That pup show

I want her to grab both my ankles and grind her foot down on me until I'm begging her to stop, and then to keep going

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god, i wish abortions were legal for people like you

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>>137595616Don't pretend you wouldn't

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>>137595625oh, i would... i would abort you myself if i had to

Awww shit is it that time again? It has been a little while and this IS a sufficiently fucking terrible OP, as is traditionSince the last thread a new game has been still aren't getting the actual voice actors for these gamesMeanwhile the movie trailer should be out soon. Leaked doc said this month, and there are plenty of rumors that it'll be this weekend or next. New episode on Friday - confirmed that we're following the user's leaked episodes and summaries for the first 13 episodes of the seasonMEGA of latest episode (s10e01): archive of user stuff, mostly the translations from Japanese (I may have missed a thread so let me know if anything's missing):

PuptasticThis fanartist has finally gone all the way and started drawing porn lol

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post cute pups instead

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>>137595693The games are so fucking lazy lolBut I guess this one looks marginally better than the others?

>>137595712Gasket my love

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>>137595712>>137595735Second cutest husky

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>>137595720I think it looks comfy. It's obviously not AAA but it looks like kids will lap it up

>>137595761This artist's stuff is cute as fuck. There's something storybook-ish about it

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>>137595761Gasket is definitely cuter even if she's a palette swap

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>>137595710Lol seriously? The one who does all the cutesy shit?

>>137595693>a sufficiently fucking terrible OPHow rude>>137595712It is better to admire the first lil tomboy genius than lust after pups

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>>137595863Yeah lol, but only humanized. She got horny over some fanfic and drew it

>>137595925Nobody mentioned lust until you user

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>>137595835Yeah it's comfy

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>>137595608>>137595925Those sure is an interesting color scheme they've chosen for her(?)

>>137595956Yeah nobody thinks of the pups in those termsStamped btw ;)

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I'll give you puppyfuckers one thingYou're marginally less creepy and disgusting than the Bluey postersBut it's really not by much

>>137596096There is no fucking of puppies here sirPerhaps you would like to talk about the game trailer just posted? Or the upcoming episode, Pups Save a High-Flying Hen? What hilarity will no doubt ensue

>>137595966W...what did he milk exactly?>>137595975Oh come on, the tranny boogieman isn't fucking everywhere. If they put one in this toddler show, it would NOT be the fucking villain lol(Unless they're right and PAW Patrol really is a fascist show)

>chickaletta episode>Humdinger being retarded episodeFriday's ep looks like it's gonna be shite

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>>137595693But it says "With the official pups voices from the show" though, so maybe it's just the pups and not any of the other characters, and we only heard Chase speak.

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>>137596313>W...what did he milk exactly?You know the answer to that lol

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>>137596313She's clearly a Silicon Valley type. Her tech suspiciously looks like Apple made it.

>>137596374>Pegi ratingLOL that's for the godawful UK if you like to suffer

>>137596422Chase doesn't sound old? Did they hire a new VA?

>>137596412Does that make her more or less likely to be trans?

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Nice, let's get the thread started.

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>>137596445I honestly didn't get past midlife crisis RyderHe does sound a lot younger. Maybe they replaced himAccording to the wiki they've had a new one since the movie, so I guess for all of season 9Not replacing the first one for 8 full seasons is kind of impressive haha

Requesting translation!

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Rubble is cute I say!!

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>>137596528Rubble gets a bad rap in these threads but he's a funny lil guy

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>>137596374This is launching together with the movie?Especially with Japan crazy for the show now PAW Patrol is probably gonna cross $2Bn in annual revenue this yearThey need to update the Wiki for the highest-grossing franchises of all time. PAW Patrol's figure hasn't been updated since 2017 and it's gotta be up there now

>>137595608They have this pretty and interesting new villainYet they still keep doing Humdinger shitFuck's sake

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Truly the kind of girl who would ignore your safe word

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Katie remains best girl though(Best human girl)

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>>137595925This was so dumb lol. Ella and Rex could just push that stupid crane into the sea but they're in charge of just stopping the wrecking ballMaybe they were just being sensitive to the puny other pups who don't grow bigger than buildings or ride T-rexes

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>>137595710She just can't decide on a ship

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>>137596608I guess they want to keep Humdinger as the main villain while he's still gonna be the main bad guy in the movie. (Even if there's the whole continuity issue of him being in jail in the movies and not in the show)

>>137595616>Hank Hill>Pro abortion

>>137596608Even PAW Patrol needs their Lex Luthor

>>137597077Yeah but sometimes you want Lex to fuck off for a while so you can have Zod for a bit

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>>137596847Well, to be fair, it's pretty hard to settle on just one.

>>137596509Hey, I caught this thread just before going to bed lolI'll do these and if there's any more I'll do them tomorrow. I've noticed the threads haven't been lasting as long lately. I know there's no more doujin to scan so we're relying on random Twitter pics and news. Let's see if the thread can last til the next episode in 2 daysThat pic is a follow up to this one so I'll do this first. Marshall: *Sleepy* You wanna ... do it with me?Rocky: *Turned on* I'm not gonna do it with someone who's barely awakeMarshall: Why not? Don't you like me?Rocky: Geez...>>137596509Marshall: *Awake* G-good morningRocky: Morning. That was pretty tough, you know?Marshall: Huh? S-sorry...>>137596528>>137595835These just say One Hundred Day Challenge>>137595761Jake: Look, Everest! I could be a husky too!Everest: That's my shedding ~sho[I don't really get why he says this but that's what it means]>>137595966Marshall: I turned into a cow! Moo!Rocky: I'm very grateful, Mr. Cow ~de a-rimasu!>>137596847Chase: There there. Marshall, you really are cute, huh?Marshall: Ch-Chase, what's been up with you lately? You're s-so close!?Chase: Really? But Marshall, you're always like this with meI think she's decided she likes Rocky x Marshall best but she did a poll and the great majority still likes Chase x Marshall more. >>137597410Right? So many good pairings. The only ones I don't like are Marshall with the girls lol

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>>137597638>You wanna ... do it with me?Oh wait I confused 2 of the first hiragana you learn in week 1 of Japanese study lol. It's "Are" not "Ore"It should beMarshall: Huh? You don't wanna do it?

>>137597638>>137597673Steamy. Thanks as always user

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>>137595608I actually do think Codi is a cutieWas she someone's self-insert?

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>>137597758>Japs won't do fanart of her for like 6 yearsWhy even live

Some leaking user wouldn't like to leak a tasty trailer by any chance?

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>>137597830The models all look so much better than in the first movieShame I have no faith in the script being as good. But we'll see

>>137595616>>137595640Lol what was even so bad about the OP post? It doesn't stand out that much among the other OPs on the board lol

>>137597772What's wrong with beautiful western fanart?

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>>137598209Much as I love autism, it just ... lacks a certain charm

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>>137597758What's the chances of her becoming Ryder love interest?

>>137598336Next to zero, much as I'd like to see itEven if they decided to bring romance into the show beyond WMAF pig farmers, she'd have to get in line behind KatieOr better yet, get with Katie

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>>137598314Everest a fucking cutie

>>137597638Where do I get a fucking Marshall boyfriend srslyHuman version not pup mind you

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>>137598702Out of your league sorry

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>>137598877Rocko's easier to get. Just find a mechanic that doesn't like to take a bath.

When did Marshall get so angry?

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>>137599578It's just natural distaste for Rubble

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>>137598543>get with KatieHave preschool shows have lesbians?

>>137600216Peppa Pig had a two moms thing


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>>137595693Is it me or did they make these two cuter, particularly Tracker.

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>>137601611It's just the style of the game. They're always cute too

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Attached: 1685461715545333.webm (640x360, 2.73M)

>>137602681haha he's so light

Bring back Claw!!

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Goddammit, I thought you guys were gone. Every unironic adult Paw Patrol fan should be fired out of a cannon into the sun.

>>137603761And Claw's boyfriend!


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>>137604330Chase is still in it all the time though

Attached: chlaw.jpg (320x180, 9.16K)

>>137604532Hmm not sure I'm that keen on the big angry chocolate boy. He's so smol and cute on model

Attached: big grown up lab.jpg (1280x1280, 283.32K)

>>137604982Well, the next episode is the Chickaletta statue one where he snaps at Humdinger and almost defies Rider's orders. Should be interesting to see fujos react to that.

>>137605064I don't remember that. I'll have to rewatch it. That kind of characterization could be very cute when he's drawn as a pup. Just not in their big hulking teen PAW School version

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Zuma needs to snap at Ryder poor precious lil pup

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>>137599322And a fine prize he would be too

Attached: pup pup.webm (1280x720, 217.53K)

>>137600216Expect to see it more and more

>>137596608>Implying Codi is more attractive than Humdaddy

Attached: 1682849488878.png (1113x1410, 25.06K)

Rubble also got the dad bod

Attached: 856d1b3a46c862851ebaaf92e9b545ea9ce090b1r1-1280-1280v2_hq.jpg (1024x1024, 77.41K)

>>137603761Why is he such a cute little faggot dog?

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You guys checking out the competition? don't think there's anything to worry about lol>>137605715Mmm thicccDid anyone ever complete the meme? >>137605791No thanks>>137605814Now now he's just European

>>137605902> there are so many annoying things like how their heads stretch when they talk (especially the retarded white dog) and that thing they do with the main dog's earAnd the mayor is a black woman? lolAt least it's fast-paced and colorful, but boy is it ugly

Nobody thought Pupstruction Crew was gonna be worth a shit. But arguably Rubble and Crew would have been better if it didn't exist, since they rushed it out to make sure it looked like Disney was ripping them off rather than it being the knee-jerk reaction it more likely was

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They don't have to be in competition. Multiple pup shows, even construction pup shows, can exist at onceNot that I'll watch either of them, or either will come close to the success of Paw Patrol

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Good morning pup fans>>137597707You're welcome>>137598314Background Character Jake: Hey! That's a cushion y'know!Everest: Nom nom>>137601050Title: Swap kids>>137604532Title: A mission on the way home from schoolZuma: I'll go on my own. None of you come with me, okay?Rocky: Eh? I was just thinking how lucky it was I don't have to go in the sea .. you can do it on your own? Zuma: I said I don't need any helpChase: What are you talking about? Follow the plan! Don't mess up the teamworkZuma: ...>>137604982Zuma: ...why did you come? It's fine if someone like you leaves well enough aloneSkye: Marshall ...Marshall: Zuma, you're important to us and we care about you, so we want to help you. Everyone's worried about you.Zuma: ...okay.I'd quite like to see an episode where a pup gets reckless like this, actually

>>137605064Didn't they see that one already, together with the butterfly one?

>>137606896So maybe those pics were already a reaction to Zuma's characterisation in that ep?

Attached: Bad Zuma.webm (1280x720, 221.84K)

>>137607146wtf is this webm dude lol

>>137598314>>137606833Goddamn Everest is so cute lol

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Tragic lack of Arrby in the thread so far. Who's looking forward to his episode?

Attached: 1684084835012455.webm (640x360, 2.2M)

>>137607952I am. I'm curious how he ended up in the jungle. Silly pup. Of course that might not get explained and he might just show up there

>>137605974the squash and stretch... Christ... make it stopit has good disability rep>dumb>no legs>small>fat

Attached: Bildschirmfoto vom 2023-06-07 22-06-15.png (850x473, 483.11K)

>>137605064Hmm I went back and watched it and that's not really what happens. He's a bit sassy when he says >I'm totally tired of him laughing. Let's goBut he's not really snapping AT Humdinger and he immediately obeys Ryder when he's told to stop

>>137608367Haha Paw Patrol has that too>Dwayne>Rex>Skye>Rubble

Attached: Fat bastard dog.webm (1920x1080, 1.07M)

>>137608367Is the big one the dumb one? I think the fat one also has retarded covered (which is also matched by Rubble lol). And the big one seems to be ... hungry? Probably they don't want to give the fat jokes to the fat one this time>>137605974>His mom gets him the jobTypical Disney promoting nepotism

Attached: bafd5cd9dc5d4d956fffddcc44a2c8c0d56c4db0r1-1920-1242v2_hq.jpg (1024x662, 64.78K)

I guess Yue shot her load and doesn't have any more fanart huh? I was hoping she'd upload all the fucking time like the others because her art is nicePaner seems to have quit the fandom too

Attached: 20230530_210649.jpg (2048x1647, 322.58K)

>>137608607Of course when I write that she's just updated with some very cute unfinished stuffWhat a fucking adorable Rocky

Attached: 20230608_122433.jpg (2048x1423, 193.19K)

Baby puppy Marshall

Attached: FyB62c4aAAAY6dt.jpg (1280x1280, 259.79K)

>>137608921Rocky wants the photo!>>137608607Niko shows no sign of stopping her insane output

Attached: FyB62c6aUAMYBHt.jpg (1280x1280, 187.62K)

>>137608921Marshall at 0 years old>>137608934Sfx: Slamming hands downRocky: I WANT ITSkye: Hoo hoo hoo

>>137605902does it still count as competition when paw patrol staff are on it?

Attached: ex.png (724x474, 57.9K)

>>137608974Sure, they're still very much in direct competition and it makes sense for Disney to poach people with the right track record. Scott's kind of exceptional anyway. He's been around forever and has written for EVERYONE, mostly doing script doctoring style work rather than writing actual episodes. He wasn't main writer on any episodes of PAW Patrol, for example. Just for Rubble and Crew.

>>137608974>>137609110Who the fuck is Scott? What are you guys talking about? If you're insiders leak some shit lol

>>137609175Nah it's not that deep bro. Scott is Scott Gray's the one person who's done some (very low-key) writing for both Disney and Spin Master on their pup shows, which the other user is making out to be a bit more than it is.

>>137609247Knowing who he meant from that screenshot and using just his first name is pretty sus tbqh famalam

Attached: paw-patrol-rocky.gif (498x280, 920.61K)

>>137608921Ohhhhhh precious potato

>>137608708She draws them so well ffffff

>>137606833>It's fine if someone like you leaves well enough aloneHrmm this line in the last comic is really bothering meIt's really ambiguous whether he's talking about Marshall or talking about himselfFrom Skye's reaction I thought it made most sense if he's criticizing MarshallBut maybe it's Zuma: It's fine to just leave someone like me alone

>>137605902>>137605974This looks so ridiculously different from the render they put out that I almost feel cheated lolNot that I was gonna watch it or anything

>>137608607She tweeted that she takes a long time to finish a piece. She's a quality over quantity kind of fujo.


Attached: Fx94VBBaUAAMGhH.jpg (900x1273, 194.25K)

>>137610608Yeah she was uploading every day for a while but she said that was old pics and then she ran outI'm willing to wait for more good stuff

>>137605974I hate it even more than I expected I would

Where them meerkats at

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Did the movie came out yet?

>>137611078First movie 2 years ago. Second movie comes out in September

Attached: Movie.webm (854x356, 3.91M)

>>137611131is the trailer out?

>>137611159No, according to our leaks it will be out within the next week. It aired at an awards ceremony but this is all we got to see

Attached: IMG_20230507_224812.jpg (720x381, 119.1K)

Pups drawn by various artists at Nickelodeon

Attached: 348217814_1424363138137249_4905417476737865085_n.webm (720x1280, 1.16M)

Don't forget to brush

Attached: teefs.jpg (1006x1447, 137.98K)

>>137611304This one is pretty cool

Attached: robotrubble.png (512x492, 256.28K)


>>137611199What exactly did the leaked doc say?

>>137611778Pic related. June for the trailer launch, June 16 for trailer in movie theaters.

>>137611907I forgot the pic because I'm a retard

Attached: marketing doc.jpg (1080x2400, 746.26K)

All you faggots seem to have forgotten we got this leak here last year too

Attached: 1669428962914.webm (1280x720, 2.88M)

>>137611953I hadn't forgotten. >>137611913A lot of these dates slipped/were changed so don't put that much store in it. S10 only just started and the movie releases earlier now, for example

>>137611953That looks so much better than the renders for the ads that I feel more positive about the designs

Attached: image-2.png (1036x588, 969.44K)

>>137611913you cut out the top part that has the franchise strategy and the whole bottom page with retail information and partnerships

Attached: strategy.png (800x600, 34.89K)

>>137612098I screencapped the relevant part. I have the entire document that talks about TMNT, the Dora reboots etc

>>137612105I still think the paw patrol section should be shown entirely though

Attached: junk.png (900x3700, 217.2K)

>>137612128Well thank you for providing the rest. I'm pretty sure the user only wanted to know what it said about the trailer release but now curious people can what it says across 3 images

Attached: Hole.png (844x295, 428.15K)

>>137611953Both this and >>137597830 come from the full leak video which also has Tot and

What's the episode where he lifts his ear like this? It's not in the video, the PAW Patrol should sue them for false advertising.

Attached: maxresdefault[1].jpg (1280x720, 142.37K)

>>137612324Even at Takara Tomy they don't have the pups all in their police uniforms.Still the only actual Ultimate Rescue pup set they've released in Japan is Rocky's. The other ultimate rescue toys only come with the one main pup for the vehicle

>>137612346It's from Pups Save a Friend

Attached: I knew this instantly what the fuck am I doing with my life.png (1920x1080, 1.58M)

>>137606896>>137607146No, the Japanese eps often aren't combined with the same ones as the original. They see the statue episode tomorrow. It's called>チカレッタぞうがないぞうThat's funny in Japanese but it doesn't translate lol

>>137612361Lol thanks.

Attached: 1685328237049[1].png (1400x1000, 910.98K)

>>137612361Lol the filename

Attached: 1679710132911925.webm (640x360, 323.99K)

>>137612348They have them in the pic if not the video

>>'s that? The only competition PAW Patrol has is ゴー!ゴー!びーくるずー さがしっこヘルプ


>>137612519Very fierce competition, combining Disney's Cars and PAW Patrol.

>>137596608She's not the prettiest or most interesting villain though

Attached: Flapfag.webm (1280x720, 1.66M)


The last few threads have had more Zuma appreciationI'm pleased about this. He's a good pup

Attached: Movie Zuma.jpg (1600x1154, 162.02K)

Look at this perfect little chocolate boy

Attached: E-xwl6MVEAMd7tg.jpg (1137x1091, 96.82K)

>>137611304This whole thing is actually pretty sweetBig studios should do more of this kind of stuff

Latest DVD has some fugly cover art lolThey're normally pretty good but this one is some bargain basement stuffThose speed lines, urghhh

Attached: Target dvd.png (1000x1000, 1.28M)

>>137612948Oh nooo...Tuck's hands...

Attached: 1669225420157.jpg (1378x1400, 236.6K)

A Skye is fine too

Attached: sk1.jpg (1280x1280, 230.9K)

Attached: sk2.jpg (1280x1280, 290.33K)

>>137613229She based that Skye on this btw

Attached: FwYupcsXwAMiyB1[1].jpg (736x736, 82.8K)

>>137612990I hate that I knew exactly what you meant

Her productivity remains astonishingAnd she's definitely keen on aggressive!Zuma right now lol

Attached: 20230608_224929.jpg (1280x1280, 181.82K)

Here's the thread's new Japanese>>137611491Once again, 100 Day Challenge>>137612846Zuma: Ryder! Rub my belly!>>137613004Rocky: Round and round and round recycle! [his catchphrase]Chase: Halt, please!Rubble: How's that...?>>137613229Skye: Wait! I'm still getting ready! Don't look at meeee!Chase: S-s-sorry!?In Skye's hand: hair curling ironSkye's imagination: Fluffy and poofy~Chase's label: Weak to accidents>>137613240Marshall: Skye! You're not wearing any makeup? You look super cute like this! It's been a long time since I saw it. And your hair is so silky~Marshall label: Total affirmationSkye: Really? This is so embarrassing...Zuma: Like I told you, you don't look any different at all so you might as well not do itZuma's label: Not being honestRocky: How troublesome ~de arimasuRocky's label: Not really interested at all>>137614064Zuma: It's good looking at you from above too, huh?

>>137614257>Zuma: Ryder! Rub my belly!Fffffff that just makes that pic even cuter

Belly rubs are among life's great pleasures

Attached: Make a Splash.webm (1280x720, 2M)

>>137614064>aggressive!Zumalol I haven't seen anyone notate a character trait like that in a long while

>>137611491Gotta look after them toofs

Attached: 91802283_p0.jpg (1189x1189, 433.74K)

>>137614566Chase: Toof? But nushing'sh wrong wif it?Sfx: shuff shuff shuffChase can be cute too haha

>>137614389Skye is also super cute in this

Another nice pic from the 100 Day Challenge

Attached: 20230609_000853.jpg (1607x1767, 212.05K)

>>137614793I want a Zuma sitting next to me while I read a book. And just about every other pup from the show tooNot bulldogs though

>>137614566Protective tail so CUTE

>>137613524Hmm really? They have a very different feeling. I guess she might have seen that pic with straight hair and it made her want to do a comic about how Skye with flat hair looks (to her Japanese eye) like she's unprepared and hasn't been able to do her usual styling yet. But I think that's a very different feel from what this pic was shooting for

>>137614891>Not bulldogs thoughSad times

Attached: Rubble punishment.jpg (1027x922, 107.07K) here? Can you tell me how they translated Rocky's olde English bit?

>>137615568It's like 1:30am over there, probably have to keep the thread alive until the morning Japan timeMaybe give a timestamp too>>137612361LOL the filename is the only thing that's made me laugh on Holla Forums so far today

>>137614389>How bout the belly? How bout the belly?Rocky is so cuuuuute

Attached: belly rub.webm (1280x720, 347.82K)

>>137615568>>137615680Oh, I thought I pasted the link with the time stamp. It's at 13:30

>>137615568>>137615924I don't speak Japanese but it sounds like he says a lot more than >looks-eth deliciouslol

>>137598314I love this so much. There's just something about Everest that's more doggy than the others

>>137615320Poor Rubble

Attached: Poor Rocky.webm (1280x720, 1.37M)

>>137615306She retweeted it, and then made her pic afterwards.

Ready for Tracker to get aLasy role?

Attached: 1684874542798119.webm (640x360, 272.28K)


>>137618147*Lead>>137618147Idk what happened there lol

Attached: 1684881873586595.webm (640x360, 844.82K)

>>137618350>when he sees your nuts

Woof woof

>>137595608I haven't seen it but I feel like the Paw Patrol Iceberg would be fucking wild.

Attached: 1685758413592.png (948x993, 601.25K)

>>137617995>>137618350I like the faces he makes

>>137619723I don't think anyone's put one together but yeah it would get pretty absurd for sure

>>137620891He's a cute cute silly Mexican pup

Attached: 6d7a102.gif (400x292, 2.55M)

>>137621082There are a handful already but they're predictably quite shallow and obvious relative to most fandoms. I'd expect every regular poster here to know almost all of this at a glance and to be able to make much more ridiculous ones with little effort. I'm not interested in doing so though, and the fad is long dead

Attached: baby stuff.jpg (497x617, 79.57K)

>>137621388I think Timber in Far Cry is coincidence rather than cameo. Then again this is a thing

Attached: far cry.jpg (480x640, 50.34K)

>>137621388My autism is triggered by how the pictures on the right are at different levels from their text descriptions

Attached: Grumpy Gasket.webm (640x360, 49.65K)

Good morning guys>>137615568>>137615924They've totally changed up the meaning of this part and changed who says what. There's also no olde worlde language or anything (classical Japanese is very hard to understand so kids wouldn't get it, though they do have a kind of classical shorthand equivalent to just saying -eth like in English, which is to say ~de gozaimasu all the time. That's not used here though).Rocky saysそう、骨を抜ければ扉は開く /Sō, hone o nukereba tobira wa hirakuWhich means>Right, if you pull out the bone, the door will openThey don't mention anything about it making you king lol. I think Japanese kids generally would get the sword in the stone reference but I guess they decided not to risk it lol

>>137621863So the bone is like a switch in Zelda? Lol

Attached: pup costumes_1.webm (1280x720, 2.06M)

>>137622249Basically yes lol

>>137621863Ah, that sucks. Could have been fuel for fujos to make Rocky more refined and knowledgeable. Thanks, Japanon.

>>137621388That reminds me, I wanted to make a webm of this weirdness

Attached: Bolo Fest.webm (854x480, 3.69M)

>>137621388SmittyG should be up on the surface level

>>137623188How big is Patrulia Canina in Spain?

>>137623428I don't know about Spain, but the clip's from Mexico and it's pretty massive there. Bootleg merch everywhere on top of the official stuff, they get the live show, ratings are very high etc

>>137623188You didn't include Rex making that T-rex his bitch lol

Attached: 1545.jpg (405x341, 43.1K)

>>137623638I didn't like that part lolRex is a gentle soul~

>>137623188Well I for one had zero idea this existedKinda fun to see them in a slightly different style. Makes you appreciate the show and movie models. Better than Rubble and Crew too

>>137595925Is that T-Rex a digimon reference?


Attached: ECMqDLtWwAMCifE.jpg (1234x842, 84.02K)

>>137624500>>137624532No, it's just a t-rex. No helmet and doesn't talk

>>137624705Well it is an orange t-rex>>137624532No other reference to Greymon, though. And they aren't afraid to do references - they do Jurassic Park gags when it first shows up. So I think it's just coincidence

Attached: rex fanart.jpg (592x518, 31.82K)

Poster is out guys. Nothing we haven't seen before though

Attached: 20230609_120539.jpg (1052x1231, 236.2K)

>>137625320I assume there'll be another more interesting poster later and this is more on the teaser side

>>137625320Dribbling news out slowly...Someone leak the trailer already lol

>>137625538Can't you just wait a week?

>>137625580I'm probably gonna have to

I wanna see a redeemed villains spin off. Arrby, Claw, the Ruff-Ruff Pack and Moby bickering and screwing up but solving problems. Suicide Squad but with pups

Attached: Arrbyfaces.webm (1920x1080, 1.37M)

>>137626002That would be cool but it's way too high-effort and risky for this franchise lol

Attached: 1669215473003.jpg (918x594, 148.1K)

>>137626002Wot no Sweetie?

Attached: paw-patrol-evil-laugh.gif (320x180, 513.49K)

>>137621388Whoever made this doesn't know what a cameo isAll those "cameos" are actually just mentions or references

>>137623428I'm sure you don't really give a fuck, but it's Patrulla, not Patrulia

>>137626469Oh sorry, definitely Sweetie as well. Sweetie as the leader

Attached: 1675613327563.webm (640x360, 660.58K)

>>137626002I'd watch the fuck out of that. As long as they didn't make it ugly like Rubble and Crew

>>137627151I've seen this webm plenty of times now but I still can't get over how weird it is to see a dog going shhhI don't know why it's so much weirder than them just talking but it is lol

Attached: shh.png (801x622, 612.83K)

>>137623188I like this. They move a bit oddly but I don't think the models are bad. They're like a midway point between the show and the movie. They only look a bit freaky in the last shot of the webm

Yue drew a very cute Katie

Attached: FyJHcCvaQAAjRcH.jpg (1813x1696, 246.72K)

>>137627935A very cute pup Skye, more importantly

>>137628013Hmm sure, it's all cuteness and good drawingThis also made me laugh today

Attached: FyJImW5aQAA4xCL.jpg (510x680, 102.21K)

What police work does Chase the police pup ever do that isn't search and rescue?

Attached: Chase_PNG.png (480x445, 130.17K)

>>137628352Hi user from the drawfag thread. Thank you for the reference picture of Chase for usHe doesn't do much police work that isn't searching for people or lost/stolen items. He does some traffic cop busywork like laying down cones and using his megaphone to direct traffic. In the movie he cordons off areas in unnecessarily flashy style. He does some work a police inspector might, and in season 2 he was given the alternate job of "Spy Chase" to do more detective-style work with a surveillance drone. Arguably his most police-like work is chasing and catching miscreants. Though there is no arresting in PAW Patrol world, and in the show punishment is always just community service. The movie has prison. Also any of the other pups could pursue and catch a bad guy just as well as Chase and it's often Skye who actually catches them. So yeah. In terms of doing unique things only the police dog can do, it's really mostly just directing traffic

Attached: 1677135826107297.webm (1920x800, 2.87M)

>>137628515Thanks user, surprisingly detailed answerguess he's just a traffic cop lolAnother question: I'm pretty sure they don't do lesson of the day style episodes but do they sometimes do that? Where kids learn important life lessons or interesting facts?

Attached: pixl.gif (320x350, 34.98K)

>>137628686Not really. It's a bit of a stretch when they try to make out the show is didactic when really it's just an action show where a bad guy is foiled. You can argue kids are learning it's bad to lie and steal like the villains, that cheaters never prosper, that working with a team to overcome your limitations is good etc, but that's not the kind of pedagogical writing you're talking about like you might get in Dora or Elinor.The closest PAW Patrol comes is Pups Save an Adventure which is in large part Marshall teaching Alex fire safety at a campsite.

Attached: pretending it's educational.webm (928x524, 1M) localization announced. More importantly, it says there will be 21 characters. So Ryder and the pups and the mayor's are of course in, making up 11 of those. We can assume from the supporting cast it'll have Katie, the Porters, the Turbots, Jake, and the farmers, so that's 19. Since the Royal Kingdom is in, it should have Sweetie and the Princess. Those are my predictions

>>137629115>ゲーム内には、ケントはもちろん、チェイス、マーシャル、ラブルほか、21キャラクターたちThis means >In the game, Ryder and of course Chase, Marshall, Rubble and 21 other characters...So a total of 25

>>137629115>>137629186Maybe Rex will make it again, since he was in the last game after all. Maybe Liberty too.For all we know, though, a chunk of those 25 could be the kittens, Cali, Garby, the

>>137629207The sentence goes on to say the characters will be voiced by their voice actors from the show, so it's likely all 25 are speaking characters, not animals. Might have the likes of Miss Marjorie, Gustavo and the Earl Barkingburg rounding out the numbers. Even if more subseries pups would be more exciting>>137628686I like this little gif

>>137623428The kids love it, like everywhere else

Attached: 1680499921357.jpg (1580x1920, 463.96K)

>>1376279352D anime style movie when for fucks sake

>>137629344I'm sure you already know this but that is also México. Nobody says ya estás in SpainCute tho

Where's the Codi porn?

Attached: 1674369096155505.webm (640x360, 1.39M)

>>137629436Can you not post that text with that fucking webm plz lolI read it in Marshall's voice doing a sheep noise in the middle of Wheeere's

>>137629115Jake's and Carlos's VAs quote tweeted the announcement so we can assume those 2 are in.

>>137629483I don't see why we shouldn't have Sid and Arrby

Attached: 1673610217262688.webm (640x360, 419.36K)

>>137629518If you can play as Arrby for even a tiny section I will buy the stupid pup game

Attached: 1672474226412482.gif (300x279, 2.38M)

>>137605064The episode airedNone of the Twitter fujos seem to have had any reaction to Zuma this epMostly the seem bewildered that there would be a crocodile in the sewers lol. Not such a common trope over there

If the theatrical release of the trailer is on June 16th ... That means it'll play before Elemental, right?

>>137629982Eh probably. But don't worry user, we'll have it online first I'm sure so you don't need to go and see that shit just for the pup trailer

Attached: IMG_20230514_161738.jpg (716x560, 30.71K)

>>137624705>>137625288Are you not seeing the blue stripes?? That's a pretty odd thing to put on your orange T-Rex if you're not doing a bit

>>137629115>5,940 yen>$42Bit pricy innit?

>>137629925I'm seeing a lot of wet hair Ryder too.

>>137630353He does look a lot better with it to be fairOr in a helmetBasically pretty much any hair but his default hair is better

Attached: Eoed6oEUUAAN72x.jpg (720x404, 42.68K)

>>137630430Oh dear, don't make me think of Ryder that way. Humanized pups are bad enoughYou know the original leaker said he was into Ryder and Alex rather than the pups lol

Attached: 1637200680975.jpg (1600x1093, 205.63K)

There is no need to resist the idea of Ryder being a cute shota

Attached: 96435310_p0_master1200.jpg (600x825, 105.42K)

There are still plenty of Niko comics that Japanon hasn't translatedNot like I'm saying you should do them ALL or anything but I love finding out what all these say so would you kindly?

Attached: 107737318_p15_master1200.jpg (896x896, 271.47K)

Attached: 107737318_p10_master1200.jpg (896x896, 441.41K)

I have been summoned~>>137630601It's totally fine, I enjoy this. I think the threads have slowed right down since we've posted most of what's out there and the news isn't super exciting. Maybe the thread will make it until the next ep in about 24 hours but even then I don't know how much exciting stuff there will be to discuss lolAnyway the translationsArrby: I feel bad for you ~de yansu ... but prepare yourself ~de yansu! Take that! And that!Sfx: waggle waggle>>137630609P1Skye: That one is Orihime [Vega]. And that's Hikiboshi [Altair]. They only meet on the day of Tanabata! Marshall: Only once a year? Is that right~?P2Marshall: Skye, you always teach me so much stuff. I'm so glad I'm your friend!P3Skye: Heheh, I always have fun with you too. It feels like we're something more than friends (like siblings, right?)P4Marshall: That's right ... we're already more than friends. Skye, let's always be together...P5Skye: *Blush* What the heck was that!?Marshall: *Sleepy* All of us together ... we're a family, aren't we ... ?

>>137627667Yeah I actually think the weirdness of it is exaggerated too. There are some shots that are definitely super "off" but most of it is done pretty well. Quite a lot of videos were made about how horrifying it is and I think that's very exaggerated. Not that I actually clicked on the clickbait to see if they actually said the same thing in the end

>>137630998Thanks user! I have two more then I'll leave you alone lol

Attached: 107737318_p21_master1200.jpg (896x896, 437.79K)

>>137630998That Skye and Marshall one is super cute btw. Even if I don't really see that pairing working at all lol

Attached: 107737318_p23_master1200.jpg (896x896, 453.96K)

>>137631467Yeah this artist is just one of the ones whose angle is basically that EVERYONE falls for Marshall lol>>137631453Title: Trying to Improve Chase's Constitution to Alleviate His Allergies (Good Intentions 100%)Marshall: How is it? Will the medicine work?Rocky: Just a little more ~de arimasuRubble: That's an amazing color. It looks super effectiveIn Rubble's hand: some kind of suspicious plantsRocky: Right? Let's do this every dayMarshall: Sure! And then we make him drink it, no matter what! Chase: Shiver down his spine>>137631467Title: Our amazing CAKE!Marshall: We're home! Rocky: Riding the two-person sleigh sure was fun, wasn't it?Marshall: Yeah! Now let's hurry and eat! I'm so excited. I'm gonna eat your bit, and here, you eat my bit! Say AHH!Rocky: Wait, that's so big. I'll eat it so just wait!This all sounds less innuendo-y in Japanese lol

>>137631467GIWTWM (Rocky)

>>137632002Thank you as always user, you're appreciated even if the thread dies!

Attached: 105189303_p32_master1200.jpg (600x600, 120.7K)

I kinda hated them at the time, but the Mighty Pups were pretty cool actually

Attached: mighty pups.webm (854x480, 3.39M)

New movie pics dropped mah bitches

Attached: paw.png (970x406, 694.64K)

>>137632891Rocky's ear is floppy confirmed

Attached: PPMM_018.png (970x406, 509.05K)

>>137632908Skye's head now an acceptable width thank fuck

Attached: PPMM_053.png (970x406, 605.07K)

>>137632922Vanessa "Vee" Vance is every bit as strrrong and independent as expected

Attached: PPMM_067.png (970x406, 425.12K)

>>137632947And the Poms look ... well, we knew how they were gonna look. Same goes for Dolores

Attached: PPMM_075.png (970x406, 432.36K)

>>137632891Ffff Rocky looks so cute

Attached: y.jpg (974x1615, 139.04K)

>>137632922Actually she looks a lot younger than I thought she would.

How does this happen to Paw Patrol of all shows?

>>137632967The cock shadow meme is getting out of hand

>>137633005How does what happen user?

Attached: 20230503_193825.jpg (2048x1364, 335.86K)

>>137632922Looks like a black girl cosplaying Jinx

>>137632908My Skye looking so adorable

Attached: Cutie pie.gif (498x267, 2.32M)

>>137633022Discussions like OP's post

>>137632891Still not sold on movie versions of Marshall and Zuma but the others are looking like their best models yet

>>137633117People are horny for way weirder stuff. There's even a thread about shameful crushes right now with all kinds of tiny cute things and giant blobsAnd nobody really talked about OP's fantasy with them lol. Now we're talking about movie news

Attached: image-1.png (1044x588, 896.71K)

>>137632922>Current year>Black woman is the antagonist>Not a perfect flawless goddess like the mom in Strange WorldFascist cartoon confirmed

>>137633200Nothing fascist about actual equity

Attached: Marshall j.jpg (400x300, 16.25K)

Trailer Monday

>>137632891Our little sausage has come so far

Attached: 1674883471963095.webm (1920x800, 2.86M)

>>137595779AAA price tag though no doubt

>>137605192This is heartbreaking wtf

Attached: 4335.gif (480x270, 3.26M)

>>137632908Looks like they're gonna have a lot of fun with the particle physics and such. Even if the story disappoints movie 2 should be very pleasant visually

>>137633258Hype! I don't even care if it's shit. I'll still get my endorphin hit

>>137633737I feel like expectations are low but I can't help feeling a little excited and optimistic

Attached: 1674933394562280.webm (1280x534, 2.9M)

Da comrades we get through the dark times... together

Attached: 1541713046.lldelphin_otyzrb.jpg (1000x968, 448.77K)

>>137632908Is it me or did they give Skye whoreliner?

>>137632891>they see your dick

>>137634419Her ears look lik trashy wet look hair to


>>137632891Is this Tron?

>>137636175Those two always are!

Attached: 1679659927819650.webm (640x360, 595.45K)

Skye always mvp

Attached: 37738.webm (640x360, 3.94M)

Hot off the presses.

Attached: FyNd77-aIAEXgbh[1].jpg (1280x1280, 358.16K)

Wake up pups

>>137637313The contrast between the high school gays and the extra tiny pups doesn't work so well for me lol>>137636784Sure is

Attached: 1682989735790870.webm (1280x534, 2.94M)

A very moving image from the drawfag thread for you guys

Attached: 1686333707749820.png (1224x830, 76.58K)

>>137638663Why did he do it bros

Attached: 20230523_121229.jpg (1602x1502, 113.74K)

>>137633165>them>Not him by defaultI knew there were a bunch of fucking women in these threads and that's proof

>>137638883Lol calm down Matthew. No girls on the internet

Attached: wfg.jpg (485x632, 90.95K)

Sweetie getting feisty and engrishy

Attached: 20230610_081640.jpg (1005x1205, 120.61K)

>>137639107Sweetie you glorious little shit

Attached: 20230519_144938.jpg (894x1031, 81.33K)

>>137639107Typical. One of the very few loan words in English that comes from east Asia (kowtow from Chinese) and somehow translating the very similar Japanese word (koutou) becomes this mess lol

>>137639560>Prostrate yourselfWould probably have been more in character than>Kowtow to meFor Sweetie. I find >Crouch bownQuite endearing though

Attached: villains.jpg (334x918, 47.12K)

Long cuddles with Marshall while the sun sets

Attached: Marshall Home Alone.webm (1280x720, 3.59M)

>>137639671>Sweetie saying "Prostrate yourself"Ooh I got a shiver down my spine

Attached: 1683922588385491.gif (220x216, 3.64M)

Attached: r.jpg (1640x1107, 329.42K)

>>137641367He's so cute even if I'd have to force him to bathe

Attached: Rocky stands in unwise places.webm (1920x1080, 564.09K)

>>137638663These allegations are FALSE Chase is a good boy and has no interest in sexual relations with a sponge

>>137641528What's wrong with a bit of Rocky musk?

Look at this cute little thing. I want it

Attached: baby arcade.jpg (1500x1500, 311.65K)

>>137642479That thing is like 90cm high. Unless you're a midget I don't recommend it

>>137632891Awwww they all look so cute~Rocky and Skye and Chase are particularly huggable

>>137642147No matter how dirty he got I'd still pick him up and huff his belly

Attached: Rocky gets mucky.webm (854x480, 472.12K)

>>137637313Caption: Summary - during Pups Save a GhostZuma: Marshall, let's go home. Wait, are you going back to sleep!?Marshall: *Mumbling* Ehehe, you saved me. Thank you Zuma you're so cool...Zuma: Y-you really are a sleepyhead. *Thinking* Is this a kind of flirting?Marshall: Zzzz...Zuma: If you don't wake up I'm gonna eat you!Marshall: *Snore*Pup Marshall: *Awake* Chase: Do you have a bite on your cheek?Marshall: Eh? Why? Was it a ghost??Zuma man that's not cool, he can't consent when he's asleep

>>137643180Oh and I missed the Endnote:Let's catch the cheeky ghosts!

>>137643180It's okay, Marshall exists in a constant state of consenting to anything that happens to him

Attached: paw-patrol-sky-and-marshall.gif (640x328, 1.15M) Patrol at the Tokyo Toy Show

>>137637313>>137643180I fucking love that fujos can watch this sequence and be like "And then they had a sneaky kiss!!! And he got a lovebite on his FACE"lol bless their hearts

Attached: Sleepy Marshall.webm (854x480, 3.27M)

>>137643556Oh god her voice is so grating

>>137643556Lol they're like "It's the image of the show - Everest is in the snow, while Rubble and Tracker are, uhhhh, up a mountain">>137643568Fanfiction and shipping for TV shows exists almost 100% between cuts lol

Marshall at the Tokyo Toy Show. How many do you think tried to grope his butt

Attached: FyO7g88akAARcda.jpg (800x800, 97.96K)

>>137644028I know I would

Rocky is so silly

Attached: Rocky falls in a hole.webm (1280x720, 228.77K)

>>137644119Now you're thinking with portals

>>137644028I went to the Tokyo Toy Show once. Surprisingly boring, and there was a huge terrifying Thomas the Tank Engine watching over us all

>>137632967I hate that the one thing they thought was such a good idea in the first movie that they had to bring it back was fucking Kim Kardashian recording her lines in her bathroom or something. And this time getting her brat in on it toI only hope her assistance is even briefer this time

Attached: 1683127687771833.webm (426x240, 15.11K)

Rocky has abducted Marshall again

Attached: image-3.png (511x612, 338.41K)

>>137644518It's for the parents. Like it or not that's a big name to attach to a project, and it drives interest in dumbass middle America. She isn't gonna ruin the movie or anything and it sells tickets

>>137638663I very much love drawfags and fully encourage anyone with drawing talent to entertain us with some of your fine work

Attached: 1684890565088402.png (902x702, 294.61K)

>>137634419Maybe but she looks a fuckton better than last movie

Attached: 1684227293118438.webm (1280x534, 2.89M)

>>137595608Has anyone drawn foot art with her yet?

New episode in a little over 6 hours. Get hype! But not that hype, it's fucking Chickaletta/Humdinger episodesNot Chickaletta and Humdinger fucking, that's not how I meant it>>137645275She has almost no fanart :( Mostly Deviantart trashFeel free to give it a crack

>>137643568Aww Marshall IS very cute when he wakes up though

>>137607952I'm looking forward to it, but I'm scandalized that he isn't in every episode since being redeemed. He should be a main pup for sure

Attached: how-to-draw-Arrby-PAW-Patrol-step-0.png (565x800, 344.5K)

>>137645720Ah yes, the fundamentals of a rescue operation. Police, fire, construction, air support, water support, repair work and piracyRocky was already stretching it let's be fair

>there's already flyers for the game>and it spoils Sid and ArrbyOh boy, looks like Arrbyfuckers are going to buy the game after all

Attached: FyPQBTsagAA6c2r.jpg (1536x2048, 564.77K)

>>137645948Yessssse my little short legged sausage boy!!!Unless it's the ultimate cocktease and they have just the ship lol

Attached: bossy arrby.webm (1920x1080, 1.17M)

>>137645948>>137646023Hmm? Sid's ship has been in the full poster for over a week. It's in the thumbnail of the announcement video from the archive poster at the start of the thread

>>137646145Forgot to attach it

Attached: ppw poster.jpg (739x415, 60.04K)

>The nips haven't got a localized trailer yetDISAPPOINTING

>>137646145>>137646159Oh lol I didn't notice it. I'm retarded. Or I guess my brain just said it was the ship from the ghost pirate episode instead of the Swashbuckle Sloop and I overlooked it instead of realizing it had their symbol on it. Forgive me, my little Arrbykins

I need someone to make me cute Marshall bentos

Attached: FyELeUzaYAEL_Dx.jpg (1280x1280, 254.13K)

Reminder of this classic 2014 Holla Forums thread

Attached: 1685419171680.jpg (1041x1886, 293.69K)

>>137646722This place used to be more fun lolThen again back then you had a hope in hell of shocking someone with that kind of shit as well as it just being your fetish. These days it's just eh, we've all seen and read much worse

Skye fails to be the flying pup

Attached: FyO96C1aQAAlrEY.jpg (2775x2081, 606.66K)

>>137646664Are you sure you could bear to eat it?

>>137646972Hmm good point probably not


Attached: wehh.jpg (3072x4096, 2.06M)


Attached: seen some shit.jpg (1072x871, 256.51K)


Attached: flashbacks.jpg (511x628, 64.25K)

Last episode had a silly little "How to Draw" song, of course starting with Chase. They probably saw all those tweets about Jap parents being asked to draw PAW Patrol but they're not as simple as Anpanman characters. Let me know if you want to listen to the song itself.

Attached: how to draw Chase.webm (680x384, 2.93M)

>>137647067>>137647093>>137647096Lol>>137647118I wanna hear it Japanon! Can you translate for us too?

Attached: she will come for you.jpg (554x554, 50.8K)

>>137647093>>137647096>>137647135Skye has the best goddamn faces I swear lol

>>137647135>>>/wsg/5132404I'm not Japanon though. Not the one that translates stuff anyway.

>>137647156She's a messy eater tho

Attached: 1629977419843.jpg (1024x661, 88.35K)

>when she gives the headache excuse

Attached: 4.06 Jake's Cake, Wild Ride.webm (640x360, 671.22K)

>>137647194Oh. Can you translate it anyway?>>137647224Lol the threads have been so gay for so long I almost forgot people made suggestive pics of Skye

>>137647194Haha I love the sudden frantic drum fill

Attached: 1630162790572.jpg (2048x1788, 702.53K)

>>137647156She always has

Attached: 1630385369117.webm (1920x1072, 236K)

Underrated as the funniest pup

Attached: 1630136970084.webm (1920x800, 1.27M)


Attached: 1629858250741.webm (1920x800, 2.38M)

>>137647365This scene was done so perfectly lol. Even if it's superhero bullshit, if the sequel has cute funny scenes like this it'll win me over

>>137647351>>137647365I wonder if the user who made these is still aroundFun fact, they were made on Holla Forums

>>137647296I love this Marshall

More merch leaks. Points of interest>Transforming vehicles>Pup Squad toys are described as cute, suggesting the Junior Patrollers form the Pup Squad>Vee racer alongside Chase: if Vee is indeed Vance, most likely she gets redeemed or is chaotic neutral rather than really a villain. This would be less surprising than them making a black female villain in current year

Attached: Mighty toys.jpg (438x3156, 438.4K)

>>137647642>Pup Squad toys are described as cute, suggesting the Junior Patrollers form the Pup SquadSorry, that's not right at all. It's pretty clear they're the Pup Squad is the main pups plus Liberty in a racing context

>>137647236She'll get in the mood when she sees Jake's cake

>>137647642Pretty sure the transformation isn't the vehicles themselves but the base things they launch from

>>137644028What a flattie.

Attached: Chase's butt.jpg (720x960, 118.31K)

>>137647194>>137647135Okay I'll translate quickly. Sing along lolTitle: Advice for Chase one more time, let's go>Osorani yuufoo yattkiteA UFO appears in the skyText: Be sure to add the bumps >Oyama-o futatsu koetettaTwo mountains bridge the gapText: Be sure to connect them>Dounatsu futatsu, omanjuu hitotsuTwo donuts, one manjuText: At the same height!>Kagoni irete, ureshiinaPut it in the basket, so happyText: Draw it cutely>Happaganimai, hirahirarinTwo leaves, rustle rustle>Pokkeni peta tto ashiato tsuketaraIn this pocket, make a footText: Like this!>Chase: Ore no seigi ga sawaguze!My sense of justice is stirred up![This is one of his catchphrases]>Chase: Ore Chase!I'm Chase!

>>137648229*Yattkite -> yattekite

When's the next ep?

This snout is a bit too foxlike>>13764832520 mins

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>>137644028>>137644037Just go to Coney Island if you want a squeeze in the

>>137648229Aw that's fun~

>>137648436>kid who's with Chase absolutely loves him and even wants him to come closer>kid who's with Skye doesn't give a shit and keeps his distanceAbsolute state of Skye

New ep is on. Generic as expected but these two are cutie pies

Attached: Image6.jpg (1860x1051, 134.4K)

Aww a snatch of Zuma's old competitive streak

>>137648590The Skye is a bit freaky to be fair lol

Ohhh we're finally seeing some of Foggy Bottom

>>137648765got a screenshot?

>>137648845I'll do you one better

Attached: 10X2 Foggy Bottom.webm (1280x720, 1.28M)

>>137648887Just shops to sell the mayor his clothes LOL

>>137648887Aww, he even has his silly bootleg Lookout.

>>137648900And his fake Lookout, that's kind of tragic and adorable lol

>>137648906>>137648907Wow you guys consecutive posts lol

God I love this flamboyant little dalmatian

Attached: 10X2 Marshall being extra.webm (1280x720, 667.69K)

Episode link:

Goddamn Rubble

Attached: 10X2 looking at a retard.webm (1280x720, 446.57K)

Oops fixed blank frame

Attached: 10X2 shut up rubble.webm (1280x720, 589.92K)

I liked this increasingly rare, very brief character moment

Attached: 10X2 competitive zuma.webm (1280x720, 1.5M)

>>137649219who won?

>>137649240Looked like Zuma to me. He had a big lead lol

Okay last one, just cuz I thought this was a cute moment

Attached: 10X2 food.webm (1280x720, 255.74K)

>>137649240>>137649270No, Rubble won. It was last to cross the line wins lol

I feel like this episode looked slightly nicer. Like the textures were just a little bit better. Especially Ryder somehow looked better than normal

>>137648941Frankly I feel I was peer pressured into this

Attached: Marshall enjoying himself.webm (700x700, 174.69K)

>>137649473Lol don't blame us you reprobateI assume you made the Gasket one as well?

>>137649473Aw yeah you be your good degenerate self

Attached: wat.gif (500x500, 1.04M)

>>137649505I ... might have done

Attached: naughty.jpg (548x649, 148.46K)

>>137649085LOL Zuma's expression is perfect

>>137648229Thanks, Japanon. Now I know how to draw Chase.

>>137649473Fucking ........Goddamn it*Unzips*

>>137649703Yeah it's so simple>A UFO appears in the sky>Two mountains bridge the gap>Two donuts, one manju>Put it in the basket, so happy>Two leaves, rustle rustle>In this pocket, make a footWhat instructions could possibly be simpler?

>>137649772Just wait next week when they do Marshall's

>>137649772I want to put this into a game or something as an incredibly esoteric clue


Attached: 1683203231224338.webm (640x640, 459.48K)

>>137649085>>137649157Poor Rubble lol. His being a burger was quite clever for trampoline charades, I thought


>>137648967Oh, hey. They remembered Cap'n Turbot has a weather balloon. Maybe we'll get to see Raimundo or Apollol again after all.

>>137648887>the hole is actually called Town HoleKek

>>137650267The writers can just look shit up on the fandom wiki like everyone else lol. I think it's more a case of not wanting to revisit stuff than outright forgetting

>>137595608>>137595925>>137596653I know nothing about this show, but does she appear often or just this one episode

>>137650425Just the one episode, but likely to return. She only showed up last season and we were all kinda hoping she'd be the villain of a major subseries but it hasn't happened so far.

>>137650444Ok cool I'll just wait for her to appear more often then

>>137650425Lol I'm really entertained by the idea of someone who knows zero about PAW Patrol watching that fucking webm with dogs that grow to the size of buildings and a t-rex out of nowhere and imagining what you think the show is like

>>137650499Fair enough. We've had episode summaries leaked for the next 6 months or so and she's not mentioned in any of them, though, so it'll likely be a while. Sorry.

How do these "Amazon seasons" work? They just take one season and split it in half?

>>137649157My sweet boys

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>>137614640I miss the old more goofy characterization of Chase

Attached: Toof.webm (1280x718, 3.66M)

>>137629465I lol'd>>137630601Arrby trying and failing to be scary is beautiful


Attached: Aww rex.webm (1280x720, 1.99M)

>>137595712Did everest make a heel turn? I haven't followed this show since my youngest turned 4.

Bark bark

>>137649772What are you insinuating? It's really simple.

Attached: FyPIxjzaAAAKKq7[1].jpg (1028x2048, 168.94K)

>>137651410Fun as that would be, Gasket is just a different husky

>>137652948Ya didn't follow the text tips ya doofus

>>137647118jap parents just have a skill issue then lol

Attached: chase.png (1800x900, 518.25K)

>>137653312>Have never been in the same episode, let alone the same scene (for obvious reasons)Surely Hubcap will get the dumb idea of making Gasket and DeWayne practice driving in icy conditions so they can be "as good at driving as he is" before losing all manner of grips/braking going down the mountain-side.

Attached: Everest and Gasket Meeting.jpg (1280x720, 99.55K)

>>137653415Most Japs have skill issues when it comes to drawing

Noooo weird that Bamco has a hand in distributing the game., does every country EXCEPT North America have their show voices?

>>137630430wow he is gen cute with his hair wet, also erm cum on lips!?Also I watched the movie finally, it is kino cinema

Attached: hunding.png (548x527, 359.97K)

>>137653415I mean, it's not terrible or anything but I wouldn't be bragging about this

Zuma's skinny butt

Attached: 1681425044012510.webm (640x360, 187.55K)

>>137653503>for obvious reasonsI don't think they are afraid of showing them together because they're palette swaps. They have zero issues showing Skye and Coral together even though they're copied and pasted. They can just say dogs of the same breed tend to look very similarIt's just been very very rare for pups outside the main six to meet one another. It basically didn't happen until season 9 outside of Tracker and Everest

Attached: fishy girl pups.webm (854x480, 2.19M)

>>137656511They at least have the excuse of them being cousins there>>137655551It's a good solid movie. Welcome aboard lol>>137653503>DeWayneIs that like DeLondra or DeShante?

Attached: 95601857_p0_master1200.jpg (600x425, 92.82K)

>>137655543Patrouille is such a funny word lol

Attached: french Rubble.png (370x207, 89.68K)

>>137656047not trying to brag, I only drew it because of that one user encouraging people to draw yesterday. Not something I normally do and figured I'd try it out at least

>>137647194This is a bop lol

>>137647249She's just eating a mozzarella corn dog. It's a very innocent pic

Attached: paw-patrol-adult-surprise-minicomicchasexskye-by-eyiles-jacky-dapa46e-skye-and-chase-paw-patrol-40128187-596-1341.png (596x1341, 567.99K)

>>137656171bony show butts > plump movie cakeFact

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Attached: hola.png (2048x2732, 1.67M)

>>137656511By obvious reasons, I just meant because of their environments/lack of scenarios for them to be in the same place at the same time. Tracker and Everest meeting was inevitable due to being both Paw Patrol members, but Everest being needed on a mission that involves the Ruff-Ruff Pack just seems like a wish and a half. Obviously the Ruff-Ruff Pack will travel outside the desert (and Everest herself has visited the desert), but them being a part of a winter-time episode or visiting even the parts of Jake's Mountain that aren't permanently covered with snow all year round seems unlikely. But at the same time, the show managed to get Everest and Tracker on a trip to Barkingburg of all places and face off against the Duke.>>137656624Good job me. No idea why I added that e in there.

Attached: Everest and Gasket 2.jpg (2115x1789, 666.49K)

>>137657511You're cheating on Carlos, Tracker.

>>137657615Ohh okay, I thought you meant that the show would want to hide the similarities between themYeah, the show could come up with some contrivance to get them in the same place without too much trouble, I think. If Arrby and Sweetie are gonna have episodes with the jungle pups the Ruff Ruffs can drive anywhere lol>>137657511Manlets back to the manlet cave plz

Trailer in less than 2 days. Guess we'll need a new thread when it drops

>>137657860Noooo don't be mean to Tracker

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Tracker is a good boy.

Attached: 4.20 Mail, Frog Mayor.webm (640x360, 2.42M)

>>137658945He's got the moves. Such a twink lol

I wonder if the movie will also get released in Japan in September. They rarely get anything at the same time as the rest of the world. Spiderman isn't out there yet

Attached: Fsjts32aMAEcFsj.jpg (2048x2048, 418.54K)

I bet she smells of motor oil~

Attached: random gasket.webm (852x480, 917.08K)

>>137659627Grubby girlWhat do Marshall and Chase smell like?

>>137659866Chase smells like a damp cupboard with some lingering axe bodysprayMarshall smells like soap and bubblegum with a tinge of sweaty boy

>>137659995So oddly specific yet so right

Attached: kemonomimi.jpg (1288x771, 127.63K)

>>137633959It was fun when we had the thread with all the gritty slavic art and stuff. Does anyone have any other good fanart that's not Japanese or manga-style?

>>137660812What Western art I have that was worth showing I put in that thread or in the old /trash/ threadsMost that isn't from Pixiv or Japan fujo twitter is DeviantArt trash or porn

>>137659866>>137659995Then there's Zuma of course

Attached: 1683146589832080.webm (640x360, 551.66K)

what goes into someone's life to end up like the anons in these threads?

Attached: 1489490118501.jpg (500x368, 16.68K)

>>137662660Joy, lack of shame and an admiration for adorable pupsHope you're having fun whatever you're doing with your life!

>>137662712>i like being a pathetic pedophile!jeez, maybe shame does works in deflecting bad behaviour

Attached: 1482547132728.jpg (320x240, 49.95K)

>>137662712Lol that reminds me of this>>137662778Yeah you're so right, haha. You sure showed us! Anyway, back to what we were saying. Trailer in a little over 30 hours. What are your predictions?

Attached: voyeurs.png (1065x443, 76.36K)

I think with the gap between threads we never talked about the new director, replacing the late Ted Bastien. Here he is, Paul Brown. He looks like he will just phone it in, but who knows? Maybe he'll put in an effort to go back to more character-based, less formulaic writing. We can only hope lol

Attached: new director.jpg (1080x1927, 722.09K)


Attached: 3.jpg (680x679, 212.28K)

>>137662927Yeah, I don't have much hope of him being anything other than a cog in the wheel>>137662854My predictions>A few shots of visually impressive stuff, the meteor landing etc >cheesy fakeout, like it's gonna be an epic superhero story then *Record scratch* Pups??>Skye with the meteor piece, a few random shots of her doubting herself>Some upbeat pop song kicks in and Skye is flying; various action scenes. Every pup except Zuma gets a moment. Stupid poms laugh obnoxiously. Vee pulls a lever. Pups do some heroic stuff>Names of the various celebrity voices onscreen, with clips of them>endI also expect every single image here to be from the trailer>>137632891>>137632908>>137632922>>137632947>>137632967

>>137663067Sounds about right. Poor Zuma lol. Maybe he'll have a good sceneI expect Rubble and Liberty will have to drop some "zingers"...

Attached: 1630137022259.webm (1920x800, 2.87M)

>>137663067>>137663190Actually that's the main thing I'm wondering here. How comedic will they make it? I actually think they'll be better off playing it pretty straight, especially with their basic premise

>>137663067So basically that's how the first movie's trailer played out. I don't suppose they'll do it again exactly the same way. Though maybe they will

>>137663444...I never noticed until now that every pup got a moment in the first trailer except ZumaPoor Zuma

Attached: Zuma hides the pain.webm (1280x720, 638.3K)

>>137663498He ultimately wins the both Skyebowl and the Rockybowl so don't feel too bad for him

Attached: 1630045148436.png (2974x1631, 881.35K)

>>137660812No but you did remind me I saved this fucking beautiful work of art

Attached: 585e23cb191bbae4574cc9044b004abd.png (2000x1333, 744.36K)

>>137664051When He broke the seals, I saw then the Riders of the Apocalypse. War, the bringer of destruction. Death, the pale rider. Famine, with eyes which spake of unsated desires. Pestilence, the grey one. And with them clad in colour bright and burning to the eye, the Eater of Worlds, more hideous than the rest combined