I finished PC Engine Rondo of Blood but I played as Maria and it felt almost like cheating, she's so much better than Richter.

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I think she's the easy mode, i hope you played the PCE CD version with the cutscenes, they are worth watching. Playing as Richter is not that hard either once you practice enough

Did you guys play the castlevania Doom wad?
I found it quite enjoyable.

I never played that one but doesn't she have ranged weapons?
Those kinda trivialize castlevania

Also, is there any reason to use any weapon other than the cross?

can't hit enemies above you, cross sucks, Axe is best

But the axe doesnt have such a long range.
Also, i normally deal with enemies above via bating and rushing.

Yeah the cutscenes are nice, Maria's are pretty cute and incredibly 90s

So I just had an embarrassing realization… I've always liked Castlevania, but I just recently realized than other than the two N64 ones and the LoS ones, I never finished a single one, to my eternal shame. So I've wanted to rectify that… I've been thinking either SotN or Super Castlevania 4.

If you want to finish one go for SotN since it's super easy

Play the classicvanias first, so super 4 would be a better introduction point than SotN.

Which one?

Baiting takes a lot of time and can backfire, I can perfectly deal damage to what is in front of me with the whip. Cross is only good against static bosses because it deals insane amount of damage if you attack with the whip, but if you are fighting the 5 bosses Shaft summons, you're better off using the axe, for example.

Super Castlevania 4 is piss easy. If you want something moderately challenging, go for Castlevania 3. SOTN will always be a good choice, because it's pretty simple and straight forward, but if you want something way better but with the same formula, play AoS or any of the NDS ones, particularly OoE.
And im talking about the cross in simon's destiny, in the normal games you cant cover the X axis as easily as in a fps.

I actually kept thinking about OoE but I was under the impression that it was a watered down SOTN. I don't particularly care about challenge in my Metroidvanias as long as they're fun. Thanks for the suggestions in any case.

I did a quick search on google, and found this one too. Any good?

Actually, SOTN is pretty overrated. It is really good, but it lacks a lot of features that all the following games have like a proper NG+. The only thing SOTN is superior is on graphics. Also, Super Castlevania 4 is not a metroidvania, user, neither is Castlevania 3.

Huh? Please elaborate. What is it then?

Also, OoE is level based, no?

Pre SotN stuff is mostly classicvania style level based with lives and a final boss for the stage.

Metroidvania = non-linear 2D platformer with exploration, boss battles, upgrades, light RPG elements
Classicvania = linear 2D platformer with no exploration, boss battles, temporary upgrades and no RPG elements

Interesting, I had no idea honestly. Ironically enough I did play one 2D castlevania, pic related. I thought that was the exception, not the norm.

Kinda, but you can explore them again. OoE is a bit like Simon's Quest.

Technically, both styles are Castlevania, you just need to know which ones are Metroidvanias, mostly the ones that came after SOTN.

Does 8chins add the apng at the bottom if it is an apng?

Havent played that one m8.

Doesn't look as good as the one you posted, though.

Id recommend a play, the only issue ive had with it its the ost, its a piss awfull rendition of the first game's ost.

I > IV > III > Chronicles > XX > Bloodlines > Rondo of Blood > Adventure ReBirth > Belmont's Revenge > Adventure > Legends > Haunted Castle > Metroidvania > 3Dvania

Forgive me for asking for spoonfeeding but I've never emulated anything non-console. Where would I start if I wanted to play the PCEngine Rondo? I've only played the PSP release and I'd like to try the original with cutscenes.

No, that's embedded into the picture but you can set the APNG to basically never display the first frame, then because the way thumbnails work you still get to see it in the thumbnail.

It's basically something you can do to shit on browsers without APNG support because if you set the first frame to display for 0 seconds it's normally never seen.

nah, III = Rondo > I > IV

I originally emulated it with Ootake but using mednafen with a gui plugin works really well too. Just have to download the pc engine bios and the game.

Shit taste

Thanks, user. Which GUI do you recommend? I can handle the command line stuff but I want to hand off my setup to a (tech-illiterate) friend as well.

I have one called MedGui Reborn, idk if there are better ones but it's worked fine for me

Shit list.

PCengine is a console, doofus.

try mednaffe

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