 239.29K)


Looks cool



>>137643921>but I dont understand if its action or comedyyou know shows can be a part of more than one genre right?

>>137610503>Guffaw>To make people double over in laughter even with small talk due to literal laughing gas hidden on my person>Level 1, sir.

anyone know if i'll be able to get this in the uk

>>137647682you'll need a permit and a letter from a magistrate stating that you're of good character and not in arrears

>>137647719in science?

>>137610503Horse fuckerHorse whispering & interbreedingLevel 4 - I am raising an army of centaurs

>>137643921>is it worth watching YesIf you have any minuscule knowledge of hannah barbera characters that would help enjoy the show a bit more.

>>137638428Fuck that, just end it once and for all

>>137643921>is it basedI don't think you'll enjoy this show at all

>>137643921If you were born between the years 1970-1990 and American I believe this show will greatly appeal to you. Season 1 is a bit rough, its a prototype season. Every season after that is gold. It would really help if you are familiar with a lot of Hannah Barbara cartoons like Johnny Quest, all their shitty super heroes and villains. This show is like a comedy version of Johnny Quest set in modernish times.

>>137614442he's pretty much that older uncle/extended relative that's wise and you can always rely on to either get you out of a troubled situation or give you good advice/wisdom

>>137648060a shame he didn't have someone like thatgosh I hope the Triad get a just ending

>>137599537Dude that's like four whole episodes together. Basically an OVA.We're good.

>>137596989why is there a huge gorilla


Attached: 1684766908037860.png (751x889, 364.2K)


Attached: Star.Trek.Prodigy.S01E15.Masquerade (87).jpg (1920x816, 253.12K)

>>137610503PHANTASTICUS: THE SATANIC GECKO! Just a guy in Satantic Gecko Costume with flamethrowers and shitI'm probably a 3, I can't see myself having a team or anything big.

Attached: 42-33052539.jpg (769x1025, 126.64K)

>>137596989So is this movie supposed to be a finale, or what?

>>137650840>3Seems a bit too low for a guy with a flamethrower, innit?

>>137650972I'm pretty low ambition and terrible at networking, I imagined that'd knock me down a couple pegs.I mean they had Galaticon at a 3 and he's a big gay robot. It's politics, man. I'm just happy so long as I get my perks.

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>>137651708Yeah, but while the guild has a lot politics, Level 3 is just way too little for a Flamethrower. Flamethrowers are actual military grade weapons. Even if you were garbage at everything, that's like level 4-5 at least.

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>>137650956more than likely, unlike Futurama, VB has an actual cult following that is too few in number to really earn a chance later. It only stayed on Adult Swim because of the head at the time keeping it funded. The second he was gone it was pulled. I don't even think it's on a streaming service rn, weird considering it was pretty much made for it.

>>137654170It’s streaming on Max. Took a while to be added, but it’s there.

>>137654170I thought it was Amazon Prime and Hulu?

>>137656032I haven’t checked

>>137657149You prolly should

>>137597029That is a homeless wearing Hank clothes

Ok but will Quiz-Boy eat the pennies?