Women in gaming

Anybody else notice that when women get involved in a gaming community they just fuck everything up? If you have a woman on your team you're pretty much guaranteed to lose because not only will she be fucking up the entire match but a lot of your team will be covering for her instead of doing what they're supposed to. You're better off being one man short instead of having a woman on your team. I used to be one of the leaders of a competitive clan until a woman showed up and started making all kinds of problems. Rather than getting involved in drama I just stopped logging on and disappeared entirely. I found out later she ended up taking my place and burned the whole clan to the ground. Then there's the streamer girls and thirsty faggots throw money at them all day, I can't think of a bigger waste of money. In fact streaming entirely is something I can't understand why someone would even want to watch that shit.

I can't even think of one way women have contributed positively to gaming. It seems like they just destroy everything they touch.

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Gr8 thread OP

no, there are only girls



Yes, we know this.

nice obinion bro

I wish there was at least a woman density of two per server. The ensuing catfights are always hilarious.

The biggest mistake a man could make is trusting a woman to act like a man.
I wish they stopped letting women sing for the Holla Forums musicals. They rarely ever have talent and you can tell they don't understand what they're singing about. Truly pathetic

Thats a male reflex, we've been programmed to do it over the course of evolution. Its one of the reasons why women make terrible soldiers. Men often sacrifice themselves trying to save them, instead of making a tactical decision that would let the women survive and not kill themselves, or choose the greater good in the moment.
1: Many of the women who join vidya social groups are attentionwhores and like to be the center of attention, and like many women in RL end up causing drama, which ends up causing rifts in the group
2: Even if the woman isn't a drama whore and just wants to play the game with everyone, men often compete for the womans attention/favor, which ends up causing drama anyway and causes rifts. The woman in this situation if she's not a drama whore often leaves at this point as she becomes uncomfortable with everything happening and thinks leaving salvages the situation, it obviously doesn't since the rifts don't close.

>Your desire will be for your husband,
>and he will rule over you.”
What did God mean by this?


Gamer girls are a meme. As cute as they may be, they still play worse than 5 year-old children.

A beast like you could never understand our god.

It's just thots and tryhard "grrl" femishits that don't understand why they're disliked, faggot. Dubs.

And then they, or their chivalric male assistants say, "It's just a game bro! Don't be a tryhard! Be nice! Why are you so mad?"




I never understood what happened.


women "cause drama" because that's how women compete with each other, it's natural to them, sabotaging other women to get more male attention and resources, you kind of almost pity them, women have no "friends" just temporary alliances, beta orbiters and their infatuation of the moment

There may be a genuine interest by women on the game. The problem is that they are massive casuals that will almost never go the lengths required to develop skills, and yet they will still want to partake on it. Then there are the enablers that will pity them and give them a place regardless of the above. Finally the game will be poisoned by even more casuals and normalfags that just want to fit in to have a chance at the women.

All of you really need to start talking about some video games. Christ everyone here is either full MGTOW or thinks women need to be protected from the dangers of the world.


Women have no place in government or voting therefor. End that and you solve all societal problems.

I was actually surprise when nobody defended her, or even her saying anything on her defense, good thing we got killed in the next wave and i moved to another server.

To be fair, you don't have to be mad. It's only a game.
I just think that yelling at people for being bad is stupid. It rarely, if ever, motivates people to stop being bad, it generally makes you more mad (not less) and it strains any kind of team relationship which will generally decrease over-all performance. Bad sportsmanship isn't conducive to a good experience, or even a good playthrough.

But nice dubs, anyway.

pick one



You're a woman aint you?


Xonotic has a grill player who is pretty good. She is great bait too.

What was the context of this anyway? The hell were they doing aside from an attention whoring circlejerk?

I think you meant cuck reflex

No you don't. In reality, shaming is effective. Go away WIDF.

Western women only good at writing if they aren't' pozzed as shit.
Asian women are good artist.

Other than that, they are best used as booth babes or office cheerleaders.

Maybe you guys just weren't that skilled if all it took was one woman to fuck things up. Git gud


Women have their privileges, so if they by accident pick the perk
they will always get the remaining

She isn't respected for being a grill; she's respected because she's legitimately skilled.

Yes user, the instinct inherent in men that has allowed the women of their race to survive for millennia, despite all the dangers is a cuck reflex. Clearly real alpha men go their own way and don't bother with kids or protecting their mate.


Xonotic is shit though. Autohop is cancer and the guns are low skill noobshit.

The thing is that there's a difference between a "gamer girl" and a woman that likes video games. It's the same thing with men honestly, like you have your attention whores like Kyle Orland and Ben Kuchera, but you also have people who actually enjoy this hobby like you and me.

I don't think gender has anything to do with one's enjoyment of video games, but rather it's an issue of promoting and glorifying the female gender too much. Like back in the day video games were primarily a male hobby, due to its marketing as a male childrens toy. Girls would probably enjoy them in private, but loved games like the rest of us.

The issue is that this industry has a problem of people trying to promote and protect the female gender rather than just treating them like their male counterparts. If the industry would just focus on making the games they want to then more women and men would be buying more games. However as of now the industry is obsessed with short profit scams like loot boxes, microtransactions, etc. that they fail to see the big picture. It's basically an issue of a billion industry being run by incompetent businessman.

That's the kind of men most women are attracted towards though. Women would sooner go with the deadbeat junkie musician than with the steadily provided accountant.


I can't think of a single women I've ever met that has been good at a video game.
Mostly casuals that can't understand basic core mechanics and only play casual games or. Turn based RPG's that are just, grind for lvl's and win.


Maybe you should stop being a homo tryhard faggot first


Protecting women is a primary function of men on a biological level, you retard. Humans are sexually dimorphic in such a way that women are optimized for child rearing, and men are optimized for survival. The sexes co-developed with this dynamic in mind, which is why men are also psychologically predisposed to ensuring the survival of women and children, and why women are attracted to strong men, not nice ones. Your MGTOW cynicism is a product of modern society, not biology.

And those women you leave as single mothers.

Nah, nowadays Holla Forums white knights like a motherfucker, though that's mostly due to mods getting rid of the threads pointing out the bad in women. The only threads left are burn the coal, pay the toll threads.

Autohop is a problem for Quake because the jump tricks are based on timing e.g double jumps or overbounce. In Xonotic, you do neither of those, i.e jump tricks are based on sloped surfaces, so the autohop doesn't remove or detract from any game mechanics.

As for the weapons, its just different. The combat is based more on projectiles and combos than it is hitscan if you want to compare with Quake 3.

Well like I said, most females that are good at vidya or enjoy vidya in secret. There are more females here than you think user.

Pretty much this. Feminism was a mistake.

t. Femboy crossdresser

What about those hambeast types who just keep to themselves and play shit like the sims or WoW or whatever the fuck? They're pretty much the female equivalent of basement dwelling neckbeards.

Are those things even human anymore?

unless proven otherwise, anyone on the Internet is male.

Are you?

I'm A U T I S T I C

Chad here, women are great, except for ugly ones. We let those bother you hence the problems you have now.


Never LAN bros.

Yes, there are. Unlike twatch boob show whores or other kind of attention whore, they lay really low and never speak on the mic or flashing their vagina badge to declare that they are women. So they are nigh undetectable. Those are the smart ones who are riding on this to be exact, knowing their chances of getting busted are low.

humanatee is overated


What are you, stupid? Do you not know how retarded most dudes are about women?

The combat is based on spamming your laser guided Devastator throughout the entire map. Q3CPMA is the better game.

You're not a girl you have a penis. Idiot.

You mean Holla Forums?

Of course.


Do you not know how to use commas? I legitimately thought there was a webcomic called "Life Cats the Internet School".
Did he really deck you just for talking to her? Not that you should have been talking to her to begin with.

Great story otherwise.

Reminder pig related is Holla Forums board owner.

I'd still fuck it

That thing better have a dick.

Cause I wanna fuck it

You get more damage in if you fire in combination since you can shoot any other weapon after shooting the Devastator because of the refire time. The rocket in Xonotic moves slower than the one in Quake or even HL DM, its definitely dodgeable given how much faster you can move in Xonotic.

She started talking to me I didn't know how to stop it without sounding like a fedoralord.

on >>>Holla Forums it fucks you

And here are the leftypol faggots.

Here's how you stop it:

You’re cute. And will swing from a lamppost, but still cute.

We’re on Holla Forums, not 4chan. You don’t have any idea what 8/pol/ does.

Graphs related.

pretty much.

what a shit thread to wake up to

That's what I was talking about. When was the last time you saw an anti slut thread that wasn't deleted or turned into whiteknighting.

are you Holla Forums's board owner?
are you actually a girl?

I need context for this

Shit the flag

I never see white knighting here. The threads are deleted, you’re right, but that’s because jews run Holla Forums.

Also, when the fuck is Mousou Telepathy going to update again?

Just playing and chatting and the other lady either wanted attention from doing something stupid or was just a whore.

friendly reminder that whiteknights never, EVER, get "rewarded", they're the male version of a korean citizen, always kept hungry so he can't revolt

Vid related. Women are pretty well proven to prefer leaders, which are strong men with social status. Unfortunately, lots of women seem to have trouble differentiating between assholes and leaders, because they have similar qualities at first glance, and women retardedly forget to take the long-term into account. This makes it seem like women prefer assholes, because there are more assholes than leaders, which means a higher total number of women selecting assholes as mates.
That's because the average accountant isn't considered strong, and doesn't have any particular social status, despite usually having a high and stable quality of life. They're usually the sort of guy who, if he doesn't have something more engaging to his identity, will be cheated on when she inevitably gets bored. Meanwhile, the deadbeat asshole musician still gets women regularly, because he's the center of attention, which is high social status, despite being dead broke and completely void of life stability. But a total dweeb who plays an instrument brilliantly still isn't going to get women if he can't apply it socially. t. Dweeb Musician.

Yeah, it didn't. Holla Forums is not equivalent to the philosophies favored on Holla Forums, nor is it equivalent to the people who championed those philosophies in the past. The people are different even if the spirit is the same, which would also be a questionable claim to make.
Empty threats keep people from taking you seriously, you know.

Well then I guess it's not really your fault, but still, he just punched you without saying anything?

Density of zero is best.

stupid dumb crossposting newfag scum

traps are gay user stop the meme

Hey Holla Forums how ya going in your shithole?
Oh shit it's actually an underage

Now that I think about it usually the whiteknighting happens in the threads that get deleted.

It's mondays, wednesdays, thursdays, and saturdays. So today an update happened.

I think if anyone here considers other forums an echo chamber you might want to step back and take a look at where you are

You seem like a cool guy. I'm glad not everyone here is a fucking mook.



Fake news.

That's because simply enjoying the hobby for what it is doesn't win you any social brownie points. You see, women are hardwired to care about social interactions far more than men. Even if they claim they don't care about such things, it's still true. Positioning themselves into power, authority, or importance is all about the greater social catfight to them.

So, when they come into a hobby, or subculture, or smaller community, what's the better option for a woman to establish herself as valuable and desirable amongst others? Simply being another face in the crowd? Fuck no. Being a trail-blazing, asskicking superwoman who improved things by being so awesome is what matters. Soak that cunt in feminism and it only gets worse. Now it's not just a matter of needing to be valuable, but also virtue signalling and creating problems that weren't there before, so they can solve them and be even more important than they would be otherwise.

I saw a picture of some hamplanet's tits on this board once, timestamped too.

this guy gets it, here have this mate

Are the mods sleeping? Why the fuck so many kids are posting now

Sadly what you say is true and too close to home to feel nice. I started selling my job and hiding my power level to get some 3dpd and is shown that shallow women stay on a shallow level of consideration

>xonotic has a (((grill)))
trannies dont count

i dunno, my girlfriends pretty good at video games, but shes also kinda ugly


I know that the grills who pose as gamr XD and then play like Kizuna Ai are shit, but if the nigger in the team would stop talking about how he wants to gurgle monkey penises, that'd be great.

Maybe if cucks like you actually started threads these threads would actually fall off the board. But no, post VIDEOGAMES and be (1) and done. Fucking hypocrite.

0/10 user, you need to re-read that info graph about trolling you found on Reddit

Post girl user, let us judge her

Was only outed because of semi-serious team games and voip. No sign of mental illness otherwise. That part isn't known for sure.

No. It's more like a thread about women is guaranteed replies.

so where is the definite proof of her being a woman?

No OP.
Nobody has ever made the connection before between women and literally ruining everything forever.

What did he mean by this?

Kek'd heartily.

Women can't into coordination and not thinking solely with their emotions. Because women are 100% accustomed to men waiting on them, they expect men to wait on them in games too. Women are shit, but they'd be slightly less shit if men weren't so shit around them.

As in don't know for sure between tranny or girl, but it's way unreasonable to DNA test or demand personally identifying information. Girls are generally more common than trannies however; we're talking about 50% of the human population v.s less than 0.1%.

tranny it is then and you're a fag for defending it
case closed

I also wanted to add that men are hard-wired to act dumb around women. It can't be helped. Women ruin men, and women were dumb to begin with.

Woman on the internet wouldn't be such a hotly contested issue either.

Gurl gamers and pseudo nerds are a cancer

Reminds me when one time a faggot joined the server, its voice was so stereotypicaly gay that I wasn't sure if it was real or a parody. I started playing Kill All The Gays and before the lyrics even began, it started telling me to kill myself and how horrible I am, I then caught it off-guard trying to mute me and killed it. For the rest of its stay, it never used voice chat again and left shortly afterwards.

Maybe a fleshpound? Their gauntlet-things sort of look like people-blender implements.

Had a woman on my dota team today man and holy shit she was one of the dumbest people i've played with in recent months.

That's womyn for ya. Don't even try to use logic on them, as a man everything is your fault for them.

Women were a mistake and should never get involved with anything besides being utilized for pro-creation

The only good women are mothers who actually dedicate time and effort to raise their children along with their husband and teach them values and provide education and everything they might need.

It's sort of mixed. There's "gamer grrrls" who are just playing video games because they need male attention and then there's girls who play video games because they like vidya.

The vast majority of the second category don't ever really let you know that they're girls. So you have a sampling bias - the girls who shit up communities are the girls who you *know* are girls, and the girls who don't shit things up don't let you know they're girls.

females serve their purpose in gaming just as they have always done in life

Go away Anita.

Degradation of a meme;

A meme is created from close friends repeating an in joke to each other, where the meaning is not understood due to it being so esoteric. Then the friends start telling telling others about the joke, making it more widely applicable to one or many friend groups. Because the joke has such a specific meaning, third parties have to learn the context where it is applicable lest they get berated. Here is the typical tipping point: people who are not familiar with the original meaning behind the meme start to use it because they saw their friends and online image board users repeating it and laughing. The meme has moved past the intrinsic value of being a response to a very specific scenario and has become a catch all term. Youtubers join the community not in an effort to tell jokes, but to make ad revenue off of mostly-uncontested new attention. Because they are not there to repeat an in joke, they give a careless and annoying attempt to recreate a 4 panel MSpaint comic mocking the exact thing they are doing. At this point, the meme is mostly unrecoverable. Finally, near the end, the average normalfag will reference the meme because of the incredible boom of popularity through social media shilling such as reddit, twitch, and twitter. It is used almost exclusively out of context as a proof of social superiority. Now the founders are so disenfranchised with the state of their meme that they exile it altogether and label it as reddit, or a newfag joke fittingly, or make a new meme for the whole process to repeat itself over again. What remains of the meme is a hollowed out 9gag watermarked comic strip to only be reposted on 14 year old kids facebook accounts, in the same heap of mess as minecraft music videos and FNAF lets plays. It will appear on the news as the green frog that won the presidency and hacked the USA gov.

Shit thread OP. Maybe it says more about the games you play and the skill level you play at that you run into women like that.

tl;dr: git gud and stop bitching about whatever fuckups come around.

Pretty much this.


End all lives involved, it's for the best.

There is no such thing as skilled women in videogames, and 'those' that are are transsexuals, because they surprisingly used to be men. For example, look at this world record of Battle Garegga which is currently held by some tranny who is playing it non-stop.

They still are men, they are just so weak minded that they don't want to be men.

This is what Ancient Greeks believed in alongside that only true love was between two men.

How is that possible?


This thread sure needs to exist. It's not like it's just saying shit that we all already know or anything.

Now change the pillow to a dakimakura of one of his repulsive Lawbreaker characters.



I agree that women need to gtfo but you need to as well being an esports faggot

Atop a slew of other reasons: Women/gurrrls don't play games like men do, men have system thought activated and can deduct how to put the screws on an in-game economy through trial and error (or just by paying some damn attention), we can stick to a predetermined strategy and not deviate so much that it'll fuck everything up, over and over again without reminders, women are bored by this, they are bored by games in general because they highlight how inept they are at learning in what is seen (by cretins) as a childish medium, hence the Grand Dumbening of vidya which is in progress as we lament.

Women tend to just just turn up and half-ass it, hope for the best and not really care if they (and by extension, you) fail, so variable behaviour that inspires 'WTF?'s, pigheaded/ditz moves that cost time/lives, a tendency to brag immediately before accidentally suiciding/tk-ing are the order of the day when they're involved. With a team of System Think males around/vs them their deficiencies are quickly highlighted, it's like having a noob join your team but they never really learn to stop being retarded, plus you can emotionally manipulate them to tears just by ragging on them consistently which any true gamer has long since grown a hide thick enough to endure *and* hurl back their own listless danger-free death/rape threats. Ultimately it makes for a weak link in the chain.

I have a vagina but I'm not a female. AMA

Sometimes I wonder if all the 'muh womyn'-posting is just hyperbole born out of a circlejerking environment or everybody on here have only met the worst women imaginable

That or it's shitposting

Alright, I'll bite this bait. What the fuck do you think you are?

A woman that's serious about vidya wouldn't be noticeably different from any male gamer. You wouldn't notice the difference.

The type we're talking about? They WANT you to know they have a vagoo, because it's all just another way of leeching male attention or even gibs.

The thread about a chink beating his GF over a video game turned into very serious respecting women online.

Fun fact, women are incapable of long-term planning.

i have two. so?

Go away CWC

Some women are okay at games. Most are unredeemable trash.

A man. Gender and sex are not the same.

Har hardy Har, so clever and original.

There really is not enough dubs happening in this thread. Let's fix that shall we?

You're either too young to know better or too normal to be here.

The ones that feel the need to announce they are a gurl gaymer are the Afton Smiths of gaming. They're after the attention alimony.




basically this.
the topic is video games, not how many hotdogs you can fit down your throat without coughing

You had shit like this a very long time ago when camwhores would post about themselves and have a thread about themselves. The general solution was either disbelief or telling them to fuck off. Now you don't need to have an actual woman in a thread for discussions to start about them.

hello anita go away please.

Is this still a suprise to anyone?

No, but they understand the importance of having a society filled with healthy families user. Something you would too if you didn't swallow the pill of Roosh and the PUA-faggots.

How can someone disagree with these dubs you're getting. I thought it was a well known fact that No Hymen, No Diamond. Maybe i'm slacking off on it, took it for granted what was the absolute truth on relationships with women. But seriously, if you've seen one thread about women on Holla Forums you've seen everyone of them because they are always the same.

Are you going to slit your wrist or tie a noose?

It's simple really: women who take part in things but don't actively ruin them fall beneath notice because not ruining things is the norm for members of that community.
Combine this with the fact that women who feel the need to draw attention to the fact that they have a vagina have zero other redeeming qualities, and it's honestly surprising this isn't common knowledge.



You sound like a chad.

Why would you use a crossbow on a fleshpound though? Stupid bitch should've got herself an M14 instead.

welcome to the world. dont expect a woman to act like a man.
the problem youre having might be that you bought into the idea that women can be as good at a given thing as men. youre confused. even feminists dont believe that. a woman might, theoretically, be capable of doing so, but the trick is that none of them want to. ever. on pain of fucking death. there is no incentive in existance that could do it. that's why the feminist agenda isnt the raising up and strengthening of women, but the restructuring of language and values, so that being weak is as "good" as being strong, manipulative as "good" as being honest, and being stupid as "good" as being smart.
youre living in a time of human history where we are going trough a massive collective hysteria, over, essentially, having forgotten how to say "no" to women. they are incapable of saying it to themselves.
hope you figure it out before you get into the workforce, youll claw your fucking face off

This. Shaming is the perfect motivator for humans. Why do you think there are so much less fat asians than westerners? Because they mock the shit out of fatties while the west at best ignores it or in case of fat womyn praises it.

Shit bait you need to apply more faggot 2/10

Not hyperbole. Women are the cancer of society, nothing but scum. One of the strange circumstances where I'm glad to be a faggot so these psychotic leeches can fuck right off.

Nice dubs. I actually agree. I tend to root for my team whenever I'm playing with them and I usually just give strategies and tips instead. I shitpost occasionally in voice but I never really do it enough to actually make it annoying. Ripping people to shreds just makes them not want to help you and usually just leads them to either mute you, leave the game, try and votekick you, or just ignore you in general. I'll try my best to win and whatnot but if my team is doing a shit job I never really get that pissy about it. I mean fuck I can just go to a different server or some shit; it's not a big deal.

Works real well at all those pray the gay away camps huh?

They needed more motivation in the way of lead.

wouldn't that be the men's fault?


I'd date a qt autistic gamer girl.

yeah but they wouldn't do it if there wasn't a woman involved

No, my roommate was a great healslut.

Nigger that image is as old as time itself.

I have met a few grills who legitimately enjoy vidya, it's just the one common theme I notice with them is that they never use the mic and try to hide that they're grills. So I often wonder how many chicks I might play with regularly just just don't know because they don't say anything.

Only in real life. In gaming/compsci/etc they're fucking everywhere.

Have you ever been part of a team in your life?