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Archive of previous bread

This is why the Japanese games industry is superior.

archive of previous bread

Did a certain Star Trek hasbeen really go full edgelord on twitter?

Well that was quick, beaten by approximately 2 seconds.

No u

Nevar forget the Androsynth

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They've put up downloads to paywalled fakku doujins.

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It's okay to be Cardassian.

What a bunch of soy boys
I don't even like the term that much but it is fun to say out loud



Reported to the cops.

What about being a mongrel? Only 25% of me is white.


Shameful, also lol at these faggots TOTALLY NOT BUTTHURT about being called soy boys

Wil Wheatcuck did say that if God was real the people in the Texas shooting wouldn't have died :^)
Just don't be a dick though!

Then you get to demand reparations from the white devil. Unless the other 75% of you is asian

user, you are still 100% ok

Apparently Ebola is a back again. Yay.

What's the other 75%?

how many ded bords do we have by now?
i used to browse
>>>/campfire/ (lasted like a couple of months)
>>>/television/ (died after the aprils fools hack)
>>>/toy/ is still there, with like 1 post a month


I would have loved to see the lefty reaction if his post had looked like this instead.

Thank goodness.

I'm a leaf, only natives get reparations here.

25% japanese and 50% black

no it isn't

I forgot my picture because I'm retarded


user you are ok but you are a genetic mess.


Its okay to like traps

Holidays are pretty weird because of it.

A little bit yeah. There's definitely a feeling of not really belonging to any part of my family.

I don't know that reference. I went to school with a guy who was as pale as the driven snow and had a german last name but got native benefits because technically his grandmother was a native.

>25% white, 25% japanese, and 50% black
What are your parents and how did they meet up?

So any news with that video editor user who is looking for some voices for his 3rd year GG anniversary video project?

My dad's black and my mom's hapa. My dad used to be friends with one of my uncles on my mom's side. I guess they were roommates for a while.

They realize that it has less to do with esteogens being rediculosly high and more to the fact testosterone is rediculosly low., right? And that its mainly hops beer that has xenoesteogens, but they are miniscule in the likes of malt or old alcohols, yes?

It's like pottery


Between the blm dicksuck and the concentration camps for asians, you could easily qualify if you make a huge show about it, but then you would not be ok here.

Telltale Games lays off 25 percent of workforce (90 employees)




I mean, both the original tweet and your modified version are true.

I don't really need them anyway.

I wish Telltale would stop with the gay walking dead stuff and make more sam & max.

I think the main difference is that the prayer think is just an expression of sympathy but the gun control people think that fixes things.

What's a good phone browser? Firefox keeps crashing and breaking constantly.

I actually sorta like that as an insult for SJWs. I rarely see it and didn't think much past it being an insult for liberal/vegetarians, not really for effem men.

That requires creativity user.

Or at the least a decent comedy writer.

Is that the new name for "community manager" cancer, or renaming of "dude who works on the netcode" though that sounds unlikely at this point, or is it a whole new name for a new cancer they came up with.

It's a reference to the text of Treaty 4 I think which is the one that guarantees that natives get all the gibs for "as long as the sun shines and the grass grows"

Pretending to care about the stuff in the OP is a form of virtue signaling

There's not going to be anything left for them the way things are going.

You can't virtue signal if you're anonymous

Let me give you a better version of that picture

Your dad not in the picture?


No, they're still together. That's just how he met my mom.

Hello gaytorgays, just breaking my GG leave of absence to wish you a happy centennial of Red October.

First I heard of this, but unsurprised in the least.

Same. There was a bit of a thing recently where his finance minister got caught hiding assets. The press kept trying to ask the finance minister about it and Trudeau was responding by saying stuff like "You've got the prime minister here and you want to ask about that?" and then he would just give non-answers when they asked him something.

You think they'll accept that? Canada's government will do anything to capitulate. Despite being given advantages most only would dream of that's still not enough and you get shit like like reserves suing the government for tens of millions of dollars because they found an old document that said their territory was initially larger than it is today.
It doesn't matter that the band sold the land or traded it away, the original agreement was for x amount of land and they have y amount now so they are entitled to the monetary difference.

the car dealership in my town of 1500 people loves when it happens because the natives all come in and buy a new car with their settlement money and they match the sales numbers of the city

I will give the cons this: they are not as stupid in their corruption as the liberals.

Why can't liberals see they're only being exploited by people who view them as weak and vulnerable? They take such pride in being used, it's bizarre.

They might not have a choice if we keep getting sued by every arab who sneaks into the country illegally and then ends up in gitmo for plotting to blow people up. All I really know about the natives is you can get smokes there for half what it costs in a normal store and some of the girls are good with their mouths.

It's pretty tough to be as dumb as these people.

I need more of the qt on the left.

ROB is not Holla Forums. That was a baiting shitposter. Stop the misinfo.

How naive.

But she's not peeing, and it that position, she would pee all over her socks. She's clearly streaking.

It's not easy peeing when outdoors.

I dont know what you expect from literal cucks

I think it's more of a real version of Spy VS Spy, so it's not really that bizarre.

Hey kid, wanna know more about that character? _zap_

Liberals are gamma kikes.

no first for benis, therefore sage

That only makes it better.

It's okay to like traps

Yeah, Traps aren't gay. I just want to suck their feminine penises and sit on their girly cocks as they shove their girl boners deep into my anus. Or maybe I will fuck them up the butt while their erect girl boner bounces. If I am really lucky I will experience the completely not-gay action of our balls touching.

If you kill yourself you win

I don't hate natives at all, 75% of the people in my elementary and high school were native so probably half of my friends are native. I just really hate the reserves, all of the chiefs and tribal councils are corrupt pieces of shit that drain the reserves' treasuries so they can take a first class flight to Las Vegas with all their cousins who they appointed to the tribal council to have a meeting on why they don't have any money. Who then call the government and white people racist for not giving them more money because the band is too broke to run the reserve's school or bus the kids out to a public school. Then all the uninformed faggots on reddit see this without knowing anything about what's going on and talk shit about how badly canada treats it's natives It fucking infuriates me.

this is true, the best blowjobs I have ever gotten were from native girls

The best one I ever got was in the bathroom of a convenience store/restaurant combo on the reserve. I went up to pick up some cigarettes and she came onto me while I was eating lunch.



No one cares soyboy.

Loudly caring about ethics is a form a virtue signalling :^)

Yes you can. You just get (You)s instead of likes/favorites/retweets/views/subscribers/etc.

No, you can't. YOUs are not necessarily encouragement, and when the thread dies all of the "support" you got vanishes due to anonymity.

A (you) still gives you a dopamine rush, the same one you get from a like, upvote, retweet, etc. It doesn't matter if it's fleeting.

Virtue signaling isn't about getting a dopamine rush

It is though

That's half of it.

It's about showing whatever community you are in that you "fit", building your status up and then becoming the standard-bearer yourself.

Almost everything someone does on the internet can be traced back to a dopamine rush. People gravitate towards sites that can give them dopamine rushes and ignore the ones that don't.

Defending ethics in videogame journalism literally causes me sexual excitement.


Time to jet.

No, they're ignorant soy boy cunts. They post on knowyourmeme for fuck sake.

It really bugs them because none of these soy boys lift. Deep down they know what snivelling little male feminist nice guys they are. They also hate to be reminded of their gyno. They have to attack any man who isn't a pathetic little puke like them to make themselves feel better, hence the whole "toxic masculinity" SJW thing.

Here's some free (You)s for anyone that needs it. It has been donated by the kind people from (You)NICEF campaign from this year's Halloween drive. Please be considerate to others and only take enough (You)s for your need. Remember what Mahatma Ghandi said.
Live simply so others may simply live before I become death unto itself let the nukes fly and the bodies hit the floor namaste bitches.

(You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You)

Lifting to trigger soy boys is best motivation.

I imagine the triggerings for this.

And women want men, not soyboys.

Saudi Money Fuels the Tech Industry. It’s Time to Ask Why.

Did anyone ever find out the details of that 359.5m yen transfer from the Gates Foundation to WestEd? archive.is/bjnJB

We know that Twitter is censoring the hell out of everybody.

These (You)s are impersonal and do have the same effect as a (You) replying to post. They are essentially mass produced garbage.


Are traps soyboys?



The tech industry just got cut off since its funders were arrested for treason.


But is it okay to be Mark?

Wait a second, is that the reason Soros transferred his money around, because he saw a coming crash in the U.S. tech industry?

The middle east is fucked and can't sustain it's population, so they're trying to prepare the west for colonization.

Since when are asians white?


Anime girls are h'white

Honorary soyboys

Don't make me post cunnyboys and pretend they are straight solely because they have a bagina are they soyboys?

Being a trap is gay

Since the day i want to put my dick on them

Facebook just out-trolled all of the chans with the greatest troll ever.

If asians are white then I'm white as well. Honorary white.

It depends where you come from.

Anything that isn't japanese isn't white.

And, of course, another great idea from the house of bad ideas.**

{{{They}}} can't stop the truth.

No, the tech collapse by saudi infighting and soros are unrelated, for once. Soros withdrawing his money is either the rothchild collapse or him ensuring his nazi funds go to his idiot spawn. The saudis bursting one of the bubbles was unexpected since its the king going "fuck this corruption shit."



Rub your hot sexy body in their faces (not literally).

Soy boys believe chugging imitation elephant jizz (soylent) and living like a soulless insect is what women want in a guy. Being constantly proven wrong is somehow just more evidence of the patriarchy or Nazis or some shit. What women actually want is more Vivian and Erin fanart.

Not if you have sex with girls


There is so much drama happening at the same time that it is amazing. Jesse is sperging out at his fans who called him out for the Trap thing. shit ton of SJW Dark Souls e-celebs are getting asshurt at people who made fun of Jeer Heet or other SJW faggots. Between GG and everything else, the best thing about all of this has been all the laughs.

not soy boys, they would be females with too much testosterone. And I'm not clever enough to come up with something that raises testosterone levels and rhymes with girl

If Saudis are funding a lot of the tech industry, and they're enabling social justice, things are going to change very quickly. A lot of these companies, like Twitter, can live because of Saudi money. They don't need to hire the best or based on meritocracy. They will get that Saudi money whether they hire the most talent-less SJW hacks they can find or they hire based purely on meritocracy.

Not only that, but if you have Saudis throwing money at you, stupid goals like "stopping harassment on the platform" make sense, because you can waste your time on something that won't generate income, yet you'll still have someone throwing money at you. But, with that money gone, those people crying to stop harassment will have to prove that it'll make more money for the company than other things. And that's not going to be easy to do, at all.

If you ran Holla Forums, and you had someone who was throwing money at you, you'd spend your time making cool shit for Holla Forums that didn't make money.

Now, if you had no funding, you'd run around trying to get some sort of ad system going or whatever. Basically, focusing on things that make money and not things that are just cool.

But my point is that things are going to change, because a lot of these tech companies are going to have to shift to a different way to generate revenue. They will probably look for major investors to fill the Saudi's shoes, but that's not going to be easy. Saudis seem to love throwing money into things that probably won't work out. They're very generous with investments compared to other parties.

It's going to be interesting to see what happens. But if these tech companies are forced to rely more on being profitable and less on angel investors, the first people to go will be the SJW clowns in HR and the "community manager" types.

meh, GooberGoys, some people told me "Gigantic" was a very sjw game.
Anyone hasinfo on that?

Pirate it and find out

Actually, that just got me thinking, how much of this "opposition" that we've had against Twitter/FaceBook/etc. is just us calling a "piece of shit" a "piece of shit"? While the digs and OPs are nice in getting info spread across, it seems like most of what gets results is just us shitposting.

This is one of the best versions of this meme I've ever seen.

There is a good chance chinks will be the next investors, but if not you are very correct.

I've played it, it was very simple but badly optimized for lower specs pcs like mine also I haven't seen the thing you're talking about

Has anyone here commissioned any artists for lewds before?

wearing girly clothes is still pretty gay

Nah, I wanted to once but prices are way to damn high. Like, you draw lewds all day for free, why can't you accept a simple commission for like 5 bucks or something like that?

marche and Mark have

Not if it gets you powsi, that's just being alpha

God speed, user.

I sorta did. It was fetish stuff and it wasn't NSFW but it was very close.
I kinda regret it a bit tbh because it could've came out better if I wasn't a retard, but I'm overall happy with it I guess, plus I supported and artist and friend I like

Probably not too related to gamergate, but Bendis jumped ship to DC.


it is.

I thought about that too, but why would they? They have larger alternatives in China. The only way I see that happening is if another investor tries to break into a market already dominated by something like QQ.

It'll be interesting to see. But looking at how Twitter has performed, from a business standpoint, I don't see many people excited about filling those Saudi shoes.

I am becoming more and more convinced that while there was some great overarching plan to enslave humanity with some form of Super Illuminati Soy, but whatever the plan was has completely gone off the rails, with the point of divergence from the Soy Time-Line occurred in 2014 (possibly earlier).

Im going to give you a moment.


To control the competiton and get around the anti foriegn lobbying laws.

is it wrong that i waifu vivian and gilda in my magical realm, and have them pilot bio armors

Some of the people working on it are narrow minded and racist against white people. I had to shrink a lot of the comments because I wanted to show people weren't really happy with that.
But it doesn't really matter since the devs got sacked and the game wasn't really very good anyway. Grossly imbalanced with nerfed maps and boring characters.

I was reading an article like that the other day, how developers sometimes release their games so cheaply and it creates this psychological effect is that all indie games are shitty because if they were as good as a real game they'd have a real price tag. And it makes sense when you look at the phone game/app race to the bottom where people refuse to pay money for games.

It's probably the same thing for commissions. Even though I think it's bullshit somebody would ask $200+ for two characters interacting, even before color and backgrounds and stuff, other people look at that and assume that price correlates to quality. And of course anyone good is probably already swamped with commissions and they can jack the price up super high because of it.

ISP's in Germany are already trying to bypass net neutrality laws. Vodafone in Germany now sells these Chat, Social Media, Video or Music packs. I remember many of you arguing for the removal of net neutrality. Don't support this jewish bullshit.

Yeah I get that. Back then when cs:go was released people were upset it only cost 13€, people thought it would have been better if it did cost 50€. People see a high price tag (see audio products) and assume it's better. There are companies who sell 100+€ USB cables and apparently people buy them too.

I see what point you are trying to make and I am not sure if I agree with it. I mean a artist can just show off their work on their website, which basically proves if they are good or not. With games and other products it's harder because those fuckers can just lie on their website.

I just hate how artists complain that they don't make enough money, but then refuse to do down with their prices. Like, if nobody pays you it's probably due to your work not being worth it.

I found Ame. What a camwhore.

Who's Jesse?

>long enough to see €A, Ubi$oft and Beth£sda be BTFO by a fucking cartoon cup shame that it's not doing so hot against Cawadooty
>long enough to see Trump become the fucking president and watch as the media completely loses its shit
>long enough to see Supergay user, Ethics the Kid, and so many other shitposts go who the fuck knows where, long enough to see a nodev become a yesdev yet not long enough to see Marche accept that Miranda is furry
>long enough to attain an ara fetish
>all of this just to find out this all was to stop a soy conspiracy
I don't know how to feel about this.


One of tb's remoras.

Because I have some leftover shekels and I've never paid for lewds before

Jesse Cox Sucher

We will see the lws levy rape accusations against their own within 3 years.

>When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it (John 8:44)
Truly, you're the star of this Reality.

I have few regrets in this timeline. One of them is Bethseda not moving on from video games to actual military weaponmaking industry.

It kind of does though. We're not talking about some modern art level bullshit obviously but it's closer to the joke of why did the car mechanic charge me x amount just to replace a part. You're paying that x amount for the mechanics knowledge and skill. Knowing what part to replace after that mechanic has told you is easy.

That's mostly Dobson tier faggots. At the same time artists has faced a lot of jewing and still do, so don't be surprised if even good ones tell lowballers to fuck off.


For what purpose?

Anyone have that drawing of
That's still my favorite Amane Manko pic.


Because its "transphobic"

Oh supergay was marche btw

Months ago, some smartass trolled him during a panel at a con by asking him The Question.
Jesse responded like a tolerant youtuber that he is by having that guy thrown out.
Streisand Effect did the rest.

I want KYM to burn already

If it's a choice between being jewed out of using the internet freely, and being screamed at by SJW's and businesses, I side with the latter.
Not to mention we're good at knocking down the latter a few pegs- how the fuck do you Disnod an ISP?

It's no lie GG softened people up the idea of SJW being crazy. We technically have put the gaming industry, politics, and the world back on track.
There's a screencap floating around somewhere of a fuck-huge post. In short saying how SJW were being cultivated to be the next generation everyone looks up to for guidance. And we made them lose their cool. Trump made them lose their minds. We're on par with that Russian guy who refused to launch a missile over a false-blip in the cold war. People will argue for ages about how much of an impact we actually had- which means we must have done something worth talking about.
We did what world governments, alphabet agencies, and (((they))) dreamed of.
We changed the course of the world.
In one year.
By pointing out facts, and shitposting about those "above" us.
We're saving the world with memes. Don't stop now.

They still have the best gg article for normalfags.

Since Z-Man became White. Whenever it fits the media narrative to push "Whites are evil"

Which one is which?

That's really crazy too, but I guess some people will pay top dollar if it's going to help them avoid electrical infetterence.
The people that constantly beg for money despite their high prices are just idiots. Like there's this guy who draws furry chavs and I don't know how common it is, because I don't commission stuff, but he'll charge you $60-300 for drawings of his own characters that he likes and is going to draw regardless. Then every 3 weeks he's begging for money to cover the rent and desperately tries to get people to buy the same exact sketch pack for the 20th time.

The most perfect.

What if soy itself is an intelligent life form like space fungus or something. It simply uses soy boys as hosts. Things like lifting and looking at breasts can severely reduce or even kill an infection.

Nah, is correct.

You don't, because they usually have a monopoly on a given market.

You'd think he'd come up with a witty reply, but he just pussies out. What the hell happened to him?

Everything they do on-camera is scripted. Their true character only emerge when they to face a situation not on the script.


CoD streamer eRa GONE says that NBC used his video without permission for their 'How Gamers Are Facilitating The Rise Of The Alt-Right' video - maybe it's fair use, but he says they DMed him for permission, which he didn't give


Ubisoft generated more revenue from microtransactions than digital game sales in their most recent fiscal quarter.


Ingress Players use third party software to stalk/harass other Ingress Players; Niantic doesn't do jack shit to curb the problem.

web.archive.org/web/20171107213754/https://Kotamu.com (please use archive.is)m/ingress-players-use-unofficial-tools-to-stalk-one-anoth-1820196357


"Interview with TechRaptor founder, Rutledge Daugette, on recent changes"



Note the neglect to mention physical sales, either they are much, much worse or people still prefer to own their products. And the blatant neglect to say how much of their annual profit was government grants.

We need a tldr summary.

>Today, the National Day for the Victims of Communism, marks 100 years since the (((Bolshevik Revolution))) took place in Russia. The (((Bolshevik))) Revolution gave rise to the Soviet Union and its dark decades of oppressive communism, a political philosophy incompatible with liberty, prosperity, and the dignity of human life.

Can you fix the ingress link?


Good morning.

A story told in 3 pictures

You forgot the pic of gilda being mutilated.


First story is fucked when MSM can claim to own footage after the fact.
Remember- never use MSM to spread viral videos. Hand it out to Holla Forums, LiveLeak, or "bigger" alternate news people who MSM are afraid to confront.

As long as you don't overdo it. There is only so much cake in this world.

Fuck off, you fat kike!



But is Mark ok to be it? That is the bigger question.

Really makes you 🤔

I don't mind you, Mark.

The only problem I have with you is that you are a jew, but besides that I find you a nice person.

Just get a genetic treatment not to be a jew.

reminder that shills are getting slimier each day

Agree or disagree?


Is it ok to pone?

There have been many good jewsin history.

Torquemada and Hitler for example.



Mark how many anons showed up at your doorstep since you told them they can contact you that way, you dummy.

If I were rich I would give him a visit to have a fun day.

Probably cosplaying as Gilda

did you get your xbox account back you prediabetic ovendodging kike

none sadly

I was expecting someone to autistically yell at me irl


So, today is one of those days we can be nice to Mark to some reasonable degree?

If it makes you feel better I would not yell at you irl, just subject you to bad vidya

Gilda's clothes are pretty good for Winter, and subtle as hell.

inb4 "because no one knows her"

I don't know if I should be somewhat relieved or disappointed for you. But for security how about getting a doggo. Bitches also loves doggos. Don't get the faggy toy dogs though, those attract the wrong kinds of bitches.

On an tangentially related note, I saw embed related the other day.
If we make the biggest gains by mocking SJW and revealing them for who they are, learning the art of Conditioning & Punishment (mindgames & taunting) might work in our favor.
Condition them to do stupid shit, then mock them for it.
Combine that with the fact they never learn and we're golden.

Also Mel Brooks, because not even a Jew in Hollywood can name (((The Jew)))

I had a doggo, but my mother died so we gave them away to a good owner.

Oy vey! Wikipedia is celebrating h'white supremacy this month!

I know the pain, cheers mate.


Same here; happened a little over three weeks before my 14th birthday.

I think you have delusions of grandeur. GG was important but you're greatly overstating it.

What was erased from this image? What was so secret or so unbelievable that it had to be hidden?

if you want cheap lewds, commission either filipino, indonesian (hi Riz) or Malaysian artist on deviantart

Well now I feel like a heel.
You're an okay dude.

Doesn't seem to be very warm if pic related is what you're talking about tbh, maybe if you stuff newspapers for insulation. I know people have done that to absorb excess moisture so the content inside won't rot.

The best potatoes are jacketed and would be plenty warm.


No /ck/, you only get to stay in this bread if you tell us who hired you! A lot of loyalty for a toasted bun!

Well technically TB had the guy thrown out Jesse just showed absolutely no backbone by going along with it and justifying it after the fact.

Or perhaps he's wondering why you'd prosciutto man before tossing him out of a salad.

The anti-NN fags main rebuttal to the argument that this hyper-jewery is possible without NN was that they believed it wouldn't happen because it had yet to happen in countries without NN. I recently heard it's happened in Portugal, and now Germany? Can anyone translate this for 100% confirmation?

I want to hear more about this. What happened? Also please let soulslike man be one of them that got fanny flustered.

Hops can also be a depressant as well.

To be able to read it, you need to

Liberals seem to be creaming themselves over elections today, but let me guess: they're making a mountain out of a molehill?

Her name is Yui Okada. A gravure idol in her late 20s. Sometimes does JAV

IIRC the argument was not for the removal of NN on it's own. I know I want the net to be treated as a utility like electricity, not as cabletv2.0. The problem was fuckers adding shit that directly contradicts NN into the proposals itself or whatever else political fuckery and doublecross.

Democrats won a state that voted for Hillary, it's proof no one likes drumpf and times are changing!


This is what I've been saying in the lootbox thread. These companies don't need to make games that sell when they can attract enough whales.

Commies will just use it as an excuse to push "victims of capitalism" harder and say it's evidence the White House is full of Nazis.

And New Jersey, but that was given.

I know about Yui. The thing I'm wondering if the Torrential Downpour OCDonut is really called "Rainy Pussy" or something like that.

Still jot the worst thing hops tastes like crap, if you want a fruity tasting drink go for mixed or a cider

By that logic repubs eining states that go trump means that nazis won and they should all suicide because it is over for them.

I've never heard of Amane having any "official" last name, so that part can be ignored. Her first name is written with the kanji 雨音, which are rain and sound respectively, so her name means the sound of rain.

Why is potato face getting so much attention and art recently?

but how do we condition them to do stupid things?

I ship potato face with r/the_donald

You mean the Zero Dawn neanderthal? New DLC coming out.

You don't have to with SJWs, they are doing half the work for us. Even if they weren't, it's not like it's difficult to trigger them over the most inane and stupid things.

It's stupid, I'm just telling you what I think the MSM is going to say.


What do you mean potato face? Like tumblr calarts style or this potato face?

2d will never call you a loser

I wank off to both imaginary and real girls though.

the autist reddit forgot and abandoned. Bilba Mars or something like that

A reminder that in the concept art alloy was irish and actually looked cute.

Stop reading "Women's literature" that's just shit like Fifty Shades of Grey, fictional porn for women with imaginary men.

If I pull that off, would you fry!

Yes, yes it is. Her manko gets gets drenched for good accurate vidya translations. I would not lie to you especially on the internet. I am not Toddposting. Honest.

the difference is that these girls are looking for men like that in real life, some of you totally give up on women for 2d woman.

Still has that case of tumblr nose in most but the one on the left hand side of the page isn't bad at all. Shame how socjus just turns every design into boring and unappealing stuff.

State facts calmly, stay on the original topic, and mock them once they've blown a gasket (but not before).
Think about the reaction to "It's OK to be White".
< NaziResponse.exe
> So you think all white people are like that? But aren't you white?

She looks like Daxter if he got turned into a cute grill

There is a stylization here that could have easily transfered to 3d but killzones devs have little to experience with stylized realism in 3d, and most of sonys devs have a weird fetish for hyper realism, id kill for the game to have a mod so the humans have some stylization, realism in games is shit, and will always be and gets worse the more detailed they become. And yes, I know the drunk tumbly nose is bad, thats why I said irish and not scottish.

I think IOKTBW is one of Holla Forumss best Ops yet.

Fresh OC only half a year late

It's like you're asking for it!



Troy Leavitt made a new video. The Injustice of Social Justice.


It's okay to sexualize women.

Is it okay to motorboat a boat?


Fuck you guys.

No, boatsluts should die, jew company that pushes it should stop fucking up independent artists.


We love you too user.

Fuck you too, and have a nice day.


Yeah, sure.



What state do you live? I'm moving soon so maybe I'll be close enough to say what up.

But in all seriousness nobody adheres to one worldview. This is one reason social justice is doomed to fail.

Reminder: you escaped.

But they insist that Tumblr totally didn't infiltrate and that it's just edgy faggots from Holla Forums.

Which is also why the world is so interesting. And why some things are fundamentally better than other things

In a shocking twist…

American McGee's sister's killer is found out to be 4/v/'s own goon moderator …who was Mark in disguise the whole time

they even reached places like 4/toy/ which was the most neutral place ever, even when they got some drama


Except 3dpd crazy or kikesses, sure.

Should have went with "motor the boats" carlos.

When single player is dead I stop buing new games altogether

That last one probably got banned.

At least take us out to dinner first.

i dont have porn images for this


stopped reading right there
100% chance that poster is a faggot.

Hey cunt, still working on the wolfeinstein shit. You have to understand, it's fucking horrible and six hours long

Extremely unlikely, but always stay vigilant.

Boatsluts numbnuts.

Reverse image search gives me nothing

I mean what the fuck can I even say. Blazkowicz had a character, and his character was taking a fucking fetish to killing Nazis to an extreme degree. Yet they tried to add this sorrow to him like it would humanize him, when his entire personality was murder. RTCW that was literally his vacation time.

I'll get back to watching this shitshow and making webms, but fucking hell

Yeah, whenever someone prefaces what they're going to say with that phrase, they know they're going to get shit slung at them.

It's a lolibaba.

Wait, why is one of those eggs censored?

Eien no Wakaba Girl

Because it's just that lewd. Impregnation is the best fetish.

Thanks man
My fucking nigger
Coupled with incest it kills my dick.

Couldn't find it anywhere but my favorites on the panda for some reason. Turns out it was expunged.
I get nakadashi, but the I can't find the part where the individual sperm cell and egg cell fuse to be arousing at all.


leg-lock with impregnation is the best

You are correct, should have went with "if" not "when".

Creampies aren't enough
This is fiction and thus creampies don't translate to impregnation in most Doujin/Manga.
It has to be stated else it does nothing to me.
Fertilization Xray is one of the ways to do it even without dialog.
Pregnant female at the end works too of course

My man



no webbum because I can't figure out how to rip their shit


And we thought reddit 2.0 was bad enough. We were wrong.

Yes, simply yes

Go on…

Show the responses and give the archive
cuckchan is shit but I wanna see this for myself and verify.


Ask lo-ping then. Got it from his twitter since I don't go to halfchan.

Mah niggas.



Nips have less even ass than they have tits. Not enough doujins or anything else for that matter focuses on jiggle like this. There are very few good doujins involving spanking. Almost none show jiggle, just the visual equivalent of the sound for spanking as seen in the left image and opposed to the right image.

I never really thought about it and had always assumed it was just implied to get them pregnant, it's just most don't show scenes months later with the girl pregnant. Now that you say it like this, I can't help but find it arousing as well.

Shit lore. Will insert headcanon.

Does anybody have a NoA email address handy that I can use to bitch at them? They're giving me the cold shoulder and they fucked me and their feedback form on their site (unsurprisingly) doesn't work.

Oh, and they just use a stupid form thing for customer support now, and any link that used to point to an email option just points back to the form, which is worthless.

Anyone got an archive of the jesse sperg out? If there was anything on twitter he must have deleted.

how did they fuck user?

What happened? And did you try their phone as well? noa is shit, no question.

I'll just copy/paste what I was going to send them
I bought a New 2DS XL in September and in October I had to send it in for repairs because it would, seemingly at random, just not come out of sleep mode. I sent it in for repairs and you guys had it for a week and "could not reproduce the problem". In the two days after I got it back I had it happen half a dozen times. It happens constantly and has killed any desire I had to play the fucking thing but I guess I'm just stuck with a defective system now because your Customer Service people on Twitter won't respond to me and I don't want to spend another month without my BASICALLY BRAND NEW HANDHELD just to be told "we can't find anything wrong" again.

And it literally just happened again. I guess it's a good thing the game saved. Once or twice I've had it actually wake up from this eventually and then give an error and force a system restart.

Feel free to change the text in the box. I couldn't think of anything good to write in there.

You know whats even more arousing?
Another impregnation soon after imprgnation and birth

Record the error and put it on youtube, be annoying and demand a replacememnt. Noa hates bad pr, use that against them i assume its not hacked, otherwise you are on your own and I double assume you looked at the store of purchases 30 day garauntee and used that before contacting noa since most stores do have to cover manufacturer defects within 30 days, at least they do in canada.

It truly does indeed.

Pregnancy-titties are also great.

I thought you were gonna say fraternal twin fertilization.

What word was switched out for heart? Source?

The error is too generic to mean anything and it's rarely given that. Usually it just doesn't do shit.
Apparently it's all done through online now because I never got a receipt but they knew when I entered the serial # that it was still under warranty. Too late now anyway, because it took over a week shipping each way.

Anons with fucking taste.

I like preggers

Nothing. "My heart is" was just on a previous page and continued on that page. Joukenhansha Surikomi Dan Pavlov Bread!!

That's my favorite eltonel image by far.


What about gender-bender impregnation?

Yeah, that's what I had at first but I felt like it looked weird.

As long as they end up in a happy marriage then it's a-okay.

Then I got nothing, other than call first, ask if accidential drops are covered and drop the fucker, hope the screen break sand hope they replace it that way.

I have one where a guy's dad gets genderbent into a young woman and his son knocks him up.

I think they explicitly say drops aren't covered. I just want my goddamn system to work. This is absolute bullshit.

Or get a second one, swap the serial stickers on the cover and new one both on the back and under the battery cover and return the defective one.

Do tell.

Apparently post-swap he's his son's cousin and "he" has been dead 5 years.

I'm not sure I could swap the stickers convincingly. I guess I'll have to call them and rant at someone over the goddamn phone. Reminds me of when my 360 bugged out and locked me out of certain games I owned. Just got the runaround from MS for weeks.

Mine was covered when the screen went, but thats probably because I may have forgot to say it was dropped, I do not recall one way or the other.

Fuck yes

Never got the appeal actually, probably feminization without the dick.
I'd rather have Rule 63 of popular characters with female brains/mentalies from the get go.

I always get triggered by this because I never got to see the conception

How about girl (male) impregnation?

I can only remember ONE h-manga that did that.

I remember my wii went and it was out of warranty, nintendo warranties are horrible for the price, it was cheaper to get a new wii at the time, on a positive, it has gotten used alot, and is the nice new super mario bros apple red wii not wii mini

Normal gonads reverse genital impreg?

I, what?

That doujin was a wild ride from start to finish.

Last system I had break was DS Lite last year. Obviously out of warranty so I just took it to a local place and they did it for $30. They don't do this system though.

No thanks, read a weird manga once whwere a wackjob village treated shit as their child and babies as shit coils, kidnapped a couple who were lost and brainwashed them to act the same way. the manga was really fucking gross, I do not recall its name nor wish to look at it again, it had another chapter on ass dentia

Did you not lower and center the text in the box?

It still looked weird.

Two pages in and my sides have been devastaded

Wait until the ending. He (female) is babytalking their child while breastfeeding it

This has no scat.

So, wait… So, his testes are inside his body and her dick sucks up cum out of his vagina to impregnate herself? How would she even give birth?

Fucking hell
I wouldn't mind seeing it with this artist hes done way worse anyway

I half repaired an og launch ds that I broke in anger playing canvas curse ds and trying to get the hard trace medal it was easy, though I still need to find an old shell for it and the lite for cheap. Dses are easy as fuck, wiis that have their blutooth chip port broken are not so easy. read the instructions thrice.

Just cant do it man, it was too gross.

I'm laughing now but I'll probably do down that hole in few years

>I always get triggered by this because I never got to see the conception

I don't know, but her cock looks thick and tasty

so tame


I agree
Until you read A Golden Week in August and Hell Season you haven't seen a fucking thing.
His point and the point of the screenshot still stand though.

I wish he colored it
I really like this artists color palletes

Is that a nu-male hover handing on a fucking cardboard cut out? Jesus Christ, they really do think fictional characters have rights, don't they?

Its not a fetish as much as it was a bunch of shock stories in manga form. Dont go looking for it please, for your own sanity.

That's the dude that owns 8ch.

Dude should start wear button up shirts.

You're baiting for (you)s, right?

Jimmy's touching the edge of the cutout. She's flat so his 3D sticks out and makes it look that way.

That Nu Male is datamining your ass right now.
He also owns a pig farm he uses to dispose of undesirables

Too late

Half the people here don't even know who Ron is, much less Jim.

Is it the one where the parents turn out to be brother and sister as well, or was that not fraternal twins?

Is that GG porn?

I have never seen a picture of him in all my time here.


that one was too obvious lad

Yeah, and it turns out they come from an entire lineage of twin incest.

Then we're not thinking of the same one.

Is it just the daily dose?

You have to go back.

You have to go back

What do you think?

nibber pls


Racist ass nigger.

It's for fucking phones, the offer is that you are getting an unlimited data plan but that it is only unlimited for the thing you have a pass for, which they distinguish by having that apply to certain apps.

So it's a false alarm, unless they start jewing up regular internet with it like how microtransactions common in cheap phone games are infecting much better vidya. Still haven't seen anything concrete about Portugal either, just hearsay.

If there are people who don't know who Ron is do they know the saga of pigfood, do they know who firetires is.

I still can't believe he's dead.

That more or less confirms you've been in the river of piss for less then 6 months. Since it would be impossible to not know who Jim is or even see at least one picture of him in April.

He died? Shit.

Stand back boys, this is the spiciest take I've seen in a long time.

We're talking about the cripple, right? His condition doesn't have a long life expectancy, even people with brain hemorrhages can expect to live longer then him.

Anyone have that image of that thai shemale and /k/operator at his farewell ceremony/funeral?


The fuck?! When did this happen! This is the first I've even heard such a thing.


Although it lacks an archive, I can definitely see this being real


He deleted it before I saw it, but non-apologized for it. archive.is/9HW8r

here someone archived it

Thank you. And how embarassing


If you insist…

Genderbending is nice, but pregnacy is kind of gross.

This meme has already run it's course it seems.

Better luck next thread I guess.


Rick has no way to judge others because he fucked alien men without being trapizied.

I know it would never happen, but there are times when I wish these fuckers would just stand by their statements. Just fucking say you don't give a shit about all those people who died, and think you could do it right when imposed here. We all know its what you are thinking.

Thanks for the (You).

Did you read the note at the bottom? Dick and Manko is still 80% cancer with a cancer fanbase though.

So what all was the outcome with the "It's ok to be white" thing? Lots of outrage? Lot's of redpills? Also, when Will Wheaton said that shit about the Texas shooting, was there a lot of outrage?

I think they're quietly memory holing it becuase they realized they made fools of themselves by responding.

I think having black posters that said "It's ok to be black" and white posters right next to them that said "It's ok to be white" would have been even more effective. Because the SJW zealots would've reacted only to the white posters.

The media is still sperging about it.

The fuck, I got up and see reddit banned incels, do we have another hangout? Voat?


I thought they moved onto the koi pond shit, that got memory hold too after they pointed out abe did it first.

Well don't complain when they go after /KiA/ and /the_Donald/ next.

I won't. Don't have an account.

I won't, since I don't go to plebbit. At least not in the same way as you, losing your safespace. I'll always complain about stifling of free speech, just like many here do about Facebook and Twitter without actually having accounts.

So what is plan to protest on the banning of r/incels?

Fuck off. Not your army. Reddit should burn and be replaced.

They're going to keep not having sex until humanity dies out.

Looking through the thread I see no one even complaining, seems like people are happy it got banned.

Salt harvest here >>>Holla Forums10855011

Because GG doesn't give a shit about /r/incel in particular. Practically no here is even aware it exists. It's not vidya, and it's not at the intersection of politics and vidya.

Most of our users where gamergate people.

It's not even at the intersection of rain and Japan and video games and sucking cock

I'm about 80% sure you're a goon saying /r/incel is all GG as an insult to GG since incel is used by goons as an insult. Practically nobody here knows it exists, nobody ever talks about it, and nobody cares. Kindly go suck off a shotgun.

It doesn't exist Reddit banned it.

Found in that thread. All the handwriting is the same. One person got so asshurt at the idea of it being ok to be white, that they stood there arguing with it for several minutes.

Reddit shouldn't be banning things though. I thought they made an announcement that they were getting rid of some hardcore stuff but with a name like that isn't it just /r9k/?

I have my own insecurities, but those are on a whole new level.


They are planning which other subs to remove next, /KiA/ will be gone soon.

Then archive everything important and let the site become more of hugbox, as that will be it's undoing.


But r/the_Donald/ being on reddit was one of the main reasons Trump won.

Of course it was, pet.

Another example why leftists just project.

Do you think a normalfag knows what 8ch even is or would go to 4chan to be redpilled, no they got red pilled through reddit.

I never went to Reddit, but of course I just went to 4chan for /tg/ memes and then came here when they started censoring shit.

American leftists, I rarely see that exact "line of thought" here where I live

I guess it shouldn't be so surprising but there's seriously over 30,000 people subscribed to a board just to complain about a single other board they don't like? Can you say obsessed or what?
And of course they already set their sights on something else because they're 30k people without an "enemy" instead of disbanding.

Here I was thinking that Trump redpilled people himself by calling out the media on his own. Do you think the vast majority of US voters know what reddit is considering their age demographics?

Yes but if you look here where our memebers crossed over you can see no one cares and will let Reddit ban right wing subs.

No it isn't you colossal faggot.

Reddit converted the "berinebro's" to Trump voters.

You sure love sucking reddit's cock and inflating how much influence on the US election you think they had. Why don't you go back and beg for them to restore your sub, nigger?

Im not very gold at nioh

You're not very good at English you fucking abbo wanker cunt.

Firstly dont swear
secondly I am not aboriginal and thats kust stupid to assume so, it be like me assuming you are Amish

If you like Miranda you are furry.
If you're from Australia and you don't know English you are abbo.
This is not hard.

Do not give them (You)s. If you wish to give humanitarian aid simply announce their IDs and refer to where they can get the (You)s from an organization that is equipped and ready to deal with them.
For example:
0c416c is a poor redditor who is lost and confused who needs 10$ for a forum registration to call his sick grandmother. Do you give him (You)s? NO! You do not know where he's been or what diseases he carries no matter how well intentioned you are he can harm you with his ultrafaggotry!

If you suspect they are criminal goons in violation of Rule8, simply report them to the hotpocket hotline.

My subreddit go banned, most of my users also post here so this is a good place to organize and make a plan on what to do next.


MP4 from the same thread >>>Holla Forums10855011

The only correct move would be to not play, but for Leftists indoctrinated by Alanskist tactics, this is conceptually impossible, which causes a unescapable cognitive dissonance loop where they literally "literally can't even" which makes them chimp the fuck out.

This OP is pure GOLD in it's simplicity and elegance.

He's 100% shitposting. It was basically just 10% hapa's and 90% trolls saying rape should be legal. They were consistently mocked by both left and right wing cringe boards. Like all of these places, they'll just make another board now, this sort of thing will always exist.

It's about as inventive as posting "hey guys where do we all drink gasoline? I know for a fact drinking gasoline is our favorite thing to do when not being rapists".

Look at this cuck would probably let a Chad fuck his mom in front of him.

they want to draw their lewds, not your lewds

So, a Supreme Gentleman LARPing subreddit ?

I think what bothers me the most about this whole thing is that it confirms my worst fears. I've always said that SJWs hate whites more than anything, and to them it literally is not ok to be white. Whites are villains to them. We're slobbering mindless monsters, nothing more. The only way to atone for this is to spend your life apologizing for being white. You need to hate yourself. It's like the original sin. If you don't hate yourself for being white and spend your days being a "good ally" you're a white supremacist nazi beast. It's such bullshit.

I grew in a time when we were taught that it didn't matter what you were, but who you are. Your skin color didn't matter. We were all equal. This was leftism in the 90s. Now it's been flipped on it's head thanks to the progressive stack. The darker your skin the more "good" you are and the lighter your skin the more evil you are. It's so fucked.

And this makes you sad why? It's just a good excuse to go RWDS.


Shut up idiot

I mean, it's funny yeah. They've been got with it. It just kinda sucks that it confirms everything I think about them. SJWs really are just self loathing trash. A part of me wanted to be wrong.

It basically just looks like Bayonetta crossed with Oichi.

I wasn't cimping out, I just wanted to point out that outside of anglo countries that line of thinking isn't that much used

But how can I post my freshly cropped smugs at the redditor if I don't give him (You)'s

And they only win if you start hating yourself for being white. Clean your room user, then come back once you have your head on straight.

Then we can start the Good Work.

That little cripple just tweeted 5 days ago, he isn't dead

That is some poorly optimized shit you got there. Let me fix it right up.

Thanks user I have a shit eye for when things look bad, I was reading that manga in bed on my tablet this morning and cropped a fuck ton of smugs. I think they all look that bad, I didn't even realize until you corrected it, what did you do anyway? Just turn down the brightness and up the contrast a bit?

Made the image smaller, levels, and some light smart blur. Saved it as a png with 64 colors. Doesn't need to be that big anyway.

Is this child pornography?

This makes me happy. After not being able to buy a gpu without $150-$200 markup I'm glad something bad happened to crypto miners.


So do this mean that the system isn't as great as people make it out to be?

I've heard this 3 times now here. Is this something that Jordan Peterson says a lot? What does it mean? Get your shit together? That kinda thing?

It's not hard to figure out user, don't be lazy and ask to be spoonfed

Peterson seems interesting. I have to start watching some of his vids

I'm surprised you haven't already

I've seen bits and pieces here and there, but he's been mostly on a to do list. I got some free time today, I'm watching some stuff now.

Watch the one about the garden of eden. Its a personal favorite.

I might preorder his book. If his Maps of Meaning wasn't so freaking expensive I would've snapped it up.

Ready to apologize to TechRaptor gamergays?

Did they do anything worth us apologizing to them for?

What's that girl doing with her thumb?

2s and 1s everywhere during europoor time

Still waiting. That cap Acid posted still reads sorrynotsorry. Unless there's something new you are not showing

Well, we did jump the gun didn't we? I know I did at least.

Nothing since they were in the wrong and no matter how much defending people like acid still won't change how much they fucked up.

Clean your room

You don't apologize for something you didn't do.

The worst part about this is that the person sperging out the most was TB, and he had already been at the end of the outrage of the "perpetually offended" multiple times, yet he keeps pandering to them.

Oh boy, I sure love having a fanbase of people who'll eat me alive over a completely innocuous statement. This will end well!




Guess they didn't get everything they wanted.

Looks reasonable to me, but I guess I'm alone on this boat.

They went full Gamers are Dead? New leadership?

Because it's basically

The problem many have, including me, is that they unpublished things, instead of just adding HEY THIS IS UNTRUE as note, though they did that as well with some articles. But you're not here to converse about this, are you?


I remember GGRevolt had a hate boner for Techraptor they kept showing ethical breaches they did and complaining they wouldn't be added to deepfreeze.

I wonder since they are no longer pro-gg will they get added to deepfreeze now?

Why do you think that?
As far as I'm concerned they put back on most of those, the only one that is still down is The Alison (or whatever, I don't remember his name) interview since he asked for it.
They are not doing that either, they are just updating articles that, whenever way you see it, WERE biased with some notes. Isn't that what we strive for?

See, this is the shit that makes me think you are not here to discuss very clear problems, just to stir shit. And jumping IDs doesn't help

I don't understand what the fuck TR is trying to achieve.
If they were telling the truth and it's just a matter of editorial standards, what the fuck is even the point of adding those vague ass notes? How does that help anything? Just follow your new standards and shut up.
If they were lying and they're trying to be good little doormats for the clique, ae they fucking retarded? Have they not seen what happens every time someone tries to appease SJWs? Once you're branded, you'll never get rid of it no matter what you do, SJWs care about identities, not ideas.

Obviously this is it, they panicked and tried to appease SJWs, and without fail they got fucked for it. Good

I am just wondering if techraptor will now be allowed to be added to deepfreeze, if they are I can go back through their ethical breaches so we can add the old ones too.

I don't own or operate in any capacity deepfreeze. report to your heart's consent for all I care.

They can say what they want but the fact that they even tried to delete or remove old GG articles entirely is something I have a major problem with.

I'm not sure but it seems that it wasn't until they were met with backlash that they decided to backpedal and just add "disclaimers".

It also doesn't help that they decided to do this around the time when the Steam Techraptor curator thing was going down, which makes it seem like they're just bowing down to Grayson and the like. Whether or not that was the case, the timing makes it look like that and no matter how much they say it's not the case, the timing casts suspicion on them.

As always, people here are allowed to do what they want, but I personally won't be whitelisting their site anytime soon.

Either they are retarded or they were pressured into this. The hilarious part about all of this is that all these articles they don't want to be in the limelight are now a major focus for a lot of people.

Maybe you can message BoneGolem and tell him that TR should be added for their ethical violations of changing their editorial standards? Because that's really such a huge ethical violation right there, I'm sure SJP would be in a panic. :^)

If you can't do something as simple as cleaning/organizing your room, how do you expect to do the same with your life?

Here you are, friend.

Outstanding! Thanks user!
I'll give it a read but I still need to save up for the actual book because I'm a bookfag and I love the feel of real paper

I did before but techraptor and nichegamer where on our side so didn't get added, with Techraptor joining the SJW do you think it is worth the hassle to back through thier breaches and resubmit them to deepfreeze.

Does he post here anymore I submmitted many a stuff before about techraptor/nichegamer but as they where on our side they never got added, be nice to know if will now add their breaches.

Those are things anyone can point out whenever they question if TR is a trustable website.

I'm not arguing that they didn't a mistake in deleting those articles, that was plain stupidity.

That is disingenuous and you know that.

So, any communist got butthurt because their genocides got called out by the White House?


Of courshe.

oh fug

Look I was shit posting but you need to learn what constitutes ethical journalism and what doesn't. The fact you have a change in editorial standards that's bothering readers confused for ethics violations tell me you don't really understand what ethical violations are. Specially since it seems like you report GG sites for things you think are ethical violations, but they're not. And then you cry that DF doesn't add those sites because they are "on our side." When in fact they aren't being added because you're not understand what an ethical violation is

Changing editorial standards and adding stupid disclaimers to older articles is a shitty thing to do, but it's still ethical.

those are ethical violations

NG and a few other sites "on our side" have been reported, and they've fixed the issue. You can still see those issues reported on DF, and they're listed as corrected. The unethical sites never correct it.

If you want to explain why TR deserves to be on DF, we'll listen. But right now you're GGRevolt or concern troll going

Who's that guy besides a faggot?

I presume from your message that they put all the articles back up?
Even so, they should be apologizing to their readers not the other way around. And they shouldnt go back on the GG approved lists.

well 's post was linking to /leftpol/ getting butthurt

Oh, silly me, I thought they were referencing the same guy. Let me read it before laughing.

Wow, they really are naive or butthurt.

I'm even tempted to check Holla Forums to see the butthurt by myself, but I don't want to get cancer.

Honestly, I don't know since I don't know what all the articles are, but they have shown that they are willing to put them back up.

They already did as far as I'm concerned. I don't check twitter very much, as in not at all.

Yes they should you meanie.

I tried to do it for you, but I can't find any thread on the first couple of pages. Also, they barely have any activism or current news thread. Sharp contrast from Holla Forums

Why the fuck are they still a top board then? there are boards deserving it.

And why the fuck are there TWO leftypol boards?

The interview said they will leave a note on the articles saying they are false and won't go into detail on what is false also they will still delete some articles.

AFAIK leftypol uses bots to inflate their numbers.

I made the screencap on Holla Forums a year ago.

As the other user said, they inflate their numbers. It was the reason why Jim put them last with the furries.

No Fuck that.

At least poltaku etc are honest. They are far left websites that hate gamers. That is fine. I just wont visit them because their site is not for me.

These techraptor cunts pretend to be our friends to get our sweet clicks. Then when they got big they ditched us like the sad nerds that we are.
Ive encountered two faced scumbags like this in real life and the only good response is to hold a grudge hard. Get your pound of flesh. Hurt them and make an example of them so other people dont get the same idea.

Case fucking closed then.

TR did something blatantly unethical still not sure why they are getting some white knights here.

I think saying the GamerGate articles are false and wrong but not saying why is worse. It is bascially saying any pro-GG article was a mistake and any info showing GG was right was worng and the SJW where actually in the right.

Have to agree with this fuck those who act two faced.



Off topic but some friends showed me a cuck/a/ thread on this upcoming anime from trigger called Darling in the Franxx. I took a look through the thread and it just blows my mind how anyone can still be on cuckchan it's so bad that /r/ anime seems cancer free.


For fuck's sake. Now they are trying to push the gender gap in my country, not that it wasn't already tainted.

8ch is near as bad, most here arn't happy unless you watch cuck more. Anime that is not moe get slagged off the whole time.

Even our faggots are less of a faggot.

It could be a plot concocted by the space lesbians to feminize the world.

Well, the people in my city (With all their brilliance) decided to raise taxes because "reasons". And, the kicker was that the voting places were literally surprised when a third of the county's population came out to vote because "We cannot handle this many people (My city's population is half a million).

Didn't Hitler have some sort of peace agreement with the USSR, even after he invaded Poland? Also, I've been meaning to ask, why did Hitler invade Czechoslovakia? I know Poland had to deal with their execution of German Poles, but what did the Czechs do to piss him off.

When are they going to say that Communism is a "White nationalist" ideology since it only ever gets implement "correctly" in white and Asian countries?

I have admit that I was a little upset when I saw a poster going all "Let's promote diversity, and sexuality, and…" just went right down the usual list. I got so upset that I took a notepad out of my bag, wrote down (In pen) six simply questions countering all of the posters points, and left the note folded next to the poster. There's no need to vandalize stuff.

Wasn't this already a known thing, though? One of the first problems I have with the idea of crypto-currency is "What happens if he wallet is deleted?" It literally has no physical value.

Uh, are you sure? TechRaptor's page is clean:
And, Niche Gamer's page only lists where Brandon didn't disclose his ties with the Elysian Shadows dev:

I could be on the wrong end of things here, but I think he invaded it to aid the nationalistic movements in their war against the soviet union.

I'm sure 0c416c is the ralph shill, and 9a5cd1 probably is as well. Have you guys forgotten his writing patterns? First he tried to spread misinfo about GG having a bunch of overlap with /r/incels, then he tried to spread misinfo about Techraptor having known ethical violations that GG ignored.

He's probably thinking of the Elysian Shadows thing (which supposedly was just Brandon being inconsistent about whether being Facebook "friends" and having a couple conversations about games qualifies as a personal relationship). That one was literally fixed within hours of being noticed. There's also The Escapist having some COIs they added disclosures to and GamesNosh plagiarizing their ethics policy without giving credit (they got permission and added attribution).

For what? The most I did was remove them from steam curators, and I'm not bringing them back, because my taste in games don't match theirs anyway.

I'm not doing this. He was entertaining and I feel bad for him, but the guy is a danger to himself and others.



As cancerous as second life already was, since the election it's gotten so much more cancerous. I've yet to see right wing hugboxes like this, but I've seen shit tons of lefty places.
I've even seen safety pin shit

>>>/test/ faggy fag

Have you ever seen one of those random disco places populated in SL?
I haven't.

Hey Holla Forums, I'm making a GG 3rd anniversary celebration video and I'm looking for voice actors. It's basically the opening scene of The Naked Gun with all the terrorists replaced by game journos. There's 3-5 roles I need filled, the requirements are just a passable mic and sinister-sounding voice (or bold/heroic voice if you're doing GG's part). Hmu [email protected] if you're interested.

Here's a preview: youtube.com/watch?v=33WYtYZbzjc8

I also did a video for Operation Disrespectful Nod back in 2015: youtube.com/watch?v=xWJ2LIP7in0

^ Thumbnail is coming along nicely

Once or twice over the years I've seen a single person in one, alone, dancing to music only he/she can hear. I always imagine the person behind it in a dark room, quietly sobbing to himself, watching his avi dance while he slowly does arm movements in a poor mimicry.

Good work user, we're looking forward to it.

Have you ever noticed how we have the word "nodding" to specifically describe the action of moving your head up and down, but we don't have a word specific to moving your head left and right, we just use "shaking" which is used for other actions too.


It's called "sideways nodding"

Oh I fully expect it. That's a part of the reason I play it, shit to point and laugh at. But before it was furry midgets getting fucked by giant baby futas with shitting dick nipples degeneracy. Now it's political.
Way worse.

Its called NOdding

Does that mean Holla Forums is worse than /zoo/?

Didn't they get back from the April fool's hack the same day as /zoo/? Or was it with /fur/?

In the comments of sargon's new video. I fucking love the internet sometimes.

You even have to ask that?

Are they all females? Most of them look like anime guys.

>Are they all females? Most of them look like anime guys.
Last I checked, yes, but I've never went far into this manga. It's just that they're drawn that way.


OT, I never ever figured out how to upload images from the clipboard.

New video that will get PewDiePie into trouble?

I wonder who this faggot was.

Not by huge margin.

As pathetic as that sounds, at least he's not anthony burch.

After you copy an image, select past into the text field, the same way you would if you were to paste text. The image will pop into the image field as if you had selected it from your hard drive.

Nigga read.

And if you don't believe me, just look for "Trench flowers". But I must say, it's pretty shit.

I'm not seeing it. Judging by his @ name I would assume a brony, but the only brony in the comments is shitting on both sides. And I'm not seeing anyone with a frog avi either

Oh by the way, if any anons care about the Virginia election, Gillespie is a fucking faggot establishment RHINO and Northam's also a faggot. The reason why Gillespie lost is because he's a faggot that nobody liked.
Also our state Constitution literally has the 2nd amendment written into it.


Speaking of which, I can't believe Wu lost. It's shocking.

Wait, she ran during those elections ? What were her results ?

Sorry, I made a mistake.

I meant to say she lost out on being the first trans elected, like he wanted.

Gillespie's main Republican opponent was someone who could've won, but lost by less than one percent. Forgot his name, but used to work with Trump on the campaign trail.

Fair point. Also, my bad for "she" and "her"



post results pls, I need the schadenfreude.

Feel free to bully me.

oh. So it's not the time for joy.
That comes later, right?

Is this real life?

The BBC has no idea how to fight against memes.

Where do you find these great vr games?

that manga is shit. bad art, and edgy middleschool tier worldbuilding/lore
drinking cum out of test tubes to cast spells, the fuck?

glad to see an oldfag keep the faith, making good OC. I'm just worried there aren't enough anons here willing to volunteer and not just shitpost/lewdpost.


Seems like VR Kanojo to me. Could be something different though.

Do you guys have the meme of the guy being cucked by his lower half?

wow, they sure know memes

Whenever I see this I am reminded of the guy that steels girls' iphone chargers


Probably because some anons have low self-esteem so they think their voice is shit so there's no point in trying.
I'm like that anyway.



If this means CNN is finally kill, I'll be so happy.

The entire fucking reason the video even exists is because it was said live on CNN and nothing was said to counter-balance it. If anything, it means reputable news sources CAN'T be trusted.

I haven't said shit and am simply watching things unfold.

What's the deal with that guy?

Samir Al-hajed flew over their heads.

Time Warner would never pull that shit, it's the only channel of theirs that prints money.

Found this in another thread:
> HOW: Just replace the domain in any YT link with hooktube.com and you get a light-weight page that loads YouTube's media files (mp4, webm, etc) directly into your browser's native media player. youtube.com/watch?v=S6bOkFLrsAc becomes hooktube.com/watch?v=S6bOkFLrsAc, etc. Supported parameters: start, end, loop (1 for on), speed (range: 0.01 to 4), autoplay (0 for off, default is 1).
< Won't Google shut this down?
Doesn't archive, but at least it gives you a way to see something without supporting it.
I say add it to OP Goolag, and try to get more people to use it (copy the link from their notifications, and watch it on Hooktube with no ads, no regional blocking, and all privacy).
It's primary purpose would be for us to see shit we can't or not wish to support however.

Someone will probably buy it out and keep it alive.
At this point, it's a matter of pride for leftists/globalists to keep it going.
Then again, they could dismantle it and canabalize it if they think they can push another MSM news house or even make a new one.




These are satisfying to watch. image NSFW

Don't forget to ask on KiA and to poke e-celeb faggots who were useful at the time
Those audiences should be pretty wide.


I need to make more crops though.

Oi, anyone else having archive.is load very slowly? Might be a good reminder for those who can, to throw some shekels.
2. Archive.is isn't sure you'll donate money to them. Prove them wrong: liberapay.com/archiveis/donate

I don't have the skill you are looking for but gambatte good luck we're all counting on you.

I don't understand why it's nsfw? What's nsfw about a picture of a cat

This pic is just for (You)

Am I being rused here?

That better end up with something good.

They've had their donations double already since the last time. They're up to 44$ per month, which isn't bad considering they've gotten no attention. I'll try to hit up the archive dude on twitter and see if I can get his help for organizing something, even if its small like just him saying flat out that "we need more money" because he hasn't really done that.
Does anyone have any lines of communications with an e-celeb?

Do you hav the weeb edit?

Part of me wants to understand this. What's the context?

I've heard reports that the site costs thousands a month to run. If that's true I have no idea how it's still going. I honestly think someone is backing the guy. The site is Russian, so maybe Putin is paying? I honestly don't know.

Another reason why donations are so low is because he refuses to take PayPal/Bitcoin and the current merchant is off-putting to use.




I think you should know by now how you've been doing, Polygon.

I don't want to be a dick, but he has the face of a pedophile.

Poor people with the same loser look that did nothing wrong.

that's a character from arrested development a tv series


Iirc he's done something like that in the past unfortunately didn't get much attention that time.
I understand the appeal of that but for me here's the dilemma in general. I never saw much use in relying too much on e-celebs, because more often than not they hijack anything you do into "their" thing. And if any of them fuck up, so does your project and concepts. Even the name and tripfags around GG are already too close to e-celeb wannabe tier. KiA is meh at best for a long time, there has been instances where aGGros and burnouts have crossposted there and here trying to sabotage projects and OPs.

The only ones I'm still giving some trust to is someone like Kern.

I put Op Goolag on HQ as well:
The Holla Forums thread is slow and was on page 9. I'd recommend linking to both in the OP for now, until the Holla Forums thread dies.

You do know that since you've informed them, they will try to archive proof their site like other site have.

People from Polygon know people archive their site already.

Kotaku writers know too.

I've used Survey Monkey before. You can omit results based on where a person clicked the link from (same stuff Imgur & Reddit uses to detect vote-brigading)


Hey guys, frog here.
Just wanted to thank you all, because the way America went regarding political correctness and safe-spaces culture and all that jazz actually awakened a lot of philosophies all over the world, and I'm noticing them in France as well.
A lot of journalists, and, surprisingly, left-wing ones too (Charlie Hebdo, France Info…) have realized that going too far into the "self-importance" and "self-righteousness" of journalism and media would be suicide and dangerous, and so actually are, well, not necessarily combating it, but at least calling it out regularly, and working against it, definitely.

I think things like Trump and Brexit, in many ways, but also overall, yes, even gamergate -which very obviously is responsible for a lot of people's individual maturation and self-growth-, managed to bring forth all the ugliness, all the hate, all the stupidity that many people claiming to be progressives showcased, and served as a healthy reminder to always remain cautious, self-reliable, analytical and intelligent about all things, even the ones coated with importance and necessity.

There are many examples, from Tariq Ramadan getting demolished everywhere for being that "muh islamophobia" guy and everyone's so happy he's getting sacked; the group Indigènes de la République who cry "muh racism" all the time and basically serve to immediately kill a politician's career even from their own side the moment they defend the organisation; or the terms "islamo-leftism" that even left-wingers (if not mostly left-wingers) tend to use these days… no, really, I'm seeing a lot of french leftists who seem to be aware and self-aware, and want to actually avoid losing sight of what their cause and ideology is meant to be about, and what it serves first and foremost.

I'm confident, a lot more than before, and I'm hopeful for my country, for once. And, I am sincere, I want to thank you all for the hard work you've done, either by putting forward a personal investment of careful prudence and thought, or, simply, by all being there for me, and teaching me to pay more attention, to listen more, to rely on myself more, and to give me hope that I am not alone in believing that human beings ultimately can desire (and work towards that desire) for a better tomorrow.
I don't always agree with all of you, but I'd sincerely pay for the best wine I'd get just to sit down with you and enjoy some warm, kind IRL shitposting together.

Do take care, all of you.

The site isn't Russian, its icelandic. I believe he's getting funding from a university, or drew a comparison to that at some point, I forget
And I don't fucking blame him at all for not using Paypal directly. Its like not using Patreon. The problem is that liberapay has problems with paypal.
The main problem is he never talks about his funds and doesn't like dealing with the business side of things. He's a techie.
iirc he said that 20 euros or w/e a while ago was 1.5% of his costs. Its probably gone up since then.

Kern doesn't have enough pull imo. content creators on jewtube are who rake in the big $$$. I also don't remember him coming out and saying or doing anything besides a very quiet post on twitter announcing donations being open

This, unless you have uMatrix and have referrer spoofing.

To the Polygon writer reading this thread put me in the screencap too


What's the context of that picture?

Alright, thanks for your kind words, but we are going to bully you for the blog post and for being a frog.

Please, don't take it personally.

Porn I guess.

What dumbass articles have these guys done over the last 3 months?

Bon Chance

It's a picture of your mom

That's pretty lame and childish, user




Iedere keer

What are we at? At least 20.

It is happening again.

Sexual harassment database thread >>>/gamergatehq/331250

That's the problem I foresee. I don't see the big e-celebs who will go out of their way either to say "hey guise WOOoooOO -jumpcuts- consider supporting archive.is I'm Pewditron woooOO now let's watch some kids react to a Tandy computer!"
I'd be happy if I'm proven wrong on that in the near future.
Yeah that's the impression I got last time the subject was brought up on twatter. I dunno, I'm wondering if it's worth pursuing other options like reaching out to someone like Palmer Luckey vs just yt e-celebs alone.

Id say ask palmer, but do not expect much, and hope if he does do anything its as an anonymous donor.

It would be even better if we can use hooktube links to embed directly.

Macintosh when?

Nah I don't, at least that way when things actually happens I'm a bit more relieved.
I hope he knows how petty the MSM and the socjus ramoras can be after what he went through but yes.



GamaSutra - Take-Two plans to only release games with 'recurrent consumer spending' hooks


Will Usher - "Evangelical German MP Wants Stronger Child Protections From Sexy, Violent Video Games"





Apparently, there's been an update about this. The DoJ said that the discussions regarding it are ongoing, but it's going to take a lot more than just selling CNN for them not to be slapped with an anti-trust suit.
Of course, the "insider" coincidentally failed to mention that it wasn't just CNN that was up on the chopping block.

I pretended to be a brain dead teenage jobless commie that can't spell for shit, and I love the site for it's political views

They already ban senran and such while allowing western clique porn games in the same breath so what next, banning all female skin?

I did get one quality submission from here and another offer. I'd rather find GGers who'd appreciate the role.

Jokes aside, that looks like a lovely drive.

I think Youtube uses some element of Google data- yet is not a true embed.
You'd have to ask the site owner, might not be possible.
Hell, ask Holla Forums and CodeMonkey.

They have told women to wear running shoes to combat rape so this isn't far off.

It embeds the thumbnail image hosted on Google's servers, it's the same as having a tracking pixel for Google. It's not enough to identify you by account, but it is by IP address and user agent string. Google definitely knows their videos are used here.

Cockmonkey could just download the thumbnail and use the thumbnail on 8ch.net as the primary image, but he's a cockmonkey.

I just clicked the link directly from the tweet.
I asked why there was so little POCs in their safe and complained that there was too many white males.

Soon there will be a license requirement to wear skin.

Wasn't the AfD accused of being the neo-Nazi party? What's with the sudden about-face with the mainstream media's attitude here?

Any position that isn't centre-left to far left is instantly nazi. You aren't going to find that many views vastly different from other politicians within Germany, it's largely the shit about the country being flooded that is what the party has in common.

For comparison, here's fullchan's thread on the same topic >>>/a/731560

And wasn't exaggerating when user claimed 8/a/ wasn't an improvement: the Infini-T thread about the mega-crossover of Tatsunoko franchises barely had 4 replies, while the loli fox lesbians soapland anime had multiple threads.

Someone remind me, was Kotaku one of the one's REEEEEEEEEEEEE-ing about the Boston Salt Party (or variations therof)?

I was expecting it to be an out of touch old guy until I read the article and looked up who was behind this, surprised to see that it is a woman.

It honestly flew over my head for a minute the first time I saw it, that I had to correct a post of mine

halfchan /a/

TBH, I never really got the "trolling" aspect of this meme because it is a good fun song that doesn't annoy. Wouldn't something like It's A Small World have been better?

That's too bad. My criteria for supporting or rejecting political stances is how they'll treat vidya. Treat gamers well, and I'd die (not really) for the cause. Shit on my hobbies, I'll shit on their graves.

Funny how it's only not acceptable if it isn't a Nintendo product.


mario rescues princess worst girl in the end

nose (((knows)))

I think he is just jealous and angry that you can spoil a Mario game's story and still enjoy the game, but if you spoil one of their stupid as fuck narrative experiences it's ruined.

Good morning.

>tfw see him claim that games journos not liking the game means the game is good, and that actually agreeing with them for once broken clock being right twice a day and all that is equivalent to confirmation bias and not fighting against unethical journalism
I don't even know why I even bother with Twitter these days. Any good vidya for blowing off steam?

Mount and Blade: Warband: Napoleonic Wars

Pretty sure that's the whole point of musou games

Sonic Forces is two and a half hours long. Even Sonic Mania is longer than that.

I'm pretty forgiving of Sonic, but even I see the glaring problems with Forces. I don't hate it, It's not awful, but i'm not impressed in the slightest. It's like they spent all their time making the hedgehog 2 engine and only 1 year making the game. Making OC's is still a fair bit of fun though. I would probably be more harsh on the game if we didn't also get Mania this year.

Anyway Nioh just came out on PC so you could play that.

I sometime wonder what happened to the original beta nodder.

Seems kind of right.

I don't know what you expected from Twitter.
Any beat-them-up game.

A furfag or our furfag?

just saw the credits for mario odyssey and noticed THAT NOA people are localization, NOE are translation, Localization Producers, and the quality assurance, still looking, but it looks like NOA staffers are not being trusted with higher positions, at least not with mario.

Any of the mainline Senran Kagura Games, fighters (Guilty Gear, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Melty Blood, etc), or any action game..

Hey guys, I want to run something by you. You don't need to understand the language, you just need to look at the body language at around 1:33, in this case especially the eyes. As part of my job I have been trained in recognizing some non-verbal signs, especially people who are dishonest or lying. Part of this is through the eyes, in that case she made it easy for us. I can't shake the feeling that I'm dealing with an actress while looking at her. I'm no psychanon but I'm wondering if I'm the only one seeing it.

To put some context, we have a law here since a couple of weeks saying that since the state is neutral, if you want to deal with state employees it will have to be done with your face visible and no clear religious signs. Of course SJW are going apeshit but the law passed. This individual is contesting it.


That sounds reasonable for the French Republic

Ninja Muslimas are so empowered

It's Canada and Trudeau is already buttblasted it went through. He says:

If you don't want women to feel forced to wear the Niqab maybe we shouldn't force them not to wear it.

Words of wisdom.

I'd love to, honestly, but problem is it's 90GB, and last time I tried playing a game that was around that size fucking Steam wouldn't let me use an external drive for it.

Ah, so I could try finally beating Battletoads without warps or continue then.

Not Marche, but I think he is or was part of GamerGate. Might be a revoltard, not entirely sure on that.

Can we have a decent board for weeb shit?

You could say the same of I AM PLAYING THE GAME. The point is the filename is misleading. You have been misled.

Quebeic is where the non retard french went. french canadians need to make a country wide party rather than keep it to just quebec, Id vote for it

Quebec is just as full of retards as the rest of Canada they just happen to be french speaking ones.

Can I get a quick rundown on what happened for GG in the past year? How have things changed collusion-wise since Trump won?

Most of the anti GG fags are being outed as sexual offenders or criminals.

Every journalist who's accused GG of being sex offenders got accused of being a sex offender. This is especially hilarious because it doesn't matter if it's true or not, because they pushed listen and believe.

neofag died


>NeoGAF died, long live NeoGAF ResetEra
>Donald Crump got arrested (archive.fo/LHpaI)
There's probably a lot more that happened, but I honestly forgot a lot of it.


Isn't that what /jp/ is for?

Make one then.
The problem is getting users on it and being able to moderate if it actually gets populated

where did all the neofags go? They try to infiltrate this place?

Was it this guy?

I've been playing through Ken's Rage myself. I've been having fun with it, but goddamn does the movement get too chunky for my tastes

They had to make their own site when they realized not even gamefaqs or reddit wanted them.

Reddit didn't want them? Reddit admins secretly banned r/neofags, a place dedicated to callout neogaf.

That would be him. I don't disagree with him when it comes to journoshit, but my god can he be obnoxious when it comes to stuff he likes, ESPECIALLY Sonic.

I hope marche's cat died a virgin

Reddit admins also love SRS shitting up the sites and brigading other subreddits even though its against the rules and got other subreddits shut down quickly. As far as I know most of reddit hates SRS too. Anyway, reddit admins are cancer and the only reason they get away with their bullshit is because most of reddit is made up out of spineless retards, normalfags that dont care and cuckolds.

The problem with listening to furries is that they get super autistic the second they feel even the slightest amount of slight, including if it's imaginary. For examples of this, look at QuQu, or marche when he gets his abbo ass banned for being a shit.

Is someone baking? or is the bakery closed?

Who's QuQu? the faggot who managed to broke Holla Forums and /furry/ made the mistake of negociating with terrorists?

Eternally asshurt revolt furry.

If it wasn't bad enouth to be a furry he is a revolt faggot.

I'm sorry Mr. Dubsman, but well, just take a look at this image.


Are you trying to look like a shill, because you look like you are trying to be a shill.

last bread

Is ok.

He is talking about on this board

New bread
New bread
New bread

New bread
New bread
New bread

Gamergate's closed

Have you not seen his 60 plus angry posts when he catches a ban?

It's over, it's game over it's game over man.


Happy thoughts.

It has been medically proven that games journos are low T faggots. I can't find the archive or the cap for it though.

If a furfag drowns in a bog and nobody's there to hear him does he still complain about being fursecuted?