Any soviet cartoon that you like?

Any soviet cartoon that you like?

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>>137589118nu pogodi is pretty good, i saw part of the alice in wonderland one but didn't finish it. i should watch more late period soviet stuff, i've seen a lot of their scifi/scifi-comedy films but not a whole lot of animation. any recommendations? i did just finish guest from the future so i was gonna go watch mystery of the third planet

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>>137589295Do you mean this Masha by any chance?

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>>137589118Cheburashka>designs really adorable>Whole show is pure wholesomeness >Also japanese Cheburashka remake/sequel is must watch if you love series

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Prostokvashino is pretty good

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>>137589118Time to

>> art piece gave me depression

>>137589118there's also this short, based on the Ray Bradbury story "There Will Come Soft Rains"

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>>137589118What’s pic related? It looks interesting?!

Any of Fyodor Khitruk‘s work.

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>>137592458It's soviet adaptation of Alice in the wonderland Pretty good adaptation aswell

>>137589118Mystery of the third planet

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>>137589400>Also japanese Cheburashka remake/sequel is must watch if you love seriesWhen

>>137589118no. I don't like communism. I consider it the worst country in modern history, and anything related to soviets is an instant nope to met. Polish person

>>137595490Ok post your own county's cartoon then

>>137594855Is it true?

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>>137589118Even though they were commie bastards, the Soviets knew how to make some good ass cartoons. Leopold the Cat, Gena the Crocodile, Wings, Legs, and Tails, Investigation Held by Kolobki, Big Secret for a Small Company (fuck that card-playing, swashbuckling black cat, he used to scare me when I was little), Last Year’s Snow Was Falling, Vampires of Geona and its sequels, Wow! A Talking Fish, that wack-ass Treasure Island adaptation that got me to read the equally wack book (great read, BTW), and, best of all, The Adventures of Captain Vrungel.I mean, come on guys, Bandito and Gangsterito? You literally can’t get more кинo than that.

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>>137589118Liked these "Behind the Desk" shorts quite a bit even if I can't understand a lick of Russian and cyrillic looks like barcodes and made up letters. Main character designs are adorable, color palette's easy on the eyes, not to mention the background art and supporting characters all look straight out of historic texts and so

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>>137596022Oh yeah forgot to add some more кинo to the list. There’s also On the Road with Clouds and its sequel The Elephant’s Present, Katerok (some tugboat cartoon), Plasticine Crow, Break!, Polygon, Mother For a Little Mammoth, Captain Pronin, Wonders of Technology, and Blue Sea, White Foam (Which I think is a sequel to Wow! A Talking Fish but I can’t be sure).On the Road with Clouds is pure hype BTW, absolute classic. Them Soviets knew how to make a good beat.

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I remember ages ago i watched what I THINK was a soviet cartoon, there was no real dialogue, just grunting and giggling and i remember the video was in a blue monochromatic color scheme. From what i remember it was about teenagers goofing off in school it was probably 5 to 8 minutes at most.


>>137594855>>137595931Yeah it is! And it's actually pretty good one!

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>>137596210>Blue Sea, White Foam (Which I think is a sequel to Wow! A Talking Fish but I can’t be sure).Same director and studio. Check his other works.

>>137589359Why shows shy about showing panties in a non sexual way?

>>137596026It’s ’Desk in the back’, supported by the kids’ remarkable lack of discipline kek

>>137597447I know it’s the same studio, it’s just that because it’s the same old guy, now with a grandson with him, that I thought it was a sequel. Great film, nonetheless.


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>>137597460I have no idea But actually there's another cartoon that do show panties in non sexual way Кopoлeвa Зyбнaя щёткa aka Queen Toothbrush

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>>137597473Had a feeling that was the joke, but I went with a more literal translation.

>>137589118Kuzya my beloved

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>>137596026In "Back of a class" abosolutely love the style of this cartoon. Really have a that feeling of doodles which you draw in notebook during the boring classes.

>>137589118The Adventures of Lolo the Penguin

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>>137590349>>137589228Loved these when I was a kid.>>137589400I had a Cheburashka doll. I really liked it and it was cute though as a kid I couldn't really appreciate the vibe/atmosphere of the show at all the sane way I can now. Unfortunately...

>>137598190What the fuck is this movie

>>137598190> even talking about how they completely ignore the original's feel and appeal, this feels like sonic levels of design on Cheb>>137598614pain. The result of Hollywood quick-buck schlock being copied by other companies. Why care when you can make money by just featuring the character (or at least a similar looking one to the OG)

>>137598853Weirdly enough the changed the designs JUST like in the Sonic movie But it's looks worse desu

>>137598190Bruh where’s Gena the Crocodile?

>>137598959This is Gena feel old yet

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>>137598853Actually some plot points are based on real life creator of Cheburashka - Eduard Uspenky and Gena feels like allusion on Eduard himself.

>>137599143Do I kill myself now or later now that I know Gena is no longer a crocodile?Also, maybe it’s just me, but Cheb looks like a knockoff Ratchet and Clank character in the film.

>>137599294I could see that I think it's because of his face


>>137599468Yes! That is it exactly! Cheb’s face makes him look like a background NPC in the Nu-Ratchet games.

>>137596022The Treasure Island adaptation is awesome, it got ne to read the book too

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>>137599294>Also, maybe it’s just me, but Cheb looks like a knockoff Ratchet and Clank character in the filmWhy though

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>>137601818>>137597832Same in this cartoon too.

>>137589118Snow Queen

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I always hated Disney's version of the Jungle Book (still do). So imagine my surprise when youtube one day recommended me the entire movie of "Adventures of Mowgli". Like for real in still surprised how good this movie is.

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>>137601078It’s the face.

>>137602347I’d totally smash.


>>137599143This is a human

Bump bump bumpity bump.

Any thoughts on Armenfiln

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>>137592352Maybe I'm a psychopath but it bothers me how AI in shows and such seem to always assume people want the same breakfast every morning and such.I remember the AI going into excruciating detail on the breakfast arrangements, and the older I get the more I wonder if this was some kind of psychotic break where it keeps trying to produce breakfast out of the irrational hope it will somehow bring their family back.Now I need to reread this, thanks user.

>>137605930If this old guy’s the main character, then you know it’s going to be a good film.

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Garry Bardin guy made

>>137606022Thanks I love bolek and lolek

>>137606151Who is he

>>137608289The Old Storyteller from Wow! A Talking Fish and Blue Sea, White Foam.

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>>137609886She's so hot



>>137589118Bremensky Musicians

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>>137589228>>137589359>>137589400>>137592352>>137593290>>137595931>>137598158What makes Soviet entertainment so good, Holla Forums?

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>>137611808It was mostly without violence. Good defeats Evil not by showing the nuke up it's ass, but by being actually kind, clever and virtuous.

>>137589118I get enough people trying to shove communist propaganda down my throat as is I don't need to look for vintage commie copium.

>>137611808>ET civilization>most of the USA ones aren't even sapientSnowniggers having to resort to some serious cherrypicking to make their narrative work.

>>137589359Absolutely, I wish there we’re more than three shorts with her

>>137611808Sorry but the US wins here

>>137596026I love thé war Russian cartoons move, they have this weird jittery way of moving that isn’t completely smooth but still really dynamic, or something like that

>>137612014Limited resources really pushed to create more unique and experimental stuff

I really like this one.>>137612079True. I’m just impressed with how lively it still feels with some of these limitations, even more than some super smooth animated works I’ve seen. Not to say smooth animated cartoons don’t look great, it’s just nice to see different techniques

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>>137597460You mean modern cartoons? Probably social stigmas and different times. Molly McGee would look fine with a skirt and panties but she has to wear spats

>>137612124Totally agreeStill fun seeing those diffrerent type of styles Like you could check out "Puck! Puck!" it has pretty dynamic animation

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>>137589118You guys will never get it, but I would prefer probably much more an eastern european thread rather than something that reminds me of Russia. I don't think you will ever understand why people here hate Russia. My dream is a world where Russia is succesfully pushed out of Europe back to Asia, where they belong without any sore thumb sticking out (I'm talking about you, Kaliningrad).If you don't like it turning into Holla Forums keep that in mind. It's a little like making a nazi cartoon thread, Here, I said my piece and whatever

>>137611808Those soviet androids were pretty

>not lewd with this character

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>> is not, that you aren't free to express your opinion, but it is you, who is trying to turn this thread into Holla Forums. Don't like - don't look.

This is sci-fi kino for>humans crush on alien planet, have to evac from radioactive ship stuck high in mountains>survive harsh planet conditions for years >waste all human potential on attempts to get back to the ship>kids grow up, get stronger>last attempt to get to the ship before falling into barbarism forever as oldies die and 2nd gen sees it all as some founding myth

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>>137612156>spatsWhat's this

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>>137611808They were poor, so had to make up for the lack of impressive flashiness with sheer undiluted SOVL.

>>137600732It's funny how dialogues are faithful to the actual novel (I've watched it with English subtitles), yet the actual wacky action in this cartoon has nothing to do with the serious tone of them.

>>137611808utopianism and unviersalist values

>>137589118Does Unser Sandmmänchen count, even though it's from East Germany?

>>137613904In 1945 American SF author Murray Leinster wrote "First Contact". A human and an alien spacecraft encounter each other, both far from their homeworlds while investigating an astronomically interesting object. Peaceful trade would be advantageous to both sides -- but neither is willing to trust the other. If the other side knew the location of their home planet, they MIGHT attack. So neither ship can go home -- out of fear they'd be followed. A battle, destroying one or both ships, seems inevitable.The Russians promptly published a rebuttal of Leinster's premise. Any starfaring, technically advanced, civilization would HAVE to be Socialistic/Communist. Those are all enlightened and peaceful, so there'd be no problem.

Are you asking for Soviet from all over, or just Russian?

>>137615364I think we’re going for Soviet all over. If it was just Soviet Russian cartoons, I think OP would’ve mentioned it.

>>137592352I remember watching this short back at high school after reading the original story while going through his works

>>137614703>Source: My ass

>>137611808The animators weren't pressured to make money, so they could afford to make whatever they thought were interesting, and take their time to animate with no hard deadlines.The downside of this is that the total output of all Soviet studios is probably less than what Japanese sweatshops produce in a year.

>>137611808That reminds me of somebody saying the a large chunk of Soviet SF has a tone very similar to the original Star Trek.

>>137611808it's campy in this weirdly alien but charming way, the stories are generally better, and the production values are simpler in a good way

>>137612828>the kids trudge through a surreal alien landscape to reach the human spaceship>the human spaceship is 10x more surreal

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>>137613264It’s like the short black pants that cover her upper thighs. I don’t hate them to be honest, I just like panties more because it’s cuter

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>>137616366Reminds me of the way inkling girl would wear

>>137616905I know that chick

>>137617416She's from splatoon

While I loved stuff like Prostokvashino, Karlsen, and Nu Pogodi; my favorite as a child (and I always think about) is Adventures of Vasya Kuralesev. It is a story about a young man going out to buy some pigs at a public market and ends up being scammed and framed by a duo of really good one is a claymation called: "Fell Last Year's Snow." It is a story about a village bumpkin trying to bring a christmas tree for his fat wife, but instead keeps getting into trouble along the way.

>>137615684>>137615364Yes, it's from all not just Russia

>>137618688>Vasya KuralesovAbsolutely based

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>>137618688>>137590349>ProstokvashinoRemember that one arc? From back when USSR fought degenerate art. It seems the artists making it just had fun going full abstro while pretending it's bad. Pretty a dog inheriting huge wealth. Shows how rich set the norm and nobody questions it. Fun cartoon too.Ironic how in the end Baseduzmultfilm was privatised and random faggots got to own all this and sell it abroad and region block in on youtube for Russia.

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>>137621033That was a pretty bad era for the country, with fuckers like Yeltsin selling off public domain stuff to his friends and criminals for pennies. Well Yeltsin sold off pretty much everything for pennies.

>>137616816Simple and comfy


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>>137616816what's the title of this cartoon?

>>137596026>made up have not seen v0.1 of slav alphabet

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>>137621736What the fuck is this alien language

>>137622000Obviously you are not a Rurik enjoyer.

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>>137621649Do like how that whole segment could be considered spec evo in some way, wish we'd seen this form in motion though.

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>>137623076There's more of this fanart?

>>137623092There likely is, though these are all that this particular artist drew.

>>137623076Damn can't believe this cartoon have some good fanart

>>137621685invisible hat from 1973

>>137611808>no ET on the US sideCome on, man

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>>137622000chanting of the swamp people

>>137621033I like how the filter censored Baseduzmultfilm into Baseduzmultfilm.

>>137625022God damn it.“Among us says S U S, to me that’s pretty sus!”

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>>137625078If among us is a cartoon

What's the actual name of this cartoon again?

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>>137623449She looks cute af

>>137613264It's the footwear thingy worn by for example Scrooge McDuck and Gladstone Goose. They fell out of fashion in the 1920s

>>137613818Yeah, there's a certain adventurous humor in Treasure Island, but the book is a lot more serious and makes the danger they're in clearer

>>137612660I love how consistently based were the antagonist team in this series, always rooted for them.


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>>137589118kino godfather music in the fog is also a must watch

>>137589118Doctor AybolitMade by same person who worked on Adventures of Captain Vrungel and Treasure Island

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>>137629656Contact introduced me to the Godfather, I shit you not.

>>137597460because of ppl like u who ask questions like these

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>>137632223looks like jucika a little

>>137589118>1960s surreal british cartoon background>1990s anime hair>2010s nu character face designThis is like the mutt meme applied to cartoons

>>137615861The only downside to that system is if some bureaucrat didn't like you, you kind of fucked on state funding.

>>137589118this is cute>>137633699i'm genuinely sad for you.

>>137633699I don't see anything wrong here

>>137633699Sounds normal to me

>>137589118granted Im not all that well versed with the troves of soviet animation, but the few examples of it which I've seen left a great impact on me. The Snow Queen comes to mind as my premier favorite. There are few animated characters with as much prescence as the queen herself. She's as commanding and powerful as she is delicate and regal. Every scene with her keeps me on the edge of my seat. In all honesty is likely my infatuation with her that keeps me in love with the film.

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>>137592352i havent thought of this short in years user. Thank you for reminding me of it.

>>137592773between the americans, the poles, and the russians who adapted alice the best?

>>137602347I love how imposing she.

>>137602411I've always been one to like both as they're such drastically different adaptions. The disney film was my favorite as a kid, the soviet my favorite as a teen. Im honestly surprised how little has been done with Mowgli in the way of adventure stories as he is effectively a precursor to Tarzan.

>>137612689>nazi cartoonsdid the reich stick around long enough to produce animation of any kind? didnt they only get to release a handful of films?

>>137606007Russian co-production!

>>137633480I know

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>>137589118Great soundtrack, wish there was a single video that had all of the episode ending songs because I thought they were really cute.>>137589400Also really adorable. I love the songs Gena got.

>>137635626>the polesWait they did have their own Alice in wonderland version?

>>137589118Boris Shergin's tales by Yuri Koval:Magical Laugh and tears at the White

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>>137636252yes its was a live action/stop motion hybrid

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>>137636295Czechs do also have one too but it's made by the same staff as the gene deitch tom and jerry shorts

>>137629422Back to the Soviet Treasure Island, there was a scene where Jim Hawkins tells John Silver exact words from the book as he killed Israel Hands, while in the animation, Hands has fallen to the water while he lost balance, and was simply never heard from again.Or that fragment with Billy Bones, when he was diagnosed with alcoholic epilepsy, while in the cartoon, he was hit in the head with a wooden beam fragment.Anyway, that part wat the moment when Gigachad Dr. Livesey appeared for the first time.

>>137636332what the hell is this

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>>137635626the disney version is too bland and lifeless, the russian version has the exact opposite problems, meaning it's too scary and vivid, the polish version is alright i guess

>>137636398>>137637060What about the czech version?

>>137612689Chill bro here have a german cartoon to calm down.

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>>137636295>AliceIsn't it a czechs adaptation?

>>137636295This film scared the shit out of me when I was a kid


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>>137639305To be fair they really did catched that eerie vibe of original glass harmonica

>>137639305Looks like shit. I would ban it too and send director to the fields. Wasting precious cartoon equipment on shit like that is sabotage.

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>>137611808>spacebabe vs xeno

Any thoughts on big troubles the cartoon?

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>>137635898Oh ok...

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Love everything that Aleksandr Tatarsky did.

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The Heraclies descent from Olimpus fucking heartbroke me as 6 year old child, hadn't smiled ever since

>>137589118God no

>>137645083I agree with that.


>>137645083He have pretty damn good cartoons I really love "Investigation Held by Kolobki"

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Is it count as a cartoon?

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>>137648007Oh ok

>>137635584>>137602347something i remember reading about that film was that the queen herself was rotoscoped, meaning she was a real actress they traced over, while the other characters were traditionally animated - which means she moves in a way that's extremely uncanny and a little unsettling, which i always thought was cool

>>137647994I thought that this film was just a dream I had when I was sick

One of the shorts that preceded Mike Lu and Og a decade earlier by one of the

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>>137635838They were too busy gassing Jews and Slavs. Also, since any kind of light music were forbidden by Krauts, as they considered it related to Jews and PoC, I guess they had the same approach about cartoons.

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>>137650621Where did you watch the film?

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>>137612828This was genuinely cool.

>>137639305breddy gud

>>137652461Back when I use to be a kid my family had a huge collection of dvds. And I think one time when I was very sick (I couldn’t even open my eyes, I think I was having fever that time) and I was laying at the hospital. For some reason I had only this film and I was watching it on repeat. I don’t remember a lot, but I do remember but I felt horrible. I also remember that the part with the frog character singing was very fucking annoying, and caused me a major headache.

>>137653220My bad for grammar mistakes, hope you'll understand my messy text. (Also English is my second language so give me some slack)

>>137653471It was on Russian-wait there is English dub??

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>>137598158Holy fuck, I haven't seen this in years. The last time I saw this was in elementary school and I've never been able to find the name of it. Thanks for pointing it out.

>>137653471The original was romanian and then translated into russian But as I remember this movie was basically a collab between Romania and USSR

Just to add to Aleksandr Tatarsky’s legacy. I know it's not technically a SOVIET cartoon, but gora samocvetov is just too fucking good not to mention.

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>>137647994But this is Italian?

>>137654027It's romanianMaria Mirabellayou can even check on wiki it is romanian

>>137654056OK, thanks.

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>>137656101What is this

>>137656879A bug with a unibrow

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>>137652190Man Russians can draw some cute girls

Nice to have one of these threads again

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>>137646305are you telling me there was a russian hercules cartoon? can I get a title?

>>137650243that makes a great deal of sense now that you mention it. i guess thats what makes the scenes when she reaches for the young boy protagonist so gripping. there's a fluidity to her movement that makes her feel alot more tangible.

>>137651973considering all the things they considered verboten I have to wonder what kind of popular culture the reich would have ended up producing. the best we have to go off in our timeline are the soviets and the chinese and both of their outputs are probably despicable by reich standards. As far as I know Tin Tin was really popular in Hitler's Europe so maybe he would have gone onto become nazi Europe's Mickey Mouse.

Prepare to

>>137661568Probably this, I can't remember anything else like

>>137661219>soviet jessica rabbithow am I only learning about this now?

Having grown up in the Far North, these ones are my

>>137661727>those designs>those physical backgroundsthis is the greatest thing I've seen in recent memory. Im honestly kind of pissed nothing this great every came from the west. you'd think atleast the french would be capable of this quality.

>>137661912I remember there was a series of cartoons about ancient greece's myths, they animated even some of the weird ones. Like I remember a cartoon about hermaphroditus.


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>>137598158Lolo the Penguin is technically anime.fite me outs to Fantadroms Latvia number 1