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>Provide References for all requested characters and keep them to one image/post.>Keep requests Holla Forums related and keep them concise.>General OC discussion belongs in "Work on your art" and the Donut Steel threads.>However, OC requests are allowed as long as they aren't /trash/ material or fanfiction. If it's not /coc/ you must provide a link to the comic or cartoon.>Be patient and take it easy! Don't forget to check the booru to see if your request was filled.>Drawfriends, don't hold back.>If a post breaks the rules, DO report and hide it. DON'T respond to it.>Keep art critique short, otherwise take it to the Batman thread.>No one is entitled to a request delivery.>Don't bump or "second", "third", etc. requests. They eat up the post limit.>Don't fight spam with spam.>No begging.>No AI deliveries, no AI discussion. Take them where they're wanted.>To make the new drawthread, wait for page 10 at bump limit.>Have fun!>Collection of Deliveries:the-collection.booru.org/>Drawfriends Gallery List:rentry DOT co SLASH txf8tNSFW deliveries and requests should be posted in:>>>/aco/drawthreador>>>/i/706274Previous thread: >>137470026

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Requesting Alexa from South Park cosplaying as the Daughters of Aku from Samurai Jack.

Attached: Alexa_Daughter of Aku.jpg (1169x817, 159.66K)

Requesting Professor Charles Xavier: Renegade Angel.>Radiators have mutilated our jeans, gifted us with powers to flash humanity into salivation(tion,tion,tion).

Attached: PXRA.jpg (2100x1500, 742.56K)

Requesting Marion cosplay as Orbit the robodog made out of boxes just like the image below.

Attached: Marion Cosplay as Orbit.jpg (800x2379, 369.68K)

Requesting Jorge the Iguana from Olliver's Adventures wearing a mariachi outfit and playing any one of musical instrument.

Attached: Jorge Iguana Mariachi.jpg (891x333, 144.66K)

Basically an edit or redraw of this comic, but the deadname attack spell works.

Attached: dreadname350px.jpg (349x642, 73.72K)

Requesting King Fergus unable to sleep with the Queens bear arm draped over him.

Attached: sleepless king fergus.jpg (1024x768, 78.36K)

Requesting Bandit Princess and Me-Mow getting drunk and rowdy.

Attached: Bandit Princess Me-Mow.jpg (1830x690, 180.35K)

Requesting Monster Queen Velma as swole as the girl on the right

Attached: Monster Queen Velma MAX.jpg (2245x1840, 1000.88K)

Requesting the Rescue Rangers dressed up as pro wrestlers

Attached: rescue rangers.jpg (499x632, 58.62K)

Requesting a moonlit night,The moon reflecting off a lake and a 16 year old Peppermint Patty in the process of pulling off her tank-top (or nightgown)"Come on Chuck. It's camp. Lets go skinny-dippin!"

Attached: gettin the skinny .jpg (1372x980, 340.56K)

Requesting Vic taking a bath.

Attached: Vic bath.png (960x678, 919.36K)

Requesting Gert and Chase from marvels runaways as fantasy barbarians like Conan, Red Sonja or Dejah Thoris. Also Old Lace the dinosaur is there too.

Attached: gert & chase & old lace.jpg (1754x1042, 584.84K)

Requesting the Eds reimagined as Grunts from Danny Antonucci's other cartoon The Brothers Grunt as seen in the right pic.

Attached: The Brothers Ed.jpg (1614x500, 256.85K)

>>137536726Requesting ren hoek reenact this poster.-

Attached: Paths_of_Glory_(1957_poster).jpg (800x1214, 293.69K)

Requesting Anne Boonchuy meeting human Desiree for the first time.

Attached: Anne Boonchuy X Human Desiree.png (3132x3729, 3.74M)

>>137536726I just noticed the rollerskates.

Requesting two panel strip of Odalia as a maid

Attached: maidalia.png (1224x729, 1.06M)

Requesting Luz showing off her body

Attached: present.png (1089x900, 644.9K)

Requesting Camila in shorts, bikini and wet t-shirt.

Attached: cambeach.jpg (1461x1122, 696.93K)

Requesting fan art of the Cactus woman from The Three Caballeros ( youtube.com/watch?v=03QXpXaypbg ).Any fan art would be very kind, she needs some love.

Attached: 1684860030285290.jpg (1920x1080, 146.37K)

>>137536726Request that Peggy Lamb bite Leggy Lamb's ear.

Attached: 1680303338881_optimized.jpg (2333x900, 315.49K)

Requesting Ruby being assertive with Chelsea, like this.

Attached: ruby gillman and chelsea assertiveness.png (2000x2000, 3.47M)

Requesting lewds of Ms. Fitzpatrick from Kick Buttowski

Attached: AAA9CE93-DE13-4C7F-B214-CD1D4E6001D4.jpg (2365x1717, 410.56K)

>>137536726Requesting Total drama's Gwen kicking heather in the crotch. Make it funny, but brutal

Attached: requestC.png (1204x1204, 333.46K)

Requesting Jubilee big and pregnant with the Brood

Attached: 1543011624697.jpg (1024x1583, 258.31K)

Requesting Cinderella using her parasol to protect Alice instead of herself in the rain.

Attached: 20230522_132959.jpg (2880x2880, 550.15K)

Hopefully the booru will get fixed soon.

>>137538073It's just a renewal for the s in https. Happens every year I think.

Requesting something like the right with Mary Dahl getting a drink somewhere in Gotham.

Attached: mary dahl getting a drink.png (2594x2500, 3.8M)

Requesting Nimona the psycho "squire" girl giving a view of some chainmail panties.

Attached: nimona upskirt.png (1716x2000, 3.69M)

Requesting Jasper in this.

Attached: JasperFuckDaPolice.png (2846x1702, 3.15M)

Where did I find decent artists to do commissions for me?

Attached: 168485185612636059.jpg (500x737, 72.49K)

>>137538528try twitter, that's probably where you came from, fucking retard

Requesting Hope Corgi being put down by lethal injection

Attached: 1685578862655603.png (1280x960, 412.77K)

Requesting the Raven Leader from Hilda showing off her thicc ass.

Attached: RavenLeaderAss.jpg (846x640, 99.37K)

>>137538828see >>137487816

Requesting "Venomized" Katie Powers playing with some dolls/toys and having a conversation with the symbiote as to who the dolls are and what they're doing.

Attached: venomized katie powers.png (1968x1968, 3.3M)

Requesting an "Extreme 90s" take on The Incredibles.

Attached: 90s incredibles.png (937x1456, 2.14M)

Requesting America Chavez wearing pride color bikini

Attached: american pride bikini.jpg (1957x1408, 1.24M)

Requesting America Chavez awkwardly shaking hands with Kamen America

Attached: Smile.png (1598x1180, 2.02M)

Requesting Uzi and N wearing their prom clothes dancing together like in pic related

Attached: MurderDrones Uzi and N Dance.png (909x1083, 1.3M)

Requesting a Rule 63 version of this panel.

Attached: 1685655326781789.jpg (680x693, 69.78K)

>>137536726Requesting Wonder Woman being a den mother to the Sailor Guardians at a summer camp.

Attached: 1685819141296845.jpg (1200x567, 239.58K)

Requesting a redraw of this meme, with Princess Star Butterfly as Meg, Luz Noceda as Peter, Anne Boonchuy as Lois, and either Fangbone or Penn Zero as Chris

Attached: DisneyIsekaiQuartet.jpg (1060x1458, 297.8K)

>>137536726Requesting Miko Kubota cosplaying as Angel from King of fighters

Attached: Miko Angel Coplay.jpg (2000x1333, 779.13K)

Requesting Aaron Stack (Machine Man) and Kim Dahyun posing like the doctor who image. Whether you want to keep their outfits from the reference or dress them up as the doctors is completely up to you, thanks!

Attached: Untitled307_20220714092107.jpg (1024x1024, 178.43K)

Requesting Net Navi Livewire based on Devil Roll/Empress

Attached: Empress Livewife.jpg (2667x3090, 969.99K)

Requesting Giganta partially transforming into a Great Ape/Oozaru like the image on the right

Attached: Giganta Oozaru.jpg (2153x1600, 646.68K)

Requesting Eda doing this Panty and Stocking bit, with the pole and panties.

Attached: Panty Eda.png (2602x2602, 3.98M)

Requesting Shego in her Miss Go outfit helping Kim study, with Kim distracted by Shego's beauty.Keep "Miss Go" looking innocent, helpful, and unaware of what's happening, please.

Attached: oie_oie_overlay.gif (1200x1151, 1.93M)

Requesting this with Astrid.

Attached: astrid the god.png (1942x1662, 2.87M)

Requesting a mock cover with Thorn and the Bone Cousins, showing what Bone might have looked like if it was somehow a Japanese Light Novel series.

Attached: Bone Request.png (985x912, 1.78M)

Requesting this old ad redone to be 2012 April and Donatello.

Attached: thisishowItrappedmyman.png (1793x1439, 2.87M)

Puss in Boots Jack Horner and Fables Jack Horner doing the spiderman meme

Attached: 1684566088575.jpg (500x750, 94.88K)

In anticipation for her upcoming series, requesting Ahsoka fed up with the movie protags always acting like they're better than her.

Attached: protags.jpg (2004x1169, 297.75K)


Requesting Hondo and Don Carnage shaking hands.They are shaking hands and smiling in an amicable way thoughts of bloodshed and betrayal dance through their minds.They both have one hand (the one not used in shaking) behind their backs.They are either signifying (at least to themselves and the audience) a promised betrayal signified either by crossed finger OR a concealed weapon

Attached: Two trustworthy fellows 1.jpg (1990x906, 419.43K)

Requesting a similarly looking version of Hekapoo in pic related, wearing a revaling red lingerie bra and a highleg panties while she posing, showing off her body.Reference image for my request: files.catbox.moe/em0p7k.jpg

Attached: 20221210_085045.jpg (1100x1208, 338.73K)

>>137538528What do you want drawn?

Requesting Otoha Okutamiya in her underwear.

Attached: The power of these buns in the palm of my hand.jpg (1200x840, 231.04K)

Requesting Joan D'Arc from Night at the Museum corner bullying Arthur from Sword in the Stone with her smugly says "So this is the "King" of England?"

Attached: jeanne and arthur.jpg (2024x1001, 1.29M)

Requesting the "You call that being molested!" image redrawn with Terra and Slade.

Attached: Comics_reference.jpg (806x1690, 277.01K)

Requesting Nia from I Can't Sleep cosplaying Nia from Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Attached: Oi, Rex!.jpg (1200x1690, 546.26K)


Attached: ravenbooty.png (1202x1617, 195.04K)

Requesting Betty and Veronica dressed as Daisy Mae and Moombeam McSwine.With a banner or flyer advertising the event or some dialog about how"A Sadie Hawkins Dance is stupid and barbaric - but I'm still asking Archie."

Attached: B&V as M&D.jpg (1676x1309, 899.3K)

/r/ing Ava Ire from Ava's Demon giving a loving hug

Attached: Fafuhug.jpg (2270x2048, 674.62K)

Requesting Joanna from RWBY's very big and muscular, but still rather feminine body in a Jessica Rabbit dress while she's has her arms behind her head in a pose like Bettie Page in the pic provided

Attached: 0523.png (3000x2000, 3.5M)

Requesting Zia from Mysterious Cities of Gold and Tiger Lily from Peter Pan happily running hand in hand.

Attached: zia_tiger_lily.jpg (1442x1139, 1000.35K)

Requesting Verosika dressed like Yoko

Attached: yoko verosika.jpg (2202x1992, 1.81M)

>>137536726Requesting a buff gaz membrane weight lifting

Attached: gainzmembrane.jpg (1255x1112, 234.65K)

Requesting Starlee and Angel taking a selfie.

Attached: kimono selfie starlee and angel.jpg (1938x3336, 1.34M)

Requesting Big Hero 6 vs Hit-Girl.

Attached: hit-girl big hero 6.jpg (583x351, 172.77K)

Request Masha from The Owl House draw in the Teen Titans animated show style

Attached: masha-from-the-owl-house-spoilers-for-s3-v0-yarmkg1h85u91.jpg (316x324, 20.91K)

Requesting Nico dragging Peter to the love room.

Attached: nico peter conceive.jpg (1022x1776, 1.04M)

Requesting Cinder and/or Winter dressed as middle pic.

Attached: Untitled-1.jpg (2100x1106, 371.25K)

Requesting the right pic with BW in her outfit from the left pic getting her belly button licked by Pacifica Northwest.

Attached: BW Pacifica.png (2394x1160, 1.73M)

Requesting Sasha dressed like Dio.

Attached: dio sasha.jpg (1464x1232, 591.43K)

Requesting Doctor Octopus admiring himself in the mirror.

Attached: octopus mirror.jpg (727x460, 125.59K)

Requesting Phoebe in a similar pose depicted by the set of pics on the right.

Attached: phoebe draw request.png (2500x1600, 2.44M)

Requesting a Breaking Bad homage with April and Baxter.

Attached: catching rats.jpg (2616x1968, 2.09M)

Requesting Kiki and Wendy high fiving.

Attached: kiki and wendy request.jpg (1275x604, 468.25K)

Requesting Kyle as a space hero.

Attached: kyle space hero.jpg (1397x710, 613.52K)

requesting Lila from Polly Pocket: Lunar Eclipse being nudged by a dolphin like Flipper nudging Maya Graham in The New Adventures of Flipper

Attached: request19.png (1440x1080, 869.87K)

Requesting Princess Kenny commanding the Dragon PPG.

Attached: princess kenny dragon powerpuff.jpg (528x1044, 268.64K)

Requesting a What if of where Peter Parker end up with Rio Morales and became the father of Miles Morales (half white half Hispanic)

Attached: miles parker.jpg (2311x1200, 916.63K)

Requesting Karai in the Jungle.

Attached: jungle karai.jpg (584x451, 195.38K)

Requesting Monkey Star grabbing her boobs.

Attached: monkey start boobs.jpg (2330x1756, 296.81K)

Requesting Izel from Onyx Equinox wearing just his loincloth as seen in the first three episodes in full body draw and with a cute smile. Keep it SFW please.

Attached: Onyx Equinox Izel Reference.png (2209x1325, 3.26M)

Requesting art of this character sitting at a bar

Attached: FwrHyJDWIAI2II1.png (728x881, 776.83K)

>>137542692I wanted Katie Mitchell as Joi from Blade Runner 2049

Attached: 168508410156344596.jpg (1920x1080, 345.96K)

>>137542990Looks cute. Tysm.

>>137536726requesting maggie fusion

Attached: MaggieSquaredPesky.jpg (1831x759, 351.45K)

>>137542990Nice (not OR)>>137543860>getting her belly button lickedsup wyatt creed

>>137545136My name is not Wyatt Creed!

Requesting Olga Pataki dressing as a Mexican Girl in a traditional dress.

Attached: ED35C70B-2D74-4238-821F-9E8A9B242994.jpg (2048x2048, 373.38K)

>>137536726Requesting thicc Gwen, Raven, and Mandy looking down like the image reference

Attached: Raven Gwen Mandy.jpg (3311x4063, 1.8M)

Requesting this comic with user sleeping with Ruby and Sapphire

Attached: they know.jpg (4096x5279, 1.43M)

Requesting Toph dressed like a teacher, like this.

Attached: great teacher toph.jpg (1750x981, 341.97K)

Requesting Scarlett from GI Joe lifting her shirt to reveal some nice abs and some scars.

Attached: scarlett shirtlift.png (1328x1069, 1.86M)

>>137536971Seconding.Also, make Zipper the "Impregnator," lmao


Requesting Omniverse Gwen as a mermaid

Attached: 1B74C028-030A-4D06-8AD2-76429D6AE2E3.jpg (2550x2550, 1.11M)

>>137536726Want someone to draw either of these characters holding out a detached tail. Not as familiar with the character from the Unicorn show but her tail isn't shown as far as I know, and Diane in her ninja outfit has her tail missing. Attempt #2

Attached: detachable tail.jpg (1496x2048, 1.01M)

Requesting Bruta from Momeye, wrapped in a towel after showering.

Attached: BrutaShowered.png (1800x1800, 1.78M)

Requesting the reptilian overlord teacher cutie, in a swimsuit.

Attached: i for one welcome our new reptilian overlords.png (563x563, 461.63K)

Requesting more of streetrat Selina Kyle.

Attached: selina kyle streetrat.png (630x950, 682.6K)

Requesting Zasha and Batya in cute "sexy Xenomorph" outfits.

Attached: Zasha and Batya xenomorph hoodie request.png (2000x1536, 3.98M)

Requesting something like this with Elle the street thief, but implying she's been killing gremlins not people. Green blood, etc.

Attached: Elle the Gremlin Slayer.png (1729x1683, 3.62M)

Requesting something nearly-identical to the left, but it's with Lake and she's starting to pull down her pants instead of pull up a skirt like Tulip.

Attached: Lake Mirror Image Show and Tell.png (1829x1439, 1.66M)

Requesting Katie and Aaron dressed as Black Cat and Kitten.

Attached: mitchells black cat and kitten.png (1462x1462, 3.52M)

Requesting Queen Aanya doing the "haughty evil Royal Laugh" thing like this.

Attached: Queen Aanya Laugh.png (2120x1855, 3.28M)

Requesting a "Varying Degrees of Want" pic with the kids from Tom Sawyer.

Attached: tom sawyer varying degrees of want.png (1537x1879, 3.1M)

Requesting Molly Jo (Amphibia) as a sexy lifeguard.

Attached: Molly Jo.png (1904x3460, 1.6M)

Requesting Leslie Willis going on a conspiracy theorist rant like Joe Rogan

Attached: imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-Q3lFKmcB0oDD4.jpg (1236x450, 131.55K)

Requesting Batman trying to impress The Shadow by dressing up as him and saying, "We even shop at the same store!"

Attached: large-BatmanShadow4.jpg (567x850, 134.1K)

Requesting Rita Loud with a green face wearing the dress on the right.

Attached: Rita masked req.jpg (945x1017, 313.09K)

Requesting Grey DeLisle cosplaying as Diantha.

Attached: 1659666355843.png (788x361, 323.81K)


Attached: rubyidk.png (1414x2000, 706.01K)

requesting annie enveloping robin cutely

Attached: robin on valentines clay.jpg (971x600, 105.21K)

>>137549402Not the OR but this is great stuff.>>137545342>My name is not Wyatt Creed!'Zat so, Wyatt?archived.moe/i/thread/411637/#412950

>>137549796That's not even mine, you idiot!

>>137549402Fuuuuuuuuuck that's nice

Requesting a parody of the Lethal Weapon series but staring Whiskers from Last Action Hero and McGruff the Crime Dog as partners and the cat from Opposites Attract music video as the Joe Pesci character.

Attached: leathal furball 3.jpg (1024x768, 149.67K)

Requesting the infamous 'Am I a retard' gif with Supergirl feeling up her tits and seeing Power Girl in the mirror.

Attached: DUwfcGdVMAEGQVy.jpg (1422x1200, 248.95K)

Requesting Primal trolling Megatron over social media.>AYO LIL BARNEY

Attached: 17b.jpg (1770x2332, 222.46K)

Requesting Thor, Frog of Thunder.- trailing lightnings in the dark in mid-air striking Thanos in the forehead with his hammer.Thanos's head has neon lavender cracks (lighter than his normal skin) spreading out from the impact site like cracks in a rock or shattering porcelain just before it fly's apart.

Attached: Thor Frog smash.jpg (1912x1840, 1.28M)

Requesting Mrs. McClellan reading comics like the bottom ref.

Attached: mcl.jpg (888x1300, 340.84K)

requesting duchess from foster's home for imaginary friends dressed up as yzma from emperor's new groove

Attached: F1C37296-79B1-4D3A-BEBB-04123ED17052.jpg (991x597, 110.07K)

Requesting The Batman Who Laughs marrying an annoyed Raven against her will.

Attached: Yes, I love that man of mine.jpg (2100x1500, 2.03M)

>>137549402Good shit user

>>137549402Requesting colors

Requesting the image on the bottom, but with Beast Boy staring down a large oni version of demon Raven

Attached: BB Raven Oni.jpg (1153x2276, 329.81K)

Requesting an older, more powerful Tanis based on Eldlich, the Golden Lord (pictured on right)

Attached: Tanis the Golden Lady.jpg (1806x585, 407.4K)

requesting this page redrawn as a fight between Popeye (top panels) and Bluto (bottom panel).(the guy had his fingers bent backwards and he is popping them back in place in case it is not obvious, source is first volume of Punisher Max)

Attached: Punisher-Max---The-Complete-Collection-Vol.jpg (1987x1739, 933.31K)

Requesting Kolchak :The Night Stalker with Carl interacting with one of the following. (I really couldn't decide.)- Either with the Winchester Brothers (animated but not anime versions) ,Of Batman or Scooby Doo.

Attached: Carl K and friend.jpg (1974x1336, 944.2K)

Requesting Dr. Elizabeth Appleboom getting bimbofied and happier, similar to this.

Attached: applebim.png (3832x2583, 3.17M)

>>137549402You can't even tell it's Ruby, fix the hair.

Requesting Joss Possible dressed like Gotham's Catwoman. She's either in a pose similar to the character, using a grappling gun, or in a Catherine Zeta Jones laser grid slink.

Attached: Joss catwoman-1.jpg (1896x1608, 784.43K)

Requesting Alopex and Raph doing the she wants to order meme with her tail getting in the way.

Attached: alopex wants to order.jpg (1024x768, 144.49K)


Attached: Untitled73_20230604191250.png (1130x800, 234.14K)


Requesting Spider-Girl if her mother was Dejah Thoris, the princess of mars from the Barsoom series. Influenced mostly by the dynamite press version but don't feel a need to limit yourself to one version of the character.

Attached: the martian mayday.jpg (1502x1304, 791.37K)

>>137557429OR here, you made my night and a good laugh, thank you.

Requesting Optimus Prime threatening Noobmaster69youtu.be/qcFipN1dhC4

Attached: 0608ef507a3eaed1c61547c9a45c18f2.jpg (1600x2984, 268.64K)

Requesting poledancing America Chavez

Attached: americapole.png (2175x1580, 3.91M)

Requesting Gwen in a suit like this.Add Benfire if you want and can think of a good suit for her in Ben's colors.

Attached: Business Gwen.png (1850x1615, 2.6M)

Requesting Ruby and Jinx leading an invasion on Lebanon.

Attached: 1681926003862648.jpg (1200x385, 312.26K)

>>137536726Requesting human Spring and Mrs Boonchuy recreating this comicBUTtry to change the shape of the boobs because it look weird in the pic

Attached: 1685509077661588.png (707x1482, 925.8K)

Requesting more art of the pines daugther doing autistic shit or whatever

Attached: 1685509202679326.jpg (1280x1205, 185.14K)


Requesting older Dennis holding Winnie's leash (Hotel Transylvania)

Attached: denniswinnieleashlaws.png (2007x2000, 2.19M)

Requesting a picture of Demona hugging Angela, like this

Attached: demona angela hug.png (1068x1225, 705.84K)



Attached: 4ch.png (4000x6000, 2.43M)

>>137557983>that Gwen buttWhy are girls so sexy, anons?

Requesting a chainsaw battle between Bessie and Willie

Attached: Never SAW it comming.jpg (1298x601, 190.23K)

Requesting Veronica Daring from Hullaballoo, pointing some steampunk guns like this.

Attached: veronica daring guns.png (1901x1761, 3.49M)

>>137559101Not my request, but this hot.

Rule 63 Captain Underpants/Benjamin Krupp

Attached: C_krupp.png (327x190, 70.47K)

>>137536726Requesting Spider-Gwen at a store angrily stating that she's a Spider-Ma'am, with either Peter B. Parker or a grown-up Mayday working as the cashier.

Attached: 34453453.png (3062x1082, 3.27M)


Attached: june5practice.png (1522x1628, 234.79K)

Requesting gamora in the actual show style wearing the dress from that one episode being tsundare about liking it.

Attached: Untitled.png (3070x1006, 3.57M)


Requesting Hannah (egyptian girl) from Droners raising foot against Corto's neck like on the right.

Attached: Wtf bulli.png (1133x714, 915.51K)

Requesting Marceline wearing a wrestling outfit of your choosing.

Attached: Wrestler Marceline.jpg (4096x2893, 1.02M)


Attached: peppermintpatty.png (708x983, 539.27K)

Requesting Nia from I Can't Sleep cosplaying as Crona Gorgon or Maka Albarn from Soul Eater.

Attached: se-ics.jpg (2658x2148, 805.2K)

Requesting Blue Diamond wearing the same clothes in the picture on the right. If you like a setting for the image the beach is a good spot.

Attached: subd.jpg (2585x2399, 710.25K)


Attached: GB_JanineMelnitz_PinUp.png (2600x2999, 1.89M)

>>137561215Noice. Seriously noice.

>>137561963Very exellent work user. Nice to see an older show get some love.

>>137561632That's a very nice Patty.

Requesting the Fox from Unicorn Warriors rocking a tweed outfit

Attached: fox tweed.png (1984x1459, 3.39M)

Requesting fusion.(I originally considered Keaton for the middle slot, but then I thought, "Fuck it, let's throw some nips on there!" and went with Kilmer instead.)

Attached: Batsuit_web.jpg (1872x952, 306.48K)

>>137549796>>137549927>>137554552Glad you like it>>137549402>>137555567here it is

Attached: rubycolor.png (1414x2000, 1.68M)

Requesting Joe Sparrow as a pirate captain.

Attached: Joe Sparrow.jpg (2100x1500, 78.09K)


Attached: imagen_2023-06-05_062402413.png (1333x1681, 494.31K)

Requesting this scene with Gwenyoutube.com/watch?v=a-0iaC-1_Fo&ab_channel=ProudPapaProductions

Attached: spider-gwen wants ass.jpg (549x402, 40.45K)

requesting a drawing of the meme of omniman but with johnny bravo dancing instead of omniman (still with the big ass) and steven universe instead of invincible like the edit

Attached: thinkmarkthumbnail.png (1421x725, 1017.53K)

>>137563181Not OR, but very sweet!

>>137563181Based work, user.

Requesting a redraw of this screenshot, with Candice dressed-up as a Commissar, and Phineas and Ferb as Tech Priestswith Candice yelling "INQUISITOR! The Machanicus are committing Heresy again!"

Attached: You are SO getting BLAMMED!.jpg (622x642, 141.08K)

Requesting Mona Lisa from TMNT wearing a white ruffle off-the-shoulder dress in human form.

Attached: E38438BD-6237-44FB-AF01-E840E1A6A0B2.jpg (2048x2048, 371.2K)

Requesting Spear and Dexter caveman facing off in Unga Bunga.

Attached: cavemanfaceoff.png (2090x802, 1.16M)

Requesting this "WHERE DO YOU THINK WE ARE?!" scene redone with Bill Cipher yelling at the Pines twins.

Attached: where do you think we are gf.png (3640x2926, 3.96M)


Requesting She-Ra grilling like this.If possible, have her sword shape-shifted into a spatula or tongs.

Attached: she-ra grillin.png (2153x1863, 3.99M)

Requesting Wonder Woman fighting Cheetah in an outfit similar to this (but with her normal combat bracers and maybe a weapon), trying not to spill her drink and complaining about having to fight on her afternoon off.

Attached: wonder woman casual fight.png (2259x2203, 3.62M)

Requesting Glimmer and Glimmer happily bonding and laughing together in a sauna.

Attached: Glimmers.png (2400x1791, 3.4M)

Requesting Enzo and AndrAIa meeting Kris and Susie.

Attached: reboot god fucking damnit kris where the fuck are we.png (1444x1574, 1.61M)

>>137536726Requesting Howie honeyglow from epithet erased and Beebs from Monkey wrench armwrestling with both of them giving it their all.

Attached: Howie vs. Beebs.png (2048x1536, 1.79M)

Requesting Finn and Bronwyn charging into battle.

Attached: bronwyn finn ref.png (1784x1170, 1.51M)

Requesting the major Scooby Doo chars as dragons. Similar to this "Sailor Scouts as dragons" picture.

Attached: MysteryIncDragons.png (1967x1898, 2.57M)

Requesting this design for Ruby and Sapphire, dancing

Attached: ruby sapphire jellybeans.png (2660x3001, 3.7M)

Requesting Mona and Donatello dressed as Luke and Leia. Just being a couple of cosplay geeks.

Attached: donatello mona star wars.png (1882x1882, 3.35M)

We went from the Year of the Tiger to the Year of the Rabbit.Requesting a Bunra.Tigra, but turned into a bunny-girl instead of a tiger-girl.

Attached: Tigra Best Of All Worlds.png (1474x1495, 3.46M)

Requesting Lake posed wearing a jacket like this.

Attached: lake jacket.png (1156x1328, 1.16M)

Requesting Eda suddenly realizing that since she adopted King she's now officially a MILF.

Attached: harpy eda png.png (1367x1831, 269.34K)

Requesting Oracle speeding by absurdly fast in her wheelchair, with Black Canary holding on for dear life.

Attached: birdsofpreygottagofast.png (1102x1310, 2.31M)

Requesting Porsha wearing a Minion sweater.

Attached: minion sweater.png (1172x801, 872.77K)

Requesting the Teen Powerpuff Girls, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup all wearing a white ruffle off-the-shoulder dress.

Attached: IMG_2596.jpg (4001x5648, 1.28M)

Requesting Jasper walking with Lapis slung over her shoulder, going for a "we're gonna snu-snu now" feel.

Attached: Jaspis.png (925x861, 786.67K)


>>137561215I love big girls and that's a very good big girl.


Attached: Untitled76_20230605135447.png (800x1130, 422.16K)

>>137569483I find this amusing.Cheers user.

Requesting Captain America dealing with the fact that he's actually surprisingly dogshit at grilling. Maybe him frowning at burned food, or grimly confessing he's bad at it or something.i.imgur.com/Yjbyada.jpg

Requesting the Fox from Unicorn Warriors Eternal, having herself a good cry.

Attached: sad fox.png (1747x1449, 1.83M)

Older Amal meeting Spear's daughter

Attached: 1679452029789.jpg (749x500, 56.89K)


Attached: too lazy to draw the rifle.png (1693x1208, 2.43M)


Attached: vb.png (4000x6000, 2M)

>>137571088>>137571138Two very solid pieces!

Requesting Dipper, Mabel, and Pacifica grown up and working as park rangers.

Attached: Gravity Park Rangers.png (1483x1000, 1.54M)

Requesting a recreation of the pic above but with either Dory or Chastity from Metalocalypse.

Attached: Dory_or_Chastity.jpg (689x1390, 133.74K)

>>137561632OR here... Nice stuff.Thanks.

Requesting a better redraw of this Giganta and Karen fusion from DC Superhero Girls

Attached: Redraw that Bee.png (1329x720, 490.11K)

>>137557616I thought this gimmick of mayday parker if x was her mom was only until may is over

requesting Shaggy Rogers and Christopher Robin playing baseball with Christopher as the pitcher and Shaggy as the batter

Attached: shaggy christopher.png (1349x1629, 530.91K)

>>137571786There's a specific (and talented) artist that takes those requests every May. There's nothing to stop you from asking at other times, but it won't be that guy who does them.


Attached: Spice Gardienne.png (1496x1295, 687.15K)

>>137571760You're welcome.

Requesting Annie-May Parker getting a face full of her mom's cleavage, like this.

Attached: renew your vows request.png (1387x1621, 3.74M)

Requesting someone to draw Zee Zatanna in a dress that's like Jessica Rabbit's, but the same color as Zee's hair please.

Attached: zee_dress.jpg (1017x626, 58.52K)

Requesting X-Men evolution versions of Rogue and Carol Danvers kissing while floating off the ground

Attached: carolevorogue.jpg (1780x1440, 796.47K)

>>137572089Made me kek, and glorious fucking thighs/flat chest/pussy indention. Not or but you got a twitter or pixiv or anything?

Requesting Valeria Richards rocking her mom's "big gun and jacket" 90s look.

Attached: Val90s.png (1760x1898, 3.94M)

Requesting Clarice from Park Life, doing this scene from the famously shitty video game Plumbers Don't Wear Ties.

Attached: chipmunks dont wear ties.png (1218x1526, 1.75M)

Requesting the Wolfwalkers girls dressed as a couple of Miyazaki characters (your choice which).

Attached: wolfwalkers miyazakied.png (1393x1388, 1.74M)

>>137536726Requesting maddie from back to the outback turned into an anthrofied mutant snake covered in mutagen

Attached: aussiesnek.jpg (1470x581, 151.18K)

Requesting Ingrid and Fillmore swing dancing.Fillmore is wearing a Zoot Suit and Ingrid is a Louise Brooks style flapper.(Maybe a poster or banner for "The Safety Patrolman's (other) ball" )

Attached: Ingrid and Filmore 1930s1. jpg.jpg (1684x1358, 619.37K)

Requesting Wednesday working at Goth IHOP.

Attached: wednesday goth ihop.png (1670x1152, 1.99M)

Requesting Tank Girl getting mutated into a kangaroo girl.

Attached: roo girl.jpg (1024x768, 102.83K)

Requesting a pinup of Azimuth the hippy-stoner-looking girl from Strange World.

Attached: Azimuth the hippy girl.png (1141x1335, 2.04M)

Requesting Maddie from Pantheon posed like this.

Attached: maddie says hi.png (2286x1822, 2.14M)

Requesting Ruby with her arms possessively around Ariel and Chelsea.

Attached: gay fish trio.png (2192x2070, 3.58M)

A Bunch of Deaths(Not these Deaths specifically It's just a reference feel free to put in any other Deaths) huddled into a corner out of fear of Molly Mcgee

Attached: 1660102995562.jpg (500x500, 126.11K)

Requesting Prince Eric with the Venom symbiote.

Attached: c21d9ccca53a2052daf1045edc45522d.jpg (900x563, 51.1K)

Requesting buff busty older Grenda from Gravity Falls, showing off a top with a very literal boob window.

Attached: GrendaBoobWindow.png (1750x1305, 2M)

Requesting Robyn and Mebh from Cartoon Saloon's Wolfwalkers, wearing anime-style wolf ears, paw gloves, tails, etc.

Attached: wolfwalkers paw gloves request.png (1299x1598, 3.23M)

Requesting draw a shipping fanart between her and Timmy Turner.

Attached: Vlcsnap-2012-12-10-20h35m50s163.png (640x480, 250.13K)

Requesting what Spider-Man and J Jonah Jameson's Dungeons and Dragons characters would look like if they had to play a game together.

Requesting Starscream yelling at Windblade for questioning the word of the mighty jimmy.

Attached: Starscreambibble.png (1658x700, 1.34M)

Requesting Demon King Alvida doing this "insert here" meme.

Attached: Alvida Insert Here.png (1743x2164, 3.4M)

>>137576671You don't often see this sort of commitment to being unfunny as fuck.

Requesting Wart and Hazel fighting The Horned King.

Attached: wart and hazel vs the horned king.png (1896x1320, 2.57M)

Requesting fusion

Attached: KHAN FUSION.jpg (618x499, 40.88K)

Requesting colors.Color reference: i.imgur.com/zFzXsQS.png

Attached: Hit Girl Licking The Blade.png (872x1189, 228.92K)

Requesting young Wonder Woman fighting the Ro-Man from Robot Monster. Go more DCAU-style if you can.

Attached: wonder woman vs the most dangerous ape of all.png (1218x928, 1.16M)

Requesting Rayla dressed in a Red Sonja-style chainmail bikini.

Attached: rayla bikini.png (1638x1146, 2.83M)

>>137576952Hey come on now, its just for laughs.

Bump for mine



Requesting Leo and Aeris cosplaying as Taizo Hori and Pooka, respectively.

Attached: DD.jpg (474x266, 43K)

Requesting Sharon wearing the long sleeve shirt on the right while she’s smiling with both hands on her hips.

Attached: 61D8A16B-7566-4AAE-AE22-5D5A7EC44897.jpg (999x875, 188.29K)

>>137572089Not OR but, this is pretty neat stuff

requesting the right image with a busty and tanned Miriam Pataki.

Attached: Summer Love.jpg (1512x1040, 295.91K)

requesting this with miguel o'hara/spider man 2099 with him being upset about his bike being stolen but accepting it because it was a "canon event" and thus his reality didn't get destroyed

Attached: bike.jpg (1799x1799, 343.89K)

>>137582665miguel for reference

Attached: migeul.png (448x961, 386.75K)

Requesting a pic of "Norville" wearing a "buck breaking" t-shirt surrounded by guys wearing "ugly bastard" t-shirts

Attached: Break a Buck.jpg (1009x1302, 276.64K)

Requesting Miles making out with this Gwen

Attached: __gwen_stacy_and_spider_gwen_marvel_and_1_more_drawn_by_rariatto_ganguri__4584241473c5fc8de07e2978e7bcb6c9.png (1300x1769, 88.47K)

>>137571138Not exactly what I had in mind. But I think it looks good in it's own right. Though I think you ould have made the spider jewelry on her chest larger.>>137571786Well I started requesting it in may. We'll see if the artist feels like doing his own version next year.


Request Marco taking Star to Church and Star being confused the whole time and maybe getting into some shenanigans

Attached: 7og6eh.jpg (577x433, 79.04K)

>>137582820Can Kate join them?

>>137536830here you go user

Attached: 1AE0CC53-2EA4-4233-A354-0D6AC733D7EB.jpg (523x959, 225.28K)

>>137584144Sorry, forgot the pic.

Attached: 731e4707a97e4780c402d60c87da2806.png (830x931, 511.31K)

>>137584581Fucking based

Requesting Anne and Sprig sitting awkwardly on a couch.Anne is blushing and is SprigThere is a newspaper on the floor or between them which is boldly printed with the sample provided news headline.

Attached: She likes to lick em.jpg (2208x1528, 701.39K)

Since the new Transformers movie is out this week, requesting Andrew from Big Mouth as Rise of the Beasts Wheeljack.

Attached: 1682497230395.png (1158x877, 1.66M)

Hey. Hey you. Draw Plasmer.

Attached: Plasmer_Vol_1_1_back.jpg (910x1397, 288.47K)

>>137586187I mean, you're looking at it, kiddo.

>>137586223Is that fem Raditz

>>137586497Nah, it's fem Madara

Requesting Connie Benge, from Doug, doing like in the image on the right. By herself or with a guy like in the ref.

Attached: Kintore Joshi to Ecchi na Micchaku Training Shichaimashita.jpg (3280x2552, 1.44M)

>>137537134>MCLOVINGonna have to pass on this one, Chief.

Requesting NOS-4-A2 about to vampire bite XJ-9 like the pic below.

Attached: 30rh2nr09.png (1249x2114, 2.03M)

Requesting Gwen Stacy standing in the classic 'it ain't gonna suck itself' pose

Attached: 7j0qf0.jpg (592x421, 57.18K)

Requesting Ollie Chen helping Sharon McGee with some chores like in the image on the right.

Attached: there's like zero ollie and sharon stuff.jpg (3440x2004, 1.15M)

Requesting Brit Crust, from MLAATR, wearing the sheer-top outfit on the bottom.

Attached: Brit Crust.jpg (2360x3076, 1.38M)

Requesting Claire from "The Summoning" as a Diablo Necromancer. Bonus points she is summonning some skeleton cats.

Attached: MV5BZGU1ODEwM2EtYzJiMC00OTg4LTkxNzItMmZjMGVmYjlmMTI4XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTEzMjE5NDg4._V1_.jpg (2048x1243, 253.71K)

>>137587687>Diablo NecromancerDoesn't even fit her character. Aesthetically or otherwise.Cringe.

Requesting the McGees and the Boonchuys in a Wife-Swap episode

Attached: Boonchuys and McGees.png (1614x716, 1.09M)

Requesting Wirt & Sara, from Over the Garden Wall, together like in the refs. on the top. Wirt in a dress and Sara in a suit, with Wirt either embarrassed by it or into it.

Attached: wirt&sara.jpg (3425x4088, 1.24M)

Requesting bomber nose art of Atomic Betty... playing up in the "Atomic" part.Some of the original art is topless - but if you go that route can you post elsewhere.Also feel free to use other cast members a s"props" as long as Betty is the main focus.

Attached: atomic noseart.jpg (1662x1656, 825.94K)


>>137571138Is that a mask or makeup?

>>137574388images-wixmp-ed30a86b8c4ca887773594c2.wixmp.com/f/31d86286-9d67-4957-a246-b6d19867b5a8/dfz4mis-345c41a2-6ea0-45f5-ab67-d79fbf73e144.jpg/v1/fill/w_400,h_534,q_75,strp/a_pinup_of_azimuth_the_hippy_stoner_looking_girl_by_phatfrog850_dfz4mis-fullview.jpg?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOjdlMGQxODg5ODIyNjQzNzNhNWYwZDQxNWVhMGQyNmUwIiwiaXNzIjoidXJuOmFwcDo3ZTBkMTg4OTgyMjY0MzczYTVmMGQ0MTVlYTBkMjZlMCIsIm9iaiI6W1t7ImhlaWdodCI6Ijw9NTM0IiwicGF0aCI6IlwvZlwvMzFkODYyODYtOWQ2Ny00OTU3LWEyNDYtYjZkMTk4NjdiNWE4XC9kZno0bWlzLTM0NWM0MWEyLTZlYTAtNDVmNS1hYjY3LWQ3OWZiZjczZTE0NC5qcGciLCJ3aWR0aCI6Ijw9NDAwIn1dXSwiYXVkIjpbInVybjpzZXJ2aWNlOmltYWdlLm9wZXJhdGlvbnMiXX0.Jwk_u1fhO6079QPRYgEG-XTMLd9MOCB7yHjW-5EsQtIhere ya go

Requesting Skeeter in the same outfit and in the same stretching pose, but with that leg way up in the air, as the girl on the right.

Attached: AWW SKEET SKEET.jpg (1656x936, 294.59K)



Requesting Tin Tin / "Kayo" Kyrano relaxing in her room.She's building a model from a kit of of Thunderbird 2.She has an aquarium or goldfish bowl, beside her with a fish ow two and a small replica Thunderbird 4 in it.

Attached: tin tin 2.jpg (2076x1820, 1020.11K)

>>137574714>I propose we eat this cockblocking crustacean>no, you can't do that, I'll ->yeah yeah, we'll invoke the wrath of poseidon, god of the sea, blah blah blah>no, poseidon wouldnt care, but ariel would rip my balls off

Requesting Master Tigress from Kung-Fu Panda dressed as Laira Omoto from Green Lantern: Emerald Knights.

Attached: TigressLaira.png (1559x1594, 2.07M)

>>137574261i.4cdn.org/b/1686110195150608.jpghere ya go

>>137574388is2.4chan.org/b/1686110591558928.jpghere ya go


>>137572087>>137571786The artist said last thread he was still doing them.

>>137591985>>137592080Interesting sketch style.>>137593010He said he was working on a variant of an existing piece.

I will bump

>>137594253As will I.

>>137591416Not really what I had in mind, but I suppose it could work.

>>137587410Delivery. Tho I tried to make it fit the space, feel free to re-request if you want.

Attached: imagen_2023-06-07_071811159.png (561x397, 175.44K)

Requesting Lola Bunny proposing to the viewer

Attached: Lolabunnyfile.png (498x780, 215.22K)

Requesting this panel on the bottom drawn with Peni Parker

Attached: file.png (1184x1048, 1.24M)


>>137596250Oh, it's you. Back from crying? I'm guessing that one is also going to go "missing"? lol

>>137596250Yo. This is nice. Thank you

>>137598212What's your obsession with this artist, Botfag?Vandalising the booru just because they happened to draw for a another person instead of you. Do the booru moderators a favor and fuck off and die already.


>>137598570>personWhoa, hey, I hate the vandal too, but let's not start handing out unearned compliments to abusefag.

Requesting Shark Girl in a Bible Black uniform.

Attached: shark girl wearing bible black uniform.png (1385x1478, 3.59M)

>>137598570>>137599368bot this, abusefag that, you don't even know which way your shitting, huh?

>>137596250>>137598212>>137598570>>137599368>draws for abusefag>heh Nothing personal, kid>gets funposted at>wah why is everyone so mean to me on 4chan DOT orghehehe>>137599747i told them to be less cringe and this is what they get

>>137596581>panel on the bottom drawn with Peni Parker

Attached: panel on the bottom drawn with Peni Parker.jpg (1894x1421, 823.93K)

>>137600001lol pretty good, thank you

>>137596581here ya go

Attached: panel on the bottom drawn with Peni Parker 2.jpg (1688x2408, 1.02M)

>>137542158Yo Also lines without the different tones imgur.com/a/IRrGEpc

Attached: D4E94DF7-3C53-4BB0-9C3B-21AE2E3CECF7.png (1275x1650, 1.25M)


Requesting a sexy pose of this cat lady

Attached: 478eecdf1d053d48cece5d79341c68d4.png (1036x1504, 3.46M)

>>137600754Bro gave her fetal alcohol syndrome

Requesting Bonnie Rockwaller wearing a top like the girl in the reference. 'Instagram' can be replaced with Middleton

Attached: 1606484064845.jpg (1102x932, 323.3K)

Requesting the image above with Peni Parker (right, from Into the Spiderverse), Gwen Stacy (middle, from Across the Spiderverse) and Otoha Okutamiya (left, from AtSV spinoff manga featuring Doctor Octavius reborn into the body of a Japanese girl) replacing the Adventure Time girls.

Attached: Picture.png (1024x1322, 1.14M)

>>137601283Bro drew her accurately, then? I know you pedos will take literally anything you can get, but movie Peni Parker is an ugly character.

>>137601456Bro gives everyone he draws fetal alcohol syndrome. But that's normal for someone not very experienced and trying for a realistic style.

>>137600849Very nice! I quite like the mischievous expression.

>>137596581Three fuckin' Deliveries

Attached: These Canon Events are Pretty Strong.png (1135x737, 251.68K)

>>137536726Requesting me, Anonymous, sitting on the floor and eating lemon cake with Dr. Elizabeth Appleboom straight out of the plastic container.

Attached: 84apcoern4l.jpg (1464x1112, 418.35K)


>>137601748kek that's great>>137601450sauce on the original? also seconding

>>137601865>sauce on the original?I don't know who drew it originally but a reverse image search may yield some results

Attached: Suck her dick.jpg (1024x911, 814.07K)

Thing I drew, this was a bit of a challenge

Attached: peni-and-noir.png (1280x1080, 270.43K)

>>137601745>>137601844Thanks guys

>>137600001>>137600754>>137601748Thank you all!

>>137601898>>137602085a lot of twitter-tourist in these threads, huh?

>>137602400???? what

>>137593178Give up. If it happens then it happens. Only a shit keeps reposting a finished request to "get a variant"


Attached: cols.png (864x1234, 924.88K)

>>137602836Ho damnVery nice work colorfriend

Requesting Mia from Baskup sleeping like a slob

Attached: sleep.jpg (1438x652, 172.86K)

Requesting Marco and Shezow wearing these shirts

Attached: marco guy shirts.jpg (3960x1350, 493.7K)

Requesting Elinor's father and mother in an Indiana Jones style adventure.Elinor's mother is wearing a fusion of Indiana Jones clothing and her ranger uniform and is gingerly trying to remove the Jade Mask (from the Mask 1961) from a pedestal.Elinor's father, standing back and looking concerned - is dressed as a standard pith-helmet wearing explorer - with backpack, satchel and map.

Attached: belongs in a museum.jpg (1440x1440, 760.78K)

Requesting Jimmy Pesto getting led away in handcuffs by federal agents while Bob laughs.

Attached: 2110399.jpg (638x425, 66K)

>>137598212>>137599801Artist here, I used to draw here and Holla Forums with the name Netto.Also delivered >>137563181

>>137604073>I used to draw here and Holla Forums with the name Netto.good for you?

>>137601865The original was drawn by Somescrub. It's in the AT thread on /aco/.

>>137605397You are a gentleman and a scholar



Attached: imagen_2023-06-07_185616769.png (748x481, 157.18K)

>>137606366Those fishes gayGood for themGood for them

Requesting teen Cindy Lou Who, rollerskating. The most Seussian rollerskating you can draw.

Attached: cindy lou teenref.png (1950x2643, 3.72M)

Requesting the Cyberchase cast explaining or trying to understand Super Mario 64 PUs

Attached: Cyberchase PU.png (2720x1104, 3.36M)


>>137600849Oh awesome! The shading looks great (you nailed the shell, the sewer background, everything), and you did a great job with April. Just a very fun piece. Thank you user, I love it entirely.

>>137602836Fuck yes, that's some professional coloring.

>>137606366>She's going to collect them all

An color edit of changing the unlimited spiderman suit on the chest and the lines connected to it from the chest to the shoulder to the arm from red to white like the PS4 spiderman suit.Alongside the 3 bars on both legs of the suit.

Attached: Peter_Parker_(Earth-751263).png (283x518, 30.37K)

>>137608441>professional coloringlol

>>137600001>>137600754>>137601748Good shit y'all

Requesting jinmay, from super robot monkey team hyperforce go, letting her hair down after a mission.

Attached: jinmay.png (1274x810, 850.89K)

>>137608441>ProfessionalIt clearly isn't, some parts make no sense and the cape is just wrong

Hey Holla Forums.........

Attached: 1685395308759215.png (615x818, 205.01K)

>>137601433The reference isn't wearing a hat at all, much less a top hat. All she's wearing is a shirt and glasses and it looks like sweatpants.

just filling out the original purpose of a drawthread:(if anyone asks which spider-person he's talking about, it's probably all of them)

Attached: Fx96FmjWcAEd2Ye.jpg (590x730, 44.95K)

Requesting fusions.

Attached: girl fusion.jpg (1280x1024, 97.98K)

>>137611458What's there connection

Requesting Daphne and Penelope transforming into sexy, buxom monsters like the comic on the right

Attached: Damsel monsters.jpg (1805x933, 385.08K)

>>137608397Thanks man. I had a lot of fun with that one.


Requesting aged up jerry struggling to keep cool in a summer heatwave

Attached: rsazg.png (826x1277, 945.71K)

>>137611504Fusionfag throws random shit at the wall, hoping something will stick for someone. Low effort garbage that I have no idea why nobody is ever addressing.

>>137614180Yeah I FUCKING HATE RANDOM FUSION REQUEST, if it was same show,VA, or same network I'd care but FUCK RANDOM FUSIONS that whether are always ignored

>>137611450Nice job, El Barto.>>137614180>>137614227Go to Settings > Filters & Post Hiding and filter the word "fusion" and you'll never have to look at fusion spam again.



No one requested it but i made this

Attached: Miles trannyverse.jpg (1461x1080, 178.15K)

Requesting the bottom pic with the Ghoul School girls, aged up, in matching Volleyball uniforms.

Attached: ghoul school volleyball.jpg (1374x1312, 293.02K)

Requesting sexy fit TAS Black Cat's costume modified to resemble 90s comic heroic mega cleavage Black Cati.imgur.com/zB6x5U3.jpg

Attached: fit cat.jpg (640x1597, 549.89K)

fuck it i may as well request shitRequesting femboy Mr. Percival.

Attached: file.png (995x868, 424.13K)

>>137615660Why? Why contribute to this insanity?

>>137576998ill start on this

>>137539062That's not Pride, that's just a rainbow pattern.Pride "rainbow" is 6 colors.Regular rainbow is 7.

Requesting Speed Buggy brandishing a whip as a cowering Tinker fumbles for the remote.Possibly with Speed proclaiming "No Gods! No Masters!"and Tink sobbing "No Speed.No."

Attached: speedy time.jpg (1445x986, 350.97K)

Requesting Vixen being Donkey Kong's girlfriend.

Attached: 1675146451507.png (1103x560, 924.43K)

>>137618598Helooooooo manateee

>>137616538Well thanks for your shit request. Go out. Touch grass. Eat glass.

>>137617510Futa is the patrician fetish

>>137618639alright well i hope your favorite cartoon gets a shitty reboot


>>137617626You speak as if people care, a rainbow is a rainbow all the same.


>>137576998hope you enjoy.more fantasy stuff!

Attached: lich.png (1800x1200, 790.11K)


Requesting a Beelstarmon styled version (pictured on the middle and bottom of the ref) of Rose's alter-ego Vicki

Attached: Beelrosemon ref.jpg (900x2347, 704.82K)

>>137615660lel based

>>137621699Odd way of spelling "cringe"

>>137621205All thars missing is an unconscious/injured Sora in front of the King.

>>137619897Jokes on you asshole. You are already too late.

90% of the requests in these threads belong in >>>/aco/.

>>137621886cry about it fag

>>137536726Requesting Gwen hair color changed to post related >>137622306

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Requesting a "Agent-Venom" spin on Symbiote/Venom Mary Jane Watson

Attached: Agent Mary Jane Venom.jpg (1820x1928, 598.64K)


>>137622697Yeah, it's sony pushing, the drawfag joking about the tranny shit, and you crying about it.

>>137536726Requesting Lady De-Clutter from Rugrats dressed in slutty lingerie

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>>137623993Better reference if needed

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Requesting Andrea stealing Molly's first kiss with Libby and Scratch reacting

Attached: it was me Andrea.jpg (5632x1920, 1.12M)

>>137624533>Your first wasn't Oliver . . .


>>137624533Thought it was a funny idea so i decided to quickly doodle it before fucking passing out

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Requesting Alfred calling Super Mario Bros plumbing to repair the Wayne Manor bathroom.

Attached: AlfredPlumbing.png (1206x879, 867.94K)

>>137629081I hate how much this made me laugh. It's a combination of Thomas, the clipboard, and the painfully serious expression on that fucking twink's face with all that nonsense going on. With great reluctance I must say: Well done.


>>137629081or herelmao i didn't think this would actually get anythingbut you've made me kek with thisgood work

>>137628601not OR but great job! Do you plan on doing the other panels?

Requesting Sallie May doing the Astolfo Monster can pose with a Bud Light can

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>>137621205This is great composition but the lack of faces is really jarring

Requesting femboy Double Trouble in the same pose and outfit as the woman on the right

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Requesting Ben Franklin from Liberties Kids out on a stormy afternoon/night flying a kite with Frankenstein.(This version from Groovy Ghoulies or a more "literature based" version whatever you like. )

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Requesting Connor sitting on a throne like Conan, with Steth and Natalie as throne candy.

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Mine will never get done lmao... It's been a year...

Requesting Vilgax shattering White Diamond

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decided to try my own hand at a current-day nick-tan, using >>137439537 as inspirationand i got so into it i might ink-and-color it and also share ti to the internet

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>>137637453whoops i meant >>137460990


Requesting a muddy wet Jane (wearing or carrying her pyth helmet) emerging from a muddy pit. (Possibly in her frilly underthings) At the side of the pool is a sign with "Quicksand" crossed out and "Mud" scrawled on it.

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>>137602836The crying Kickass is funny

Requesting Mikey dressed up as Kato for a costume party.

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Attached: YlvaPuppy.png (544x682, 327.23K)

>>137643058I wish to give the pupper some headpats.And not-headpats.Cute stuff!

>>137537068Done >>137639563

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Requesting a post-apocalyptic survivor version of Mayday Parker carrying her baby brother Benjy in a backpack. Like a version of her you'd see in Old Man Logan or Age Of Apocalypse.

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>>137561963Reminds me of Jessica Rabbit.

>>137539056Bumping for this one, sounds like a great idea user.

>>137544232Miles mom is mainly black though, even if of Hispanic origins.

>>137645689Don't bump your own request. We're not idiots.

>>137645755Counterargument: we're posting on 4chan.

>>137645771Counter Counterargument: READ THE FUCKING RULES IN THE OP!

>>137645879Yeah, I know, and I didn't second it. Just saying there's ample evidence against the "we're not idiots" argument.


>>137637453She look like a character from KND

>>137646313there is no seconding

Requesting a drawing of this guy cosplaying any character you want

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Requesting Kate Bishop in Harlem.

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>>137645755I'm the machine man/doctor who requester, someone just can't appreciate another person's request without you sperging out?

>>137648546Different user but try to remember this is an anonymous imageboard, meaning every time you second a request it looks to everyone else like the OR is bumping his own request.

Any requests involving Masha anybody has in mind?

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>>137648620Time to namefag


Requesting the Raven/Miko fusion as a Twitch thot doing a Let's Play

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>>137649574Masha as an adult in this outfit

Attached: 1683481742173566.png (1280x1407, 167.13K)

>>137649796From the owl house


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>>137641935Underrated delivery. This is precisely the sort of pinup I wish I saw around here more often.>>137643058This has some silly sexy charm to it, good job user.>>137647679>Here's a random image I found, make it Holla Forums somehow

>>137646851i used pepper ann and lotte from LWA as inspiration ironically the former was gonna be a nick production until linda left for CN

>>137478605Delivery with an ice pun.

Attached: frost 1.png (1700x2102, 2.25M)


>>137652938Nice ass.

>>137641935Sweet crisp linework

>>137651777Not the OR, but Great work on this.

Requesting Miko facing off against Bob in an old school FPS parody

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Requesting this comic but with Gwen Stacy.

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>>137655741rent free

>>137655750This is a legitimate fetish on my part. If it makes you feel better you can imagine her boyfriend in this scenario is Pete. I'm honestly fine with either, or both, with Gwen.

>>137656015>Gwen fag>Legitimate >Meme tard

>>137637453i dood it (ngl i wonder if I can get goldennjoy to draw this?)

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>>137536726Spinnel making stewBeef stew with bacon made with beer, stock and tomato pastePreferably seasoned with fresh thyme and pepper and extra garlicWith some carrot, carrot tastes heavenly in stew, some celery and some onion but you can't see the onion since the stew has been simmering for a while and the onion has become part of the sauceKeep in mind spinnel is also Baking some fresh rolls and the stew will be enjoyed with potatoes as any stew shouldPerhaps spinnel feels bold and will add some yogurt and chives on top to serve or maybe she will go with some sharp cheese to contrast the bitter stewThe beef should be cut in big chunks as it is simmered for hours, until fork tender made from stew beef which is harder and includes a special white fiber which melts and thickens the stew naturally

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Requesting Leah Stein Torres working out in skimpy clothes

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>>137542990>>137549402>>137557429>>137559101>>137561215>>137561632>>137561963>>137562434>>137563181>>137569483>>137571138>>137571088>>137572089>>137584581>>137596250>>137600001>>137600754>>137600849>>137601748>>137602085>>137602836>>137606366>>137610654>>137611450>>137615660>>137621205>>137628601>>137629081>>137637453>>137641935>>137643058>>137643510>>137651777>>137652938>>137656872A lot of deliveries here, wow.


I am surprised this thread managed to survive this long. It is very slow. I thought it would get archived because of the Spiderverse threads.

>>137602836Oh hey someone colored my art, neat!

so why the fuck did my deliveries get deleted?

>>137658294Spiderverse posting causes cancer

>>137658761It's the worst part of movie fags and cartoon fags combined.

>>137658294Some of the request here are spiderverse related.

Requesting Ricki from Da Boom Crew working at Tomboy Outback.i.imgur.com/qDoefdn.png

No need to bump this thread anymore


>>137658260Not all of those are deliveries. Some are just random shitposts.

>>137660015>requested pieces are not deliveriesYou a special kind of retard

>>137661310Some are just random shitposts. Unrequested. One's not even new art, it's just a guy reposting art to show it off.

>>137658260take >>137637453 out of the equation, thwt’s a WIP

Stop bumping the thread and let it die, dipshits

>>137663979Some people just don't understand. So either we stop here or 12 more assholes end it.