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I never got the point of that tripfag RP shit, but it was OC ;_;



ROBfag went on fucking holidays with ROB and roleplayed with it.

This faggot paid money to goto other places just to roleplay on an imageboard.

it was a tripfag RPing for attention
Just go to 4AM to see it in action

You are truly the blackest of niggers.

You forgot this gem


How will Mark ever recover?

ROB is just a Nintendrone who RPs with consoles/peripherals. The problem is that Mark gave him special treatment and banned anyone who went and against ROB, even when it wasn't a ROB thread

They are both the same type of cancer.

So it's just goons crying loud enough until people don't want to post here anymore?

go back to cuckchan if you love your tripfags so much



These kneejerk reactions pretty much confirm it's goons.

Good one less attention whore.

Yeah Ritsu,you did it!!! XDDD

This is our board now.

go back to cuckchan

He's fucking next

go back to cuckchan faggot
your ilk should've never come here in the first place.

Hahaha yeah guys thank god no one makes those threads after all this is the most serious and important video games board ever. Fuck that guy for making oc.

It's always been Holla Forums, how did he not understand this.

Seriously, the whole website is ours. Fuck Holla Forums tho.

And nothing of value was lost!

Attention whore circlejerking at its worst. And Mark fucking watches the threads like a hawk, deleting any dissent.

So let me get this straight.
You've scared away one person. Just one. And you're proud of it.

You scared away someone that actually posted about videogames, that tried to make some OC and made a lot of people happy…
To replace him with what?
More threads about politics, since you can no longer debate on Holla Forums?
More threads about shitting on games that nobody likes?
More threads about cancerous shit that should never get any attention?

And you're proud of this? Really?

Can't wait for the next Exodus, not everyone got out just because of bad moderation, some people just wanted Holla Forums to talk about videogames again.

fuck off rob

Nintendo is cancer and rob is double cancer.
Get fucked nintoddlers.

This is true.

Did this nigger not know why we migrated in the first place?

and then I knew they were cancer

You'll never get those 10 dollars back, so I get you're frustrated, but you should still see the irony in your post.

Confirmed for goons

Like pottery.

He must not have spent much time here.

Remember, always slit your wrists vertically, otherwise you're just whoring for attention.

It was literally camslut circlejerk endorsed by mods.
You can't get any more cancerous than that.

Oh, right it has always been a part of the board that sees videogames as degenerate and a waste of time.
The same board that got onboard with Gamergate not because there was political agendas in videogames but because the wrong message was being passed.

Right, I get you. The board that not only turned itself into a gigantic circlejerk but is also proud of how only the hivemind is tolerated there, that board owns the whole site.
Gotchu, fam.

You shut your fucking whore mouth. Some of us migrated from Holla Forums, not Holla Forums and we migrated because every post was shitpost with no discussion and twitter-like feedback.
Some of us actually wanted to discuss videogames and talk about cool shit, not because we wanted a right-leaning view on the games we liked.
You have your fucking board, stay there.

I couldn't be more smug even if I tried.

Then why are you defending an attentionwhore tripfag who isn't even tangentially related to video games?

Sounds like someone's having trouble adjusting to life in the Modern Day.

Did you cut your dick off yet?

Free speech, as far as I remember.

Wow, it's a tragedy, how will the board ever recover?

Is this shit real?
If it is, it'll make my day.

Look, Rob, it's done and over. You decided to stop doing threads, so be a man and stop bitching. If you were just a thread where Mark didn't delete any dissenter's opinion then you would at the very least be tolerated. But that didn't happen, and you decided to move on. So move on.


That was a very touching love story. You never know, maybe he found him and has stuffed user's corpse in a fridge so they can always be together.

8/v/ hasn't changed much at all since 2014, who hurt his feelings?

seriously though rule#9

Maybe because he did some cool shit with videogames that made people smile?
Maybe because he actually gave a damn to actually make something new and contribute to the thread?

Tell me, you stupid fuck, what's next?
Holla Forums airlines are to go too?
"Holla Forums sings together" is to end as well?

You fucking fucks have your own fucking board, you ruined it to hell and back and now you're here ruining what little good there was on Holla Forums as well. You're a fucking parasite, no different from muslims, invading a country with a different culture than your own and demanding it changes because it offends you.

Take 4am, Webm, Rob, Rabbit and you still have 246 to talk about all the stupid pointless shit you faggots talk about whenever you aren't shitting about anyone else.
You even made this whole thread when there was no point for this shit at all, this isn't even videogames, it's you gloating about how much of a faggot you are.

I fucking hope every single thread that has a fucking inknling of political shit is reported and deleted on sight because I'll fucking derail every single one I'll see from now on.
Enough with the fucking politics, you faggots have gone too far this time.


Something that didn't exist in rob threads.

Nice trips, but rob threads were against the rules to begin with.

Go away anita.

How was he an attention whore? I mean, yeah I get that he did something that gets attention, but how was he a whore about it?

Keep deluding yourself you unhinged attentionwhore.

nigger rule one of imageboards is lurk more till you know, and you go out and ask like a fucking redditor newfag. you should have been banned.

You sure stand out, you know that.

Because moot and his cucked moderators were censoring Holla Forums? As I recall Holla Forums moved to Holla Forums and Holla Forums moved to Holla Forums.

in despite western games still shove off more garbage from liberal/marxist ideology?

Better go allahu ackbar on the devs first before going after an anonymous imageboard


Oh, how terrifying. I'm shaking in my boots.

Not everyone that disagrees with this is ROB.
Not everyone that disagrees with you is Holla Forums
Not everything is black and white and the whole board didn't had to be black and white videogames discussion. Tangencial shit like ROB could have a place alongside everything else but nooooo, it offended your feelings seeing someone getting attention and putting some effort.

I think I only ever was present in realtime in one of his threads, the rest I either came late or saw archives, but they were always filled with Anons that laughed and smiled at the stupid shit ROB would get into.
And it was about 2 fucking plastic toys ACTUALLY PLAYING VIDEOGAMES. SHOCKING.

But nooo, can't have that. Only mature discussion about mature politics for mature shitposters like we are, right?

And some of us went to both boards, and got fed up with Moots lies and liberal faggotry.
Boy you sure are one lying little nigger. Pic related.

You have your fucking site, stay there. >>>/cuckchan/

And guess what mark censores anything anti-nintendo and anything-anti rob.

I agree with you user. Most of the screeching spergs are just jealous because they don't do anything in life that would merit respect/attention, so they don't like anyone having it. Really they're just a loud minority.

I came here because it was impossible to talk about Zoe Quinn and Nathan Grayson anywhere else, due to the rampant and coordinated censorship.
You niggers came later, and tried to pretend you were OG, or that you run shit.
I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Holla Forumsyps are trying to revise history.
I won't really miss ROB threads, though. I thought they were too self-indulgent.

Go back to >>>/cuckchan/ if MUH POLITICS scares you so much you little nigger kike.

Yeah, cuz I'm so scared of a retarded tripfag

Cry moar faggot.

Nigger Holla Forums was one of the first boards to revolt. Do you not remember the entire catalog filled with janitor mockery?

Translation: I spam threads I don't like

Holla Forums moved to Holla Forums, but Holla Forums is full of crossposters from half and full Holla Forums because they like playing milsims every now and then (to prepare for the day of the rope) and because they saw videogames as a form of media to spread their message.
They are as bad for vydia as the left, now.

You stupid fuck, you just made one of the last places that was comfy enough to talk about videogames a little bit less comfy and you gained nothing from that except temporary shadenfreude.

What are you, 5?

Oh so you're a PR fag who got mad as GG became political, which was an inevitability to begin with. Nigger, you stop rewriting history.

Delicious drama

take your meds you lunatic.

The doing it for free stuff was /sp/ though.

Yet more proof that there's an effort to change this place, slowly phase out all the unique stuff and given time, you won't be able to tell this place apart from 4/v/


No, I fell out of GG as it became clear that it was winding down. We did our job, fucked over some game sites, brought the SJW distraction tactic to mainstream attention, and then just kind of spun our wheels for about six months. By the time of the journalism conference in Miami, it had been over for a while.

Holla Forums doesn't even like itself. Mark must still be asleep or this thread would have been deleted by now.

Enough with the fucking politics, you faggots have gone too far this time

wow u are a fag

Mark has been active the last hour and deleted some posts, I have no idea whether in this thread or not. The thread has been bumplocked but that's because of Pewter.

Unless the robo-faggot is part of your wast right wing conspiracy you're a retard.

I sort of liked Rob threads in the beginning.
Now it feels like a simpson thing.
I do miss story time with Junji Ito though, that was a Holla Forums tradition I'm sad we lost.

So fucking what? Maybe some people knew that shit was obvious from the start, of course the media is biased, of course reviewers are paid, likely with sexual favours.
You wanted to have your grand shitposting festival about a literal whore, but some people couldn't care less about that shit.

What a tragedy that you can't discuss how a women advances her career with sexual favors on an imageboard.
In the meantime can we please talk about videogames? No? Well I guess I'll go to this new chan full of people that actually give a damn about videogames. PSYCHE! Actually all they care about is to use them as propaganda for their political standing.

What if we start talking about cooking, uh? Or tv shows! Or Anime and japanese culture?
What about we start threads about topics irrelevant to the board at all, since you're already doing it with politics?

I mean, what's the point in having borders having a topic for each board, we should accept posters from every other board!

So you're either:
a) ROB, which is pathetic enough
b) An user who isn't ROB but is so offended that threads he never visits got banned that he wants to drag this place down. Which is even worse by the way. Can't believe the way you're acting concerned about user ruining the board by banning stuff you like and then turning around and saying you'll ruin the board because stuff you like got banned. Seriously, look in a mirror every once in a while.

He was active an hour ago, Pewter just bumplocked it and called it a day. faggots don't know how to moderate.

Rob acting like a nigger anonymously isn't very entertaining, it reminds me of YandereDev.

let's check dubs now

The rules state that meta threads get bumplocked. Mark will probably delete it anyways when he see it though.


No, you take your fucking Rytalin.
You changed nothing about the state of the world, you self-indulgent lunatic.
This does nothing good for anyone anywhere, all it achieves is no longer hurting the feels of faggots to stupid to Hide a thread and inflate the ego of self-appointed content gatekeepers.

Wasn't even. He used a trip like the fag he is. And even without names, avatarfagging is the same thing.

check em niggers

Every time.

You trying to get him to commit suicide?

sure showed me
go fondle your shitty peripheral some more.

Why are you saging a thread you know is bumplocked? At least you got dubs.

I don't fucking care who you are, there was deliberate favoritism shown towards Rob in his threads by Mark and the mods, especially Mark. The fucking owner of this board was showing favoritism, on what is supposed to be a free board. And you fucking wonder why some people here are celebrating his departure?

Piss off. I don't know if you're Rob, Mark, or just some random faggot but don't come crying here about hurt feelings considering the favor he held with the board's staff.


nice single

Nah, marks awake. He bumplocked thread about some new feminist gamegroup forming to combat videogames about an hour ago.

The attack on culture threads has been an ongoing thing for the past 3 years tbh. We've already lost a lot of culture threads with screams to remove the rest.

If Holla Forums sees vidya as a source to promote propaganda why aren't they making videogames?

How is
The same as comfy posting with a slutty gameboy and ROB?

I never really noticed the R.O.B. threads, but I enjoyed them sometimes. I don't get why people are so angry and hateful about them, they never obstructed the board and the community. Most of the problem came from people derailing unrelated threads with pro and anti R.O.B. matter, so I am not quite sure how to feel about this.

Anyone have the timeframes for the exoduses?

You realize he was using trips in the intended way?

yeah such an intended feature that it has been completely phased out

You're a stupid faggot, how can I be ROB and only being present in one of his threads?

I'm offended at this mob-mentality from faggots that actually beleive they alone decide what content is allowed and end up scaring away people that contribute far more than yet another "ASS DEFECT SO STUPID AMIRITE" threads.

The fucking board is already on the verge of ruin, can't have a single thread about a new game because you're a shill, can't have a thread about any game that doesn't feature an aryan male, otherwise there's obviously a leftist propaganda somewhere.
Just like the leftist faggots create Nazis, you faggots end up creating the left you despise.

I will personnaly shitpost every single thread that talks more about politics than videogames because that's exactly what those threads fucking deserve.
Prepare for horseshoe theory spam 24/7 seven, because that's where you faggots have gone down to.

is there another kind of those on an anonymous greek sheep herding board?


The people that run the Holla Forums board show favoritism towards video game subjects. Weird dude.

Keep crying bitchboi.

How many decades of your life are you prepared to dedicate to defending the lost e-honor of your beloved tripfag?

That's really about all it was for the most part. To others it was apparently a blight on the board, and to the remainder it was a thing that Holla Forums had that was enjoyable.

It's the same dynamic that's played out several times already with other threads, and seemingly both parties feel it was larger than it really was.

Didn't know avatarfagging and attentionwhoring with pictures of a shitty piece of plastic was considered a video game subject

boy you are a whiny nigger

go back to fucking freech with your "spam is free speech" mentality, you faggots always derail threads you don't like instead of ignoring or hiding them, deleting your shitty posts and bad attempts at doing so should be mandatory for every single fucking thread until you learned to actually hide the shit you dont like.

Grow a fucking thicker skin and stop going to threads about topics you don't like, the board shouldn't change to accomodate you, you should change to fit in the board, it's the very fucking first rule newfags have to learn and you haven't even gone that far yet!

Anyone who comes here for shit like ROB and 4AM doesn't belong here anyway. That's reddit-tier trash.

This is what happens when a young man becomes infected with leftism, I'm going to let you in on a little secret user. Holla Forums has and always will be Holla Forums, it was like this on cuckchan.too.

Rob is a whiny nigger apparently.

This whole thread reminds me of this.

And yet, you keep declaring that you're going to spam the board instead of ignoring or hiding things you don't like.

Why do you fucking think so?

Because they are Nazi NEET Larpers sitting in their basement with no technical skills of their own.
They can't draw, they can't code, they can't do anything on their own and therefore have to apropriate the work of someone else.
That's why the best you'll find are mods for other games.

Yet you thought attention whoring was acceptable on an anonymous imageboard.

wew >>>Holla Forums

Well you could be lying and messed up in your lie, but I'm willing to believe you're a lying ROB because an user being this offended about stuff he doesn't care about feels strange to me. Did you have a shitty day and then come here to unwind or something? Because your posts are embarrassing. If you actually gave a shit about this site you wouldn't go have this massive spergout about ROB threads getting deleted, you'd be making content alongside him and trying to get everyone to have a nice time. But you never really cared at all about the board, do you?

I didn't know your precious plastic avatar was so goddamn important to you. But please, do continue, and I'll continue telling you why you were wrong for deliberate and specific favoritism to be shown to one single faggot in a sea of faggots on the net.

The difference, you fucking nigger, is that this board isn't about politics. It's about videogames and ROB was videogames.
You want to import your fucking culture here? You want your fucking White Sharia on Holla Forums?


Are you a feminist?

that's just like, your opinion dude, I think you're retarded

Im a little cold today

Good one you deluded retardo
Which part about your self aggrandizing fan fiction was video games?
The one where you took pictures of a long defunct video game peripheral and wrote your blogposts around it?

I understand that some people like to roleplay. That's cool and all.
But why on an anonymous imageboard? Or, why be surprised that other people, who are not that into the same kind of play, would go in to shitpost in your thread? It's not something that only happens in ROB threads. Shitposts are normal in any imageboard, and we either ignore them or sit back and have a giggle at people who respond to them. Knowing that, it becomes pretty silly to actually get butthurt that your roleplay threads have some people going in to have a laugh at your expenses.

Who's willing to bet that 99% of the goons here are using VPNs to amplify their voice


I am going to fix this entire thing. I am going to order my own R. O. B. and make those threads myself.

Mark deleted every trace of shitposting from ROB's gay threads anyway.

I would've respected ROB threads if most of the episodes weren't just an advertisement for the newest Nintendo product. From my recollection, one of the ARMS themed threads was just a waifubait shill campaign.

Or maybe I've seen enough D&C to know cancer when I see it.

The problem isn't even that people shitposted his threads. Mark sat on them like a hawk, deleting any post which called the ROB faggot out.

The problem to the Tripfag is that people(unsurprisingly) don't like him and he is mad about it.

What? Political threads only exist when they're also vidya related. Is he upset the majority of people here hold the wrong opinion or something?


First couple of times were novel. Then it became stale roleplaying garbage, even back on cuckchan. I'd rather discuss vidya.



I imagine that's because it kinda ruins the thread when people purposefully try to derail and make the thread shit by not posting about video games. You can never get banned on this board if you're actually trying to talk about video games.


Anything that criticizes nintendo is a shitpost for your ilk.
A few weeks back Mark was protecting the cuckchan BotW template thread spammer by banning anyone who called him out.

You're still on your honeymoon period I see.

$120 for a used toy
That's really fucking pathetic, I imagine a kid would appreciate it more than the basement it's rotting in.


what where am I
Since when was ROB as hated as this? I feel like I was just looking at a comfy thread last week.

you mean like you are doing right now?

Mark usually deletes anything slightly critical of ROB.

There's a difference between criticizing something and being a retarded nigger.

Honestly anyone who ruins a thread about a Nintendo game just because faggots don't like the company should be banned.

It's a meta thread you tard

Rob wasn't avatarfagging, he wasn't roleplaying, he wasn't advertising, he wasn't attention whoring. He was putting on a show for people, telling a story about video games with pictures of a video game character.

Now imagine, instead of just ignoring such an innocuous thread you devote hours to spamming in it and shitposting so that no one will be able to enjoy it. How much of faggot do you have to be to have this kind of mentality?


oh no, someone shitposted in his thread. You fucking cunt nigger, there's shitposts in literally every goddamn thread on this board, Rob wasn't special. He didn't deserve special treatment.

You should've been banned tbh.

Age of decadence mods are most likely polacks or are very right wing.

Probably someone who pays ten bucks to post on a forum, or someone who hates Mark so much that they try to shit on everything he may or may not like.

Showing your true colors after all nintentard.

Explain how I'm wrong you retard

this isn't neofag

Found the goon

Yeah, nah. You need to go back.

I've seen more political discussion here than on Holla Forums in the past year or so.

kill yourself nintentards.

Probably because imkamfy is a terrible Board Owner that makes cuckchan look good.

Holla Forums spotted.

Holla Forums?

No, I just acknowledge that Holla Forums has terrible moderation, as does Holla Forums.

By attention whoring, you mean he got attention because people liked his work? What kind of sorry faggot gets worked up over that?

more people hate Mark than imkamfy
but hey he must be doing a great job because he loves nintendo like you

Nah he's a shill.

4am is great. Ritsu is getting his life around.

And where do you base this off of? Some random twitter poll? Say what you will about Mark, but he doesn't perma ban because they disagree with the common opinion.

Oh look, he's a consolewar kiddie too. Explains everything.


Pretty much



4AM is the only thread with attention whoring avatarfags, yet people only hate on ROB who made a thread once in a while

This thread needs to gassed with no survivors

nice single

Quality over quantity as it were.

The full house commands it.

I peeded



I'll pee on you

Dubs confirm our sins have caught up to us

4AM has a daily thread, yes.

I stole your dubs

Please give them back, that's bad manner

This thread needs to stay up so everyone can understand the blight that Holla Forums is.
Unable to actually have a political debate on their own board, they'll migrate to others just so they can proselytize their own religion.
Unable to tolerate a culture they do not understand, they'll shitpost and kvetch until it's removed and then gloat in their "victory".
They are the fucking muslims of the internet, let this thread be the reminder of that.

Political discussion is allowed if it's also vidya related, stop making it seem like every thread is Holla Forums.


Something something "just wanted to play vidya"
Also what do you mean "this time"?

Then ROB should be allowed because it's vydia related as well, but you'll invoke your double standard about "not bydia! :DDD" because it pisses you off someone else is getting attention for their effort.

Stop making every thread devolve into DA JOOS and IT HAS LEFTIST PROPAGANDA IT SHOULD BE RIGHT INSTEAD


I'm pol as fuck, but I talk about that shit on the proper board. I come here to talk about video games, I assume most people are like that. Some people are so combative due to current events though that they see this board as some kind of battleground that needs to be conquered when in reality they're just preaching to the choir and whenever someone tells them to shutup they think it's because leftypol is trying to censor them.

lol fag dubs

nobody posts like this >>>/neofag/


Thanks for proving my point. Also kill all niggers.

found the goon >>>/somethingawful/

oh u said nigger u must be pol now

It's one thing to shitpost about your own political views or acting like an edgy nazi. Meme on all you want, a lot of the jew jokes are pretty funny, I can't deny that shit.

But when you actively start to undermine the culture of a board\people and subvert it into your own, when you remove what little good there was, you've overstepped your bounds and you need decapitation immidiatly.

You see this shit in a lot of threads, people complaining about "comfy", mocking old games that are considered classics for damn good reasons, trying to post as much about bad vydia as possible, you couldn't be more transparent about trying to undermine the whole topic here.

All of it, attempts at making videogames seem like a lost cause, a chore to even play, a hobby you should forget and move on from.
I don't care if it's da joos that want to control them, if it's some communist that wants neets in the factory instead, some Nazi larper that thinks we'll never be ubermench if we play videogames all day or if it's plain old freech\intl shitposting with D&C because that's just the kind of shit they find funny.

All of it should go and stay go, it has no place here. And for once, I'll actually blame the shitty moderation that allowed this to spread. Motherfucking political derails should have been a bannable offense from day fucking one and every single "fuck off Holla Forums" should have been deleted, all it does is give the illusion that they are the majority here.

See what I mean. No matter what anyone says you're just gonna see Holla Forums as some sort of battleground except it's all imagined in your head. If you don't like talking about video games then why are you here?


projection like a motherfucker




That's why I typed Holla Forums and not Holla Forums there, see? If I wanted to post about politics, there's so many different boards that you'd have to be really fucking stupid to miss them all and land on Holla Forums!

I see what the mistake was back then and how it fooled so many people, but get one thing straight, you stupid faggot.
The problem with vydia wasn't that it had Leftist propaganda. It was that it had propaganda at all to begin with.
You Holla Forumsyps joined up because you didn't liked the kind of propaganda being pushed, while Holla Forums fought on simply because they wanted good games with no propaganda.
Well, there's plenty of games now that have no propaganda we can talk about and, ironically enough, ROB was without propaganda. But we can't have that shit because whithout a cause to fight for, you have no purpose on life and therefore you must find that propaganda, even where there is none.

Why am I still here?
I remember a fucking goon a few years back in 2014 saying that they would make the boards hate each other and bring cuckchan tier shitposting here, I had the worst feeling about it, I really wish my HDD didn't die so I could post it right.

I'm not going to cuckchan, that shithole had become Reddit incarnage but this place is getting near it.

While theres still fun and some discussion to be had the cuckchan tier shitposting, baiting and derailing has gone for too long and is still a huge presence.

The NeoGaf threads were great until the cuckchan/v/ and the Holla Forumsacks started ruining everything with their fucking cancer and cringe and called over their fucking cuckchan counterparts.

I weep for this board, I weep for what we lost.

Don't you dare taint Chen with this faggotry.

I dunno man, it's probably just young people being retarded. I mean, I though this was epic enough to screenshot back in 09, what a faggot I was.

And what makes you believe that's Holla Forums? I'd understand if you kept talking about political derails, but you seem to equate anything bad with them, and completely ignore that possibility that some Holla Forums users are a shit and love to shitpost. You've turned that board into a boogieman that's after everything you love in here.

Wow, Rude. Calm down, take a chill pill, that's not how you talk to other people online.
The thread started with people talking about a quite controversial series of threads that you never visited no longer being allowed, and promptly you started brow-beating anyone in the thread about how Holla Forums is changing our culture. Really, if we go by postign quality I'd take a faggot that's 50% politics 50% videogames over an emotional manchild like you every day.

I call bullshit. Mark is just retarded sometimes. Kikey is actively malevolent.

Unfortunately there's no saving this board or this site. It all went to shit.

I have seen many a faggot OP but this one takes the cake.


Too lazy to check if dose is posted, so take half a dose.

You used this image with the exact same file name on the meta thread you fat fuck, we know it's you.

As long as you have that attitude it will be impossible to save it.

These people deserve physical harm. If you can't be open to genuine fun here, and accept both the good with the bad that comes with creativity, then you don't understand a goddamned thing about what made imageboards great in the first place, and need to get the fuck out.

White Sharia

The Holla Forumsyp sees the Middle East culture and despises it for the most inane reasons, when in reality it recreates it in it's entirety.
This comes as a natural consequence of shallow skin-deep beings that focus more on skin color than culture, tribalism at an animal level like the poor beasts they are, incapable of understanding human nature in it's fullest.

The Holla Forumsyp regards his political views as a moral guide book to dictate the actions of everyone in an objective way, never stopping for a moment how akin to a religion\cult they actually are.
There are holy texts (inforgraphs, Mein Kampf) and sins (be born the wrong race\gender\culture\religion), Gods you must worship (Hitler, Trump) and eternal damnation awaits you if you don't agree with that (Day of the Rope)
Especially wicked and strange is the regression of Christian culture, back to the Dark Age with their inquisition-like views on how to enforce it, as if the Enlightnement was a mistake for them.

Of course, in the end their form of Christianity ends up being akin to Islam. A religion that serves only to enforce the rules they believe society should run on, something that takes precedence over even worshiping their God. A religion that must be spread as far as possible and to everyone, by force even if necessary for all those that would oppose it are clearly wicked evil men that need your help or death.

Because of this, the Holla Forumsyp will never stay still in his own containment chamber. He will always travel and infiltrate every community possible to proselytize (redpill) their culture. Anyone that protests against that kind of discussion is a khaffir (Holla Forums) and only does so because he is evil and wicked. The community that the Holla Forumsyp joins might have it's own culture and they are allowed to keep it so long as it doesn't interfere with the Holla Forumsyp's own culture.
Odds are, that's not the case as his culture is one of fighting and struggling and therefore he will always try to find something he can fight and struggle against, ruining every aspect of culture where he joins as everything becomes offensive to some degree.
When he is done, he moves on to another place, already having "redpilled" that community.

Despite all of the similarities, the Holla Forumsyp will vehemently deny any similarity to Islam and in one thing he has a point. Islam is a warrior's religion in the sense that it serves the purpose of creating a caste of warriors that fight to protect their homeland and expand it. Of course, in the current days this doesn't see much use by Islam with the exception of terrorists and therefore their religion leads to a terrible state of affairs in their own countries, full of men bred for war with none to join.

Meanwhile, the White Sharia of Holla Forums serves a different purpose. Proselytizing and spreading it is just a means to an end, that end being the increase in their ego and sense of self-worth.
Unable to achieve anything on their own except loud amounts of shitposting, the only thing they have going for them is a sense of superiority over the rest of the world. The idea that they are "right" and this can only exist as long as they talk about it and force it on everyone else.
Why strive to be a better person when you can just ascertain that you are the better person in the room? Especially when you surround yourself by like-minded individuals who agree with you and enforce the idea that everyone else is terrible, therefore making you better in comparison?

The next time you see Holla Forumsyps invading a board and complaining about something they don't like, think of Sharia Laws in London, with muslims going inside pubs and telling patrons not to drink beer.
They believe they are right and are just trying to help you meet their God. But do they really have the right to push their culture on you?

I heard Neofag is back up again.

He's shit though, the last time I visited the active threads were either cuckchan larping or esoteric bullshit. There's the exception here and there but it's pretty shit for the most part. Also not related but the average user there types like a fucking reddit/facebook crossbreed

Now is not the time to give up, now's the time to fight back and retake those boards.
Now, more than ever, since the moderation clearly won't do anything about the blatant political derails or low effort threads.

It's up to use to derail the derails and to make threads about good vydia instead.
It is up to use to do what Holla Forums will never do: build a community.

The revisioning starts!
I've been to one thread while he was posting and a few others when it was over, plus several archives and screencaps.
And it's not "not being allowed", it's ROB stating he ain't gonna do them anymore out of his own volition.

Thank your autistic board owner for the reputation of being a circlejerk and every single faggot that replies to anyone who disagrees with them with "leftypol get out!"
You are full of cancer and nobody is gonna believe your "it's not pol! pinky swear!" anymore.

You're not really helping by being so combative with your rhetoric, doing the same as who you are criticizing. Pol is correct when you get to the core of the issues and will exist until those things are accepted by the mainstream. I agree they don't need to derail everything under the sun and turn it into the same argument over and over again.

kys niger


Since cuckchan flooded in

We've gained almost 8k new users user. At least. Take a guess.There was also mild resistance against ROB before now, due to him being technically a culture thread.

Wait no, 800.


I like to think we're just growing up. We've come a long way from winrar.

Newfags need to leave.

Horseshoe Theory and the Holla Forumsyp

Perhaps one of the few things that can possibly trigger the Holla Forumsyp, the horseshoe theory stands as a mental thorn to them, an uncomfortable truth that hurts their pride, their joy and even worse, their entire worldview on politics.

The Holla Forumsyp, with his narrow world view, sees the entire political spectrum as a single line. There's left and there's right.
Therefore, the idea that he could be in any shape or form close to the left makes no sense whatsoever, of course.
In reality, there's various axis in terms of politics that he will conflate into a single one so the choice for him and the labeling of his opposition is simpler to understand.
On the economic and social scale, he couldn't possibly be farther away from the left, disagreeing on every single topic of them (and making the classical mistake of extremists, trying to come up with a one-size-fits-all solution for every problem in society) however, much like the Left, he will willingly give all control of his life to the government as long as the right person is elected.
On his own, the Holla Forumsyp can't achieve much, just like the communists, and he knows this, so he supports the local form of authority as long as it panders to him. To him, there's no real trade happening as the state is only going to enforce rules they are already playing by, right?
In reality, they give up fundamental rights for what little safety they get in return.

This becomes especially clashing for any centrist or libertarian who doesn't believe socialism is a viable solution and would just rather have people be responsible for their actions, the government acting as less as necessary.
To the left, these are seen as right wing since they don't support their policies and devotion to the nanny state that funds their life.
To the right, these are seen as left wing, since they don't support the double standards regarding freedom of speech (You can say whatever you want, as long as it's good for society) or the devotion to the government that regulates their morals.
So even in their hate of moderates, the Holla Forumsyp ends up being quite similar to the extreme left.

The same mistakes also happen, where there's no forward thinking. Powers granted to the current government might be abused in the future depending on who's elected, but just like the Left doesn't care because they don't believe this can happen (see reaction to Trump's election), the Right also doesn't care because they too don't believe this can happen.
Of note is that American History, especially the Founding Fathers is rifled with lots of forward thinking about this kind of situation. You have the Constitution and the Electorate College among many other mechanisms to ensure the system can't be abused in the future, mechanisms that are always invoked to defend the viewpoint of the Holla Forumsyp now but that he wouldn't acknowledge as legit if someone else used them. Just like the Left.

The most mystifying aspect of this theory however is how easy it is to understand it to an outsider or a centrist, who can see how the horseshoe is bending, but how hard it is for any extremist to see it, since they are in it.
The Holla Forumsyp of course, will deny it all and cite every single point of disagreement he can with the left, always ignoring the similarities pointed out, never even acknowledging them. Just like the Left does.
At the same time, his extremist views reduce the pull his worldview actually has, making his movement a minority one.
There's strength in the Holla Forumsyp but it's strength he can't use alone, and therefore he will always be used by centrists that wish to shift the pendulum from left to right, once the left has accrued too much power, much like the left serves the same purpose.
And because they are in a blind spot of the horseshoe, much like the left, they will never notice this and even delude themselves to believe they are the masterminds behind every social movement they were involved with. Again, much like the left is.

In truth, the great majority of civilization is far closer to the center, leaning left or right depending on his life circumstances, and they will assist either side for a time when they deem it necessary, but they'll return to their centrist views as soon as their purpose is complete.
An excellent example is the Trump election and how much pull MAGA and similar stuff lost after Trump was elected.
Their mission achieved, the moderates went back to discuss the actual state of the nation and left autistic memeing to the far right.
This can also be seen by the popularity of Youtube channels of moderate talkers vs extremists of both right and left.
The moderate, being closer to the viewer in political terms, ends up sounding more reasonable, approachable and realistic, unlike the unhinged lunatics of either extremist side.

user please the board has been on a dowards spiral in quality since forever and every Summer and E3 it gets worse, you simply put up with it.

You're not helping

That still doesn't give them the right to ruin every board they touch and force their culture on everyone else. I won't deny the many points they have made that are indeed correct, but I'll always say their methodology to achieve them is fucking cancer.

Holla Forums isn't always correct though, they are nothing but a white version of islam and if they get their way, you'll have the exact same problems islam has today.
Center figures that dictate how everyone should act and can't be criticized, women that are good for nothing except breeding, a culture of fighting against people that won't accept them that doesn't produce anything with any cultural value, etc.

Holla Forums is nothing but a means to an end, not the end itself unless you want a White Arabia.

Right, I forgot some of them started with "kike on a pike", so I guess they already skipped the "worshipping God" and went straight for "religion is about enforcing my morals on you".

I'm going to make more of these, I'll save them in TXT files and I'll spam them in any thread these faggots make that is not 100% vydia.
If they want Talion's Law, I'll fucking gouge their eyes out with copypasta.

WTF? Holla Forums is this WEBM now.

What possibly could have provoked hobbyists of comics or vidya games to be pushed to the right? Anything short of unquestioning approval for the direction "nerd culture" has taken with mass commodification and blatant propaganda is purely an enigma.

Holla Forums has been Holla Forums since the exodus in 2014, there was an active collaboration between the two when gamergate was in full swing. Holla Forums's departure from 4chan happened maybe a month or so after Holla Forums's. Please refrain from speaking like you know what was going on.

You should make a gun and kill yourself instead.

You want /a/ moderation. Be careful with what you wish for.

Nu/pol/ is a gigantic fucking tumour and I hope ImKikey dies of something slow and painful.
Go back to >>>/cuckchan/ you cancerous blob

I hope you're right, but believe you're wrong. From all the time I've been here (about a year), the post quality has gone down slowly. More spam threads and low effort threads, more agressiveness between the users and boards, less tangential threads such as draw threads, etc. I didn't like ROB threads, thought they were retarded, but they weren't frequent enough to really shit up the board.
Still, we have game nights and draw threads (as slow as they are), which is something, I guess.

(((        __,,,……….,,,,_     ____,.r'´  _____,.  `ヽ.___    `ヾ::rゝァ'ー´::::::`''ーァ'"::::ィ`フ      ァ〉'´ヽ!、ハ:::::ハ;:ィ:::`ヽ.k'´     イ::::;ノァ!=、.Vァr=;'ト.!::::::i:::!      レヘ7! !_r!  !__r! 〉!、!:::|      /:::!⊃  _  ⊂⊃ハ:::|      !ハ:> 、.,,__  ,.イ::/::::/       レ'´Vrイ!ー7`'レ、 V         /|l}>'r,く{:::/ ヽ.   __ノ´)         ! ';〈!ヘ」>/   i  ,.',..- ''"          ,|  ';__:::/  ハ//ニヽ.  ) )       ,.r<:|  i::::/   /::::r>、`ヽ)       .,i´ ̄ヽ.,__!/、__,//´`ヽi>、       Lゝ、  .>、i_,.へ´  ,. '´-'´         ``'く/i'´ ヽ.,>''´           ヽ.l、__/´HONK HONK)))

Jesus. Try getting a job or something.


By "we" I'm assuming you mean goons and no you don't but goddamn are you ever trying.

Fighting back against something is just as bad as attacking!

Fascists have jobs, currently main proponents of communism are rich CEO's
he wouldn't want to risk becoming like either of them!

ROB threads were pretty fun. Too bad no fun allowed autistic faggots can't help but spam shitpost.

Nobody shifted anywhere or at least not as much as you think.
A lot of unaffiliated people have a more favorable look on right wing ideas but still doesn't agree with most of them, while a bunch of underage teenager larpers took the oportunity to become edgy nazis because that's just what kids to get attention.

Meanwhile, the average Holla Forums poster still just wants to play videogames with no politics being forced on him. By either side.

At least /a/ talks about anime now.

That's a very nice Chen. And it reminds me we could really use some extra characters to better color text for more than 4 colors.

Right back at you. Why don't you try to get something that's not just flipping burgers or being an unofficial moderator of an imageboard?

This thread has run its course, so fuck it.

Political discussion only happens in the respective threads, everything else is derailing, everything else is deleted and banned when reported.

I wish Holla Forums would stay in their designated shitposting board

Your mom is paying me to do her whenever she gets tired of telling you to move out of the house. I'm fucking rich m80.

That would be great. It would also be nice if people complaining about Holla Forums didn't join in the shitposting and make it even worse.




Is that actually a good anime to see? I've seen it posted a lot and it looks really cute.

And when you have faggots claiming that "Holla Forums is Holla Forums" like any many others in this very thread, the "respective threads" are every single one to them.
You can't go a single thread about new games with shillposting, you can't go a single thread without it eventually devolving into da joos and you can't ever disagree with this or anything at all without being called Holla Forums.

See what I fucking mean?
"It's okay to subvert this board because Holla Forums does it too!"
"If we don't redpill those poor Holla Forumsirgins, they will be indocrinated into communism!"
"We have to spread islam white nationalism to them ASAP, by force if necessary!"

This shit ain't funny anymore, never was and never will be.

We tried coexistence, you little shit. It's never enough for you. So you've been shown the cultural door. Nobody wants you here. You think the right got popular because everyone just wants to pretend to be edgy? It's because we're sick of you, in everything. We want you gone, forever.

Holla Forums wasn't completely flooded by derails and cuckchan tier shitposting preachers until Jewt filtered cuck/pol/ and the cancer came to this one.
Before that Holla Forums had political topics and no matter where you aligned yourself the discussion was heated but cordial and the two boards cooperated with board related shit whenever they could despite setbacks and some Stormfags becoming jaded GG didn't go full 1488, cuck memes abounded.

After cuck/pol/ flooded most of the vets fucked off after the board went full cancer with shittons of misinformed retards shitposting and sheep ready to be fully pumped of rethoric and idealistic bullshit started to become the majority.
Then the election happened and the board went full on cancer, Kekistan, unironic Trump worshipping pretending he wasn't something else other than the best of two kike tier candidates, downplaying wrong moves to push more rethoric, creating boogeymans when a couple of retards raided the board, ImKikey banning anyone who didn't agree with his personal views, template threads on Holla Forums with Trump and Hitler.

cuck/pol/ the Holla Forums you see today on full/pol/ only left when Mootkins when full on hotpocket SJW on their board, they are pure unaltered fucking cancer, most don't even archive shit, giving shekels to the people they supposedely hate.

Your historic revisionism won't work, Holla Forums wasn't Holla Forums, Holla Forums was never Holla Forums and never will be despite your efforts.
Holla Forums does it own thing while Holla Forums tries to subvert it with their cancer while boasting about it just like cuckchan gets all the credit whenever h8chan does something, and the NeoFag cyclical proved that exactly.

No, I want /tg/ tier moderation

Holla Forums is Holla Forums in the sense that most anons here also at least lurk Holla Forums


It's like Wild Arms, where it isn't particularly outstanding, but has loads of charm to it. The first 10 minutes has completely terrible animation but it gets better. Not good by objective standards, but better. The story is intriguing and leaves a lot to the imagination. The characters are where the series really shines, though. Overall it's great for a show that was made by ~10 amateurs and no-name seiyuu in a studio apartment.

I remember actually being able to talk about indieshit without being fucking called a shill.
Whenever someone asked for a magnet I would give it to them.
I wasn't forced to give out a magnet on the OP to talk about a fucking game, and I fucking shouldn't.

Eat shit

You're a baffling little user. I'd love to put you in a closed space and try experiments on you.

Goons are a strange breed.

That's another huge intentional misdirection on their part. They bitch about Holla Forums "subverting" Holla Forums when what is actually happening is that the two largest boards on the site have significant crossboard traffic. They see it as subversion because it's wrongthink, and clearly that means the enemy is up to something. Holla Forums has no pull outside of its own board because it's a tiny festerhole of a handful of users that are using bots to inflate their IP and post counts, trying to seem relevant. And worse, they've alienated themselves by ACTUALLY LAUNCHING SUBVERSION CAMPAIGNS against other boards.

At least they're shit at it and make it obvious.

Not being allowed porn or drugs sounds like a better life than not being allowed to leave -40 degrees cold labor camp in the middle of nowhere.
Thanks for concern.
O rather, I'd prefer Interwar Poland, or Imperial Japan to Soviet Union or Venezuela.

I remember when they came here to defend Alisson Rape while "pretending" to be pedophiles because she defended preteen minors should be able to consent.

Then she got fired, good shit

It's like watching a kid throwing a tantrum. You don't resolve nothing speging out like a autist only because the threads you like are no more

You haven't even read the thread have you?

Chrow is one in a billion anyways. Best BO ever.

I want that too but for that to happen you need /tg/ tier board demographics.

Bull fucking shit. You came over, you said "this shit ain't kosher" and you demanded it go away. You're no fucking different than the leftist parasites.
You gonna tell me you couldn't bear 1 thread in 250? It was too much for you to know somewhere in that vast catalogue there was a thread about an autistic boy and his plastic toy? That it had to go away entirely?

Tell me one single fucking time Holla Forums ever budged, one single thing they allow that they don't actually agree with.
Because so far, "coexistence" for you seems to be "my way or the highway".

That doesn't mean anything, though. If political discussion is okay on Holla Forums and we should welcome the crossposting cunts, then they should show the same coordiality and allow videogame discussion on Holla Forums, but go start a thread there about any videogames (not just politics in videogames) and see how long it lasts.

You might as well say England is Arab in the sense that most inhabitants there also preach Islam.

That's all it takes for me, thanks. I'm still from the time that people just liked "cute girls doing cute things".

OP post is an easily identifiable class A Holla Forums autism

Joke's on you. I liked the ROB threads, at least the few I saw when it was new.

And I don't mean just Holla Forums, I mean imageboard culture as a whole. Everybody wants you gone.

I have real the multiple post of an user that believes that Holla Forums is under his bed ready to steal his precious ROB threads

You want your fucking proof just read every single comment that says "Holla Forums is /pol". It's the most blatant and low effort someone can possibly be about subverting a community, you fucking idiot.

You are free to join whatever muslim community you want then. They chop off heads for watching porn and doing drugs, sounds like the kind of society you'd like to leave in.
Honestly I'm still baffled that Holla Forums isn't full muslim yet.

Holla Forums is not allowed to make random political threads here, all political threads are also related to video games, this generally falls under the GG category or it's threads for discussing the blatant leftist propaganda pushed onto video games. All other political discussion that is off topic is derailment and is bannable.

Christ. This is new levels of "I was just pretending to be retarded". This is "But now I am retarded behind you, user."

Crossboarders from both Holla Forums and Holla Forums are actively making discussion on Holla Forums worse by trying to make every fucking thread about politics. It doesn't matter if they're legitimate users of both. If you can't separate the two, there's a problem. Just imagine how fucking livid either of those boards would be if I went and decided to bitch and screech and whine and shitpost about video games in every single discussion they're trying to have. Video games aren't even as divisive as politics, yet they would still shit themselves with indignation.

It's no fun allowed at any fucking time with these assholes, and you can't discuss anything you want to, because someone's going to come in and throw a hissy fit about whatever hot-button issue because OBVIOUSLY politics are more important than video games, even though

The real reason the right got popular is because the left overstepped its bounds and started micromanaging everyone's shit. If the right does the same thing then likewise everyone will turn against them in kind.
In fact that is my great fear that this will happen and give the progressives the victory. The cult-marx fucked up their endgame, they may not fuck up a second time. Holla Forums needs to slow it's fucking roll a little.

Did you also read the multiple instances of "Holla Forums get out" or every single "Holla Forums is Holla Forums, wtf" in the thread as well?
Or have you already adapted to the Holla Forumsyps mindset of only reading what confirms your views?

Sure thing, fam. Totally fooled me there.
I guess I'll start a thread about how the be a good ruler on Holla Forums and then spend the entire thread discussing strategies for Endless Legend.

And then you call others retarded.

Really makes you think

What was the last vidya thread that you wanted to be just vidya but was derailed by politics?


That's the way I think we all wanted the world. We just wanted to play our fucking videogames. And yet here we are.

Yeah, there's truth there. Something to watch for in the future, either as a warning or just a point of interest, depending on your bent.

Any specific names? Give me some examples here.

You read the posts of an autist thats going full berserk instesd of seeing the full picture.
You got 97% left of the thread to read.
Either goons, leftycucks or /r/theDonald I just want them the fuck out of this board.

Rob leaving isn't a good thing, on the contrary its just another step towards this boards decline.
I won't even be surprised if GG threads are caned soon at this point.

A Hat in Time

Yes, but they have no comparation with your paragraphs bitching about Holla Forums that were basically #resist-tier

Honestly the best solution in the short term would be to have a political Holla Forums general thread and to force all political discussion into that one thread, and also the GG thread for relevant content.

You're a fucking idiot and I hate your ilk, with your mentality of "people behind the post".
Can't you fucking separate both? Can't you visit Holla Forums and talk politics there and visist Holla Forums and talk videogames there, effectively being 2 different persons depending on the circunstance?
Can't you fucking drop your baggage where it belongs and stay on topic of the board while you're here, or are you such a fucking newfag you can't shed your identity even just for a while?

What, every single Dragon Age thread and Mass Effect or EA don't ring a bell?
A lot of those threads are laughing about the game, but past a certain amount of threads, it's nothing but talking about leftist propaganda, no discussion of the games is actually had.

After a while, someone starts a thread about Ass Defect: Androngyneous with the funny webm or crab walking and in the very second post discussion about liberals and leftists starts and runs until the thread 404.
A lot of threads go like this, they are nothing but excuses and context to discuss politics, nobody even talks about the game in them, you see the name of authors and other nobodies mentioned more often.
No discussion about balancing, gameplay, sound or music, just "lel look at all the progressives implying white men is shit!"

It's just autism, people have been hating ROB threads for a long time, especially when Mark started giving the threads special moderation.

Yesterday, a completely innocuous thread about A Hat In Time ("Should I buy it?") was turned into a fucking shitshow for hours with both Holla Forums and Holla Forums acting like complete fucking children arguing about economic systems because of one joke in the game about it. One. But I guess nobody's allowed to discuss the game itself without an inquisition, because there was a mention of politics, which means it's now a politics thread. The dev being a retard doesn't make the difference either. Point out his retardation and move the fuck on, don't prevent other users from discussing the game.

I stopped the updating on the catalog and checked all the threads in the first page. You know how many threads had been derailed? 0. That's no derails in all the first page threads. That statement is completely wrong.

Are you lost? There haven't been many threads about Dragon Age or Ass Defect on this imageboard. When they were released, yes, after the proverbial dust settles, no. In any case, these threads also have discussion about the games, but if the games are so shit then there is nothing better to do than to laugh at them. What is the problem here, do you unironically like the new Bioware games?

That's budging for them, that's allowing them to set up their mosque here.
They have an entire board to themselves they can shitpost in, let them stay there.
I'd probably agree with you there just for the matter of creating a containment thread, but it's patent now that it wouldn't be enough, they wouldn't respect it at all and if Holla Forums has already failed that purpose, a single thread won't fix it.

Autists that can't hide a thread they don't like have been hating them. Lurkers that rarely post liked it, but since they lurk and since ROB rarely announces his threads, they don't seem to be that many.
Congratz user, you got fooled by the classic "vocal minority" like the retarded populist you are.

I'll add to this that there's a thread on /hgg/ about modding The Sims 3 that often turns to a shitshow everytime someone posts a Sim that doesn't have snow white skin.
It's for a mod that's as degenerate as you can possibly get with that game and yet it still sees infographics and autistic discussions about race there.

It's an imageboard, not a clinical report. People talk about what's on their mind. Surprise: We live in a time of political upheaval and everything has been made political. This site itself was largely popularized due to political upheaval. Politics are going to come up, always, in everything. If you don't like it, fine, but all you can do about it is go live in a cave.

Look mate, just calm down. Things are bad yes, but it's not Holla Forums making them worse, it's just rapefugees from the latest cuck/v/ drama.

What is the latest cuck/v/ drama?

post in Holla Forums then faggot

Go up a little bit. I told you I almost never post on Holla Forums. You're making up an enemy in your mind to justify your attack against an invisible enemy to the detriment of the other posters. You're a blight on this website.
Grow up.

If this isn't a sign that something is wrong I don't what is

Where did you come from?

Half/tg/ about three years ago. I'm just asking what's going on across the pond that's getting us another wave of refugees.

If this is your taste in vidya, then you need to leave.

Hotpockets not letting NeoGaf dying be discussed before Hiro stepping in and letting one thread at a time which was still being resisted by the mods.

Both cuck/v/ which is full of SJW and NeoFag acolytes and cuck/pol/ full of /r/theDonald flooded here.

Top tier logic there, famalam.
Maybe I'd rather discuss why New Vegas is better than 3 because of how the RPG mechanics affect the game and dialogues far more instead of having an autistic shitshow because of how gay Gannon is or Toddposting about Fallout 4?
Maybe I'd like to discuss the first Dragon Age without more #bullposting?

You're too stupid to breathe. Cease to do it,
Games don't fail "due to politics", they fail because they don't attract any attention.
Case in point: everyone will rave about how Lawbreakers was a catastrophic failure for "equal gender toilets" and negress characters, when that's not even close.
The game mechanics themselves, the game balance, the low ammount of maps, the very shallow characters, the tryhard attitude, all of this did far worse for the game than the politics.

And yet every discussion surrounding it will center around that instead, because politics are far more entertaining, I guess.
Same goes for Battleborn that failed for several reasons that weren't just politics, and same goes for Overwatch that succeed despite the supposed politics, which should be a fucking hint that maybe it's not the fucking politics that are the issue here!

It was widely discussed here, how did you miss it? Cucks weren't allowed to discuss neogaf going down because cuck/v/ mods are actually neofaggots, so they came here because they were free to post about it here.

Well then I guess that thread didn't happen and I imagined it. I must have imagined the endless barrage Wolfenstein threads, too. Strange that my mind could play so many tricks on me in a single week.

The shooting and enemy response is great, thats where its merits end, everything from the hour long cutscenes to the writing and Hub is fucking awful.
Woah, what a concept

All of the negative points are brought up, including the political side of the games. Again, you are complaining about nothing. DAO is moderatedly accepted here, so I am calling bullshit on your bullshit.

Oh, that. I thought you meant something had happened like, today. I've been busy keeping up with the clusterfuck in Saudi Arabia right now and thought something else had happened while my attention was away.

The games fail because they hire for politics, you dolt. Remember Hamburger Helper? She had never read classical fantasy because it was written by old white men, and then people wonder why DA's characterization was a mess. They hire CalArts graduates and then we wonder why the models look like a pile of steaming Tumblr filth. It's because the devs are hiring the people that want that. Their failure is absolutely political in its grounding: it's the root cause for the decrease in objective quality.

They're shit games, anons will laugh at them and at anyone who buys them. Anons will also get triggered by the propaganda that is not even subtle, so of course that gets brought up as well. Again, games are discussed plenty, the threads are not 100% political. You are not going to have a 0% political wolfenstein thread on this website.

No, fuck you. I know what you mean by that, but drop the fucking nanny gloves and actually held them accountable for this shit. They created the perfect environment to grow this fungus, they keep it right next door and now that it's here you're gonna say "oh come now, you can't seriously blame them for the shit that spills out of their house, can you?"

Holla Forums's reputation is Holla Forums's fault, the mentality they created and memed into everyone else is their fault as well. I know fully well there's third parties working against the boards here for their own personal amusement that don't actually belong to Holla Forums but I'll still held them accountable for being the stupid usefull tools they are.

It's an antifa's wet dream simulator, made because the suits think antifa faggots actually play and buy videogames and will fail because they don't. What's there to discuss?
Why don't you make a thread about the older Wolfenstein instead, since those were far better?

You know fully well nobody will discuss the actual game, especially since nobody bought or pirated it. It would be discussion regarding nazis, interracial fetish and other dumbshit that really doesn't belong on Holla Forums.

What about Holla Forums's meddling?

How? Not even implying those threads were bad, I didn't mind them but how losing those threads will affect the board quality of difference of let's say LOL threads?

No, you said you can't discuss any videogame and there's no fun allowed. That's absolutely wrong. With Wolfenstein I'll admit that it may be hard to discuss because of the game's blatant political agenda but you're straight up lying when you say that politics are being that disruptive.
That's one thread at a time, no duplicates, unless the other thread is in autosage at page 13. That's not a "barrage" no matter how I see it. In fact I'm completely sure that that rule was enforced because of

Well how do you suppose we hold them accountable? Do you think that politics should no longer be allowed on this board?

OC is the blood of a community, user. In many cases, even less than perfect blood is better than no blood.


And the political side ends up derailing the discussion and takes priority since it's not only more amusing but anyone can talk their ear off about abstract concepts without having had to even play the game.

See Hat in Time, often derailed by a single fucking joke, and then tell me that the political side of it is discussed in the proportion it should compared to everything else, considering it's one single joke in a secret level.

The companies fail because they hire for politics, the games fail because nobody with talent works on them. I'd rather discuss the implications of FULL GAY mage coming from the Tevinter Imperium and the inconsistency it creates than discussing tweets by that fat whale, however threads will be about the authors devs instead of the game because stupid people attack people instead of ideas or arguments.

Speaking of which, Dragon Age 2 didn't failed simply because the writing was incredibly shoddy, it failed because it re-used assets in an incredibly shamefull way, the gameplay was so simple that any Nintendo game is a chalenge in comparison and the choices they gave you not only made no sense, the whole world was fucking retarded and the story ended in a retarded manner. No politics were needed to damn the game.

Same goes for Dragon Age Inquisition. The lack of chalenge, the lack luster missions, the terrible attempt at being Witcher and the uninteresting story did far worse than #ridethebull ever could do.
You vastly overestimate the effects of SJW and politics in videogames when that's not what actually concerns the majority of customers.

If you see derailment, report.

All of those failures are partial byproducts of not hiring the best because your hiring criteria do not focus on objective quality. They fill the company with the wrong people for political reasons, and then the game comes out bad and often with a political bent.

The shitty quality itself is a direct byproduct of corrupt HR priorities, not coincidental.

By the way, if you're angry because of this thread then you fell for OP's bait. (1) & done

Who cares about the delusional faggots that think they are gonna be members of the Party when they get their way? They'll never accomplish anything except being a giant meme.
Even their attempts at subversion fail tremendosly since you can't possibly advocate for any of that shit without sounding like a delusional idiot that nobody can take seriously.

Next time you see one of those reaction images with ROB, you'll understand why having less people create OC is a bad thing.

I'd say it would be harder simply because nobody here even pirated it, or at least not enough people to warrant discussion. How are a bunch of people gonna talk about a game they never played?
At best you'll discuss youtube videos.

How is this an hard concept to understand? Delete posts like "Holla Forums get out" and even "Holla Forums get out", delete template low effort threads to discuss politics instead, delete political derails enmasse, delete everything that has to do with politics and isn't directly vydia related!
The only time this should be tolerated is if you're discussing how to run your nation in Europa Universalis or how you're modeling a faction in whatever 4X you're playing after the Nazis. As long as you're still talking about videogames, it's cool, otherwise there's an entire board to discuss that and they should go there instead.

You know very well they come here because there's no discussion or debate on Holla Forums anymore but by giving them any space at all here for that, they'll never see this as a problem of their own board.
This has to change, they have to change it and the only way it's going to happen is if you force them to go back and see the shithole they created everytime they want to talk about politics.

It was a mistake, you disease.
>>>Holla Forums

Already did a lot of times. Half of them were ignored (and I'll assume it's because the vol at the time dislikes the topic as well) but at least the other half actually get the job done.

I don't actually want to imply the moderation here is that terrible, you do an invisible thankless job, but those that care do notice when you do it and for what you've done so far I'm sure a lot of people are gratefull. But there's still a lot to do if "Holla Forums is Holla Forums" is still the majority of the mentality here.

I don't like to imply one directly causes the other since you could have leftist faggots that keep their shit to themselves and act professional to make good vydia, much like you can have regular folks make shit vydia simply because they don't have talent either.

If a game fails, it's because those that worked on it had no talent, whether that's because they are soyboy faggots or not is another question.
For reference, see Warren Spector and Deus Ex, I suppose.

Motherfucker, I swear…

They initiate the derailments most of the time.

Didn't give a shit about his threads, but he's not wrong. Moot and chink Moot cucking out brought too much filth here.
Looking back, chanology and console wars don't seem so bad now. At least people had fun sometimes.

I only just now got the realization that I don't know where else to go. Everywhere fucking sucks.

Alrioght, who should be banned? Of course the people who start flamewars are already banned, and political derailment is already against the rules and it's deleted and the person behind the posts banned if reported. Is Gamergate no longer allowed? How about when a developer posts "Kill all white men" or something about religion, is that not allowed?

There's always the small boards.


I see what you're doing there and you're not as smart as you think you are.

Except that doesn't happen as often as it should, and I'd like to chalk that up to the community being lazy with their reports but I'm sure there's excessive leniancy from the vols as well.

Here you oust yourself. Gamergate is not and never was a movement about politics, it was about consumer practices and trust, it was about corruption and scandals in the industry.
The issue with some games never was really that they were passing a leftist agenda but rather that someone was getting unfair exposure for sexual favors or bribes, that some translation was botched in favour of a more PC one (and even then the issue isn't the new dialogue, is that the previous one was butchered)

GG never was politics no matter how much you want to subvert it into a Holla Forums tool.

Didn't we already had rules about e-celebs? Is a dev a videogame? Does the message appear in the videogame? Do you seriously need to ask these questions?
I mean, Wolfenstein just came out, what do you want to discuss? The blatant Antifa wet dream it is? Go right back to Holla Forums for that. How badly it plays or how short it is? Stay on Holla Forums.
You don't need to be black and white about everything user, you just have to think before you post.

I only really care about vidya and dev, though. Both are here.


Well, at least /agdg/ here is relatively cancer-free.

Only because the mods seem to moderate them, but it's still had its share of shitposting. I don't expect it to last.

That's not how it works, it's a video game, not a political topic.

Last time I went to see it, there were a small amount of nodevs that will badly criticize someone else's work but for the most part it's a pretty cool place. Lot's of support and constructive criticism.

Then discuss the video game instead of the political topic.
Talk about how a fully priced AAA game only lasts 6 hours, 4 of which are cutscenes, how none of the characters are likeable at all or about the game mechanics, which honestly I've hardly seen anyone talk about them so I suspect it's generic 2-weapon sprint&aimdownsight shootah.

So "If I owned the board things would be better around here". Interesting

Well Zoe Quinn fucking around wasn't a videogame, so by your very own reasoning Gamergate wouldn't be allowed. Was Moot right all along? And don't try to wiggle your way out of this one, the only thing related to that was depression quest and it was clear as day no one ever cared about it.
What about the Dina scandal with Mighty Number 9? Dina isn't videogames, so wouldn't it have been alright to ban those threads?
So Wolfenstein has politics ingraved deep in it's plot, are we not allowed to discuss how it tried baiting for controversy within the framework of the current year? Is discussing a videogame's plot not videogames?

The video game was made to be political, you cannot separate the political discussion from the game.


Sayonara niggers
Who am I kidding, you're stuck here forever with us

Yeah all 10 UIDs who posted in those threads are gone

Quit shoving words into someone else's mouth, if you don't have a point to make refrain from posting.
It doesn't take a newer team of moderation to change things, only for the current one to not be as lenient.

Her fucking around wasn't a videogame, but her getting coverage for her "non-game" because of that was related to videogames.
if you're gonna be dense on purpose, I'll stop taking you seriously.

Except the design for several characters was changed on her behalf and an entire gaming community was badly managed thanks to her, so Dina was clearly videogames. Are you done being a dense faggot?

No, clearly you won't stop till you rival the mass of a black hole.
What's there to discuss about the game trying to pander itself to a perceived but non-existent demographic? It's click-bait in videogame's form, why would you want to discuss how a AAA is another cash grab of an older franchise instead of discussing why the game itself instead of the politics surrounding it at are bad?

You're dense and you're making excuses to insert political discussion everywhere when there never was need for that shit. Perhaps you joined the talk for those reasons, but that's the not reason those conversations even started, even if you wished it to be so.

The videogame was made to pander to the crowd of numales out there that desperatly want to punch nazis. It was never made to be political, you just fell for a marketing ploy, why do you think the thumbnail of the trailer features the nigger porking the pig?
It will fail because numales don't play videogames nor have the rig for it anyway, but the entire point was to grab attention and be provocative, it never was a political message to begin with, just an attempt at exploiting a niche in the market that the suits believe exists because of the coverage the media gives them.

You're setting new records for doublethink.

So you have no argument left, good. Get it through your thick skull, GG was about videogames, the politics was tangencial to it but never the main issue.

The political leaning of Zoe never mattered as much as her getting positive coverage for fucking around, the political leaning of Dina never mattered as much as her shoving her autistic art and banning dissenters on the forums, Wolfenstein being an autistic fantasy about killing Nazi's in America will never matter as much as there being no appeal to such a short unlikable and unremarkable game.

Politics does not matter as much as you think it does when it comes to videogames.

i know losing is tough but you will get over it

You've only cherrypicked the videogame related topics you like, friendo. Nothing you mentioned was any more or less video game and politics related than any other thing mentioned in your post or this thread. If you don't like people talking about it, filter it, but we live in a political time with political activists in the development studios.

Wolfenstein is overtly political in every way. The fact that it's sold on it doesn't make it not political. You've got chutzpa to even try that, but you lack everything else.

As much as you come off like a faggot I have to agree with you. There was nothing inherently wrong with rob threads and this is gay. But its ok because its the circle of content life. Something nice will come again, but don't expect it to be forever, it will be gayed up by someone somehow. Just enjoy things while they last. We still have the good old rob threads to look back on.

That's not really how it works. It's the community that gets gayed up, which leads to splits because the people who create content get sick of the climate around them. A bad climate bears no fruit. Unless you haven't noticed, we've been in a serious drought.

I didn't like ROB
he craved too much attention
it was kind of sad really, seeing him RP with toys for attention on an anonymous image-board

The topics you gave me, mind you. If the best examples you can come up with not even don't support your point but rather reinforce mine, maybe you don't actually have a point to make?

Hat in Time was mentioned. Was that politics related, despite being a single joke in a secret level and likely a reference to a meme book also done as a joke?

Because you want it to be. Because you'll gladly fall for the marketing ploy as long as it means you have something to talk about it which is in itself the marketing ploy.
Congrats, you're a retard. You're talking about it because they want you to talk about it.

I want to be optimistic about it too user, but I'm not seeing it improving while the climate stays the same.

This is going straight in the screencap folder. Holy fuck, you guys never fail to deliver.

I remember back in the day during the height of GG shit like this would just cause the creation of a new board. For a time that actually worked rather well to solve problems until the moderation would fail and the process would have to repeat. But for lack of any other options I would have to ask, why not try it again if this board and its rules/moderation has truly reached end game faggotry?

There's /svidya/ but faggot came here to stir shit up

I think you kinda missed the point, user. When the Verge writes another "13 ways to reduce breast cancer!" article, is that medical adviceor clickbait?
It's only medical advice if you're a fucking retard, they wrote the article title to catch your attention and talk about it, not to give you good advice.

Same for Wolfenstein, it's not political unless you're a tard that takes videogames too seriously and actually chooses to talk about it in such a way, doing exactly what (((they))) want like a good goy.

Where's that webm about "it doesn't matter if you wear or take off the jacket, in the end you still did it because of someone else"?

Sadly, new boards don't solve any problem when they directly compete against a legacy board, see the many offsprins of Holla Forums, Holla Forums and Holla Forums.

Do you seriously want to go that road, user? Because you're just arguing I haven't changed VPN enough, nothing else.


Can you do me favor and just fuck off?

user, the official wolfenstein marketing was using slogans like "make america nazi free again" while making allusions to trump. They were making jabs at white republicans too. On top of that the entire game is centered around white people doing nothing while the KKK and Nazis team up to conquer america, and it's the Communists not even fucking kidding , led by a black chick whos mentor was an avid fan of karl marx, and a jew who looks like an aryan. Oh and his pregnant mulatto wife is a badass who can fight like a spartan while 9 months pregnant, doing room slides, throwing grenades, jumping on her belly, and dual wielding .308 automatic rifles. At no point was Wolfenstein 2 Colossus not political. You have to be legitimately retarded to not see the vast amount of political bullshit rammed into it at every angle and orifice. Fuck, even their trailer had the white blonde nazi girl getting railed by the black communist dude.

Glad someone remembers the truth, its unbelievable these nu-kids try to play it off like they were here and didn't discover the board from /r/donald.

isn't this a Holla Forums copypasta?

So you aren't denying that 4/v/ and 4/pol/ came to this site right around the same time.
Yeah, and I distinctly remember asking why Holla Forums and Holla Forums weren't cooperating anymore considering this was a joint effort from the onset on halfchan.
This we're in complete agreement with, although I still hold hope that one day Holla Forums won't be the cancer it's been since the election. Thankfully there's still people pushing back, but whatever. imkikey is a piece of shit and forever will be, no matter how much he pushes his degenerate 'kike on a stick' tripe.
You dumb faggot, it was joint goddamn effort when Gamergate kicked off in 2014 from the Five Guys threads. I don't know if you're from Holla Forums or maybe you're like Rob and upset that Holla Forums isn't entirely vidya related, but don't try to tell me that Holla Forums and Holla Forums hadn't been hand and hand since 2014.

So fucking what?
Hatred used excessive violence and edge to sell and market itself, does that make the game an exercise in psychology and deep understanding of the human mind? Does it make the game an example of violence gloryfication that does not have a place in our society?

Or is it just a dumb game about an edgy protag going on a killing spree and everything else was marketing to try and not only get attention from every other edgy faggot out there but also press coverage but outraged faggots?

There's no politics in Wolfenstein. There's no plan about how to rule America, no details on how they'll handle foreign relations, how they plan to base their economy and only very superficial social issues handled like racism.
As far as a "political game", it's incredibly bland and lacking to the point that most Civ or EU games are far more political than Wolfenstein.

Clickbait is not a political stance, making references to famous slogans is not a political stance, mocking a specific political demographic is not a political stance (unless you're a faggot that can't take a joke) and even having a black character isn't a political stance. It's bad taste.

The only people that will understand it as political are the idiots that take videogames too seriously. AKA videogames journos, SJWs and Holla Forums.
Everyone else will see it as a tasteless game for faggots with shit taste because that's all it is.

I never saw this one before.

Kys fence shitter.

He's telling you there was a second exodus from Holla Forums after the first one when both boards migrated and it was the second wave of (((migrants))) that started the shitposting

Because Holla Forums was happy having no political agenda while Holla Forums demanded their agenda instead
Also because Holla Forums was too busy with Trump when he had nothing to do with videogames at best (lets not even mention that tweet)

How did it went for halfchan after chanology? Or after it hit mainstream? You're here, aren't you?
It's never gettting better which is why holding the frontlines here is that much more important, otherwise even Holla Forums will fall to that.

It was mutalism. Each side had their own reasons that weren't the same. Holla Forums was tired of bland shitty characters and games sacrificing gameplay for story. Holla Forums was afraid that too many gay characters would make us gay.
Once it was clear that there would never be any agreement here, especially once Holla Forums gave up on the PR department, it became more than obvious that no cooperation would ever be possible, because once again, Holla Forums's intolerance and inability to accept anything it doesn't deem kosher was already blatant back then.

Nobody denies that, mate. It's just that you say that like it's a good thing.

No they didn't, again if you were here at the time you would know this, way to admit being new.

It never was, Holla Forums allowed GG threads on their board during the weekend moderation was going full censorship

Again no it wasn't you don't know what you're talking about.

I wrote it myself for this thread but don't worry. I'll be sure to repost it. A lot.

Stay mad that you aren't as popular as you believed yourself to be. You'll never be the hero that people need or want, you'll always be a tool centrists use to defeat leftists.


What the fuck are you on about? The second exodus wasn't even an issue. It lead to tons of fun shit. What killed this site was Hotwheels actively inviting reddit in and pushing infinity next.

The solution is simple. Get rid of Holla Forums. Everyone hates them and 90% of the time they're the ones who derail threads by overreacting to Holla Forums posts. Before Holla Forums, most people would just ignore political posts, but now every fucking time someone even makes a vaguely political or racist statement, the entire thread is derailed by whiny commies.

Never trust a trip-fag. Let this be a lesson to you.

This is actually a decent idea since at least it removes the boogeyman that Holla Forums uses and-
Get fucked, they'd still imply it's the same people but they came from another site, there will always be a boogeyman for you to blame.

This thread is a wild ride. One thing we can all agree on, however, is that all tripfags deserve the rope.

You'll always find anons defending them, some not even tripfags themselves.

You're greatly exaggerating Holla Forums's actual presence on the board.

Don't forget the two other reddit migrations to Holla Forums: r/niggers and r/coontown.

Holla Forumsharbour =/= Second Exodus (which happend after Holla Forums janis shut down the Shekel Shoa threads)

Yeah but they shitpost exclusively and actively recruit from reddit, even running ads there. Holla Forums never recruited from reddit, even gay ass /r/the_Donald only knows about 4/pol/. Meanwhile Holla Forums is constantly recruiting and posting direct links to 8ch on /r/socialism, /r/latestagecapitalism, etc. Holla Forums is a tumor on this website, whether or not you like Holla Forums at least they're not constantly trying to recruit redditors and normalfags so they can move their board up the rankings.

To think all this shit went down because an avatarfaging nintendrone decided to fuck off and all ten of the people that liked him sperged out.


Who does rule the board?

Are you people all completely retarded? This is Holla Forums, you can make your own fucking board with its own mods. If a board ever gets so bad you feel the need to make a new one then do so. Stop being such lazy apathetic fucks who wait for other people to live your lives for you.

I hate to break this to you, but Holla Forums actively recruited people from reddit and even faceberg when they decided to "spread their memes".

He wasn't very helpful after shit started going down, all things considered remember when he started going to reddit, man i sure don't
Probably because those would end in shitposting, since Act 3 is taking fucking forever
This is just pedantic
That's shitposting alright. Make the rule 8 actually mean something every once in a while
Probably because the genres those boards focus on are dead

Why dont (You) fuck off and make your own board, you filthy tranny

/m/ actually got pretty damn active in October, even before the Kurata vs Prime fight.

Fun fact: The earliest identifiable CommonFilith sighting on Faceberg is him posting dank Holla Forums and MPC memes.
That was waaay before he broke with TRS and became le christian sticker merchant

You npc.


There aren't many of them here.
Besides they are easily outed by muh communism.

Having your memes reposted on mainstream websites is not at all the same as actively recruiting people, sending out links to 8ch and having recruitment threads. /r/the_Donald only knows about 4/pol/ and even then they know Holla Forums hates them.

make that the whole board if possible

ITT: closet pebbitors are happy that Holla Forums is becoming anonymous r/gaming

What did he mean by this?

It means he's into bestiality and fucked your mom

Then he must be into necrophilia as well. ;-;

Goons & redditors that came from Nu/pol/ and Holla Forums during the 2016 burgerland elections.

Holla Forumstards just want to be outraged like the marxists they reee about. If a game about killing nazis booty bothered you this much, maybe it's time you got out of your safe space.

It means that metafags are closet ex-redditors that want Holla Forums to become an anonymous r/gaming clone.

It's not political tho

Should've reported instead of replying, nice digits though.
not political tho (^:

user he said Holla Forumstard, he could have only been more obvious if he said cumskin, and said his name was schlomo goldenstein. Just report him.

one out of 20, painful


Are you gloating about your own dubs?

marketing is political, game is not. If you're enough of a nigger to get triggered over what people do to advertise their games, please neck yourself and never leave the basement

>(((they))) did it
pls never reproduce, I'd wager $20 that you're only half white anyways.

Anyways, the game itself is shit, it's like 4 hours long (56 minutes if you speed run it or something idk) but if you spent so long crying yourself to pieces over a videogame then I don't understand how Holla Forumsyps will be able to handle their revolution. Maybe they'll take the limp-wristed commie faggot route and bike lock innocent people, maybe they'll complain about things that are oppressing them on the internet :^)

So the plot, that thing that's in the game, about the diverse good guy commies overthrowing the nazis, isn't political.

Thread is dead in the water, may as well fuck around.

Does anyone has any fucking idea what was that about? /magali/ is/was a fucking weird hue board.

He meant reddit is watching and laughing at this thread:


They did it first!

Archive that shit.


>sperg out because he leaves over Holla Forums presence that thing that's been here for awhile mind you
The hilarious part is the verbiage used.
Oh wow you're gonna shitpost a couple threads I'm fucking shaking


Noice, thanks. I wonder how many threads have gone to shit already because an ill-intentioned user opened the reddit gates into it.

Things seem fine so far. I wonder what happened to his plan of shitting any vaguely non vidya thread.


Of coarse

Naw, it was well underway before that reddit post was made. Also it wasn’t him that did it it was me.

They were simple fun with occasional 3-5 goons attempting to ruin them by posting about name fagging, Mark, Mods etc. The butt blasted goons are still here as can be seen by this thread but someone that actually created something is now gone. Eventually they will drive everyone away and move on to the next place as they always do.

Just like the commies.


It was some guy playing with his toys and showing off his new nintendo "merch". Tell me, what content did mr tripfag make with his blogposts?
But more importantly, what did he make that made the BO allow him to avatarfag, and ban any dissenter in his thread?



You're literally claiming it's only okay when you do it.

He took photos and told stories that I and others enjoyed while you and other goons did nothing but cry and complain about the thread. As you can see by the OP rob is gone so it is strange that you still feel the need to cry about rob threads.

where ever they come from they're just a bunch of insufferable faggots to me
Look at the OP, who's the "WE" there? Who appointed them as guardians of the board? If I don't want to read about a thread I don't read it. If there's multiples of a thread I report it to the mods so they might delete it. What's so hard about doing any of that? Why bother putting effort into spamming a thread to oblivion when if there's no interest it die on its own?

He did and it was good then there was a turning point, no longer was it a nice story about ROB and friends but to rather to shill what ever fucking Nintendrone shit he wanted
And yeah he is right there was a shift in Holla Forums he just misidentified it, Holla Forums started to hate Nintendo after the whole censorship saga

But this is removing Nintendrones, how does it make it more reddit



Don't worry we remove Sonyggers too and pcmustardfags

holy fuck, ever single person there is fucking wrong

Naw they are right. Not that anyone will listen. It’s gotten a bit better but it’s still pretty bad.

Don't forget that OP is a (1)&done and that's a sigh of a shit thread.

Another loss attributable directly to the failures of Mark as BO. It will keep happening until the board is nothing but Holla Forums and Holla Forums flinging shit about games they both hate for different reasons.

There's nothing that can be done by hotpockets alone, Mark even said in the meta thread to report political derailing, and it's usually taken care of fairly quickly.

Don't forget that both Nu/pol/ & Holla Forums are to be blame for killing Holla Forums as well for attracting goons & redditors to Holla Forums during the 2016 burgerland elections.

That's just Mark deflecting responsibility. Don't let him make his job your job.

I can't be bothered to read a shit thread like this.
Why do you celebrate having some thread you barely see being discontinued if some people like it? Just hide the fucking thread and move; unless it is full of shitposting and flaming, it's not going to affect most of the board.


Goons have been here since the first exodus dividing GG was they greatest achievement. Now they settle for petty rob thread wins.