System Shock Reboot

They posted a new video with updates on its development.
I'm liking it

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And heres a hooktube link if you don't want to give Jewtube shekels.

I'm too afraid to get my hopes up.

I can't watch the whole thing right now but I'd find it really hard to believe they would get anywhere near close to how awesome SS1 is. I read a while back they will not be including the original music into this, leaving me with the same question in mind. SS1 OST is THE SHIT.

Art looks interesting, which is nice because they could have done a lot worse, but I'm not sure if I'd prefer something a bit more simple.

is it to late to preorder?!


Originally they were going to do a Bioshock style orchestral strings, that’s what the demo had. They got community pushback on that the art direction. So I think iirc that the music is more electronic influence now and they’re doing some old songs. I could be wrong though.

I wish they had the balls to go more neon, but at least it looks pretty good. They showed some earlier stuff that was trash and looked like a more generic Dead Space.

They aren’t going to make a better game than System Shock but I still look forward to playing it in 2020.

Music is electronica
I believe they're going to mix some orchestral for moments seen in the Unity demo, but otherwise the music is going to be electronica.

"Q: The music isn't synthy enough.

Jonathan: Both because of the history of System Shock and its importance as a sci-fi game, synthesizers are crucial part of its aural soundscape. Because of exactly this reason, when we began work on System Shock, I began accumulating external and analogue synthesizers, modular and otherwise, to build System Shock’s score. They’re my babies! :) Aside from the piano, the music in the trailer is about 90% built out of these synthesizers and processed guitar work. For the trailer, it’s pretty cinematic, so two things about that:

First, before working on this trailer there was a lot of internal discussion about what the goals of this trailer was and what we could best do to achieve these goals. The track that you are hearing are indicative of these goals - nothing more or less. A trailer is a different beast than a game is, and seeks to accomplish different things for a different audience."

Just die already.

The absolute state of the modern era.

I suppose it is neat to know that developers actually know how much this is pissing people off.

How much have they revealed about it?

I think I prefer the more faithful, colourful look of the old demo. Yeah, I know the old game only looked like that because of limitations in a lot of areas, but it would have been distinctive. This kind of looks like every other sci-fi horror game. Anyway, I wont complain too hard. Seems decent enough.

Seems like it's on better track than the demo but too early, really. I best be able to pin fuckers to a wall with that rivet gun or whatever it is.

As if orchestral music isn't the least fucking original choice in video games and film. It's an easy out to make your shit seem like it has some sort of impact and just ends up being comical usually.

Like other anons already said, level design really needs more colors and neon, and the score should be more techno. One can still notice the original SS1 inspirations if you pay close attention, but it still feels too much like every other sci-fi horror fps made this decade. pic related.
I also feel enemies aren't creepy enough, they should be more biomechanical, and combat / gunplay should be faster.
Right now it seems to be shaping up to become nuPrey 2.0. Which means it'll probably be worth a pirate but that's about it.

Did you see the earlier demo?

Holy fuck what is with that fucking motion blur can barely see a fecking thing going on

There is nothing known about SS3, it's gonna suck though.

Yeah, I had seen it. It's so different, is it even supposed to be the same project?
To me this old trailer is so much better in every way except for the soundtrack which tries even harder to be "cinematic". Also I like Rebecca's portrait better in the original because she looks like a next door type girl instead of a suit
Though I wouldn't mind level design / objectives and some enemies being different than the original as long as they kept the same aesthetics we've seen in this old demo.

Its made by Otherside and Doug Church is still not there.
I know you whiny bitch

also why at all get hyped for this shit? its not going to be as good as original and if you
wanted to play a bit more modernized verison of the game you'd just play system shock 2

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I think some people thought the colours were silly. I like it though reminds me of one of those surreal Italian horror movies. There's no reason colour can't be scary.

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looks great so far.

Looking like that Alien game that had horrible gameplay

Bad luck on the dubs.

Because I’ve played those games to death already. Also SS2 is overrated. I’m not even hyped, I’m just hoping it turns out well.

You sound like someone who thinks trash like Hans Zimmer is good. Electronica would be a thousand times better for this project.

Yeah they used that demo and said it would be a faithful remake, collected money, then scrapped it all, changed engines and decided to make a new game. It was supposed to be released this December, you can tell how that’s going. They should have just remade the fucking original.

Yeah buts that’s pandering. What I expect, they’ll run out of money, need to find an investor, and have to consolize the shit out of the final product to be released, and they’ll add a couple menu options to turn the most obnoxious features off. This is my prediction.

Gods, fuck those golems. They probably weren't even born by the time the original SS1 got released.
So there's no way these cucks are going to return to the old demo aesthetics. It's going to be from the generic crap we're seeing in this latest video to worse.

Eh, it could go either way. I honestly like the art direction, even if it's not all that faithful. The station actually looks like a functional location that has a futuristic feel without going overboard. Remains to be seen what they do with the gameplay. I hope they implement SS2 styled character progression.

I wish Tweed would upload more often
"Part 2" as well:

Hooktube links:

Cautiously optimistic based on this video. I'll expect the worse but hope for the best. They look like they're doing a decent job on creating a "realistic" looking Citadel in which areas are actually designed around being part of the station rather than mazes.

They've got a lot of work to do still so who knows when it'll be done or what the final project will look like but nothing too egregious in this that I can rage at.

Feels more like a cheap indie game than a System Shock remake.
Does anyone else get that feeling?

The whole world feels empty. There's no atmosphere. It's slow, but there's nothing that makes that pacing feel suspenseful.

Not at all! I just preordered five copies for myself and five for all my friends! I hope you'll match me fellow user ;)

I'm liking how it purely looks, there's a lot of detail and touches in the environment
Haven't seen any actual gameplay at all yet though so maybe worth a pirate

Oh boy, I love SS

Doesn't seem too bad, main problem I'm wary of is it being consolized and not having options like being able to disable DoF, Motion Blur, etc.

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I seriously hope this game has lootboxes.
The best part of overwatch or any other shooter is being able to get new costumes on a monthly base thanks to the money the devs get by selling the crates.
Just think of the possibilities!

I get what you're saying, however I'm going to hold fire on shit-listing it for now and instead go full autusmo.
What's in the video are the early visuals of a level (which I agree needs more neon). Audio plays a huge part in generating atmosphere and some perky guy with some bland-ish ambient music isn't going to help generate suspense. A good example of music having an impact on your feelings is in System Shock II's soundtrack (Ops 1 and 3, Command 1 for examples).
Then there's gameplay considerations; we know it's going to (broadly) be like system shock I, but there's hints you'll be able to bypass things, so possibly a more 'rounded' gameplay like SS2?
Speculation aside, areas like the reception area featured for Medsci; it's a large open area and assuming enemies aren't there in the final, what if you get access to that after an ambush or fight and you're low on health, low ammo, maybe even no gun, with creepy suspenseful music like SS2's playing, nothing but the hum of electrics and neon and/or the odd crack of a bulb going somewhere… and then you hear a moan of a mutant or whirring of cyborg servos in the distance from a corridor or room you've not been down, or even from the door you just came through and you're wondering if you've been spotted?
So yeah, the area in the video isn't creepy, but it's certainly got potential to be.

This is, what, the third demo they've shown with a completely different engine and style?

No, fuck that. I like the levels as they currently are, without going full-blown, tacky cyberpunk shit. They look grounded and I think draw inspiration from Dead Space, which is a good thing. The cyborgs look like shit though, they really need to update the enemy design so it doesn't class with the pleasant environments.

One of the developers did say they were going to allow the players the freedom to approach situations as they see fit. There seems to be a stealth mechanic in place, but I'm hoping there is also an RPG system ala SS2.

But SS1 wasn't a horror game. In fact, it was a dungeon crawler in a cyberpunk setting clearly drawing inspiration from Ultima Underworld. The survival horror element was introduced with SS2.

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Not much, they are still developing Underworld: Ascendant if i understand correctly.


That looks so fucking good.
Too bad it's never going to happen now.


Well of fucking course they were.

So this is the next system shock? It looks like they sat down and copied Alien:Isolation, all that "retro-space-80's" look. Or they stole the assets for Routine. But whatever, its just SS3 and not the remake of SS1. Right?

This is a remake of SS1. They claim they're working on SS3 but they haven't shown anything yet.

This new System Shock is tickling my BigBen Cock.

Fucking hell I almost forgot about that game. Been in development for over 5 years and they bailed on their March release date because they wanted to improve one of the game endings or something. They need to finish it and get one hell of a good round of marketing going for a 2018 release date or it's going to go completely unnoticed.

Joke's on you, buddy. Just about everyone looking forward to this either played System Shock for the the first time within the last 5 years assuming they ever played it at all.

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What is the best version to play System Shock?

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Looking better than expected, kinda similar visuals to Alien Isolation.

Isn't the guy in charge of animations a guy who used to make SFM porn?

I hope so.

If all they do is reskin ss1 I'll be fine with it.

They wanted to make Stand By Me. Girls would have thrown off the dynamic. We already had a female centric Final Fantasy with X-2, and then a decade of Lightning. Who gives a shit?

Personally I've seen very few instances of old franchises being dug up and turning out decent.

Also, and it has been a while, didn't SS2 wrap the story up nicely?

I've never understood this. I love film noir as much as the next guy but not everything needs to be dark and shadowy.

Hell a future space station is likely to be colourfully vibrant.

Can we get a system shock 3 thread up, user? Warren Spector has returned to direct it.

There are two piece of content art released and that’s it. What are you going to talk about. Its going to be Bioshock 3 but worse.

>(((Warren Spector)))

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He didn't, neither did cumjimer -> both are faggots who took credit for their team's work.

we know absolutely nothing about it other than cuck warren is working on it. why the fuck would we get excited about it?

Deus Ex, Thief, and System Shock 2 are still great games.

So why did Kojima Production's projects made without Kojima range from Forgettable (Portable Ops), to total failure (Metal Gear Solid: Rising)?

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Stay uncultured, plebs. Wagner is romantic

Suspiria isn't very good beyond the sets, it's basically an art collage. Then again movies are shit.

What about the soundtrack?

I didn't recall, I imagine you thought was good. I remember liking a couple of the scenes at the end where the girl is fighting with the set.

Unless it's some kind of special edition limited shit, there is no need whatsoever to preorder anything
How was Neogaf before the exodus, user?

Indeed; it was as you say a dungeon crawler that focused entirely on combat and killing stuff. The inventory, logs, everything else effectively revolved around that in various ways (how much killing you could do, how much damage you could take killing things, where you had to go to kill things) and so on. Even System Shock II was more an RPG than a horror game but even now bits make my skin crawl even thinking about them.

I hope they keep the dynamic difficulty and let you tweak shit, on an aside; let you have low enemy (re)spawns but low ammo/health spawns and stuff, or make it more like the original System Shock where you can fill up on ammo and just murderize your way through loads of enemies.

It did look nice but something which isn't really shown very well is just how terrible the low-res-on-closeup textures looked the moment you got close to them. It really, really jarred with the high res pipe/sparq and hands, to say nothing of the hud/inventory items. It was with the walls, the doorwars, the blood, everything.

It was like you had some kind of problem with your graphics card or a streaming issue. I'm in the "Not sure if I want" camp for remade levels, that's for sure though. I'm really hoping they don't totally jettison the look of ss1, I liked how every deck looked distinct.

I must be one of the few people that was glad they gave up on just copypasting the levels. They were going to produce an inferior product anyway, so they might as well go and do their own thing instead of aping their betters.

Yeah that must be why they are using the name of a cult franchise.

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Let's see that explanation:
< "Speaking honestly, an all-male party feels almost more approachable for players," Tabata told GameSpot in a recent interview. "Even the presence of one female in the group will change their behaviour, so that they'll act differently. So to give the most natural feeling, to make them feel sincere and honest, having them all the same gender made sense in that way,"
I know that fucking patriarchy allowed many historical events which consisted almost only about males… is there at least one event which consisted of only females?
Also, I don't recall people complaining about all those ecchi jrpgs filled with women who flirt with each other.


Oh god it hurts to look at. It's like a modern version of screen bleeding. Did they put in a really intense motion blur and then slow the footage down to about 0.75% speed at the beginning? Why the lens glare? Why all the bloom?
I hope they make something true to the original, but so far it just hurts to look at.

mfw Thank fuck I abandoned all hope long ago for this to turn out as anything but shit

SS1 Portable, it runs on newer systems and it has mouse-look enabled(?). Its more of an FPS than a RPG. SS2 puts the RPG before the FPS.

you can still download it form GoG


I think he meant the pre Rising Revengance project.

sounds like paradise to me

No, it's MaxOfS2D.

Just grab System Shock Enhanced.

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