Xenoblade Chornicles 2 Direct

Starts in a few minutes, wanna see how bad treehouse fucked it up?

I wish they would drop the Xeno tag and just leave that IP alone.

T&A as far as the eye can see
Looks good so far, sans the stupid main character design.

Fuck and I was starting to like this game.
Well… gonna entertain myself with tiny metal for some time before buying XB2 then.

Character design and plot both seem like bland anime shit, but might be good just for backgrounds and areas. One thing I enjoyed was even the Nintendrones freaking out about how shitty season passes are.

Is it over already?

okay so


I worry it'll be generic anime plot

Did that really need to be a direct?

They're gonna make a season pass for odyssey aren't they?

I would actually prefer an XX2

Man I still haven't even bought the Zelda one yet. I mean there's no point buying something you can't even fully use yet as far as I see it.

How does this even connect to Xenoblade more than X.

If they were they probably would have said so by now

It'll probably just be a odyssey 2 ala galaxy 2 where they make it very similar but just a bunch more stuff and a few mechanics they couldn't fit

Did they ever say what the fuck Zelda's second DLC is or how delayed it's gonna be?

u 4 real?

Jesus fuck, what happened?

Well they can’t now since it’s launched. The whole point of a season pass is to buy the dlc for a game at launch.

I’m hoping Odyssey just gets an idle Delfino expansion down the road.

yeah, the content is there. I just don't like the season pass model. I'd rather have a full blown expansion.

If he started with Xenogears then I don't blame him for worrying about that.
Although that ship sailed during Xenosaga Ep2. Ep3's story was pretty good though.

It’s coming out December I think. All they said was it is a story expansion focusing on the heroes and Zelda. I’m hoping that means more dungeons

Honestly, I liked the expansion model. and I'd prefer they used it for this game rather dishing it out slowly.

I just hope it's worth the 20 dollars people paid for it

Did they ever redesign their fucking retarded MC's outfit?

not only did they keep it, but they gave it to you in Zelda

Same. The first DLC was nifty but it really should’ve been at launch or a free update.

The scene when you revive the master sword to its prime is genuinely powerful until it reminds you if exists and that final room was a blast if you didn’t save the techno arrows for it.

Generic anime plot isn't a negative point for me. It's just standard, bland. Preferable to the usual western 2deep4u shitshow of a story.
Aesthetics and strategic gameplay are what drawed me to this game instead.


I really liked XX2 the censorship in the west aside. fighting behemoths and flying mechs around the planet was great

These fucking name changes are triggering me. Game looks dope though. I might even go snag myself a Switch just to play it.

What if the brand new story is a prequel to the original Xenoblade where you play as Dunban, Dickson and Mumkhar.

Still doesn't make it worth buying before it's actually available.




Oh baby can't wait to main the catgirl now.



I hope you're not talking about any previous Xeno game

Does this mean I can fuck the catgirl


Xenogears was a pile of references to super robot and mecha anime, most people didn't catch them because they didn't watch a lot of pre 90s anime. The entire franchise is a "generic anime" plot by design.

The head writer left after Xenosaga, the magic is dead and all we have left is memes and anime tropes. The series should have stayed dead and they just turn blade into it's own IP, not ride the coattails of a buried IP. This is the jrpg version of nuTombraider. It can be it's own thing but the director would rather keep chasing a dead dream.

Confirmed for barely playing it.

Don't know about that man, I still have hope. We've seen the main plot layout, but I wouldn't judge the whole story based off of taht alone. We don't know how thte characters interact or if there are any twists. At a glance Xenosaga is nothing but weeb junk, it takes investment in the story to actually like it.

Ironically enough Xenoblade X is the closest thing to Xenogears so far. It goes into pretty dark places too.
Too bad it was gutted by jewtendo so hard.

You didn't watch much anime, the references go much further than that, and they're throughout the game. You probably didn't even realize the scene with the emperor in the space full of floating paintings is a scene from Nadia: Secret of Blue Water, or Maria and her robot being a reference to Johnny Socko/Giant Robo. Shit, the Elements gear fight where they combine is obviously a take on Voltron and sentai shows, even a low powerlevel scrub should know that.

They were right though, the story didn't get good until Ep3. There is an investment and there is going through two games to get to the Xeno part of the game.

Jewtendo proved that they don't give a FUCK about the IP, they just want shekels. That alone makes me not want to bother seeing what they are doing to Takahashi's work.

And Zone of the Enders and metal gear is genetic robot shit as well going by your logic. Your ramblings makes it seems that you don't give a fuck about what we are talking about.

Fuck off back to cuck/v/ if you just want to scream buzzwords and argue mindlessly.

I'm with you dude.
I pirated XBX for mechs and dress up and still got solid game, even if censored up the ass.
Just never buy jewtendo anything ever.

Is Nintendo the Disney of interactive media?
Or is Disney the Nintendo of non-interactive media?

if gears is mindless robot anime then blade is mindless moe garbage.

Wait, so you agree XB2 might have a good story? Got me confused there.

Fuck, I really want this and Odyssey but there's no way in hell I'm buying another Nintendo console after buying a Wii and a Wii-U. Fuck you, jewtendo.

I never said it was a mindless robot anime. Xenogears was a homage to super robot and mecha anime. You don't know what you're talking about, you just want to scream about "muh weebshit" as if it's some kind of valid critique.

Monolith ending up owned by nintendo is the worst case scenario really.
What a shit fucking timeline.

Don't know, Ep3 is where I left the Xeno games. Seeing the orginal writer not there and over half of the staffed replaced made me not want to bother seeing what it's about. It would be like being a big Whose line is it anways fan and not wanting to see the new version for obvious reasons.

No one likes a liar.

It'll end up Fate route - where they force good writers to write around shit fucking characters, settings and waifutrash resulting in sad clusterfuck that you'd better be off avoiding entirely.

Well, they did it again, replacing the unacceptable practice of censorship with the unacceptable practice of paid DLC. Guess this goes on the list of games to pirate in the future.

Well there's nothing wrong with paid DLC in itself, it's just the amount of content that comes with said DLC.

I remember when DLC was free and it was to support a game's community to keep people buying the game.


You buy consoles for games not the console itself.

When companies started having GOTY versions of their games about one year after release, they used to release any extra content as free patches.

Pic related is a game that never comes up on Holla Forums, it was PC Gaming's own Wipeout.

DLC should have followed the path of expansions. Remember when you bought a PC game, and some time latter they released an expansion that wasn't quite a sequel, but expanded plot with a new quest/campaign, gave you a host of new assets and maybe new mechanics. Those were the times.

Just don't buy the season pass and get the expansion when the time comes if you want, this is hardly a time to be calling jewtendo. Nintendo resisting DLC / paid online for so long didn't exactly win them any extra sales or good will so it's no wonder they don't bother now.

Devs releasing games on switch that require 24GB downloads in addition to the cart is light years of jewry ahead of what XBC2 is doing

All this rose-tinted nostalgia over gears and saga when you were 10 years old is hardly constructive either

I liked the game, but the best thing about it is the intro to be honest.

Isn't there an uncensored undub floating around nowadays?

seems like they just styled mithra. zoroastrian divinity of light and oaths. tbh the more I think I think of it the better mithra is a name than just hikari.

It will probably be censored and the devs will try to defend it and justify it like they did with the last game despite the game flopping because of it.

Botw has a season pass and it literally contains nothing of note

Isle Delfino, Yoshi's Island, maybe even a Luigi's Mansion kingdom would be pretty sweet. I would pay money for them if the content/cost ratio was reasonable.
But a full-on Galaxy 2 style sequel would be fine too.

Not even master mode? Actually having a challenge every once in a while really breaks up the monotony of playing ball-in-a-cup for korok seeds for the umpteenth time.

Well okay master mode is pretty alright, but I was more talking about the armor and we still don't know anything about the 2nd dlc.

Isn't master mode just the hard mode?

Kinda, from what I played it also switches up the enemy layout (There's a white-maned Lynel on the Great Plateau now) and also eliminates the lowest tier of enemies, so you won't encounter red Bokoblins or Moblins anymore. Add this to the fragility of early game weapons, and you have to be careful of what fights you think are worth the trouble.

Oh yeah, and they regenerate health too, so you have to be aggressive.

Absolutely disgusting. Nigtendo everybody.

iirc Jewtendo wats to work directly with censors now in order to acieve maximum possible censorship.
and yes, those are shopped pics

It's coming out next month

It's already gone gold and we've seen the latest build
So it's already impossible for that user.

Haven't a couple games been retroactively censored through updates? Even if it's gold, aren't they still bugtesting to create a v1.1 update which is released the day the game releases and is applied before any normal buy gets the game? I wouldn't hold my breath.

They are spongier but they drop a greater variety of loot as well which gives you more interesting options when dealing with them. It also forces you to manage your food items and elixir buffs to actually fight effectively. And the durability is only really a critical issue until you get the inventory expansions. Once the game starts throwing tier 3 mobs at you consistently its actually pretty fun if you're using every tool you have available to you at that point. On normal you can just paddle everything with basic drops and the game is a cakewalk. Paying for it does suck though, but you can just emulate it on CEMU if that's a deal breaker for you.

Capcom censored Street Fighter post-launch, removing nipples and camera angles and shit. They've also banned certain outfits from their srs bsns esportz espn streams.

"Generic anime" isn't necessarily bad, it's goon-tier critique that comes up in every JRPG thread. That user is right in that you are clueless about the Xeno games and their ties to anime.

I'm hoping they learned their lesson after the mess surrounding XCX, but this is cucktendo we're talking about here, you may be right. At least you can avoid a patch, though.

But are the subtitles going to actually fit the JP audio? I know enough of the language to where inconsistencies are going to fuck with me, but where I can't do without subs yet.
Also, is this a direct sequel or can I jump right in without having played 1? I never had a Wii so I didn't play the first but I'm kind of interested to see what's become of the Xeno series since I played Gears and Saga to death years ago.

It's not a direct sequel, but I'm sure there'll be references you might miss. Nothing major though.
No idea on the subtitles, but I'm guessing they won't match since the audio in the trailer had different names for Pyra's alt-form.
XB1 was ported to 3DS. Pretty good job of it too. Feels cramped on there though. Best bet is to emulate and upscale the Wii version if you want to play it.

Yeah that's what I was worried about, the names being all screwy and whatnot. That's probably a dealbreaker for me unless the game manages to avoid any other significant pitfalls. But that still remains to be seen.

Just off the top of my head:
Homura = Pyra
Rakuen = Elysium
Hikari = Mythra (Homura alt)

If they're going that far, it's all but a given that, at the very least, names will be fucky the entire way through. I'm sure the script won't be too out of line with the spoken nip, but it's definitely going to be "spruced up" as it were and incongruent.

I know this kind of shit triggers the HELL out of me, and my nip ability is probably about the same as yours.

Switch emulator when?
I'm late.

Didn't Skull Girls also cuck out? I also remember some vague about VA11-ha11a or how ever the fuck it's spelled.

Generic western shit isn't necessarily bad. It's weeb-tier critque that comes up in every Bethesda thread.

I want cuckchan to leave, the neofag threads were a mistake.

Japs fucking hate fags like you. I'm playing Shadow Hearts and so far seems it to not be anime. There are plenty of games made by nips that aren't just copy pastes of the most popular kinds of anime like shounenshit or cute girls doing cute things.

Kill yourself you retarded projecting faggot.

>ywn learnmoonrunes

No U!

I'm glad Monolith are still massive /m/-fags, even if there's no playable mecha this time round. As for the game itself I'm not touching a switch until it's got a sizeable library of games I want to play but I hope it turns out alright, season pass is worrying though.

To be fair the Metatron in ZOE was basically Getter Rays.

Shit! I have two bladefus to polish now?