>"All I'm saying is, despite being 13% of the valley's population...

>"All I'm saying is, despite being 13% of the valley's population, Longnecks eat over 50% of the treestars">"I'm just pointing out some interesting facts!"

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>>137586580physically larger dinosaurs need more food, tricerachud


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>>137586580I personally prefer the Dinosaurs version of this, mostly because they made up their own set of slurs for it

>>137586757Grass-guzzler is still a favorite.

>>137586580Did a Longneck fuck his wife or something?

>>137588044A Longneck splashed him and wasted precious water.

>>137586580The Land Before TimeThe Land Before Time II: The Great Valley AdventureThe Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great GivingThe Land Before Time IV: Journey Through the MistsThe Land Before Time V: The Mysterious IslandThe Land Before Time VI: The Secret of Saurus RockThe Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold FireThe Land Before Time VIII: The Big FreezeThe Land Before Time IX: Journey to Big WaterThe Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck MigrationThe Land Before Time XI: Invasion of the TinysaurusesThe Land Before Time XII: The Great Day of the FlyersThe Land Before Time XIII: The Wisdom of FriendsThe Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the BraveThe Land Before Time XV: Cera’s ProblemThe Land Before Time XVI: We’re BackThe Land Before Time XVII: Journey to Small WaterThe Land Before Time XVIII: What Happens in Pangea Stays in PangeaThe Land Before Time XIX: Dino TimeThe Land Before Time XX: A movie adaption of the Seven hunters fanfic.The Land Before Time XXI: The Actual Good DinosaurThe Land Before Time XXII: Electric BoogalooThe Land Before Time XXIII: Spike Dies For Real and Doesn’t Come BackThe Land Before Time XXIV: The Quest for PeaceThe Land Before Time XXV: Technical FoulThe Land Before Time XXVI: Petrie’s PronounsThe Land Before Time XXVII: Spike’s ReturnThe Land Before Time XXVIII: The One With Time TravelThe Land Before Time XXIX: RawrThe Land Before Time XXX: Littlefoot’s footlong schlong The Land Before Time XXXI: By complete fluke we made a serious contender for greatest film ever made.The Land Before Time XXXII: All of the Original Voice Actors Have DiedThe Land Before Time XXXIII: Is a Trademark of NBCUniversal The Land Before Time XXXIV: Chomper Kills SomeoneThe Land Before Time XXXV: Crossover Episode.The Land Before Time XXXVI: My Wife is a StegosaurusThe Land Before Time XXXVII: Discovery of friends!The Land Before Time XXXVIII: Don Bluth’s Grave

>>137589534>no Ruby movie

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>>137589534I cant tell when exactly the fake titles start...

>>13758980614 was the last official one.Cera's problem is she laid an egg and Spike ate it.

>>137586580>>137586724Don't forget, longer necks means they can naturally reach higher up treestars the shorter neck dinosaurs simply cannot reach. And if the shorter neck dinosaurs were never going to be able to eat those treestars, what's the harm in the longnecks eating them? That's just science, Threehorn.

>>137586580How will Daddy Tops feel when his daughter lays the first Longneck/Threehorn hybrid eggs?

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and it flew real low

>>137589534The Land Before Time Ad Infinitum: Spike creampies his own butthole

>>137591205Spike was abandoned as an egg. Plausible he's his own father.

>>137590779IrrelevantThe Rainbow Faces will finally realize things have gone too far and send forth the asteroid

>>137591239?????Ok, you win

>>137591239Explains the retardation.

>>137589534Which one had the dinos that ended up being space aliens?

>>137591474Alien dinos are featured in Stone of Cold Fire, The Quest for Peace, Littlefoot's Footlong Schlong and have a minor background cameo in Discovery of Friends.

>>137589534>The crossover episode Seriously, they crossed over with dinosaur train? It’s not even a universal property. They shouldn’t have revived this series, pangea should’ve remained the last one

>>137589534Cera's problem takes them on an adventure to find her mom and they with with her for a time.'we're back' is them coming back to great valley after the events of Cera's problem.>>137591519Rainbowfaces are actually important supporting characters in the Seven Hunters fanfic. Their sharptooth transformations happen because of their tampering with to rainbowface's technology. That's not me playing up for the thread's pretend conversation that's just a part of the real conversation.

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>>137586580Why do the (((longnecks))) keep trying to get us to change our way of life and promote immigration of sharpteeth?

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More like Tsunceretops

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>>137592061Nah for real one of those huge fuckoff flying niggas they say could gallop at speed after landing would be an absolute terror of a "monster of the movie" antagonist

>>137592147Yeah I think it'd be kinda cool to have an Azhdarchid as a villain if they ever do another movie

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>>137591895man you know you're in for some shit when a fanfic has it's own tvtropes entry

>>137592180>Can't imagine it's intended but can't help but see Chomper's expression as rather sinisterA-Am I sharpophobic?


>>137586757like what

>>137592147It could just fly right into the Great Valley, do it's thing, then fly off when the Grown ups come to the rescue. Maybe even Injure one of the adults to raise the stakes or some bullshit.

>>137592210Yeah, for shame user do better>>137592216don't know japanese, sorry

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>>137592443Was getting chomped part of your master plan?

>>137589534Got a good laugh. Thanks for this


>>137592443Love this edit

I want to play with Cera’s cloaca

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>>137586770You leaf lovingBush burpingStem smellingGarden gorgingPlant poppingTree tastingDIRT DEVOURING BEAST

>>137594173You know she lets Chomper go down on her. The thrill of letting a sharptooth eat you out has to be some kind of leafeater kink.


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>>137586580The real 13/50 stats are hovering around 60% now. Now per capita rate. Longneck males eat treestars at twice the rate as females longnecks and of Longneck males the youth Eat them more then any later age bracket. Math is beautiful to those smart enough to understand. Dumb F s resent their limitations. Littlefoot being at the center of most of the troubles in the valley is statistically to be expected.

His song goes hard in the third movie nglEspecially this edityoutu.be/CiUX_CmTErc&t=25m48s

>>137595073Topsy is the kind of guy who still has the same 5 cassette tapes from when he was in high school and pays extra for a cassette deck on a new car.Cera burned him an mp3 cd with every single song he likes on it but he's too masculine to explain that the song order and the act of putting the tape in and flipping it over also matter

>>137590779Why is she the most fuckable?

>>137595190Brats need correction

>>137592420>>137592398>>137592387>>137592354>>137592335>>137592180I love fanart of the gang as teens/adults

>>137592147>flying girrafe-sized fuck swoops in>eats your baby whole>fucks off never to be seen again

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>>137595938Shoulda ducked.

>>137589534Tell me if XXXIHow good was it?2wgjvn

>>137595270I think she'd become more insufferable once she got laid on the regular. Getting that hot thick validation

>>137592018>>137592216>>137592335Here's a janky google translated version. It gets the general gist of things across.

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>>137589870have you seen a greenstar tree outsider? The Leaves grow down the Tree NOT UP. So Longnecks take their natural god given advantage to eat all the leaves on the tops and stall the growth of leaves on the bottom for us treehorns and others near to the ground like us. Not only that there are other non greenstar trees the longnecks could get ahold of but NOOOOO the greenstar trees are so good the longnecks take them from us treehorns. So politely fuck off with your pro-longneck proganda.

>>137596088Your Threehorn women belong to Longhorn men

>>137596269>LonghornI think you mean LongneckLonghorns are what they are gonna be making, or Threenecks.


>>137596088Fuck you, trike supremacists

>>137589534> The Land Before Time XXXVI: My Wife is a StegosaurusThat almost sounds like a Chuck Tingle title

Spiketails are lazy.

>>137592443>I’d like a reservation at the great valley

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>>137586580>>137594725The 13% isn't even an accurate statistic either. There are only three regular longneck residents in the great valley, if they were 13% of the population it would mean there would only be a maximum of about 24 dinosaurs living there. Which might seem reasonable at first but then you have to remember to include all Ducky and Petrie's siblings, which would pretty easily raise the number above 24 with the parents and main group of kids included. So if the number is greater than 24, it means there's an even smaller percentage of longnecks than 13% eating 50% of the treestars.

>>137597645The statistics have been bullshit since the longneck migration happened. Buncha overweight cloud huffers came into our valley.

How would they look if they were human...

>>137594386Bet her dad would rather let that happen then get Longnecked.


>>137586580Why was he such a cunt

>>137598119Walked in on his wife get the Long dick.

>>137589534>The Land Before Time XVI: We’re Back

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>>137595313Same, wish there was more of it

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>>137589534>The Land Before Time XXXI: By complete fluke we made a serious contender for greatest film ever made.

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>>137592180the Theropod would eventually try to eat his friends

>>137596458>The Land Before Time XXXVIX: Pounded in the Jurassic by yet another direct-to-video sequel

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>>137598878Chomper wouldn't eat his friends. He'd lick the fuck out of their cloacas tho.

Why is Littlefoot so subby in the later movies? He had a lot of leadership qualities in the original movie and then he started looking more and more fem, to the point they had to make the girl longneck bright fucking pink to tell them apart.Between that and his fat thighs I'd put him in a maid outfit and make him clean my house.

>>137599558Longnecks would be unbeatable at cock sucking

>>137599594Somewhere there's a buncha mobster raptors and trexes arguing over who sucks better cock, the long necked or the big mouthed with their wet spongy lips

>>137589534>The Land Before Time>The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure>The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving>The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island>The Land Before Time VIII: The Big Freeze>The Land Before Time IX: Journey to Big WaterThe ones I've seen

>>137599634Imagine a longneck with DSLs tho

>>137599686Threehorns have fios

>>137599808 Cera gets jealous when cocks flock to Littlefoot like they have wings and are migrating.

>>137600057Cera's dad will know exactly what to say>"See, Cera? I told you Longnecks are for taking cock, not giving it."

The Land Before Time Xrd The Revalator

>>137600084That's not going to help get that threehussy wrecked

Dear dinosaursYou call the great valley a "peaceful haven" Yet all the shit has been happening there for like 14 moviesInteresting

>no feathersnot real dinosaur

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>>137600556You say that while you post a t-rex with feathersHe didn't have thoseEven so, this much on such a big animal is also dumb

>>137589806Yeah, The Land Before Time III. No way the rest of that shit is real.

>>137596058You know... thinking back, Cera might be the first tsudere I ever saw.

>>137600932It's pretty obvious that she's down bad for Littlefoot imo


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>>137600932I didn't realize till fairly recently that she was my first cartoon crush.

>>137601286>Future single mom


>>137600932Did she legitimately crush on Littlefoot?

>>137602256Not really, they just fought all the time, she followed him everywhere, and when he wasn't looking her eyes was on his ass the entire timePerfectly normal friend stuff

>>137589534>The Land Before Time XXIII: Spike Dies For Real and Doesn’t Come Back>The Land Before Time XXVII: Spike’s Return

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Anyone ever watch the knockoff?

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>>137603362A glowing crystal to ward of Raptors. Very Expensive Douglas.

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>>137589534>A movie adaption of the Seven hunters fanfic.Alright, what the fuck am I missing? Is it something crazy?

>>137603362Huh, never heard of it Foreign?

>>137603721Naw it was a SatMorning thing back in the day. Came out right after LBT did, very blatant cash in.

>>137603362Yes, yes I did. When I was a kid.Then it kind of just disappeared and I forgot about it.Years later, when Land Before Time got a series, I remember being confused, because I was convinced it already had one in the 90s. Turns out I was thinking of Dink, but it had been so long that I just meshed the two franchises together in my brain apparently.

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>>137604014How memey did the movies get as things went on? Was there a self-awareness to the writers that there were way too many sequels?

>>137604129I forget which one but Cera has a pretty good self aware moment when they're crossing a ravine or something. She basically screams at them how everytime they do this she falls down it and refuses to go.

Cheap Hanna-Barbera animation aside, the character designs were pretty cute.

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>>137586580You could probably make a fake Twitter as Daddy Topps and just edit shit racists say. Like how that one guy has Gul Dukat repeat everything Trumps says but apply it to Bajor.

>>137589534That’s almost as many sequal movies as Pokémon.

>>137602256They never really went deep into romance between the kid characters so everything is just under the generic umbrella of "friends" and you interpret it as you see it. A lot of Cera's Tsundere-ness can be seen as equal parts crushing on Little Foot and just generally being prideful and stubborn.I remember in Journey To The Mists when some cute Longneck girl visits the Valley and Littlefoot starts spending more time with her Cera got all pissy about it. This could be seen as a Tsundere thing, or she could just be upset that Littlefoot is flaking on his friends to hang out with "his own kind" after they spend a whole movie learning to get along with each other. Or maybe it's both!

>>137596458I think it’s actually a Billy and Mandy quote from one of the movies.

>>137604183Yeah true

>>137586580based triceradad


>>137586580Well they are the biggest dinos there and require the most sustenance.

>>137592443I wonder if Joanna is his descendant.

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>>137596269>LonghornYou misspelled Human.

>>137592420That little purple shit eats other living, intelligent beings to sustain himself. And they all pretend to be okay with it. There is no chance he still subsists off bugs alone at that size.


*are big in your path*

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>dude just fly away

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>>137586580Racist ass triceratops



>>137586738Post more cera, I love this retard


>>137610593 for you

cera cute

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>>137609453I love that dumb lizard

>>137610700Anytime Petrie flies it makes everything worse. The most reliable thing in LBT is Petrie will fuck up.

>>137600841Believe me, the rest of them up to #14 ARE REALen.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Land_Before_Time#List_of_titles


>>137612807The images have IsisMasshiro's signature on them. I don't think all of them are on her dA gallery, though. Reverse image search shows that someone named ManticoreFire/GreatValleyGuru has been commissioning her a lot and posting the resulting art on Twitter.

>>137612945I follow that guy on twitter. Fun stuff when he posts a thread

>>137589534Let's continue these.The Land Before Time XXXIX: The search for more moneyThe Land Before Time XXXX: The one made by a different studio after the last movie bankrupted the original studioThe Land Before Time XXXXI: The remake of the originalThe Land Before Time XXXXII: The sequel to the remake that tries to create a new timelineThe Land Before Time XXXXIII: The one where time traveling alien dinosaurs come around and revert the changes we made by several movies so we could get the original fans backThe Land Before Time XXXXIV: The remake of the search for more moneyThe Land Before Time XXXXV: Under new management againThe Land Before Time XXXXVI: The one where the characters sit around the great valley, eat leaves and reminisce about the good movies

As someone who enjoyed watching the original and sequel movies as a kid, and still finds some of the songs catchy, is there any value beyond pure nostalgia in rewatching them as an adult?

>>137613057The Land Before Time XXXXVII: The Land Before Time Meets The FlintstonesThe Land Before Time XXXXVIII: The Land Before Time Meets The SimpsonsThe Land Before Time XXXXIX: The Land Before Time Meets Family GuyThe Land Before Time 50th Movie Special: Stewie's Big Adventure

>>137603705It’s fucking borderline furry porn is what it is. It’s about the characters being turned into sharpteeth and having to kill to survive.

>>137613276Some are atrocious and some are full of warm and fuzzies. I'd say every movie has at least something worth seeing again.

>>137613276Skip Invasion of the Tinysauruses and The Wisdom of Friends. The rest are good to okay.

My first glimpse of Land Before Time during my youth was the ending of Stone of Cold Fire when Littlefoot saw the alien dinosaurs for the last time. I had no damn clue what was going on, I thought they died or something.Also, yes, I thought he was a girl.

>>137610593>Me and the boys

>>137613276Half of this thread's posts are half-ironically memeing People say Great Longneck Migration is okay but honestly I completely tuned out after the talking Ichthyosaur. At any rate I think among both oldfags and whatever constitutes "new" LBTfags there's an agreement that 11-on are pretty awful even with memes

>>137615455I watched the LBT movies a lot as a kid, but the only time I ever saw Stone of Cold Fire was when I was in the hospital for severe dehydration (I got the stomach flu and couldn't hold down any water). The fact I was in a strange environment, half-delirious, and never able to find it to watch again at the local video store makes that movie seem extra weird and unreal to me, beyond already being the weird one where they meet space aliens.

>>137589534>By complete fluke we made a serious contender for greatest film ever madeLost it

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>>137616737>be highly advanced aliens, likely the first sentient species to ever evolve in the universe>is akin to living, breathing gods who make the cosmos thier playground >bothers to come to some no name planet populated entirely by what are effectively cattle and sing about the wonders of lifeThis would be like if we went all the way to middle of nowhere in the Amazon rainforest to read Nieztche to a sloth, the fuckity fuck?

Attached: the-simpsons-jay-sherman.gif (640x480, 1.81M)

>>137616970Like you said, they're probably two ascendant beings entertaining themselves by giving the existential terror of knowledge to primitive lifeforms

>>137616737Didn't even have the decency to warn them of the asteroid that will fuck them up eventually.

>>137586580He's a two timing three-horn.He had a mate, Cera's mom, yet he also had a thing with another female before Cera was born, and she just HAPPENED to find him after Cera's Mom died?Uh huh, fishy.

>>137617334Well, that would be telling, wouldn't it?

>>137617396Eh? He knows Pink Bint, they separate before egg, he meets Cera's mother, they egg, then eventually Pink Bint comes back after Cera's mum dies or whateverNot hard to comprehend

>>137617104>"Gave material primitives the Burden of Knowledge and they made up God and war LOL">tfw we're all just some alien made of pure thought's prank video on intergalactic YouTube

Attached: 1680139989451826.jpg (225x268, 7.91K)

>>137617334That'd be pointless. If the asteroid strikes during their lifetimes, Littlefoot's gang wouldn't be able to stop an asteroid even if they were warned in advance. And if it happens after they're dead, they have no reason to worry about it.

Attached: berternie.jpg (380x832, 237.05K)

>>137617520>wouldn't be able to stop itThey'd pull out some ice age 5 bullshit or something, you just knos

>>137617424Stop defending the whore

>>137591988>no feathers>skinwrapping

He's dead

Attached: rip.png (260x263, 112.39K)

>>137603362Yeah. Still vaguely remember it. Not as memorable as the Dingo Pictures movie, thoug

>>137589534>The Land Before Time: Nuts and Bolts

The Land Before Time Aw Shit, Here We Go Again


Attached: 1515764244928.jpg (500x344, 13.94K)

>>137586580>Knows what a tree is>Knows what a star is>What is a leaf?I never understood this.

>>137613057>>137613316Doesn’t hit as hard. Those are descriptions for what might be going on in the back but they’re still not really acceptable as titles in their own right.The big list included a lot of titles that could be mistaken as real lbt movies by a layman between all the pure jokes titles.The Land Before Time: Cloudy chaos in the great valley The Land Before Time: Ducky Dreams"The Land Before Snack Time: Littlefoot's Canabis AdventureThe Land Before Time: Journey to Crystal CavernsThe Land Before Time: Legend of the Lost Herd

Attached: 789880FC-3898-459E-8663-ECD0C3C6FB05.jpg (2048x1158, 419.89K)

>>137586580The fuck is he even doing over there?Walk on two legs, plantsucker.

Attached: Dinosaurs_BP_Richfield.jpg (300x225, 19.47K)

You guys might want to check out Speckles the Tarbosaurus.

>>137619009Based Salem asking the real questions.

>>137589534>The Land Before Time XIX: Dino Time

Attached: cdi-zelda-king-harkinian-gone.png (841x626, 739.04K)

>>137610593>SHALALALALALALAWhat did they mean by this?

Attached: land-before-time-big-bullies.png (1378x958, 2.05M)

>>137594290Ozzie and Strut really should've been recurring villains.

>>137589534Hey man, kids love dinosaurs. I was super excited to watch all those shitty sequels as a kid.Also don't forget the TV series from the 2000s

>>137586580I like how the writers were so committed to making Cera's father an Anglo-American Republican/Conservative that they even made him against accommodating dinosaur's with different physical needs and limitations.Usually writers for children's shows would merely make a character racist or sexist or homophobic or whatever, but they went the extra length and made him against accommodations.

>>137592180>>137592335>>137592354I like how Petri barely changes

>>137597851Probably much less diverse-looki... Oh shit I just realized that would be the perfect excuse to make them all colors of the rainbow.

>>137603362>the virgin Littlefoot has to run away from predators and lure then into traps>the chad Dink has a glowing crystal stick as a weapon

>>137621249You're thinking too hard. He's just against whatever the plot is because someone has to be. The kids are for it, and the rest of the adults do nothing but argue in dinosaur. Then a rock falls.

>>137611041If the grown-up fan art is any indication she becomes much less cute with age

>>137621418Ass gets fatter tho

>>137603362Yes. I think they threw their teeth into the volcano.

>>137620924Is it any good? As a side note, does it even try to be realistic?

Okay but who is the pink oviraptor girl in fanart? I've watched up to the 11th movie as a kid and I don't remember her. Did they really try to introduce a new permanent/recurring cast member in one of the last movies? I mean, at least Chomper was introduced in the second movie. Which, to be fair, for a lot of franchises would already be considered jumping the shark, but for this one it's just "the early days" now.

>>137621608Ruby. She was added in the show and they only made one movie after that iirc so she's not as prominent. youtube.com/watch?v=ezcPhCzg2oAI like to think her and Chomper would get high a lot.

>>137621418she's kinda milfy, user, iunno

>>137621563It actually is more like a nature documentary than a more cartoony fare. Speckles does narrate, but not like he physically talks, more like you hear what he’s thinking. The sequel, Dino King, is more like LBT with most characters being able to talk and with slightly more cartoonish designs.

>>137621608As some disclosure before I run my mouth saying shit...Nobody here has a pulse on a the LBT 'fandom' which is really just a corpse.>Did they really try to introduce a new permanent/recurring cast member in one of the last movies?m.youtube.com/watch?v=CgfzXFVOcrM&pp=ygUWTGFuZCBiZWZvcmUgdGltZSBpbnRybw==Yep, she's exactly that. Showed up in the cartoon first iirc and stuck around in the two movies since. I think ruby filled some niches to the studio both for character roles and rounding out the Dino cast. She's a rep for the ostrich-type Dinos, feathered with a flaming girl speaking pink and covers some lingering feminine character traits not present in ducky or cera. I've never seen Holla Forums blow a gasket about her existence save for about a year of complaints when she first showed up but they couldn't bring themselves to care for long then everything settled again and now she's just kind of there as a second-class of main character.

>>137619893>The Land Before Time: Legend of the Lost HerdThe Land Before GNU: Legend of the Lost HURD

I love with LBT threads get to be this active and last long


>>137586580How's this bitch even going to reach the high up tree stars the long necks eat? Stupid ass threehorn bitch gonna fly? There's a reason the blue ranger was a faggot.

>>137612807>>137612991yeah >>137612945 beat me to it. This thread has basically all of the ones that guy commissionedtwitter.com/ManticoreFire/status/1598033386378969088I've posted basically all of them already, here's one I forgot about tho

Attached: Fh3DcY1UAAEeU1Y.jpg (1293x1139, 338.54K)

>>137624280>There's a reason the blue ranger was a faggot.The fuck did that come from? They're not the same VA. Topsy's VA died.

Attached: The.Land.Before.Time.IV.Journey.Through.the.Mists.1996.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP2.0.x264-ABM.mkv_snapshot_00.12.55_[2018.08.01_04.11.11].png (1920x1080, 2.89M)

>>137626018You ever smell a fart through your forehead?

>>137625412Billy's zord was a triceratops.

>>137626099So he shoulda been a sexual tyrannosaurus, just like Topsy

>>137592081>>137592097>>137592115>>137592132>>137592167I HATED that pitbull looking nigga. No soul in that niggerish brain of his.

>>137616737weird lines in littlefoot's eyes in the 8sec

Fun fact eliot rodger was obsessed with these movies

>>137626210>t. dulltooth

>>137626243Yeah I'm not sure if it's just a wonky layering thing(like a guide mark that was left in) or if it's meant to hep evoke the eyebagsCould also be the studio getting used to drawing the characters, as this one was the first of the sequels to be done by a Taiwanese-American studio, Wang Film Productions. The previous ones were done by a South Korean studio, AKOM. It was also the first of the sequels to be done with digital ink and paint, whereas the previous were still done on cels.

Attached: The.Land.Before.Time.VII.The.Stone.of.Cold.Fire.2000.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.x264-ABM.mkv_snapshot_01.09.34.129.png (1440x1080, 2.26M)

>>137626451>>137626243Where the heck did they call the outside of the valley Misterious Beyond? They all came from there and were born there.They know what is outside!

Attached: -FsPUan7WYAEIkdM.jpg (1080x581, 91.2K)

>>137626517The great earth shake in the first movie rearranged a lot of shit, and even in the sequels it's shown that the world outside the Great Valley is in a constant state of change. like that herd of longnecks that came from another valley that had become a "Land of Mists" after the area's climate changed

Attached: The.Land.Before.Time.IV.Journey.Through.the.Mists.1996.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP2.0.x264-ABM.mkv_snapshot_00.07.28.910.png (1920x1080, 3M)

Attached: -FsPUagbXwAAq3hN.jpg (726x1056, 129.9K)

Attached: -FsPUaxMXgAIAZN5.jpg (682x1035, 108.97K)

>>137589534I love you and want to have your babies.

Attached: raggedy bitch.jpg (473x433, 20.17K)

>>137626283Go on

Attached: -FsPUa6DWIAIX964.jpg (1080x813, 152.72K)


Attached: lbt14 (5).jpg (1920x1080, 566.73K)

>>137626716>rex gets his dicky suck in the bottom right

Attached: wah mah dicky.png (600x600, 44.55K)


Attached: maxresdefault (2).jpg (1280x720, 72.09K)

>>137626894Haha imagine if she sunk in the tar and got fossilized.

>>137626997>entrapment/petrification fetish with dinosaursyou have my attention

Attached: woah....jpg (1920x1080, 411.98K)

>>137627349man that background is pitiful compared to the original and even basically all of the sequels. Where's the detail?

Attached: The.Land.Before.Time.II.The.Great.Valley.Adventure.1994.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DD2.0.H264-SiGMA.mkv_snapshot_00.05.39_[2018.08.01_03.55.13].png (1440x1080, 3.6M)

>>137626622Look at her malevolent cloaca! Devious!

>>137626716>>137626825#14 is the above cam in the gloryhole

>This threadAmazing. Anyways, LBT always makes me go back to that innocent feeling of childhood, when I was ignorant of the world and was happier for it. Just the titles alone are enough to get the feeling, even the ones I haven’t even seen. Back when I thought everyone could be trusted and that your friends would always be there…I did propose last thread that a grown up LBT movie should happen, the idea that they’re growing up and dealing with adult problems would actually be comforting in a way.

>>137627459It died somewhere after I think, Land Before Time 7 or 8? They started getting really cheap.

The environments in this series are awesome, I’d love to just explore the place

>>137627643yeah I get that same kind of feeling. I had a lot of the films on VHS and used to watch them all the time. I think I had all the way up to the 9th or 10th one. After I learned that Amazon Video had them all in HD I bought and rewatched them, still really comfy and brought back a lot of memories.>>137627718>It died somewhere after I think, Land Before Time 7 or 8? They started getting really cheap.yeah that sounds about right. 6 was like the weakest of the AKOM movies, the backgrounds in that one are very bare-bones, probably cost too much for Universal anymore, that's likely why they got replaced by that Taiwanese studio. 7-10 started to incorporate CG environments and models into some scenes, and while they still had plenty of nice backgrounds like pic related, it's where you could really notice that some weren't as detailed. Like some of movie 10's backgrounds are gorgeous, but others are closer to that one from the Journey of the Brave movie and other ones I've seen.>>137627746Agreed, that was one of the huge draws for me as a kid. Wanted to go exploring all these cool environments. Hell I might dump some caps of a few of my favorite environment shots

Attached: The.Land.Before.Time.VII.The.Stone.of.Cold.Fire.2000.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.x264-ABM.mkv_snapshot_00.33.48_[2018.07.31_19.28.34].png (1440x1080, 3.1M)

Attached: The.Land.Before.Time.II.The.Great.Valley.Adventure.1994.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DD2.0.H264-SiGMA.mkv_snapshot_00.07.33.913.png (1440x1080, 3.64M)

Attached: The.Land.Before.Time.II.The.Great.Valley.Adventure.1994.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DD2.0.H264-SiGMA.mkv_snapshot_00.29.06_[2018.08.01_04.05.02].png (1440x1080, 2.77M)

Attached: The.Land.Before.Time.IV.Journey.Through.the.Mists.1996.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP2.0.x264-ABM.mkv_snapshot_00.23.03.304.png (1920x1080, 3.78M)

Back when blockbuster still existed I would go to the animated movie section every time to try to look for Land Before Time II. They never fucking had it.

Attached: The.Land.Before.Time.IV.Journey.Through.the.Mists.1996.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP2.0.x264-ABM.mkv_snapshot_00.31.01_[2018.08.31_00.26.13].png (1920x1080, 3.4M)

Attached: The.Land.Before.Time.IV.Journey.Through.the.Mists.1996.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP2.0.x264-ABM.mkv_snapshot_00.31.09_[2018.08.13_14.07.58].png (1920x1080, 3.87M)

>>137627643Nice that you feel that way user. I hope your year goes well. Goodnight.

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>>137627611She’s a child, user. At least lewd the adult dinosaurs Like I do

Attached: The.Land.Before.Time.IV.Journey.Through.the.Mists.1996.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP2.0.x264-ABM.mkv_snapshot_00.58.12_[2018.08.01_18.42.35].png (1920x1080, 2.42M)

Attached: The.Land.Before.Time.V.The.Mysterious.Island.1997.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP2.0.x264-ABM.mkv_snapshot_00.22.09_[2019.07.29_17.13.22].png (1920x1080, 3.59M)

Attached: The.Land.Before.Time.VIII.The.Big.Freeze.2001.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL DDP5.1.x264-ABM.mkv_snapshot_01.12.25.049.png (1920x1080, 3.15M)

Attached: The.Land.Before.Time.IX.Journey.to.Big.Water.2002.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.x264-ABM.mkv_snapshot_00.17.37.932.png (1440x1080, 3.54M)

Attached: The.Land.Before.Time.IX.Journey.to.Big.Water.2002.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.x264-ABM.mkv_snapshot_01.10.19.409.png (1440x1080, 3.38M)

I'm heading off to bed now, goodnight anons

Attached: The.Land.Before.Time.X.The.Great.Longneck.Migration.2003.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.x264-ABM.mkv_snapshot_00.24.04.875.png (1440x1080, 2.28M)

>>137628400Thanks for the dump fellow LBTbro

>>137627939This is my fav shot

>>137628305Wasnt the flowers shot ruined when they cleaned ut for the dvd?

>>137586580How many of you did the land before time series make into dinosaur autists?How many of you did it make into dinofuckers?

>>137628845Not exclusively LBTAnd honestly while I am indeed a dinofucker, this series really has never worked for me in that fashion

>>137628845Much like >>137628875I am a dinofucker, but TLBT doesn't work for me and never has in terms of lewd. Both the fact the main characters are children and the childhood sanctity of the series for me make me unable to find it attractive, even when my fetishes are pandered to. I think finding the internet as a pre teen fucked my head up forever in terms of sexuality

>>137610593*Stab* alright, who's next?

>>137628845Never wanted to fuck dinosaurs, and still don't. I can't say for certain what started my fascination with dinosaurs, though I definitely remember loving the original movie as a kid.

>>137628875>>137628936I get you, for me its a combination of the artsyle not doing it for me and the unwillingness to taint my childhood with such coomerism.Thankfully Primal both served as a top tier Dino experience and has a straight up t-rex pussy shot of her laying E G G S.That was probably the first in last time we will ever see dinosaur pussy in an animated show unless I force Genndy at gunpoint to make his own adaptation of the Land Before Time Series.

>>137629183>Fangussy enjoyerA fellow patrician! Primal was kino in almost every way, too bad we are probably never going to see Fang again, at least she got a happy ending after all that. Genndy is an absolute madlad having a T. rex give birth in excruciating detail and have it zoom in in the eggs emerging each time. So even though he fucked the ending up I can respect him for that.I am jealous of that Red fellow

Attached: 31C763F5-2859-455E-A4E9-3971C06519CC.jpg (565x693, 342.22K)

>>137629231I would say the ending is a prime example of bittersweet, Spear deserved better but his death wasn't the bad. In the end he died saving his best dinosaur friend from a salty viking that sold his soul to satan. Still the prospect of Genndy making more dinosaur related content is something I really wish comes true. While I was mostly joking about it, a Land Before Time reboot make by him would either be the best thing ever or just plain ridiculous but I want to see it.

>>137629231And to think we all laughed at him thinking he didnt score

>>137629272I wasn’t really upset with the events of the ending really. More so the pacing, the final confrontation and the existential crisis in the village feel like they could have been two separate episodes. It lacked that time to breathe the rest of the series had and just felt like it was sprinting to finish within the runtime.Have some crossover art

Attached: 1C38DB98-2C53-4601-824F-33FE43BD6230.jpg (1125x1550, 952.79K)

>>137611041i wonder what her feet smells like

>>137589870the treestar was not an allegory to marijuana?

>>137610593> The kids correctly pointed out that while they're small for now, they'll literally mog them when grown up

Attached: tenor-146264149.gif (320x180, 2.81M)

>>137629475dirt and grass probablyI wonder if they're ticklish

>>137629475Ask Spike

Attached: B71C55F7-5BC3-49D1-9F70-2DE0AD88F945.jpg (1472x828, 108.9K)

>>137629534Grass did not evolve until almost 10 million years after dinosaur went extinctthere were other ground covering plants like mosses and ferns that filled the same niche, but not grassnot gonna contest the ticklishness of dinosaurs since we have no way of knowing and I;d like for it to be true. based ticklechad.

Attached: DpQ9YJl.png (700x700, 20.78K)

>>137629542T. rex had scales as sensitive has human fingertips on their face, so maybe you could tickle chomper’s face idk

>>137629542Sorry but you can clearly see grass in the screenshots provided in this very threas. Your opinion is invalid, sir.

>>137629562so... he had sensitive erogenous face-nipples?

>>137628346That's a lot of really blatant copy/pasting on those plants in the water.>>137628845I saw TLBT only years after I had already become a dino autist. I never became a dinofucker.

>>137629542>Grass did not evolve until almost 10 million years after dinosaur went extinctWow. I did not know this. Really weird.

Attached: 1661423833830264.jpg (512x387, 25.13K)

>>137628845For me, the appeal of the LBT movies was more on the carnivores. I grew to really like carnosaurs in general, though the T-Rex is the most well-known of the lot.

>>137586724>t. Long noseShit I mean long neck

>>137610593*big water blocks your path*

Attached: 1.png (967x713, 448.19K)

>>137616970>This would be like if we went all the way to middle of nowhere in the Amazon rainforest to read Nieztche to a sloth, the fuckity fuck?people already talk to chatbots now, you bet your ass if you could understand sloths there'd be at least three youtube channels about going to the amazon and seeing what the funny sloths say about [current thing]

This is Tino from Tayo the Little Bus. He’s a dinosaur with telepathic powers.

Attached: B5C025A9-6691-4E34-9258-FFC6700C4808.png (1792x828, 2.76M)

>>137627922>>137627922>>137627939>>137628314>>137628356Shit like this makes me wish we had a time machine, not one to travel back in time but to view the past.

>>137627611Never have I seen someone describe a cloaca as “malevolent” before and I have no idea what they even mean by this. I also hope to never see someone describe it that way again if I could.

>>137632033That would be horrendous. There's a whole SF novel with this premise, I don't remember the name but the gist is the total destruction of privacy.

>>137627746You'd probably enjoy playing ARK: Survival Evolved on single player.

>>137631476Like that Whoopie Goldberg film?

>>137629529I remember bullies' comeback to that being "then we'll make sure you'll never grow up". As a kid I said that to some other kid I was bickering with and didn't understand why the adults around me found that concerning.

>>137632193Would you rather prefer "devilish"?

>>137629542Fuck, you're making me remember I knew this at some point.

>>137596368Supremacist? NO I just see the future do you ever wonder where the longnecks come from and why they have to be place in three horn community? Longbeaks,those winged fucks and fly and plant seeds where they want but us threehorns gotta stay low to the ground and find food. Have you checked how old your trees you eat from are? LONGBEAKS CONTROL THE TREE MARKET. Longnecks are just there to low the value of the tree market as they stomp and eat all the leaves off the trees. We threehorns are justahead of the curve. Just watch as the tree market crashes let the longbeaks are rich and fat in seeds and leaves.

>>137610700Michael York had no business being so good in this movie.

>>137632355Well no shitObviously it's a wishful thinking scenario where the only applications are benign tours of ancient ecosystems

>>137632615I could’ve sworn the dinosaur in that looked like something out of Jim henson’s dinosaurs show, tell me I’m not crazy

>>137630613>It's scary and it's strangerous And things could re-arrange-r-usGenius or worthy of the death penalty?

>>137632615Well, it would be more accurate to say Tino is telekinetic. My dumb ass used the wrong term. He also has the ability to project his memories for others to see.

>>137630613*can't sing*

Attached: Spike.jpg (504x562, 43.99K)

>>137629542>Mosses and ferns filled the same niche Well shit I never thought of that

Attached: IMG_2223.jpg (499x442, 86.23K)

>>137630515Yeah more raptor and tyrannosaurus characters that weren't antagonist would have been cool. Like Petrey is the only actual carnivorious (technically omnivore) Dino in the main cast cause he eats stuff like fish if I remember correctly. (Sorry Chomper but you get the backseat in to many of the movies to count as part of the main squad, at least you have Ruby to keep you company)

>>137630515>trex>carnosaurMy autism is tingling

>>137610032Anon, we are literally all thieves. We all steal the life of other living creatures to sustain our own.

You know I am actually impressed most of the Dinos in this show are Cretaceous Period accurate. Usually they tend to mix Dinos from the Jurassic Triassic and Cretaceous in media without much thought on the logic behind it. I am not and expert on Dinos by any means but most of em in the show did exist in the Cretaceous if I remember correctly. Lets just hope its not the very end of the Cretaceous or else they are going to get vaporized by a giant space rock or God depending on who you ask.

>>137634785Ah, sorry. I didn’t realize they aren’t considered carnosaurs. I used the term as a very general term to refer to carnivorous dinos like T-Rex and Giganotosaurus.>>137634752Aside from Chomper and Petrie, Ruby is also an omnivore.

>>137610032I dunno man, Mesozoic Era bugs could get pretty big and meaty. Plus fish is also a good way to sustain himself. Most of them are soulless except for that one Fish in the Big Water movie

>>137634891Yeah I knew that but like Chomper she unfortunately doesn't really qualify as being part of the main group. Hell at least Chopper has like 2 movies where he has a significant role, Ruby has none from my knowledge. A big mistake if you ask me

>>137634891Carnosaur used to be a catch all term for carnivores, now it’s a specific group of theropod. If you went back to the 60’s and said that you’d be correct.

>>137630613Yep, it was this movie that made me afraid of the ocean. FUCK this movie.

>>137634960If you are afraid of the ocean then the prehistoric ocean is 10 times worse. Who what unknown megafauna existed back then that we cant uncover due to their fossils being deep at the bottom of the oceans

>carnosaur Has anyone here read the book or seen the in name only movie? I heard the book is fine, but the movie is fucking horrible and was made to ride Jurassic Park’s coattails

>>137634032Theodore Rex? Yes he did.

>>137633917Pretty much, I just wanna this what this dam rock looked like millions of years ago, before man started building. Maybe have some recording of Presidents being sworn in before recordings became a thing, but yeah, no viewing into private citizens.

It's carnotaurus, people. You know, from taurus? Greek for bull? Because it had horns?

I liked 'You are Umasou'...

Attached: MV5BNmFlNDM0YTMtY2Q3OS00ODhhLWIxNGEtMGE5MTk5ODNjMTliXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNTAyODkwOQ@@._V1_.jpg (1920x1080, 140.66K)

>>137635332>this had three movies but only one of them is subbed

>>137634891>carnosaur as a general term of big bipedal carnivore dinosWas it the movies?>>137635040I've wanted to read the book but never get around to itAmusingly I tend to just re-read Jurassic Park itself if I'm in a sci-fi dino /lit/ mood

Attached: tumblr_nkvfgoYPZi1qzn0kbo1_500.gif (480x360, 1.3M)

>>137635507There are three movies?

>>137635647Someone making the first two movies definitely had a guro fetish.It went a bit further than Corman's usual magical realm

>>137600556>>137600643>>137617909Most of those fuckers weren't even alive at the same time and THAT's what concerns you?

>>137600841VI is definitely real, I had that one on VHS.

am I the only threehorn here who can see the longbeak for what he is? A traitor to all other dinos but their species. We should of never gave longbeaks their own mountion. I heard when a new longbeak is born they clip their heads to not to be pointed, they call it a snipasion. Longnecks are the real enemy not the longnecks. The longnecks are the pets of the longbeaks.

>>137635647>was it because of the movieNo, it was the genuine scientific classification until it got heavily reworked, also the movie didn’t come out until the 90’s, the changes had been done more than a decade before that point.The movie is a in name only adaptation on par with world war z. The book is a hokey but fun book where a guy reworks chicken dna to create various dinosaurs that run amok in England. The movie is about a mad scientist who creates a virus that causes human women to give birth to dinosaur eggs in a fatal process. In an attempt to wipe out humanity and replace it with dinosaurs.

>>137629542Legend has it that the moss grows on the North side of the treeLegend has it that the moss that grows will outlive both you and me

>>137628400 >>137628356 >>137628332 >>137628314>>137628305 >>137627983 >>137627973 >>137627939>>137627922 >>137627852 >>137627459 Something tells me, even with AI doing all the heavy lifting, we will never have animation like this again.

>>137589534Thought these were real up until "What Happens in Pangea Stays in Pangea"

>yep yep yep!

Attached: 1652706874069.jpg (1023x1011, 478.85K)

>>137636161There are 14 movies about this.

>>137626894You would fuck longnecks

I didn't know there were so many fans of "The Land Before Time" in Holla Forums. This is the busiest thread I've seen of this franchise here in years. If you want to read more about it here is a link to a forum for "The Land Before Time" which is not dead:gangoffive.net/index.php?board=9.0

>>137636420It’s nice to see people still talking about the films.

>>137635867>Longnecks are the real enemy not the longnecks.You ok, user?

>>137636420Nah, there are one of these every odd month or so, and in the Mega threads there's always someone asking for them (sometimes me)

>>137636211The end credits for the first movie still make me tear up

>>137637209>And they all grew up together in the valley.>Generation upon generation, each passing on to the next, the tale of their ancestors' journey to the Valley, long ago.>Don't lose your way...

Attached: 1504106199096.jpg (600x325, 17.51K)

>>137637131Do not mind him. He is a schizosaur.

>>137637209>>137637250But do you know the story behind the voice?

>>137637332Yes, we fucking knowEveryone fucking knows

>>137637332Judith Barsi is probably the single most well known thing about the film that isn't in it.

Attached: 1625223784481.jpg (480x360, 15.01K)

>Tfw read like 1 and.a half TLBT fanfics>they’ve been pretty good, could get a bit preachy at times but overall it filled the voidIt was The Time of Great Growing, I’m in the middle of the sequel right now, it’s still good but it’s slow to start. Got any recommendations for the future? A Time of Great Need is next on my list. No I refuse to read the seven hunters or retold

>>137589534Holy kek am I glad I went on this thread

Sometimes I feel like watching the movies again, but I never find translated subtitles downloads on the internet, only dubbed. I have a hearing problem and I prefer to watch series with dubbing and subtitles at the same time, but I almost never find animated cartoons with translated subtitles in my language for download, only dubbed. Anime and tokusatsus are much easier to find translated subtitles downloads.

I feel like people ignore the TV series too much. On top of being necessary to know who the fuck Ruby is or why Chomper is just suddenly around in the 14th movie, the series also brings back a lot of characters from previous films.

any draw reqs?

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In other Dino news. Pangea tv episode 13 is out. youtube.com/watch?v=Jysn1fEJMmw

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>>137639334See >>137595313

>>137639334Angry and embarrassed Cera in a bridal gown getting married to LittlefootBonus points for seething daddy tops/ Happy grandpa and grandma longneck in the background.

>>137621418even dino genes are powerless before THE WALL

>>137639334cera as auska belittling shinji littlefoot.

>>137639334Cera looking at Littlefooot the way Nala looks at Simba.

Attached: 57ED625E-F98C-474C-86C2-416849DB5D82.jpg (1400x782, 137.2K)

>>137640482>his neck is so long by that point he can even see her sex eyes

>>137600932>>137600965>>137601335>>137602241>>137602256You know what they say - Long neck, long...

Attached: 1669386113077.png (241x193, 73.09K)

youtube.com/watch?v=1kh9lXXtD40>Japanese Cera is Ash KetchumMmm

>>137640818Your pic made me think of this

Attached: Longkeks.jpg (267x257, 6.38K)

>>137617334IIRC the original movie opens with the asteroid having already hit. Which is why the land is all fucked up and why it's so essential for Littlefoot to find the Great Valley in the first place. It's literally the last habitable place on Earth for dinosaurs.

Attached: FfUD-78aMAA1Xae.png (658x645, 353.38K)

>>137591895>Seven HuntersFucking fantastic taste. I'm still in debt to the one user who first recced it to me.>>137613330>furry pornThere's literally nothing sexual in it.>>137637467> I refuse to read the seven huntersToo edgy foryou? I don't blame you, it's a gorefest and hardcore darkfic

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>>137635040I saw the movie. but it was so long ago I barely remember it.

>>137636211>>137637332>>137637362I wanted to post the lewd art some absolute mad lad user drew of that, but I can't upload it for some reason, as if God himself is preventing me from posting it.

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adult version of the gang being pranked by an adult Chomper

Commissioning pic of sarahs dad wearing red baseball cap that says MGVGA on it (make great valley great again)

>>137636420That forum is so comfy and nice. Like a snapshot of the pre-Facebook internet.It's honestly amazing.

Try not to cry.youtube.com/watch?v=T4-U3QIVkmM

Did Spike ever start talking or was it just a one-off when he cried out Ducky's name in that one movie?

>>137586580Yup yup yup you know

>>137642523In "The Land Before Time XXVII: Spike’s Return" they give him a new VA and he talks as much as the other characters.


>>137589534>knowI made a thread before butFir the 90s it was the land before timeThe 2000s land before time was Madagascar/ice age with both being surprisingly tied in the amount of media they producedFor the 2010s It was despicable me when you also count the minions, alpha and omega too, not as impressive as the 2000s since Madagascar and ice age had videogames, specials and attractions making them way biggerSo what is the land before time of the 2020s?Keep in mind live action doesn't count so no star wars/marvel

>>137642523He cried out Mama in episode 8

>>137642569I gotta say it was a weird when he started rapping but it grew on me.

>>137639334Chomper hitting on Littlefoot, not realizing he's a boy while the rest laugh at them.

>>137639334Human Cera



>Forgot this thing even existed despite watching it a ton as a kid>Notice everyone ITT alluding to "Yup, Yup, Yup">Dig furtherMan what the fuck

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>>137641750The question is Whatever happened to the great valley afterwards hmmm?

>>137643464It detached from the mainland and became Skull Island, obviously.

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>>137641750Actually the original movie makes no mention of the asteroid. It just opens up with a massive drought occurring and the various herds of dinosaurs looking for an oasis, the Great Valley. After Littlefoot's mom dies, the great earthshake separates everyone and cuts off Cera and Littlefoot from their guardians. The survivors eventually make their way to the Valley, and then ofc Littlefoot and friends make it at the end of the movie.The later sequels show the world outside, for the most part, as an inhospitable place packed with sharpteeth of all shapes, sizes, and sorts. It's not necessarily uninhabitable out there as there are places like Chomper's island, the Land of Mists, the valley the Longnecks all go to in movie 10, etc but they all share a common theme, that they are not protected from Sharpteeth like the Great Valley is. We see various herds that don't stay in one place for long but travel to various oases temporarily. The longneck herd from the Land of Mists, the stegosaurs from the Big Freeze movie, the herd that the aliens aka rainbowfaces had joined up with.

>>137643684No, it sank under the earth and became Pellucidar

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>>137639334Cera lifting her tail and mocking you

>>137642612Combine Rock Dog and Norm of the North with each inexplicably managing to get like 3 entries propped up by the Chinese Sure those go back a bit earlier but I can’t think of anything more present

>>137639040Started wstching it in YT. Someone in the writing stuff loved Chompet a lot, with all the focus he getd


>>137639334Adult chomper doing something

>>137644512Chomper is based and needs more content

>>137637376I felt strong mandela effect when rewatching this movie because I could have sworn this guy was a turtle when I recalled watching this movie as a child.

>>137644512>the episode where he gets shipped with Ducky

>>137644639That song about inserting back his tooth is an earworm


Could a Primal crossover work?>the season 1 setting is actually just a very distant and fucked up area in the great beyond>Chomper has to act as translator between them and Fang, they can’t really talk to Spear at allI wonder what they would call a human


>>137645235Well, he has hair, so going by the rat they befriended in IV, maybe they'll call him a furry fuzzy or something

>>137645235There's always been 2 other things I've felt would make for an interesting but clusterfuck of a crossover with LBT. Those are:E.V.O. the video game, and Monster Hunter


>>137639334I hope user delivers something, im curious

>>137639334The group with Rexy from Jurassic Park since it's 30 years old tomorrow.

>>137645235>>137645371Yeah I was wondering what humans would be called. Usually species in TLBT are named after something they do (flyers, swimmers etc) or some physical feature (longnecks, three horns, sharpteeth etc). Smoothskin might work but also sounds kinda weird.

>>137586580Cute dino


>>137645235>chomper keeps hitting on Fang

>>137613057>>137613316Protip: 50 in roman numerals is LSo 40 is XL

>>137639334Adult Chomper fixing his non-existent hair, checking his breath and moving his hairless eyebrows up and down as he approaches Primal's Fang


>>137591205This made me actually laugh for real. I had to explain why to my girlfriend which was awkward. Here’s your (you). You earned it.

>>137646986>>137647031>not ChomperxFang /ss/>>137645235Who would be Fang's VA?

>>137647180Given her characterization Fang would most likely just brush off or be annoyed by his advances. Good question about the VA though.

>>137647180>>137647237Sharptooth language is just growls anyway. Only leaf eaters and omnivores naturally speak english.

>>137589534Journey Through the Mists was oddly beautiful for an nth sequel

>>137603362I remember having one cassette of this shit

>>137589534God damn it I can't stop laughing at this post. Someone help, my sides hurt

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>>137642269An attempt was made.

>>137647180She would only need stock sound effects. The sharptooth language is unintelligible to the herbivores.

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>>137627922>that lush green>>137627939>that foreboding darknessKino? Yes.

>>137647243>>137647396I just wanna hear Fang with a sexy voice

>>137648148>fang will never call you her little man in a deep yet feminine voice

>>137589534This kinda shit reminds me of those parody fan wikis that make up a bunch of gag content that doesn't actually exist for a show or movie and everyone slowly builds up the lore by contributing to new articles.

>>137643710Remind me again why sharpteeth can't get into the great valley?

>>137648990They can, they do. They came to get their kid back in the second film.

>>137647396>can understand every dinosaur, but not the meat eaters

>>137648990>>137649011That was specifically because a rock wall cutting off the Valley from the outside world collapsed early in the film. They manage to put up a new wall at the end. Sharpteeth are able to find other ways into the valley but they always get sealed up by the end.

>>137648990>>137649011Going by the second film, it's because most pathways are blocked, the only reason Chomper's parents could get in in the first movie is because there was an open one, at the end they block it off with some large boulders. With how the later movies have herds occasionally coming in there's gotta be some paths that still lean in but perhaps those are too treacherous for sharpteeth to get in.

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>>137649042>>137649054I think the herds get in via positive word of mouth between leaf eaters. They all tell each other about the specific paths in and out of the valley and tell it to other travelling herds they come across so they know there is a safe haven they can stay at while on their travels. The sharpteeth don’t know their language so can’t even listen in and pick up on what they are saying. In addition, most sharpteeth are independent, hunting solo or as a pair if they are mates, with smaller ones forming insular packs. If one sharptooth or sharptooth pack stumbles on an entrance to the great valley they are unlikely to communicate to other sharpteeth about the location as they just aren’t as social as leafeater herds. Also if other sharpteeth found out about it they’d hog all the meat so they have incentive not to share it regardless.

>>137647237>>137647180>>137647031>>137647056>>137646986>when the sharptooth kid keeps hitting on you

>>137648990The original Sharptooth nearly got in while doing parkour

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>>137649434fuck I forgot the image

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>>137649436This was one hungry boi

>>137649516>He thinks it was motivated by base hunger at this pointEven in the scripting phase they decided he was just a fucking lunatic out for blood

>>137649553So he's the original Indominus Rex?

>>137649516Per the novelization he's just a fucking psycho

>>137648781Worth a thread all it’s own to goof around pretending like we’re in the timeline where that filmography list is real.

>>137649553>>137649738Even sexier

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>>137586580Just accepting everyone is a lot easier than performing and fact-checking a census every year.

Speaking of I found this>>137649880>when she sees your dick

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>>137639334Still hoping user delivers

>>137649974Mounting Littlefoot, such a dream

>>137639363What the hell is this? What is this weird language?


>>137648990arcane longneck enchantments

>>137649579Indominus Chan was traumatized by soulless corpo insects and did nothing wrong

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>>137652055I prefer this wholesome retard

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>>137649965>>137649974LMAO, perfect

>>137649965>>137649974Spear helps him avenge his mothers death by straight up murdering the Sharptooth

One-Eye is basically the Sharptooth in all but name.

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>>137652100>Fuck them kids*This post sponsored by HybridGang*

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>>137652143I want Fang to rip sharptooth’s upper jaw off like she did to that other one

>>137653798No of course not.

>>137652735For me it’s Mama Scarface from Turok08

>>137652735>>137653921Poor fellas keep losing their eyes.

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>>137652764Why are they called hybrids when they are clearly chimeras?


>>137654350Cloacalism? That’s what I want to do to fang

>>137643684>>137643730I see

>>137652764Indoraptor also did nothing wrong

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>>137592387>>137592354>>137592335>>137592180>no final end of all kino LBT movie of them as adults and Chomper as the final big bad because you just cant fight nature

>>137652143Little Foot already straight up murdered that Sharptooth by drowning him.Little foot is a fucking bad ass.

>>137656193That is lame and gay

>>137656780you will always be a sharptooth no matter how hard the longnecks groom you

>>137657112False and homosexual

>>137649965>>137649974lmao based

>>137656193>>137657112Chomper's parents were both pure Sharpteeth not raised at all by leaf eaters but even they were able to control their natural urges and not eat the kids in the 5th movie.

>>137656224Why is it that Chomper's dad looks exactly like that one?Did he pull a Godzilla somehow?

>>137662569Are you saying all sharpteeth look the same to you, racist littlw shit?

>>137662569Chomper's Dad was actually more of a green-tinged black compared to Sharptooth from the first film who was more jet-black.But the earlier sequels liked featuring ones with a similar color palette likely because "Sharptooth was a cool villain". We had Chompers Dad, two sharpteeth that appeared in the opening vignettes, the one from the Lone Dinosaur story, and then the actual Sharptooth that Doc and Grandpa Longneck later fight in the same movie.In the later sequels(8-onward) they liked to do different colors, like grey, red, and a dull green

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>still no adult Chomper hitting on Fang artI knew I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up…

>>137663611Chomper has the leaf fever if you get my meaning.

>>137586580>that openingyoutube.com/watch?v=sbv0tjVgdaI>Ceras dad roaring as the earthquake happensyoutube.com/watch?v=DoJcpBWTqQY

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>>137663636More fang butt for me I guess

>>137663392Upper right corner has a nice facial expression. I like him.

>>137663392The Loch Ness monstah

>>137664368I bet you fapped a lot with that egg-lay scene

>>137663641You can see dinos getting fucked up by the earthquake. So great.

>>137592443You've got to smell them, feel them, CRACK them open

>>137664404Oviposition isn’t really my thing but yea, that cloaca and that butt is just, unf