What's next for Rocket Raccoon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

What's next for Rocket Raccoon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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>>137569381Nothing. He's done.

>>137569381Nebula's pussy.

I'm glad somebody else noticed that, >>137569479.

>>137569381Sex with human men.

>>137569381Reboot Racoon?

>>137569400It might take a while, but I'm sure we'll see a GOTG Vol. 4 with the new team at some point.

>>137570049I wanna say Marvel is more likely to out him in other Cosmic movies, then I realized how poor of a job they did at building up Cosmic outside of gotg.Maybe Rocket will show up in the next Thor movie

>>137569381His story arc is done, though we could still get a Rocket and Groot movie showing how they met. Or he could guest star in other movies.

>>137570297>>137570491At the very least I'm sure the Guardians will pop up in Kang Dynasty and/or Secret Wars

>>137569381He does drugs to deal with his PTSDRocket Crackcoon

>>137570802>Rocket Crackcoonkek


>>137570491>His story arc is doneSo make a new one. I hate this shit. Characters are more than their "story arc." You can't always have big meaningful revelations and development, sometimes you just gotta go to work and fight off a horde of aliens.

>>137569381The next is probably him creampies his own butthole

>>137572862After 3 he's a competent, centered fighter and still a genius techie. I could see him showing up in several roles.

>>137569479Rocket Raccoom

>>137572919I miss Michael Rooker

>>137569381Coon Hounds

>>137573190Drax get iPad

>>137572862>You can't always have big meaningful revelations and development, sometimes you just gotta go to work and fight off a horde of aliens.Or just have him play a large part in someone else's arc.A character isn't just used goods once they're over their drama.

>>137572972>>137573490Yeah, that's it, exactly. James Bond has like thirty movies and no one gives a shit about his "character arc," they just want to see him do some cool spy shit.

>>137573401and Mantis gets raped


>>137569381"I guess in the end i truly was a raccoon"Seriously?

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>>137574454Why would you say that?

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>>137574881>"I guess in the end i truly was a raccoon"He was always a raccoon. What are you talking about?


>>137575808Rocket has always insisted that he's not whatever a "raccoon" is (he's apparently legitimately never known), but when he rescues the baby raccoons from High Evolutionary's facility and sees the label "SPECIES: RACCOON" he has a bit of a silent "...Oh" moment.

>>137575864The critical thing that happened in that scene was Rocket realizing "This is what I was, I was an innocent little animal too and nothing that happened was my fault." It wasn't so much "Oh, I'm a raccoon" but more "I've been carrying around all this self-hate and fear for nothing."

>>137575969Well, yes, that too.

>>137572862Yeah. His story is done but guardian's story is not. Characters like Jessica Jones have one good story . And you can see them struggling fir season 2

>>137576317Who's left, though? Rr, groot, Sean Gunn, and Cosmo? I don't think that's enough to pull audiences back in.

>>137576348It could be Rocket and Groot alone and people would probably come back for it. Kraglin and Cosmo would just be a bonus, plus they could always develop the girl into an interesting character, potentially. Maybe even make her the main character and make it a "Do I really fit in with these people, who are all old friends?" type story.

>>137576348I think the story arc like anhillation wave and intergalactic politics instead of personal stuff.


>>137569381would be really cool to see him team up with beta ray bill and silver surfer or fight stardust

>>137577856there's also the Nova Corps

>>137569381Mentoring Sam Alexander in a Nova limited series

>>137578330Who's Sam Alexander?


>>137579489The Nova you absolutely don't want.

>>137580977They've done nothing to make the novas actually like the comics so I doubt they'll bring Sam back. Especially because Loeb is gone.

He comes back to earth and claims the biggest garbage dump he can find as his own independent nation. All the raccoons move in there and call it Raccoontopialandsburg. Their economy is based building weapons of mass destruction from junk and selling them to rogue nations.

>>137569381Hopefully they mever touch the Guaradians ever again and just leave them alone. Their story is done and does not need to be disturbed.

>>137581917The movie ends with Star-Lord Will Return So theres that

>>137582435>Star-LordWhy does he call himself like that when no one rememers his name?

>>137575338Because he's evil.

>>137576737Eh, they would have probably dropped hints over the course of a decade if they ever planned on doing Annihilation. Dead ass, Cosmic side is more than likely over after Marvels

>>137582535That's the fucking joke.

>>137569381Cute coon

>>137583995He is

>>137569381Hopefully more Rocket content in the future. He and Quill are the most entertaining duo.

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>>137584393Now I wonder... how tall is Rocket actually? At least we know he doesn't weight a lot since everyone was carrying him like a feather in the third movie lol

>>137569381Watched the first 2 movies for the first time this weekend in preparation for seeing the 3rd in theaters since visiting family randomly wanted to go see it. I'm having strange feelings for this raccoon now.

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>>137584426Post his feet.

>>137584426> I'm having strange feelings for this raccoon now.me tooespecially after having seen the 3rd

>>137572862>I WANT MORE>MORE MORE MORE>MOOOOOOORRRRRRRREPeople like you would have Robert Downey Jr. playing Iron Man at gunpoint until he dies of old age.

>>137581917Yeah, cause that's how comic book hero characters work. You tell their backstory and then you never see them again.

>>137585068They've been in like seven movies. How big does the pile have to be to satisfy you?

>>137585111Who says there has to be a limit? Just keep making them. It's especially easy for characters like Rocket and Groot, who are just voice roles. I'm not saying they have to make a Guardians movie every year or something, but there's no reason they can't just make a Guardians movie every once in a while. People don't say "They've already been in a bunch of movies, just let them be done already" about Godzilla or James Bond or Batman.

>>137572362Wrong kind of coon user

>>137581902Expansionist raccoon ethnostate when?

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>>137586936*Cum on his feet*

>>137572919Haha what a strange thing to day user what a ridiculous mental image haha. It'd be pretty funny just as a joke haha

I really liked 1 and fucking hated 2, will I like the third movie?

I seem to have developed Rocket brainrot if that's a thing.... every time I hear any of the songs from the soundtracks I picture him and feel so wierd about missing somone I never knew or that even exists.... it's like there's a whole in my hart ( English is my first language I'm just not okrn )THE FIRST LINE OF THE CREDITS SONG FOR 2 IS GETTING DOWN AND DIRTY WITH ROCKET LIKE THEY KNEW

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>>137587045Rare as it is for a sequel I might like 3 as much if not slightly more than 1. Not perfect but I really really liked it. (Side nite but if I was almost dying in the vacuume of space every other week I'd carry one of the magic spacesuit disk things at ALL times like why.

>>137585949It'd be smarter to move them to the background with some kind of mentor role to bring in a new roster that can try to carry the franchise from there. But they don't have anyone to do that with

>>137587110Isn't that literally what they did with the post credit scene in Vol. 3?

>>137585949>It's especially easy for characters like Rocket and Groot, who are just voice roles.Isn't it expensive to have those two on-screen?


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Remember, Rocket only likes women. Sorry anons.

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>>137587045Third is the best MCU movie period in my opinion

>>137587045I'm curious, not sure how anyone who enjoyed 1 could dislike 2 unless you have a seething hatred of Kurt Russell. I thought 2 had all the likabale elements fron the first, only this time with an actually charismatic villain instead of the generic piece of cardboard that was Ronan.

>>1375887722 Had the absolute worst tone in MCU along with Thor Ragnarok. Unfunny jokes every 10 seconds, undermining every single attempt at sincerity. Utterly insufferable movie.


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>>137588805>worst tone in MCUThat title belongs to Love and Thunder alone.

>>137588851Haven't watched that but I believe you.

>>137572972>>137573490Rocket will be damaged goods once he's over my cock.

>>137584577>People like you would have Robert Downey Jr. playing black face at gunpoint until he dies of old age.Yes

>>137588805Well its a close second then.

>>137588851This desu

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>>137588397Don't be so sure of that.

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>>1375887722 is my favourite of the three, and the entire third act emotionally mercs me, but I understand how people like >>137588805 can hate it. The biggest example of it to me is the Drax nipples jokes. They're the one stain on an otherwise perfect experience for me. Him yelling at Mantis to look out after she gets conked was more than funny enough, having him scream about his nipples as well was just stupid.

>>137589204>now kiss

>>137589204Just imagine>going out for drinks with Rocket>eventually start some kind of altercation >get thrown out on the streets>stagger home, mostly half carrying him down the street >Collapsing in a pile on the couch or nearest somewhat comfortable object once you get home>falling asleep holding him to your chest, feeling his heart beat

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Does anyone with D+ know if when they finally release theatrical movies on streaming they also include all available audio tracks on day 1? I want to hear Rocket screaming in multiple languages

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I haven't been keeping up with the behind-the-scenes, so who besides Bautista is officially done with their character?


>>137590662I believe Zoe Saldana is out. I liked her in 3, but here we are. Sean Gunn said this is his last outing as Rocket's physical actor. He's getting up there in years and crouching all the time is probably murder on his knees. Not sure about any of the others.

>>137572382>>137569381ESE ES MI GROOT, CARAJO!


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>>137591157Wait so even when rocket is like running on all fours it's somone being mocapped? That's nuts.

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>>137590426poor Lylla didn't earn any pant :(

>>137591371They have a Rocket plus they carry around the set, but also Sean Gunn crouches down for mocap. I doubt this applies to the all fours running scenes, though.

>>137591832It shouldn't be much trouble to get a new motion capture actor.

>>137591832James Gunn explicitly said that Sean has a lot of skill at mocap because he gets down on all fours a lot, which is physically demanding on an actor

It fucking sucks that so many of the crew members kept pushing that GotG 3 would be the finale for these characters when there are still so many stories that can be told with them. Anyone know why this is happening? Are they just sick of their own successful movie series?

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>>137569545Cringe furry>>137593160Based

>>137593019they're still human, acting is still a job and there's a point where as you get older you wonder if you still want to continue or if you want to relax and finish your job for good, or work on other projects aside from the same set of characters.leaving aside the contracts & business arrangements, some people are no longer interested in being the cash cow of their respective business for 9 years and counting...

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>>137590426i fuckin cried. uplifted animals are compellingyoutube.com/watch?v=NTlRrgE8wWM>>137572999lol he recoomed so hard he joined the ginyu force

>>137587885Maybe, but I was referring more to keeping the actors for the roles. Besides, they're probably the most marketable and profitable Guardians characters anyway.

>>137593019Just because there can be more, doesn't mean there should be. Gunn had a vision and an endgoal so he could properly round out the trilogy without dragging the characters out.I wouldn't be opposed to more of course, but it's better to end on a high note than to keep slogging out more for the sake of it. Kinda like the MCU in general, only spoderman and GotG should have continued after Endgame.

>>137594987Interesting take.


>>137596954It's cute, not cursed.

>>137597934It's bad enough they made Peter bi. Don't need to drag Rocket down too unless he's topping an alien twink.

>>137598059>rocket>topbro has so much emotional baggage he'd cry the moment he tries to dom somebody and beg for them to make him feel good

>>137598226Sad tops exist, user. I can't see Rocket as a powerbottom or a secret sadboy who needs to be pampered.

>>137598226Sounds like another action hero manlet I know...

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>>137598534Mao Mao is dead user. Let it go already.

>>137598534if only Rocket had a gay sissy badger friend to let out his frustrations on

>>137598669I can die happy when Season 2 finally leaks

>Mantis fucks off to "find herself" in the next Guardians movie after she officially joins>Nebula fucks off when she didn't even officially join until Endgame or whateverI wish there was like one more genuine GotG movie in-between. IW/EG didn't really cut it for me.

>>137598691>a gay sissy badger friendYour fursona?

>>137599752They left out a lot of important stuff in Endgame, like Rocket being told his friends are dead and what he and Nebula did for five years.

>>137598226Or he'd hate fuck people to work his anger off.

>>137599951how did you know

>>137600850To this day it still annoys me that they set up a "We almost died together" bond between Nebula and Tony and then they never so much as looked at each other again after the prologue.

>>137599752>>Mantis fucks off to "find herself" in the next Guardians movie after she officially joinsThis bugged (lol) me, too. I know she was in the Avengers movies and the Christmas special and everything, but it still feels like she just joined the team.

>Undergoes torture and abuse as an infant >Watches childhood animal friends get shot dead>Watches tree friend blow up and revert into a baby>Watches tree friend die again alongside the rest of his newfound family from the snap>Almost dies because of some dude sent by his obsessed creatorThis raccoon can't catch a fucking break.

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>>137602172To me it sort of made sense exactly for that reason. Like, she was just a newcomer that didn't fit in as well as the others and didn't really have any life experiences as she was essentially just a tool/pet, but wasn't such an emotional wreck that she needed to attach herself to others like Nebula. She literally does just need some alone time to explore her own life instead of following others' commands.

>>137602787Well, the other weird thing about Mantis is that she and Peter just discovered/realized that they're brother and sister... and that ended up meaning jack shit? Like if they're both going to step away from the team and have some down time, it feels like they should've gone off together? Don't they want to learn about their new sibling when not in life-threatening situations? It would've made total sense for Peter to invite Mantis to Earth with him so she could meet "her" grandfather and that just didn't happen for some reason.

>>137569381Meets an Earth racoon, falls in love and becomes a regular racoon.

>>137603851I'm 100% expecting that to be part of whatever "Star-Lord will return" will involve. Mantis crashing in on Peter and freaking everyone out and him having to awkwardly go "so uhhhh hey this is my sister from my dad who was actually an alien space god" or some other funny ha ha gag like that.

>"Hey, Mantis, I just wanted to tell you... I'm really glad you're my sister.">"But the other day you called me a bug-faced freak.">"That's just how siblings talk to each other on Earth.">"...Earth is very confusing."

>>137589519I thought the nipples joke worked fine since it was a long time between setup and delivery. Jokes like "It's not ripe", turds, and the Taserface shit were the worst though.

>>137604067Peter's grandpa is probably gonna be super dead by the time they do something with Star-lord again.

>>137605665Do you mean the character in-universe or the actor



>>137581902But can they beat Gorilla City (DC) tho???

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>>137604067>>137605665I'm sure they'll just scare the black grandma/in-home nurse lady and have her scream her head off when Mantis busts in.


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>>137607362>Peter: "[Black lady's name], she's not the Devil, she's my sister!">Mantis: "And they are not devil eyes! They are insect eyes! They're completely different."


>HE can fast forward through millions of years of evolution but once he gets his face ripped off he just slaps a mask onto the raw woundWeird


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>>137603851I'm sure they'll all be back together even if they don't suit up again. It felt a little weird to me the first time I watched it but the second time it came off more as everyone doing some soul searching/taking on other responsibilities. Not like the family is breaking up. plus Quill and Nebula still need to finally get together

>>137610774>tfw to intelligent to have common sense

>>137610774Flesh limb replacements don't seem to be a thing in the setting. We see plenty of cybernetics but don't hear about new flesh parts.

>>137569381>it's over

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>>137569381>>137584393>>137584426If you're really starved for any gotg content just watch the video game one, it's cool kinda like watching another gotg movie, which is something I need right now

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>>137585949You're a literal addict, you know that?

>>137614225It is to much to expect a weekly stripIs not like we are killing this syndicated artists...

>>137610774All Gunn had to do was have him wear a cybernetic mask so he actually looks like the comic version. You can still have the gore reveal after. Would've made the race swapping at least slightly less annoying.

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>>137614306Are we?


>>137616630of course we are wake up and smell the coffe, this people are chained to produce our enterteinment may as well be ankle chased court jesters

post more raccoon

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>>137617967>that lookIs he going to rape me?

>>137618802rocket would regard you with disgust for having such a thought

>>137618921Or embrace it and really rape me.


>>137621319It is.



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>>137569545Specifically, me.

Who´s actress gonna replace her when she" grows up"?

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>>137625770Cute feet

>>137614225Unless these people just stop making movies altogether, why can't they continue making the occasional Marvel movie for as long as they're making movies?>Aw man, it really sucks having a role I can always return to every now and then and be guaranteed a shitload of money that audiences really love seeing me as.Seriously?

>>137625227Depending on how long they take to get around to the Guardians' next appearance, they might not need to.

>>137617967Crazy how this the last time we see this lil nigga

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>>137626856Where's this scene from?


>>137627397Idk random screenshots from the movie

>>137626856I see him on my timeline plenty.

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>>137569400>>137574881>the series finally gets good>it fucking endedWhat did they mean by this?

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>>137626856>Crazy how this the last time we see this lil niggaConsidering how insanely popular Rocket is, I seriously doubt that.

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Trash pandas

I mean something they could do (other than a new movie with the new team) is what happened to rocket after he escaped the HE but before guardians 1, maybe how he met groot? Idk.

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>>137631961Fk wrong image

>>137631961>>137632058Sauce of that image?

>>137632093Idk my normal Rocket folder is next to my non explicit Rocket erotica folder and ig I sorted it wrong and misclicked? Sorry to say I don't have the sauce I found it it on here somewhere I think

>>137632164No worries thanks bro also share your folder.

>>137631961Hot post more

>>137569381I don't care, I am done with MCU.

>>137630606What else?

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>>137632949Idk how I'd do that tho

>>137635185Mega folder

>>137569381I refuse to watch anything that could potentially ruin this movie's ending, which is also the MCU's (second) ending.

Speaking of Sean Gunn does he just naturally have that comical skinnyfat body or is that huge gut part of the costume?

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>>137635529may i spank it

>>137635350I'm at work I'll see what I can do when I'm on break

>>137635529Wait how much of this is altered???? Are raccoons just tiny people?

>>137635783Altered from Rocket or altered from real raccoons? Because if you mean the latter, then probably a lot...

>>137635783anon, that's literally Rocket and not a real raccoon

>>137635783>Are raccoons just tiny people?OH MY TRASH user FOUND IT OUTSCRAM COONS

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>>137635783Significantly altered. Rocket's chest was smashed and reshaped, as raccoons have a dog-like front to back ribcage and the HE wanted a side to side, humanlike one. Rocket has metal braces on his chest and back even years later holding his ribs in place. His shoulders were forced back into human mode and bolted there until they healed in place. His legs were lengthened, though they are still proportionately shorter than a human's. His forepaws were operated on and bolted into shape to give him usable hands. And of course his brain was cut opened and operated on as part of his Uplift.

>>137635529Is that a nulge or a sheath

>>137636938Why not both?


>>137636306Altered from normal

>>137635783no they're just shortstacks

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>>137639734real life

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>>137635350It's a bit if a cluster fuck of all the images I had in the rocket folder but hereDon't say I never did anything for ya!mega.nz/folder/w6JBSRpD#7XL6LAdk05mrEKPwoF8WVw

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>>137640345Also it's surprisingly hard to find tasteful stuff of him that's on model

>>137640345Thank you so fucking much user I wish I could hug you right now. Did you draw that pic?

>>137640383I fuggin WISH I could draw like that, no it's just one I forgot to upload

>>137640393How much does that folder weigh?

>>137640426Idk it's only that big because I put the soundtracks of all 3 movies in a zip

>>137640345>>137640608Thanks So user For Posting your folder it a really solid collection And the added soundtracks is a really nice inclusion

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>>137640745This, thanks again.

>>137640745>>137641776Np happy to help fellow Rocket enjoyers

The fuck happened to this thread??

>>137642308Idk man i thought my contribution would give it new life. It's still ded

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>>137642447I'm still here.


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>>137644471No, that's a raccoon.

>>137617967Do any of you furries even care about Rocket's depth of personality and character? Or do you just like him because he has a tail and talks english?

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>>137645799Yes, all that and because I want him to be my boyfriend

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>>137645799You truly take me for a simpleton user. His personality is like 90% of why I think he's cool. It's pretty cringe but I see myself in him a bit what with not knowing how to interact with people.. just the whole not giving a fk energy is great too. He can build practically anything from next to nothing so he's ingenious/crafty af. Most of his diologue is incredibly snarky and he's always a joy to have on screen. All that would be plenty but he has legitimately interesting character depth. For all his strong front he is inwardly tormented by his past and works to get past it. Seeing the way he relates to / interacts with Yondu or Nebula is also really cool and the way he gets over his trauma and faces his fear is truly inspiring.

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>>137645799I feel i would not have fallen so hard for rocket and think about him constantly if it wasn't for his personality and backstory. I already loved him back in vol 1/2 since it was clear he had stuff going on with His scene drunk at the bar along with his moments with yondu are clear of that. so seeing his development threw out his appearances with him becoming more self accepting and appreciative towards the guardians is why i love him to begin with and if he had non of that and was just "One note furrybait" then i would not care about him in the slightest which is clearly not the case

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>>137628474All things must end. It's best they end on a high note

>>137648848Why does it have to be so hard to find decent art without the furry "feel" to it?

>>137646831Raccoons have 5 fingers & toes on each foot. Bad artist.

>>137648920Maybe he was altered?

>>137648848Based, this is the right answer

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>>137648953Seems to just be inconsistency. Sometimes he's drawn with 4 fingers. Other times 5.

>>137648920Comic artists can't be bothered to look at references for animals. They know how to draw people and buildings and that's it. Five seconds on Google and you have a raccoon reference, or you can just use the perfect 3d one from the movies. But no, we get Football Head Rocket, Hamster Rocket and a host of other horrors.

>>137590426>tfw shipped it since 2014Canonically to be together for eternity. I won. Shame about the arms but I got what I wanted.

>>137649798I'm a bit sad that MCU Rocket seems to be locked into the chaste hero role now since his friends (and possibly his girlfriend) are waiting for him in the afterlife and he'll be betraying her if he has any other relationships. Like everyone else Gunn is afraid to give him a girlfriend, but at least she appeared in this one. In the cartoon they carefully kept her away even when he met a bunch of other Uplifts. And then they lobotomized off of them so he didn't even have that for company. Being one of a kind is Rocket's curse.

>>137649798While the other ship is like mostly treated as fun but also endorsed by the director and the comic writer.

>>137648893Cause circa 2023 if its not furry esque then it's calarts leftist propaganda and/or soulless cash grabbing


>Gunn hated that Thor joined the Guardians in Endgame and wouldn't have included him in Volume 3 even if they hadn't parted ways beforehand>Waititi treated the Guardians well, had Star-Lord give Thor some helpful life advice, and even cared enough to continue the "Kraglin hasn't mastered using the arrow yet" plotGeez, James.


>>137651987>horror Rocket is still cute

>>137649754>Comic artists can't be bothered to look at references for animals. They know how to draw people and buildings and that's it. Five seconds on Google and you have a raccoon reference, or you can just use the perfect 3d one from the movies. But no, we get Football Head Rocket, Hamster Rocket and a host of other horrors.Don't remind me.

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Attached: rocket.jpg (1537x773, 352.3K)

>>137651867>>Waititi treated the Guardians well, had Star-Lord give Thor some helpful life adviceFrom the few clips I've seen of the movie it doesn't seem like Taika has respect for any characters period. Yeah Quill technically gave Thor a pep talk but it was delivered in a way that was so on-the-nose it was clearly meant to be joke, devoid of real sincerity.

>>137652075Thank you, I never have this one when I need it. Some of these are fine, but most obviously aren't. Hamster Rocket at middle right is among the worst.

>>137652075What the fuck is that

>>137569381Obligatory cameos

>>137652010Literally just rocket with contacts lmao

>>137652077Fair enough. I guess instead of Taika specifically, it'd be more accurate to say the Thor series likes the Guardians more than the Guardians series likes Thor, which is sad. The Asgardians of the Galaxy are great.

>>137650026I really really hope not, he deserves to lead a happy life. And I highly doubt lylla would care, I think she'd want him to be free till the end. (I could be totally wrong(

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>>137652037>>137652075People say Peter is consistently inconsistent but Rocket seems way worse.

Attached: clean.jpg (1821x2800, 1.21M)

>>137653734It is normal for faces to change with artists, but it is far worse with non-human characters. We end up with things like Goat Beast randomly showing up for a few issues then it's back to Cat Beast, that sort of thing.

Attached: Chibi Rocket-Lylla-Blackjack Gummy-Goat-Galaxy.jpg (1080x1080, 255.17K)

>>137653159Tru I wanted Thor to stick with them

>>137653805Oh Beast is even worse with how no one is consistent with his looks. Sometimes he's just a guy. Sometimes he's a horse. I'm partial to cat beast the most though. Rocket at least usually vaguely looks raccoon enough. Never the same headshape, eye color, or fingers though. Character sheets for consistency are needed in comic books.

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>>137653886Rocket's bed in GOTG3, and you only see it for a few seconds, is pretty depressing. It's just a bent door studded with rivets with one blanket wadded up on it. Gunn said it's because Rocket is used to sleeping on metal due to growing up in a cage, which is sad. Someone ought to get him a decent bed, even if it's not meant for people.

Attached: A_bed_for_Rocket_2.png (1600x1034, 560.66K)


Attached: GOTG3 bed.png (946x575, 485.48K)

>>137653986>>137654015Reminds me of a scene in one of the 'The Expendables' movies. One of the black guys was a former marine I think. He moves from his bed to the hard floor to sleep because that's more what he's used to. Wonder if that's a thing actual vets go through.

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>>137653986>extra space suits for everyoneFINALLY somone sees the obvious

>>137652075This is like that meme "Medieval painters didn't know what cats look like."

>>137654826There's a bit in the cartoon where they get blown out into space and Rocket flies around with his jetpack sticking space suit buttons on everyone.

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>>137652075Holy fucking shit

Attached: 1545931777218.gif (384x239, 353.98K)

>>137652387Personally the football head on the left is my least favorite. It's not just inaccurate, it's also just downright unpleasant to look at too.

>>137655300God dammit when I said "Rocket balls" I never meant this...

>>137652075I swear some of these guys looked at old issues and just continued the football head trend.There's no way that many artists all decided to go with that same retarded design on their own.

I keep trying (and failing) to torrent the Rocket comics, does anyone have them? (I shared my stuff come on now)

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>>137657258Well readcomiconline works but I think you have to download the images manually. Unless you're just trying to read the comics rather than save them for archival purposes.

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>>137650026>>137653354I can't see any future where an MCU movie adds serious Rocket romance.

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>>137657344I get a laugh out of it every time they break his jaw to make his open mouth more visible.

>>137657629Says the guy who posts gay furry comics! That's right I recognized that image user!

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>>137658356The pic isn't important.

Attached: tree_flowers_by_10yrsy-d7v8tfa.jpg (700x1283, 511.88K)

>>137658489Fair fair.Shame about the roofie darts tho kinda ruins it for me

>>137658502It's not my preference but it's better than hypnosis or mind control at least.

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>>137657629Meow is another canonically straight furry character that was latched onto by yaoi fans and gay furries and made hard gay in 95% of his art. Rocket and Klonoa suffered the same fates.


>>137657258Personally i Used "Getcomic.org" There are barely any ads and the download are fairly quick with a pretty good selection so it worth giving a shot

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>>137657629Who's the thing with the red hat?

>>137658852The other thing? I honestly didn't know what it was I thought it was somones fursona lmaoe

>>137659304Meow from Space Dandy. A cat alien who is seen sneakily taking pictures of waitresses in a burger joint, meaning he's interested in women, and never shows any interest in men. So naturally yaoi fans and gay furries assume he is hard gay.

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>>137659476Most women in cartoons have no interest in animals but people draw them getting fucked by horses anyway and I dont see you bitching about it.

>>137659582We weren't talking about horses. The subject of gay Rocket art came up and I find it a bit irritating that 95% of his smut is gay. You're right though, it's not something to derail a thread about.

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I like mohawk Rocket.

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>>137659635I cant think of any reason why a straight person would give a shit about Rocket smut being gay or not. Hes male.

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>>137661453It adds a little something extra that makes him stand out. Especially with his aggressive personality.

>>137660101>Browsing this thread, hear scratching outside my window near birdfeeder>it's a fucking raccoon>literally never seen one before outside of a zoo or smthIt's a sign, idk what it means but it's a sign

>>137661542I had never seen one before either until a few months ago. It ran off whenever I made any attempt to get close.

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>>137661542Where do you live user and what time it is? Try to feed him and make a friend.

>>137661542If you give a raccoon a cookie...

>>137661597Everything becomes spooky?

>>137661633Depends on your compliance.

Attached: Raccoon_in_tree.jpg (800x600, 60.6K)

Okay guys, so this thread has convinced me, I want a raccoon fursona. How do you make one? Any tips? I just don't want to make a Rocket Raccoon copycat, or be told I'm one. What traits do raccoon fursonas have? Thanks.

Attached: Tibdi5Nb.jpg (400x400, 22.36K)

>>137661577New England it's 130 in the morning, can't rly do anything as far as trying to feed it but I'm honestly tempted to try giving it grapes or something idgaf I have to get up at 7 tomorrow but come on

Attached: 20230611_012312.jpg (4032x2268, 2M)

>>137661890Hard to say for fursonas as most seem rather generic but as for raccoons themselves I'd say they are resourceful, tenacious, curious ect. Honestly Rocket's character is a Raccoon but even more so....Also the raccoon outside my window is shape shifting it goes from long to perfectly spherical its bizzare.

>>137662050Good luck.

Attached: 1209247141.gif (350x263, 1.83M)

Fuck it if it's still there in 30 mins I will attempt to feed it a grape

>>137662273Results now

>>137662760Seeing if there's any places open for a rabies shot

>>137625227Anyone else notice Phyla and Thanos have the same upper facial ridges?

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>>137662875U are not me Dipshit brother scared it away God dammit go smoke literally any other flarking night! Will try again tomorrow if it returns

>>137569545Holy Based

>>137648697So you relate to him because you lack social skills?