Latin American animation and comics thread

Due to the shitshow that was the last thread, lolifag is not welcome.

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First for Palomita

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Why does Argentina have such a good comics scene?

>>137532170Let me guess, Capitana Galaxia?

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>>137532531then what?

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>>137532650lolifag went mad because other anons didn't like his shitty meme translations and he started to spam facebook and youtube shit while also posting the same animated thumbnails from the same videos he always posts

>>137532170I like Paco y Rodri's stuff.

>>137532870Hard to say it wasn't you when you post the same images of the same videos you always post. Hell motherfucker didn't even change the messages he usually posts along the images and videos.

>>137532170neat just in time now that the missing lat dub of the KND pilot was

>>137533064Why did the adults speak with an spanish accent?

>>137533064Nice found. Number One been voiced by Rigby sounds funnier.


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Latinx have nothing good to offer the west

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Why the fuck isn't this thread in Español??

>>137534797Shoo Holla Forumstard

>>137534858Tranny mods would remove it

>>137534926I know you are trolling but KOF is part of our culture. Most pro players from this region started with KOF.

>>137534984Anon here. Nope, not trolling, kof united all latin america.


>>137534984El kin of flaytes.

>>137535078Rugal and Orochi are for pussies

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>>137532501Kino, Quino!

>>137534797We already won the entire US and your children will breed until we are all mixed into MexichadsYou can see the industry is getting more into hispanic creators and existing hispanic characters like blue beetle are being put front and center

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someone saw the spider-man movie dubbed? cuz i might be subjected to it soonish, and i wanna know if i should push back, cuz the whole instagram, tik tok stars sound insufferable.

>>137535949And that's a bad thing!

>>137532213Who is the equivalent of Palomita in your country anons?

>>137532213Based Palomita poster.

I want aguacate

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>>137536123Want to watch it subbed but almost all animated movies come subbed to my country.



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>>137535078Indeed, During the times of the Menem III Sultanate you could see fine imports of monumental statues of SNK gals. Made by most skilled Brazilian sculptors from the Finest Amazonian Wood, these adorned places such as the houses of government officials. After the sinking of Argentina these pieces were thought lost until recovered in an underwater expedition (for further information on Argentiniology see:

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>>137534834Next season fucking when?

>>137532650Catalina is cute, I hope channel 5 give her something to do next november

>>137534926Kof hentai was the first fap material for a lot of latinos

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>>137539763we already got it and it was a disaster

>>137540926How bad it was?

>>137536020>monas chinas encueradasall of the pics are of Lara isn't it?

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>>137543892[Bump in spanish]

>>137532501What did Quino really mean by this?

>>137542637Yes, I know that because I commissioned all of those pics

>>137543902¿Empujar, pechar?

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What us the most latam thing a latam girl can do?

>>137535210Jaja que chistoso el Jonsito

>>137536214Peruanon hereNone that I remember

>>137541658Ugly style and a retread of the first season for some god forsaken reason.

>>137540926I want a new season of the original. Fuck, I would even be cool with a new season of Masters of Myth!


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>>137544709Forgive a fucktard who cheats on her

>>137546101Quick rundown on this qt?I only know her from the Cafe Tacvba song

>>137546499Character from a comic book series of the "Lagrimas, Risas y Amor" comicsShe is a Jungle queen of an island of the same name who occupied her days dancing and romancing travelersGood

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>>137546850No fanart of her, a shame

>>137545741Wait, I have a questionIs Lara japanese?Or half brazilian, half japanese?Or full brazilian?

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>>137542637>[ Bajenle la falda] Pull her skirt down.

>>137547000Trips of truth


Based drawanon if you are in this thread, can I friendly request Palomita doing the second pose in this dress?

I do have a request but it's not a lewd one or related to any waifu

>>137548336If is something related to latin american animation or comics I don't see a problem

>>137548479I want to request the villain from GotG Vol 3 stalking Condorito since he is a humanoid condor.

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>>137549017Would HE consider Condorito a success or a failure?

>>137549101He would incinerate the planet to start all over again

>>137547172She's Brazilian Japanese.

>>137550053Thanks little pogchamp

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>>137547172well those are her parents, judge for yourself if Lara is a happa or not.

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>>137550477Mm, I think there is a big chance of full japanesePor suerte sabemos que va a desarrollar un buen culo como toda buena brasileña

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If dubs larafag dies today

>>137550643Wich one?There is at least 3 of us

>>137550570amen to that brother

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>>137550673If trips then you

>>137550907Cool, Im safe

>>137532170What defines "Latin American animation" besides speaking Spanish? Doesn't really seem like a valid category.

>>137551029Anything from Mexico and belowYes, Brasil counts


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>>137551090but Canada

>>137551400What about Canada?

>>137551436We are latam too

>>137551660Well, people only count countries that predominantly speak roman language (and in a region that covers México to Tierra de fuego), so, you are not latam, sorryPero si te hace sentir mejor, yo si te cuento como mi hermano latino, si recuerdo bien Legend Quest fue hecha entre México y Canada

>>137551660No you are notFuck you

>>137552921possible time for our weekly palomita bootleg strip, any ideas?

>>137552954How about Palomita trying some lingerie (outside the changing room of the store!)

>>137552954>>137548267Seconding this one, I want to see her wearing a dress to small to cover her ass.

Amongst the best I have seen from latam.

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>>137553655If only Jago could write

>>137545583The artstyle was weird, but the season wasn't that badI still don't know why the soft reboot tho

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>>137532470What comic do you recomend?

>>137555527El Eternauta.

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>>137556348Plasma pussy.

>Finally get some latino representation on a Marvel movie>It's the fucking villain

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>>137558223I rooted for himFuck Miles Fuck GwenFuck Hobie

>>137558223>Muh representationCall me when Chapulín Colorado enters the fray.

>>137558895Can Chapulin solo the Spider death cult?

>>137558721Who is this? And where is her country from?

>>137558975YesNo contaban con mi astucia!

>>137559064Calcetinera from Chile.


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>>137558223But user, Miles is also latino

>>137560257I prefer half latino half irish over half latino half black

Can anyone help me find the source of this image? I know it's from a south american comic due to the clothes the woman is wearing. Some retard edited the dialogue which makes it even harder to search for.

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>>137560733Being a commie should be considered a mental illness

>>137560376>latino/ginger vs latino/nOH NO

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>>137560733Sorry, no idea

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Canal 5 didn't use her last November, I don't understand, why?

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>>137560376I prefer his latina mom


Attached: Fresh_girl.jpg (832x1181, 409.39K), we are back


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Dan Mora, the guy who drew Klaus is from Costa Rica.

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>>137565326Read it and it's fucking great.


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>>137565326NiceDid he work in his own country?Examples?

>>137560733I think it's from Monica, some hue user may know

Why the ENA threads die so fast?That videogame needs to be released now

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>>137567748I hope it becomes lost media

>>137558223Only white people and chicANOs care about “mih representation”Latinos look at the aryan Sayayin and say “wow, he is literally me”

>>137567781I don't Ilike the character design, a lot

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>>137568305How many of you have been in an Orgy co/?, Is a nar-co/ only thing or the closest is swingers.

>>137534823Wow, sauce?

>>137568305>>137568825Non user

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>>137532170There was a comic version of the exorcist made in argentina

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>>137560733>>137567064Yep, looks a lot like the teen "manga" vsrsion, no idea which volume though

Quino is Kino

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>>137570199I would like some of that cabrito

>>137532170Chilean user here, questions to my fellow Mexican, Argentinian, etc... anons.Do you have an equivalent to Chile's "El siniestro Dr. Mortis"?The character was originally created for a radiodrama, and due to its popularity it was turned into a comicbook that was publised while the radiodrama was still being broadcasted.

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>>137568825Never and I go with hookers.

>>137571524Kaliman did the exact same thing (jumping from radio to comicbook)

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>>137572755I miss him, he was halfway into becoming Kenshiro.

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>>137567748>>137568150I wonder how much percentage we Peruvians occupy in Ena's threads but anyway there isn't much to talk about since Joel has completely dedicated himself to the gamespeaking of the chocherita, yesterday was his birthday by the way

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>>137574248Well, Im mexican

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>>137571524Mexico had a lot of horror comics that were pretty gory back in the day.

>>137574550well alright, We Latinos occupy in Ena's threadsOye cuate, anyone who appreciates this beauties of reinterpretations from one of many folklore that arbitrarily belong to the section of land and sea currently known as the republic of Peru, is mi causa

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>>137535161Where’s is this from? I kinda remember it but can’t really tell

>>137574811I am glad woke shit hasn't took over on the rest of latam besides Mexico and Argentina.

Waiting for one of drawanon delivieries


>>137532170Any user will cover this?

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>>137575819It's in France?

Should I draw a manga, my parceritos?

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>>137560733To this day, I don't understand why are communists so prevalent on Latam. Do these guys think they can brute force their way into a utopia?

>>137575979crunching the numbers. probably not. but don't let your dreams be memes, you could always end up being the one exception.

>>137575979Is that a dude?

>>137577299How come you don't recognize the loli from Sailor Moon?

>>137577062They rule for their elite bosses capitalists in rich countries.

>>137577356They rule for the jews?

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>>137577804Cute one

>>137575016Here in México is not sticking

>>137577062No, of couse they don't believe that bullshit, they use it to fool poor people

>>137578217Calcetinera is a cute jailbait

>>137580944Damn, wish we had more of her

Teodora la exhibidora>>137554515They should release some official comic to cash some money, it would be a win for everybody

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>>137579916It is on capital cities. Same with Chile and Argentina.

>>137577316I think thats the main character from Madoka Magica.

>>137582936Madowhat? You sure she isn't the pink haired kid from Sailor Moon?

>>137577316>>137582936>>137583009You are all wrong, she is from Fairy Tail.

>>137582909Chilangolandia doesn't count, nobody takes them seriously

>>137583034Is not that girl from high guardian spice?


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>>137582499An official comic would be nice. At least have it in the first season's style.

What's the appeal of ENA?

>>137585037Mmm, I would say the visuals? Dunno, ENA gives me a surreal feeling, something like Im watching a dream

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>>137585916Mai is such a bitch storywise. She is so annoying Terry faked his death for a year just to not team up with her again.

>>137585916>Robert Garcia>Team México>But I'm ItalianAlways bugged me

Fuck, marry, kill

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>>137586217>five killsWhat about the other 2?

>>137586244>other twoAre you a faggot?

>>137586270So you killed all the girls and left the 2 guys to marry or fuck?And Im the faggot?

>>137586308>only consider the women because I am not a faggot>lol u a faggot


>>137585916>>137586083At least post da main one

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>>137555678Ok, give it a look at the sinopsis and it sounds interestingIts true that it has a second part that sucks?

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>>137586561Yes. Read the first series and avoid any other sequel or adaptation.

>>137586603Thanks for the adviceIf its just the first series I think I'll try to buy it then

>>137586407What Latam-co/ thinks of that Silvie character, seems like a forced design for appealing to illuminati elites.

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>>137586899Not really a fan of Sylvie. She is too overdesigned and her whole personality is being random and mentally ill. Compare her to Angel, Kula, K' and you can see why she is considered a failure despite having great powers.

>>137586603Any other scify comic you recommend?I like that genre

>>137571524There's el libro siniestro in Mexico.

We should do something with our first OC

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>>137587604I like her friends more.

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>>137575016You clearly haven't been to Brazil

>>137587604Yeah, I like herMake her participate in a dating game show with Palomita and Calcetinera as the other contestantsAll their given answers to the questions should be bad or plain wrong


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>>137558223I was dissapointing by him not being like his comic counterpart, I love seeing people surprised at him being the least mexican chicano to ever chican

>>137588595This brings memories on how good pussy and ass smell together, she needs to be on all fours for that fermented whiff, I call it heaven smell.

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Post songs from animated movies dub to Spanish..... okay i just want an excuse to post the soundtrack of Rageddy Ann & Andy movie because it fucking

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>>137588675You guys have always been fags, nothing new

>>137588675I don't want totoo many niggas

>>137536214None. Most strips from my country were about politics or daily lifeand with anthropomorphic animals. There may have been some female recurrent characters on erotic newpapers like chesu but chesu was basically underground and for adults.

Spent the entire day making this, chuddies.

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>>137592144What ENA character is that?

>>137592144good job


>>137592144U can tell what is behind the skirt without peeking.


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>>137592690It's a web series and a comic I

>>137588725>>137587604Does she have a name?

I should start to put together the name of all the series that have been mentioned in these threads so far.

>>137555527Mort cinder

>>137532170Flag threads are fag threads. These are NEVER good.

>>137593771We have been having these threads for a while now. These are the best threads since people share a lot of sexy fanart and recommend obscure series from their country. We also hate trannys.

>>137593813We don't hate trannys, we hate libs.

Latam-co/ bros, how would you like some short comics series about a necromancer Latin guy that uses the raised death against invading enslaving armies from rich countries. The protagonist would resort to this cult arts as only hope due to the overwhelming military and technology difference while growing ever more powerful with each casualty, kinda like the Night King of GOT.

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>>137593770Will take a look, thanks

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>>137593966Pretty fucking good premise anonWill you explore the aspect of how he grows his power? Will you go all political criticism? Or take an action focus?You can twist it and give it a slice of life narrative (stupid idea, I know, but I like that kind of comics)

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>>137593526We named her Lucía

>>137592890Thank you!

Obscure milfs

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>>137593770Also interesting premise, inmortal characters are always cool, thanks

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Haven't seen anyone talk about this animation yet.

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>>137598267I heard that Alberto Breccia was the Argentine Mobius

>>137599020I think that outside of hues, almost noone in these threads watch preschoolar cartoons.

>>137599020Well, outside the animation I don't think there is much to talk about

>>137532170D I O who has worked on IDW's Judge Dredd is Porto Shitcan

>>137535806Fantagraphics should publish him.

>>137600126Every Mafalda strip was collected on a book called ''Toda Mafalda'' many years ago. It includes a biography of Quino and some other tributes by other argentinian artists.

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>>137600167Nice, but what about the rest of his work? His silent stories are more accessible to audiences from USA and other countries.

>>137600191Are the Hernandez brothers laitnos?

>>137600269Chicanos, so sort of.

>>137600358>chicanosFuck them

>>137600206I don't think his silent strips have been properly collected yet.

>>137600358There's Japanese chicanos.

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>>137600422I think there was one in Jaime's stories too?

Some recent tweet in the "animation is cinema" babbling brought up a number of international movies. I was surprised to find a Colombo-Ecuadorian production, Virus Tropical (2016). Looked at the trailer and eh, I'd say animation is acceptable, may be too tweeney, it seems to smartly mask lack of resources with stylization. But it's the author's self biopic, another "why can't I be happy after fucking whatever I want" movie, so boring and uninteresting premise. And voice acting is mostly dogshit, with not only acting but also sound quality issues: to the YT algorithm I went on a small Colombian animation rabbit hole (basically impossible to be a deep rabbit hole):Desterrada (2014). Semi futuristic movie about the disrupted life of a posh woman when her friends are recruited for yet another war involving Colombia. Cell shaded 3D with rotoscopy for the characters. I can't find anything regarding distribution, would even dare to call it lost media (although I should contact the studio first): (2015). Drama miniseries about a journalist denouncing government crimes, also Cell shaded 3D. Here's the trailer: since it was funded by public TV, the whole thing is available online for free:, Calvo y Bajito (2012). A fat, bald, short bureaucrat has a miserable life and sees his notions defied when the meets a new boss with his same description but a successful life. Super basic rotoscopy, seems more like a way to make a regular movie while cutting on set production costs. Also not seemingly available anywhere:

>>137600461El Libro de Lila (2017). Lila is a character in a fantasy world from a book. Said world gets attacked by a dark force so she has to save it with the help of a reader from the (in the movie) real world. First impression I get, which may sound mean, is dollar store Cartoon Saloon. Here's the trailer: if you have a VPN with Colombian servers, the whole thing is free here: finally, Tundama (2020). Your typical revenge fantasy by Latinos still salty about the Spanish conquest, with shallow tropey characters, demonized Spaniards, and idealized and sanitized Natives. Typical DVD bin 3D animation quality. I remember some tried to pitch it against Encanto as the true animated movie about Colombia. Trailer here: is somehow in amazon prime (idk if in the streaming service itself, or available to buy in Amazon), and unsurprisingly, in Cuevana.

>>137600422I studied with a happa once, she was smart like one of those chincks caricatures. She also had a black boyfriend who she cheated with a white guy.

>>137600405Yeah, those are the most kino of Quino


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>>137600461>>137600497Thanks for the finds anonI think the most interesting to me is the one about the book character


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Attached: 1674739030167390.jpg (1755x2047, 197.18K)

>>137590288Do you know who's the artist for this? I love the tactics looking style

>>137599051He was god-tier, but that comparison doesn't make much sense.

>>137603378Unfortunately no, perhaps an image search.

>>137602333>Flexible and ThickIs criminal how underrated Danuza is as a milf

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Palomita ass

>>137604342The show isn't popular outside of Latin America, but a lot of artists are also Latin, so I don't get why they don't draw her more.

>>137605509Because Letrinoamerica, many artist want to earn dollarinos from their drawing so they need to draw the new fotm and hope someone woth money notice them

>>137605668Why don't you become an artist then and draw your own porn?


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Site is falling

>>137600191Almost reminds me of Maitena

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Any new movies/shows coming soon?



>>137608614[boner in spanish]

>>137608614>>137587604Make her go full Shermie. Have her suplexing all latinas waifus.

Waiting for a delivery

>>137608614Cute, nice work user

>>137532213What's the last one for?

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>>137609793maybe not a request but i'm doing something for someone's birthday>>137609903i've seen that bear before tren infinito bros? recuerdo que habia unos hispanos en hispachan

>>137586155I need more pics of the tall one in the right

>>137606027Working on it bebe

Working as a NSFW artist from a latin american country transforms you into god.You can even make more than a doctor.

This thread confirms my theory that a significant number of co fags are spics

>>137611204Who earn more than a doctor by just drawing pussy

>>137611204no shit Sherlock


I really feel I should just make some light novel, with some patreon scam, of just pokemon + zelda, but is a porn harem isekai where a guy enter a world where there are only females, and female furries and female villains.And he's basically like a brown version of ash (which is just making him as tanned as his last seasons) and just go and have wacky adventures, and just creampie and creampie like hundreds of female characters.Dunno why, but I honestly think this would make me like 500 usd per month on patreon.

Attached: 1679017802843800.png (354x253, 99.59K)

>>137611204That's pretty obvious user

>>137611197>You become fetish furry porn artistAt what cost user?Digo, si lo haría, pero chale

>>137611197Anon this isn't the 90's anymore, almost anyone earn more than a doctor now

>>137613141kys furro

>>137614684Only doctors who work for the state, those who work for the private earn some money.

>>137592144Hey I see your post in ñchan, good workThat's right btw, hispachan is dead but now there is ñchan boogalo electrico

How many of you come from hispachan?

You guys are pretty latin here?

>>137617502Most of us are from Mexico and South America. I think some chicanos come here too but they hide their powerlevel.

>>137617502Sōy muy spico, and I like cartoons

Any latam lost media recovered so far this year?

>>137617502Ita est, ave Cesar et Imperium Romanum!

>>137618850Not that I knowThere was this first animated mexican movie right? What was the name?

>>137619369Roy del espacio.

>>137619900That one! Thank you

Attached: 1686260430673.jpg (250x333, 21.85K)

>>137617502Not by choice

I love Calcetinera!

>>137617502No, I´m average rioplatense, why?

Attached: 2008 13-11.jpg (500x477, 328.46K)

>>137620394So you are poor?

Attached: welcome home 6.jpg (1913x2048, 362.7K)

>>137616662>hispachanWhat's that?Not hispanic, by the way?

>>137621246Not the user you asked but pretty much the hispanic version of 4chan. It was closed like a year ago and the only boards that survived were the porn ones.

>>137621949>only boards that survived were the porn ones.not anymore

>>137622637i think he means hispasexy

>>137620366i hate her >:(

>>137553655>>137553787are him and telepurte the only relevant colombian online artists?

>>137624106I don't believe you. That cute horny loser is unhateable.


>>137625541>live>no viveñ decepción

>>137546101>>137546850Kind of wish people would storytime ñ comics because of the lack of fanart like >>137547000 mentioned.

Can't get more latina than this.

Attached: 5ac5a3523564d67f24832a14b6b69be1.png (836x1536, 1.26M)

>>137626621more like south asian

>>137626621waifus to put on a conalep uniforms.

>>137626697There's a waifu simulator game but on a conalep setting.

>>137626621What's in the head of these faggots who sign their names on AI generated pictures? On the one hand, they surely can't consider themselves artists for writing a prompt into a program, and on the other hand, they must be aware of how ironic it is to proclaim ownership over something that's literally been generated out of other people's work.

>>137627239Everything will be soulless once done by AI.

>>137627598I've seen some scripts done by AI and honestly, it's an improvement over modern Hollywood writing.

>>137627618Rescue rangers movie got written by an AI with foul configurations.

>>137627799Source on that?

>>137626621The character isn't Latina though. Did you even watch the show, AI bro?

>>137626697Pretty sure I saw a Nagatoro wearing the Conalep uniform.

>>137626697lol, all the legend Quest girls, Catalina la Catrina, Frankelda, maybe a grown up version of Ronnie Anne, that smug girl from V&V, G-lo, Mawrasite and that phantom girl from that mexican super hero movieThat's all the characters I can remember for now

>>137626756They end up pregnant?

>>137555527El Cazador. It's an argentinian series heavily influenced by Slaine and the main character is a mix of Slaine and Lobo. To make story short, Cazador was an explorer who comes to Argentina in an expedition searching for treasures but after causing a series of riots in the forts, he is exiled along with a band of rebels accused of massacres and cannibalism, acquiring the name "El Cazador de Almas". After being exiled, he spent weeks massacring the local natives until he is captured by a tribe of shamans who condemn his souls and curse him with immortality. From that point onward, he fights on different conflicts and wars, always on the loser's side. He also fights against supernatural beings, aliens and demons. The series is heavily influenced by mithology in general and also some well known argentinian comic characters like Isidoro and Nippur also appeared on the series at some point. It's a very argentinian series and not always in the good sense, you get a lot of mentions of argentinian political and entertainment figures that might fly over your head unless you were born before the 80s (his best friend is Diego Armando Maradona for example). And Diego had his own spin off series too. It's a very trashy an irreverent series that's wouldn't go over with current political sensibilites but fuck those faggots.It also got a very trashy movie.

Attached: The real Chainsaw Man.jpg (1518x2048, 437.08K)

>>137628442Grande Chapulin

>>137628442Cool cover

>>137628442Thanks user>Diego had his own spin off series tookek

Peruvians will make half the income of the latest Transformers movie.



>>137632347Basically, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts was filmed in Peru and now the local tv channels are shilling the movie as a way to promote tourism.

>>137555527Some user in the previous thread mentioned Nippur de Lagash and for what he described it sounded like a good reading. Basically the main character is Nippur, who is exiled from Lagash (his hometown) so he wanders around the known world (during the bronze age) and acquires friends, enemies and enormous fame. He fucks lots of women and sires a pretty unlikeable asshole of a son who was supposed to be likeable, but quickly was hated by the readers.Oh and Nippur somehow ended up just stopping aging, as he was already over 40 by the beginning of the story (everyone kept calling him "old") but near the comic end he should have been easily over 60 and yet he just looked the same. In fact, it was baffling how his asshole son, Hiras, kept growing while Nippur, his hot amazon wife and his best friend, a blonde hunchback who could demolish you with his balls alone, just stopped aging.

>>137631856>>137632807The movie doesn't happen in the piramides of Mexico too? I remember that the Oreos cookies had symbols similar to the Mayans, or were they just gringos confusing culture? (although it could also be me because until now I have not been able to see an obvious difference too)

>>137633052>Or were they just gringos confusing culture?They did the same with Indiana Jones.

>>137632807Ohh! Thanks>tv channels are shilling the movie as a way to promote tourism.Good for them

>>137633604And with Dora la exploradora.

>>137628068hope this stays up until alte afternoon lmao.

>>137585037good aesthetics and music, I don't need a masterpiece on the depth meaning of (insert hot topic in your pubic philosophy inversity) to enjoy somethingAlthough I would say that most of my enjoyment come from Joel's aptitude, my chocherita has improved a lot since 100% Michael Jackson but he never stopped being humble, his patreon only costs 5$ maximum, his store has fair prices even for third world pockets at least the t-shirts and the guy never has never been in dramas which puts him above 90% of other creators, his twitter is basically dead except for sharing can you not love a guy that is the saying "no lo digas, hazlo"

Attached: FxOZLtvXsAMfI4u.jpg (4096x2926, 1.47M)

>>137635168>how can you not love a guy that is the saying "no lo digas, hazlo"welp, by board culture is that whole buckets and crabs mentality probably, people hate doers here more than anything.

>>137628998Are the rumors of the devil CHamuco and CHapulin true???, could it be??.

Attached: chamuco.jpg (787x1200, 161.88K)

>>137635281Chapulin means "Más grande que Jesus" in Otomí

>>137536351damn based brazilians know how to do some character design, that pink bitch does funny things to my pp


Attached: istockphoto-1358861083-612x612.jpg (612x408, 18.66K)


How come no references to Brazilian Mega Man comic here??

Attached: oil8ttaxshr71.png (1000x1541, 2.59M)

>>137635537We honestly would be happy if all movies were Dragon Ball and Hokuto no Ken action driven blockbusters but Hollywood jews are too gay for that.

>>137635271>welp, by board culture is that whole buckets and crabs mentality probably, people hate doers here more than anything.HAH, THAT'S JUST LATINOAMERICAN CULTURE FOR YAHI guess that explains why no one in latam knows about Ena apart from "le haha screaming hair guy" doing the voice of one character.

Attached: media_FxeTyCsXsAAbgvb.png (635x774, 376.44K)

>>137635465Fuck PalomitaHumankind needs Anita

Attached: HK Anita.jpg (500x717, 190.59K)

How much money would she make as a [cariñosa].

Attached: Chica_maga_oscura.jpg (926x1354, 326.31K)

>>137635737The same as your average culombiana

Yugi is more into Latam culture than Magic.

>>137635672>GenzoI kind of remenber that name, what did that artist has done?

>>137635672Who is this qt?

Attached: meme 4.jpg (485x1024, 100.39K)

>>137592144fuck off cris


>>137636626>We want the Evangelion audienceThey couldn't let Peni be happy, couldn't they?

>>137636756i mean she looked pretty happy in the end.

>>137635653That pic looks pretty cool

>>137635672>be Genzoman>making a qt girl>upgrading her as a generic sexy womanI HATE YOU GENZO SHELLOFYOURMOTHER

Attached: AU041.png (360x504, 401.96K)

>>137636988I really would like my country to make its culture more known so peruvian references colud be more than just pigeons, an Inca bastardization more similar to mexicans culture and saying "pe" or "causa"

Attached: Chavin Dragon.jpg (1909x900, 190.29K)

Didn't know Jago had drawn her.So far so good, a decent take.

Attached: gadget_by_jagodibuja_d63zjpd-fullview.jpg (1024x1534, 194.95K)

>>137637469Tail is missing though.

Attached: white_dress_by_itsjustflesh_detwygn-350t.jpg (442x350, 18.76K)

Looking for a newspaper strip with anthropomorphic animal characters, I found it on smackjeeves years ago but I think it was originally somewhere else. One comic was about the parks being closed at night and another had one of the characters riding a horse.

>>137626697>>137628068could be a fun thing.

Attached: file.png (279x565, 63.49K)

>>137638218Hot! Thank you drawfriend>Holla ForumsnalepFuck, why didn't I think of that!?

>>137638218>Holla Forumsnalepoh (you)

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>>137555527Now this gonna be interesting...>bump this post

i cant imagine a latino voice for Wally

Attached: welcome home 5.jpg (1280x881, 127.89K)

Attached: welcome home 9.jpg (1819x2048, 206.95K)

>>137553062a quickie for the afternoon

Attached: file.png (633x465, 147.49K)

>>137639382Haha, nice, thanks sirThe comment of the dog is always goldAlso those boobs from the back, unf



>>137638996I think of a young Juan Gabriel

>>137638218Anon you can't have her wearing a schoolgirl uniform and not showing her ass. It's a crime!Nice job too

>>137639382Thanks for the delivery user


>>137532170>LatAM thread>Has Colombian flag but leaves out Ecuadorian flagShit thread.

>>137642854We should change Colombia for Ecuador.

Give me all Colombian beautiful hotties. [Culote-cinturita-Tetotas]. Specially peladitas.

>>137644256Need to travel there, I worry not having enough kum to feed every voluptuously nar_co/ hoe I stumble uppon. Colombian women are absolutely gorgeous.

I love latinoamerican women so much

>>137645360ENA SHIPIBOENA SHIPIBObe honest amigos I overdid it, didn't I?

Attached: IMG.jpg (1159x1080, 275.97K)

They have cartoons?


>>137644210Name one colombian cartoon waifu

>>137645741It's fine

>>137637759Anyone have any idea

>>137649622Mrs Trance

>>137650574I hate that cartoon


Congrats for the successful thread latam.

How much of a shit show do you think are going to be the primos threads when the show come out?

Attached: what the fuck is this shit 2.jpg (1226x700, 119.2K)

>>137652220A lot, this is how Gringos and Chicanos think actual Mexicans act like, but I will give them props for at least giving them different skin tones.

>>137652544Did they have to make all of them ugly?

>>137652561They don't want another Loud House situation

>>137551660Sorry, Even the Quebec Government is stable compared to somewhere like coup prone Peru

>when they show you a baby and you said "it looks pretty" but in your mind you dont think that, is because you are not being sincere but if you said "it looks fucking ugly" it sounds bad. what did he mean by this?

Attached: super wario man.jpg (480x480, 37.42K)

>>137652852Being coup prone isn't that bad. We got rid of the equivalent from an old lib and from the equivalent of Maduro.

>>137652898They are going to have one of the Characters ironically use Latinx, right?

>>137653163If you want malware adelante

Attached: 1662589657481.jpg (2051x822, 147.39K)

>>137652852>coup prone PeruActually it is the opposite, what happened here with both Castillo and Merino is that the military did not intervene at all, it is the same reason why Congress is doing what it wants now

>>137653564but Vizcarra

>>137653403What malware?

Attached: 1659408447447.jpg (1861x826, 128.52K)

>>137653792El que te rompe el compu, parce.

>>137653918My compu parece demasiado duro, anón.

Attached: 1665335168259.jpg (750x1032, 69.24K)

>>137558223We /badguys/ now.I ain't even mad, seeing a bloodthirsty tribal antagonist representing us is only amusing to me.

>>137654177Forgot picrel.

Attached: btfos your wakandan queen.jpg (1734x804, 180.22K)


Attached: 1685909336434.jpg (960x1200, 350.94K)

Attached: SS.jpg (1505x1359, 266.98K)

Good thread despite everything


Attached: 1655074598915.jpg (692x1024, 64.05K)

We are all gonna make it :)

Attached: 1686439903140.jpg (1080x1477, 661.68K)

>>137652220La creatura

>>137655630Electro Andes sounds dope

>>137652774 I doubt that makes any difference and they can skip, whatever the meaning of the statement.

>>137655630> that's really fucking coolKinda reminds me of a cyberpunk comic series in

Attached: FEjOok4XEAcQMyL.jpg (1234x712, 411.69K)

>>137532170/co/ will cover this >>137575819 in this thread?

>>137574248>ENA: Una visión de fantasía del PerúLoco, no por favor ¡Joel, por la putamadre! No lo hagas.


>>137575819That's the artstyle from El Tigre Manny River. I feel like rewatching the series now. Glad I downloaded the whole set.

>>137658248too late causa.Dream BBQ is actually about Red/White Ena reviving the Gonzalo's thinking after dropping out of school .In the sequel, called Nightmare Pollada, Blue/Yellow Ena returns as a police academy graduate to face her old friend.

Attached: 1675127682690.jpg (200x300, 31.26K)

>>137658662tamare Cusqueña, tu chela ta rica pero me hace hablar huevadas kek

Attached: 1674309868431.jpg (300x200, 31.21K)

>>137652220My only hope is that they don't say Latinx/Latine.

Vampiros en la Habana!

Attached: vampiros-en-la-habana.jpg (1440x750, 172.02K)

>>137572755In the 80s the people who published Kaliman also published Aguila Solitaria

Attached: aguila_solitaria.jpg (591x900, 525.38K)

>>137636752>conikiblasu-fanI remember when he made Deviant-art TUFF Puppy/Gumball art and he can now make some of the most on-model art ever.

Memin Pinguin. I have the feeling this comic from Mexico wouldn't fly today

Attached: memin-pinguin.jpg (695x1024, 371.97K)

>>137659291Mulata sabrosa

>>137658662>>137658678kys peruANOS

>>137659291I might have seen this way bay back. Is it about a guy and his magic trumpet?

>>137654337>Lara has no idea what that means

>>137661092It's literally about vampires in Cuba user

>>137661007why don't you tell your vieja to make me, piece of pastrulo

Attached: 1678257975461.png (950x1216, 363.43K)

>>137662254Why don't you grow up, piece of shit comepaloma?

>>137662254>>137662502Now kiss you sudaca fags

Hola muy buenas noches

Attached: IMG-20220818-WA0016.jpg (228x221, 9.05K)

>>137662523alright, but only if you join in too, guapo

>>137661569>Lara trying to attract Jorels Brother with provocative words that she hears once and that she does not having any idea what that meansHer innocence is kinda cute not going to lie

Attached: asking for a free draw.png (571x578, 286.63K)