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Just kidding. First pull, Okita get! Only retards spend money on gachashit.

really makes you think

Caught one!

Pretty funny event. Are all the events like this? Non-canon and humour filled?

Also in the last thread there was some talk about how Fate/Extra wasn't good because it wasn't written by Nasu or something, yeah? I agree that the main villain just showed out of nowhere and that was garbage, but I really liked the plot and the craziness of the setting. It felt really fresh. Plus, the new servants were more interesting (imo) than Fate/Stay Night's.

Who no-Okita here? At least I got the Medusa Event CE that I really wanted.

man what a rip off last time i spent only one ticket and got tamamo but this time i had to spend 2 to get okita. 2 whole tickets

I don't think it's been officially declared as to what is canon and what isn't. But to my knowledge none of the main story events ever refer to any of the events, so might as well just think of them as non-canon.

Extra was originally written by someone else and Nasu had to come in and re-write the whole thing. Or so I've heard. The story outside of Saver's Master was pretty good, but I agree as well that he sort of showed up out of nowhere. His existence makes sense enough for it not to be entirely unbelievable, but he serves no purpose beyond being just another obstacle. There is no thematic progression or climax, no real character defining moment or huge plot reveal. Hell, Leo would have smacked the shit out of Saver in my opinion, so what difference did it make that Saver was there?

Hell, could just as well have put Shiki there as the last boss. Though Archer gives really good speech and smacks down Twice really nicely. "I've met many fools like you, hell-bent on destroying the present in an attempt to resurrect the past. Like those others, you try to justify your selfish desire for control by cloaking it in the guise of altruism. You're not satisfied with any result that ends in loss? Your immaturity and weakness makes me laugh. So, you asked me if I thought you were evil, right? You deluded, spiteful ghost. That's exactly right. Your misguided ideals are nothing more than the corrupted logic of one long dead. You are the epitome of evil; a lifeless shade who'd sacrifice the innocent for your own selfish goals."

which of the fate animus/games are worth the time?

My luck remains consistent, I'm the user who randomly got a halloween princess drop without even knowing how good it was, and now I've already gotten a guda-o drop.


Don't listen to this guide, user. Anybody that would recommend Extella or Apocrypha does not have your best interests at heart.

Truth be told after watching juuni taisen I just want to see people duking it out with cool action scenes and maybe an interesting story/characters to go with it.

is there a reason to live

It's a basic guide; it's supposed to explain the basic premise of each story in relation to one another.

That's essentially Apocrypha. First half is shallow, but cool, battles and large scale conflicts. It falls apart at the mid-point, but it's still relatively fun.

Didn't someone bankrupt themselves on this shit?



Also no Okita but Medusa CE.

I ain't even mad, easy farming is better imo, not to mention my true waifu's free.

Apparently more than one. But whales are weak people; this is but natural selection weeding the retards out.

Well if you think that lazershows; ear-raping wub wub sound design and shakycam fight scenes that have the most garbage fight choreography I have seen in a long time, more power to you and enjoy the show.

Most are. The CCC event most definitely was treated as a continuation of the main story.

Besides that, there's a throwaway dialogue choice in Camelot which references a previous event, where Sanzang asks you if you recall a previous time you had spent with her but your character can't quite remember. Said event had Lancer Artoria Alter married to Nightingale with Mordred as their kid so make of that what you will.

I mean most are non-canon and focused on humor and will have no bearing on the main story. But there maybe one or two instances where these side events are referenced. Also, the final chapter includes servants like Okita and Nobu among other who are unrelated to the main story at one point when they come to your aid.

Is there anything specifically referenced that Mordred is a tits over ass man or is that something that most people just agreed on and rolled with?

Not that I mind obviously, just noticed a fair amount of Mordred into Motorboating


You know I mean it in the same way Saber's called "Dad" right?

Best way to farm this event?

One had a penis, the other hasn't.

Use Okita supports and whatever bonus Servants you have. Aim for the Guda-o CE for more bonuses(should be the ones highest up in the store atm) and do the daily quests.

From what I understand; After the story farm the 10 ap one until you have enough bombs for GUDAO and Golden Skull (Or if you want until you clean out the entire tab but honestly XP cards aren't worth it), then turn around and farm the 20 AP one for the blue bowls, and so on.

tl;dr, unlike halloween where you farm up to down, GUDA GUDA you farm down to up

If you're really gonna get nitpicky Mordred's also constantly referred to as "Son". I wasn't meaning Man as in, she has a dick, I was meaning "Tits over ass man" because not only was I taking a jab at that, it's the more common term than "Tits over ass woman". That was my reasoning sorry if I insulted your waifu

Nah, just testing if you were in the "Mordred is a tranny"-crowd. I saw one yesterday.

Oh, yeah fuck the dub. Sorry bout that. I admit I was getting defensive because I hate that shit too.

They're also trying to say Astolfo is a tranny too. When it was specifically stated he just dresses like a chick because he likes cute things

Ah fuck everything.

Someone post the good luck charm. I plan on 10 rolling later.


I'm saving all my quartz for whenever NA servers get Jeanne Alter. Currently at 209. She's too good not to have.

I'm expecting big girl edits with the Big Nobus.
I'm also expecting aloha snackbars when they suicide bomb.
This entire event is full of unexpected memes.

Don't spook me, Kirei

In Japan a guy sold his car to get quartz to roll for his waifu… He didn't get his waifu.

I'm surprised they haven't implemented a pity ticket if you spend enough cash at once. Guess they only do that if enough people shit on the game.

They have that in the form of the Guaranteed 5 star Pull on New Years. But that's all paid quartz and bonus quartz don't even count towards that.

So twice a year if you're willing to pony up for the 42 quartz pack, you'll get a guaranteed 5 star. Whether or not that counts I guess is up to you.

What do you do in this game?
All I understood from this and previous threads is that you roll and pray you get some of your favourite servants (only servants?).

But then what happens?

Is this an OVA? Looks like the same studio that made Endless Budget Works

Is that a one time roll or something?

Yep. One time roll each time it comes up. It comes up on New years and the anniversary

You play through the campaign and level your servants. Some people are only in it for the waifu wars, some like the extra expansion on the Fate universe.

I personally just like the buildcrafting and grinding the game offers. It honestly feels like Pokemon with less autistic EV Training. I have favorite servants, but I also end up liking new servants by merit of what their skills are like.

The Customization involved with CEs is nice too

Here I fixed that for you

When did this board go so fucking wrong

Type-moon was never good
Tsukihime was alright, but the fighting game shits over the VN any time

Nobbu NOW

Fuck off fagggot

I'm pretty sure the villain was actually Nasu coming in and "fixing" the story at the 11th hour. It reeks of meddling, and it doesn't really fit with the rest of the game, plus it fits his style of 11th hour secret bad guys.

Isn't she voiced by Kugimiya Rie? I'm hearing a lot of Taiga when she gets excited.

Wait, I thought the dub was free of that tranny shit.

Does anyone here have a clue what the no effect Oda and Okita craft essences are for?

They're just EXP cards for your other CEs.

Well that's shit. Do they at least give you a lot of exp?


Hey guys I'm selling my Fate GO account (NA) with Tamamo no Mae for $30 so I can stop being such a NEET and to pay my rent. She's level 80 and fairly ground up, and the accounts is pretty advanced with a lot of mats, CEs, QP, and crystallized lores from grinding from playing the game every day and since right after it came out. If you're just starting out then you'll save a lot of time from not having to grind.

Details are here with a video:
The video shows everything I own on the account and the levels of all the characters. (Except the second archive…I totally forgot to film that.) I might lower the price to $20 in a few days if there are no takers.

Link is here:

Welp, all but 30 of my quartz just went down the drain. Someone tell me I can still get Mordred, I need a comforting lie.

Come to think of it, Lancer Arturia's profile mentions that due to Rhongomyniad not stopping her aging like Excalibur does she finished "developing" and had a kind of 'maturity' to her actions, essentially making her the 'ideal king' she strove to be. Does this mean in Lancer Arturia's timeline Mordred didn't betray her for whatever reason, like instead of saying "You're not worthy to be king" Arturia told her "You're not worthy to be king YET, but I'll help you become worthy" or something like that? I just really want best girl to have a happy ending

It is, they use a line extremely similar to the original Japanese. Doesn't stop idiots from completely misinterpreting it though. Just show them Mordred and Da Vinci's profile information, if that doesn't convince them they were delusional Tumblrtards from the start.

This game is ruining my friendships

More than any other 4 star CE


So are the characters really not voiced? That makes this game worse than granblue fantasy by a mile.

They're voiced as much as any visual novel: key scenes, catchphrases, and battle dialogue

Is there a setting to turn on or off the Nihongo voices? Because the characters never read their lines out loud for me… or was the intro just not voiced?

It already exists. If you pull more then 5 copies of a 5 star. You can burn it for a wheel thing. Get ten of those you can redeem it for any not-limited 5 Star in the game.

Let's be honest, the only people who are ever going to use the VIP summon either have so much luck they'd be better off playing the lottery or have so much money they don't just whale on the game- they Moby Dick it.

So that's how it is.

The point of the system isn't too make it better for people who don't pay its for whales to keep them from sueing. Monkeygate made it so Granblue just let you choose what you want after you pull 300 times. To do similar in paid quartz in F/GO would be 1500$ dollars roughly in pulls if it adapted Granblue's system. This is all Granblue had to do too avoid a lawsuit.

Fuck too tired to post correctly.

So I did the 10 draw on the event, and didn't even get a 4 star servant… how is this possible?

Wait, did someone try to sue the Granblue devs because they didn't get what they wanted in the Gacha? That sounds unbelievably retarded
Tell me more

There's a 53 % chance that you will get no four star servant when doing a 10 pull

They didn't try they succeeded. Granblue had falsely advertised drop rates between characters of the same tier.

The secured 4* could also be a CE. It's not always a servant.

Oh, so that's why they implemented the "300 pulls get whoever you want" thing. Not sure how this relates to FGO, last I checked all the displayed summon rates are accurate.

I mention it as a comparison because the wheel system in Fate/Grand Order is meant to solve the same issue. There is a way, in game, to get a 5 star of your choosing if you spend enough money.

What is Florence Nightingale doing?


Have one more

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Ya just realized that.

How is the game in any way multiplayer though… besides selecting supports?
Can you even chat with your 'friends?' It seems like GBF is better here.

Mobile gaming seems annoying, I'd much rather have an computer MMORPG, but I guess enough people like to 'play' on the bus or in the car.

Multiplayer aspects are kept to sharing servants to encourage whales to spend gold. Though, I believe the Rider Kintoki event has everyone working together to kill 150000000 health oni but I might have misread that.

…but I just want to have an anime MMO experience like kirito, or elitoneeto, where I meet my waifu online and then go out IRL. lel

Long but thin and shaped like a corkscrew. If you don't feel disgust looking at an erotic picture of a non-human penis you should kill yourself as quickly as possible.

Black Desert Online awaits you fag.



With the popularity of Trick or Treatment, what are the chances of them doing a battle sprite for Nightingale with this outfit?

truly the japs are master innovators.

I wouldn't doubt it, Taiga's been my favorite so if she is, all the better.

Dumblr latched onto it pretty hard and started with their retarded headcannon regardless I blame the dub being on Netflix because it's already pozzed as hell

Pfft, you really think the Japanese came up with that sort of innovation?

My buddy wanted to buy my account for her, people are desperate on this game man.Including me

She is indeed.

The fool is you, user.

So I did another 10-pull and got more crap. I keep getting these damn 5-star craft essences but I don't fucking need them. Why? Because I only ever get 3 star shitservants so I have nobody to use the essences on. The only servant over 3 I have is Emiya.
Seriously, what do I do with these extra essences? I am not kidding when I say I've got 3-peats of the same 4 and 5 star essences. Is there a way to combine them like with servants or are the extras just fodder?

CEs can be combined by limit breaking. Limit breaking is when you feed one copy of a CE to itself. It makes it so the level cap is raised by a certain amount, and after doing it 4 times the effect it gives gets better. (i.e. Kaleidoscope gives 80% NP charge but a max limit broken one gives100%)

Ah. Wish I knew that earlier. Thanks.


You can, but it's not recommended for the 5* CE cards as some of them have incredible effects. Which 5* CEs do you have?

I'm in a similar area. There's some characters I will get and I won't get. I figure that since I got Gil and Tamamo with meme tickets, I won't be nabbing some of the other 5*s. Let's see what happens with the upcoming Scathach, Jack, and New Years banners.

I will kill myself if I can't get Grandpa Hassan

>get Drake and Carmilla
The desire sensor is real. Jesus, I literally keep getting better Crit and NP servants than EMIYA when all I want is to solo shit with EMIYA.

It's the Prisma Illya movie, about a parallel world Shirou's flashback. It's by Silver Link Studios, who aren't the best but sometimes manage to make some pretty good stuff, animation-wise.

Mmm, all these bites. My bait OP worked really nicely.

That show is surprisingly good.
I was expecting trash, but got hooked instead and now I am scouring the web for more magical girl animus to satisfy my new craving.

Hiroyama is the rare kind of author who managed to combine everything he loved into his work. The fucker used to do Fate doujins until he got picked up for official stuff.
Symphogear & Nanoha are pretty cool.

I haven't yet read the manga, but I'm definitely going to get to it soon.
And thanks for those, I'll check them out.

Is there really no other way to grind this event other than the daily 5ap quest and the other 4 repeatable ones?

Could you stop acting like a retard?

You're goal is to get as many Honnoji points as possible. You grind the hell out of the free quests at first to get the CEs ASAP, after doing so, you start doing the one time quests. It's very likely you will get nowhere close to getting enough honnoji points without apples.

the real victory is knowing that i will never have a life as sad and pathetic as yours, mobileshit addict


Is there a semi-reliable way to grind out Honnouji Points aside from those daily quests? There's no fucking way I'm getting 1.5 million with just those.
Maybe the 40AP quest works?


You need apples or level ups. That math has already been done. Somebody with both an EMIYA and an Okita doesn't have a chance of getting all points let alone someone without them. You get the 4 CEs asap, and you do the limited with as many attached as possible.The 40AP quests rotate out but nothing will get you more points then the limited.

Alright, so ignoring apples and level ups, should I use the 40AP quest for point grinding when a limited isn't on then?
I'll probably just get all the sq and np5 nobu then stop.

The daily quests are the biggest source. The highest minimal bonus (+420%) for each day is over 900K points total, but you have to get all the Gudao cards in the shop to get that amount. In the free quests, you can try the 30 AP and 40 AP for a decent amount of points too, but you will have some difficulty unless you raised the servants that give the bonuses. Be sure to always have an Okita as a support, bonus if said Okita has a Gudao CE equipped.

Also, if you have golden apples, take the time use them and get the Gudao cards early.


At first the priority should be to get more drops even more then it is for the minimal Honnoji points from free quests. The sooner you can get the CEs the better so sacfricing a small amount now is good.
Especially considering the 40AP quests will be on a rotation and get progressively harder.

RIP ;_;7
She had a lovely voice.

Anybody got a list of all the servants that give bonus Honnoji points?

Go to the fucking news page in app, it will tell you there.

So is it confirmed that the 1AP quests don't disappear, yet? I have a good team for benefit stacking and a real shot at getting the CE so I could potentially get even that Crystallized Lore.

And is the a grail in this event to be had?


Each of the 1 AP quests disappear midnight server time. You must complete the quest on the day it is generated or it will disappear. No grail.


It's inefficient but not as terrible as what you're doing.

Okay, thanks. Gonna use an apple or two today to get the CE for maximal benefit.

Weird about the grail; Nobu referred to one. Did it blow up?

I'm still buying Summon Tickets.
But I could be spending my bombs on better things.
I'm not doing it, I'm just bitching and moaning. I'm not THAT retarded.

Did you complete the story? With events if there is a grail it will give you one at the end of the story. She turned it into a bomb and shit got messy when Evil Nobu showed up out of it so it did not give a grail.


The plot is too slapstick for me to be able to make the connection that it blowing up means its gone. Okita pulling a slightly dirtied grail out a bush would still be out of place, I mean.

tbh it's still not enough you're gonna need 5000 by the time the good CEs in the rare prism shop appear.
Of course that only matters if you're starved for QP or want to get max bonded with your servants faster.

The 10% QP is like 1000MP, right? Was it a limited time thing? I know that the costs get pretty ridiculous at higher levels but doing the Vault 40AP quest once a day seems to have kept me in the black despite getting 5 Servants to level 80. Besides, I'm sure a lot of people will use it as a support CE.

When it was first released the price for it was 1000, 12000, 14000, 1600 and 18000 for each individual copy. (7000 total) When it was re-released it was 1000 per a copy. Personal Training, the one that gives bonus bond points, always stayed at 1000 per a copy.

This game sure is grindy. I remember thinking early on when I started, "It's fine if EMIYA isn't the best. There are those stat up things that go all the way up to 2k, right?" only to later realize just how costly the second kind of Fou cards are.


Nobunaga GET!

Shouldn't the Nobunaga quote be "It was inevitable" rather than "it can't be helped", though?

Big dimes Jannu when

Good thing I have 28 apples.

Not really, literally 是非も無い means inevitable but but she's making it more effeminate with adding the ネ sound. The only sound clip that has her saying the sentence is here and you'll notice that she's not stating it like "it's inevitable" rather it's coming off with a "I have to do this" and very perky about it. Literally she would be saying "it was inevitable" but the use of the phrase and the emotional context usually involves is closer to the English equivalent "it can't be helped".

Ah, I see your point. Or rather, in hearing her say it, the translation makes sense.

With the HF movie out, it seems redman and captain dense have shot to the top of the charts again.

how did is fate so popular?

the only good thing about Fate GO is the never-ending stream of porn and some of the outfits, like Nero's tenga bikini

Literally Fate/GO

Why do you hate yourself?


The 1 ap event always gives the same rewards or I should quit if not enough gold nobus?

Always the same.

user I don't understand what you were trying to say.

Those fancy teapots drop better from the 40ap, or the 30?

>best girl isn't Astolfo
Shit, the only faggots who deserve to be up there is Archer, Gil, Serval and Lelouche? Why the fuck is Lelouche is on this chart?
Sage for off-topic.

What's the connection here?

NewType is just normalfaggot central. Here's a poll by a store, where there is an actual threshold since most won't buy shit anyhow.

It was literally as I was about to fall asleep and decided to waste a summoning ticket on the Waver event after spending nearly all my quartz on the Halloween Event for the foxslut.

I remember reading it's better to use certain servants on your team for more points is it worth it to have them in the back row if you don't have them leveled?

For the 1 AP missions, ABSOLUTELY. For regular missions, if you're doing the 10-30 AP and you know you won't die, YES. For the more challenging 40AP ones if you're not 100% about being able to win, then maybe, maybe not.

But do your best to maximize the 1 AP one with only Nobus; it's critical.

Fucking hell there's even knockoffs of this shit.


To the guy who put the bid for my Fate GO account, you have my gratitude. I wasn't sure if anyone would buy it mainly for Tamamo, but may you get lots of mats.

Devs just don't know the pleasures of massive bullying.

I managed to pull Okita tonight off a ticket, what servants work well with her? My 5*s are her and Jeanne, my 4*s are Archer, Atalante, Nobu, Elizabeth(Lancer), and Herc.

Emiya is Nasu's best OC hero, he can't even come up with any unique Counter Guardians to match him that isn't just someone else but with his look tacked on.

Also, why doesn't Medea get bonus points? She's in the damn event, god damn it.

user that would be forbidden love you sick fuck.

okita goes well with archer and nobu

Heaven's Feel movie released to additional theaters.

Any teams with Quick and Buster focus work pretty well, but conversely the Arts heavy Jeanne is kind of an awkward match. Her skills are pretty self-sufficient, so no worries there. Emiya is kind of a bad fit due to his three Arts cards and his jack of all trades style, Atalante and Nobu are pretty good, though I'd recommend Nobu over Atalanta since you don't want too many of the same class excepting Saber heavy quests. A support Waver with Nobu and Okita would be my recommendation.

With two half decent stargenerators who both have a starweight skill to capitalize on stars when a brave chain with crits looks possible. Waver is a bit Arts heavy, but his Critboost will make the team pure mayhem. Try to roll for a 2030 CE when Scathach banner hits or get a Waver with it for more reliable crits.
I have them too, along with Drake. Criiiiiiiiiiits errywhere.

Remember to bully all of the weebs who show up

>Waver with it for more reliable crits

What's the maximum % of bonus Honnoji points?
Also, Nobu is surprisingly good once she gets her third skill.

So you need 4 golden skulls but there are only 3 in te shop? Where is the 4th?

Hypothetical maximum would be something like 700% if you have Okita, got enough CE drops to limit break 5 copies, and have friend with a limit broken CE on Okita. Without limit breaks the maximum with Okita is 520%.

There is three in the shop but there is one that is 2 stocked.

The biggest bonus i've gotten is like +410%. Am i fucked?

I'm liking Nobbu a whole lot more than I thought I would. The grind for gold pots is really annoying, even with a support with the event CE. I hope I can buy the gears, claws and hearts off the shop before the event ends.

This series has such great concepts but Nasu and god forbid efotable will never be able to execute it properly. What went wrong?

I do need all of the claws to finish Ascending Anne/Mary, Carmilla, Elizabeth and Heracles.
I'm tempted to leave Carmilla out of it for now.

What did he mean by this?

Also be aware that every two days new 40 AP quests will be released with better drop rates. Therefore, it's more efficient to grind the brown pots, and blue bowls before the tea kettles.

The HIragumos. They have a gold border.

I've heard for most the max is like 390, so you're more than fine. If you have Okita or have an Okita support with a LB CE (though the balls on someone who would LB Guda-O around this time I'd have no idea) all the better.

Same problem that Games Workshop has. They can't find a good game developer.

For the lucky bastard who rolled an Okita and already has an Emiya, goes like this.
Okita 100%
Okita (support) 100%
Oda 60%
Emiya 40%
Any of the 3/2 stars 20%
Any of the other 3/2 stars 20%
6 copies of the bonus CE (4 from shop, 1 from support, 1 from drop) 180%
total is 520%

For us mere mortals that do not have EMIYA or an Okita.
Okita (support) 100%
Oda 60%
any of the 3/2 stars 20%
any of the 3/2 stars 20%
any of the 3/2 stars 20%
any of the 3/2 stars 20%
6 copies of the bonus CE 180%
total 420%
It's a difference of 100% under normal conditions, however. What if someone managed to get 21 CE drops as well as a support with a max limit broken CE? The CE's give double bonus at max and therefore.
520% -> 700%

You should add mere mortals with E luck that only have the 4 copies from the shop you mean. Which is 390

Yeah, perhaps I should focus on grinding the blue bowls after I get the last CE from the shop. I'll have to get those skulls sooner or later.

Order really should be

Yes, as in get a support Waver who has 2030 equipped because that will compensate for Waver not generating stars.

Didn't want to sacrifice the point gain, thankfully I still had 4 members left. At least I got it done, but it's not really worth it. Might as well stick to the saber or zerk stages. Has anyone had any luck on getting chaos claws to drop?

Yeah one dropped for me. Seems drop rate is same as every other chimera available so nothing to be excited about.

pick one

I've gotten 3 but I was spamming apples the first 2 days to get the CEs

I was also spamming apples to get CEs and I have 10 of the damn things. I'm probably going to forgo buying them at that rate.

Can't wait for Caster run though, Having high leveled good riders and being able to essentially still rake good sources of Honnouji points and hiragumos without much trying will be great.

I now understand why this event is throwing gold fruit at us constantly.

there are items to collect. nasus, chaowans, and hirogumos. nasus can be traded in for chaowans and chaowans can be traded in for hirogumos so i think you need to get everything that needs nasus then trade the nasus for chaowans, get everything that needs chaowans and turn them into hirogumos which should make getting everything you need faster

The exchange rate is shit user. It's 10:1 For Tsukumo to Yohen-tenmoku-chawan and 10:1 for Yohen to Hira-gumo. This also means that Tsukumo-Nasu's exchange to Hira-Gumo at a rate of 100:1 It is in no way efficient to grind smaller materials to obtain larger one's as the exchange rate is piss poor.

will nobu event run next year?

Here are the original Japanese dates, expect to wait about the same time.

Grinding this event is hell.

It honestly is, if you don't have any of the CEs for the drops say goodbye to those items and good luck on getting nobu to np5.Luckily I have okita and the CEs so I don't have to suffer as much :^)

If you've got Okita please put her up for support with a GUDA-O CE, I can't believe so many people out there don't.

This event isn't hard as long as you're using the apples its giving you

Or you could wait until the last Hell that drops 4 or 10 Hiragumos per drop and use the apples there.

It's better to use them earlier to get the CEs as fast as possible. Using them to get the Yohen's is fine too because the rates will never increase for those. Waiting to farm for Hira gumos should be done last as long as your team isn't shit.

That's right, goy. Pay for your slut and manslut heroes.


How many goddamn Sabers, Emiyas, and Sakuras will Nasu fucking make?

So the 10 AP is best for the little bombs, 20 AP for blue cups, and the latest 40 AP for the big pots?

I have her up with the poster girl currently but I put a Limit broken GUDA-O CE for a little bit when the mission is up. I probably should just leave her with the GUDA-O CE now.

It really isn't hard but it does take time and if you don't have certain amount before time's up, well you know the rest.


Enough until you like them.

Yeah that's pretty much what the best places are for the event item drops

Spot on, but I believe the latter hell quests near the end of the event are the ones that give out the most Hiragumos.
You could just run the 20 AP for both the blue bowls and the brown bombs, since both drop reliably in that quest. You'll have to farm for those crystals and pages anyway so why not do both?

Alrighty, thanks. Most people seemed to have switched all their supports to Guda-Os or that Medusa one, so i'll keep my eye out for that one with Souji and Nobu hanging out.

I have my Souji up with Guda-O, but that's just because I haven't gotten anything else yet.

Welp to late for me

i'm making room, some guys haven't been here for months. Give it a go.

I'm sending you a request, but decline if my rank is too low or if my supports are too shitty. I am still quite new to the game.

Just sent the request right now.

It's cool bro, I can handle the quests well enough to help someone out.

did you physically held shift while typing this

I'm loving the new Rider 40AP. Getting 30 Hiragumo and ~6000 Honnouji points(depending on support, always going for a Poster Girl CE) and it doesn't even take too long to complete since I have a max level Hassan. He makes short work of Drake by feeling her up with his long ass arms.

Also had a good laugh when I saw one guy with a complete shit team but a level 40 EMIYA at NP5.

Nah, I turned off caps lock twice; I know someone would notice and make that comment.

Each new 40AP is progressively nightmarish for me since I insist on only using characters that up point gain.

Every time her NP bar is at max and I activate all my dodges to allow my entire team to survive, I keep thinking "Is she going to use that Invincibility Pierce skill of hers and kill me entire team?"

But then I remember that my Hassan can tank her NP anyhow and I stop worrying.

I managed to barely win it through the skin of my teeth with a full point group setup even with the wrong mystic code thanks to the friend Okita and some really lucky quick card draw setups that led to her quick brave chains. And even with that I still was left with the unkillable Cu-roach that finished off the nobus after the team took down Drake.

this event is unbalanced compared to Halloween. there is no way to raise the drops of hirogumos unless you have a support CE or roll for it yourself. In Halloween you couldnt raise the pumpkin drops with out a CE too but you didnt need that many, here you need 100s of them

Thankfully the Lancer 40AP run will drop more, and there are plenty of good sabers around.

Now I'm glad I pulled Carmilla recently. She even takes the NP like a champ.

Halloween was the only one that did that by the way. All events moving forward can only be traded upwards like how it is now. So don't expect to clear the shop without heavy use of apples.

But also, better drop nodes will be released later on. As was mentioned, the Lancer-only node is probably the one you'll want to farm to make use of the Okita's. If you have a good set of Riders, the Caster-only node is also a good place and because it has a demon in the second wave, you can farm for demon hearts there too.


He's more concerned about the fact that you can't get CEs to increase drops (other than points). Future events will have those for sale just fine.

Truly the Cu, Okita and Nobu set up is golden. I can't wait for Archer so my Cu can rip everyone a new asshole.

An enemy servant will never use it's NP if it reaches max mid turn. It will wait until next always. Unless the enemies gauge is fully charged before their turn starts, they won't NP. When it does, it will be the first thing they do. So Francis won't even activate her invincible pierce before her NP. Pretty sure the game developers didn't want people bitching about not being able to prepare for NP.

Pretty sure I've seen Gil use golden rule + Ea last Halloween.

Now I'm at 520k points and might be able to get all the gears and NP5 Nobu.

I've been Ruur Broken by Medea as a second move in the turn before as well as Enuma Elish'd by Gil as his second move.

Does she even have that skill as a boss? never saw her using it, but I worry on the turn before that my party gets mcfuckingnuked even after dodges

How many GUDA-O CE's do you guys currently have? Have you limit broken any of them yet?

does limit breaking it give you more points?

It doubles the current 30% to 60%.

wouldnt it be better to have 4 then so you have 3 or 4 30% rather then just one 60%

It is, but if you had some extra CEs drop in the 40 ap quests it would benefit you to limit break at least one, than to have two extra CEs not in use.

right now i have 480,920 points. is that a good amount of points to have or am i behind?

I am at 551,480 currently. I say don't worry new missions will come out that will have more points as rewards and the 1ap missions would probably increase in point drops as the event reaches its end. So just try to hang on to the golden apples you currently have.

This is getting ridiculous, I've now had 3 GUDA-O drops, and I haven't even started using my apples yet

Limit break one and use the rest on your low servants, if you have all the ones from the shop already.

*CANON* waifus in each class
Artoria Lancer (non-Alter)
Hassan of Serenity
Toss up between Cat, Kiyo and Raiko-mama
St. Malta

The only ones on that list I would agree with you is Mash and Kiyohime. Cat, maybe, but she's just too lolsorandum to be a good waifu.

Only one I don't get is St. Martha. Wouldn't Quetz make more sense?

Unf, already got 700k points. Shit's looking pretty good. No GUDA-O drop, tho ;_;

I don't know what canon YOU'RE talking about.

This is fucking cheating
Mecha Elizabeth

But isn't Mecha Elizabeth an Alter Ego?

The wiki counts her as an Archer, I don't even know what they're gonna do with Mecha Eliza MK II.

Mecha Eli-Chan's an Alter Ego mate

Neat, thanks. Last time I checked they were missing all the ascension art too, so I must have looked too early.

At least the Chimera dropped a claw too.

thats why im saving buying the last gudao till the very end.

Also this event was pretty funny. I can't wait to see what they come up with in the later ones.

I've been doing well farming the 40AP saber mission for Hira-gumos and points but how am I suppose to get the other two tokens?

By farming the better drops Rider/Lancer Missions?

I hope you're ready to get your hands dirty for the Eternal Gears Waver needs to ascend. Also do Blackbeard's Interlude for the Forbidden Pages Waver needs as well.

If by "the other two tokens" you mean the other 2 tradeable drop types, you get those from the 10 and 20 AP quests respectively. If you mean something totally different, then I have no idea what you're talking about.

Also what said, don't farm the saber 40AP, farm the rider and lancer ones, they have far better drop rates, for the exact same AP cost.

10: brown gourd thing
20: bowl of blue shit

40 zerker: *crit* *crit* *crit* [use command spells] *crit*

40 saber: land of sorrow and poor drops

40 assassin: lesbian ghost storm

40 rider: i only did this once to get the one time drop, that i didn't even need

40 lancer: grab your friends high level okita and start raking in those claws, ahh fuck yah, 8k nobu-wobu points, bully that chimaera, and the servants NP is more of a nuisance than a threat (looks cool tho)

Interesting enough I have never gotten Blackbeard in any draw.
Also thank you to all the advice anons. Have some titcow-Seibahs.


The objection, even with those dubs, is the saber waifu. The Seibah waifu is Altera.


sleep tight alien

66 off, goddamn. I'd conquer Japan with Nobbu.

Sleep tight alien
Bless my Scathach rolls in the near future

sleep tight alien

sleep tight alien


I asked this in the VN thread, but I also want to ask here: Which version of the Fate/Stay Night VN should I read: the original release with the Realta Nua stuff patched in, or the later PC Realta Nua with the H-scenes and extra Vita content patch?

Sleep tight, Alien.

The original non-Realta Nua with H-scenes.

Original with Realta Nua patch.

Ushi is a good girl

I really don't wanna think I actually burned her for another servant.
I was so dumb in the first few weeks of the game, thought most 3 stars were trash when actually some of them are better than 4/5 stars.

The caster quest is actually piss easy because 1 it's fucking caster and everything is hitting with the strength of a wet paper bag, and 2 Gilles is one of the worst characters in the entire game skill wise. I'm cleaning it up with just a frontline of a fucking level 30 Medusa, level 50 Ushi and 70 Okita who never die in the entire fight. At this point it feels like every fight is easier then the last.

RN with H-scenes ported.

Sleep tight alien


I miss Zone-tan. He should make more animations

I'm on to you.

You know you want to.

God damn I love this quest

I think I'll order that Astolfo statue. I don't even play the games, I just want that trap in my house.

You just want a Trap House

Son of a bitch


if it had a bulge I'd totally buy that shit. I'm not even into trap porn but that would be absolutely hilarious.


Aww yiss.

Can't wait to get his buff, I see.I'm just happy I max ascended Lancer Liz, Yuri Bunnies and Herc before clearing the rest of the claws and keep them in case I pull Jack.

Alright, I'll play the original with RN patch, then RN PC later. Why is the original getting recommended over RN, what did RN change aside from the H-scenes?

RN removed all references to sex. In some cases it made the story a bit better(arguably) and at some points it completely breaks it. For example, one characters entire backstory gets rewritten entirely, yet nothing about the behavior or the behaviors of others' towards them don't change at all to match that.

Also, RN pc only works if you change you applocale to Japan, which can be a pain. With the patches to the original pc you should get all the music and text content, merely missing out on some of the more fancy effects.

The grind to get all the claws and the hearts is gonna be real shit, though.
I'm also really fucking close to 1.2m points. I can't believe I thought amassing 1m points would be hard as fuck, let alone 1.5m for the Lore.

You could just friend someone with a Drake w/ Poster Girl and run it with your highest level servants. As long as you don't bring Assassins you should do fine.

Who the fuck does not already have their PC in moon local anyway? It's mandatory to play the vast majority of jap shit.

The kind of people who have not yet tried Fate. You know, the VN that was touted as the entry-level of entry-level on /jp/ back in the day when halfchan wasn't completely shit?

Not even necessary. I've been doing just fine with a lvl 30 Medusa, level 50 Ushi and a support Okita level 70. I always kill him before Gilles can even get his NP off and none of my servants die. Unless 50 is considered a "high level rider" it's not that fucking hard. I'd say it's the easiest so far because while Benkei's NP didn't damage his curse and full party stun was annoying as hell even with a maxed out Okita.



The banner became worse to me now that it's 3/9.
I'd be lucky if I get Orion.

Nasu h-scenes aren't always for pure sex. As mentioned, an entire character backstory got rewritten and not balanced for the rewrite. Further, RN adds a shitty epilogue that flies right in the face of everything involving the Fate AND ubw routes' developments and conclusions.

Others bitch about Nasu's bad sex writing but those same people need to sit through Kanon's sex scenes, first, and then come back and say who really sucks at writing porn.

How jewish, good thing i'm not a whale.


I have 5 out of the 9 servants here so this doesnt seem worth rolling since no jack and no mordred


It might be daily so just pull for the one with just Scathach.

I have zero 5 stars. Should I go for that Thanksgiving celebration summon?

Nevermind, didn't see that only PAID quarts count for that. Fuckin' Samurkikes

Is this series worth the time and effort?

Most of what Ive seen of it is mostly uninteresting character designs, some good fight scenes and a run down of the concept. Also porn, doujin and memes.

A friend also showed me the final episode of what may have been a spin off or some knock off with a bland af mc summoning a sword and doing some walpurgis/ragnarok/whatever shit. Complete with unsubstantial animation and everything.

My point is, is there any hook in this or is this just one of those things that you either get into or not?

Because Nasu actually made sex scenes plot relevant. Whether or not you like how he did it is a separate question but for each route there are stated reasons why sex is occurring. Spoilers! A visual novel has H-scenes who knew :^)
In Saber route, Shirou sucks at giving her mana because he is a shit magus, as an already established rule in Nasuverse from earlier works, bodily fluid contact can transfer it easily. Saber has no mana and Shirou must fuck her to give her mana. This happens twice. Rewrite was something weird about dragons or something, route is almost the same with or without it.
In the Rin route, Shirou sucks at generating mana, but he needs to use a lot of mana himself for plot reasons, Rin needs to help Shirou by letting him use part of her gigantic pool. They have anal sex with Rin's mollusk like anus because reasons so that Shirou can have not shit mana pool borrowing hers.
In Sakura route, Sakura has had worms eating out her pussy for 10 years, they make her incredibly horny by also acting as an aphrodisiac, but this is mostly tempered by the fact her immediate family members sexually abuse and rape her. You fuck her because she's a horny broken slut. But she's best girl in Fate/Extra and not a worm slut shut up ;_; A major plot revolves around one character having sexually abused her forever, and him threatening to reveal this. It ends badly for him. The rewrite changes how the worms work(still in the pussy but not aphrodisiac, changes how she now needs to drink blood for some reason I think, and the sexual abuse the made her backstory make sense isn't mentioned but only implied. It also completely removes the threatening scene if I remember correctly.

>entire point of Fate route is resolving Saber's guilt issues and allowing her to go to Avalon
>the person solely responsible for this, and heroic in his own right would make it impossible for him to go
>this also place that even Francis Drake the not so heroic personality went to in some tellings
>Shirou getting to be together with Artoria resolving all of her issues is a bad thing
>UBW true ending according to Nasu doesn't send Saber to Avalon but actually to the throne with his usual half assed explanation
>Q: Even in Rin’s route, Saber voluntarily destroyed the Holy Grail. Did this time also break her contract with the World, and make it impossible for her to exist as a Heroic Spirit?
>A: It was a flawed Grail, so you could say it was halfway done. Since Saber reconsidered her life and found her own path… this time, perhaps she could become a Heroic Spirit on her own.

Whops, forgot to mention that Realta Nua changed this to some weird meditation scene with mana dolphins/fish/whatever to symbolize this occurring because???

Just try reading the original VN.
And stay away from Zero, we don't need more of those fags.

I don't know is that how you approach all your issues?
If you're asking if when you get deep enough it somehow changes, the answer is no. If the base concept of Fate/Stay Night didn't capture your intention everything else is roughly the same and tone. Granted, watching the UBW final episode is retarded, but it's a pretty impactful moment if you appreciate Gil. I would recommend actually watching the Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works anime series by ufotable for the first three episodes, or you could at least try to not be a little bitch and read the original VN until you decide it's shit or not. If you think it's shit, again, the majority of Fate is going to be mostly the same, cool fights, waifu pandering etc and it won't change.

There is one exception to this though, you can just watch Fate/Zero vanilla anime, as it's written by Gen Urobochi. You can then be like all the other cancerous little Zerofags and complain the the rest of the series should match the tone of a guest author who did a thing once rather then the original writer who continues to (mostly) handle entries to this day.

*your attention
Jesus fucking christ I need to sleep


This. You can watch some gameplays or read the lewds on sadpanda if you want to get into.

No, that was a fuck up by the translators. Drake does not get to go to fucking Avalon.

Read the VN and find out.

She uses his prana to complete a temporary pass card more or less to her Magic Crest and prana reserves. No anal involved, just jackhammers.

The crest worms act as pseudocircuits but need a core source to feed upon to act. In men that means a slow/swift & painful death (Kariya), in women that means sexual agony & death (Sakura). Sakura fucks Shirou repeatedly throughout the route because between angry manjew and Rdier, her reserves are constantly dry, so he supplies her with the prana he's not/can't use. Until the last time, then she just wanted to be fucked by her new boyfriend and he happily (if half-sleepily) obliges. Then the manjew opens up the door to the Root and she no longer needs prana.

Zouken sicced Shinji on her to stabilize her at the start. Shinji continued because he's a jealous and bitter fuck, and she turned out to be a nice fuck, so to speak.
As you stated, the same nasuphysics applies. Akiha in Tsukihime is able to function at her level while harboring basically two lives by drinking Kohaku's blood. Bonus is Kohaku comes from a family of Demon Hunters with a psychic support ability, thus only a little blood was really needed during monthly/bi-monthly feedings.

Cry harder, Takeuchi. Saber & Shirou's romance wasn't supposed to have any kind of happy ending, merely an understandable one. No one cares about your damn waifu and she's already getting styled on by ufotable taking liberties with the HF trilogy movies.

Of course it does. There's no resolution present so anyone thinking she went to Avalon from that route is deluding themselves. The one obstacle that prevents that journey is Arturia herself. The longer she doesn't accept her life's actions, the longer she stays in the loop of the Grail War, chasing an unfulfillable goal. This was simple and self-explanatory once upon a time, but then the franchised got milked.

Reminder they also botched Tamamo's identity a full five chapters before the reveal. Aksys Games, everyone.


Good times

Come on user I was trying to be nice to the newfag while also demonstrating a point. You can't just explain every little detail to him he's actually going to read it.


Because they'll be doing the campaign before the London release. Your inevitable next question is.
Same reason they reordered other banners like the Fate/Stay Night gatcha, because the original release of the US version was in June while the Japanese is in July. Those events that can not move (Christmas, Halloween, etc) are fucking up the timing of other events that are not so date heavy. (Okeanos/London relase, Hounoji)

i just got back from watching the heavens feel movie it was really good and even my other friends that only watched prolouge liked it alot.
alot of asians thou and a couple tumblur haired




But why a thanksgiving event? Because I don't remember JP having a thanksgiving event, this seems like they're throwing this in because they're not ready to release London.


I think one of the reason we are having a thanksgiving event is because japan doesn't have thanksgiving as a holiday so the just had a banner. But I wouldn't know.

But the Guaranteed 5* banner is the odd one.
I do wonder if we'll get the New Year's banner as well. Some say we don't but if DW is smart they know they can jew us out twice in a couple months if they do.
Besides, many people wanted to pull here for Jack and Mordred.

They need to pad time. NA has an entire 30 extra days to work with in the first year and the US developers are in a terrible situation. They're options to pad this time with the same amount of content as Japan is.
Not happening whatsoever.
This would permanently fuck up the schedule and would force them to keep doing it year after year or eventually just cave and skip one
this is a viable option
This is what they chose. However, I do believe that once 2018 begins, the schedule should be far more similar to the Japanese one in regards to dates and gatcha order, considering the developer's are no longer playing this weird gap filling game

Granted, I don't like this, I think this is retarded, I think they should have had better planning, but in the end, it is what it is. If you're so angry right in about it.

The roll was done for New Years on the Japanese side, you know, that holiday that Americans also celebrate at the exact same time.

*write in
Son of a bitch

The sad part is most of us would've preferred the 2-3 week rest so we can properly level our servants and what not for the next event and singularity

That weirded me out as well. I wouldn't know what's gonna happen but I can guess what might happen but it will probably be far fetched.

Well duh, I know that, but I wrote that post on the fact of scathach without thinking about the 5* Gacha My guess though for newyears is possibly either A) Christmas event going into the new years (Which wouldn't make sense) or B) The london chapter will be our new years event.

Impossible, London release is directly tied to Christmas, with Jack the Ripper and Nursery Rhyme being servants that give some of the best boosts in the event. It has to occur before Christmas or Christmas drop rates for quests are fucked to holy hell.

I'm not so certain but I would guess that for the christmas event they would switch out the target servants for jack and nursery rhymes sake but I'm confused as much as the next guy. If they do plan on doing 2 5*gachas one with jack and mordred than that would be neat , I guess.


I actually was not aware that in the christmas event they had jack and Nursery to begin with let alone integrated into the events story.I'm only a NA player

Eh the guy's exaggerating a bit, Jack and Nursey rhyme give +3 socks, the one that still gives the most socks is the Santa Alter Rider they give you a temp of after the story anyway at +4 copies. But aside from that Martha and Marie give +2, and the others give +1, having 2 servants that give the second most socks out of the equation would just hurt whales or folks lucky enough to roll them to begin with.

The idea that they'd punish whales that way seems unlikely though

No, no. What happened in JP was that Jack and Nursery Rhyme were early released with Christmas similar to Orion then were made permanent when London was released a few days after the Christmas event ended, which was a couple of days before New Years. Also, when Jack was re-added she didn't get a rate up.

It keeps happening.

Does anyone have the screengrab of that FGO whale that spent all his rent money on trying to get Tamamo?

Didn't JP finish the storyline? What happens when they decide to close JP? Is this going to be another SDGO?

The storyline that ended with Salomon is just one of three planned scenarios. They had the three Epic of Remnant events and now the second main storyline is about to begin. Supposedly, it will make everything in the first one look tame so it should be fun.

I'm guessing the Velber will show up again, paralleling Extella.

But isn't Fou just a doge now that he gave up being Primate Murder? How will he continue to show up everywhere?

Where is the new bread?

What's the catch?

16 less MP that could go for Mona Lisa

Man, I don't even know how I'd get that many mana prisms.

It's not that bad, then. I'd rather farm the MP in the Christmas Event to swallow the salt after I get fucked by getting NP2 Saber, Waver or NP3 Jeanne in the paid banner.

I don't either, the fact they want to go til February of this coming year seems really tight as far as time goes, I was hoping a year

On the upside for you, if you do get fucked for something like that, you could always just burn it for rare prisms so you have more of a shot at LB mona lisa

I wouldn't be too upset at NP2 Saber as the damage jump is noticeable. I'd just be mad at the other two because NP2 and above Waver is a waste and Jeanne spooked me the second time when I pulled for Tamamo.


What do rare prisms even get you in jp?

Should I bother with the GSSR banner when it releases? The only one I'd really want is Okita and after how badly I got burned trying to summon her I'm not that interested anymore. Is there anything later in the game she'd be a big help with? Lancer Alter doesn't seem like too much of a threat considering you can use a support Mordred and I'll hopefully have Mordred myself at that point.

Old event CEs, like Nightless Rose.

You monster