Is it time to go back home?

Is it time to go back home?

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You know, Halo and World of Warcraft being considered classics in current year+2 Holla Forums are equally distressing, but at least Halofags aren't subscription whores.


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Give the porn.


I never played this shit to begin with


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WoW was never good



nice, well done


I wouldn't even be surprised if they add a cash shop to the classic wow servers.
How do you fucks even live with yourselves knowing you pay a monthly sub to pay a fucking video game?
Not even drug addicts are that stupid as they only pay for what they consume.

They said they'd never make vanila servers and they suddenly make it, it's gonna be nuwow on old maps with a real cash shop

First post best post


First reply, every time.

Chances are the only reason that the only reason that blizzard is making legacy servers is so that they can shut down all of the fan made ones that do it for free


post yfw they have:



Go fuck yourself*

They at least said no LFG/LFR, but I'm still gonna guess bet they make it an additional subscription cost or something else retarded.


Who wants to to go to a home full of sjw cunts who will treat you like shit?, and spew out things you don't support? They're going to ruin classic servers somehow.

That's a good point. I'm not a sad cunt like most people on this board and will enjoy this one way or another, but being unable to call people retarded niggers in chat will spoil it a bit. Fucking online gaming is ruined by sensitive cunts

Maybe if you're a brainlet who can't stand differing opinions. The problem comes when you lord it over people and act like a cunt about it and can't handle banter when you do. Worse, though, is talking non-game related shit in a video game.

Were you ever able to do that in WoW? I thankfully never paid a dime for this shit so I don't know how they handled moderation on the official servers.

Concise and to the point.


Being unable to harass people online isn't that big of a hamper on the fun I will have with the new classic servers. I'm sure sticking to your ideals will bring some good to this world… not.

I meant they'll force their social justice bullshit on your server whether or not you want to harass Barrens chat; not the other way around.

I would be fine with this personally The rest though is pure cancer.

What's wrong with that?


from a realistic standpoint, its probably gonna be buggier than nostalrius was before the shutdown that lead to elysium


obviously bullshit
Sounds good on the surface but I have no idea what new models look like
obviously bad
I have no idea why this would be good or bad.
Launch drop tables were shit tough. I much prefer the later vanilla drop tables
This would be a positive
Obvious garbage.


Not with the redditor guild that claims to be from here.

The redditors have actually started to recruit normalfags because they know no one wants to play with them. They even made a 3rd goycord server

The thing is there is so little information and the finish line so far off we'll be able to see in real time how they fuck it up if they do

Already stated it's going to be vanilla, no shit like LFG or dungeon finder. No achievements either

You're implying you can do that on private servers as well. Stop lying to people and yourself.

I need the fucking Discord meme to die. I miss when decent god damn VoIP software was popular.

So this seems like a good time to ask. What changes WOULD you want to see in a vanilla server

Ban anyone who has played retail in the last 7 years from playing on classic servers.

enjoy that zero population

ah, the only bad part about the talent system is that beast mastery sucks after you hit 60 and get alot of blue items



Thing is it's less bloated than skype which draws in normalfags. The voice codec isn't that bad either.

The issue is that they're owned by tencent chinks and have started cracking down on wrongthink. The latest rumor is they're working with twitter meaning if you've got a shitposting account on twitter and a discord you might not be safe even if the discord is a private group.

There's some Open source variant I've heard of that me and a few people are going to try.

BM is good for PvP since it lets your pet shred people. get a dps pet that can go invisible and you can easily rape people if you play your cards right.

spotted the huntard

pets dont scale with anything though
the only things that make them better are talents, by a static amount, and happiness, and temporary buffs

BM is still good in PvP since it makes your pet basically an unkillable machine that constantly interrupts casting.

Once you get to AQ or Naxx and warriors 1-shot everything, less so, but at that point hunters are basically useless anyway.

Why should anyone play on their servers after how they treated the people who requested wow Vanilla servers.

Look how they treated the Elysium players on the wow Blizzard forum & the Blizzard WOW reddit after blizzard shut down their server.

They were all shit in different ways, quit being nostalgic.

It's a slippery slope. There's zero chance they're going to recreate the vanilla renderer, so you'll have the newer shadow system for example. Will they artificially limit draw distance and shadows to ape vanilla's look? Honestly I don't see how they're going to please the audience this is for. Anyone that really gives a shit about vanilla servers has already moved on and doesn't want Blizzard touching it and the underage kids that have heard how great vanilla was are going to hate it.

which is why it's good for PvP. BM gives a minor passive to health regen rate. A skill that lets a pet's auto attack stun for one hit and a skill that makes the pet immune to fear, rooting, poly, while boosting the damage dealt. Works great with things like cats for example since some get prowl which lets them stay invisible till they attack and gives that initial attack a slight buff. Combine that with the stun on hit skill and you get a good opening shot at the enemy.

Also I'm not saying throw all points into BM, If you're doing this for wPvP you throw points into MM to get that reduced mana usage ontop of the better hunter's mark. I haven't played in years but if I remember you even have enough talent points left over to put a point into improved conc shot which gives a chance to root for a few seconds ontop of the slow.

spotted the redditor. No one but you would know this. Also Elysium is a shithole from what I've seen, only people playing on it are retards and redditors

Discord is normalfag central, is the same goon shit from skypegroups but with 10 times more normalfags and trannies in the mix


Vent. TS, and Mumble are all superior to Discord to this day, discfag.

None of those support video or image posting where you can see the image. Again the big draw of goycord is those features AND being less bloated in cpu usage than skype.

I didn't say Discord was better you illiterate faggot. I said none of the previous popular ones were decent either.

You're still wrong so ok


Was going to post this
Thanks lad


Just go back to halfchan my man, you'll fit in well there.

Is it time for a porn dump already?

designated dubs thread?




Neither of your opinions matter so why didn't you sage?



Race/Sex changes are probable. Faction chances are unlikely. Insta 60/mount purchases is most likely out of the question. I'd be disappointed if any of these were implemented, but race/sex changes wouldn't be a deal-breaker.
Wouldn't mind, if there was an option to disable them. It's rather unlikely to happen regardless.
Obvious dealbreaker. Virtually no one that's interested in playing classic servers wants these, so the odds of them being implemented are virtually zero.
Would genuinely not mind this. It's very possible that this ends up making it at some point.
Would have to compare the old vs. new drop tables to accurately analyze this.
Would be unlikely. Possible dealbreaker.
Dealbreaker. Would definitely not happen, since talent trees are one of the big draws of classic.

Best post

They can in a way. Documentation of how things should work and the underlying mechanics is something almost non-existant for Vanilla wow. WoW classic if they did do 1:1 would alleviate some of the issues. Another issue with private servers is they rarely if never release their fixes to the cmangos/trinity/etc they based their framework off. Private servers are like regular server on online games, a massive wank fest to see who is the most popular server


i played on Kronos for a while, great server. until I got to a raid, at which point i remember why the fuck i hated raiding to begin with. jesus fuck how do you put up with all that bullshit.

le primary post le greatest post

That would blow. I hope not.
Wouldn't mind that, but would prefer WoW that can run on a toaster and is on better hardware and therefore less server lag.
didn't happen till after 1.12 so very unlikely is a good article to read on what they at least say is going to happen
I don't remember, but couldn't you do this in vanilla? I'm sure we will see lots of people linking ==[Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker]==
If it was in vanilla, I guess it is possible

The only thing I would actually want to be honest. I'm not going to bother with it though because of how they handle pvp.

They weren't introduced until after Vanilla, though. They are out of the picture even if they weren't a bad addition.

memes aside
anyone playing this ?

I won't be. As I stated before blizzard is going to handle pvp by allowing players to opt in, and out while in capital cities. This will likely result in the openworld pvp being a ghost town since most of the hordes player base are pve shitters. Very few will go out into the world flagged for pvp if they don't have to. This will also affect the alliance since they will also not go out to pvp because they will not find very many horde. It will be even worse for the few who do quest while flagged because they will most likely be alone without anyone to help, and I bet they will eventually stop questing in pvp phases altogether because nobody is there.

There's no home left to go back to. It was a different time, the world was a different place, and we're all different people. You can't turn back the clock, and if you get caught up in trying you end up chasing the dragon for the rest of your life.

Oh include me in the epic screenshot!!!

Well played.

Assuming they don't do everything possible to casualize it for the retail shitters I am going to nolife the fuck out of it. I am hyped as shit, I love vanilla.

oy vey good goy pay that monthly sub

nigger please.


NeoFag dying was a mistake

You know why? Because every fucking time we do we get banned.

Not a hivemind, they said

I still remember getting a 3 hour ban for an enourmous dump in Chinzurena trap porn, I think I dumped like a whole Tank of it, a thread that probably had more quality than any of these.
Vols and Mark probably dont care anymore, they're probably overjoyed at how NeoGaf dying brought on all of this cancer to make the board more active.
Keeping them most of them here means cracking down on the board adaptation tradition.

Go back to >>>/cuckchan/ you piece of human garbage.

This thread pretty much got tanked beneath a wave of support for OP getting the fuck out anyway. It's pretty much turned into a celebration of OP getting btfo.

I agree that some bad threads need to get fucked, but chinzurena trap porn probably wasn't the best way to do it. The last thing we need on Holla Forums is people thinking it would be funny to spam trap porn as a sign of disapproval. If trapposting becomes a thing then the crazy pedos from Holla Forums will "shitpost" their trash here too and we're back to halfchan shitposting autism where low effort jackasses use thinly veiled excuses to self-indulgently cancerpost garbage offtopic Holla Forums shit in Holla Forums because someone totally deserved it.

Just stick to sages, dubs, calling op a faggot, lurk moar, and wholesome Holla Forums memes to discourage retarded OPs from making retarded threads.


tbh fam, anything by Bethesda or Ubi deserves shit tons of trap porn. Gotta draw the line somewhere, and that is where I draw it.

Only reason I don't include this thread is it sounds like Infinity guild is happening and troll guilds in classic wow are a tried and true form of laughter.

Seriously can't wait for one of you faggots to ninja somone's beloved hat from Onyxia just like old days.

Got caps? I only know of the cunt that went on stage and told everyone that the people asking for legacy don't actually want legacy.

preach it brother


Pic one is U U U U

Post yfw in the perfect world it has:
>they hired Todd Howard to write the story again from scratch

With you. But this is far a ways off. So we'll be able to see the shitshow. shame that they're asking for input but the only way to post on their forums is with a active account.

Too late, people on here are "ironically" gay. Faggotry is rampant here.

Playing devil's advocate that guy is actually the dude interviewed about classic and goes on to say he meant "you think you want it but you don't" as really shitty way but polite way of saying "Stop looking at shit with rose tinted glasses".

Which I can kinda agree on. Not everything was magically better in vanilla.

Yeah but if you do draw that line then someone else will draw their own line too. As a matter of principle, it's probably best to keep Holla Forums trash out of Holla Forums.

True that. Bit early for anything like that to get started though.

I expect the new GMs to be much more interventionist than the vanilla ones were, tbh. Still, better have a guild called DarkWolves ready for the ninjas to join, just for the sheer nostalgia. It'll be extra entertaining watching a thread where someone complains "this faggot ninja'd my helmet and joined DarkWolves."

Hell no, Blizzard will fuck it up with QoL changes, and FYI it was announced that they haven't even BEGUN development on classic servers yet, and it will likely not be out until 2020 at the earliest.

Also this tbh

i am more hyped about this than anything i can remember from the last few years… just hoping they don't fuck it up

Pretty sure that will only be on the BFA servers, not Classic. they already stated in some interview that they are NOT going to have cross realm zones, server sharding, etc because that would ruin the vanilla experience.

pretty sure those guys are completely unphased since they already had to level all over again for pretty much every new private server that launched

You forgot Crunchyroll :^)
I have a friend with all of those

I hope you're right, but I am reminding of an old proverb. "Hope is but the first step, on the road to disappointment."

You have to kill him, but it has to be done with an ethernet cable.

I don't blame him tho, he's a virgin with a job.
I'd be afraid for his mental health if he didn't get an outlet.


Vanilla? Only if it's not a 1:1 translation. But only for the talent trees, really. Vanilla talents were the worst, and there is no denying that. For example, having only one class that can tank when there were supposed to be three tanking trees is total nonsense. The easiest thing to do would be to have a vanilla server with the pre-TBC patch that updated vanilla talents to TBC talents.

But we'll see what happens.

Not really interested as it stands. Maybe if they introduced WotLK instead. Someone suggested that they introduce servers in "waves", so a vanilla server would graduate to a BC server and a new set of vanilla servers would be made and so on, which might draw me in.

Semi related I have low expectations as to how they'll handle this. Anyone who has run a timewalking dungeon knows that they have broken various mechanics and never bothered to fix them.

first post best post



Well I'm a virgin without a job. If I can handle it so can he.

Fuck, I'd play WotLK for the rest of my life.

Wrath was eh. Only good thing about it was dual spec. But thats when we got shit like welfare mounts. LFG which killed world exploration. and the start of the end in terms of casualization.

Again we have nothing but speculation ahead of us.


these keks are of far more value than this thread could ever have reached if taken seriously

NEET's don't want to pay a subscription though.

I was on board until I remembered Vanilla was lacking something important

I liked wrath too, but fuuuuck do I miss transmog.

That's what makes it hard to go back. Though I haven't played retail since a month of Pandas




On the realm I used to play on there was a guild called Merciless Midgets, a gnome/dwarf guild that used to always belittle "filthy talls" and ninja people's shit. Became such a meme on my server that people would constantly spam MM > ALL.

I hated those faggots. Fun times.

They really are getting desperate. Can't wait for that shit company to die like Ubisoft.


You fags are going to pay for it anyways, you'll spend all your time bitching about it, just like Fallout 4 but buy it anyways. Happens every time with Holla Forums.

How can i go back "home", when it was never my home to begin with?
If you played and will play again you have always been human trash and should kill yourself.

This isn't cuckchan lad, not yet anyway.
Can't deny that we have too many Blizzcucks WoWtards here

blizzard will sadly never die, not while china exist

You are the hero we need.

you weren;t here for the spoilering, none of us bought the game

Post your face when WOW Classic is going to be considered a standalone game, with its own monthly fee.

Anyone who thinks this is.going to be good, with how jewish blizzard is an idiot. Stop getting excited, when this releases it will be like elysium, a blizzlike.vanilla.server, but you have to pay, and blizzard will keep character boosts, wow tokens, updated models, level 20 mounts, dungeonfinder, petbattles, auto-learn talents, no weaponmasters etc. Etc.
Its going to be shit and anyone with half a brain knows it

we are going hollywood route arent we


Put me on the screencap

Best case scenario is it's included with the standard monthly membership fee, but we all know that won't be the case.

well played








How many of these were made?

Honestly, laying with has been a blast on private servers. As long as Blizzard doesn't fuck this up (big IF) and if you NEETS can afford $15 (another big IF), it will be a pleasure playing with you guys.

Won't be any point if they fuck up the pvp like they say they will. Doing raids with infinity was great, but the pvp was the best part.

what did they say about pvp?

From what I have discerned pvp works by turning the flag off in capital cities only. Those with it turned on will either be transferred to a pvp server, or phased out from other unflagged players. If my interpretation is right then the world pvp will be all but dead.

need a source for this absolutely haram claim user.

I believe this will only be applied to their retail servers and not Classic servers.

I hope you're right. I am already wary of giving blizzard money, and this would definitely be a deal breaker.

I don't have the source with me sorry. It was posted in the blizzcon cyclical thread, but I think it's gone now.

Same here. I don't have any hope for this, but if somehow it ends up to be the perfect vanilla progressive experience that any fool thinks it's going to be, and if comes out from the grave, then I'm willing to pay up my shekels to play with everyone again.

im gay

samefags tbh fams

I spotted the newfag.

If it's 1:1 Vanilla I'll sub for a month or so

If it's 1:1 this also means we'll get better documentation of vanilla wow and might lead to an explosion in the Private server scene since you'd have free vanilla with more of an understanding of the underlying framework.

I never thought about that. On the other hand it could also result in blizzard becoming even more insistent on shutting down private servers to any degree they can. However this scenario relies on blizzard doing something right for once, and I remain skeptical.

not nessecarily
the private server population would likely go down unless blizzard's server is buggy AND crestfall comes out and isn't buggy
if crestfall goes down or isn't up to the expectations, the faith in private servers probably goes down with it

oh, i guess SJW mods who ban people for being pro-trump or even just for engaging in world PvP would also drive people to private servers

In all serious my faith in private servers is already pretty low. In between chinks, bots, and incompetent devs I have not been on a server since kronos.

Brought a smile to my face

Dropped the very first day, I guess it a nice addition for the 100% fags which I used to be but that bullshit completely soured everything for me.

True, again blizzard fucks it up and only desperate servers would grab it.

Crestfall is a meme and never coming out. If it does I can wait for the retail classic.

It does mean documentation. There are ways to read game code as a client runs real time. It'd essentially be reverse engineering but doable.

I think players who can keep their cool in discussion would be able to get blizzard's ear on this. Remember even GMs have bosses and if people are willing to all it takes is contacting blizzard WITH PROOF with this shit and by Blizzard I mean the people at the top of the chain. The entire idea hinges on them listening to a handful of people but that might be enough to get them to worry about a snowball effect.

Also I don't think people will get banned for wPvP on classic. That'd blow up in Blizzard's face oif sites like slowtaku got wind of it. Private servers are typically at the whim of a few FOR FREES that have thin skins already and a god complex. But if they act up it's nothing. Of course if you're the kind of idiot who thinks running around and screaming nigger in chat is acceptable then there is no helping you.

>everyone can be anything diversity is our strength

How the fuck can anyone play retail?

I was about to say the starting quest for orcs and trolls before senjin reclamation was literally "walk here and talk to a guy before walking over there and talking to another guy to get a kill quest"

Are the boars now actually in a pen instead of wandering aroudn the valley?

That was probably the special armor you can send to your alts. It's basically gear you send to other characters on your account that levels with you.
Are you serious?

maybe so user, but this was LITERALLY 3 steps. I shit you not.
yeah and the whole pen glows blue on your minimap

apparently you can send mounts to your alts now too..

Yes. It's a change that was made in Cataclysm. Also, all of the mobs in the level 1-5 starting zones are non-hostile, so there is absolutely no chance of pulling more than you can deal with.

The motorcycle mount is an achievement award unlocked by owning 20 heirloom items. It's chauffeured by a human/orc so you don't need to have any riding skills unlocked to use it.
Both of these things are pretty stupid and should've never happened to begin with. Heirloom armor in general was a mistake, too.


IIRC in valley of trials you start right infront of the first quest giver. Tells you to talk to the guy over in the cave. So when you say you walked 3 steps that doesn't surprise me.

To be fair it was always like that. The only exceptions are the burning blade coven in the cave and the imps outside. the only non burning blade thing in valley that was hostile was Sarkoth the scorpion

You don't send it to your alts anymore, you have a collection tab for heirloom gear that allows any of your alts to just create their own versions of those pieces of gear, similar to the mount collection tab. Also, there is now lvl 1 plate gear; warriors/pallies can use plate from lvl 1 and hunters/shammies can use mail from lvl 1. There was never really any point for those classes to learn new armor type proficiencies anyway, all it really did was create a small window during levelling in which those 4 classes were competing for the same gear.

That's the way it always, but no chance of pulling more than you can deal with isn't exactly true in vanilla.
t. warlock kiting bastard.

To be fair they got rid of proficiencies back in cata.

It's also worth noting that the armor value of items in retail is relatively small between types of armor. For example, the base item level for Mythic cloth shoulders in Tomb of Sargeras give 260 armor, whereas the plate shoulders give 611 armor. Compare and contrast with the T3 shoulders, where cloth gave 97 armor and plate gave 722 armor.

They scaled that back ages ago. I remember reading up that they did this because values were becoming ridiculously high so they revamped the system to amend this.

You mean warlocks almost instant casting shadow bolt for a one hit kill? That was like being a one minute mage all the time.

Dunno about that. All I remember was talk about the armor value overhaul.

MMOs and ASSFAGGOTS are all equally cancer, always online games are absolute fucking cancer with few exceptions.
Everyone whos drawn to them are the true cancer however.

True, but it just means that there's much less difference between armor classes in terms of armor value nowadays, the only reason people wear the "correct" armor class so often now is due to the shifts in how itemization works.

And the item squish was only a super temporary fix anyhow, numbers on retail are several times what they were before the squish. Tanks are commonly breaking 10M HP, people are doing 2 million+ DPS on some encounters now.

Could you not act like a nigger?

It's retail WoW, now a days the game looks so stream lined it barely resembles the shit it used to. With level scaling being a thing I'm not surprised either.

The stat squish. Toward the end of MoP, characters in fairly low gear had 3million hp and were doing 2million dps. They just compressed all the gear stats so that the same gear gave 100k hp and 60k dps. They're going to do it again for the new expansion, but it's only going to affect 100-110 gear because everything below 100 is already squished and 110 gear is unusually high. They obviously knew they were going to squish after Legion.

Are previews and embedding really a defining feature and deal breaker? It sounds extremely mundane.

See you in the next thread user.

When I can post a picture real time and see it, then click it and view it, yeah. Goycord also allows image uploading to their servers. Looking into an open sourced client myself at the moment.

Didn't know that. Stopped playing around the time cata came out.

Next thread is going to get dumped with NTR and Scat porn so that you'll feel even more at home.

Personally I can live without that feature. I generally don't like how scrolling up to read history, the images start loading in and bumping other lines off. Ultimately though in your use case you're clicking and viewing an image, just like a regular conventional link except you have a preview image.

And you'll just get banned for acting like a nigger

Feels pretty good.

Good luck, I'm behind 7 proxies

Its SL tier at this point

Dude I wish we were discussing WoW ITT. But it's mostly just those same "all vidya is shit" guys derailing another thread.

Oh so you're the loser spamming that in all the threads. Don't you have something that isn't from Holla Forums?


Oh man. Who else is ready for the screaming?



Oh man I hope so.

I'm sure a lot of people will cry about the Horde not having Blood Elves. Good riddance.

That nails it if they keep it 1:1 vanilla I'm making On horde and making it a PvP guild that focuses on removing the asphyxiated tree faggots

haha bring on the scat port you autistic faggot

I'm gonna miss goats, though

play with infinity would be noice
we gon play alliance this time?

Willing to spend some money on a month subscription to relive some fun, especially on launch.
Any chances Blizzard could announce the launch in a few months? Since they announced it I assume they were already working on it.


If you don't enjoy a game, why not just not play it? Or play a modded version that better suits your tastes/actually suits your tastes, if you know well what your tastes are?

Do we look gay to you, faggot?



Yes. Why would anyone play as orcs (who are the literal niggers of the warcraft world) when you can play as dwarves?

Come on nigger, wow is shit and so are mmos but even i know that you are wrong


A few of the popular streamers sort of leaked it may be a year or so from now. These niggers actually do have some clout and talk with Blizzard development, too. I'd take it with a grain of salt, but I'd tend to believe them.

Given by how little they actually announced or showed it seems to be a fair ways off.

Is also correct



What if this goes the same way as OSRS? At first it's neat but then its flooded with faggots who started playing as late as Cataclysm and the whine about not having a mount at lv 20 or some bullshit, then blizz caters to them because they're their main market now.

Trolls are a mish mash of Jamaicans/Aztecs. The entire Horde is comprised of multiple flavors of shitskin. Just look at the architecture for fucks sake, all of the Hordes buildings and structures are African cow shit stick huts, Injun teepees, and the ruins of an actual civilization.

Meanwhile all of the Alliance races are based off of White civilizations. Night Elves are the Celts, Dwarves are the Germans, and the Humans are the British. Amusing (and telling) that when given the choice between these things you guys prefer playing the niggers.

I also find it laughable that until Blizzard gave the Horde the French (Blood Elves) the Alliance had way more people playing them.

Why you waste your time with suck elaborate post? The "dwarves are the germans" killed it for me, apply yourself

No Nelfs are faggot hippies.
Jesus christ go larp somewhere else.

Of course, elves are the best!

Infinity was fun, but I dont think the magic would be there on retail. Everyone would get banned after a week of playing for griefing or raysssims.

Did they talk about the price ? I wouldn't mind paying if it's less than 5€ a month or something, but if it's 13€ they can go fuck themselves.

Considering now the guild pulls from normalfags and ditched their second discord to make it "normalfag friendly" I doubt that. They'd probably go actively recruiting on plebbit

Elves are terrorists

I want these times back, too bad classic will have different servers for different regions

That's a shame, Its been forever since I played with them but I thought it was on the decline when they started trying jew people for discord invites by making them pay as ehehe epik troll. That and after nost died shit was just never the same because reroll after reroll on different servers split it up to much.

Was Infinity majority EU or NA?

I'd say NA. I'm EU myself and the raiding times were usually in the middle of night for me.
That's why I didn't really raid with Infinity.

Well it's not like they ever had the numbers to raid anyway, right? It'll be nice to at least collaborate once more details emerge so we can play together on the way to sixty; we'll never have the numbers here to make forty-man progression, especially with the region split.


I miss it anons, I really do. I want to go back but I'm old now and I don't know if it will feel the same. Also, if this takes them more than a year for this to come out then Blizzard really are the most incompetent devs out there, how fucking difficult can it be.


Recruiting normalfags is the only way to get enough people to show up for raids.

Just remember the good times I guess. Again it seems like the earliest we might get classic is 2020 which is like 3 years or so off.

I'm just gonna join a normal raiding guild or go ahead and make a guild named on one of the US PvP servers. This is however provided they do not fuck up the design of classic and make it 1:1 Vanilla wow.

From the sounds of it they're trying to transplant an old build onto a more modern architecture so it runs a bit smoother and can run on more recent OSes.

reddit IDF spotted.

Considering it's a mish mash of praise and fear of what nu blizzard might do I'd say this is par for the course for Holla Forums. Only niggers like you who sperg out at everything tend to stick out like a sore thumb.

Considering most of it's framed as so long as blizzard doesn't fuck it up what's the problem there? Private servers are nice but they're either woefully programmed and more often than not prone to faggotry and drama. That isn't to say retail games aren't prone to this. Considering all you've done is act like a atypical nigger and screamed and kvetched because people are talking about a game you don't like on a personal level.

If you've bothered to read the thread you'll know it's a mix of hope and worry, I don't think anyone here would seriously sub if they added shit from retail into classic. In fact it'd kill Blizzard's product because it doesn't take someone with a BA in gender studies to realize shit like transmog and garrisons weren't in vanilla. Again there is nothing wrong with discussion, and with the little info we have all it's going to be is speculation, hype and gripes. The moment we catch wind of non classic shit being added or classic shit being altered (since after all they hinted at possibly changing UBRS to 5 man which is shit because 10 man UBRS and LBRS is a good way of farming gear.)

More proof you're a retarded nigger. Most companies send C&Ds to "pirate" servers, even the low pop ones. They're protecting their IP. Most private server owners just move hosts as the server hoster is the one who gets the letter, not the person who set the server up or runs it. Nostalrius begins and it's staff were jews that sank their own ship to try and get jobs at blizzard themselves. Doesn't help the frogs running the server also did things like let top donating guilds run bugged raids for gear THEN patched them.

Fuck me I wrote a bunch

THANK YOU, someone fucking said it. Fuck WoW.

Whatever anons are playing tbh. Although I could use a break from Dindutar and Mudlore…


Why are you acting like it's a taboo. It was obvious to people not sucking their dicks.

Also consider the following:
Classic is a 1:1 recreation. We no live in a age where you can use programs to real time read data as it is sent between client and server. This can be used to bolster the private vanilla wow server scene. Which will still exist mind you. Free server will always sound more appealing to something you have to pay for. Then again your posting habits are in line with a redditor whose only exposure to Holla Forums is from shit like ED. Your point about funding activision aside IIRC their parent company vivendi pretty much fucks them and all their subsidiaries over.

Again we're going to have to wait for more information to come out before a final verdict on this shti can be made. Going off a single interview and a trailer isn't much to form a final opinion on it.

You're wailing alright, like a little baby throwing a tantrum.

All that people want is a vanilla server that doesn't crash, roll back 20 levels of your char or have kike GMs. And they are willing to pay for it if Blizzard doesn't fuck it up for 1000s of hours of entertainment. It's that simple.

Also, if you're this autistically triggered by a classic WoW server, why are you here?

My personal prediction is that it will be a standalone monthly sub game, but there will be a package of sorts where you can be subbed to both retail and classic for a discount.

On the upside, there may be more stringent moderation against gold farmers, and less chinks in general.

Again we'll have to wait. If they fuck it up it will pretty much kill interest for anyone on the fence.

No doubt. Not to mention this is a company doing this and if word gets out they're doing something bad it'll blow up in their face. It won't spell their instant doom but bad PR hurts the comapny's image and a hurt image affects investor's opinions which in turn means company stock will fall.

Exactly. Everything right now is speculation and theorycrafting at best. Sperging at this point in time makes zero sense.

Sure lad

Kek, you're the vol aren't you?
You can't even handle the truth that a shit company owns you favorite timesink and that you're dependent on supporting and defendig it for non shit servers.
What a good goy

Gee I don't know, maybe because you and many others on this thread are defending an anti consumer company?
Maybe because a couple of vols banning any dissent on Blizzard related threads makes my posts hold even more weight?
Maybe because this is vidya discussion and I'm still getting banned for no reason other than the common ban evade excuse when the first ban wasn't justified at all and its appeal as been denied?
Maybe because I know some vols here are
Blizztards who directly contribute and defend these threads jusg like Mark hotpockets Nintendo ones?


Even when it was big on Nostalrius eventually died. People didn't show up for raids even when they signed up for them.

I don't really care about raiding if it means playing with people of the same mentality though.

I cannot go to a pozzed milenial newfag guild where ganking lowbies or calling .

…someone a faggot in guild chat is frowned upon.

fix your site

Again if it is classic I'm gonna make my own on one of the US servers.


I would play a dwarf if not for the nelffags.


whatever, you get the point.
Im from reddit btw thats why i failed redtext and I was from infinity discord. Dont join it. Im still cleansing the borg from me. bear with me.

Pretty much this.

Way to out yourself that you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

But they do though, now at least. They even pull normalfags because the redditors in their group have made it too obvious it's not an 8ch guild.



Making it more of a Holla Forums-guild instead of a Holla Forums-guild was the right choice. It gives us an excuse to kick degenerates, faggots, kikes and actual redditors without warning.

Latest boogeyman of the week is a furry huh?

So it's filled with people who unironically larp and act like retards? Then again you're only two doors over from being a Holla Forums guild in terms of retardation.

Theres nothing wrong with drinking yourself into a stupor everynight and getting on discord to post bronie porn and annoy everyone with my slurred ranting about wanting to fuck a horse on voice comms.

t. alcoholic bronie wagecuck

It's still shitposting even if it's ironic user. Only fags use discord anyways.

The reddit guild is on their THIRD discord channel. Since no one actually plays with them they've had to recruit normalfags into the guild.


Recruiting normalfags never works. Remember what happened when we teamed up with that other guild to run MC?

Its working this time. We have cleared MC the past 3 weeks in a row.

They're flying under a new name. But basically infinity started taking in normalfags.Also I remember, that shit was painful

ok you can stop lying


We also had a pug warlock that joined the group, and was the highest dps until he dropped realizing what he was getting into.

WoW is reddit


fuck off


You best be getting paid.

You're right. They aren't pretending to be retarded


it's like the "guild" rules post. Doesn't prove anything.


so cuckchan as well


Feels good to be me right now. How is everyone else doing today?

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit

Funny thing is that by being this much of a cancerous apologist you're actually giving him a taste of his own medicine.




Saying kek instead of lol in fucking WoW out of all places is 100% fine.

Are you a nigger? because you have no reading comprehension

Doesn't help in recent years it's attributed to retardation from reddit.


Well, perhaps the constant retarded drama about the latest cobbled-together private server will cease at least.

Reddit guild trying to be 8ch confirmed
The true 8ch guild is 1.- have fun 2.- dont be a faggot
that's it

So easy to spot it's not even fun anymore.

Fucking brilliant mate
Inb4 triggered

I'm looking forward to it cautiously.

Don't be a faggot sounds like a great umbrella rule, if you can't not be a faggot then you can stay in your cuck guilds.


You've already exposed yourself. Don't make it worse.

I predict a huge success in the first 6 months, followed by the actual and final death of WOW.

People will remember what it was like to suffer for zero reward, and proceed to greener pastures.

No he's right if you really needed that many rules you're not only faggots but don't understand what "umbrella rules" are

Latest Xpac is going to remove PvP servers despite being a PvP focused xpac

If anything they feel more rewarding because they actually require you to use some brain cells.

You can meme all you want, but I've been playing in Holla Forums guilds since feenix and it's always the same shit. It was fun at first, and I probably would join again before I joined some random guild that doesn't even allow cursing, but chan guilds are filled with people who feel the need to show off their meme skills and end up being obnoxious cancer.

I said don't make it worse.

I don't see no pone on there.

It says no trannies, homosexuals, jews, or furries. It's basically the same thing. Most of those rules are directly the result of petpriest though.

The very fact that this list exists means your guild is inviting people from outside this community, because people from this community wouldn't need a list that is just spoonfeeding. The joke is on you, nigger.

user the klonoa threads, digimon threads, and the constant derailing we are seeing proves you're wrong. Crossposters exist.

So you kick them out and purify your guild in the process.

He's complaining about the massive fucking list. If you bothered to read instead of acting like a sperg. Read his post again.

To join infinity you must have to be illiterate to join ontop of being a redditor. I don't think I've ever seen this much mad about a group beign called out for being shit on here in recent history next to kosherwatch

This cuck nigger showed up just to defend his guild.


doog reven saw WoW

Anti-Elf is Anti-Aryan m8s.
Anti-Trap is like saying pls no female player characters in my MMO.

The only playable elves in vanilla are nigger elves, Holla Forums.

Dark skin does not equal nigger. Look at a albino nigger, all the proof you need that sub-species in more than skin deep. Wow is all about racial distinctions amusingly.

They're dark skinned, turn into animals to consort with beasts and have blue and green hair. Teldrassil is a nexus of degeneracy.

if nelves are niggas, belves are giga-niggas

Nice try.

Gotta agree there. It's a bit cringey because you have people who act like retards "ironically".

Traps are for faggots. Don't try and lie you're a closet homo.


Well to be fair, its an addiction to the stuff that shapes and creates worlds by snapping fingers.

Lol, they live on a giant tree and worship nature, you fuckwit. They're European Pagans, hence Druidism.

They behave like them. Most of the night elves if not all of them excepot whats his tits the druid sees humans and the other races scornfully. The only race they sort of get along with surprinsgly enough are the tauren and would probably buddy up with them and the orcs if there had been an iota of diplomacy between the orcs and nelfs in their first encounter.

Sounds good to me.


I'll never understand the appeal of WoW. I just can't find a single reason why it entraps so many people for so long. I know that everyone has their own preferences and I can't change what they like, but I'm just so sick of this snorefest dragging all my friends back into it after every expansion.
You can't be friends with someone who plays WoW, you just can't. All day they just want to talk about how stupid their tank was in their last group, or how they haven't gotten that drop they wanted in a dozen tries, or how the patch notes look great/terrible for their class. You may think you can just ignore it and shift the conversation, but it'll go right back to WoW after maybe ten seconds of "Oh yeah bro, that game is pretty cool. Anyway, who is getting the new expac?".
God knows I tried. I've tried again and again to play this fucking game and just suck it up and like it so I can talk with the people I've known for a decade, but every time I get so bored I just want to do anything else.
What's wrong with me, Holla Forums? What did 13 million people see in a game that I didn't?

I think you mean great, glorious temples replete with Roman columns and fountains and stuff. And they have been building these temples for at least 10,000 years.

Get out of here, orc. Everybody knows you're the niggers around here.

When you live in harmony with nature, you don't need castles. Also, European "huts" are nothing like African ones.


Personally for me the appeal was the Horde. You had a group of races you typically fought as mobs in other games. Not to mention the world felt massive as you went through it. There were more in depth MMOs but WoW was a novelty for the time. That and the idea of instanced raids made it so poopsocking to be the first into a dungeon wasn't a thing any more. While it could be seen as casualization it also meant you and your friends didn't have to wait for things to reset before going in there.

Not really. What the elves have now are remnants of their old culture. Remember Azshara tore the world apart because demons said they had the secret to make her the prettiest elf around and she did it.

Horde was gay, but the war aspect of two different sides that couldn't communicate, both controlled by real people, was awesome. The sense of scale as well. It's amazing how Blizzard managed to fuck up absolutely everything. Now there's no difference between Horde and Alliance, and there's no explanation, and people teleport everywhere. It's all shit.

No exploration, not explanation

Teldrassil did not exist before the 3rd war and they've got temples on top of that.

And now in the next expansion the niggers are going to set Teldrassil on fire because they don't know how to build anything and have to destroy anything that makes them feel inadequate - that is, everything.

What happened to the other guy?

The thing is that now redditors pollute most online space. You can't play online games anymore without running into those cancerous faggots who all feel special on the internet because they gather INTERNET POINTS. This is for this reason that Classic servers or no, MMORPGs are now completely cancer. So no, you won't have those good times back. It's over.

By this logic no one should breath air because redditors do it too.

On top of this most of us probably don't have a legitimate copy of wow, even the older ones. I bet blizzard will use this as a ploy to force players who want classic to buy nuwow for sixty american dollars. No thanks.

Go point, we should force the redditors to stop breathing.

Also I'm pretty sure you can redeem CD keys on their site to have the digital verison

Meh, my account was banned for telling a dead babies joke in ghostshire. I never rebought it.

if they dont fuck it up it will be great


No, redditors breathing doesnt make me interact with them. Playing online games does.

Think of it this way, you can kill the ones on alliance and make them hate your existence. At least you have some control over it.

Again though we have no clue how this shit is gonna pan out it's so early.


I know a lot of people want nothing to change, but can there be good changes? The only changes that I can think of (unless it ruins the experience or the whole balance of the game) is making shitty specs viable. I understand that this is a controversial subject, but can shitty specs be viable without fuckups? Won't you like to see more Ret/boomies/shammiedps/druids? What are the consequences of buffing shitty specs, basically.

obligatory smug anime girl
top quality m8

Give the option to play as a "ghost" character.
I'd play it. Treating WotLK as a single player game was fun.

damn, always thought "yuropoors" was just a meme


get out new age luddite hippie


No, fuck Blizzard forever.


why are cheetah so sleek and sexual

t. digitoxici

Into the trash.

Because toxoplasmosis gondii reduces your natural revulsion towards sexual deviances including bestiality.


I've never had a cat, I've never had friends with cats that i've spent considerable amount of time at their house. Also the toxoplasmosis would make me a faggot not a catfucker.

Very good