High Guardian Spice

>season 2 never everTruly we live in the darkest timeline.

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>>137593826Did she wear that outfit in the actual show?

>>137593840it was weird how much slut wear they designed for those chars.

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>>137593873I still want to squish the fat dwarf's chubby cheeks.

>>137593873>>137593891This is going in the Book

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>>137593840I wish, someone needs to buy the IP off crunchy roll and make into a racist coomer series.

>>137593826I'm going to be livid if we end up developing an ironic fandom for this show, and even more so if it singlehandily carries it.

>>137593826Does anyone have that one sketch where she's lifting her skirt and showing off her buns thx

>>137593826Aren’t you busy drawing racist QOS loli porn?

Jcm2 finally drew High Guardian Spice

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>>137593873Any more examples?

>>137593826It's unfortunate but you objectively know where the blame lies. Grifters, Crunchyroll, and Women. Sucks to be the Tranny

>>137593826what do you want out of a second season?

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>>137594398A hot milf

>>137594398catgirl cunny

I genuinely tried giving it a chance, but hoo boy.It felt like a high budget amateur project. Like, it was obviously better animation and voice acting quality than what some DeviantArt teenagers would have managed, but the writing and execution of it felt like it was straight from some kid's fanfiction.

>>137594676That is exactly what it was

>>137594657>>137594634What if they got together


>nobody posting my big nigga slime boyits a travesty

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>>137593980it doesnt even need to go real hard all "HAIL HITLER PRAISE KEK 9/11 SPACE JEWS BLEW UP THE MOON" stuff to be entertaining, this series is genuinely funnier if you just watch it thinking its an ironic comedy and make up your own headcanons about the charactersjust make it a liiiittle more tounge in cheek, so that you cant tell its different at first until things start being off. make Thyme actually a racist elf, have Parsley fuck her brothers for real, canonize Slime Boy being a 30 year old downie who fucks highschool girls.... shit, make it happen

>>137594349>Sucks to be the Trannyive never in my life saw so many people on Holla Forums collective side WITH the transsexual, but shit, even this place knows he got shafted hard its like that time things got so bullshit that the KKK defended a black dude

>>137594398Fuck it's been a while since I actually watched it let me try and remember shitUh ....>New Outfits. I don't dislike the old ones but that's always something fun to do>Field trip back to Thyme's elf forest is something I'd expect as an arc>Let Amaryllis make out with Rose. Do it. There was more chemistry between them in the episode where Rose and Sage were broken up than there ever actually was between Rose and Sage>Maybe something with a little focus on the non-Caraway teachers, because they're pretty empty shells as is. Though I would worry about their ability to handle "More characters". Maybe you do an episode where each of them is paired off with a student for some sort of task, but not the obvious pairs so you don't just have the Satyr guy with Parsely again. >They genuinely had Snapdragon be a somewhat interesting character, so hopefully that keeps up. If they manage to do it without making it "entierly" about the trans stuff, even better. >Make the fucking Old Magic vs New Magic thing make any fucking sense at all>More Olive, she was also pretty well done (by far the best VA as well, which makes sense given she was Stephanie Sheh). Don't just let her rot, transition (heh) her into a Zuko role or something, just let her keep being a part of the show. >Obviously they have to do something with Rose's mom and the witchlands(? i don't remember if that was the actual name) now that they did the drop at the end, but I don't really have a good idea there aside from Amaryllis focused episodes, but I'd want that regardless>Less Parnelle? I just find him annoying.>Stop using Cal like he's a real character and not a strawman, you don't need to keep this shit it does nothing to your show aside from take up limited space.>Less retarded altright shills using it as a punching bag>The same low quality but comfy ending theme

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>>137595406>Parsleythat reminds me, how do you guys feel about female dwarves with beards? some dwarf myths have em all have beards, sometimes even the kids

>>137595406>the fucking Old Magic vs New Magic thingthat honestly felt like two sets of writers were tugging the rope with that plotpointone half wanted to tell a genuine story about the magic differences and maybe write some kinda plot point about magic sapping the world of its energy and destroying itthe other half just wanted to use it for a shitty hamfisted metaphor between 'new magic = muh liberalism good and positive. old magic = spooky scary conservatism ):< very bad", and the two actively contradict eachother because the former portrays both magic types as flawed, and new magic as moreso having the power to destroy the earth, while the latter approach wants to paint new magic as the perfect solution and anyone who uses old magic is a fuddy ol hag whos doing things wrong

>>137595507>two sets of writers were tugging the ropethat's the case with this whole show, really its clear the creator wanted to tell a classical shallow yet simple and fun magic story about magical girls where things just.. happen... but the crew of untalented old women he got stuck with wanted to make everything a metaphor for social justice

>>137594398I want Snapdragon to end up with absolutely enormous tits, but I know the creators would choose the lamest possible outcome and make the female version look exactly the same except with longer eyelashes or something.

>>137595516so were going less trap and more futa? id love to see it, not even for horny reasons, i just think itd be hilarious if the semester ends and he comes back next year looking like a bimbo

Post more Neppy.

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>>137595522Shemale not futaYou gotta get your terms right

>>137593826why did they draw him with a vortigaunt anatomy?

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>>137595555 (check'd)based user remembering futas HAVE to have both a penis and a vagina to qualify technically dickgirl would also be accurate here everyone forgets you can also have male futanari

>>137595553so those chicks wanted to fuck him, right? and what did one mean by suggesting hes into guys... is she saying she wants to watch him fuck her boyfriend? or maybe she can transform into a man and is offering him options...

>>137595507Probably the worst handled actual story point in the series desu(Frankly it could have been cut completely and I'd be fine)

why did she do it to her brothers?

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>>137595624Do what?


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>>137594676>but the writing and execution of it felt like it was straight from some kid's fanfiction.that's the best you can hope for from a bunch of nobodies with no prior writing experience.

>>137593826>tfw Crunchyroll lost all the boards and assets for Onyx EquinoxFuck Crunchyroll

>>137594398Each of the girls appearing naked at least once, giving at least one fully unobstructed view of each girls bare ass

>>137595507It never felt like "liberalism v. conservatism"More like "industrial product" vs "hippie alternative eco friendly product"

>>137596320at times that applies to new vs old, but other times it applied to old vs new, with allegories to Sage's mom using new magic in the past like a kid experimenting which doesnt work for two reasons1. old magic is archaic and natural, whereas new magic is the one thats literally commercialized, and you can just pop into the store and buy yourself a do-all device like a smartphone2. the show implies Sage's mom is a hypocrite for doing new magic and then going back to old magic and insisting her daughter do the same, as if "i got to have fun but YOU cant because fuck you." but its actually perfectly normal for a parent to experiment with something, decide its not right, and then teach their child their newfound values. you wouldnt tell a girl "your mom did drugs when she was your age and never told you, shes totally like, just trying to keep you out of all the fun maaaang, its hypocritical. go and do drugs too!"interestingly, its actually perfectly within the two lesbians' personalities to be that way, so its not like its unreasonable or breaks the universe, but it feels jarring because this show doesnt know how to deliver what IT wants to deliver, vs what its' characters think organically

I wish old magic had smth going for it

>>137593891do you mean her face?

>>137594398porn.Also Snapdragon not being groomed into being a Tranny and instead just becoming the twink he was always meant to be

>>137595406>>137595507>>137596439I'm gonna be honest I watched this show back when it came out and remember a fair bit of it but have pretty much no memory of this old vs new magic conflict.

>>137595054Unironically the best character

>>137594398>>137595079if this show ever becomes the shitpost its meant to be, i want Caraway to be portrayed like the bitch he isnever pursues the villain, never teaches anything, walks around school pretending to read a book like an asshole... when i first saw him i expected the show to reveal hes secretly an incompetent bastard who somehow got himself in his cushy role, and yet it kept pretending like hes actually a wise mentor to the girlsfuck that, i want him to be a right asshole!

>>137596031>Crunchyroll lost all the boards and assets for Onyx EquinoxThat didn't actually happen, did it?

>>137596623I want caraway to not have access to the potion that lets them be a guy, turning back into a girl for several episodes

>>137596667>this show actually has an excuse to do a canonical m-to-f transformation fetish episode

>>137593826Hillary lost

>>137596667realistically how would it work? do the potions he takes work like steroids in our world? because those only really allow you to gain hair and grow some muscle mass, and their affects are pretty permeantor is it more of a magical *poof* and suddenly hes a cute anime girl

>>137596727are you in the right board, buddy?

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>>137595054I still can't get over the fact that he's voiced by one of the members of Neutral Milk Hotel.

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>>137596774so, Neutral Milk Hotel is for women who aren't homosexual enough to listen to Lemon Demon, aren't mentally ill enough to listen to 100 Geks, and weren't diddled enough by their father to listen to Melanie Martinez... is that what im getting?

>>137596804you don't have to be gay to listen to Neil, he does good shit

>>137596917yeah youre right, hes kinda of a guilty pleasure of mine because some of his songs sounds pretty damn good, and ive always been a huge scifi fag its just a shame it attracts these sorts of.... individuals.... then again, what can you expect from a man who literally has a song that goes "fuck you daddy! ):

Never watched it but i like the pink bitch

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>biggest hipsRosemary>biggest titsParsleyyou cant prove me wrong

>>137596961Or a man who also sings about wanting to carry Bill Watterson's babies.

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>>137597001do you think hes genuinely like that, or did he just pull a Bike-Cuck move and realize his work has a very particular audience, so he began leaning into it?

>>137596739No clue, like everything else about magic it's super vague, all we know is that he takes a potion every month to lose his pussy

>>137597025>to lose his pussywell what the fuck is the point then!? im trying to fuck a cuntboy here, not some kinda freak with a dick thats gay as fuck bro

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>>137597016>Bike-CuckIt's funny that probably a lot of people don't know his real user name but if you call him that a lot of folk will know who you're talking about, lel

>>137597038You want Cuntboy Caraway you're either gonna have to commission it, draw it yourself or learn to do AI shit and make it that way Which would be easy considering there's a thing specifically for making cuntboys in SD

>>137597045kek yeah i rewrote my post when i realize most people wont recognize 'Shen' or 'Owlturd' as he used to be known

>>137597038who would be the better cuntboy, Caraway or Snapdragon?

>>137597016The latter one. Neil is too stable to being the first and he is just an elaborate shitposter when compared to typical internet degenerates.

>>137597060>started drawing Parsley eating out Caraway >now im out of home for several months on a different computer and didnt transfer it fuck me, guess im redrawingand fuck no im not touching AIthe machine untermensch arent worthy of even making my porn

>>137597075slimeboy, which is how he really got his name

>>137597083As someone who can't draw to save his life I find it pretty useful.but I can understand why people don't like it.

>>137597089no, slimeboy needs to have a massive cock so that he can impregnate all the girls with his gooTHATS how he got the name

>>137597083I don't think there's enough HGS art out there to use as a basis for AI shit anywaysSpecially with how distinct some of the characters look

so, be honest bros, got any HGS OCs?

>>137597109There are secretly two slimeboys thanks to a magic accidentone has a dong and the other has a pusspuss, both of which are the reason they're known as slimeboy

>>137597120You can train it on screencaps from the actual show, y'know?that's actually the advisable course of action for consistent results


>>137597138w what happens if they reproduce with eachother?

>>137597214Dragon Quest slimes

>>137597229now i wanna see a picture of slimeboy standing by a hospital bed going "wow theyre beautiful dear" as he looks at another slimeoby in the bed, holding a buncha slimes in his arms

>>137597249>"wow theyre beautiful dear"except write it out like his stupid little incomprehensible speech impediment maybe apply a blur affect to the text so it sounds like hes in another room

>>137597261Damn, now I really wanna see this too

>>137594398>what do you want out of a second season?an episode where Thyme has to pretend to be an adult and she succeeds thanks to her elf-like height, but she ends up having sex with a grown man.

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>>137596804Nah. Simply put, Neutral Milk Hotel is for sad incel virgins. They're great.

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For me, it is Amaryllis.

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>>137593988What would "carry" be in this context? Whether genuine or ironic, no fanbase would ever be able to convince crunch to do a second season or hand over the rights, so what would the ironic fanbase be carrying when it is for a show that had only 1 season that was dead on arrival and wants to be forgotten? Porn production?


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>>137597121It sorta feels too generic to make OCs for? I know that sounds sorta crazy, but at least with something comparable like RWBY there's a lot more to build a character around to make it actually feel like it's part of the world (crazy to praise that show, but still). I genuinely need more of the HGS world to work with if I was going to make a good effort for a characterRegardless, here's one made in 15 minutes.This is Sumac (I don't think any of the characters have last names so she doesn't get one), she has light brown skin, choppy green hair, wields a spear, hates her dad because he puts making money over family, and wants to make out with Parsley because she's into the height difference and always sees her with a smile on her (the conflict is that Parsley also wants to make the dope money and when Sumac gets close enough to realize that she struggles to reconcile her past issues with her father with the future she sees with Parsley)"

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>>137597881*squints eyes*I don't know the feeling i feel

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>>137593826Pink makes me want to breedIt’s a shame such a fuckable design is stuck in a dead show with no hope of ever coming back again

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>>137598132Giggling boner, it's sadly fatal

>>137594398Noo trannies


>>137593826has Holla Forums ever tried to make their own

>>137597121does this count?

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>>137599778>>137599797>>137599818heeey youre backi remember you from previous HGS threadsyour art slaps bitches hard

so we agree that the 'spice' in 'high guardian spice' means fuck all, and they can be named after herbs, plants and any manner of seasoning

>>137599592Own what?


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>>137597881>>137595553The secondary male characters really were the best thing about the show. After Parsley.

>>137595406>New Outfits.I have some ideas. >>137599835hmm, I try to be around whenever thread comes up, although it doesn't always have the appropriate framing for me to inject myself.

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>>137594398For Snapdragon to get his sex change spell. But instead of becoming small, dainty, and feminine like he wanted, it turns out he has the genes of a tall buff Amazon inside him. Just an absolute unit of a woman with a bodybuilder physique. His family likes him better this way.

>>137600672i just want Caraway to come up to Snapdragon like >"i know whatll solve aaaall your problems"he takes him to anothe room, Snap begins blushing and trembling as he considers what might happen, maybe Caraway will give him a potion thatll turn him into a cute girl, maybe he'll make him wear the girls' uniform, maybe he'll bring all the male teachers in to ravish his small young fertile body Caraway pulls out a book out of his bookshelf and leads Snapdragon through a door to his secret room>"and now, i'll show you the greatest magic of all">its a home gymTIME TO GET SHREDDED, FAGGOT

>>137600983I want Caraway flexing and ripping off the sleeves of his gay little coat and he says that line with the SBAHJ face

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>>137599904own guardian spice sequel/rewrite

I fapped to episodes with this with a friend, honestly it was fucking boring.

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>>137594634how many milf is in the show?

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>>137593826I was making a list of ba- Kino series to watch in the future and was wondering what I should add.

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>>137594398Cute male character

>>137602149Like.... 3 confirmed, and then you can stretch it for more if you count some of the teachers. Demon lady and the batshit one definitely have the energy if maybe not the kids.I honestly don’t remember if Sage’s mom got a couple seconds at the start of the show, but she probably didn’t hit the ILF standards, and while Amaryllis talked about her mom, who’s apparently a hoe, she hasn’t actually appeared yet

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>>137595559That's what everyone on Holla Forums looks like.

>>137601436did you end up fucking at least?

>>137602375No, it was via cam.It was a guy, too.

>>137601338I mean we could but it's best for us to make out own thing

>>137596966>>137597008There more to these pics?

>>137602392So what?

>>137603558You have a point, I would have, he's super girly, which makes it better, girly dudes are the fucking best.

>HGS thread>go to magi's twitter for some pics to post>it's deadWhat happened dude?

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>>137603576Now go and tell him you want to fill his bussy

>>137603622Would you look at the time it's goon o'clock>>137603650I do, all the time! He's very flaky lately, but whatever, he lets me say and do stuff I know other fapfriends wouldn't let me do.

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>>137600624What's some worldbuilding you wish was elaborated on more in the show?

I have never watched a single episode of GHS but all this off model porn is diamonds tier.

>>137603622>>137603740Why doesn't the show have more art like this?

>>137604148You forgot to crop the picture bro

>>137604148Anon! Blue board!shall i whip it out?

>>137604155>>137604158Fug, i forgot lol

>>137604148It's over, can't hide your mistakes user

>>137603587Got yeeted, sorry. I still have most of it on ehentai.

>>137604184Should i just go nuclear then? Is my vacation inevitable and just one router reset away from ending? What a predicament

>>137597881So that's where chao come from.

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>>137596663It didtwitter.com/sofiaealexander/status/1661884261333606400


>>137597496The Best character

>>137596031In a purely business perspective - and not that I agree - nothing of value was lost.

>>137593826need to put the high in high guardian spice

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>>137604095You know what you need to do. Saving $5 a week can lead towards a commission quickly


>>137606558Oh shit, good to see you here, too.

>>137603898hm, i am interested in some more big picture political organization, but I am less interested recently because it provides more spice to fill in the blanks myself. >>137605536here, have some more salt

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>>137606787Oh where do you recognize my other work from?

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>>137593826Do they have toilets in the HGSverse?

>>137607458Molly Threads? inb4 not the same guy

>>137607544Yea, and Rosemary's about to hand him a job application.

>>137607698nah not me

>>137593980>>137593988>>137595079>>137596623Does an abridged series for HGS exist? What you are describing sounds like it could be one. Just a bunch of editing and new voice acting to make the story whatever shitpost you want it to be.

>>137607710Anon, are you saying you would take a minimum wage position to be Rose’s (and probably Sage’s too because they share a room) private toilet?

>>137608963Don't know how you misread that. She's only giving user the application because we're not real to her.

>>137602297Sage's mom was fat, so she's definitely plump milf territory.

>>137605716In a capitalist perspective you could cut up every little bit of those and sell it for money. Value had been already made by the given man hours (which isn't a lot really for this series)

>>137609698 i need pictures, for research purposes.


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How much money do I have to pay to get someone to write the HGS MCs becoming dropouts and doing pornstars, whores or gold diggers?

>>137594036I need more HGS monster rape porn

>>137594398Evil guy.Catoonishly evil, like soo evil that he is like Kid boo or Reverse flash. Just wants to kill/ruin lives and finds that magic is the best way to kill/ruin lives is through un restricted use of old magic

>>137610761There's a wide variety of fanfic writers you can find that charge per word, and it's not like those are that extreme fetishesIt might be difficult to find one willing to do HGS though, just because to write well you need to know the source material

Sex with Rosemary. Marriage with Olive.

Rosemary missionary

>>137594398More Amaryllis and Snapdragon.Oh, and I want to see Snap get his bussy destroyed by that guy who hates him.

>>137594398More horny RosemaryMore Olive

I bought a pack of stickers from Raye and she included a handwritten thank you note with a drawing of Rosemary. Pretty cool!

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Need High Guardian Spice girls getting DP'ed

You know considering how many people were like "LOL we're gonna make so much PORN of these characters to totally own the SJW feminists who made it because they'd throw a fit if they saw all the PORN we are gonna make of their precious gay characters having STRAIGHT SEX" there really wasn't that much porn made for this show. This is especially evident by how many people here are expressing how they wished more porn existed that catered to their specific tastes.

>>137613274I wonder if Raye knows that a lot of people only hated the execution, but not the concept for the show?If we could get any design documents without the extra writers interfering, what would we get?

>>137613455Here u go

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>>137613563Okay that got a giggle out of me.

>>137613538I remember when the trailer was first shown and everyone was ripping on it I decided to try looking into the actual show and found a bunch of concept stuff on what I think might have been Raye's tumblr or some other blog site like that. Also stumbled on a little animation he made for some school project or something featuring a proto-rosemary. It all made me a lot more interested in the show than the crunchyroll trailer did.

>>137613683Wasn't the first trailer just some sketches with women talking about girl power and the all female writing staff? It is hard to imagine a WORSE trailer.

>>137613683Problem right from the start is that crunchyroll wasn't advertising a show - they were advertising that they got a room full of ultra lefties and leeched it onto something as a way to show off how "woke" they wereAnd then left it in the dust the moment that didn't immediately bring mass praise to them

>>137613714>>137613722Yes pretty much. The way crunchroll treated the show ruined it from the start. First of all, they were already on thin ice because people thought that they were funding the show with money sent to them for the purpose of funding actual anime being made in japan, not western cartoons. Although I am pretty sure this was a lie, and HGS did not actually get any additional money that was intended to go to actual anime (which is pretty evident in the quality control of the final product) but that rumor pretty much soured any positive reactions people would have to HGS or Onyx Equinox. Then they decided to release a "trailer" where they focus on how full of diverse and queer bullshit the show is with an "all female writing room" (which seems iffy since the creator is a male and I imagine he'd be in the writers room at least some of the time). They did this because they wanted to pander towards the Steven Universe crowd not realising that their audience was mostly consisting of anime fans who don't give a shit about western shows like SU so none of it appealed to them. And then of course Anti-SJW grifters latched onto the show so they could produce an endless stream of outrage bait about the terrible trailer to solidify people's perception of the show as some terrible SJW boogeyman cartoon.I remember after the show came out people were just straight up making lies about it. found some guy talking about how the show is literally anti-men and hates all men and when I pointed out the show was made by a man he was like "uh yeah well I didn't actually watch it I just assumed it was probably like that". That's the public perception the show got thanks to Crunchyroll's shitty handling of the series.

Kissy cat wife

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>>137613563That's Volcanic Viper

Show clearly suffered from too many cooks and hugbox. Everyone had ideas and all the ideas were put in even if they contradicted eachother.

>>137613274Where did you buy it?

>>137613916A cat is fine too

>>137608929it does, by Guardian HQ on youtube, but he.... went a bit insane from watching this show too much without the filter of humorous irony, ended up writing too much convoluted plot into it and its now on indefinite hiatus while the man drinks to forgetyoutube.com/watch?v=G859ZFLKArA&list=PLAG8mxDfvrtxghyqgoG_GD0u1fx49GVP6&pp=iAQBfor a quick laff, his 'abridged shorts' series is genuinely better and funnier somehowyoutube.com/watch?v=yUzAEKdZGP4&list=PLAG8mxDfvrty6nNnUtpM_R4ATz1HZnpfL

Attached: ALL THE GUARDIANS HERE ARE BABIES.png (1473x818, 827.15K)

>>137613538>>137613274Raye is... oddly chill, you wouldnt think itd be the case from someone who made HGS, and dont get me wrong hes still a huge cringe tumblr queer, but in a way thats... almost kinda adorable, rather than infuriating maybe its the genuiness of it all... the SOVL if you willhe also liked my drawing on tumblr

>>137613722Raye was definitely used by WIA (Women In Animation, if you dont know, an activism 'group' thats basically nothing more than a money laundering sceheme) and Crunchyroll. He was literally some rando kid from the web they pulled out of the hat and had his ideas for a cutesy little comic book cartoon absolutely molested and left in a back alley like a drunk cheerleader.HGS deserved better.

>>137613831>the show is literally anti-men and hates all men >and when I pointed out the show was made by a man (...)you say that, but its not actually wrong, ironically despite being huge leftists, no one in the writing room respected the creator as a man, or a person, or even as the creator. they just used him to air out their anti-man hatred, while he was trying to write a cute little story and bending to them by letting him do it, because what else are you gonna do when youre a 20-something tumblr artist making your first cartoon, and everyone around you is a 40+ year old wine hag who keeps trying to take control...

>>137615449>jumped ship straight into velmaHe really loves to hate shitshows, which is fine, but I hope he doesn't end like bung. Finish your damn abridged series

>>137615541when he made his first Velma video, many people, me included, said "goddamit dude dont become a Velma channel"and he assured us all that noooo, thatd neeeeever happenwell whoopidy fucking doo

Attached: parsleys phockin pissed.png (475x329, 170.46K)

Rosemary's feet in my mouth

i truly want people to make a better version of HGS (comic format) !like what snootgame did to goodbye volcano high, out doing the weak base material by strong community effortand also because i find the chara design too nice to just left it to rot in a shitty crunchyroll tumblrite animu

Attached: Small parsley holding big joint.png (1180x1254, 214.84K)

>>137603622Fuck, would marry and have 12 kids with her.

>>137593826High Guardian Spice should've been a Hentai/Porno.

>>137615819We can only hope

>>137613999She sold them directly through Kofi—I'm pretty sure shipped them all out herself since her name was on the return address.

Attached: 5da9e7ad-38b9-4061-828f-ae75ea9c4dc6_rockband_final.png (780x505, 624.75K)

>>137615869>filename>joint>clearly a cigar

>>137616282how come every single piece of official art for this turd was so much better looking than the show itselfim not even talking about crappy animation mistakes or background shotsthe literal artstyle they used is a direct downgradethe official art even has the mind to separate Rosemary's stupid fucoff hairbuns instead of having em look like some kinda pink magical bobcat is nesting on her head

Attached: high-guardian-spice-crunchyroll-original-series-anime-1278298-3277324214.jpg (1200x628, 116.04K)

>>137616282well? post the stickers user!

so what are your headcanons/fanon/possible reboot personalities for the characters? we have the usual memes like >Parsley is a sex pest and>Thyme is a racist Morrowind elf but how about something new?

What was this show's target audience? There's no mature content at all then suddenly someone gets graphically stabbed to death.I want my drunken magical girls goddamit

Attached: FgmPVbXXoAA3hKH.jpg (975x619, 80.52K)

>>137616534I should had called it a wrap or blunt or something


Attached: parsley_04.jpg (834x1212, 169.9K)

>>137616966who the fuck knows theres too much violence, sex, swearing and mature topics for it to be for kids... but at the same time, the approach TO those things is so stupidly mild. all the gore is just ketchup splatter, the swearing sounds like a 12 year old who just used the fuck word and is nervously using it for the first time, and the mature topics are fumbled and then rolled around on the floor and kicked under the sofa like a dirty piece of food that youre gonna dig out of there a week later its for nobody imo, its a messanyway post the edit where shes holding the Postal petition

Attached: rq.png (294x339, 117.39K)

>nobody remembers that this kid was canonically raped on screen

Attached: file.png (1920x1080, 1.51M)

>>137616926As user wants in >>137610761 Rosemary should be a Gold Digger

>>137617032>>137617059My favorite scene was the one where he announces that Morrowind is the best ES game

Attached: 03908ud.png (1280x720, 848.52K)

>>137617127Which Spice would like Daggerfall the best?

>>137617208>women>playing anything other than unmodded Skyrimanon please...

>>137615449the actual writers never made a single joke that made me laugh as much as pic rel

Attached: Untitled.png (1630x934, 1.44M)

>>137595489if it doesn't come out the cooch with at least a moustache and already inebriated, then it's no true dwarf


Something about Rosemary activates my neurons.

>>137617951>>137595489Indeed, and a good artist can make it look good instead of like it was glued on sloppily or like a human woman with hormonal problems.

>>137594676The budget wasn't really higher than standard, but yes it was almost entirely newbie production team.>>137616573That's true for most shows when translated from original source, regardless of the show being good or not.

>>137616966>drunken magical girls goddamitRosemary holding a modelo kinda fits

Attached: Parsley smoking that wiz pipe.png (1180x1254, 123.07K)

>sage is probably bi, thyme is gayCan Rose or Thyme be homophobic please?

Attached: f27.jpg (438x282, 41.05K)

>>137619860who the hell said thyme is gay?also i think sage just wants a bitchshes into rose, but shes also into snapdragon, even moreso when he crossdresses.. yet she clearly hates masculine meni think sexually shes bi, but is attracted to femininity and wants someone she can top in bed and control in life

>>137617127That obstacle he did should have had a loud teleporter at the bottom instead of a bounce. Basically if you fall in it makes a sound like a body hitting a stone floor at terminal velocity and teleports you into a locked room for a teacher to let you out later, it convinces everyone else that was watching that you just fucking died so freaks them out into getting gud and punishes you for falling.Same for all those things, spthey should have looked even deadlier but turn out to be benign just for motivation purposes.That poisoning at the start of that one class was just a test and nothing bad was going to happen, the point of it was to see how you act under pressure, everyone that panicked gets an F for that day.

>>137619860Rose is, but also gay

>>137618043Me too. Its probably the empty head energy.

>>137594676The better parts of the show were the parts that didn’t focus on any of the main 4 girls who were varying degrees of insufferable. Ironically the 1 male character and his catty bitch of a friend had a better dynamic. Hell, she was even a better friend to boot.Give me a show about them.

>>137620397She pretty much spells it out in Aster's episode and then was all over one of the mermaid bitches.Sage's bi, attracted to femininity regardless of gender.

>>137602319I wish.

>>137615482They liked and commented on a drawing of mine on Twitter and that makes me wonder if They saw the porn I drew too

>>137623276Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if Raye was chill with the porn.

I love her so much

Attached: 1644314417722.jpg (395x541, 66.29K)

>>137602297>if Sage’s mom got a couple seconds at the start of the show, but she probably didn’t hit the ILF standardsNot when I am done with her.

Attached: sketch1686281072056.png (1200x1800, 408.44K)

>>137625617Oh hey, is that a new pic? Is magi's twitter back up?

>>137625659I sent an appeal via email contact but I haven't heard back yet. I've drawn it just now, I am experimenting with drawing on a phone.

>>137625617Nice, wonder how she looked as a teenager

>>137626510Probably just Sage, but less of a frumpy bitch?

>>137623276Did you draw HGS porn?

>>137628658Quite a bit. That's why I wondered if they did.

>>137628672what kind of porn did you draw? with which characters?

>>137628658he also liked my drawing and i draw porn so im wondering if he saw ithe kinda reminds me of rebecca sugar in a waysure hes a lame tumblrfag uwu queerboi who draws dumb gay shit, but he doesnt feel malicious or even hardcore politicaltheyre both lame in their own confident way, like an oldschool deviantart kidexcept becky owned her lameness and fumbled her way to the top, whereas this kid just wasnt capable enough and got used by others

>>137628681A little bit of everything with the main four and Amaryllis

Attached: image-8.png (932x916, 301.3K)


>>137628835Yeah I also got Sugar vibes from him. I feel a lot of the anti-porn sentiment that's come up recently is actually spearheaded by self policing underage zoomers. The kind that complain that they are "literally a minor" and that them seeing porn on the internet is the worst thing ever and needs to be stopped. It's kinda funny how the children have become the ones saying "won't someone please think of the children?"

>>137628884yeah its weird isnt it? the youngest gen, the one who was always the most liberal and rebellious, is now desperately clinging to rules, sometimes even artificially imposed ones

>>137628853why does everyone like Amaryllis? shes not fun, shes not even a bitchy rich girl like the show portrayed her at first, now shes just the idealized highschool fantasy of "my best friend whos a meangirl but still a huge softy and protects me uwu"at least when she was a proper cunt it was fun,"character development" doesnt need to be in the direction of healthy and positive, and it can be a bad thing if it makes a character worse

>>137629755>shes not funEvidently most people disagree.

>>137629755Still pretty fun if you ask me, especially episode 10 when she could've been friends with Rosemary.

Attached: unknown (9).png (861x479, 179.99K)

>>137594398Total. Tranny. Death.

>>137629983aaaaand take a shot and reset the counter, boys....and we were doing so good too

>>137629819Full pls

>>137630802That's all there is.

Attached: image.png (1857x909, 510.96K)

I want to bend over Rosemary and pull from her twintails so bad

>>137593826I have not and will not ever watch this show beyond YouTube clips.But the porn, oh my goodness the porn of these sexy characters....

>>137630876Like this?

Attached: hair pull.png (1332x1042, 124.8K)


>>137625691It looks great, tired milfs is where it's at. Hope the appeal goes through.

>>137630824Amaryllis should rape Snap too, just to show her dominance over Sage. No other reasons, nope.

>>137631294No no, the other way around user.


Attached: High Rosemary.png (1180x1250, 189.99K)

>>137633193We need to get the IP and make it into a dark comedy.

>>137631294Can she show her panties?

>>137628853I feel like Amaryllis would more realistically be pegging Snapdragon if anything.

it is physically impossible to rape Rosemary since she always wants sex, on the contrary Parsley will pull the Uno Reverse card and rape you back.

>>137593826>Truly we live in the darkest timeline.ha lol

Attached: Fa4lGEiXkAAOsje.jpg (3307x2598, 382.45K)

>>137635792>Forastero drawing anything that isn't an obese hogWow, miracles can happen.

>>137635828you can just tell right?i just think their rosemary is hilarious

Attached: Fa4lFkBXkAAanrq.jpg (1956x2597, 490.56K)

>>137632023they responded surprisingly quickly, unfortunately they did not cite any specific violation or noted examples, just reiterated their right to keep me suspended "without further notice". So I guess that was that.

Attached: 2022-09-05 HGS high guardian spice rosemary chicory kissing.jpg (947x1200, 152.93K)

>>137628853will you show us your account?

>>137593826Has Raye even said anything about a Season 2 being worked on?

>>137634354Yes and keep it on the mature side. Was shocking watching it and them killing stuff and blood was coming out of them. A dark comedy with blood, modelo, and violence.

Attached: High Rosemary in the witchy woods.png (1180x1250, 302.03K)

>>137635869Butthole too big.

>>137636291That’s impossible

Attached: F32CB112-E552-475F-A864-2E011E6CDEDF.jpg (1733x1352, 194.79K)

>>137632035Coincidentally, I drew that too after.>>137635942@Paaasted on Twitter; Haven't drawn any HGS in a while, planned to do more.

Attached: image.png (1902x933, 1.19M)

Imagine being in a bed with Parsley, Rose, and Amaryllis togetherShortstack marshmallow heaven

>>137635873What a bunch of assholes. What's next then, tumblr now that they allow porn again?

>>137637138Looks great, hope you get back to it.

>>137637698they don't allow porn, just "tasteful nudes", but I do kept a lot of my HGS related drawing there. @ac120

Attached: 2021AUG21_hgs_high_guardian_spice_you_are_a_boomer_chicory_doodle_compiled.jpg (947x2400, 205.34K)

>>137637790I wish they did again, I signed up back in the days where an artist I liked was still there and found my some of my favorite SFW and NSFW artists there.

>>137637790I thought that was the silhouette of his erect penis for a sec

>>137637048God I wish he did more with them.

>>137602392>spoilertrust me we all assumed that without you having to tell us


>>137633137Oh, so like this instead?

Attached: hair pull 2.png (1468x1068, 123.97K)

>>137634493I don't remember, does she wear bloomers? I think they'd suit her.

Attached: bloomers.png (1408x1324, 134.71K)

>>137593988There are unironic fans on twitter and reddit, people still post about it every day

Attached: 1636337223883.png (1608x1210, 527.98K)


Attached: maxresdefault[1].jpg (1280x720, 97.22K)

>>137639882Suplex herSUPLEX HER

>>137637790just make a new twitter dude, all the banned porn artists do that.

>>137639882This made me laugh too hard

>>137613274Raye actually seems like a pretty cool dude, and compared to the weird chicks he got stuck with in production.Especially when he seems like he can actually draw and they can't.

Attached: b5ae29bc1012c5e9123f61a7598c578c.png (581x350, 388.55K)


>>137640359Yeah, maybe ten unironic fans.I'm only here because the Holla Forums fanart is good, and it's actually really fun when you don't take it even remotely seriously.The creator mostly just chills on Tumblr and Twitter, but I wish they answered questions about the show or something because I really wanna pick their brain on the worldbuilding and just what the fuck Lyngarth is supposed to be like.

>>137641060He answered quite a bit, but not much on worldbuilding

Attached: RayeQnA.png (600x4264, 1.31M)

>>137641133Man I thought Mandrake was way older. Turns out he's just a teenage edgelord, but I guess it's pretty impressive how skilled he is at that age.>some answers reference any chance of the show getting another season and not being left to rotlol>The crazy potions teacher is a guardianYou just know her kill count is massive with how she treats her own students.

>>137641133I'm glad he didn't get a second season, those plans sound bad.




Attached: 2023-06-09 vacation panda.png (725x714, 197.14K)

How was he so homophobic in a world surrounded by magical gay shit

Attached: miss me with that snap.jpg (2048x1070, 404.33K)

>>137593826The show was bad OP.

Attached: doesn't mean its good.jpg (640x608, 68.82K)

>>137643087That's just what happens when you're a walking strawman.Same deal with that dude who was basically just male Rosemary, but they had to make Rose look like the competent, serious one in comparison.

>>137628884>I feel a lot of the anti-porn sentiment that's come up recently is actually spearheaded by self policing underage zoomers. The kind that complain that they are "literally a minor" and that them seeing porn on the internet is the worst thing ever and needs to be stopped. It's kinda funny how the children have become the ones saying "won't someone please think of the children?"Bullseye>pic very related>twitter/tumblr/moral crusaders of drawings (VERY) commonly have skeletons in their closet

Attached: IMG_4455.jpg (1199x1070, 201.81K)

>>137643128True, however there is a sentiment from many that it was heavy wasted potential, “a gem with coal skin” as some ‘teens may say, however the potential was wasted, and the only ones left to see the wreckage are coomers, and some hide who wished for a better show, yet never got one

Attached: IMG_4542.jpg (1024x893, 98.18K)

>>137633193>Youtube put a disclaimer on the video telling the viewer to see counseling just because the word suicide is in the title

Attached: Ewi6mEuWYAk04NS.jpg (1125x804, 87.19K)

>>137628884Gen Alpha but yeah, underage fags are the worst.

>>137643966Whatever happened to lying about your age on porn/r34 sites? You have to genuinely severely sheltered to have any problem seeing porn as a boy, to me that shit was a rite of passage

>>137640359sauce for pic rel? is this the same artist who drew him being molested by slimes? sure looks like it

>>137644870It is, and I got it from here years ago. I don’t think they had a Twitter, unfortunately

>>137641133>the lesbians are in their 30s>Caraway is FUCKING 40man, these people cannot deliver age well, can they? i figured theyre all like 18

>>137643550i'd say it's closer to being a coal that could have been a gem.

>>137643087better yet, why did anyone care? hes such a minority that if this world was realistic, he wouldve been treated as silly as a guy claiming the moon is made of cheesethis show is constantly torn between "uwu pewfect gay utopia" and "b b uh buh actually dont forget were still oppressed! never forget!"

>>137628884It's mostly from the terminally online zoomers who prefer to keep their virgin ears pure.No IRL teenagers wastes time whining about porn>>137644870Maybe?

Attached: slimeboy.png (2298x1904, 959.03K)

>>137644890I know it's because he was voiced by 20 something Raye himself, but Caraway's voice is way too high pitched and doesn't match a 40 year old man.

>>137595406>Less retarded altright shills using it as a punching bagwhat the fuck does that mean?

>>137643382>be new kid in school>try your hardest to look skilled and compotent in front of all your cool new friends>fumble around, show off some skills, try to get along>meet cute girl>forget her name, accidentally call her something else>spaghetti.jpeg>she doesnt mind tho, in fact she confirms that it IS her name, so you just move on>everything seems fine, everyone likes you so you keep acting the way you did>make one criticism towards her >suddenly for seemingly no reason at all everyone spergs out at you simultaneously >also shes mad that you got her name wrong... after telling it to you wrong...>what the fuck

Attached: Aster.jpg (619x527, 46.29K)

>>137644952he kinda just sounds like a twink to be honestthat combined with his outfit and the whole crystal-card-reading-playing-with-sigils hooha he has going on, i assumed he was a massive faggot

>>137644959alt-right youtube grifters spam out low quality content "criticising" the show in order to stir up outrage about it that makes their audience want to watch more of their videos complaining about the show to get more views and subscribers from it. You can easily identify them by their channels full of clickbait thumbnails and titles about how terrible and woke the show is.


>>137644973Yeah that was a weird episode, even for this show.You can tell the women had a very personal hand in writing it.

>>137644987...user shut up will ya

Attached: 20221202_122529.jpg (732x924, 134.41K)

>>137644973This guy started at as seemingly a good meaning "himbo" archetype so him suddenly getting catty at the end felt kinda shitty. I think I would have preferred if he was legitimately just kinda stupid and vain and didn't also need to be a legitimate asshole to hammer in that Rose was wrong for liking him or whatever.

>>137645007imagine being a 30-40+ woman and writing an episode about a mean little highschooler to take out your personal hangups onthats embarrassing

Attached: 20230610_102054.jpg (1080x652, 124.3K)

>>137645017No, I won't. user literally asked what they meant by that and I explained it.

>>137645031shut up....

>>137645021its like that stupid trope where the villain is supposed to be a bad guy but everything he does is kinda agreeable because its purely the writers personal problemsso then they have him kick a kitten at the end or something to show that "see? he also did THAT he really is evil!"i always wonder which characters were Raye originals, and which were brought up in the writing room by some Pinkhair Winedrunk

>>137645060Cal was definitely a Pinkhair Winedrunk creation with how much he basically clashes with the setting and even most of the scenes he's in with his dialogue.

>>137645079yeah, its like hes from that meme about "what would happen if you brought a 90s schoolyard bully into a modern 2023 school"tbf tho itd be hilarious if they ever reveal hes a dimensional traveler from our world and literally doesnt belonghe already just looks like a regular guy, no weird outfit or rainbow hair....shit thats my new headcanon

>>137645060>>137645079His episode was directed by Amber Tornquist Hollinger and written by Amanda Levari, Kate Leth, & Katie McVay. So make of that what you will. I know Kate Leth is infamous as the "kill all men" or something lady.

>>137645098>Cal is a dimensional traveler from earth coming to High guardian to study magic>Can't help but be homophobic>Probably also racist towards magical creatures Kek

>>13764495970% of the criticism of the show came out before the show did, almost entirely from closeted altright bros trying to own the libs It's annoying, and it'd be better for the show if they didn't.

My favorite character in this show gets no lines, but this background goblin/orc/whatever boy is pretty cute. Completely wasted design.

Attached: b44811d885deb04844d34f0c73815231.png (689x522, 544.3K)

>>137645031>>137644987I thank you for explaining it but it's not "alt-right" youtubers fault for using it as a punching bag. They set themselves up by making that "preview" nothing but women this and all of our writers are women instead of talking about the show and then releasing a meh show. Yes the show deserved to be mocked and that way we can learn from it.

How long has it been since one of these threads? I don’t come here too often these days, I remember when there was one going every week or two.

Attached: IMG_8713.jpg (1070x1201, 101.27K)

>>137645156That wasn’t the show’s fault, that was shitty crunchyroll marketing. They really shot the show in the dick before it could get off the ground

>>137645156They are grifters, they are entirely at their own fault. There's a considerable difference between looking at a shitty trailer and going "wow that's shit" and spamming a bunch of low quality videos about it in order to get as much outrage views possible from it.

>>137645130>closeted altright bros>closeted>altright>brosanon... youre not from around here, are you

Attached: 1669233302530812.png (631x500, 224.46K)

ParsMoss is canon!!!

Attached: 1671030976016.png (998x1113, 114.91K)

>>137645199but isn't he like a lot older than her, probably more than double her age?

>>137645250Ok but consider this.... hot

>>137645250personally i always headcanoned Parsley as being in her 20s, she feels like an adult and i love tiny adult dwarvesbesides this is a specialized academy, not public school, characters of all ages can be in the same class

>>137645293I suppose headcanons can be a thing.Although it does seem the intended in show canon for her is 14 as said here by Raye >>137641133

>>137645156Why are you trying to defend youtubersLiteral wastes of air

>>137645307yeah yeah, Raye also said THIS THING is a 40 year oldbesides, i think we all get a "i dont give a fuck what the creator claims" pass

Attached: 1671406975580.png (715x402, 320.44K)

>>137645336>no see you can tell hes older cause we gave him some under eye linesah, the RWBY approach to art

Attached: hqdefault.jpg (480x360, 12.08K)


Attached: IMG_2072.png (798x949, 26.44K)

>>137595489I can't believe some people took the joke from LotR so seriously.

>>137645458>joke from LotRanon, bearded female dwarves exist in many myths and pieces of fictionand personally i think theyre neat

>>137601106>>137600983someone draw this plz


>>137645336Yeah, but like, he's already changing his appearance with magic potionsSome skin moisturizer isn't really that much of a reach to throw on top

>>137646280yeah alright ill accept itto be fair tho i think FTMs also tend to look way younger than they are, since female features are softer and younger looking on a manthats also why MTFs look way older

>>137645130The vast majority of criticism of the show came from crunchyroll subscribers who were told theyd be funding anime and got this instead. The crunchyroll forums were on fire and they lost a lot of subscriptions as a resultImagine if you got funding to make a rap album and produced a bluegrass one instead

>>137646736its not even that, its more like if you got funding to help poorly paid rap artists, and instead took that money and recorded yourself beatboxing into a skype miccrunchyroll always lied about paying anime creators tho, those couple a shekels they send em every once in a while like theyre starving african kids do about as much help as youd expect, and in return, they get the privilege of taking said anime and paying subpar english voice actors to insert racial justice commentary into anime about girls firing laser titty beams

>>137646736>who were told theyd be funding animeYou're oversimplifying it, it got a lot of flak because CR presented HGS as their move to fix the industry while the only material they had was a video of americans progressive types gloating about how great they are.If CR had produced only originals like HGS and Onyx Equinox than actual anime but without any pretense of fixing the industry, I doubt a lot of people would've thrown a fit.

>>137647204true, that was also a factormany people got the notion (which is very prevalent in artistic industries like cartoons, cinema and video games right now...) that this was another case of "people who hate the industry, the product and its fans trying to squeeze themselves in where they dont belong and flipping it all on its head", and considering people were already sensitive to this sorta thing, not to mention CR itself was on thin ice when people discovered where its money is actually going... well, HGS was really just the final straw is allit kinda did to CR, what "Thundercats ROAR" did to the discussion about Calarts- none if it was new or shocking in and of itself, it was just too much all at once.

>>137647204Imagine being thr creator, getting to make your own cartoon, being excited to show off the world and the characters.Then a buncha specialhaired grannies twice your age and three times your size walk onto the set and start talking about their new uber-progressivu show and its all-female cast

>>137644973Justice for Aster! He was a good boy with a moment of weakness, he should come back for a redemption in s2.

>>137647779my hc is Aster was a troubled kid whos a bit socially awkward, thats why he transferred to another school late and tried to hard to play the "cool kid" personahes actually a misunderstood sperg and he deserves better

You know what, if I got to write S2 I'd actually keep most of the themes in, just give them a more balanced representation. Make it a dark comedy it was shaping into already yes, but for example don't turn Snap into a macho opposite of what he was, keep going with his struggles and have him discover that just because he's feminine it doesn't mean he has to become a woman, just that he's a man that's different than most.

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>>137648088>keep going with his struggles and have him discover that just because he's feminine it doesn't mean he has to become a woman, just that he's a man that's different than most.I get this but they clearly did want to make it a story about someone discovering they are trans. "you can be feminine while still being a man" is a good message for feminine men who aren't trans but is useless for trans people who the character was supposed to be one of.

>>137648192>>137648088If i was responsible for s2 too, id probably turn it into more of a satirical and mildly absurdist comedy, have Snap's struggles be played for laughs and not really have it be him being transgender or feminine, or touch on any "deep n serious issues"

>>137596774I just looked up, no shit. He's voiced by Julian Koster? I've met him before. He's really fucking weird.

>>137648279exactly HOW weird?

>>137648289Like weird. Like he's an adult child.

>>137648347what did he do to make you say that?

>>137645321>Literal wastes of airI get it but we're no better too.

Prone Bone with ParsleyReverse Cowgirl with Rosemary

>>137649253Missionary with SageFull Nelson with Thyme

>>137643942I thought I needed to login to watch the video, guess times change.

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>no one has made a big sassy black OC named "Lawry's Seasoned Salt" yet

>>137645250Yeah but for Dwarves age gap stuff is a turn on.

>>137648279>>137648289He’s Slime Boy irl

>>137649902mentally disabled, works in the equivalent of an apple store, hangs out around highschool girls and perpetually sounds like hes speaking into a plastic cup?shit, i believe it

>>137650401from the videos I've seen, yeah that's sounds right.

>>137649902I just watched a video of him.What the fuck, he's EXACTLY LIKE THAT, now I don't think they even gave him a script. Bet they just got him to sing and he kinda stuck around.

>>137651333>>137651177check'd and double check'dlink ploz?

you have been visited by the Slime Boy of slaying pusspuss good fortune and working microphones will come your way, but only if you reply "go Slime Boy go!"

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>>137651387go slime boy go!

>>137651387go Slime Boy go!

>slime boy isn't a slimeboywtf

>>137594398If I could put anything into a season 2 I would force it to have at least one girl end up accidentally naked once per episode every single episode.

>>137648192They did, but if I got to write S2 that would be the change I'd go with.

>>137649714>rosemary thinks she's a sad badass, fr fr

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>>137651819>literally meIt fits rosemary a bit

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Rosemary's bloomers!

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>>137653381I know they were trapped but Rosemary should have some common decency.

>>137593826>wow this cheese pizza is an explosion of flavor>it's like they added an extra spice or herb or something

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>>137643087He is based

>>137645170>shot themselves in the dickfitting for a tranny show lol

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>>137651387go Slime Boy go!

Which main girl would be the most into urethral sounding?

>>1376451834chan unites bitter losers of all political stripes.

>>137657459Sage is into that freak shit, you just know.


>>137657459...into what?

The little scenarios in the outro look more fun than literally anything that happens in the series.Also the end credits theme is a cozy guilty pleasure compared to the intro which genuinely just sucks.

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>>137654754>the extra ingredient is...>love!

>>137659816>No wonder this pizza tastes so... inclusive! All flavors are represented in this sauce of love!

Still my OTP. They're both retards that deserved each other and required correction.

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Remove Sage and i'll give it another chance

>>137660922>cute, brown goth witch with a pointy hat>tights and red painted nails>religious/homeschooled equivalent in fantasy world, repressed>actually really toxic and bitchyNo, those are my fetishes.

For all of the show's flaws (many), Thyme was the only time i ever liked brown elvesShe was decently cool plus lowkey a hottie

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>>137661481Lesbian thot.

When are we getting all four of the HGS girls getting gangraped by trolls and ogres?

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>>137661869When you save up the money and commission it as I doubt the actual show is coming back any time soon

>>137661869There's not nearly enough porn artists drawing this series for someone to draw the girls getting raped Goblin Slayer style.>>137660922>>137661336I unexpectedly liked and disliked Sage at the same time, at first I thought she'd just be the standard "reasonable friend to the dumb main character" trope, but she's surprisingly controlling over Rose and just kinda THINKS they're that trope 24/7.I unironically wish they went harder on that part of her character.

>>137661869After they gangrape me with their massive futa cocks

>>137662449I'm surprised no one drew that yet

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>>137648279julian koster is so fucking based i prefer the music tapes to neutral milk hotel on a good day

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