Games where you ALMOST got 100% completion, but gave up

I got 91% completion on my Batman: Arkham City file, but finally gave up on those retarded Riddler's Revenge challenges. There's just no way I'll have the patience to to complete those damn Campaign Maps.

The platinum trophy for ICO (in The Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection) is another one that I didn't manage to get, because the Castle Guide trophy required me to beat it under 2 hours. I came close, but no cigar.

Rules are simple:
The game you failed to complete 100% MUST have some sort of way to track your overall progress. Collecting all of a game's achievements/trophies is a pretty good metric for tracking modern games, but it's not the only metric out there. [In the trophy-less Super Mario Galaxy 2 for example, it was just a matter of collecting all 242 stars.]

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Same boat, however I gave up on the fighting challenges. I managed to do the ones from the first game just fine and they were actually quite fun, but for City they just didn't feel the same.

Really wish the combat in that game actually used the depth that it has rather than just allowing you to press one button.


Achievements were a mistake
-Shigeru Miyamoto

I don't give a shit about trophies. They're pointless boy scout badges that do nothing but stroke the ego of children who think they act as a testament to their skill or "gamer cred."

That being said, I have finished games accidentally, by just playing them as I normally would have, and I also have a number of games that I have sitting at 90% just because I haven't gone out of my way to do some pointless collect-a-thon or side quest or something. The first Infamous has a trophy that asks the player to do some special move, but you have to execute it on a certain number of enemies. At the end game, it can be quite difficult to find the enemies to do this move to because the number of enemies diminishes significantly. I also have Red Dead Redemption at around 60% because I was not autistic enough to do all the pointless side activities in single player, and multiplayer is fucked beyond repair by hackers/modders, so it's not even worth it to try playing a dead game just to get some trophies.

There are more examples but who cares.

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I'm surprised it took them this long


RE: ORC had an achievement that was basically: "complete 98 games of a certain game mode". I tried 2 times, each time I ended up raped by the enemy team composed at 100% by gook players at max level. I let that achievement go because I didn't want to rage.

Asemblance: I missed one that is time-based.
Wash_Doge: You must use a fake app in-game to scan songs that you hear in the streets, I only needed one fucking song to unlock the achievement but it could take ages since it's completely random.
Red Dead Redemption: most of the multiplayer achievements are nearly impossible to unlock since the servers got hacked.

Why did it take so long for a company to implement this?

Ubisoft had it for games in Uplay. You could unlock ingame costumes and wallpapers with achievement points.

I'd agree. I've always gotten "the most" out of my games, personally. I've always completed every challenge present in the game. But now to "really" finish a game its a race against time before the multiplayer servers shut down and just printing out guides to locate all 200 of whatever shitty collectible is on offer. Of course there are other annoying achievements too like uploading to youtube and sending challenges to your friends Shit that is not in the game that I don't care about.

So I don't finish my games anymore. Proud casual reporting.

You can also get discounts on the games you buy on their store.

AssCreed 2, because fuck the 100 feathers

Some genuinely do take some actual skill to get, challenge wise. Not the online ones (which I never bother with) or the ones that feel like pointless busywork (like those Infamous "perform these moves on an arbitrary number of enemies" you described). I'm talking about game challenges that the noobs generally have a hard time completing.

Personally speaking, if I feel like a difficult vg challenge is realistically within my reach (like trophies given for completing a game's highest difficulty setting), I would usually try to go for it.

I'll give you that, there's just too many of them and it's just busywork at that point.
Those however represent the final frontier of your skill in the game.


That fucking beetle race in the Crystal Caves. Fuck that nigger


Jet Force Gemini. Those time trials were mostly bullshit to get the highest rank.

All I have to do to get the Plat for Fallout 3 is finish a bad-karma playthrough and finish a couple of side quests I never did, but I'm finding it hard to want to do.


On PS3 it's worse because people tend to brag about getting a ton of platinum trophies but when you look closer at the games they play it's always a lot of shitty games with easy platinum trophies to unlock.

I knew someone who did this on the Xbox 360 it boggled my mind to play games you didn't like just so your achievement score went up.

Both MGSV and Dark Souls, I was 2~3 trophies away from completion and a friend (who is really into cheevos) said "WOW U ALMOST GOT A PLATINUM ON THEM XD"

It was like a bucket of cold water. I wasn't really having fun at that point but I couldn't see it until pointed out to me.

I 100%-ed Spyro 1 and 2, but never got quite there with 3. Some of the challenges were just… not fun at all.

Almost 100% Bloodborne, just had to fight the Queen of Yharnam at the end of the Chalice Dungeons, but for her particular ritual you need a Living String which you can only get one of per playthrough and it's sorta hidden how you get it. Anyway I did everything right but forgot to pick it up, and when I remembered and went back to get it, it was gone. Didn't feel like doing a whole nother playthrough just for that one fucking thing.

I wanted to 100% some of the Souls games, but they all require full weapon sets that just take to much grinding to seem fun.

On the inverse I think the first Dead Rising is the best example of achievements in a game to date. A lot of them are various challanges you have to go out of the way to earn, and probably won't do over the course of regular play, often forcing different playstyles. Plus a good few of the achievements unlocked cool outfits and super weapons to play with.

The only achievement I actually went out if my way to do was the Lawn Gnome one from HL2: Episode 2.

Zen my ass. I felt many intense emotions while playing this tedious piece of shit game, but at no point did I feel anything even remotely resembling 'zen'.

You niggers need to read the article
It doesn't apply to achievements retroactively
So basically nobody gets anything unless they play even more on the thing and get medals for completing new games they didn't already
This is just to extend the life of the hardware and get more sales before it dies and they put out a new one, don't be retarded

None at all. It's mostly stupid grinding and it's not fun so why do it?

Achivements tied to heavy RNG are a nightmare to get.
I like filling my achievements lists on games i like as a sort of post game checklist so that i can have more stuff to do.

I think achievements where in part made popular by the low replayability of modern AAA (almost on rail) games, as a means to add an incentive for doing the boring tasks again. Or performing them a bit better since it's common in modern games to fail a task and still get the same outcome in the game.

I also almost 100% Arkham City, but the game glitched out and I was unable to get the last riddler trophy

Time Splitters Future Perfect.
Some of those platinums seem impossible. I managed to scratch a couple more before i began getting too angry to continue

Super Mario 3D World
At one point, I stopped playing to 100% because of a boss rush but I got faster but then I have to go back to some level and hit the top of the pole. Dropped it, but I came back but then champion road, I dropped it but I will come back once I'm done with all this gay shit

To this day it irks me and I don't know why.

I know it's several years late now but
Did you make sure your TV couldn't do 16:9 via letterboxing?

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift.

Those online ranking requirements are fucking nuts!

FFX-2. Fun game, but I'm not going to play the entire god damn game over again just to pick up the treasure chest I missed in Besaid island for the final .2%.

I'm missing one achievement in Senran Kagura Estival Versus but it's for unlocking every unique finishing animation and I just can't be fucked getting all of those since they're character, stage, and clothing specific. I'm also missing two achievements in BlazBlue Central Fiction; one for getting rank 11 in ranked matches (no one plays ranked in BB games) and finishing all the SpeedStar courses (I need to finish the last course). I just can't be fucked. I can be fucked learning to play Litchi instead.

Fuck That Shit!

I have obtained roughly 99.9% of all rare items from my own hunts without any amount of trading undertaken. All that remain are many of the uber rares on the more extreme end of the spectrum like Handgun: Guld, Oran Card, Prophet's of Motav, etc. Also had a character for every class and every section ID all at least level 125. Unfortunately a while back I found out that one of my memory cards with a level 200 on it got corrupted somehow. Really not too sure how that one got corrupted, must not have been through the usual means where people get fucked over by FSOD during a save. Perhaps it's just the flash memory on the card itself going bad. This was discovered only after a long break from the game, I can only imagine how mad and depressed I would have been if I had it happen to me while I was really into it. Feels good to be able to roll with the punch. Gamecube will always be the best version of the game, but I can still manage to enjoy it on Blue Burst.

Dark Souls. Getting all those weapons is a pain in the ass.

Become proficient

hah faggot. Got platinum on that bitch

Anyway you just described most games for me. I don't go out of my way to platinum everything. There is no point, usually. Its not like I'm going to dedicate my life to trophy hunting.

You get $10 games off Sony's network for them now, so they serve some purpose. Momodora is currently $10. Finish up old platinums, download a great game for free.

I never 100% a spyro.
came 7 eggs off finishing 3 then my brother wiped the file


I spent hours and hours on this Mario 64 romhack called Luigi and the Violet Stars. Huge game, but it had some really sloppy design choices, like stars placed right next to each other, and huge, boring, featureless hedge mazes that would cause the camera to spaz out constantly while inside. The very last star I hadn't gotten was the red coin star on the icy river level. I swear to fuck, that last red coin just didn't exist. I spent hours searching for it, used moon jump to comb every last inch of the map, it just wasn't there. Because this hack is sloppy, I honestly think the guy just forgot to put the last red coin down.

I don't…
My hope for vidya just took a blow.
I think I'm gonna be ill.

Just unlock the achievements with a program. It's what I do with achievements that are too bullshit to get.

I said fuck it and unlocked it with a third party application. I have better shit to do than waste time tediously grinding.

Achievements aren't really what I'm caring about, it's the in-game %. Also I think I have to redo one of the Huey missions for a blueprint or something because those stupid fucking hangars in afghanistan that regenerate resources are permalocked outside that mission and I might have missed the blueprint there.

and i dont think you need to do all the achievements to get 100% or vice versa

More's the pity, faggots.

So what did you do, daily play to somehow grind MB coins and play the RNG to see if the daily reward thing gave you MB coins? Or is it some FOB shit that gives you tons of MB coins?

You can Grind MB coins? I thought they literally only made it so that you either have to buy them or they give you 15 a week.

Binding of Issac
fuck rng farming for that last item

Also Banjo Tooie
that race with the NPC on the minecart on the sky on the last level
many years later i figured you have to be behind her until the very end otherwise she speeds and you'll never be faster than her
but honestly fuck that mini game jigsaw puzzle piece

in bayonetta 1 i was really close to 100% but when i learned you had to collect ALL the crows across ALL difficulties I was burned out since I had already replayed the game a few times over at that point

Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine had a fun achievement for completing the first 15 chapters (each 10-20 minutes long) on hard without dying once. Definitely caused me some frustration, especially given how much damage the suicidal squigs caused and inability to restore health during the chapter 15 boss fight, but it was overall quite fun and asked me to do something I never would have considered otherwise.

I wouldn't dislike achievements so much if more of them were like that: encouraging the player to do stuff outside of his comfort zone. Then again, there's no reason that achievement couldn't simply be an in-game challenge with a tangible in-game reward. God knows the fun of it was probably by accident, since that game also had an achievement given for 40,000 LIFETIME KILLS.

Man, now I'm just sad Space Marine had such a short shelf life due to THQ tanking because of their retarded tablets. That game could have been a respectable niche shooter series; it had so much room to grow.

I feel that, i'm not against an achievement that actually makes you try a different spin on the game or a special kind of challenge run like "certain weapon only" or "don't get buttfucked even once by the buttfucker", but when all you get is the little "ping" noise for getting it its not as fun as getting an in game reward. Even a new skin or something would be nice and would drive me to get 100% more frequently

I think i got a bunch of the [[[free]]] when they fucked up some shit related to it. And i manage to get my second FOB, that was enough to get most of the weapons.
But i still dont remember if unlocking weapons are related to the complete percentage

Nope, no weapons needed, but the whole combat deployment mission shit is a fucking PAIN to do, takes hours, i think GAME hours to finish, and you can only send 1 or 2 teams depending the number of FOBs you have, also there is a change they will fail.

Mother Russia Bleeds co-op achievements i literally have no one to play with it locally so basically i will never truly complete the game 100%.

All of them because it's not worth it.

I had a little brother who did this for a few games.
I still don't talk to him

Never got all the blast shards in infamous 1. Too much of a pain to find those last few when there's no indicator of any sort of general area.

That trophy is really difficult even if you have a 16:9 TV. It's a lot easier if you play on PC and use M+K though.


Xenoblade X
Completed everything except the online achievement to get the last hit on the Global Nemesis. Which is impossible to do on Strayan internet. It always dies when I view it with 5000+ lives left.
Fucking even completed non-achievements like logging all creatures, all secret beetles, OHKO Doll and for fun beat the Telethia with a level 30 doll)

Well fuck that, any attempt at 100% canceled. Fucking stupid shit.