Cassandra Cain in Spirit World

What sexy and exciting adventures await our heroine in Chinese afterlife?

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>>137566466She falls in love with the enby protagonist

>>137566466Hopefully the Enby gets gaped or something.

>>137566466is spirit world any good?

>>137566466Tribbing adventures I hope

>>137566466Another dead one?

She's gonna bang that ghost guy who is already horny for her.

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>>137566595Art is nice, new character isn't annoying, plus she's a cute tomboy. Only issue is having Constantine as Dr. Strange but that's how he is now.

>>137566466The ghost of the ugly bastard child trafficker she killed as a kid takes his revenge...

She meets her aunt Carolyn then both go on wire-fu adventures.




>>137566926can the Spirit World defeat Cass' Virgin Aura?


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>>137568617wait, that means it wasn't Tim losing his virginity to cause New52 but Cass losing hers?

>>137566926Go to horny jail.

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>>137568617Does it count if it's with another girl?


>>137568487Only thing that can beat cass.


>>137569580No, unless one has a dick

>>137566466More Cass sniffing I hope!

>>137568487Cass dodging increasingly horny spirit followers while she tries to maintain a business-like attitude and get home would be awesome.

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>>137571770Her sniffing or being sniffed


>>137566466Looks anime ish

>>137575577The writer is Chinese-American and the artist is from Taiwan.

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>>137577081I would give anything for Haining to draw a Cass or Batgirl comic.

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Cass faces the horniest ghost.

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>>137577181I wish


>>137566466I love Cassandra!

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>>137568617Not in ghost world, there she can fuck with no consequences.

>>137575822>Your clothes reek of life! The only solution is to take them off!

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>>137577343Good thing Cass doesn't have green eyes.

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>>137577181Very nice and cute Cass art, but I need to see if they can draw kick ass fight scenes.


>>137582910There should be some action in #2, which releases next week IIRC, and it won't just be the granny to handle things.

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Cass is a classy lady, you'll have to take her out for ghost dinner if you wanna see some action later.

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>>137583396bro she's a smelly NEET

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>>137573278Forgot how much of a retard she was in those early runs.

>>137583446She's getting classy about being a NEET. Like her mom.

>>137583396nah, if she wants action she'll TAKE YOU

>>137583466She was better that way, otherwise she just becomes another competent female hero who can't make mistakes and is nonoffensive

Cass is gonna be in the new BoP bros, is this good or bad


>>137566466>What sexy and exciting adventures await our heroine in Chinese afterlife?Idk but she's now on BoP

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>>137584628Based Kelly Thompson(I don't actually know anything about her, but it's just cool that Cass is popping up everywhere these days.)

>>137584558Being used in anyway is better than the alternative or not getting anything. Getting monthly appearances is better than being in the bin like Azrael, Batwoman, or signal who are technically active, but have no books. Steph seems to be heading that way unfortunately.

>>137584628>classic type maskAh interesting? Besides Dinah who else.

>>137584714>>(I don't actually know anything about her,she did write:a couple good Rogue&Gambit minia decent-to-mediocre Black Widow(but with a nice first arc)a doomed-by-editorial West Coast Avengersa "the best issues were those mainly starring NOT the titular character, but I had to write this book because I was the last woman on payroll? and they decided only women can write women but I really had almost no idea where to go with the character most of the time" Captain Marvel(Carol) run.I expect the book as a whole being at worst mediocre(excluding editorial shenanigans)But I'm not sure what to expect for specific characters.>>137585157it's actually the modern mask. Cass' classic mask has black rounded eyes

>>137585217I mean the bat ears being like retro the ones bruce

>>137585157The colors of the hearts seem based on cotume do my guess is harley, barda, and katana. Rip in peace steph back to bookless limbo you go

>>137585317Did the Dinah one have a bat there? And God please not harley.

>>137585317>Rip in peace steph back to bookless limbo you goShe gets to bring coffee for Jason every 5 months in the book he's squatting on.

>>137585317There's other characters that wear blue or red.

>>137585354Thats still bookless limbo.

>>137585342No the heart for cass was black. Now we have red blue red and we have unused cover art that had barda and harley. Unless the blue is question. But no steph

>>137584714she wrote marvel's attempt at a birds of prey called a-force and it got cancelled after 10 issues.

>>137584628>Cass on the BoPNot again...

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>>137584628Where is Harley Quinn, though?

>>137585462Tomorrow or in 3 days

>>137585401I mean could be Barbara with red hair I guess.

>>137568617God I wish there was a 2099 show like BB

>>137585247I don't really like them on Cass to be honest.She works better with longer cowl-ears.

Where is you know who?

>>137585624He's been gone for weeks, barely appears in the last few threads.

>>137585728Is he okay?

>>137585846He's posted on twitter recently, so he's still alive.

>>137585960Let's bring him here.

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smol Batgirls

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>>137586157>those bellybuttons>big shoes>band-aid>homemade costume

>>137586157Who drew that


>>137586336>>137586375The prompt was for a version of cass and steph that started fighting crime as kids and met up behind their father's backs. So homemade costumes, Steph is a precocious brat and Cass is non-verbal and communicates by pantomiming.As for the artist, I think it might be Terrible the drawfag?

>>137586530It was in the drawthread?

>>137586607Nah, in the de-aged super-heroines thread

>>137586689Didn't know that was a thing

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>>137585414It was honestly killed by Events being forced on it

>>137587805ok design, not the most exciting art.

>>137587805Looks animated

>>137581314as if Cass would cover herself at all

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>>137590231out of context panel is out of context

>>137585624Hey im here :)>>137586103I appreciate it

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>>137590256Based TOCA, now the thread can truly begin

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So the BOP thing is a mixed bag, its a simple 3 character team to fit a pshycological thing and all, you make it another lineup or more characters and its just girl team.>>137590280Hah thanks :),

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>>137590231>>137590250the forbidden ship.

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>>137590256I need more context for this.Is that Ma Kent?

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>>137590381Martha kent, yes, while cass is staying in smallvile with kon.

>>137590329Looks like ai shit

>>137590280Nice pic

>>137590381yes boobies

Is she a good character?

>>137593227Cass? Most people seem to think so, at least when she's not written by a retard or someone with complete disdain for her.

here's your new Cassandra bro will Gunn adapt the nude roommate scene in an r-rated project?

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AI Cass is cute! CUTE!I will not pretend that she isn't

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>>137594255What did you use?

>>137594301It's not

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>>137594422How do you use it?

>>137594444there are threads for that kind of shit>>>/aco/7307651

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What will happen to poor Steph? Cass is showing up everywhere, is she doomed to just pop up in whatever lame Jason title that one dude is writing?

>>137587805I really hope the art of the final book is going to look better than that.

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The only reason why Cass is popular is because comic readers think they would have a chance with her.

>>137596241How would anyone have a chance with a autistic, Asian crimefighter?

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>>137597295By being a doctor who makes big bucks.

>>137597295You don't, but losers think they have a chance because she's Asian/kinda slow.

>>137597433Maybe they do who knows

>>137595751I wouldn't be surprised if they make a Gotham Knights book for her, Tim, and the other odds and ends to go too. But it's going to be rough sailing.Plus a lot of Cass fans aren't Steph fans so they're happy to see them split up

>>137597719I'm happy for them to get their own adventures and not be joined at the hip, but I love their friendship and will be sad if they stop interacting.I think Cass just has way more advocates at DC at the moment.

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>>137594483Just tell me

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>>137599178DiDio hands wrote this post.


>>137599178Babsgirlfags continuing to be on suicide watch while Cassfags eating good

>>137599477>Haha! We're so shitty and annoying lol!!!Cassfags continue to be fucking obnoxious out of spite

>>137599685This. Gookgirl faggots are a vocal minority

>>137599178>>137599685>comes to a Cass thread to shit it up instead of making a thread for your own character

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>>137600097>gookgirl retard thinks batgirls threads are gookgirl-exclusiveNeck yourself you zero reading comprehension trog

>>137600426This isn't a Batgirl thread though, you illiterate retard.

>barda is next on bop>that means the harley leak is rightLolLmaoCassfaggots stay losing >Cass stuck on a shitty bop with harley>steph will probably be made gay with harper like the showBabs chads stay winning

>>137601041Literally no one watches that show, I've only seen a handful of twitter people even react to the Steph/Harper thing.

>>137600426It just says cass not batgirls kek

They best give me Cass sparring with Barda.

>>137601041How is being removed from her own team a good thing? Situation sucks for both.

>>137601041>steph will probably be made gay with harper like the showAnon, DC doesn't do synergy like that, otherwise Mister Terrific would be a gay guy by now.

>>137601041>>137601136>Babsfans hoping for a BOP team with Batgirl, hoping it'd be Babs>It's cassBut at any rate, the book won't last a year. Muddying the BoP concept into making it the girls team always sucks, there's too big a power gap between Barda and Cass and Dinah that's going to end up nerfing both Barda and Cass.Cass will show up once an issue, do a cool move and a terse statement twitter stand will hype up to cover up that she's just window dressing and the brunt of the book will be Dinah being made to be all whiney and melodramatic with the writer's white woman problems.

>>137601470>>Babsfans hoping for a BOP team with Batgirl, hoping it'd be Babs>>It's cassIf Babs is with the BOP, she'll most likely be Oracle.

>>137601470That's what im saying? Im saying BOP without oracle is just a generic girls team, so both barbara and cass miss out here.

>>137601470>there's too big a power gap between Barda and Cass and DinahAlso this wtf, Barda is a fucking New God, that's pretty much Superman-tier, the hell is she doing with the BOP?

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>>137601533>BOP without oracle is just a generic girls teamI assumed Babs helping out as Oracle was a given, have they said she's not in this new team?

>>137601470Wasn't it always the girls team

>>137601470>>137601547You guys know she's been on the BoP before, right?

>>137601547I dislike Cass' ears and yellow soles, but otherwise the designs are nice.Barda seems beefier than usual, but that's not much of an issue.

>>137587805Oh my Lord, the mouth area looks fucking terrible. Silly as fuck, putting it mildly.

>>137601815They remind me of the classic Batman ears, they don't really fit Cass I think.

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>>137601571She's not in the rumored roster and it says only 5 members

>>137601670Yes, and again>Muddying the BoP concept into making it the girls team always sucksBoP worked best as the scrappy team of Dinah with Babs on her comm and maybe a few other temp partners taking on the DCU. When you start heavily varying the power levels it just loses it's luster and it becomes a matter of juggling a bunch of characters>>137601583It was a team primarily made up of two women but not defined by being women. It's more of a covert ops/international action and espionage book than a "stick all the girls regardless of theme" book. At least not originally.Granted I'm not as fond of the Simone era as most people seem to so take that with a grain of salt. But even she had Hawk on the team.

>>137601914I assumed they meant field members, with Babs as the obvious mission control.

Who are the other two? I'm assuming Quinn is a given.

>>137601904yeah, the long, high ears make her figure look more nimblethen again, I'll wait for the action scenes. And art evolution\small changes like this are far from unheard of

>>137602455I think its in total.

>>137601547barda's tree trunk thighs arouse me greatly

>>137602494Probably Harley and some other character with red as their color. Maybe Red Canary.

>>137602729Well, I don't, it makes no sense to not have Oracle if you ask me, but we'll see.>>137602759Katana maybe?

>>137601547Kinda lame so far :/, the harley thing being so likley makes it even lamer, and i really hope oracle is in it, what is even the point?

>>137601547This kind of bland art on a book half of the people buy for pinups is a death sentance. It's not ugly bu it's super flat and basic and I doubt the artist can do cool fight scenes

>>137602864I kinda like it? It gives it a "classic" feeling in a way. Altough that doesnt seem to be the most fitting with the designs and characters.

>>137602864It's Leo Romero who actually seems to be a pretty good Kirby-esque artist judging by his Instagram and Google. This is probably kind of flat since it's just a character sheet.

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>>137566466More Haining Cass pls

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>>137583446>Anytime Cass isn't actively crimefighting or training for it she goes full NEET.>Soda, pizza, blackout curtains, not talking to anybody unless they come to her first.>Probably lazes around in sweatpants and an oversized shirt or naked and binge watches movies and tv shows.>But is still built like a female Bruce Lee and flip the switch back on at any time.Do you have any idea how much better this makes her to me?

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>>137603479you just described downtime Cass in her original run

>>137603372Next Tuesday.

>>137602799>>137602759Actually red canary makes sense kinda. She new and they will want to push her with her inspiration. Plus katanas outfit has been black recently

>>137601547She was on the team before.As was power girl You fags just want to bitch you don't actually read comics like the fag complaining the bop is a girls team

>>137603372Very nice

>>137604282Powergirl and Big Barda's time on BoP was really brief compared to Dinah, Huntress or any of the girls that joined later on.Then again, Cass was never on BoP during it's heyday, which is just screwy given Dinah's history with tiny asian assassin girls and the fact Cass is basically Oracle's surrogate daughter.

>>137604282To be fair power girl was there only for an arc and wasnt really a member of the team as much as it explaining why barbara DIDNT have acess to her as an operative. And barda only got in during hte time where it deteroirated already, partially by just making it a team with so many members.>>137603479Pretty much canon

>>137604664To be fair, Cass was going to be on the BoP, but that was during the era where editorial was doing everything in their power to sabotage her at every turn.

>>137604878Simone's idea was so lame

>>137602965Weird fit for BOP of all things

>>137606729That style of seems weirdly popular these days

>>137569580If another person is attempting to give you an orgasm that is sex

>>137602965he also did the art for thompson's kate bishop run, so they have a history.

>>137607375I like it, just not here

>>137583396Cute! What should I read if I want to see more Cass?

>>137609544Her solo series is her peak and the best thing she's in. Otherwise, while it's a bit controversial the recent Batgirls series has been alright for her.

>>137609544Read her oriign


Have her constantly having showers / baths to take off all the ectoplasm she's being covered in, which in turn makes the ghosts to ectoplasm even harder.

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>>137566466Wow this Cassandra cain is cute! CUTE!

Dammit why didn't we get a status quo of Tim, Steph and Cass living together pre-New 52

>>137612084It really is. This is the first time I've seen a good looking official version of Cass since like 2010 or something.

She should have a fastball special with Barda in the new BoP.

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>>137612138b4 they didn't?Tim was never around he lives in wayne manor

>>137613058Webcomic Cass is okay but the art is the definition of bland

>>137613058Marcio Takara drew a good-looking official Cass not that long ago, though somewhat marred by it being Orphan.

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Cass and Steph if smol!?

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>>137612138Forever suffering that Convergence Batgirl was a mess in writing and art. Shame too because Leonardi can be great with a good inker even when rushed. But it was a cute setup

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>>137615087I will never not be upset that Cass wanted to eat the hamster.

>>137615266Its food

>>137615266She was also starving and it's not like she grew up with pets as a concept. I can see Cass liking dogs and cats and maybe birds but a hampster would just be a rounder rat to her.I might be half-remembering this but there might've been a plotpoint that everyone was eating dogs and cats in No Man's Land(though presumably not the Batfamily since Bruce proabbly had Clark drop off steaks...that said the Post Crisis Ace disappeared around this time..)

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>>137615875I don't know, I feel like one of Cass's defining traits is compassion for all things. Even in that page, she tries to actually save the cow, and only kills it and eats it when it's too far gone.

Cute Cass coming through

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>>137616367ah red oni and blue oni

What is next for Cass once BoP gets cancelled by issue 10?



>>137616339My heart

>>137585566>tfw Across The Spiderverse painted Miguel as a retarded villain in the eyes of millionsI fucking hate that movie.


>>137618387Barbarafags are cunts just like Barbara. Shouldn't be that surprising.

>>137618299He'll get a redemption at the end. And if anything seems like people are just horny for yim

>>137601547Zealot, I'm not familiar with this

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>>137618693ahaha, Jimbo give up wildstorm already, no one cares about WildCATS

>>137618693uh, THAT I was not expecting.well, the line-up is interesting. I'll give it a serious chance at least.

Cass is smol

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>>137619015Smollsandra.also, she's going to become just lubriculous after fighting alongside Barda and Zealot and exping over them

>>137619015All figthers huh

>>137619113Barda needs to train Cass to get huge.

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>>137619015if the last member is actually harley this shit is going to flop hard.

>>137619259Ever since this WFA model sheet I've kinda wanted Cass to get a growth spurt to be taller. Her dad was huge and her mom is fairly statuesque so huge muscular Cass would work.

Attached: cass steph babs model sheet .jpg (4096x3010, 718.41K)

>>137618693Are Kherubims even canon to the current canon?

>>137619259> only her tits become bigger

They seem to be going for brawlers with the BoP line-up. God, i hope Harley is not the last one.

>>137619386>God, i hope Harley is not the last one.You already know Harley Quinn is going to be in it since DC refuse to not push Harley Quinn as a superhero.

>>137618693Edgy 90's Wonder Woman from an Island of Edgy 90's Amazons that are secretly Aliens but instead of being all Isolationist all the time, they sell their services as bodyguards and assassins.

>>137619442Are you serious she is a character of mass destruction

>>137619360Post the toca pic

>>137619465Did Zealot come before Artemis?

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>>137618299Maybe not as a villian but I know he’ll be in the wrong in the next movie to make miles look better


>>137619479Hopefully, they will go with Huntress, I don't care which one.

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>>137614427>nonexistent tits>ass completely hidden in baggy pantsThat's not good-looking. That's just technically proficient.

It's gonna be Angel Breaker.

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>>137621180You know you're the only person that calls her that?



>>137621497There was a show??

>>137618693I would.


>>137624664request an idea

>>137625065Cass meeting the new lois lane

>>137566466Non Holla Forums user here? Is Cass Asian? I thought she was half-white like Shang-Chi

>>137626131Shang-Chi isn't half-white. Current canon Shang-Chi is half Asian and half-magical being though due to mother originating from a magical dimension and have latent magical abilities as a result.

>>137626160Ok so he is half-white originally

>>137626131She is, though her father was retconned to be from Hong Kong(which doesn't necessarily mean he's asian, just that he operated out of there)

>>137626331And Cass's mother is still a dinosaur?

>>137626331I think that got retconned back, she's called half asian half caucasian in the asian special.

>>137626347No,when she was a dinosaur she was retconned as being like 20-something so sort of twist the knife that no only did Cass not exist, she was also unlikely to come back anytime soon.


>>137627786this Shiva design from new 52

Attached: lady shiva .jpg (944x835, 263.43K)

>>137566529The what?

>>137607529>attemptingSo if they fail it's still sex?>>137598533>not wafflesOne job

>>137629623It’s based off the last Batman issue where a Batman dreams of the family making breakfast

>>137628262Like most of n52, what an unfortunate design.

>>137629623>>137630462It's even funnier if you consider it Bruce's mental perception of how everyone is like>That Jason...Always bumming stuff off me. He says he wants nothing to do with us, then he's still poking around my safe houses for gear>Damian! he's a short guy. He's still like 10, right?>Cassandra. Perfect as ever. >Duke he um..he's probably helping too>And there's Tim, highstrung as ever. I bet he wishes he was sleeping right now.>And there's Steph, she likes breakfast pastries, what was it again? Pancakes, right?

>>137628262That's shiva?

>>137631370Nu52 was a time when DC editorial threw up their hands and let the writers do whatever the fuck they wanted with no coordination or restraints.

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>>137631426Pretty sure they still had it.


>>137632373man attracted to stegosauruses spotted itt

>>137632491What are you going to do about it.

>>137626640In an ideal universe it wouldn’t have meant anything except mommy Shiva getting retconned and Cass going back to just being a stranger she sees herself in.

>>137633096Too good for us.


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>>137633673Aw geez. Couldn't find another spot to pop?

>>137633673I'm surprised Judge user didn't end it all during this time period.

>>137633673I require lewds of dino shiva.

Shiva should go to her original, pseudopirate look.

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>>137631102Some were good.

>>137634115Carolyn stans...

>>137634396There are?

>>137634115Based art again, doc!ok how about Cass and possibly Steph rocking the 70's and maybe 80's look? Raiding her closet



>>137633673>holding two swords>next panel holding just 1 swordNothing of value.

>>137631123Based bruce

>>137630462>>137631123The family breakfast is actually happening, the only thing that Bruce is hallucinating is the fire.

>>137633673>gets taken out with a shot in the assShiva...

>>137630462Bruce is only dreaming the fire, everything else is real.

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>>137566466>What sexy and exciting adventures await our heroine in Chinese afterlife?anal magic sword

Man the bop lineup is really weak.

>>137629623>So if they fail it's still sex?

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>>137628262>Come, Cassandra, dare you pit your All-Seeing Bat style against the School of the Undefeated Triceratops!

>Hey nerd, make sure you get that table spotless!>You..missed a spot...queermo>Guy, come on! Can't you pitch in a little? Cass, where did you even get that vase?>Found it.>Come on, bitch wonder, do we need to get the maid outfit?>And plug. Don't forget plug>...not in public, please

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>>137636812irispardom/justWaterfall on Twitter



Next week!

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>>137573278Wait, what did Cass do here again? It's been decades since I read that.

>>137638982Attacked agents in civilian clothes.

>>137639448Thanks user

>>137638429Mmm, Cass thighs


>>137639976Good thigs

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>>137635816Zealot and Barda are redundant of each other and Harley has no reason to be in the BoP and the BoP has every reason to not want her in them. The entire thing stinks of Editorial needing Zealot in there, and Thompson just picking some Superheroines and One Anti-Heroine she likes without any thought to the chemistry a good team book would need.

>>137635816TOCA, I don't say this to be mean, but you seem exceedingly negative about almost everything Cass is involved in despite being the premier Cass user.

>>137642595That's pretty much every longterm cassfan. Ultimately we're chasing the height of the character from the first half of her solo run.That said, I'm going to miss Batgirls. I acknowledge that it wasn't great, but it was comfortable every month.

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>>137642290Owlgirl cass is a fun gimmick.>>137642566I think its more so wanting to do a team of people that hit stuff. But that does kinda miss what made BOP work as a very specific dynamic with thhe agents of oracle angle and the specific contrasting personalites.>>137642595I consider myself pretty even most of the time i was mixed on batgirl, loves the urban legends one off and the festival story, just voicing out my worries. But thanks for considering me the premier cass user :)

>>137577181>a tea that dampens living aurasSo she just drank a cup of poison?


>>137635648Ah then cute

>>137638429>get behind me Cass NO

>>137635816Who’s supposed to be mission control? Even if you wanna do a really punchy BoP, it’s kinda important to have one token brain.



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>>137646293Very nice!

>>137644935>cuteAnon Bruce is having a mental breakdown.

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>>137647497That is A+ writing.

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>>137647650Cute, I like Steph being a GA simp

>>137648020How salty does Bruce get about the fact that he's not any of the Bat family's favorite hero?

Cass is back? When did she return?

>>137648398Pretty sure Cass idolizes him.

>>137629339Mentally ill person who claims to think they're both male and female.

>>137648582*Self-important and/or autistic person who claims to think they're neither male nor female

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>>137649032This guy's a good artist but all his designs are fuckign eyesores.

>>137646293>your mom has some kickass fashion sense. I feel like such a boss bitch with this jacket!>You just like anything that makes your hair big.

>>137649032Is bluebird still around?

>>137649815Only occasionally, really she largely retired y Tynion's tec run

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>>137649058Some are ok

>>137648427For years.

>>137648427Have you been in a coma?

>>137566466Better question, what do people want from Cass in the near future?

>>137653526Looking good and kicking ass.

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>>137650262Not really true these days. Off the top of my head, despite every diligence taken to avoid her, I still know she was the main character in that one Punchline backup, and now she’s in both WFA and Gotham Knights.

>>137654291>tfw no 80's/90's Hong Kong actress as Cass in a movieLike this is an elaborate hypothetical, but lets say they kept making movies after Batman and robin. Schumacher and Goldsman liked taking influence from modern comics, and wanted to go dark again. So maybe around 2003 there'd be Cass in a movie adaptation, played by an HK actress as the big boom of Hong Kong directors and actors coming to Hollywood was in effect

Happiness is being AT ONE (or “ATWA”) with the universe as fusing with Universal Mind.The Take - How the Joker Became Manson "I make the money, I roll the nickels" Mandela Effect in Is When You Worship Is Chuck X's Face On The $1 lock of hair over his right eye looks like the dollar sign [$].>Bob Kane & Abel

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>>137655378what the fuck

>>137653526I know opinion is divided about the new BoP book, but I am looking forward to her interacting with people outside her usual circle like Barda.

>>137655582But she has a bunch of times.

>>137656552Not that often. Cass very rarely gets to interact with people outside Gotham.

>>137657676Now adays

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>>137655582I'd like it if she has actual interactions and not just "wow she's cool!" 3 panel beat ups and then nothing.


>>137660691She wont.

>>137660691Its either going to be that or one moment of cass being cute.